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  1. Jesy Blue

    Black Friday 2018

    Oh, good.... I thought it was the Through The Breach Female Kit, but then I was like "Where's the guys?". I was just telling someone how I was thinking of starting Death Marshall Tara.... now I have no excuse with the nightmare box and Miss Terious fully available.
  2. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    I mean they said they were changing how Leveticus is gonna run, so maybe Hoffman's keyword will be Construct and every "thing" will be his play thing. If that's the case, the world is his oyster and I'll gladly take the slap, just remember Outcasts return fire.
  3. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    Oh, that means 2 new keywords. Kaeris will probably just be Pyromaniac. Hoffman should be something like Conflicted or Two-Faced or Double Agent to reflect him working with the terrorists AND the authority. But, it will probably be Amalgamation, or ACE (haha, Hoffman is asexual, fitting!)
  4. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    Man, between Kaeris, Ironsides, & Hoffman, the M&SU keyword will be plentiful AF!
  5. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carrion My Wayward Son

    In the case of the Shadow, Arcane, and Lucky Emissaries, hell yeah they do! So I don't have any effigies, and this is not making me lean towards the effigies. 6ss to get an Emissary, maybe, by 3rd turn, can sort of be cost efficient (if you're looking at getting 2ss worth of the model a turn, but then you're spending 6ss of a model you'll only have 2 turns in the effigy, if that; math is hard), but i dont see anything in the effigy that makes me want to even use it for the 2 turns. Perhaps the ones for the factions I actually use will change my mind, but currently I see myself staying effigyless. As for the Emissaries, if Shadow stays similar to what it is now I'll still use it most times; with the rumored limiting of upgrades in general and no master specific ones, I'm curious how Hodgepodge will fiction as his whole purpose was upgrades. As for Versatile, I'm pretty sure they are gonna only be for the Effigy/Emmisary models, sounds like their thing. Also, weird tangent, makes me wonder if the Mercenary keyword will still be one of Viktorias' things or will they just be effecting Sister keywords.
  6. Jesy Blue

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Alternate Vanessa'

    I prefer the previous sculpt, was more elegant.... but this one is not bad, I'm just concerned with being able to fit it in a foam slot with that pose. What is the process of choosing alt sculpts anyway? I am one of Vanessa'a biggest fans, but I was not clamoring for an alternate mold.
  7. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carving Our Way to M3E

    I have never used any effigy. While I find the Hodgepodge Emissary fun to put Von Schill's shirt back on or give The Monkey's Paw to Big Jake, i don't feel i get enough value for the point cost; maybe getting the effigy just to evolve that Pokemon would be of value to me? The Shadow Emissary not only looks really amazing but gets so much value, it is so good it might need to cost more (I'm really excited to see how it will work with Youko!); geting it cheaper a turn or 2 later might be criminal. The downside of this would be that you would evolve/summon the Emissary without the master specific upgrade, which is usually why you take the Emissary. How would you get around that?
  8. Jesy Blue

    How would you base Lucius?

    I was gonna start Guild only Lucius before 3rd was announced, all Lawyers, Ferdinand, and Changlings (The Law Office of Mimic, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic and Mimic), so the bases were just going to be shiny white tile office floor.... blood splattered for The Beast Within.
  9. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Carving Our Way to M3E

    Non-Master models cost capped at 10ss... interesting. Seeing as, from an outside perspective, The Carver doesn't seem all that bad ass, what will that mean for models like Yasanori, McTavish, & Aionus:
  10. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    You're gonna have to dumb down theses sentences because I don't know what you're actually saying?
  11. Jesy Blue

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    Yes, they fell on the clippers. They fell on the clippers ten times.... I love the look of her. But I have one slight weeboo stylistic problem: the obi. The bow on the obi, the belt that holds a woman's kimono closed, is on the back for proper ladies, so they need help to tie it. The bow on the front is what prostitutes use because they have to tie it back on by themselves over and over again throughout the day/night/whenever. This is what upset me about Asami's model having the bow in the front, and now the head of a brothel, who also services special clients, would not have bow in the front. Okay, my petty nerd rage is done. I love the concept and the feel of the crew and the in game and player manipulation aspects of Qi and Gong. Once 3rd happens I'll just have Asami and Youko and it will be a great thematic tag team I'm gonna be pleased with!
  12. Jesy Blue

    Sun Quiang

    The obvious 1-2 punch is hiring Sue, an outcast mercenary who can one shot Peons. Outside of that, Sun is a general purpose buff/debuff bot. I'm told he's supposed to go with Yan Lo, hence the Retainer; with Misaki, he's never going to be able to keep up with her. Complete scheme manipulator and good for Headhunter.
  13. Jesy Blue

    Changling Changling Double Double Question Question

    But can the Changling then take an Attack against a model that was Placed within range, an reaction the Trapping Jaw gets to attack on, but Surprise! does not?
  14. If a Changling is within range of a Clockwork Trap for its Copycat ability when an enemy model ends a "move, push, or place" within 2" of the Changling, can it use the Trapping Jaw attack to attack immediately? If a Changling is within range of a Clockwork Trap for its Copycat ability when an enemy model ends a "push or move that is not part of a Walk or Charge action" within 2" of the Changling, can it use the Trapping Jaw attack to attack immediately twice? (once with the wording from Trapping Jaw and again with the wording of Surprise!)
  15. Jesy Blue

    Human Gremlins Crew

    So, with the influx of non-gremlin models in the faction, and with the name switching to The Bayou, can you build a workable non-gremlin & non-pig crew that could actually win? Obviously, you'd have to have Zorida as the master, unless you're gonna make a Henchmen lead crew. But, try it, see what you can do!