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  1. Good for you. Now you get the chance to try out playing with hunters.
  2. And sorry, but my answer to that is *Boo-hoo-hoo!* How many death marshals do you see on the table? Ruffians? Witchling Stalkers? Belles? Monks? And the list goes on... Dry your eyes, you’re not alone. Quite a few of the crew-box minions get rejected.
  3. There’s always 3 of a minion in crew boxes. No-one uses all three at a given time, but it has not caused any problems so far - yet somehow Hoff-ballers take this concept as a personal slight and an indication that Wyrd has gone off the rails
  4. Seems like experience mirrors my own thoughts. - Then let’s look at OOK Nephilim. What’s interesting to me is the abundant Fly with Me. So how do you feel a Mature Nephilim compares to someone like the Hooded Rider or a straight up beater like Teddy? And since I’m running plenty of Ht1 models (Dreamer, Kade, Candy) how about the young Nephilim?
  5. I’ve got the same problem. The US extortionate international shipping fees and the ensuing customs fees makes me shy away from the nightmare boxes - and wyrd have a rather poor track record with me, breaking up orders and resulting in extra fees. They really need to allow a distributor within the EU sell the nightmare boxes before I’ll be shouting “TAKE MY MONEY!”
  6. Looking at the new Nekima box, I imagine, I could get some fun out slapping some paint on them, maybe play around with a mature nephilim in my other crews. But at first glance the nephilim seem rather lacklustre. Speed across the field, hit people, die and take the opposition down with you. Or are they more interesting than that?
  7. I tried putting McMurder on the table once by the end of M2E, and found the crew to be as hilarious to play as the concept – and much more manoeuvrable than I'd expected. Since then I've been much more focused on Neverborn and Ninjas, and haven't put a single undead on the table for M3E. So what are your experiences in playing with McMurder these days? The Flesh Construct looks to be amazingly versatile - gaining fast and regenerating the damage. The Centauroi seem to be outclassed by the Dead Rider. What's hot and what's just meat on the slab? And how do you make the
  8. Looks amazing for what sounds to be a simple technique.
  9. You easily get confused with those things. Also note the differences in the two abilities Ride with me and Fly with me.
  10. But it does say gains. You just apply it slightly differently.
  11. Nope. You'll need to Disengage – but you can use your Flight to ignore obstacles as you do so.
  12. You go to a tournament. Before that you make the choice, Thunders or Ressurs? So you’ll never end up in a choice between the two. - The only function of doing so, is to give players an excuse to whine about balance, rather than focus on the interesting and constructive question : how do I apply the Qi and Gong on the tabletop. Q&G rules won’t change from whining, at best Thunders can hope for a general nerf to get in line with Guild. That’s when you can talk ‘balance’.
  13. So its a dyslexic abbreviation for “I’m with stoopid”. Got it.
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