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  1. Regarding another OOK-model I've tried with success is Mancha Roja. He's an overall very stable beater with just the right amount of abilities to contribute and often be surprisingly painful to bring down, and helps vs all keywords who like dropping non-scheme marker (still trying to work out how he beats people with shadow markers ). Also, the finisher trigger combos well with the rest of the crew since there are some conditions flying about (not to mention the wisp-on-doll-scenario).
  2. I've just started playing her as well, and there is just so many means things you can do with her. I almost always include The First mate, and Bad Juju has done great work as well (despite me being a bit sceptic to him at a glance) and both McTavish and Spawn Mama seems competent for their costs. You rarely go wrong with a silurid or two, and so far I've brought one Will-o-the-Wisp in her games as well. That leaves some flexibility, but I fins myself considering a lot of her keyword in certain matchups. What she seems to lack is armoured beaters, but a decent cache can help you go far enough. So far she have played decently into most strats, although corrupted idols and plant explosives seem to fit her extra well. In Idols you can use her obey trigger to walk an enemy up to the idol and suffer three damage to throw it far onto their half and in explosives I've tried to advance with a decently protected swpampfiend (such as juju or a stealthed model) early so I could obey my opponents to drop their bombs on their table half (extra insult to injury of you get enscorcel to charge a friendly model afterwards). Another decent strategy in most early games is to just walk+charge backwards with the opponents most lucratice beater to deny them that movement and maybe put some damage out. And in the end game you have so many options to score your points and deny points to your opponent, it's can feel rather silly... The voodoo doll feel like a special mini game in itself. My go-to tactic is to torment it with the above mentioned Wisp. Hitting it once with any crow gives distracted+1, stunned and slow to the linked model (which can be an enemy master) and efficiently shuts it down. More occasionaly I've stabbed it a little bit with Zoraida, but that has mostly been cases where I really needed that one damage that is hard to avoid. Bonus points for the doll is that you can kill it (with actions or it's own bonus action) and get scrap markers for the second point of dig their graves or gator snacks for McTavish. The first one is doable but corner case while the second one can be rather consistent!
  3. Welcome to the 2019 Swedish Nationals, this year held up in the far north of Umeå. This year's event will be held as part of the Fantasia Fanatic, one of Swedens biggest wargaming tournaments. Here you can join us in the struggle for the title of Swedish Champion 2019 in the brand new third edition of our beloved game. We promise some great games, brains overheated by tactical decisions and nice opponents! When? October 12-13 Where? Dragonskolans gymnastiksal Dragongatan 1, 90322. Umeå, Sweden What? Game size 50ss. Single faction. 3 qualifying games on saturday where the top four will proceed to the final rounds on sunday. Fear not, since the rest will play a secondary tournament on sunday with it's own prizes etc. Tickets: Since the event is part of a larger one, tickets can be found here: speltid.se/turneringar/16928-fanatic-xxxvi-base-pass-malifaux.html We hope to see you join us in merry murder! (Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/466733484148137/ )
  4. To further celebrate the release and resurgence of M3e, I'm starting up a slow grow league which begin on august 1 and will run until spetmber 21 when it ends with a small tournament! Rules: At the start of the league, choose a facion and a master. You will play these for the whole league. At the start of the league, game size is 30ss At the start of the league, you choose 5 card profiles, which are the models you may build your crew from. Minion cards that allow multiple copies of a model allows you to hire multiple copies of that minion, but all must (as usual) go within the game size. Every new stage of the league, you may add one card profile and game size increases by 5ss. You may not add addititional masters. Points: During the league, you gain one league point from the following criteria. Every criteria can opnly be scored once during each stage of the league: Play a game in the league Paint one new model for the crew you play in the league Score at least 4vp during a league game (regardless of win, loss or tie) For each stage of the league, there will also be an additional achievement unique to that stage which may give you an additional point. Location: Fantasia Umeå, in the Battle bunker. Thursdays will be the day when new stages begin. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to: - The player with the most points at the end of the league - The player who wins the final tournament - The players who win something in the raffle Schedule: August 1 - Stage 1, 30ss August 8 - Stage 2, 35ss August 15 - Stage 3, 40ss August 22 - Stage 4, 45 ss September 5 - Stage 5, 50ss September 21 - Final tournament (Note: The final two stages are longer since most people go back to work/school around that time of year here in sweden) Sign up by reporting to me here on the forums, via social media or locally at the store. Hope to see as many as possible joining up!
  5. Same here. The crew has armor, shielded and healing which makes them really hard to shift whilst Hannah and Arik can pack quite a punch with focus+rocket boots. I've tried him with Zipp as well, and must agree that it's quite amusing.
