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  1. Ludvig

    Rules for Placements

    All measurmentd are done from a strict top down point of view unless something specifically references ht. It's very early in the base rules.
  2. Ludvig

    Nicknames and avatars

    It was the first time my name wasn't taken online so I took it! I've always felt kind of dumb since I realised most people use nicknames instead. The pic is old Samael because I felt really pleased with how he turned out and didn't know what else to pick.
  3. The imbalance between masters only starts to be really felt when you are on a very tight skill level. I could probably play the most OP crap imaginable and still lose to a mediocre list built by a much stronger player. Until you both hit the "skill cap" or whatever you would like to call it skill is more important than many list choices.
  4. Ludvig

    Countering summoning engine crews

    Just having Asura with MLH means an extra card to start and two extra zombies (so even more cards and corpses that you can't just discard for him) turn one while Nico without Kentauroi doesn't project his scaryness as far into the board. That would have been a pretty significant difference since he would have been pretty much guaranteed two summons turn one no matter what you do. He's still no pushover but I think Asura and Kentauroi are a really large part of the current displeasure with him.
  5. Ludvig

    Countering summoning engine crews

    The Nico you are describing is the fun old one that was balanced. Without all the card draw, the extra corpses or kentauroi to taxi any model anywhere Nico has weaknesses that can be exploited.
  6. Ludvig

    Rules for Placements

    @santaclaws01 I menionwd Zipp and Lilith by name a few replies up.
  7. Ludvig

    Tannen in Lucius

    I prefer to declare neverborn if I want Tannen. The doppleganger copying chatty can set up an extra aura if you like. He's obviously a good terracotta target. The Jury could in theory help both him and Graves but I don't have her.
  8. Ludvig

    Everyone wants to be on Lady J's team...

    Nurses are living so you can'thire them with anyone except McMourning.
  9. Ludvig

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    Because of low willpower I'm casting a longing eye at gremlins. Ulix looks amazing because I love pigs. Since I don't have the time to collect the entire faction I was wondering if you can just dip a toe in with Ulix. Maybe just use his box, some piglets and one of the big pigs but keep it light. I have McTavish already because of Zoraida and he seems to combo well with the boars at least. What sort of functions/models would I be missing? I don't count on reaching top tables or anything but I would like to be able to play a decent game against a player at my skill level.
  10. Ludvig

    Rules for Placements

    Good points Solkan. Doesn't that make pushes off elevation weird in regards to falling?
  11. This has been my experience as well. I haven't properly used lures against us yet though, lure lists always gave me a headache as guild.
  12. Ludvig

    Catalogue? Metal Gremlins

    Check the m1.5 version of pull my finger. Apart from Wong, Gacie and Burt I'm pretty sure all of m1.5 was metal.
  13. Ludvig

    Models better out of faction

    Sebastian isn't extremely hard to kill either, the trick is to have the models you want to punish engaged or otherwise innefective. Marcus or Myranda could probably aid with that since you want their aura in the same place.
  14. Ludvig

    Rules for Placements

    The general opinion is that you need to place it in a legal spot on the table/terrain so you can't place them without their base supported, goes for both markers and models. The rules aren't 100% clear but the alternative is pretty bad in my opinion. There are models that place enemies within a distance and not btb which woud mean Lilith and Zipp for example could instantly kill any model because they could place them 100 inches into the air and ake them automatically die to falling.
  15. Ludvig

    Rules for Placements

    The general opinion is that you need to place it in a legal spot on the table/terrain so you can't place them without their base supported, goes for both markers and models. The rules aren't 100% clear but the alternative is pretty bad in my opinion.
  16. Ludvig

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    @edopersichetti The theory behind their use would be that you also want to ignore reducions and that they have range 2 which isn't all that common on pigs. Facing a lot of guild I wouldn't mind charging one of these guys from Major's aura to go after something with both armour and htk like Francisco or Phiona.
  17. Ludvig

    Our worst models

    You declare the use after the duel to hit but before the damage.
  18. Ludvig

    Investigators and guild sarge

    So guild sergeants are decent in that setup? So happy!
  19. Ludvig

    Where do hunters fit in your lists?

    Oxfordians are ridiculous. I think their fixes took them too far. The guardian got a single point of min damage when it was considered too weak, the oxfordians got a bucketload of fixes and were maybe not even that bad to begin with. They just had the whole "need to take a squad in a non-squad based game" issue that a ton of guardsman models have. Just dropping them to 5ss would probably have made people play them enough to realise what their strengths were.
  20. Ludvig

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    If they hit Nico (which I think is super duper likely) then maybe the rest of the stuff will be fine? As you say, many factions have something above the curve and summer erratas usually don't go in with broad strokes. Even the last winter one left waves 4 and 5 almost completely untouched. Hit Nico, let the players shake out the kinks for a few months and see where that leaves Asura before potentially adressing any remaining issues this winter.
  21. Fair enough but there was no mention of which ingredient was required in this post.
  22. I'm not sure the neverborn boards are as familiar with your Iron chef shenanigans.
  23. Ludvig

    Where do hunters fit in your lists?

    I can confirm that Mortarions hunters are super annoying!
  24. Ludvig

    Who discards and attaches upgrades

    Not sure on the exact wordings on the stuff you are referring to. It depends on how the action/ability expresses it. If it says "discard an upgrade from target model" then the model taking the action is considered to discard the upgrade and not the target. If it says "target model discards an upgrade" then it is the target which is considered to have discarded the upgrade.
  25. Ludvig

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    That what my wife calls me too! Except for the accurate part.