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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so: The Dark Carnival is coming out for GenCon, as a proxy crew for Colette's standard loadout (Colette, 3 Mechanical Doves, Cassandra, 2 Performers, and 2 Mannequins). We are getting a number of named models, themed after a circus troup described in detail in the latest Wyrd Chronicles (images for the crew box are also in that issue). The Dark Carnival proxies as Colette, as mentioned above. I am not satisfied with that alone. What I have been tossing about as an idea both on this forum and on AWP is the idea of being amateur (or better!) devs and betatesters, all of us, and creating our own set of rules for Mr. Cooper and his Dark Carnival. If you are comfortable working on a set of custom rules for casual games, and willing to make a constructive contribution, please feel free to join in on this great adventure. ~~~~~ Constants to adhere by: Mr. Cooper is the Master of this particular crew. Sadly, we are missing a Mr. Peanuts (the elephant), so we must omit him from the roster (for now). Non-Constants to decide upon sooner than later: The crew should be Arcanists, Neverborn, or both. (Opinion: Both) RESULT: Both Mannequins can also be Mummerettes, and thus a new model entirely. RESULT: Mummerettes, not Mannequins Flying Monkeys could be Mr. Cooper's Totems, but there are other options as well. RESULT: Totems Baritone Lola is probably the Henchman of this crew, being the Cassandra analogue, but could also just be an Enforcer. (Opinion: Henchman) RESULT: Henchman Mercury and Thin Lizzy are the Performer analogues, but could also be Enforcers instead of Minions (as Enforcers are more often named models than Minions are). (Opinion: Both Enforcers, and if not, just Mercury) Flying Monkey station characteristics, as mentioned above (Peon/Minion). (Opinion: Peon) My Opinions Explained: Both, because while NE makes this crew look amazing Neverborn, it also has its roots in the Arcanists (as it's a NE of an Arcanist crew). Lola's Station should be Henchman because Lola has a prominent role in the Dark Carnival fluff. Mercury and Thin Lizzy should be Enforcers due to being named characters which gives a higher chance of being an Enforcer in the game anyhow. However, being that Willie for example is a Minion, there is precedent for named Minions. If this is to be true for one, make it Thin Lizzy (the bearded lady) as Lizzy has a less-prominent role than Mercury (the strongman, who is mentioned many times throughout that piece of fluff). Flying Monkeys should be Peons because totem minions are sort of rare. I'd make them insignificant too, at the very least to put them in line with Peon status, but they could also be significant Peons, which is a first and nicely mirrors things like The Depleted. So, I'm just going to go ahead and post a poll about Faction, and I'd like you all to vote on this, but I'd also like your input on the rest of the non-constants, and if you can, please explain why you think a thing should be as you want it So, let us get started. ~Lil Kalki POLL RESULTS: 1. Faction for Crew (Ended 6/18 @12:00AM EST): Arcanists - 1 vote Neverborn - 10 votes DF Arcanist/Neverborn - 31 votes 2. Totem choice (Ended 6/20 @12:00AM EST): Flying Monkeys - 7 votes Mummerettes - 5 votes Thin Lizzy - 4 votes Lola - 1 vote Mercury - 0 votes 3. Mummerettes or Mannequins? (Ended 6/20 @12:00AM EST): Mannequins - 1 vote Mummerettes - 16 votes 4. Baritone Lola's station characteristic? (Ended 6/21 @12:00AM EST): Henchman - 4 votes Enforcer - 3 votes FUTURE POLLS: Should the two Mummerettes (blade/mallet) be differentiated in stats? Should Flying Monkeys be Significant or Insignificant, and should they be Peons or Minions? Should Mr. Cooper have Infiltration (Showgirls/Puppets), or something more/less? Should Thin Lizzy be an Enforcer or a Minion? Should Mercury be an Enforcer or a Minion?
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