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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me what upgrades do u take on Archie? and do u have any thoughts or tips playing him?
  2. Hi, The Warped reality upgrade says: This Upgrade can only be attached to Neverborn Minion or Neverborn Enforcer models in the same Crew as Serena Bowman. How do I attach it to a minion? As the upgrade doesn't state an exception to allow it to be attached to a minion.
  3. Arcane emissary puts Negated condition on my model. f.e. Lucius. Lucius has purchased a Useless Duplication upgrade at the start of the game. Upgrade has restriction Mimic, Rare 1. Does Lucius have to discard upgrade since he loses his Mimic Characteristic because of this Condition? I think the answer is "No" because nothing says it should be discarded or removed. Does Upgrade stop working at all because it is invalid due to this Condition? I think the answer is "Yes" because restriction is violated
  4. Hi dudes! Reading the new upgrade i have a doubt: Audience Particiapation (2ss): Friendly Minion Showgirls Within 8 of this model gain the following Abilithy: Add An Extra Flourish: When this model Activates it gains the Focused +1 Condition ... So... it ONLY affect to Minion + Showgirls like Performer or counts for December Acolyte and Cassandra? Kind regards.
  5. So the queen has rise? In the last week i've tried Titania with her new upgrade, i think she's need something similar to get the top of neverborn, have you try? What's your feelings? Pact or royal? Let's talk about the up,im so curious to know your ideas about them
  6. Hi wyrdos. I would like play my Mah Tucket crew again. I've played with Mah 2 or 3 games, during these games I attached her (know the terrain, out of blood and dirty cheater). However, I think that during my games, out of blood was a very expensive resources upgrade (you need use an 8 of rams or tomes and a soulstone to obtain the trigger). I learnt during those games that Mah can kill beaters but she usually suffered against them. She is better with repositioning movements, buffing and killing scheme runner and not heavy beater models. I feel that with the same cost of the upgrade and the soulstone for the trigger I can include a bayou gremlin, who can gives me one more activation and I can fail a melé atack with him to obtain positive flips with Frankie, Burt, Rooster, Mah, ... What do you think? Thanks
  7. Hey fellow Thunderists, What are your thoughts about Fuhatsu after his 0ss upgrade was released? Have you started taking him more often and in which cases? What's more, do you prefer Fuhatsu or a Samurai (which is now somewhat delegated to be a 'budget Fuhatsu' imo)? Neither? Both? These two models can benefit from Shadow Emissary's push + Fast as well as Obsidian Oni's (0) heal and I thought this was an obvious attempt from Wyrd to bump the models' playability with Wave 3 after giving 0ss upgrades in Wave 2. Before I took him when I wanted a tanky model to hold down a position and give ranged support. A nice bonus was that he could take the 0ss upgrade "Hidden Agenda" and support a pair of Oiran (so long as they can see him). Rather than a ranged piece he was like a solid roadblock, taking some attention and resources from my opponent. Now that he can strike back in melee and move with a normal speed (although still no friendly pushes :P) do you feel that he has been improved, or do you find this to be a cop-out of redesigning him like some people I have played with have said?
