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  1. I do too. I was just being hyperbolic. It does sadden me that they have never been relevant though.
  2. No you can't, because no one owns pistoleros, because they have never been relevant.
  3. You don't really need o computer simulation to reach the conclusion that having to remove a severe is very rare. The probability of having to remove a severe, is the same as drawing 3 severe cards or jokers from a deck = 14/54 * 13/53 * 12/52 ≈ 0.0147
  4. I suppose anything is destructible with enough dynamite.
  5. I'm positively surprised whenever she manages to answer a wet paper bag.
  6. I believe the normal sculpt has never existed in translucent red.
  7. I'm not sure one round is better than another, and you could do this for a whole tournament if you wanted to. We have also ran full tournaments where schemes were only revealed at the start of the crew creation while deployment and strategies were available beforehand.
  8. I have to agree here. The wording on the action looks very much like it drops the same markers it removed. There are also other actions that actually drop enemy markers, so not all markers dropped by a model are automatically friendly.
  9. Okay then. You can do it very easily! I believe in you!
  10. It isn't. I believe I have mentioned it "a few times" before.
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