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  1. Aw crap.... Reckoning is back on the menu! This sucks.
  2. Bye bye Reckoning... we f'n hated you anyways!
  3. Do A Barrel Roll is a loose list, there is no pattern. with it I'm able to pick and choose what I can and need to do every game. sometimes Zipp is the distraction, sometimes he's the heavy, sometimes he's support, sometimes he's backfield; it is flexible. Flying Piglets are supposed to die... in the right place for scheming. they are 3 souk stine flying non-Insignificant models that drop a scheme marker when they die... they can do most schemes. they can hold up their forces nearly anything, detonate charges the model that killed them, Breakthrough/Search the Ruins die & score, die on the center line for Harness, set up Dig Their Graves on the model that killed them, maneuverable enough to Take Prisoner, Power Ritual dying in the corners.... and in a pinch, you can kill them yourself at range to get that scheme marker down! Skeeter often ferry piglets... gets them where they need to be faster, yes. Earl sticks with Merris typically; getting those pianos from 2 vectors. Some tables are not conducive for the Emissary, so I will drop him for other things based on the situation: Gluttony, Big Brain Brim, and yes The First Mate once in a while.... I just find him meh in my play style. Wrestlers typically being used against marker or condition crews typically don't have a lot of non-condition ranged attacks, and staying in the shadow of Sputtering Exhaust helps.
  4. Unless the opponent declares a marker heavy master (Titania, Kerias, Rena, Misaki, etc), I play one list: Do A Barrel Roll (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Captain Zipp Totem(s): Earl Burns Hires: Lucky Emissary Flying Piglet Flying Piglet 2 Flying Piglet 3 Iron Skeeter Iron Skeeter 2 Iron Skeeter 3 Merris LaCroix If Its a condition heavy master (Pandora, Youko, Jack Daw, etc), I may swap in a wrastler or 2, or Roja, for Toss in the Mud. If marker heavy crew, I do some replacements with the wrestling faction: ECW (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Captain Zipp Totem(s): Earl Burns Hires: Mancha Roja Wrastler Wrastler 2 Lucky Emissary Iron Skeeter Iron Skeeter 2 I can run Infamous in any Scheme Pool and any Strategy and win… I prefer not to do with Reckoning, but I can do it. Zipp excels vs Zorida. Position yourself late turn 1 to be close to her, turn 2 charge her, and throw her away from her crew at least twice. She’ll be too far away from things now to affect with her Obey and you can’t Obey Zipp, and his attack targets Size so her resistance trigger is of no use, plus with Boring conversation she or anyone else coming to help will waste more resources, and since Zorida will be in Zipp’s Sputtering Exhaust aura, people will have trouble helping her too!
  5. I kind of do a bunched up crew huddled around the Emissary and dare to be taken out, so mobility is not my goal when using them hence why I don't prioritise the boots (if I wanted movement I'd go with Zipp). Different strokes for different folks; different crews for different..... what rhymes with crews?
  6. Its a master so that will have ramifications for the rest of the game. Turn 1, activation 1, every game without fail give a shield to the Librarian, I give a shield to the other librarian, then something else depending on the situation; I have yet have a librarian lose the upgrade for the rest of the game. Unless you do 3 attacks on the same model in the same turn you're just getting that 3 Shielding back again, and if those attacks aren't at minimum 5, 4, & 3 damage, the Librarian is not even wounded through all of that. That is a great expenditure of a master action in my opinion, especially that early in the game.
  7. One thijng you're missing us the synergy of the other Freikorp models. Freikorpsmann can hold onto the upgrades after use, so Rocket Launchers all day, or continual leaping with Rocket Boots, or Shielding for days, etc.... and with so much healing in the crew, a point here or there is insignificant. Librarians already have Shieled +1 (and Armor +1); they are currently hard to take down with the Reinforced Assault Shield, giving them more Shielding borders on asinine. Also, Engineers can hand out Shielding to constructs... which is all non-minion Friekorps models; can you imagine shielding 4 or 5 on Henchmen or Von Schill, who already have armor?
  8. Well a free master and 7 Crossroads is 49 points.... that's why no minions. Also, Henchmen Minions could lead a crew, spend soul stones, AND get all three powers on an upgrade! They are too powerful for this world!
  9. What about a double model henchman of the two people who gave the 7 the deal? No other models, just the Band and the Kingmakers.
  10. Anyone else have "The Joker" by The Steve Miller Band stuck in their head now?
  11. If you want to, you can put Apex & Umbra in the Explorer's Society's keyword circle... if you want.
  12. Wastrels are thieves, Apex hunt animals for sport, Umbra trap spirits against their will, Frontier are Guild, ew. ..... are we the bad guys?
  13. Zipp & Viks both can do this, and I have done this for amazing and frustrating results.
  14. I'm thinking steak punk Ghostbusters.... for EVIL!
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