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  1. Yep, the reactivate condition remains till the end of the turn, even if the model has already activated twice this turn, he still have the reactivate condition.
  2. Lilith with +2burning, and a Fire Gamin at 1 Wd within 1" of Lilith. Unkeep: 1. The player choose Lilith to resolves her effects (at the end of the turn). 2. Lilith Suffers 2 damage. 3. Black blood makes 1 damage to the Fire Gamin which dies. 4. Flaming Demise makes 1 damage to Lilith and gains Burning +1. 5. Lilith now has burning +3, 2. Burning condition is removed from Lilith. Seems dumb to me, but it was I understand from the rules.
  3. Alright, clear enough to me. 1. Determine models affected by the blast. 2. Determine order. 3. Resolve damage in the order described before (and immediatly remove 1 by 1 models which were killed). So the Rasputina's case I told before is just an exception for the "after damaging" triggers. Thank's!
  4. Other reason why I think you cannot remove Merris is in page 50 BRB. If a model has no LoS to the original target cannot be affected by the blast. If you removes Merris the models would lose LoS to Merris. I really think is simpler in this way, but I'll play it as the comunity thinks is the correct way.
  5. Climbing terrain is thought as another kind of movement penalty, as I understand. I mean, if my Cerbero cannot charge through a Ht1 little box, or if my Raptors cannot start the Charge at Ht1 and finish the charge at Ht 2, (because there is only 2 kinds of movement defined in Malifaux) then... I don't wanna play this game anymore. Joking
  6. In page 32 (big rulebook) there is something in the "after damaging" triggers. If the model dies, you still have to resolve the effects of the trigger before removing the model from the game as killed, and this effects are resolved after step 5, which means that is the last thing you resolves about the action. This makes me think that the model is removed from play only when the action is completly resolved. And this is how I've been playing. As an example: Rasputina Ca her damaging attack to Merris and declare the trigger "after damaging, use this action again against the same objective". In this case you cannot remove Merris till Rasputina resolves the trigger, which means that the ability would work for Merris and her allies, because even if she is dead and reduced to 0 Wd, she is still in play. So I don't see why would be different the timing to remove a model when there is a trigger than when there is not a trigger, so I understand that models killed are removed from play when the action is completly resolved.
  7. I would say yes. It Stack to a minimun of Ml 1. Is not a condition or an ability which grants the -2Ml, is just a debuff applied directly to the stats.
  8. If a model loses a Horror Duel outside of his activation, it will gain the Paralyzed condition. So yes, you can control the action of an enemy with the Hungering, targeting an enemy model (for the controlled model) with the action, to lose the duel and gain paralyzed with the controlled model. Horror duels only affects enemy models.
  9. In my opinion, the requirement of "be a Henchman" affects only when you choose the model. The scoring VP only requires that the model choosen is in the deployment enemy zone, regardless if at that point he is a Henchman or not.
  10. First of all would act the armor, is an ability so is not something you choose. You are gonna still suffering damage, so you can discard the imbued energies to reduce the damage in 2, (not to a minimun of 1, that is only for armor). At the end if you are still suffering damage, you can spend a soulstone to prevent, and yes, you can prevent to a minimun of 0.
  11. This GG16 Scheme, is worded the way you get the VP if the marked model is "reduced to 0 wounds or leaves play". Some actions like the one to summon the Coryphee Duet are worded as "this model do not count as killed or sacrificed for encounter purposes". I just wanted to be sure about "leaves play" meaning. If I understand this, the Coryphee (or models like Izamu too) are still giving points with this kind of actions.
  12. Ok, very thank you guys. All clear
  13. Tenebrous aura: Sh Attack Actions targetting friendly models within 3 suffer . So if a model Shot into an engagement targeting a friendly model, but randomizing hit an enemy model within the aura from the Bete: Has the Sh action the from the Bete's Aura? Is the target of the action the one you chose or the one you hit? We just wanna be sure about. Thank you all!
  14. there is really a need to put a video, to ask this kind of things? I mean, I think none of those who answers the question needs the video to do it. I don't wanna think bad of you, but if I were a moderator I could think you are just promoting a youtube chanel. Just basing on that 2 of your 3 comments on this forum have been links to videos of a single channel. But you know, I don't wanna think bad of you. Just saying.
  15. What about if Chiaki gains the armor condition from two diferent sources? For example from the Grave Spirit and from Yan Lo. First one especified "while in base contact" but the second one specified "till the end of the turn". Chiaki gains first the condition from the Grave Spirit and after gains the condition from Yan Lo, so if I remember well the condition would have the duration especified by the last condition gained. With another point of view, if the Grave Spirit's condition is always the last in be gained, then you can acumulate all the armor you want in Chiaki while she is in base contact with the Grave Spirit. (And doesnt seem legit to me) As you can see, not always the duracion and conditions go hand in hand. In the case, the model selected by Chiaki's ability would gain both conditions regardless of which was the start duration of the first one. Anyway, Chiaki's Innocence is worded to transfer the conditions as they were gained by Chiaki. In other case the ability would say something like: "A friendly ancestor within 6" and LoS gains all this model conditions, then remove all this model's conditions." In this case the other model would get new conditions from Chiaki ability, (so till the end of the turn). In the way that Inocence is worded, the conditions would keep their start duration I think.
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