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  1. Regelridderen

    Where to next?

    So what would be a good way to play him, once paint is dry?
  2. Regelridderen

    Where to next?

    There are so many awesome concepts in this game, that the painter/collector in me is just itching to have a go at – and luckily I've yet to actually play a game, so I don't have to think about what's good or smart. So for now it's The Dreamer, and when that's done I'm sure to expand with Pandora – maybe Lucius would then take me back to the guild with some mimics.
  3. Regelridderen

    Joining the neverborn.

    Yea, I was thinking about nekima too, but it seems, that the only model available is the alternate version - and I'm not really keen on that one.
  4. Regelridderen

    Where to next?

    Yeah, and I already had one girl with a big ass sword, so I thought, that could wait.
  5. Regelridderen

    Joining the neverborn.

    Yeah, I was wanting to get a teddy - but the model doesn’t stand up to miss ery, so I’ll have to wait for one to be available.
  6. Regelridderen

    Joining the neverborn.

    Just put in the order to expand my Guild and Ressers with spooky kids. Starting out with : The Dreamer Twins Widow weaver Doppleganger Stitched Together Which seems like a fun bunch
  7. Regelridderen

    Where to next?

    It was the ‘spooky kids’, that won this time. The dreamer is heading my way with Doppleganger, stitched, widow weaver and the twins.
  8. Regelridderen

    Where to next?

    After doing Perdita, Lady J, McMurder and Seamus, I’m looking for a new project. I’m looking at : Pandora Dreamer Nellie Sonnia or possibly the Viks - What would you choose - and a couple of extras to go with it? 😊
  9. With Lady J, Perdita, McMourning and Seamus in my collection, I’m now looking for the next project : Outcast : Viks - chicks with katanas are just cool. Neverborn : Pandora and Dreamer, as there really is nothing creepier than kids. Ressers : Nicodem and his zombies - I mean zombies. Gremlins : nah Arcanists : nope Ten Thunders : Misako
  10. Regelridderen

    What to get with Nicodem?

    So I’m running out of stuff to paint, but still have an itch for some undead, and was keen to look at Nicodem, as the classic Zombie lord concept is well; classic. But what should I get with him. My current Resser collection consists of McMourning, Seamus, Shikome, Bete Noire, Rafkin, Rogue Necromancy, Emissary (Seamus Avatar) and Dead Doxies. I was looking at : Guild autopsies (for my McMourning) Izamu and/or Kill Joy Mindless Zombies Aura Roten Nicodem box Any input?
  11. Regelridderen

    McCabe or Nellie??

    McCabe do have the niftiest nightmare box, which is reason enough to start him - if you can lay your hands on it.
  12. Regelridderen

    been a while since I've asked, what was your last list you played

    How come? If Lady J. or a Death Marshall is running around with someone in a box, it would be fairly obvious, who is responsible for it, more so than a bunch of conditions stacked by various models anyway?
  13. Regelridderen

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    This is how I handled her - paint job is WIP
  14. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    A little update :
  15. Regelridderen

    My Crude Crews