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  1. Meliondor

    Nellie and her mercenaries

    That article was made before the last errata update. Burst, Johan und Mc Cabe got more expensive, Bishop got cheaper. So I think Johan is no longer an option and Bishop just got better.
  2. Meliondor

    How to Hoffmann

    How do you alpha? Just run forward and buy attacks with hoffman / buy movement with hoffman and attack with unit? Anything special on him?
  3. Meliondor

    How to Hoffmann

    I am going through my masters and one big question mark for me is hoffmann. I bought him because I wanted the watcher for Sonnia / Perdita...but I also get the rest of the box. And perhaps I could play him again. I think I will most often use his machine puppet, because that seems like the strongest option ;-). And powerloop where useful as boost. But what units should I run him with? I was thinking about Cyborg-Franc, the Emissary as construct and a Peacekeeper + some smaller stuff (Hunters / Watcher, Investigators...not really sure yet). Is this an ok beater setup for him? I do not own Ryle and actually think he is really bad (10 Soulstones and very bad defense....am I wrong here? He seems like a realy bad choice but people here seem to use him all the time) and I do not own any Arcanists (but Howard, Joss and Metal Gamin also seem to be quite common with Hoffman). So is it worth runnning hoffmann with my limited model pool or should I just put him back in the box?
  4. Meliondor

    How to Alpha?

    I have read here that Guild gets a very strong Alpha Strike with some Masters and this is something I really like as playstile. Buw how? Sonnia: It seems like she should be able to shoot in the opponents deployment zone first turn. This means at least 11" movement...but no. She can walk only 4". Dr Grimwell could move her 4", Quegg 3"....but I see no option for 11" ? Similar with Perdita. The totem can give some movement but still....not 10"? Nellie should be able to get some alphas going with giving out fast + her messing with the activation order. But stil...everything is so slow. Bishop for example can only charge 7" + 1" reach...so he will never be able to deliver all his action points as attacks. Am I missing some easy to gain movement stuff guild has?
  5. Meliondor

    Should I buy new stuff or will I never use it?

    Thank you...so to get a better understanding, I have some questions to some models :-). 2. Investigators - They seem like sheme runners and anti-sheme runners with ok fighting abilities? I see not much else here 3. jury - I read her card on the app and I am underwhelmed. Why do people compare her to Franc? The best thing about her seems to be the 3 min damage....otherwise she is not hard to kill. Am I missing some great mask cmbos here? 5. The whole Mercs (Bishop, Burst, Mc Cabe and so on) - which one does guild run actually? And only with Nellie or something different, too? And is Nellie better with Mercs or just with the standard Enforcers of guild? 9. Ryle: I think he is really weak, especially compared with Franc or other great models. But I also see him played in Hoffmann lists all the time...So what would be an other good model for hoffmann? 10. Executionier - wow, the upgrade really seems to help him then. He was trash before :-). 12. Death Marshal Recruiters - Are they good or a must have? For Judge / Lady J? 13. What about Domador De Cadaveres? Never heard of them or saw them....just in the app :-)
  6. I am coming back to Malifaux again, since our 40k campaign ended :-). I am still uncertain if I should buy some new stuff or if i would never see playtime. For example I have my Hunters and the Pale rider at home, but never gave them much playtime. This is no big problem, but I just want to avoid investments in models, I will than rarely use. So what I think I could buy / want: 1. The 2 player starter box...just for Grimwell. Why? Because I have read here that his Push effect is nice for a Sonnia-first Turn nuke. That is all. I like winning games turn 2, so I thought he might be worth it. 2. Investigators - I read her, that they are OP? 3. jury: Her abilities seem interesting and she just seems like an other nice 8 point Guild Beatstick...I really enjoy the ones I already have and one more should be nice. 4. Monster Hunters: I read here that they are good? 5. Bishop - Actually only for Nellie. I got the Nellie Box and I think that a fast Bishop with debt to the guild might actually be fun... 6. Mc Tavish, Burst, Johan, Sue.... more mercs for Nellie? I actually have no Mercs, but I want to play the strongest Nelly list possible :-). 7. Quellers: Seem to be nice support models 8. Sanctioned Spellcasters: Seem to be nice combo pieces 9. Ryle: Do not have him...but Hoffmann. I think Hoffman with Cyborg-Frank and Peacekeeper should be fun? 10. Executionier? Is he worth it now with his cheaper charge? Or are there better beatsticks? 11. Witchling Thralls: They seem really reslient and hard hitting? Or are our henchmen better? For masters I will run: Sonnia, Lady J, Perdita, Hoffmann, Mc Cabe, Nellie. So what are the units that I "need" to run? Or that are just good to have around?
  7. Meliondor

