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  1. Into schemey pools where I want activation control or models up fast I tend to hire 1 to 2 night terrors in addition to crooligans. Assuming standard, flank or wedge deployment and something like power ritual. Night Terror (NT) drops a marker, flies toward molly in the center. Should be 4" away from her. Other start up models of choice activate. Molly pulses focus, NT ditches a card, pushes 5 free inches forward. Molly reactivates NT, it pitches a card, pushing 5 more inches. Now roughly14 to 16 inches up the board. NT activates, flies up to 10 more inches, or 5 and drops a bomb or moves an idol. Same can be done for a second NT or a crooligan. All case by case specific though.
  2. Had a question come up. My Night Terror, flying model, was standing next to an enemy Explosive marker. Zipp runs over next to the marker. Zipp's melee 2", (it cannot target flying models)covering all sides of the marker. Does Zipp prevent the Night Terror, who is not within his own 1" reach of Zipp, from picking up the Explosive marker as the Night Terror is flying? We agreed, Yes Zipp prevents this action, for fairness of play, but I was curious what others think.
  3. Others have already answered above, and my reply is pure speculation, but I think your opponent was confused and thinking about choosing a result based on Fate Modifiers. If a player flips one or more negative flips they have to choose the lowest (not counting Red Joker). If they flip one or more positive flips they can choose whichever card they want, high or low (not counting Black Joker). He might of been confusing that rule for the way he played. This is from page 9 of the pdf rules.
  4. Jack Daw walks up to a Corrupted Idol, takes 3 irreducible damage to move it 3", discards to change the damage to 1. Does the Idol then get placed 3" away or 1"? Corrupted Idol rules reads, "The Interacting model may then Drop the Strategy Marker anywhere within X" of its current location, not into base contact with a model or Impassable Terrain, where X is equal to the amount of damage suffered by the Action."
  5. Nice write up. One note on the first fight vs Sandeep. Take Prisoner allows you to also score the second point if the model dies from a friendly model. Let him kill it....gladly. 😁
  6. A bit late replying. I am enjoying it, but in most every game I've played (minus a handful) I've had the opposite reaction. M3E strat/schemes seem to all go more toward combat focus from my opponents (which saddens me as I very much prefer scheming style of games and wanted to leave pure aggression behind with GW games). Strats - Reckoning...obvious killing Turf War...aggressively go at the opponent, get to their side or range attack them, and passively flip their markers to neutral then score your 3rd and 4th point in the corresponding turns. This is probably my biggest dislike of strats. If I take a scheme based crew (usually weaker minions) then my opponents can typically own them. If I go bigger fighters to play their game, then I'm REALLY not enjoying my game as I might as well go play 40K Plant Explosives...similar to Turf. Go aggressive, kill them on their side fast...profit. Cursed Idols...about 50/50 really, but if you can tear them down fast, then they really can't move much. Schemes - Not as bad overall of a feel to me as Strats insofar as combat focused, but they still defer to aggression. With only 2 points to now gain in game, I seem to face a lot of players who just go straight for the throat, then, once I'm dead or near dead, start dropping their scheme markers turn 4 and 5 to score in the last two turns when I'm unable to stop them. I can play that game as well, but again, it's not Malifaux to me, and not fun in the least. I'm hoping GG2020 will mix things up a bit from this, but as of now, while I am enjoying the game, I can't see me sticking with it long term like I did M2E if things stay the same.
  7. True. I've been playing since 2012 and had the old book damn near memorized. While I'm not back to square one I make some really silly mistakes due to the changes, which is why I ask these questions. I typically just defer to the opponent's view in game then ask after. Better to err on the side of caution. 😁
  8. Yeah. Between 2E/3E crossover and the Shadow rules, I feel like I stumble my way through most games now.
  9. Had a question today. Howard Langston with Lead Lined Coat was wounded and within Schtooks Academic Superiority aura (can't benefit from upgrades. Hoffman moves forward, uses welding torch on Langston, hits the trigger, and makes it so Langston's armor cannot be ignored. So, what's the correct way to play this: A) Langston benefits from Armor +2 that can't be ignored (due to Hoffman's trigger and Lead Lined Coat upgrade) B) Langston benefits from Armor +1 that can't be ignored (disregarding the Armor +1 from Lead Lined Coat upgrade due to Von Schtook's aura.
  10. Had this question come up today. Carrion Emissary has a reach of 0". Joss has a reach of 1" and is 1/2" from Carrion. Can Joss charge Carrion (to reposition) or someone else for that matter? I say no because Joss is currently engaged, but that might just be my mind thinking back to 2E. I read page 26 Engagement (pdf Rulebook) and still think I'm correct, but want to know what others think. I'm not concerned either way, but just want to play correctly.
  11. This came up today. A wounded Archie activated. With his last AP he did one close combat attack, and one-shotted and enemy model. The player (me) then discarded for Flurry (does not specifies same, or any target, just discard to perform this action again), heal (when he discards he heals) and ended his activation. Now, my logic was: Flurry does not specify picking a target, and on a different logic point, charges give a push + close combat attack that you don't have to actually take (but it, unlike Flurry, says you don't have to take the accompanying attack). I can see the argument for both views on if this Flurry+Heal, but no target could be both valid and invalid (and I felt gamey doing it). What do others think? Rules backing views would be great. Thanks.
  12. Molly. I'd play the hell out of Molly, with a side of Heyreddin and Anna Lovelace thrown in. Let Nellie cheat damage all she wants, it won't do her any good vs Slice & Dice Punk Zombies with Black Blood, and Anna shooting into engagements with min damage 3. Throw in Heyreddin with Unnerving Aura to gum up the works (but keep Molly at the least out of his aura) and have all your damage flips on positives (even Anna's gun, which means it's even easier to get moderate/severe for summoning in mindless zombies or seishen for more black blood speed bumps if they are within Mollies aura. Use her attacks to debuff key enemies, etc. Add in some Necropunks for solid, self-healing, self-reliant scheme runners (or summon a drowned for a quick scheme marker away from enemies for quick markers). That's of course with Sybelle and a Belle for some much needed lures and added pain (or a Doxy for last moment pushes of the doxy and a friend/enemy into/out of the scoring zones as needed). That would be my go to master for that set up anyway.
  13. So I find myself with an extra box of Goryo due to ordering them, then finding my GenCon 2015 order in a box in the closet post-move. I'm just curious if I should keep all 4, or only assemble two (which I'm nearly done with the 2 from Gencon, but ran out of scotch so took a break ). Molly and Kirai players, have you ever really needed 3+ in games, barring the rare occasion? Should I just sell the other unopened box and save myself the migraine and liver failure?
  14. Miss version of punk zombies. I second this. Miss Creant. 😁
  15. I tend to take Performers over Belles. It's a shorter lure (12") and is a push instead of a walk, so you have to watch out for blocking/impassible terrain/other models stopping movement if you're intending to actually move said mode. The reason I prefer them though is a few things: Manipulative 13, Don't Mind Me (interact even when engaged), Their Lure and at least two of it's triggers (built in expunge though not limited to 9 damage like expunge, and on a if the target ends in base contact with said Performer it gains paralyze), their melee attack can poison, if they die then a friendly showgirl or minion within 2" gains reactivate (not always a thing, but a nice bonus to have), and lastly they can blow up scheme markers (friend or enemy) and cause a WP test to people nearby that, if failed, puts them on to WP & DF duals for the rest of the turn. Honestly, I find them more than worth their points in a lot of crews for the versatility. For McMourning it's a very nice package for 6SS (same price a Dead Doxy).
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