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  1. Where can i go to make note of errors or bugs? I tried recruiting a Hodgepodge Emissary in a Jack Daw crew and it cost ā€œ10+1ā€, as if it were a mercenary (in its own faction might i add). This also did affect the crew hiring cache so Iā€™m a bit confused. Thanks! ~Lil Kalki EDIT: thanks Aaron lol
  2. I've never been too thrilled with Hans's sculpt, but I can't think of a way to improve it that hasn't been done for other models (Guild Rifleman springs to mind). I'd maybe like to see 3 new sculpts for Void Wretches, although they're kind of hard to innovate new poses for. New sculpts for The Guilty will always be welcomed, not because they're bad right now, but because they'll be dynamic no matter what torment you think up for them. Best bet would be putting them in an alternate box for Daw. A Montresor with an executioner's hood might be neat. OR MAYBE... you can take a leaf out o
  3. Sweeney Todd-themed Seamus NE Crew. ALWAYS THIS. ~Lil Kalki
  4. What's the rent like in Marietta? I'd happily move if things work out haha ~Lil Kalki
  5. I see you're in the camp of getting the sell-sword style masters first and that's quite okay. I looks to me that you're worried about the true outcasts among the Outcasts and I can't blame you. I like them more than the sell-swords to be frank with you. I feel like it's a solid investment to get Jack Daw and the Crossroads 7 if nothing additional to the cart beyond what's already there. (Cue "but Kalkris, you ALWAYS say that!" to which I shall say "yes and there's a plethora of REASONS I do that!") Jack is amazing as a control/debuff master. He doesn't do activation control like Hamelin d
  6. I'm terrified of how spindly those legs look on the donkey. I'll keep with my proxy, thank you. ~Lil Kalki
  7. Why waste AP using Twist and Turn with Daw when you can effectively Obey a 8 or 10ss enforcer to shoot, using a 5ss minion? I mean, sure, its a bit suit-intensive but I'd suggest it's functionally superior in terms of resource management. What would you prefer to have exactly 1 of: the AP of a key model (especially if it's a Master), or one card of the suit needed for the Return Fire trigger? And could you explain your reasoning, just so I can understand? ~Lil Kalki
  8. To be honest, I am actually glad that there is a drought of fluff regarding Daw. Why, you might ask? Simply put, the less a canon is established regarding a character(s and their interactions), setting, or concept/nuance, the more viable headcanon becomes - until of course the canon is established further. To me, this means Jack Daw can be anything we want him to be, within the confines of the canon that's established, for now. My headcanon of Daw is fairly simple, albiet rather napoleonic in a social sense: Jack Daw, the Condemned Man, forced to be restrained up in the tallest branc
  9. This is definitely an issue... I don't have an Iconic Deck and wasn't planning on getting one (as LOVELY as they look!), but as for those with the Iconic Deck in tow, I could understand this stirring up some concern amongst them. ~Lil Kalki
  10. And this is why Sue is an honorary XR7 member. :3 In all serious honesty, if you want a beater as badly as it seems you might (since you appear to be in a social meta that warrants it I guess), Jack isn't the right Master to field to those ends. You are better off with Leve, the Viks if you want a glass cannon, Misaki if you REALLY want a glass cannon, or maybe Von Schill or Tara (these are dependent on your needs/how versed you are with them), when asking around for beater support (Hamelin is IMHO worse for this than Daw). To me, this is the sort of thing that exemplifies why we select o
  11. I love dead things! ... WHAT HAVE I SAID Nooooooo!!! ~Lil Kalki "I did not have romantic relations with that corpse."
  12. Well, I mean, I do own the full factional leader base, and have perused the cards of Misaki, Von Schill, and the Viks (sans Student of Conflict - I got the metals hand me down) - to be fair, I guess my basis is in theory... Who knows? Maybe the Freikorps or the Sisters are workable... That said, I have also seen all 3 of said masters in action both as a spectator and as an opponent and found them to appear either unfun (in the sense that they were boring) and/or downright underpowered. VS and the Viks in the first case, Misaki in the second. I suppose much of that does boil down to opinion.
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