  8. Hello there. A few days ago I thought up a conception of upgrade. I consider this is not a bad idea. If model gets the Incorporeal, it will usually lose of high Df. For example, the Hungering Darkness gains high Df, but has no benefits from the Incorporeal. Nekima or Teddy may become a big problem, however these models are pretty costly (at that, Nekima's Wp decreases). I suppose it a good idea, so I put it on there. (Maybe, If this one is really good, it comes to the notice of the Tyrant). Converting 2SS This model gains the following Abilities: Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh and Ml Attack Actions by half. Parity: Df and Wp becomes equal to this models Wk value. Df and Wp on this model cannot be increased by another abilities or conditions. Henchman or Enforcer, Rare 1
  9. Hello Everybody The " A Debt To The Guild " Upgrade looks pretty strong to me. What are you thinking about it? Which models do you usually equip with it? Any strong combos?? Greetz, Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  10. So I have an odd problem - namely, I found a 1e Sue miniature lurking in my Deadlands stuff. When I went to the Print on Demand website Wargame Vault that 10 card minimum stumped me, because I already FOUND an Arcanist Wave 2 box which had everything I needed for the one Crew I own (Colette's) with the other odd mini (Gunsmith) also covered by that box. So I started looking at the Upgrade cards from the Wave 1 box I was missing and it's got all the good generalist stuff - like Imbued Energies - that I'm not sure IS available in an actual boxed set. That got me to thinking about what generalist upgrades to print out for the OTHER factions. At this point, I could see myself at least a dozen other Master boxes (Seamus, Molly, Kirai, Rasputina, Marcus, Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Viktoria, Misaki) and, uh... more than a few other boxes. But I have to focus, more's the pity. So, what upgrades would you guys recommend printing off to at minimum fill out the other 9 cards, for Arcanists and Neverborn at first with an eye towards Resurrectionists and Outcasts after that?
  11. This upgrade looks great. Has anyone had any experience with it? Who is it good on? Potential debtors: Anyone with Flurry (peacekeeper, Frank etc) or Rapid Fire (Sam H, convict gunslinger). Blast damage models or those with Fast/melee expert (can't think of any). Those who can make extra attacks in their activation on other ways (The Judge with his Blades/Bullets triggers). It's non-master, which removes some good targets.
  12. I'm looking to confirm if A Debt to the Guild provides +1 damage on any blast markers. It doesn't mention anything having to do with target just "Attack Actions". So it doesn't adds damage to Papa Loco's blow himself up(Tactical Action) or when he dies (Ability) but I believe it adds to his Melee and Shooting attack. Does that make sense? or am I wrong in my thinking?
  13. Thoughts? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a9pMoXL_Mj5WrvwRZCxsUODrfDyDqmJkksBfGVqvvj0/edit# Honestly I'm not sure if even that is enough to get it on the level of Malifaux Child. Thought it was a thematic way to buff PF into competitiveness given its state as a manifestation of Sonnia's will.
  14. In Shifting Loyalties, p. 5, third paragraph of "Starting the Campaign," it describes how players hire their beginning Arsenal of 35 SS. Most notably, it talks about how, at this time, each crew can purchase ONE, NON-CAMPAIGN Upgrade. My question is, does this Upgrade clock in at its normal cost (the SS cost printed on its card), or does it have the typical "doubled tax" like all following non-campaign Upgrades have (as described on p. 6, fourth paragraph of "New Hires"). An example would be I'm interested in running a Resser Campaign crew lead by Datsue-ba. I'm interested purchasing Spirit Beacon, which can be attached to either her or my Jaakuna Ubume. Does this Upgrade cost 1 SS from my original 35, or 2? An even more extreme example illustrating a harsher difference between costs is in a Guild crew. During initial hiring, a player wants to purchase Lead Lined Coat, to either be passed between his Henchman/Enforcer, or to stack with a (hopefully, during play) future Campaign Upgrade, Metal Plate. Is this Coat at the cost of 2 SS, or the very prohibitive 4? Finally, a player wants to hire an Emissary with its generic Conflux. Is it effectively free, or 2 SS? I know these examples might be getting redundant, but these are three slightly different problems... This is my group's second Campaign. During the first one, I ruled that this beginning (and only) Upgrade does NOT come in at double cost, because initial hiring is done with 35 Soulstones, NOT Scrip. Page 5 never mentions Scrip (only hiring with Soulstones) until the remainder is converted into max 3 Scrip, while page 6 exclusively talks about the SS-->Scrip conversion rate of Weekly Hires. Is this correct though? How do other groups play? Which was Wyrd's original intention (are these effectively two different currencies, or was the intention always making purchases in terms of one system (i.e. Scrip))? I know this is splitting hairs on an expression of the game that is even less mega-competitive, but I just want to be consistent with popular thought as we start our second campaign.
