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  1. Have you not seen Mercenary and their "Battle Tempo"? It's not even an action!
  2. You're missing "Evil Ways" also by Blues Saraceno.... ... and anything by The Devil And The Almighty Blues: (sorry, I don't spotify)
  3. The problem with added on Misaki is there are so few ways to add Shadow Markers, which is really the point of her... or really the only point of Shang is for the Arcane Reservoir. I'd rather have the available options Asami gives with optional totem then get less with Misaki and have to buy the totem to rate.
  4. The Arcane Reservoir/Unseen Manipulator combo is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! When I do this (and I don't always take Amanjaku), and it works really well but I need either a pile of soul stones or a really good starting hand; if I don't have a starting hand to get a Jorogumo out first turn, I will change my whole tactic in summoning. .... and that's the best part: Asami is so (lower case) versatile that she's good for everyone!
  5. Oh yeah.... Johan(a), Nihilism (preventative only), Drachen (only some), Hannah (trigger), Steam Trunk (only some), Von Schill & Taelor (self only). Pretty much if they know you're playing Outcast they're just gonna take their most condition heavy crew. I take Tri-Chi as my go to vs Outcasts because I liberally dole out poison, burning, distracted, staggered, & slow en masse.
  6. I need about 18 models... plus I just want the new Ronin sculpts; I have the 3 1st edition and the 3 2nd edition, might as well go for all 9.
  7. It's cool. A 50mm vermin would be cool to have, gotta admit.
  8. I remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, there was a tourney for 40k where each player brought their own constructed 2'x2' table piece and we put four of them together for a 4 person Kill Team free for all. I'd love to get into making 18"x18" ones for Malifaux..... it would be cool ways to get people building terrain and ways you could build more of the community. Just a random thought in my brain.
  9. ... but Hamelin is not Vermin, only Plague.
  10. PAINTED & BASED: Freikorps, Plague; Infamous, Tri-Chi; Oni. PAINTED & UNBASED: Mercenary; Qi & Gong. BASED & UNPAINTED: Bandit; Swampfiend.
  11. Going with just the keywords I play.... OUTCAST: Mercenary would be meh, Plague would be useless, Freikorps would be too powerful, Bandit would be almost useless, Infamous would have zero effect, Tormented would be super effective! BAYOU: Infamous would still have zero effect, Swampfiend would be very powerful, Tri-Chi would have no effect I think. TEN THUNDERS: Oni would be awesome (like it was in 2nd), Qi & Gong would have zero effect, Wastral would be awesome. So with just my small slice, where 5 out if the 12 keywords listed being useful, and the rest being either a 1 trick pony or utterly useless. Also, the ones that are useful are really really useful, maybe too good. A big healing Tormented model with Jack Daw fills a big hole in how you defeat him, Hodgepodge getting Freikorp gear and being able to be copied by Hannah; a fast unimpeded Swampfiend model for Zoraida to Obey through; the stuff on the front of Asami's card alone are great for the Shadow Emissary, and getting McCabe's Artifacts would be a book! Not to mention the powerful ones I know that I don't play, including Marcus mentioned above, another Forgotten non-Minion is dangerous, more Ancestor/Retainer are right out, Family is STOOPID powerfull! Some of these would be, dare I say, worth more than a 10 point model... while others would then be overcharged for no useful reason.
  12. So we have long established that Triggers without a timing description occurs "After succeeding...." and Triggers listed with the timing "When resolving... " occur whether or not you win or lose the duel. So would mean Critical Strike always does at least 1 damage when triggered? Did I just make The Guild better? Please tell me i didn't just make The Guild better!
  13. If you are playing the set schemes and strategies for HH, then go to I have the perfect crew for you! I call it DWI: Soul Stone Cache: 0 [Henchmen] - Popcorn Turner, Leader [Enforcers] - Lucky Emissary - Whiskey Golem [Minions] - Bayou Gremlin Give both Enforcers 2 bombs, give Popcorn 1, gremlin gets none. Emissary can move 12" in an action with Steamroller; Golem, with Nimble, has a 15" move over three actions; Popcorn can push 3 then walk 6" per action, for another 15". you will have all 5 bombs on the opponent's side turn 2 guarenteed. Popcorn can push out of combat and has a self heal, and the Golem can heal him, all to prevent Assassinate. Ranged poison over time is a great way to easily get assassinate. Bayou Gremlin runs in their way to hasten their interact actions so they can't put the markers down when they want, as with only 4 models, action economy is at its peak, and they can't be used for Vendetta target as nothing costs 1 Soul Stone. Whether they pick Golem or Emissary as Vendetta, good luck catching them!
  14. Arik is solid vs Wong, soak up all those Blasts for focus, but it does drain your hand. If you know you're facing Rasputina, you'll need both Drachen and both Rocket Launchers; you have to remove all the pillars, all the time. Don't forget the Freikorpsmann's ability to hold onto Equipment after use, and their Survivalist to keep them up from their own damage, and as long as a librarian looks at him occasionally, he'll stay up.
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