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  1. The game is over and it was a blast, followed by a blast, a pyre and then someone struck a match and lit my crew on fire - Result was 4-7. I scored 3 Ley Lines and 1 Assassinate. My opponent got 4 Ley Lines, 2 Assassinate, 1 Death beds. The two Samurai and Ramones did amazing. The Field Kit trigger is amazing. Rollins and Iggy Pup as well. But the 16 stones spent on Chiaki and Sun were at best adequate - although Chiaki did remove some large chunks of burning, I’d probably scored more points with hucksters. But all in all, this is a great crew - i just have to pour a little extra money into the keyword - I faced Kaeris+ Totem Firestarter Carlos Cassandra Fire Golem Firebranded
  2. Love the suggestions. I won't be going with the never born however. I'm in the middle of painting a Rollins crew and am itching to try it out
  3. This is just too much 😜 I ordered the Iconic Fate Deck, years back, when it was first released. And finally after months I cancelled my order, as the release date got pushed endlessly. Of course, when Wayland opened the pre-order, I tried once more, eagerly awaiting the release… Only to see it get extended once again 😄 - Glad I got a good number of crews by now, cuz buying Wyrd stuff seems nigh impossible.
  4. So it’s official, Rollins will be facing Kaeris. Never faced the pyromaniac, so any pointers would be much appreciated. - And looking at Rollins, I’m imagining a playbook opening with Iggy Pup digging up a scrap marker and leaving it for the rest of the crew to benefit from looted supplies to sculpt your hand, then having Rollins Drag it along by the end of T1, so to start handing put trinkets T2? I don’t own cryptologists, but I’ve got plenty of proxy worthy models. The Antique Timepiece seems like a great way to turn Kaeris’ strengths against her - if you can get a 7+ of masks. Any other good way to deal with burning side from the Phantasmal Mask?
  5. I definitely need to play with Lucius and his mature nephilims. I might look into Candy over the Emissary/Serena. She doesn’t need cards to be a nuisance, can heal and can really profit from getting tossed around by a couple of nephs.
  6. So I just got challenged to a game next saturday - first game since GG0. And I was considering whether to go with the Ol’ Neverborn or try out my thunder paint project. This is the pool : Corrupted ley lines // Flank Outflank Let them bleed Detonate Charges Assassinate Death Beds - Your options are : Dora’s Despair (my most experience) Dreamers Diddling (always a strong choice) Lucius’ Lewdness (never seen a fleck of table top dust on his robes). with every versatile, but the Emissary and an option to paint up some mature Nephilim off of Nekima’s box. So as you might guess, I’d love a chance to put Lucy to the test. But what would you choose?
  7. So I just got challenged to a game next saturday - first game since GG0. And was considering to try out my Thunders. This is the pool : Corrupted ley lines // Flank Outflank Let them bleed Detonate Charges Assassinate Death Beds - Your options are : Rollins’ Band (only base + versatile/OOK) Misaki’s Pajama Party (Played once, so my most experienced crew) Yan Lo and the old folks (Damn fine looking crew). + Dragons and Samurai versatiles What would you choose?
  8. Aside from Bayou and Neverborn. It’s all human factions 🙃
  9. Thanks for the insights so far - just keep ‘em coming 😊 - I have yet to have a post-COVID game, but with autumn rains it’s about time to get back to the table top 🤓
  10. So I finally got Rollins - and some samurai. Mainly a painting project - see my paint thread in my signature - but naturally I start to wonder, how to play him. So I thought about a list based around these new models : Based around the Ramones and the Samurai for mobility and shooting power. Profiting off Ride with me to concentrate fire and scheming. leaving 18 stones to play with. Maybe tech’ing in Cherri Bomb against armor and the Swordsman for coolness. Or maybe adding Silent Protector to the samurai for survivability. Any experience playing like this, and any synergies you like with models with my other Thunders (Misaki, Yan Lo and the Dragons).
  11. Great idea - hope you’ll find a 2nd ed crew to field. - Here’s a few pointers for pushing the game. First off download the rules for Henchman Hardcore, it’s a smaller game (4 vs 4 models), is quite killy and you share objectives, so it’s easier for new players to wrap their head around, so you can concentrate on learning the base principles. And it’s fast, so they get a chance to play a second game - and that’s when you know they’re hooked. Next, as you start playing. Start playing within keywords, forcing yourself to try out all models before going out of keyword helps you understand all the subtle nuances and manipulations in the game. In the same vein, it takes around 10 games to ‘unlock’ the understanding of a keyword and how it works. And finally. Get the models that makes you want to paint the most. Tournament rules changes every year, so does what’s good - but in general all crews have a decent fighting chance, as long as you understand the keyword.
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