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  1. A Bayou Explorer : The Oswalts are the globetrotters of the bayou, they made a fortune selling in-sewer-ance and ensuring that there’ll never be installed any kind of sewers in the bayou to ruin it with feces. Now they’re living the good life, travelling, seeing the worlds and causing quite a ruckus. The family head is Karen Oswalt, with her giant hair and impressive figure, she’s the nightmare of the concierges of the worlds. A penny pinching entitled woman, Terrifying to behold, she Influences the game as she makes demands, Obeys, chats and holds people up in a slow inducing aura. Her totem husband is Oswald Oswalt, a tiny alcoholic man with a big flatulence, he seems to always be in the way, when someone wants to tear his wife’s heart out, but through Sheen serendipity he seems to turn their attacks against themselves, as skillets and banana peels just materialize around him. His main attack is “Tell me, do you have in-sewer-ants”, where he steals soulstones. the Henchman is 50mm Ma’n’Pa, the even more demanding an entitled in-laws. They’re old, but not too old to travel the world - in a bed on wheels - Pa is wary of the world, so always ready to fire up his trust Blunderbus, while Ma is lost in her past prime as a burlesque dancer and has the ability “Do you wanna see me nekid?” causing an aura of willpower checks to push non-Oswalts away screaming. If they hit terrain or other models, they take damage. They also have the ability “What? What did you say dear?” turning off all triggers in an aura around them. Their enforcer is only known as Butler, who will dismember opponents who’d dare ruin the Oswalts holiday with a witty quip and a stiff upper lip. The Oswalts have two sets of minions The Boys and The Grrrls, the boys are a horrible lot up for mischief, they aren’t much by themselves, yet they have an ability to teleport in and gang up on a model engaging another boy and together they can cause serious harm. The grrrrls are all about movement, as they can Lure and Terrorize models in an attempt to find a boyfriend among the locals.
  2. Sometimes life just makes decisions for you. I got a great offer on Misaki, so looks like Arcanists will have to wait.
  3. So I got a nice offer on the old M2E Thunder crew - and like the old sculpts way more than m3e - so that settled it, 10 Thunders is my 4th faction. So what would you suggest adding to the collection?
  4. You’re just being argumentative for the sake of being ‘right’. The problem is, you’ll never win games, if you desist from learning to use your models and their abilities. Mood Swings works for others, and it just might be, it can work for you to - if you’re not too Stubborn to learn. Activation order is one of the most key ingredients to winning this game. Pandora has - as the only model in this game - the ability to dictate the opponents order of activation. That is a superpower. Now opponents might want to avoid ‘dora, but most games demand some close contact - unless you’re only facing Parker and Perdita. That said, even if he tries to avoid you, your opponent can’t dictate where Pandora goes, and you’re free to place her, where she annoys him the most - which is in the middle of his crew, near his most powerful models. This makes Dark Thoughts a wonderful ability, as not only does it work defensively, it is also a very offensive ability. You’re, not only, denying the model, you’re standing near it’s activation, you’re also forcing a different model to activate, when its owner wouldn’t want it. This allows you to : a: beat up the non-activating model before it gets to do its thing. b: force a model to tip its hand, perhaps move into position without being able to attack, and then be set up for the charge by one of your models. The setup is quite easy, you rush Pandora into the mids of the enemy - where you want her anyway to open her box. Then you profit. - Pandora isn’t a simple point’n’click master. She demands you understand the synergies in her crew, and that you do not play her in a vacuum. You should have at least 7 other models on the table to back her up and disrupt your opponent.
  5. So a simple keyword that isn’t straightforward? - I’ll revert to my standard answer. Go with the models, that makes you want to paint the most and play to have fun.
  6. Congratulations on now setting your hobby difficulty setting to ‘God damn hard and fiddly’. It’s tough, but the game is worth it.
  7. Next crew is Seamus and his lovely ladies.
  8. Depends on how you define fun. Hamelin demands a buildup of tokens to do damage, yet when he does, he can be oppressive e.g. Min4 minions. But there is a lot of activations and calculations. So what do you define as ‘fun’?
  9. How about Hamelin. He operates like no other, demanding deep synergy from his crew in pushing the plague. Lucius is a very interesting chap with his ability to sink his actions into wherever they’re most needed on the board. I’m pretty intrigued by Collette and her crew being more interested in putting on a good show, over beating your brains in. And one of my personal favorites is Pandora with her disruptive depression, murder babies and Teddy bears. - I’ve been tempted by the ninjas as well, but the whole thunder faction is just so very trope-y and not very faux’y.
  10. Thanks, I owe it all to the magic of Harder & Steenbeck.
  11. It’s been a while, I got kicked by the photobucket, so I’m starting a new thread with my stuff. First up is my ongoing project of undead pirates... Arrrh!
  12. @74legion you’re writing as if a model should be impregnable from stats and abilities alone. While most wargames are designed so that offense always has the upper hand - otherwise, nothing would happen during those games. Speaking from my experience, it is very hard for opponents to take Pandora down. This involves positioning, getting her in tight with opponents and it involves Pandora and her crew doing their thing and draining opponents of resources - hand and activations. If you’re just plunking her down at 12” distance and waiting for opponents to shoot her, then sure she is going down, but if you drain their hand, disrupt their activation order and hand out Slow and Stunned like there is no tomorrow, then dora has nothing to fear, she might take a couple of hits, but a couple of hits makes no difference, if they aren’t lethal.
  13. @Maniacal_cackle I’m pretty confident that Wyrd doesn’t share a design philosophy with GW or MtG, and that their changes are towards making a better, balanced game, rather than hyping certain models. However those changes are inevitable, when models hit the table big style. Some will be spot on, some will be a little hit-or-miss, such is the nature of things. ‘faux has an aspect of ‘wallethammer’. You don’t play a fixed crew or a specific master, you play a faction, and in order to win you have the luxury of tailoring your crew to the circumstances. That luxury however demands an extensive collection. That’s a problem for me, who collect, not because of efficiency, but for models, themes and aestethics. My problem isn’t my wallet, but my subjective notion of cool - e.g. I’d never go into Nephilim as I dislike the models. But it is a choice, a conscious handicap, I’m making, just as it is choice, going into a hobby, you might not be able to afford. There is good reason however for Wyrd to concentrate on their ‘heavy users’ to change the game, avoid getting stuck in a rut. Its the heavy users who will introduce new players to the game, those who have the largest collections etc., and they need to be challenged. Casual players, like me, who only play once/twice a month then go to a tournament once in a while, just need to stay casual about it. We’re not losing because our models suck and rules change, we’re losing because we’re not playing, or investing ourselves enough in the hobby. Balancewise ‘faux is in a good place. And I for one is glad, that Wyrd takes an interest in this and is concerned with the state of the game. Some crews are more versatile/better than others, but all of them are interesting to play (dependent on taste) and all have a decent chance of winning. That’s all I’m asking for.
  14. Defenses cut? I’d say with her Mood Swings, Dark Thoughts ability and Terrifying 13, she’s pretty well defended. Putting IR on her was just an unnecessary bloat. I wouldn’t say, whether Samurai are gamebreaking, but paying 11 stone (that’s a rider or an Emissary) for an 8 wound minion do demand, that it can have some effect on the game, and it’s not as if its anywhere near unkillable - even if you need to send a melee beater to do so. The only upgrade I ever consider for Woe is Eldritch Might into condition heavy crews, such as McMourning and Kaeris. You’ll see, that the positives you were wishing for Pandora are in the nerfs to our opposition.
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