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  1. Hi everyone! On july 15 there will be a cosy little story-event up in Umeå (Sweden). The theme for the event will be the Four RIders of Fate, and feature some custom scenarios. When? - July 15, registration begins at 9 am Where? - Fantasia Umeå What? - 3 games of 50ss with custom scenarios How much? - Entry fee is 50sek, all of which goes to prizes. Check out the facebook event for further info! https://www.facebook.com/events/246034232838375/
  2. Erorior

    Flaming Bullets

    Also, you can copy it with Hannah's 0-action Make a New Entry. (While I realize that Hannah might not show up in many crews, she's one of my favorites so I tend to be on the lookout for nice actions to copy)
  3. Hey there Wyrdos! Fantasia Fanatic is Sweden's biggest regular wargaming tournament going twice a year. Beginning this year, the tournament will host Malifaux as well as a part of the schedule: a main event on saturday with 4 games of 50ss following the rules for GG18 and a side event on sunday with 4-player, free-for-all Henchman Hardcore games. It will be complete and glorious madness! All information for the main event (including payment, registration etc) can be found here: http://www.fantasiaspel.se/Fantasia/FFXXXIII/Fantasia-Fanatic-XXXIII-VÅR-2018-Malifaux_eng.pdf And information regarding the side events can be found here: http://www.fantasiaspel.se/Fantasia/FFXXXIII/Fantasia-Fanatic-XXXIII-VÅR-2018-SideEvents_eng.pdf Hope to see some of you there!
  4. Hi Wyrdos and you of the swedish Malifaux-scenes. Now that GG18 has been out for a while, its time to put it to the test at the first local tournament in Umeå, Sweden. When? - March 18 What? - 3 games of 50ss following the rules for GG18 Where? - The LGS Fantasia. How much? - 50 sek entry fee Registration can be done beforehand at the store or on site at the day of the tournament. It can also be done to me here at the forum or in the event on facebook. Best regards, and welcome to the event!
  5. Erorior

    Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Outcasts)

    While I love the implications, this would be kinda problematic with the Sister keyword. Since that would allow spamming them together with the Vics and Vanessa for +2 dmg and healing everywhere...
  6. Erorior

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Outcasts

    He can. It's simply "friendly freikorps model" I'm probably gonna go with both new upgrades and survivalist, and then add oathkeeper afterwards (and maybe the shirt if I'd run the emissary)
  7. Erorior

    Wave 5 new models?

    The remained unchanged for quite a long in the beta as well, so hopefully they´re the same! Together with Von Schill's new upgrades, they're the ones who now makes me consider bringen Von Schill to a competitive setting.
  8. Erorior

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Indeed, Von Schill might now make the cut to my tournament roster! And don't forget that he can throw friendly models as well!
  9. Erorior

    Question about Jack Daw's curse usage

    And remember, you can recover curses from enemy models by discarding a card in the beginning of Jack's activation (if he is within 8" of the model). That way, you can take back a curse your opponent have flipped down.
  10. Erorior

    Parker and what does he do?

    I agree!
  11. Erorior


    As the spring will bring warm rays of sun to our doorsteps, so will things start to grow. Seeds are sowed, saplings grow, and our vast collection of models becomes a little larger. That's why its perfect to celebrate growth with a rapid-growth league! The league will be held at Legend game store in Skellefteå (Sweden) starting thursday March 16 and go on for six weeks. The winner of the league will be the player who gather the most achievement points from a list of more or less serious achievements that will be available at the store. Each player choses a single master to play for the event, and the game size corresponds to the following pace: Week 1 - 26ss Week 2 - 30ss Week 3 - 35ss Week 4 - 40ss Week 5 - 45ss Week 6 - 50ss Three achievements are known to all players before the league begin: A new friend! - Play the league with an entirely unplayed master Lots of new friends! - Play the league with an entirely new faction Pyramid scheme (repeatable) - Bring a person to the store for a demo with the organizer The league will be great for both experienced players and new players alike. Come join us and revel in the growth! Applications can be made to me via PM here on the forums.
  12. Erorior

    Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    Can you actually attach Diestro to the Emissary? I thought that only family models could have it. Or does that require Abuela to make it family before using a terracotta warrior to change the upgrade?
  13. Erorior

    [Umeå, Sweden] Trigger Hype 2017

    Trigger Happy III is the third incarnation of Swedens biggest Malifaux tournament, and will begin on March 25. Since March still feel like ages away, we're happy to present Trigger Hype; a tournament to build extra hype and motivation for the big event in march! Trigger Hype will be played on February 12 and will consist of 4 games of Malifaux at 50ss, following the rules for Gaining Grounds 2017 with the following exceptions: - Conversions are allowed if the are approved of by the TO. - Models do not need to be painted. It's a perfect chance to pick up that new faction/master you've been oogling a while and try it out for Trigger Happy III! Schedule: 09.00 - Registration 09.20 - Information and rules presentation 09.30 - Game 1 11.30 - Lunch 12.30 - Game 2 14.40 - Game 3 16.50 - Game 4 ~19.00 Prizes and cheering Prizes: 1st place 2nd place New Beginnings: A special prize which you qualify for if all master(s) played during the tournament has been bought during 2017. You might be required to prove this with a receipt. If multiple players qualify, it will be awarded to the player among those who place overall best in the tournament. All prizes will be related in some way to Trigger Happy III. Participation fee: 100 SEK (50 SEK if you are a member of F.U.S.K [the local gaming club]. The fee can be payed at the store or via bank transfer (contact me via PM for information) Location: Fantasia (Sagagallerian) Umeå, Sweden
  14. Erorior

    Leveticus - How is he post errata?

    I've played Leveticus a great deal both before and after the errata, and I'd say that he went from quite bonkers to great. While his face-melting capability went down, he's still great as a deceptively mobile offensive summoner, who's able to threaten models who are otherwise resilient, and his great hiring pool continues to grow. Now that the new kill-the-enemy-master-scheme won't make his mechanics actually give away points to the enemy, you could play Leveticus in most games. I find that Leveticus himself is best in interference, extraction and stake a claim, but his hiring pool allows his crew to be tailored as much as you like towards certain scenarios. To sum it up; I feel that he's really good, but I won't feel guilty at all when fielding him.
  15. Erorior

    Fifty shades of Levi... and Jack

    As I said in a post to Seadnah above, it is a nice solution to Levi and the "kill-the-master-scheme" since it allows both for scoring the points and the model's own mechanics.