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  1. When it comes to tabletop games, I find that the easiest army to learn is the one youre attracted to modelwise. Winning is something, that comes with experience, when you’ve learned to use the mechanics of the game.
  2. I can’t say, that any of the newly revealed sculpts or renders look anywhere near interesting compared to existing models. Which is annoying as heck, as its the models that draws me to ‘faux.
  3. Aaaaaarrrrrrgh!!! You’re right!!! Now you’ve totally gone and ruined the game for me - I’ll have to just limit myself to my ressers then. Cause they’re real, right???
  4. Its not a baby, its a monster. And the lady is just a blind girl with a big cleaver.
  5. Have that halfling lug a really big megaphone around.
  6. I’m quite excited by Lucius and his crew of Elites, and I’m really looking forward to his new box.
  7. Otherwise gadzooks gaming splits boxes and sell singles.
  8. I like the combination concept – my basing for both factions quite similar already, based on still water fx with guild having a few tufts and a little mud, and the neverborn getting more the feel of a sinking city.
  9. Thinking of adding Lucius to my collection, but then I start wondering, whether I should base him more to fit with my Neverborn than my Guild or vice versa. Where do you think Lucius belongs?
  10. I’d recommend starting by choosing the box, whose models makes you want to paint the most. You’re going to take a beating anyway, when starting out. You might as well lose, while looking good.
  11. Well, they’re bigger. There aren’t any repetition - and then they’ve got tons of personality
  12. Yup, just couldn’t resist the model, so she’ll be an alt Teddy. Luckily I found Miss Ery too - the ‘normal’ Teddy is one of the few Wyrd models I label ‘boring’.
  13. Thanks a lot. Must say, that the wyrd models are some of the most fun, I’ve had to work with in all my years of painting - aside from building
  14. So how would you go about it? I’ve just finished up my Dream Team, so next project looks to be Pandora.
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