  15. Hey! So duing a game we had a difficult time looking for a more solid answer to a rule on an errata'd upgrade "unnerving aura" figure I would put this up. Reading the errata unnerving aura, " 3'' aura if an enemy model begins its activation withing 3'' AND ends within those same 3'' he takes two damage" So I would read this two ways #1 is an enemy begins and activates within the range it takes two damage (either or) #2 A model would have to begin and end within 3'' to have to take the two damage Leaving toward #2 and was curious on other's opinion
  16. I've played a lot of Nicodem but recently I've given Seamus a go and I really likes his Back Alley and Flintlock. He summons Belles, which is fine but I'm wondering if the expensive upgrade of Spare Parts is ever worth it? 8 of crows will get me a Guild Autopsy, the range is not good but at least it's got full wounds. Then there's the wet dream of summoning a Rogue Necromancy! 11 of crows which is the least of my concerns. The 4 corpse markers, all within 6" of Seamus AND a (2) AP action. Does this ever happen? Yes, I assume it does, but do you have to put too much effort into getting those 4 corpse markers in close proximity? I was thinking Corpse Bloat (but again 2 SS) to slice out a spleen for 1 corpse marker and 2-3 Canine Remains to get some more? Perhaps the new and cool Carrion Emissary which can create a Mindless Zombie every turn = 1 more corpse marker. Then I'm thinking this might be too much work and energy towards getting a Rogue Necromancy for next turn, while spending most of Seamus activation and a handful of other models' too? What do you guys think? Seamus has several really good upgrades, it's hard to choose! Maniacal Laugh seems more like a fun theme upgrade than a useful one?
  17. When I play Daw, I more or less always goes for the three Curses, Writhing Torment, and Twist and Turn. In some games I haven't got enough mileage out of all Curses (mostly Guillotine), but the reasoning is always in hindsight. From the get go that upgrade line-up always seem to be the best one. So, what kind of upgrade sets are people running with Daw?
  18. Subject of debate recently popped up in the TT event forum about what exactly the effective cost is for the singular upgrade a crew is able to purchase during the "starting the campaign" phase of a campaign (page 5). Another person said that based on their reading, the upgrade bought during the setup listed on page 5 would cost double its base as later explained on page 6 (so a 2SS upgrade in a normal game of Malifaux would cost 4SS when setting up starting arsenal, and again 4SS during the following weeks during the New Hires step). I disagreed based on my reading of "starting the campaign" and "new hires" being separate and that the "starting the campaign" section did not state the single upgrade would cost double. A copy/paste of my understanding is below: "I had seen that upgrades during weekly purchases cost double and factored it into my estimations for the start of the second week. However, I should note that the rulebook treats setting up your starting arsenal, and the "new hires" section as separate components, and it explictly instructs you to ignore the "New hires" section at the beginning of the first week of the campaign (with, presumably, the page 5 "starting the campaign" section replacing it). The statement that upgrades cost double to purchase is under the "New hires" section on page 6 (again, instructed to skip this step during the first week). For the "starting the campaign" section (page 5), it says you can only buy one upgrade at this time, but does not state that the upgrade is doubled in cost." In summary, the way I read it is that we get the upgrade at base cost when setting up, but are only able to purchase one. In successive weeks we get to buy as many upgrades as we like, but with the cost doubled (and 0SS upgrades costing 2 scrip). Anyone else have input on this? EDIT: I guess I must have misread the other poster, I thought they said that the first upgrade would also cost double, but when I went back it seemed the same as my reasoning. Weird. Oh well, I'd just like to clarify this anyways to make sure I'm playing it right.
