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  1. The gist I got from the Crossroads book was they were a good but struggling band, and two people, a man and a woman, came to a show and made them a deal for power, fame, and whatever they desired. Something happened... maybe the bar blew up, or they killed everyone, but the band survived the slaughter and went on playing as they are now. It's the typical "Deal With The Devil At The Crossroads" story... but Malifaux style.
  2. Plenty of people hire her outside of Hamelin because she had Analyse Weakness.
  3. please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood please be half-blood
  4. In 2nd edition when all 3 Stolen totems had Bleeding Disease as well, AND were summonable, it was a tab bit (read exceedingly) powerful. Blight tokens grew on its own then, too. Now, the totem's Vomiting Disease action, and Blight in general, pale in comparison.
  5. It looks like Pavi Largo from Repo The Genetic Opera:
  6. Bitch, I don't even trust me.
  7. If people are that fast and know the game that well, they should be asking for reactions to their declarations: "I'm going to attack with X with Y, any penalties?" "That action's done, any reactions?" If you're going to try to speed through the game cause you're a know it all pratt, then don't half ass it and know all your opponents stuff too! One thing I always do is after I declare I'm gonna do something that involves any kind of resistance at all, I put my hand on my deck and look at my opponent expectantly, this way I can wait for them to tell me if it's Terrifying, Concealed, Manipulative, Serene, Focusing, spending Soul Stones, or some other thing that will change my or their flip, then we flip TOGETHER!!!!!! .... as god intended. I'm all about open ended questions because the nature of the question is also telling, which gives more information to me also.
  8. Attack Actions cannot target yourself. Tacticle Actions can target yourself.
  9. The Ugly One Mercenary 8 Soul Stones Vanessa, interested and confused by the concept of suddenly having her sister duplicated, dabbled in a magical cloning spell. It's results were... not ideal. This monstrosity sort of looks like the younger Chambers sister, but only vaguely. If not for the immense strength and raw magical powers this... thing... has, the collective sisters would have put it down, but she has her uses. 5 Df, 5 Wp, Mv 5, Sz 3 Hard To Wound Battle Tempo I Owe You One: When this model kills an enemy model, another Mercenary model in line of sight may be treated as killing the model instead. When this model is killed, all Mercenary models in play heal 1. Do It Again: It's Rapid Fire/Flurry for non-or non-attacks. 8 Wounds Three Magic Hands: Stat 5, Res Df, 2/4/6, neitheror , just a 10" range; blast marker trigger, "That One Counts As Mine!" trigger. Frightening Reminder. 40mm Base
  10. So, let's forget the top tier stuff, the keywords that are always top table (Monk, Amalgam, Showgirl, Forgotten, Nightmare, Swampfiend, [insert something Guild here]). Pick a lessened used keyword, not your favorite one or even your second favorite. Create a Plentiful (1) Enforcer model, that would help with the synergy of that keyword's theme. No less than 4 Stones, no more than 10. Build a backstory, a meet-cute with the Master, make the Abilities thematic, make the added synergy effective with the keyword's whole crew, not just the Master.
  11. My concept would be someone that is an Explorer's Society member that is disgruntled at the leadership, presumably Cooper, and failed previously at an internal take over. Now the minority faction is on the outs within the Society, and are looking for external allies to help their cause, hence also Outcast. "Upstarts" keyword would be lead by The Widow Henderson, a beautiful but very young woman who's very old husband died in a terrible accident on their honeymoon (so sad). She lead the original failed play for power against the established leadership, but now she and her inner circle of followers and hangers-on are scheming a new plan. The theme of the crew would have is putting Poison on models that have no Poison on them, and preventing the last Poison token from being removed from enemy models in an aura. Totem would be another smitten old man looking to feel young again with the young widow, he has soul stone generating abilities that costs him his health. The Henchman would be a bodyguard with a short haircut named Ashely, she would do anything for her boss because they're the best of friends.... you know, gal pals. The rest of the crew would be a combination of young near destitute aristocrats taking chances and getting over their heads, and wives of established Society members looking for a change. They would have different abilities that could only affect models with Poison tokens: pushes, card discards, Soul Stones discards, penalties to actions, obeys. A control crew with no real direct combat abilities.
  12. There's barely any conversations going on, so I'm gonna start one. Resurrectionists, Bayou, & Outcast are the only factions with only 2 dual Masters (Jack Daw & Yan Lo / Zoraida & Captain Zipp / Captain Zipp & Jack Daw). There is also only 2 (known) dual Masters in the Explorer's Society: Cornileus Basse & Lucas McCabe. So, ignoring the known possible keywords, Apex & Umbra, what would make a good dual faction master that would come out of the Explorer's Society and go into either Resurrectionists, Bayou, or Outcast. Go into as much or as little detail as you wish. No triple, quadruple, quituple masters please... or whatever else is past quintuple.
  13. I really only take them for specific scenarios, almost always Corner deployment, never Reckoning/Public Enemies killy type strategies, and always in groups of 2 or 3. I.E.: not often. They have a very specific use... like a Star Wrench: you don't need it until you need it and when you do you're happy you have it.
  14. The Symbol markers are concealing; position Scouts behind the markers. I have a couple friends who were Army Scouts... they said their life expectancy once combat began was 12 seconds, but their real goals happened before combat had even begin. I'm okay losing 12-18 stones to gain 2-3 points and a dedicated amount of models not scoring on my side of the table.
  15. Advanced Positioning. Symbols are placed before you place Scouts. They have to deal with concealed, armored models literally sitting in base contact with their markers from the word jump, while all you have to do is play defense on yours with the rest of your crew. ... and if you just happen to take some Schemes that need scheme markers in the back field, or near enemy models which are coming towards these guys anyways, well then, 2 or 3 birds.
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