    Nellie is not dead

    Welll...is Mc Tav still woth it for 11 stones? I think Johan and Burt are out, because the prices are reasonable now...and reasonable does not mean "great" :-(.
  8. Meliondor

    Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    Let's get not into details why Judges Upgrade feels wrong :-). What I am unsure about: What should we take, if we just want a strong beatstick without Synergie? Just as "second" team, while your master does his thing? I am really unsure what is better: Thralls, Exceturioner, one of the henchmen...
  9. We are playing a lot of small games at the moment in our playgroup for Malifaux. No idea why (I prefer 50 points)...but well, who cares. If it helps other players to learn the mechanics of the game, then I am in of course. So what are our best beatsticks? I am looking for models, that can take some hits and smash stuff on their own. For Henchman I think Frank, Phiona and the Judge should be our best beatstick choices? For Enforcers Easily the Peacekeeper. Now that the Rider is 2 points cheaper, he might be an option, too? For the non-unique ones: Executioner seem great not with 15" Threatrange. Witchling Thralls also seem interesting...much harder to kill, also high damage and 6" push and then the charge also gives a nice build in threat range... What are your prefered beat sticks?
  10. Meliondor

    Errata impact on Nellie.

    Franky, Judge and Phiona got 1 stone cheaper in total, while Johan, Burst and McTavish became 3 stones more expensive. Big Jake stayed the same is still awesome IMHO. So I am really unsure about the guild or merc route now. Mc Tavish for 11 is now as expensive as a Peacekeeper, more expensive then our Rider! So I think he is out. Johan for 7 might still be ok, just like Burst for 8. Big Jake for 5... and now Bishop for 9? => Might still be hard for guild models to compete with those 4 for 29 stones. What would be a fitting set of guild models for similar costs?
  11. I was out for some time and now there were so many releases, that I no longer know what I need. I want to play highly competetive in my playgroup (all coming from WM/H), so if the answer to "hwat should I buy" is: An other faction I am fine with it. But I already have some guild models, so let's see what is missing: I have the Sonnia, Perdita mc Cabe, Justice and Hofmann Box. I have an additional peacekeeper, Pathfinders, 2 Austringers, guild guard, 4 hounds, Pale Rider, Brutal Effigy, Abuela and Pistoleros. So what else will I need? I really like the look of the new press master and actually the whole team and I heard they are ok rule wise...so I think I will start with them. What else am I missing from the new releases, that helps me to get the best for my soulstones?
  12. Meliondor

    Starting again with Malifaux - what did I miss ?

    I bought the wave 1 and 2 decks and the new rulebook already, but thank you.
  13. Meliondor

    Starting again with Malifaux - what did I miss ?

    Where are this new schemes and missions ? To the metal gamin: Sounds good, they were to hard to kill before :-). But this does not change the Ca 8 for powerloop that I like..
  14. Meliondor

    Starting again with Malifaux - what did I miss ?

    Ok, so after the Mc Cabe box, that I will get soon: 1. Riflemen: I am a bit confused here. I thought they were one of the best choices of the guild ? An austringer next to them activating before them gives them an extra ram, then they focus and shoot and this 2 times with mc Cabe with the option of a free movement with nimble to get in position... What are the other minions doing with 2 activations that might be better than a Riflemen ? 2. Any news on the Emissary release ? Sounds like it will be a great choice. Where can I find the rules / card for it ? 3. I also don't have the rules for the mounted guard. Is there a 3rd card pack I am missing ? 4. I wanted to ask about the witchling handler, not the stalkers. Stalkers are great for condition removal and that huge melee damage. But 3 are enough I think...but I am unsure about the wichtling handler. I think it is too expensive, even with something like Sonnia and 3 wichtlings... What is your opinion on her ?
  15. Meliondor

    Starting again with Malifaux - what did I miss ?

    Ok, After checking some cards I came to the following: Must haves: - Mc Cabe for all that he offers. Especially the combination with 2-4 hounds an Luna seems nice for scheme running, something I always had difficulties with. Sidir will be a nice addition as well. Things where I am unsure about: 1. What about riflemen ? Is there any better target for Mc Cabes reactivate ? 2. What about Dr. Grimwell, Quegg and Greed and Heartsbane ? Are they important additions ? Personally I am unsure...I think Franc ist just so much better than any of them and I think I would also prefer having the Judge around instead. They seem to offer some new things to Guild, but nothing that I think is worth the SS. 3. What about the Lone Marshal and the Mounted Guard ? Do they see much playtime ? They seem to expensive to me and I would just prefer a Death Marshal instead... 4. For Hoffman I think about Metal Gamins and Langston. Am I missing any useful Construct for him ? 5. Wichtling Stalkers seems to expensive to me. Is it nescessary for Sonnia or not ?