  19. So far I have played only a few games. I have found a lot of information about models I own, either here on the forum or on PullMyFinger website. The problem is, that I haven't found a lot of information about some upgrades. I would like to ask you, if you would be so nice and help me with them. Here is the list of models, that I own: Ophelia LaCroix Young LaCroix (3) Francois LaCroix Raphael LaCroix Rami LaCroix Pere Ravage Slop Hauler (2) The Guardian Stone Cost: 1 SS ► This model gains the follow Ability: Echo of Souls: When this model is targeted by an Action it may spend a Soulstone and flip a card to increase its Df and Wp for the remainder of the duel. If a 0-5 is flipped the model gains +1, if a 6-10 is flipped the model gains +2, if an 11 to 14 is flipped the model gains +3. This may not increase the model’s Df or Wp above 8. ► This model gains the following Tactical Action: (0) Moment of Insight: This model may discard this Upgrade to push up to 4” in any direction. Restrictions: Leader When do you, if ever, take this upgrade? It costs 1 SS to purchase, it occupies your Leader's upgrade slot and you have to pay additional SS for every duel you want to enhance by Echo of Souls. An average gain to Df and Wp is 1,83 for a Leader that has 5 Df and 5 Wp. Leaders that have more than that (Ophelia LaCroix has Df 6 and Wp 6) benefit from it even less, because those stats can't be increased above 8. For 1 SS you can just enhance the duel and add to your Defense Flip and to relevant damage flip. In The Exact Value of a Positive Twist Math Mathonwy stated that: "a single positive twist is about as good as +2 to the stat." Does the (0) Moment of Insight outweights this? Show Off Cost: 1 SS ► Other friendly Gremlin models within LoS of this model may take the following Tactical Action: (2) Ya’ll Watch This (Ca 4 / TN: 12 / Rg: 2): All models in range suffer 3 damage. Sacrifice this model. Restrictions: Gremlin, Rare 1 Do I own any models that would benefit from this upgrade? I almost always use theese upgrades: Francois LaCroix - Dirty Cheater and Stilts Raphael LaCroix - Dirty Cheater Pere Ravage - Team Work (if I have some SS left) Should I switch one of those upgrades? Dirty Cheater on Raphael LaCroix is in my opinion an autoinclude thanks to Hard to Kill and Fueled by Panic. Francois LaCroix is usually in the thick of things (Sorry, if I used that term wrong.) so Dirty Cheater seems like a great upgrade for him and I use Stilts to mitigate damage from his automatic Dumb Luck trigger on (1) Dueling Sword. Models left are: Ophelia LaCroix Rami LaCroix When do you use this Upgrade? Is it with Somm'er's Summoning Factory Inc. or is it any particular Strategy or Scheme or... Team Work Cost: 1 SS ► This model gains the following Ability: Gimme a Boost: Friendly Gremlin models in base contact with this model are treated as Ht 2 when drawing LoS to targets. ► This model gains the following Tactical Action: (1) The Real Lacroix: Place this model in base contact with target enemy model within 6” that is engaged with a friendly Gremlin model. Then, push one friendly Gremlin model engaged with the target model up to 6” directly away from the target model. Restrictions: Kin, Rare 3 As I already said, I use this upgrade only when I have some SS left and put it on Pere Ravage. The same questions. Should I try it on another model? When do you use this upgrade? Thank you
  20. This just recently came to me whilst reading a battle report on the avatars forum, and has sparked a little debate in my head and with my housemate aswell. Shenlong's 0 ability Monk of Many Styles reads: (0) Monk of Many Styles: Choose a Limited Upgrade with the Restriction of Shenlong. If another friendly model has the chosen Upgrade attached, discard it. This model may discard a Limited Upgrade it has attached to attach the chosen Upgrade. Now i've always read this as if you're the Shenlong player and you have Upgrade (a) attached, and you choose Upgrade (b ) then you have to discard upgrade (a) to be able to attach (b ) However, i also read it as if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you cannot attach the chosen upgrade (b ) What i'm trying to say, is that the way i'm reading it is one unique case. You MAY discard a lmited upgrade to be able to attach the new chosen upgrade, but if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you have no way of attaching the new chosen upgrade because you can't fulfill that part of the ability. My housemate is saying that he's reading it as two unique case in that you a) may discard limited upgrade then b ) attach new chosen upgrade Basically, i'm saying the latter is reliant on the former. Thoughts?
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