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  1. Well there was that Seamus upgrade from 2nd edition where he could hire Showgirls... might be time to dust it off.
  2. T-pop... now that's funny!
  3. Plays both sides, gets caught, becomes Outcast in 4th edition!
  4. Either the Ten Thunders card box or the 3rd Edition General Upgrade Pack.
  5. Found it... Breachside Broadcast episode 28. Good story! Fascinating character! ... but I don't think it would connect with what we know of the Spelleaters so far.
  6. Hey, the Spelleaters are double keyword [SOMETHING]/Witch Hunters... who's this Damien Ravencroft fellow?
  7. They will all be Versatile... so potentially no keyword at all. However, the Outcast box are supposedly all Syndicate keyword, and every Versatile model in Bayou has a keyword... theres a chance! I do like the idea the OP had about them each being a different keyword.
  8. All existing masters go Arcanists except Ironsides & Mei Feng; newly arrived Hoffman logistically goes M&SU to balance things better, but thematically I enjoy the idea of him working with the terrorists and against the terrorists at the same time. I say leave Marcus Arcanists/Neverborn for now. Might go full Neverborn in 4th edition. Ivan can't be with Mei Feng yet, and bridging them across 2 factions, both alike in dignity, in fair Malifaux where we lay our scene, would be dope. This would unfortunately make Frontier just Guild, but Wastral Ten Thunders/Arcanists. With the current story climate, I can see the Freiholt story going differently and Freikorps becoming Outcast/M&SU as a more militant protector of the people, as a giant middle finger to the Governor-General. If Apex came in still....no, Apex cannot come in here. It doesn't not fit any of these factions in this climate. With this weird direction and focus on magic in the Arcanists splinter cell, I could see Transmortis starting there instead of Ressers. M&SU needs a charismatic street preacher. An Obey master, who turns scheme markers into mobs of Malifaux Citizens (well call them Mob Tokens) who cause all models to be slowed around them, hampering activity as more and more Mobs of people clutter the table/town causing trouble for everyone, but members of this keyword, let's call them Shepards, can bonus action push Mob Markers around as they lead their flock from hot spot to hot spot. (i just stream of consciousnessed this, hopefully it sounds good) Then M&SU gets a street gang of protectors, like the Champions of New York, looking out for the every day citizen. Just a crew of weak to mediocre models where everything is Plentiful 5 or more. No summoning, no replacing, just a horde of about 20 models none of which is Insignificant because every man can make a difference!
  9. Big hat! Summon 3 Bayou Gremlins, now they all are near each other so they get +2 to their stats, 1 may not be slow, so you get 4 shots, stat 5, cheating off the top of the deck. Oni! Summon 2 Tengu, they then make other already existing models interact with their bonus action.
  10. Japan.... cause I'm a weeb. If Andorra made existential animated series I would put them on top!
  11. <after a Google search> Well this is embarrassing. Somehow, Andorra is my second favorite country in the world, but I just didn't put 2 & 2 together inside the Malifaux universe. My shame knows no bounds. So now the question is, what other piece of history am I missing in that they historically had exceptional snipers?
  12. Damn, I really was looking forward to that gator rider model. It does look all cavalry, though... which is kind of weird but a good theme I can get behind.
  13. It was mentioned in the live chat something about Catalan snipers in that box? People in the comment section stated something about that being a place in the lore, but I was unfamiliar with it.
  14. I always bring this up when these conversations start: doing so destroys half of the reason for Qi and Gong. Their edge comes from copious amounts of Pass Tokens in the later turns. If you remove that, now the whole keyword is out of wack.
  15. Typically when I've declared Von Schill vs Ressers or Neverborn, I have a great Ruthless build with Freikorpsmann, Hans & Taelor... just in case I end up against a heavy Terrifying crew. That's the only time I use Hans & Taelor.
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