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  1. I know what you mean, but Hans always was super static....
  2. My standard Viktoria build was Convict Gunslingers and Sue.... now they're both bandits and I don't play Parker. I'm gonna have to adjust or see if Parker is to my liking when 3rd is official. Also, Hamelin has Stolen, no need for other types of children any more....
  3. Found the same thing on a couple other cards too, started to think it was a way of telling the target it had a negative flip on the resistance... but it was only minions so and didn't make a lot of sense.
  4. Schemes and Stones posed an M3E episode. If he's posting about all the beta stuff, then everyone else should be fine.
  5. ..... what a way to go, though!
  6. The Lore to Pinocchio's Data? (a la ST:TNG)
  7. I actually put a ton of rats on the table to overwhelm everything with blight and clog movement lanes, and then Bleeding Disease the table away turn 3-4.... until that got boring and I got creative, but chances are the hiring of Lost models is gone (as Lost isn't even a keyword going forward). So, I should be expecting a mixed bag, then?
  8. I doubt that will be the case. Anything vs Anything would be a huge change to the game thematically. Why have factions at all at that point?
  9. I wanna see how Hamelin works in this new era. With Pass Tokens and not really summoning, will having a dozen rats be a detriment? Will summoning a dozen rats be a detriment? Will we still ignore conditions? How will plague work now? Did he get hit with the nerf bat so hard that a rat landed in the bleachers, cause a lot of people wanted that to happen really bad!
  10. Incorrect. "During this models Activation, it cannot target enemy models that have already Activated this Turn."
  11. Nobody expects the Guild Inquisition! I lost my TT Brewmaster to only be interested in adding Qi & Gong to my list (switching from moonshine to tea); Zipp being viable to my Outcasts then gave new life to having a Bayou only Brewmaster, as Zipp can then be part of the Bayou also. I've been doing miniature games for almost 20 years now and RPG's for longer. Games always change... that's the nature of the business. Those games that stop changing cease to exist. I have boxes of old models from older versions of games I play that are completly unusable, and others that came back into use 3 editions later. Love it or leave it, this is what the miniature gaming industry is. Maybe you'll luck out and there will be some kind of loophole in upgrades that will let you use everything but Lucas and Luna with Dashel and you won't really miss out on much.... but plan for not having them and what you'll do then, even if that means dropping the game, because if you can't survive changes from 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th will just keep breaking your heart.... and don't even get me started on the pain from 4th to 5th!
  12. Speaking of Infamous, The First Mate was downgraded from Henchmen!?
  13. With Totems now part of the leader buy in, where does that leave the generic Faction totems? Essence of Power is an Elemental, Old Cranky is a Big Hat, Primordial Magic is Savage, Graveyard/Restless Spirit is Revenant, and Kamaitachi an Oni... leaving The Governor's Proxy, now Guild Representative, and Malifaux Child both unaffiliated Versitile models. Will they lose the Rare 1 status? Will they still be (mostly) Peons? Can I summon them now? So many excited questions!
  14. So yes, Akaname, Fermented River Monks, and Tanuki. All areTri-Chi so all will be usable with your current edition (with the Running Tab upgrade) and next edition with no problem. The only other general Gremlins thing you need is Trixiebelle: she lets you cheat initiative so you have a better chance of getting Drinking Party off before the opponent goes. If your thinking about running all golem/gamin, think about picking up Sparks and/or Mechanical Porkchop, they blend well with all the constructs. Never look down on taking more Moon Shiobi.... they completly mess with big monster types and elite crews that typically have negative flips to hit and damage. Drives people crazy! Experience Tip: Beware of Candy, the Neverborn Henchmen (Hamelin can take her, too). If you activate The Brewmaster first near her, he immediatly loses his turn... and her Mood Swings condition can make you make The Brewmaster choose to activate first. If she's on the table, she's always my priority #1! Good luck, and have a drink on me!
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