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  1. I like making my list ahead of time, and try have them start with as many Soul Stones as possible for maximum usage, so you get the feel of different size and effectiveness of crews with different numbers. Nix, Hodgepodge Effigy, Obedient Wrech, and 6 Malifaux Rats will have a completly different play style and feel than Popcorn Turner, Lucky Effigy, Whiskey Golem, and 1 Whiskey Gamin. Some people like horde; some people like elite. I give them a couple options so they can be more comfortable with what they like.
  2. So, I had a thought about running a crew with Hinamatsu as the master in Neverborn, and since she has Qi and Gong AND Puppet keywords, and seeing as I'm completely unaware of how Neverborn works, are there any natural synergies with that would work with the rest of the Qi and Gong crew that's available in the old Purple Faction? For a quick and dirty breakdown of what Qi and Gong are about: Lures, passing out Distracted, and collecting Pass Tokens. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I've been doing 25 Henchmen lead crews in demos: there are fewer models to deal with which helps not to overwhelm a new person, whether new to Malifaux or new to miniatures in general. Also, the turns move quicker. If you're doing one full demo only once on a given day, I go through the whole drawing process to give the whole flavor of the game. If I'm gonna do a couple a day or even just partial games I have a hard set Standard Deployment list: PLANT EXPLOSIVES Assassinate Breakthrough Claim Jump Vendetta I don't really have any tips... I'm kind of drowning myself. I'm not the one in charge of my FLGS or the game club's events, or even a Henchmen. I'm just a guy talking about a game I like.
  4. Oh, I hope the reliquary upgrades are actually dual faction, otherwise it makes Ten Thunders a weaker version of the crew compared to Resurrectionists.
  5. I've been wanting an up to date Miss Demeanour card since Crossroads... maybe dreams do come true?
  6. Tri-Chi crew alone hands out Burning and Poison like Halloween candy. It would be a great tool vs certain crews, especially ones that only do damage through conditions.
  7. If 40k can release kids books and chibi inquisitors, we can get a non-sequitur YouTube channel of shorts!
  8. Yeah, I'm still trying to settle on painting scheme and basing for this crew. I'm thinking woodgrain bases with miniature tea cups and plates of snacks on the bases, like little wooden serving trays you'd have in a tea house, but I can't think of a good paint scheme that I could pull off. Half the fun is researching kabuki theater and traditional tea houses, though!
  9. Anyone else think of Tamika Flynn from "Welcome To Night Vale" whe you saw the new Student sculpt? Librarians beware!
  10. Well the card math is off in my example at least because you're not appraising every round but every other round, so losing a severe every two turns is no where near as bad. Also, this is in a Viktoria's list where more Soul Stones equals more survival which means more killing which means more winning. If the list didn't burn through Stones so quickly I'd have other opinions about it.
  11. Hannah in a one piece, still in the mech, big sun hat, giant fists holding beach umbrella. Tara in a tankini with a peekaboo cutout. Jack Daw hanging from a palm tree in a Hawaiian shirt, oversized Bermuda shorts, and comically large sunglasses. I'm sorry, I'm really stuck on this Outcast Beach Episode AU fanfic now....
  12. So I just did this with a Viktoria's Alpha Strike crew. The Prospectors was in the back corner of the table behind a building the whole game. Her actions were: 1) Wilingly Stun <gain SS>, place a scheme marker, Apraise a severe dropping an enemy scheme marker. 2) Willingly Stun <gain SS>, remove enemy scheme marker <gain SS>, place a scheme marker. 3) Willingly Stun <gain SS>, Appraise a severe dropping an enemy scheme marker, remove enemy scheme marker <gain SS>. ... repeat. I understand the flipping was lucky, but even without you just on average pay the 6 cost for the Prospector. It's really stupifying and I think became an autotake.... Thoughts?
  13. Lust was almost tailor made for Qi & Gong & Honeypot... lure-like movement shenanigans, card draw manipulation, late game unresisted damage, and handing out Distracted at range.
  14. So we're not getting models for Kabuki Warriors until maybe the fall/winter at the earliest, so what should we and/or could we use for two great sword wielders on 40mm bases? I was think maybe more Hinamatsu... but running one and using others for proxies would be confusing. Also, what am I gonna do with 3 of a model I can only use 1 of at a time? Any ideas, gaming hivemind?
  15. Hans and Pride hand out Distracted at 14" & 8", respectively.
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