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  1. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    Patience Painting is put on hold, while my floors are getting fixed.
  2. Regelridderen

    What to add to my Dreamer?

    Oh yeah, forgot about spider lady. And Pandora seems like a natural when it comes to creepy kids.
  3. Regelridderen

    What to add to my Dreamer?

    So my Dreamer collection will (hopefully) soon get done, so I can expand it, but where to go? What would you add? What I’ve got: Dreamer Box Lelu and Lilitu Barbaros Stitched Tannen and Graves Widow Weaver
  4. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    A looong break over summer, but now the rains have hit, and so it is time to summon CHOMPY!!!
  5. Regelridderen

    Autopsy Onslaught

    Thanks, I read that wrong.
  6. Regelridderen

    Autopsy Onslaught

    So I’ve been working hard on getting my resser collection to a point, where it’ll be able to get squashed on the table, but look good while doing so. I’ve got Seamus pegged down, but would love to theorize on the base concept of my McMourning. The Spare Parts upgrade seems like a fine fit for the man. Raising old colleagues and doing patchwork monsters, but it requires a steady supply of corpses. So bringing on the Emissary for starters, being able to create two (+) per turn, seems like a perfect fit. While boosting offense and speed. Add a couple of autopsies to start, to hand out poison from a distance and have a nice repository of poison for Transfusion. With Sebastian and Rafkin to make matters worse. And of course a nurse - its all about healthcare after all. Declared Faction: Resurrectionists Crew Name: Autopsy Onslaught 50ss Leader: McMourning - Cache:(4) Spare Parts 2ss Decaying Aura 2ss Plastic Surgery 1ss Zombie Chihuahua 2ss Sebastian 7ss Transfusion 1ss Carrion Emissary 10ss Carrion Conflux 0ss Rafkin 7ss Transfusion 1ss Guild Autopsy 4ss Guild Autopsy 4ss Nurse 6ss - What do you think about this as a base concept to work and expand from?
  7. Regelridderen

    Match the model to the Master.

    They were his creation- and look the part
  8. Regelridderen

    Match the model to the Master.

    Wouldn’t Guild Autopsies and kentauroi rightfully belong with the doctor too?
  9. Regelridderen

    Match the model to the Master.

    Since keywords are getting reworked and will have a bigger impact on the game. I thought it a funny exercise to guess, which enforcers/minions will go with what Masters. Basse - the new guy, a frontiersman. I’m guessing a rugged bounty hunter theme : Pathfinder Austringers + lots of new stuff. Perdita - probably not much new, as there already is a very tight theme. Ortegas monster hunters Pistoleros Sonnia - she’s gonna continue the wyrd inquisition : witchling - handler/stalker/thrall exorcists Lady J - marshalls / antiundead death marshalls / recruiters / Lone marshall domadors Lucius - anything with the law lawyers jury judge executioners investigators Etc. - What combinations/themes are you anticipating / hoping for?
  10. Regelridderen

    Should I Wait?

    This isn’t 40K. You do not need to paint up 50 new models, because the flavor of the month have changed. And the quality of minis are high, they’re nice to paint up. So unless you suffer big from wanting the latest version of a mini, then you’re pretty safe - otherwise, it’ll only be a handful of models, you’d need to ‘redo’. Third the rules are freely available. Model rules come fully updated, when you purchase the app - which will be updated for m3e. So the only reason for waiting would be, to avoid any discussions about which edition is the best.
  11. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    Finally back on track - and boy do I hate stripes.
  12. Regelridderen

    Help me pick a list for my game in 5 hours.

    Darn, too late.
  13. Regelridderen

    Simplest master in NB?

    Lucius; because he is Dual faction with Guild, so allows you an easy way out and go play the simple game of guns’n’blades.
  14. Regelridderen

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Yes, but you’ll forego the immediate synergy with the Master, possibly they’ll slap on a ‘mercenary tax’ too - since mercenaries are going out too.
  15. Regelridderen

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Looks like Lucius is our most popular Master by far.