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  1. Count me in for this again, last year was fun!
  2. Hi, I am interested in trying this out May not be able to confirm for a little while though.
  3. HunterB

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Hi, I originally asked to go down on the reserves list for this, (not sure if that happened or not as with several drop outs and shout outs for more people I did not hear anything) either way if I am still on the list can you take me off please, other RL events may be kciking off in November instead. Have fun!
  4. HunterB

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    Missed out originally as on brothers stag do! Can you add me to the reserves please: Andrew Baranyai
  5. Great event well done to the organisation team! 3 fun games
  6. Awesome should be there nice an early tomorrow
  7. Paid! Really need to get on and get playing again now!!
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