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  1. Much like Half Life 3.... every time some one asks, it gets pushed back.
  2. Well the two shot themselves are what's bad.
  3. I had the same thought. Even when you look at how much Howard & Von Schill have gone through, it's still facinating to see how less than man he is. The only real game thing it prevents is you can't put him in Calypso.
  4. I still need some fine tuning, but Yannic, Emissary, Surveyors, and all the impassable terrain!
  5. You should see the classic section of the Easter Sale like right the fuck now!
  6. So pretty much what they did with Justin's dogs, just better naming schemes.
  7. Always remember you can steamroller twice... especially if you go through a lot if models getting to the webs, just come back through the same models again.
  8. Finnigan in the streets... Queeg in the sheets.
  9. There's a trading forum under the Hobby Room forum.
  10. I have this feeling since they announced this box that by the theme of Syndicate, they are going to be in EVERY FACTION. They currently have only 3 models not in other keywords or factions. I think Syndicate will be the real virus of the Explorer's Society.
  11. Now to add to Asylum, Half-Blood, & Horseman, Jockey enters the field as a Masterless keyword. This begins to give credence to the idea that we in fact will not be getting a mounted damphir psychologist Master in our future... there will be no master for these keywords going forwards. However, with the exception of Horseman which is in multiple factions, three of these are/were Starter Box keywords, which may continue with some of the other factions going forward. Now the Explorer's Society is not doing this with their starter box, and Outcasts are using the Syndicate keyword (becaus
  12. There's two things I loved that I know we'll never get back from 2nd edition, but I'm gonna mention them anyways: The static scheme that was in every scenario. There used to be 4 random schemes plus a Scheme that was in every game. I'd want to make it a stupid hard one to pull off though, so you could always go for it, but it was super hard to get both points for it. Faction Specific Schemes, they were schemes that were available to be put in the pool only if you were playing that faction. I say this as the Outcast player who had the worst/best faction scheme (when you declared th
  13. What if you could give a model I base contact Distracted as a general action?
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