  6. As the long awaited release of the M3e finally awaits, so does a weekend of celebrations! Location: Fantasia LGS (Umeå) Saturday June 29: A day full of demoes and introductory games. Wether you are completely new to Malifaux, haven't played for a while since 2nd edition or just want to play some more awesome M3e, this day is for you. There will be games of all sizes with more experienced players available to get you up to speed. Models are available for those who want to test the game, and (if everything goes smoothly with deliveries) there will be all of the updated cards available so that you can try out your old model in the new edition! All participans are eligible for prizes that will be raffled out, including vintage sculpts and whole crew boxes! Sunday June 30: A small tournament of three games of m3e, with the goal of mainly getting more games in with friendly opponents. Prizes will be raffled out here as well, and we welcome players of all levels of experience with a special prize for best newcomer! Like the day before, there is plenty of models and cards to borrow. Come and join the fun at Fantasia (Götgatan 1, 90327 Umeå, Sweden)
  7. Agreed. The trunk (or Von Schill) also need to consistently renew the Rocket launcher. It is a nice surprise to be sure (and the trunk playing tank is super cute) but I've yet to feel that it would be too good.
  8. Overall I agree; most masters aren't that nice as a secondary choice in outcasts. I did get an idea I tried out just to push it a bit and ran this list: Victoria x2 Leveticus w. servant of dark powers Waif x2 Von Schill Prospector 6 ss cache 7 models where 4 are masters. Von Schill was mostly an interference model and threw some rocket launchers to the waifs while Vics and Levi brawled. (Levi didn't have the best of days though. Stat 5 hurts...). Overall it was fun, but had it's issues as expected since you wont have cards for everything etc, but I can definitively see myself trying it again. For the surprise, if nothing else.
  9. Erorior


    I think the difference would be the investment needed to counter. If the opponent declares Hamelin you can always go for the wind-weasel without significant investment. It's a whole different story to go for Lucius as secondary master (if you hadn't already declared him as leader) to counter the Qui & Gong. I could foresee that no outcast player aware of this counter would declare Hamelin when facing ten thunders, at least not in a setting that is even mildy competitive.
  10. While I have only played one game with her, it indeed would seem that Hannah's critical strike allows her to go above and beyond most damage tracks. If I have a slightly better hand than my opponent (with at least 2 severes) it should be able to go off fairly reliably with the right setup in positioning, focus/rocket boots and as long as the opposing model doesn't have hard to wound or equal (or higher) df. If this continues to be problematic, I'd suggest exchanging critical strike for the burst damage trigger (the one with per ), while swapping sweeping strikes for surge. She would then revert a bit to her old blasty ways in melée and adjust it so that she doesn't deal as concentrated a damage. While 2/4/6 (or 3/5/7) is great damage tracks with focus and other positives to damage being available with the right setup and cards, it and similiar tracks seem to be possible for many beater models throughout the different factions. I will continue to test it out a bit more and see if we get similiar results most times though and urge others to do the same. As @Paradigm said though, a 10ss beater should deal their fair share of damage if you invest enough resources, as long as it doesn't lead to the game devolving to a place where it is always best to kill first, scheme later. Two other notes: Von Schill feel very durable but after the nerf to his gun it would be nice if he got another tactical option on his ranged attack. E.g. card draw/cycling, pushing friendlies out of engagements, generating pass tokens etc. Something to make you consider the gun as a more tactical option. Also, the outcast upgrades continue to feel quite undesirable (with the exception of Servants of Dark powers on certain models). I really hope this will change in the future.
  11. Agree with point nr 1 and a lot of other arguments made above. Regarding point nr 2 I must say that I really miss the double blasts on her melee from m2e (but that's mostly because I used her A LOT with I pay better). The blast she got now certainly threatens models that are very close but 1 blast is so much easier to spread out against than 2, so I don't think many opponents will make the same mistake twice after being subjected to it.
  12. I took another read through the cards looking for built in crows on -actions and... there were a surprising amount, especially in Amalgam and Plague, with Mad Dog, Scion and the Freikorpsmann (with the field guide) being honorable mentions. Would it still be as good if it was once/activation? Other similiar abilites/triggers?
  13. Points well made. Any other suggestions of what could be more useful while not contributing to bad trends? Should it be something further to buff the model or a new kind of action/bonus action?
  14. Nice one! Updated it as a suggestion. Does anyone know if there already exists such a trigger somewhere (so we could be consistent)?
  15. As an optimist, I really think we should try our best to change their mind then!
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