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  1. So I'm thinking of bringing Beau Fishbocker into Tri-Chi; once you get a feel for him, I'd like to know what your thoughts would be.
  2. "Math is hard.... shopping is fun." - Barbie That's as high as I go; I'm so with you, Zebo.
  3. To think Zipp would be the weakest model out of the 3 in his box..... it's a sad day I tell you.
  4. Undead pigs can't grow, so they have no place in Sooey.
  5. Also remember Mr Ngaatoro & Fuhatsu are the only keywordless henchman in the game.
  6. It's a good tech pick vs blast & pulse crews like Wizz-Bang and Nephilim.
  7. I'm planning on ferrying Thirty-Three in Infamous. Every time an Iron Skeeter uses Fly With Me on her, or anyone with flying gets near her, or leaps near her, they'll get two more inches an activation. It's better than the Emissary's movement bonus because she can be carried to keep up, whereas Donkey is too fat and slow. Also, add some card draw to the card cycling.
  8. Wasn't intending to be condescending; it's just how I come off. I get called on it often, I'm trying to be better. I still don't see how it carries over when the single model left has already been affected by the Action and taken it's action. Even in the grand scheme of things, at most what we are looking the possibility of taking all 12 Rats on the table, morphing them into a single Rat King, then taking ELEVEN actions in a row, on an entirely different model's activation. Nay I say! Even if the rules say it's legal!
  9. 1. If the first Rat's action was to attack the second Rat and kills it, does Rat 2 get an action or is he already dead? 2. The other Rat's are not in the Rat King; they are removed. Do not confuse thematics with rules.
  10. FRM are stupid powerful in Original Brewmaster.... I think they'll be obscene in New & Improved.
  11. No, only the model taking the Tangled action is the one being replaced... the rest no longer exist.
  12. Calvalry..... CaLeviRy? CalvaLevi? LevAlry? LeviLry?
  13. So once every ones used to the new stuff, looks like Pirate Zipp will begin to shine then. I suggest no one play him for a full year to lull every one into a false sense of security.
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