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  1. Best advice is to get a full keyword of what makes you want to paint the most and play a dozen games with them. As you then learn the game you might learn that there are other aspects of it that steers your enthusiasm. As you get started. Your first handful of games will be better off if you look up the Henchman Hardcore rules. It is a simplified version - in the sense that both players are limited to four models, and that you share objectives, which makes the game faster, so you can get some reps in and a good understanding of the mechanics before you layer on complexity.
  2. Difference between Obey and Bring it! is: Obey specifies that the action is chosen and controlled by this model, whereas Bring it! specifies the target to move, make an attack targeting the Bring it!-model if able.
  3. Another thing would be that the Monk keyword, is basically just guys in pyjamas. Which doesn't stand up that well, when your opponent fields cowboys with burning skulls, giant man-eater teddy bears or techno-zombies. Misaki and Yan Lo has their pyjama boys as well, but they've got plenty of other stuff as well.
  4. Who is the most fun to play and why?
  5. Candy is a great way to bring Wp damage 😊
  6. Welcome to a world of wallet-hurt. As Vessien says, play a handful of Henchman Hardcore at first. It teaches you to think in the ways of Malifaux, and it’s also very kill-focused like your dice games After that, choose a keyword, and play that and only those models for your first 10-20 games. Its easy to grab at shiny new OOK stuff, but only by playing your models will you learn how to use them. After this you’re tournament ready - nah I’m kidding you’re tournament ready once your models are painted up, go kick some butt and have fun
  7. My problem is, I’d really want to run him with the Asylum, but I’m a neverborn player 🥺
  8. What would really be amazing though, would be to see a Lucius made for Neverborn. Give him a skill like It is better to be feared... Allowing him to recruit all neverborn minions. Or something equally cool and ominous. Maybe allow him to manipulate fear, granting Terrifying or something. Make him a little more menacing, than just a scheming bureaucrat.
  9. So any particular models, you like to pair him with in either Guild or Neverborn?
  10. True. Although Lucius is professed to make an impact this time around.
  11. New GG and I’m looking at my model collection and wonder what to go for. So considering my model collection, what would you go for? I won’t be getting new models for a while (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself). Guild Marshalls, Family, Elite, Witch Hunter. Asylum. - They’re usually my loaners to teach people the game. I do like the idea of Lucius’ Asylum, but I only tried it once, and I got thoroughly stomped by Fuhatsu and his drunken rodents. Ressurectionists Experimental, Forgotten, Redchapel, Ancestors - I loved McMurder in M2E, Redchapel looks great with the changes to Sybelle and Distracted. And everyone seems to love Molly and Yan Lo. Neverborn Woe, Nightmare, Elite - Most of my games so far has been with my Neverborn, and they’ve been a blast. I don’t think the nerfs to Dreamer has been out of line, annoying but he won’t be less enjoyable, and Woe are such a headache for opponents - and I’ve never had much success with Lucius, come fall he might get some nephilim boost. Ten Thunders Last Blossom, Ancestors (Wastrel on the way) - I only had a few games with Last Blossom, but they seem really fun and fast - and fast glasscannons is a great style for me. Arcanists Performers, M&SU. - I’ve got two great looking crews. Performers seem to give me speed, but I don’t know if they’ e got enough violence. M&SU seems to have a good balance of shooting/melee/scheming, but lacking speed. Crossroads 7
  12. I can only recommend Pandora. She is very rewarding to play - and a horror to your opponents. Dreamer is a blast as well. And he is finally being brought in line.
  13. Last part of M2E Pandora could summon Sorrows. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Collodi make a comeback. His crew was available in an M3 box during Black Friday...
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