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  1. My first crew were Latigo family, then Lady J., then McMourning opened up for ressers, and that led to Seamus, but now I’ve found my real love in the creepy kids of Dreamer and Pandora. I don’t care much for game mechanics, I just go by models, but I prefer playing crews, that aren’t too straightforward, which is why the Guild girls didn’t set with me, McMourning and Seamus fared better, but not quite and I didn’t care much for the rest of the ressers - although I’ll go for some pirates. And so I ended up with the creepy kids. To me it sounds like you should go for the Neverborn and keep Molly/Ressers as a side project - otherwise get some game in with Molly vs either and see how they fare in real life before you choose.
  2. And he deserves his rest oh so much, after having fought in 98,6% of Guild skirmishes during M2E 😊
  3. There is only one answer: get the models, that makes you want to paint. As you start to play the game and learn the Ins and outs, you’ll inevitably see things, playstyles and synergies that will change your perspective - or maybe a ‘bad’ Master will be given a new model, etc. So you’ll stray from your chosen faction and find, what’s ‘right’ for you. I myself have 8 fully painted crews in three different factions and only three games under my belt, that has me convinced that Neverborn will be my focus in gaming, as I like the style and the Vibe the best - although the new Nightmare resser crew will have me put in a new order.
  4. That’s amazing. I heard the Forgotten was a fun keyword, but I wasn’t a fan of the models. These arrrrr great Will nightmare models be made available through European retailers - postage and customs drive up the price immensely?
  5. Great input everyone. Another question, how is the synergy with or as secondary Master. I’m particularly interested in experiences with Dreamer and Lucius - as they’re painted up and ready to go.
  6. I notice, that people never seem to take more than one Sorrow, why is that?
  7. I immediately fell in love with the concept of ‘murderous baby and bear’, so I think these will be a stable in my crews too. What’s your thoughts on Carver vs Teddy, when to do one or the other - or both?
  8. How do you feel about OOK model, or do you think, she’ll fare better within her own?
  9. Just got my Pandora crew primed and half-decided on a colourscheme, and then I sort of started to wonder, how do they play in M3E? What’s your experiences?
  10. “...I enjoy long walks along the beach, picnics in the sun and creating new profiles to troll and throw shade in internet forums.”.
  11. As a fellow games developer, you ought to know better than simply ‘reading’ about the changes, and rather start ‘playing’ with the changes, Malifaux has been streamlined, but this does not mean, that the tactics has become simpler, only that there are less ‘gotcha’ moments, and that it plays more intuitively. Secondly, your favorite models have not become nerfed. The entire game and its models has been given an overhaul and rebalanced, some have been given entirely new purpose, others just a little twist and tweak, and quite a lot will now see use unlike ever before. There is focus on ‘thematic’ crews and less on bringing the usual suspects, so prepare for more diversity and less repetition - all for the better, as now your favorite models will actually feel more unique. In general you’ll find that the community embrace the changes with great enthusiasm, and that the positive responses outnumber the negative by far. So do a little less reading and a lot more playing.
  12. But the big question is, would tournaments allow using beta cards, that aren’t widely available?
  13. Now the glue has almost settled, but meanwhile the board got scratcher up, as it was finally played upon this weekend
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