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  1. Take Rusty or Doc and put them into Neverborn and you'd see the outcasts defect in droves.
  2. Looks great. Depending on how you rule the terrain, it might feel a little congested - forcing engagement to happen within the same choke points - and/or making movement abilities too powerful in certain matchups.
  3. Well, boo-hoo-hoo. Maybe you ought to invest a little more in your game master than your characters
  4. Re-boot your campaign and let your characters start out with some different characters, let the old group live on as the boogeymen of Malifaux. There really is nothing more terrifying to meet, than the monster you've min-maxed yourself.
  5. A good choice. Its a fun crew, both to play and play against.
  6. @Nagi21 I’d beg to differ. I’ll give you that Outcast and TT have advantages. In having a good ratio of speed and violence. But you’re not getting your arse handed to you for choosing Guild or Neverborn. They still put up a fight - and especially to a casual player, I’d just go for what keywords have the coolest models.
  7. Go for what models appeal to you the most, paint up a keyword and start playing. Malifaux is quite balanced, and all crews have their distinct flavour. That neverborn doesn’t do much shooting, doesn’t mean they can’t deal with shooting crews - they’ll just do so with teeth and claws.
  8. I was playing with the idea of Barker as second to Lucius - mainly because I love Lucy-us and the executioners, but have never been a fan of Dashel. Lucius Scribe Barker Dispatcher 2x Lawyers 2x False Witnesses - or at least something like it. Lucius and his Elites would disrupt the opponents crew, being general nuisances with Obey and dumping scheme markers left and right, while Dashel would fire off ‘Executioner Missiles’ to be commanded by Lucius and his Lawyers, stripping them of Slow, also generally ensuring Dashers summons via their card cycling abilities. Once Dashel has summoned his third model, he has paid for himself and then some, while being a fairly okay-ish Henchman in his own right.
  9. Compare Dreamer vs Kirai 13 vs 16 stones can summon two minions vs two minions and totem. One whose skills are actively tide to the synergy with the keyword, one whose skills are passively tide to the keyword. I’d say Kirai wins out every time. Then again, its never a choice between the two, so its a moot point, in fact whether the second master is worth is quite dependent on keyword synergy, objectives and opponent.
  10. Oooh, I almost forgot. It hasn’t been all non-Wyrd stuff. There were a few blossoms missing
  11. @D-solad0r yeah. I see, what you mean - and didn’t take any offense to your critique, at all. I love questions, and to get any pointers as to improvement is always welcome. I’m well aware, I’m not the greatest painter in the world. So whatever weakness people see, is something I can work with. Stylewise, I’m always amazed by people who do precision work, perfect gradients and every colour in the right place. I’ve found, I’m more casual (impatient) - more of a concept artist, than a painter, but some day, maybe I’ll get there.
  12. A nicely painted set of half-naked barbarians ready to bring you tons of fun for GWs Warcry game. Comes complete with stat cards. Make me an offer I can’t refuse .
  13. There’s some purple tones in there, that can seem a little jarring, perhaps? And the bases were the simplest. A little Vallejo mud, a black primer, a White senithal, a shot of purple and a shot of orange. I thought about adding a few tufts of grass, but went for the less is more.
  14. While eagerly awaiting new Wyrd models, I took a detour with a Warcry warband. Love the throwback to the minis that originally got me in the game, and made it an exercise in painting, I’ll never touch a GW game again - so they’ll probably get sold off quite soon. Enjoy - I did.
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