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  1. Honestly in scenario 3, you know what you should spend you ook points on: 2 Bushwackers. If he puts two markers in buildings, then they're gonna be hard for him to protect too. Put the Bushwackers next to the ones in the building with the markers and then block the entrances with pit traps. With that, stealth and cover, there's no way you're not getting any building marker points.
  2. Infamous flying around buildings is easy, why would you think they are a problem?
  3. If you gave her Trusty Flask & Driving While A Drink but no ability to resist poison, that would be hilarious!
  4. Not that I want her too, but why can't you give her the Exorcism trigger?
  5. I still hold onto the idea of some Neverborn junkies snitching to Huggy so they can still get product... like halfway between Illuminated & Depleted.
  6. Well it will probably be either Justin or English on the poster.... which is boring. T-shirt needs a realky good saying though.
  7. If you table a Tricksy crew, the Pit Trap markers don't just stop holding you up even though there's nothing on the table saying the markers are Severe, Hazardous (Damage +1 & Injured +1). Same logistics would apply.
  8. Really the only actions it takes are moving, scheming and healing; never get a chance to shoot because other stuff scores points. With Montressor, he's the only thing giving out Staggered, unless you're hiring more ook stuff, then at that point just play Tormented. Unless you're playing against a traditional summoner using upgrade cards, then he's a great tech pick.
  9. The healing & Trinkets really do work well with Freikorps making a very hearty gun line.
  10. Most of the Tri-Chi Keyword have the 2" action Take A Drink which comes as a shock to a lot of people for mostly Sz 1 models.
  11. Double Keyword of Plague & Seeker to go with their Lamp markers to make it extra creepy!
  12. (P.S.: wasn't the 2e mercenary tax was +2 Soul Stones, too? I don't know why they lowered it to just +1.)
  13. The 2 things that get Zipp are forcing him to activate early & ignoring the resistance trigger, either by Mining Tools type weapons or not going after his Df. If he goes too early, you're a sitting duck, even in the Boring Conversation aura; later on you can literally walk out of Engagements by disengading, as the most they can reduce your move by is 6". If you target Wp, Mv (not optimal at all), or Sz you can take him out easier.
  14. So there's a trick you can give it a Rocket Launcher, shoot, then Armoury from the Steam Trunk the Rocket Launcher to a Grenade Belt or Land Mines and use that bonus action because Flying Piglets don't have their own Bonus Action. ..... but mostly it's to see pigs with Rocket Launchers & Rocket Boots.
  15. If Zipp is your Leader & you hire Von Schill, you can attach Equipment upgrades to Flying Piglets because they are non-Beasts Minions. Draw Essence & Festering Wounds can be copied by a Malifaux Child with no flip so it will always go off even though -2 Stat. Dead Outlaws can "Obey" The Guilty into being a Min 3 beater, really making the enemy want to kill The Guilty.
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