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  1. All of the Lures in the crew help her not waste her time taking walk actions, but the crew focuses on ruining opponents hand, not getting more cards in her hand, and all those suitless actions add up. Mind you, Leverage tokens gaining helps, but not enough, and that's probably why the suits are not baked in. This is why sometimes my 1 OOK model is Asami to get that Arcane Reservoir. Elite, who already have Arcane Reservoir, are just cycling cards in their hand non-stop, rarely not having the number and/or suit they need. Half of learning Elite is knowing which cards you need when and d
  2. Hey, I won 2 of my 7 outings with her, so someone was losing! His name was Rob, then he got the hang of 3rd edition Levi and that was the end of that run.
  3. This is obviously the hill you're going to die on, but I won't be the one to kill you. There are DOZENS of tricks that will cause new players to lose.... it's not an auto win by any stretch of the imagination. Just making it an Obey is not a quick fix, it diminishes the card as a whole. It puts a semi-common action behind unnecessary steps, or it reduces the cards ability to reduce player hand/pass token generation. She's been through beta testing. She's been through Open Beta. She's been through the initial errata. No changes have been made. That tells you that she's designed e
  4. .... and the point is that it is limited is because it can affect Bonus actions. That's the point. It wouldn't be behind the pay wall of limited range, card discard, & a trigger if it wasn't meant to be powerful. If it was just an Obey action that just also affected bonus actions, it would be too powerful & kind of boring; just another Obey like every other faction has. Instead, as per the feel of the fluff, you have to make that choice, is it worth the cost? It backs you into a corner where you have to decide what you're willing to lose, because you WILL lose something. Besi
  5. That's actually counterintuitive to how a hive mind works. There is no downtime or time to adjust. It just keeps in going as if nothing happened. Also, because it's not "closest Cadmus model" but just "another Cadmus model", it gives the Cadmus player the ability to kill off the current holder to place it in a more beneficial place for the end turn. Finally, for all we know the trigger on Spelleater could be a common trigger on Cadmus cards which is drop a web marker. Summoning Eyes & Ears could be a cake walk. Chances are they're not as bad as rats, seeing as you get another
  6. Another limiting factor is Will Of Cadmus is an Attack Action, so whoever has the upgrade cannot use it on themselves, and a 6" range is not a lot.... so here's hoping for a lot of those summonable tiny minions.
  7. That still leaves middle players stuck in the middle tables on round 3. Maybe have a table number on the score sheet for the rounds, so before you assign tables you can see what 4 tables the players against each other have already played on, then assign a different one. It's an extra step, but those extra steps show you care!
  8. They mentioned a female healing master in the GenCon thing; this might be her!
  9. Even if they're the equivent of Malifaux Rats, the tokens would still be the best, because hitting your own relenting models for 1 damage and then shunting it unresisted to an enemy model with a token sounds hilarious!
  10. Yeah, NZ had the pandemic on lock! This is a great thread, because I'm an average player and have had many a 3 rounder where I've been in the same table two or three times in a row, and when that table's terrain sucks the games/tourney starts to feel like it sucks as a whole!
  11. Now all I see is "caramelized"; I want a steak & cheese!
  12. It was worded that way because if Sparks dies, that part of the model stops working... but the Demise part still operates.
  13. Oh yeah, M&SU Mirror Matches are a terrible idea because Unionized doesn't differentiate.
  14. You treat the enemy model as friendly... the enemy does not treat you as friendly, so they cannot relent, just the other way around only.
  15. Why do you believe that? There are other midgame upgrades that give your own models an explosive Demise. Also, the wording on the FAQ seems to acknowlede putting it on enemy models.
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