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  1. This came up today. A wounded Archie activated. With his last AP he did one close combat attack, and one-shotted and enemy model. The player (me) then discarded for Flurry (does not specifies same, or any target, just discard to perform this action again), heal (when he discards he heals) and ended his activation. Now, my logic was: Flurry does not specify picking a target, and on a different logic point, charges give a push + close combat attack that you don't have to actually take (but it, unlike Flurry, says you don't have to take the accompanying attack). I can see the argument for both views on if this Flurry+Heal, but no target could be both valid and invalid (and I felt gamey doing it). What do others think? Rules backing views would be great. Thanks.
  2. Molly. I'd play the hell out of Molly, with a side of Heyreddin and Anna Lovelace thrown in. Let Nellie cheat damage all she wants, it won't do her any good vs Slice & Dice Punk Zombies with Black Blood, and Anna shooting into engagements with min damage 3. Throw in Heyreddin with Unnerving Aura to gum up the works (but keep Molly at the least out of his aura) and have all your damage flips on positives (even Anna's gun, which means it's even easier to get moderate/severe for summoning in mindless zombies or seishen for more black blood speed bumps if they are within Mollies aura. Use her attacks to debuff key enemies, etc. Add in some Necropunks for solid, self-healing, self-reliant scheme runners (or summon a drowned for a quick scheme marker away from enemies for quick markers). That's of course with Sybelle and a Belle for some much needed lures and added pain (or a Doxy for last moment pushes of the doxy and a friend/enemy into/out of the scoring zones as needed). That would be my go to master for that set up anyway.
  3. So I find myself with an extra box of Goryo due to ordering them, then finding my GenCon 2015 order in a box in the closet post-move. I'm just curious if I should keep all 4, or only assemble two (which I'm nearly done with the 2 from Gencon, but ran out of scotch so took a break ). Molly and Kirai players, have you ever really needed 3+ in games, barring the rare occasion? Should I just sell the other unopened box and save myself the migraine and liver failure?
  4. Miss version of punk zombies. I second this. Miss Creant. 😁
  5. I tend to take Performers over Belles. It's a shorter lure (12") and is a push instead of a walk, so you have to watch out for blocking/impassible terrain/other models stopping movement if you're intending to actually move said mode. The reason I prefer them though is a few things: Manipulative 13, Don't Mind Me (interact even when engaged), Their Lure and at least two of it's triggers (built in expunge though not limited to 9 damage like expunge, and on a if the target ends in base contact with said Performer it gains paralyze), their melee attack can poison, if they die then a friendly showgirl or minion within 2" gains reactivate (not always a thing, but a nice bonus to have), and lastly they can blow up scheme markers (friend or enemy) and cause a WP test to people nearby that, if failed, puts them on to WP & DF duals for the rest of the turn. Honestly, I find them more than worth their points in a lot of crews for the versatility. For McMourning it's a very nice package for 6SS (same price a Dead Doxy).
  6. I use her quite a bit, in Ressers, NB, Outcast, and Arcanist. Her push/place denial for enemies, ranged attack (and potential summons) that doesn't randomize, and her Rush of Magic make her quite useful to my play style.
  7. At work and the webstore is blocked by my network. Hoping the Titania (my only real thing I wanted) will be available in future sales.
  8. When does the Easter sale start?
  9. It's an ability though, just like the ones on the front of his card, or the one to gain cover from nearby friendlies from Humam Shield upgrade. If it's not attacjed to himat the time the marker is removed (or he's shot at in the 2nd example) he doesn't gain the benefit of it. The point at which it is attached the marker has already been removed from play prior.
  10. No. You would end with +1 SS. The reason I say this is to gain the bonus for Black Market's ability you have to have Black Market on you. As it was not a current active upgrade on Parker when you discarded the scheme marker, then the bonus SS gain doesn't come into play. The same holds true for the card draw from Highwayman (specifying for clarification even though it wasn't part of the question. You removed Highwayman prior to the scheme marker, so no card gain.
  11. Small update with a quick addition of Greed, Convict Gunslinger, and Performer, all three of which I find very worthwhile in a Parker crew.
  12. I've used him quite a bit in Molly, Seamus, McMourning, and Yan Lo crews. I'm careful about his position in relation to my crew (enemy in aura, friendly isn't) if possible. I like running him with Unnerving Aura. I tend to use him as a front line beater, or as a flank, anri-scheme runner. I also like to hire Anna Lovelace with him as she can fire into combat without randomization and her gun trigger capitalizes on the plus flip to summon Mindless Zombies or Seishen.
  13. As Adran says, McMourning is resource use light. As a player, and opponents, of McMourning crews, be careful of over extending too early, and be careful with Sebastian. Honestly, when I'm facing McMourning, Sebastian is priority #1, and McMourning is #2. ?
  14. With the original book schemes that scored at the end of game it was useful, but now that most schemes score per turn it's more situational. I prefer to just give McMourning Decaying Aura.
  15. Slightly different than @Mr_Roy. I start with Oathkeeper, Highwayman, and Hail of Bullets. I tend to use Oathkeeper Turn 1 or Two, then buy Stick Up to replace Oathkeeper. I like the trigger on Hail of Bullets to give me Enemy Scheme Markers with Stick Up, which means I'm not having to eat up my SS to pay for rebuying it typically, and for the severe/hazardous terrain. From there I just roll with whatever is needed for upgrades.
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