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  1. This post about nekima is now a post about a duel xD
  2. You Can draw a lot of cards with the stones, The bokors draw and the zoraida's bonus action, and with this draw you always draw another crow. Yes, When you make this combo you unbury a ST near to the enemy deploidment and the enemy need to kill because the 3/4/5 damage, with banish/cheat from bashis is so powerful.
  3. Excuse me, but you seem to get some results with Nekima, would you mind sharing some tips with me, so I understand better how to play her keyword?))
  4. I dont think the same, The bbs give focus in the first turns and late make a very good Scheme runner rol because with fly with me he can walk around the table so fast
  5. Because the bbs Is very squeezy model and if you go to the Battlefield with him, the bbs dies
  6. I explaint about the problems of nekima, @Plaagonly say "play More" XD
  7. Oh thank you, i want to try the combo with vasillisa and bbs xD
  8. You Can't make this because in the faq fix this problem, you Can't make a model take a bonus action outside its activation
  9. I think you Don't know how to play this game, lose 2 turns in deployd stacking focus When Your oponent center in Score schemes Is the different between win and lose xD
  10. I can try but I dont see future for this combo 😕
  11. Really? XD Is not worth take 12 stones for the focus, the bbs are very weak models and they give focus More than 1 time in deploidment Is lose turns and points, because if you arent in cover with the bbs the bbs die
  12. This Is the most competitive crew we Found in never with the penis team (like always Felix UK national, Gonzalo 8 in UK national, me and other players in our team that have a same level) Pain Crew (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Zoraida Hires: The Dreamer Spawn Mother The First Mate Gautraeux Bokor Ancient Pact Gautraeux Bokor 2 With the dreamer you hit the bokors to give glowy and fast and summond a stitched You make the draw card combo of bokors Summon gupp with the spawn and walk to make node for t
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