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  1. And soon everyone and their mom will run out and buy M-Rexes and overgrown earthworms. So it's time to talk weaknesses, what will swipe explorers off their feet and set them up for a good pummelling?
  2. I always forget about Dolls and Vasilisa. They seem like a great addition to add some variance to any crew, but there are just soooo many other models, I want to paint first 💩
  3. One of my main problems with Lawyers and Obey is the 9s needed, but I just realised that False Witness has no compunctions for J'Accuse'ing your own models.
  4. She’s able to declare a melee attack - she just doesn’t have one.
  5. You have a decent point about the card drain - which is a huge part of the panda tactic - how do you feel they fare compared to other models e.g. Wrath?
  6. I’d guess as much, but... Then I look at Misery and look at how easy it is to bounce models around with Sorrows and other Woe. For Claim Jump, I just look at Candy or Serena, and suddenly and suddenly those Aversions just have a hard time competing. I see a use in them, but unless your game takes place on Ht4 pillars of Terrain connected by rickety bridges over Hazardous Lava streams, I really have a hard time justifying their use - in theory. So what do you think justifies their use?
  7. Trouble is, I can’t find the stones for an aversion in the first place. The lack of any conditions to hand out is a huge detriment for me. And at 8-10 points, there are plenty of other models I’d rather take - Hinamatsu, Wrath, Doppleganger - but paying that price ‘just’ to guard other models, I’d rather go for models with an offensive potential. - But I’d love to hear from people who sweat by aversions, cause they’re fun models.
  8. @Plaag and @darksoul281 Are you sure, you guys shouldn't go get a room and some privacy before you whip your minis out in public It usually forms a better basis for discussion if you recognise and accept other people's point of view. It also happen to be the easiest way to grow your own understanding, if you take the time to listen to other people's experience – rather than simply dismissing them, try and ask questions on how, they got there. That's how you learn.
  9. Pandora is always worth a shot - especially since ressurs aren't big on the shooting game. But a good amount of ping damage, handing out crows for executes and denying access to triggers, really throws a spanner in everyones game.
  10. I’d look to the versatiles at first, dragons, samurai, etc. They’ll allow you to field all your crews, and then just fill up on the keywords to expand your playstyle.
  11. Customer didn’t complain I doubt, I’d do an actual commission - my ‘dayjob’ hourly rate is a bit steep to compete with miniature painting. I just did these for fun and practice, but as I never thought of playing Warcry, I put them up for sale. I was considering, whether I should hold on to my Guild and Ressurs, as getting them on the table is... doubtful at best. Yet again the aestethic is cool, and could serve for an rpg.
  12. Looks like there's new 'rough riders' to substitute Rollins' (McCabe's) old mounted guild guard. What do you think, will they be a decent addition to the Wastrels?
  13. Looks like a fine LD-list. Does what Dreamer does best and just escalate the nightmare. I would just throw in an extra comment on IM. You say, they can be stopped by a cheap tank, but you should take into account that the tank can soon be facing not only an IM, but an Alp or Stitched as well. In the end its always a toss-up between Stitched and Madnesses (as choosing an Enforcer means forgoing an LD and changes the strategy). Stitched losing Df6, but Gamble becoming a WP-duel has leveled the field. The mobility of Incorporeal and the Mv6 is really what makes the Madness stand out t
  14. @Ogid I’d definitely recommend hiring madnesses. They can do a lot being fast, tough and having a decent attack - and be a model to use your rams - and Lucid Dream. But what no player prepares for is that the little bugger running schemes on a far flank can suddenly strip a model on the opposite side on the table of its focus and hand out distracted. Aside from that it is incredibly demoralizing to your opponent, when you summon your models back after killing, which doesn’t happen with say a Teddy or Coppelius. - I wasn’t much of a fan, usually looking to flashier enforcers
  15. I agree the matchup was skewed, but it was just a friendly randomly generated scenario. He'd brought Lucius, 'cause he wanted to start getting into Neverborn, and I dusted off my Dreamer after a something like a years hiatus. But it was good fun, and we both learned a few tidbits. Madnesses are indeed great, they're fast, they're tough. They heal themselves up, and amassing terror puts a strain on your opponents resources. I'll also give a shoutout for Candy in a Nightmare crew. She brings a ton of Wp duels at range, and her main abilities require very little in the form of cards. On
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