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  1. Her cost and lack of Tormented prevent real synergy with the rest of the crew, but if Assasinate is in the pool she's a godsend.
  2. Typically I run this build: Speed Kills (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Captain Zipp Totem(s): Earl Burns Hires: Merris LaCroix The Midnight Stalker Iron Skeeter Iron Skeeter 2 Iron Skeeter 3 Malifaux Child Flying Piglet Flying Piglet 2 Flying Piglet 3 If the opponent is condition heavy, or marker heavy, or both, I'll remove some pigs, and maybe the child, for Wrastlers and/or Roja, depending on the table set up, strategy, schemes, etc...
  3. 1. His drinking is a "problem" rather than a bonus. 2. A self heal bonus action on a free totem that has healing and Arcane Reservoir? Get outta here!
  4. I'd keep it in theme and make them Land Mines.
  5. You could take both Deliver & Assasinate against Viktoria!
  6. Guild get grenades? <checks app as I have yet to play against Guild this edition still> Ohhhh, they have a generic upgrade... and it doesn't go away?! So it's probably just the the Rocket Launcher they're worried about.
  7. The problem is I understand why they don't get Sniper back, and it's really obvious: 18" Grenades & 22" Rocket Launchers that ignore Concealment & Friendly Fire. That said, just add Sniper's wording to Clockwork Rifle in italics, then we're good!
  8. You want to set yourself up, then roll? McMourning: you spend the first turn or two poisoning the crap out of all your own models, then let slip the dogs of war! Okay, it's a chihuahua, but still....!
  9. Played a tournament on Saturday, I only won the round I used Zipp. I went in with a plan to use X master in this scenario, Y master in that scenario, and Z master in the other scenario, because I ALWAYS use Zipp, like 4 out of 5 times I use Zipp, so I've been trying to force myself to use other masters. What I remember about the terrain set up on tables I lost at, each time I said to myself "Man, Zipp would be great here," but I didn't use Zipp. I have 5 different Leaders in outcast besides Zipp, and I've used the rest of them almost never because Zipp is almost always a better option in a given scenerio. So, I learned not to be so in my head about it. If Infamous is the best choice, go for it. If the rest of them collect dust until M4E and I'm still having good games, then I'm still enjoying the game.
  10. Almost two years later, Steam Powered Scoundrels inadvertently improved on a post I made and it was hilarious! https://steampoweredscoundrels.podbean.com/e/steam-powered-scoundrels-episode-17-engorged-johnny/
  11. I like the old Graves one better, but the new Tannen with the cards looks sweet.... crying shame. I hope other new cards like, Kabuki & Kitty, aren't lying to us too.
  12. Speed Kills (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Captain Zipp Totem(s): Earl Burns Hires: Merris LaCroix The Midnight Stalker Iron Skeeter Iron Skeeter 2 Malifaux Child Flying Piglet Flying Piglet 2 Flying Piglet 3 Iron Skeeter 3 This round was Corner; Turf War. Claim Jump, Take Prisioner, Dig Their Graves, Harness The Laylines, Power Ritual. I took Take Prisioner & Claim Jump. Funny enough, this was Twisted Mirror match... I faced Bayou Zipp! This list is about moving! I put all three Iron Skeeters with The Midnight Stalker, they Fly With Me in consecutive order, bringing him across the center line so he is fast when they activate taking the Turf marker to my left. The Child copies Zipp's Drop The Pianos around the near turf marker to block easy access to it and stays there guarding it. Merris ferries Earl around putting Piano Markers around the Turf marker to my right. Zipp drops Piano Markers around the center marker so they can't get to it. I get my Strategy points, you don't get yours! I outmanuver and pick my spot to Take Prisioner your slowest model as its away from the rest of your crew, Claim Jump with The Midnight Stalker because duh! I really don't kill stuff, I annoy everyone including the opposing player.
  13. I don't don't find her overpowered, but I usually run Asami so I'm always using Katashiro anyway, and there are much better Versatile models in the crew; usually I go Double Dragon (Dawn Serpent & Shadow Emissary), or Samurai & Fuhatsu. I think I even use Lust more than Minako (in Qi and Gong Lust is almost essential). I'm not saying she's bad at all, just in how I play the game I think I have better options.
  14. I've got a tourney today so I build a list for one of the rounds.... but people on here will be at that tourney today as well, so I'll wait until I'm done to post it for you.
  15. I meant if you're within swinging distance, it shouldn't matter if they're moving fast or slow, you get swung at. Charging through engagement ranges just seems silly. I'll take the ruling, but the reasoning is poor.
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