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  1. So thinking about throwing the big guy at Kirai. Dropping damage that can get round the Urami spiel or at least eating cards seems nice. While Lyssa going for the pseudo obey trigger as well seems ok. But basically playing a game with only tactical actions Thoughts
  2. Anyone read this as if the Librarian? No? just me
  3. I would happily pay more if they could scheme run again. I always ran at least 1 in every list i did in m2e and makes me sad that my 12 brothers and cousins wont see much use anymore :,(
  4. I managed to run a game with him against Seamus (who is terrifying btw). I did find wong a bit lacklustre beyond the first turn everyone gets glowy and fast and I get lots of extra cards. What I did find him good for was draining my opponents deck/hand with lots of tests. His marker action is also amazing as well, although think the wording needs tidying up on it. As we couldnt figure out if the 6" area was for both the pick up and put down. The wording about placing marker back in LOS with no indication if it should be in the 6" again :S The pigapult was amazing as it always has been in my eyes, while it is the first time I have enjoyed the Taxidermist! He killed belles for fun and love the nod towards McM with the knife throw. I like the of making it a corpse marker instead of pig and giving him some more tech, but for a first run he feels solid. Yet to use burt and gracie and effigy died to seamus before I could try the growing into emissary. Which I think is a huge trap as a scheme runner he is almost target number 1 so he doesnt see turn 3!
  5. Only 5 days to go #waac https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/waac-malifaux-raffle/ #McMourning4MacMillan
  6. It's time for the raffle to win McMourning4Macmillan all proceeds to cancer charity. Click the link for info https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/waac-malifaux-raffle/
  7. Why run it the same day as BCB booooooo. If we could have 5/6 weeks notice that would be amazing (more time to work on the overlord)
  8. @docbungle Gremlins Available most evenings with notice.
  9. Any Henchmen have to start at 25pts not the standard 35
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