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  1. I'm priming the harness chrome and I'm priming the rest of her white, but the book.... the book is going to be primed black because I'm turning it into The Darkhold. And I can't write Darkhold on the cover if it's already glued to the hand.
  2. Depends on the situation... sometimes she runs out and murdered stuff with her execute trigger, sometimes she's a summon bot. The best part is she CAN do both exceptionally.
  3. Mounting the harness. There's a single stud on her back that goes on again like a space marine. right now the pictures is sans censer & book: And that seems to be all the important stuff. There's a whole mess of other odds and ends on the sprue that I don't know where they go; there's nothing obvious: I'll use them or I won't, it's not much of a big deal to me.
  4. Attach arms to harness. I guess I should have been calling the arms just forearms as the shoulders and biceps are all on the harness, which blessedly is only 1 piece. Reminds me of the cold 40k space marine back packs. They fit fine, no problems. the angle the left arm is at is kind of weird, feeis like it's too low, but remember the right arm is tilted up to read the book.
  5. Put the hands on the arms... slid in with no trouble, zero trouble at all. Nope. None at all.... I cannot pull them back out to actually apply the glue, that's how perfectly it fits... so, I guess they're stuck like that. I'm not going to attach the censer until the end.... it's a little fiddally looking and I'm clumsy.
  6. Had some lunch (taco salad if you care) and now steel myself to tackle the right hand! So maybe because I was looking for it to be difficult, it was as hard as I thought. On the sprue, 3 fingers are together in one section, and the 4th is off on its own. This is actually helpful. The one on its own is the middle finger, which is the important one (pictured in front of the other 3 fingers): Of the other three fingers, one has a round hole which fits into the round peg on the left side of the middle finger, one has a tab which inserts to the right of the middle finger, and one has a shallow slot with fits into the exposed tab of the finger to the right of the middle finger. (Remember, the hand is palm up when following these directions)
  7. Left hand... the fist! Once you realize all the fingers are curled into a fist it's really easy. The pinky has the chain for the censer, the thumb and index finger are one piece, the middle finger has studs to put the other two fingers on it (there is no ring finger because Hannah is married to magic!).
  8. Arms. Both come in halves that are easily identifiable as which two go together. The right arm has a weird design flaw where the way it's attached to the sprue was reinforced to hold on, so you have to shave off the stud on the inside of the arm half, which is next to the stud that fits into the other arm half. Just be careful and don't get carried away.
  9. Next is putting the giant feet on Hannah. This was actually really problematic. The tabs at the bottom of Hannah's thighs did not fit properly. I had to shave a bit off the sides and bottom of the pegs to fit in the slots. Not fitted: Fitted: That was kind of a pain...
  10. The toes and heels are each separate pieces, and if you've done the rest if the food assembly correct, they are not interchangeable... and can be slotted in without having to take the foot apart again, lucky me!
  11. Figure I'd start from the ground up and do legs. The main part of the foot is in 2 pieces. There is no easy way to determine which piece goes where, so you have to just keep playing around with them until you see things line up in a way that looks like it makes sense. It should look like this:
  12. I just noticed each finger is separate on both hands.... wonderful! thanks for the heads up.
  13. Figure the easy part first: Hannah herself. Her head is in 2 pieces, but each arm is one separate piece, all of which fit very easily into their socket, only 1possible pose... even I can't screw that part up.
  14. Easter sale yielded me alt Hannah finally. It's one of the models I've wanted since i got into the game years ago. Now I begun building.... However, there are no instuctions for this version, and I have nerve damage in both hands, and I kind of suck at building models in general... it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. HIT IT!
  15. That's a solid introductory game from the sounds of it. Wanyudo is such a fun model!
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