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  1. Ply I go with Vik's and Convict Gunslingers. One time I used Hamelin and Crooligans on a tightly packed terrain board, bounced away out of line of sight after plying.
  2. That's to place a scheme marker, not a generic interact action.
  3. Uggg, I tried Iggy for a while and he just kept sucking eggs (and Candy as well for the Incite but I found her too expensive for what I got out if her). Nix is amazing and the key to my Blight Bomb when everyone is all stacked up on Montresor. He's been my MVP on so many games that I never leave home without him. Also, I'm not generating enough rats on this list to make Benny worth while.
  4. I need someone to carry The Creeping Terror, because making all of Montresor's area affects 6" has been truly amazing. Since he's full up, the only Tormented models left that can carry an upgrade I can take are Crossroad Seven models. Pride would be cheaper, but he's not very good. The only other one I have is Lust, and I don't really think I need more movement tricks. If you have another idea for that id love to hear it.
  5. So, I'm working on my non-traditional Hamelin list, and I'm torn between 2 options. Here's where it starts: 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 1 Pool - The Piper (2) - Plague Pits (1) - Sewer King (1) Montresor (9) - Brick By Brick (0) - Fearful Whispers (1) Nix (8) - Infectious Melodies (1) - Oath Keeper (1) Greed (9) - The Creeping Terror (1) Obedient Wretch (4) This leaves me 12 points left. Now do I : A) hire three Crooligans, leaving me with only 1 Soul Stone to start off with. OR B) do I hire Baby Cade and have a full 7 Soul Stones. Here's my thought processes: A) The 3 Crooligans I put with the 3 Plague Pits using From the Shadows; this keeps the Plague Pits from being removed turn one as there is someone there to prevent interact actions. The Crooligan's The Mist action keeps them from being picked off easily right away, and the more you have to work to get them gone, the more Blight one would pick up early on. Also, the Creepy ability works well with the mass Montresor push. Also, they are one of the best scheme runners in the game so i've have them out there. B) With Baby Cade, again with the mass Montresor push, since it's my turn, choose which models get pulled first, pull Cade into base contact, then everyone else who is pulled into Cade's melee range gets hit with his Pounce, and since Montresor is there, that would be min 3 damage, with the change of a trigger for min 5 damage (if only his 1" melee range was better). The extra soul stones then work with keep Montresor alive, keeping Nix alive, and rapid summoning of The Stolen. In both variations, the basic premise is run Montresor and Nix up, draw everyone in, Nix mass blights the area with Drink Spirit, everyone has a penalty to Wilpower due to Montresor's Mocking Laughter (and maybe Crooligan's Creepy), so failing the Willpower test is more common. The Blight stacks up quickly, move the Plague Pits towards the pile up, then Hamelin, Obedient Wretch and the summoned The Stolen lay waste to the blighted things. All the while, Greed sits nearby plinking people who don't/can't spend soul stones on their turns in the pile, stealing soul stones if she can, and healing whoever needs it (usually Montresor). So where do I go? A) or B)? ... or do you have a C) that doesn't mess with the core set up? Questions, Comments, Criticism, Concerns, and other words that start with C below.
  6. Jesy Blue

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    Plastic trappers are terrible. The barrels are so narrow both of them snapped in half taking the sprue out of the box. Try for the metal one if you can find them; otherwises.... eternal sadness!
  7. Jesy Blue

    Alternative ways to play masters?

    I've used Von Schill as a scheme runner; worked rather well. I've used Hamelin as a beat stick; did not work well. I've used The Brewmaster as a beat stick.... once; it was bloody awful!
  8. Jesy Blue

    Undying 10T models.

    University of Transmortis, Brotherhood of the Rat, and Creative Taxidermy were all storyline boxes; I have no doubt that if there is another book before M3E they'll be in it.
  9. Jesy Blue

    Buying models prior to m3e

    In the amount of time you play, will you get the monetary amount of fun from what you buy in 12 months of time? Will you get $60 US amount of fun from a new crew of models in a year? Can you squeeze $5 every 30 days out of a box a models and still count it as a good time? For just 16 cents a day, you could have a geek at a positive flip! Won't you please give? <plays Sarah McLachlan "Angel">
  10. Jesy Blue

    How the heck do I deal with Brewmaster??

    Was this 10 Thunders or Gremlins? If Gremlins you'll never get inititive because of Trixiebell. If Ten Thunders you'll never hit him with the Vik's dog pile attack because of Misdirection. Rmember your positive flips on Willpower on the Vik's with your cards in hand, the timing on that for cheating the willpower duel is key. Sisterly Bonds will help mitigate a lot of the damage, every time he directly gives you poison or swill (the negative flips), all Sisters heal... it's minor, but you have space for it. The totem is how The Brewmaster respawns. If you can remove it first, or move them apart, he won't respawn. All of The Brewmaster's big defenses require a non-built in suit or two, and those are the only real soul stone needs for the crew, typically. If you can force them away early and still survive/be not out of position, you can stop his big defenses. The pushes are from an upgrade any Tri-Chi model can take, it only pushes TOWARDS a living Brewmaster, so plan your lanes accordingly.
  11. Looks like I sort of guessed 2 correct changes! ... and you got 2 also! ... and you guessed an outside the park one! Good job everyone!
  12. Jesy Blue

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Fuhatsu, The Lone Samurai, the rest of the samurai, the archers, and Ototo need a grouping together that fits them, because the modern-meets-midevil military aesthetic isn't really supported by anyone as a whole.
  13. Jesy Blue

    Who are our best masters vs each faction?

    The only thing I find Hamelin hard to beat is another Hamelin. This is why I build fluffy crews with him now, because the standard build became boring.
  14. Jesy Blue

    Poison for 6 damage per hit - Brewmaster

    Popcorn Turner and the "A Barkeep Never Sleeps" upgrade are both the same ability, Alcohol Poisoning, which specifically states when you are within range of 1 or more models with this ability. So no matter how many models with Alcohol Poisoning you have, enemy models are only affected it once a turn. You can only max out at 4 points, but you can always use a Tanuki to burn half away immediately, which will always leave 1 left.
  15. Jesy Blue

    Banditry and Infamy

    Exactly. I also played Ten Thunders with The Brewmaster; with him going solely "Bayou" now and Zipp being Outcasts also, I may have another faction by default.