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  1. Scouts are fun for Idols, placing all three in one corner for denial or controlling, depending on how you're playing it. That's the only use I've found for them in 3rd.
  2. Your momma so ugly, your daddy left her for Trixibelle!
  3. So many splits like this..... hopefully faq in january.
  4. If a Katashiro charges through a target getting Blade Rush, the target takes 1 damage because the action is the push through the target, not just the ability, triggers Black Blood. Then the subsequent attack, if hits and damages, would trigger Black Blood again. N'est pas?
  5. Yeah, Hamelin is its own weird beast. He doesn't play like other Outcast, he doesn't play like other summoners, he doesn't play anything like other masters. I've always described him like Voldo in the game Soul Calibur: completly unique and mildly disturbing, and once you learn him it's hard to play anyone else.
  6. I like this.... it rarely will come up, but if it does it's big.
  7. It's been 24 hours and how have I just thought of KNIGHT RIDER!?
  8. Did we not mention The Midnight Stalker because everyone takes him anyway or because you don't think he's useful in Mercenary? I think he's invaluable and with a potential 3 action plus Leap, keeps up with the crew's movement shananigans quite well.
  9. I really like Reckless Rider! That's a good one! Good god, a 3 action Horseman model....
  10. Arik is almost a tailor built antiNephelim piece. Gravity Well stops flying, Kenitic Amplifier stops Black Blood, Armor 2 stops big beater damage, Diving Charge gets you out oif being bogged down in melee. But, at 11 stones out of keyword......?
  11. Granted, Toss is on 5 models between 3 factions.
  12. And thats the stupid part about English, hollow.... well, one if the stupid parts... one of the many stupid parts... just because it's supposed to happen in that order doesn't mean it will happen in that order, or mean the same thing in a different order. It's kind of the worst.
  13. Considering he doesn't cost 11 or has the keyword Horseman, there's always room for a Masked Rider in my book!
  14. BAYOU - Foggy Rider EXPLORER'S SOCIETY - Headless Rider OUTCAST - Lone Rider TEN THUNDERS - Secret Rider
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