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  1. Exactly this. I see him as 9 point model for Dashel Guard spam 😉
  2. Ok, I missed Queggs ability. But it all depends on the totem (that can be quite resilent). I still do not get the value of more than 2 Riflemen. I think 1 is a really nice addition, he really profits from much Focus first turn. But I still think 6 SS for a riflemen is a huge investment
  3. I really do not understand what you are talking about with the Riflemen and all the concentration... A model can get concenctration "free" from 3 sources: once form dashels free action, once from the steward and once for its own free action. But the Executioners for example want their free action for trail of Gore. So you could give them either fast (Quegg) or fokus. On the other hand Riflemen: A Riflemen can use 4 Focus per turn: 2 Actions, 2 Focus for each. But he gets only 3. No idea how you think you could use 2-3 Riflemen. If he is in range already he just needs 2 Focus, then 2 Riflemen could work to their full potential. But 3? And where do you get the card draw from? Executioners can "kill" a marker and his summoning produce cards. But I see no other effect?
  4. It is without points. Just starterbox with no equipment. So yeah, Perdita Box wth 36 points seems a llegt option here 🙂
  5. If you had to play a Crew Box only tournament for beginners - which guild crew would you take?
  6. I am a bit surprised on the answers so far: 1. Sonnia? She dan do some fire - but her key word just does not seem that killy. The whole theme for example seems to have a problem with armor or other defensive mechanics 2. Marshalls? They all have too low attack stats. Who is the damage dealer here except Lady J? 3. Hoffmann. Ok, Joss, Peacekeeper, hoard, Fiona -> all hitting hard. Handing out fast and tokens. That seems like fun 🙂
  7. I really love a quite empty board after a few turns so that I can concentrate on sheming later. So what is your preferred keyword / master to just kill as much enemies as possible?
  8. Who can kill her with LL and spending soul Stones to prevent damage that easily?
  9. What do you take in her crew? It seems to be really lacking a punch
  10. Do you use invetigators / false witnesses? I feel like it is just too complicated to build all this stuff. Agent, Mimic, pathfinder / Pale Rider, undercover reporter, Changeling...even an executioner seems more worth taking IMHO.
  11. Lucius wants to have as many pass tokens as possibe in the game. Also he wants Minions, Elite or Mimic Models for his extra actoin ability. Which route do you go? And now that the Agent was nerfed - is the Mimic the better choice because of 1 point higher stat? I really loved the sniper ability of the Agent (no cheating on shooting was just fun).
  12. What is Nellies "thing"? It seems to be something with interacting and shemes. For this abilities she needs to get close and with squeal she can try to avoid too much incoming attacks... But on the offensive? Her attack with onre more question does only damage if the oppponent is in melee, the damage and attack stat is on the low side. The opponent does an interact actoin - so it removes markers (even if there are none). She can deal damage depending on markers around the model. Markers that the model reduce. So is her best ability really to discard / draw cards?
  13. Actually all the information is here: She can either burn things or tank and spread damage around while standing still. Or Switch what she does. The important in name models are Thralls and a Witchling Handler. Then you have fast heavy beaters. The other option with her Henchmen and Spellcasters is IMHO less optimal. Pale Rider is also useful to move her around, so she can shoot one time more. Pathfinder is also an option to pull her out of melee, so she can shoot more. The Thralls I did not use, yet. Just ordered them. They just seem not very useful...until you count in the +2 movement from the Witchling Handler. That suddenly makes them very intersting.
  14. I have all Guild Constructs (I will use Ryle as Melissa) - but not arcanist constructs. Is htis enough to play Hoffman in 3e? I was thinking about Peacekeeper and Guardian for melee, Melissa for ranged support (with expert Marksmen). Hunter and Phiona also seem to be interesting. If I want cheap power tokens a Hunter summoning traps might be fun ;-). So do I even need Howard and Joss? Joss seems nice with this free obey on constructs (extra attacks are always good). But I also like Melsissa and Phiona....so the sport is crowded. And Howard lost so much coming from 2e. He does really not look too interesting. So are Howard and Joss still options for Hoffman or are they unimportant for list building?
  15. Ok, 2 Thralls and 1 Handler + Sonnia is something I will have to try. Completly in Keyword, you can shoot in melee and 2 with them with +2 spd and a ranged-nuke-master is something, that at least on paper seems killy. And medicore fast.
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