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  1. Much like Lost, I think it was more of a kind of person. Lost were all children models: Stolen, Malifaux Child, Iggy, Candy, Marlena Webster, Baby Kade, & Crooligans. Woe seemed to be beings that caused others mental suffering: Insidious Madness, Poltergeist, Sorrow, Doppelganger, Lelu, Lilitu, Mr Tanner... and Reporters.
  2. For much of the same reason, Flying Piglets. For 3 points and significant, I don't even attack with them. Sacrifice for Corrupted Idols, score Power Ritual; almost every enemy model can be used for Hold Up Their Forces; play agressive and get them to set themselves up with Detonate Charges. I love them!
  3. I'll never play Neverborn... not ever! However, let me tell you about my Barbaros Outcast crew: 4 Young Nephilim & 2 Mature Nephilim. No, its an Oucast crew. Stop judging me!!!! <runs away cryjng>
  4. As an, up until recently, only Outcast player, I was running a very unconventional Hamelin crew that could include the following models, which I now own, which I can no longer use: 4 Guild Hounds, 4 Corrupted Hounds, 9 Canine Remains, 4 Crooligans, Iggy, Candy, and Baby Kade. .... and you're ranting about Reporters?!
  5. Played Zipp vs Rasputina Corrupted Idols, Flank Breakthrough, Hold Up Their Forces, Dig Their Graves, Power Ritual, Outflank. I picked Breakthrough & Hold Up Their Forces; he took Hold Up Their Forces & Dig Their Graves. Zipp, Malifaux Child, Midnight Stalker, 2 Iron Skeeters, 3 Flying Piglets, Merris, Earl. Rasputina, Wendigo, 2 Ice Gaimen, Blessed, 2 of the guys with the spear guns, 2 Horecat Prides, and some other guy who makes pillars too (I don't know this crew well). I easily got to the first 2 markers from Corrupted Idols on both corners of the table on turn 2, as well as both Scheme points thanks to Fly With Me from both Skeeters on the Midnight Stalker on the left corner and Piglets on the right, putting me up 3-0 on turn 2. I had inadvertently foiled Dig Their Graves upon crew selection because I wasn't doing a lot of killing with this crew and nothing dropped corpse markers due to my Demise abilities, so there wasn't a corpse market on the table until turn 4. I got sloppy at the end, overconfidence, and gave up Hold Up Their Forces with Zipp and moved piglet out of position so I didn't get my last Hold up Their Forces point. He rallied the best he could, but was still 4-5 win for me.
  6. Zipp/Von Schill, McCabe/Asami, Molly/McMourning, Mei Feng/McCabe, [ANY NEVERBORN MASTER]/Zoraida, and all the triple master combos with Viktoria. Again, not unstopable, but adds a twist to the proceedings that you don't get to see until after crew selection, when it's too late to prepare for.
  7. .... and Lazarus doesn't hurt on the cheap. (Cheap compared to Masters)
  8. Viktoria x2 Parker Von Schill Zipp Works pretty well...
  9. I've never used either of those lines in a miniature game. In an table top RPG, sure; guys who think character development = killing more. .... but I might be the player who other players say that about: playing an 18 rats on the table Hamelin Crew, 12 Hound Nix crew, 180 Hormagaunt Tyrant army in 40k, 300 Gnoblar Oger army in AoS. I just like being silly.
  10. That was such a great pairing... now they don't even talk. She doesn't even control the same way, it's so heartbreaking. Headcanon is they broke up, Vik's kicked his ass for breaking their sister's heart, that's why he has the new body now, so Vanessa will never control another construct again... it's just... too painful of a memory! .... man, where did my brain go?
  11. I liked to bring a single Beckoner & Lust; gets Distracted out there a little easier. I'm holding off playing the keyword until I have Kabuki Warriors in my hands, though.
  12. I do a great list with Bishop & The Midnight Stalker to get four 3 AP (mostly) models on the table. With no actions from any other model, who else is getting that that much efficiency out of a crew? And with the double free moves Ronin get, the whole crew pretty much gets 3 actions. Not a short stick to be found!
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