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  1. The rule book is pretty clear on separating the three. The only thing suggesting otherwise is the graphical layout of the cards.
  2. I’m with the ‘then’-crowd. If you weren’t to fully resolve the damage, there’d be no point in using that word - and Wyrd’s been very careful, when wording rules this edition. Not that you can’t make an argument for other sheananigans. I just wouldn’t
  3. I find that Papa Loco doesn’t get near enough credit in this tactica, and I find him more central to the crew, than say Francisco. Papa’s Throw Dynamite shockwaves are amazing. Most models will need to hit an 8 to avoid 3 damage. This either drains an opponent of cards or of models quickly, and an opponent unable to cheat or act is a lot more manageable. As long as you’ve got cards to chuck, I’d be feeding Papa via A por el and get those sticks flying through the air. As an opponent Papa is my first priority to take down. In the case of Francisco, I’d say that he is cool and all, but I’m looking more to the Peacekeeper for its ability to draw attention and shrug off damage, while tearing through the opposition. I also find, that you undervalue Abuela, with her Listen up, young’un and Nice shot, dear, I find that she is great for concentrating pressure. And I think, Pistoleros could get an honorable mention. 4 Stone and Reckless allows them to scheme like the little devils, they are, you take them for this. But their ability to put Adversary on opposing models, helps relieve the pressure on your hand. - Other than that, it’s a great tactica – and the Ortegas are a fun crew to play, and really, really, really annoying to face.
  4. I'd recommend you to stay in keyword as you start out; Pandora box + Carver + Teddy + Iggy (sadly aversions are yet to be released). Versatiles such as Serena, Hoody Rider and Hinamatsu are great, but it'll ease your learning curve, if you just focus on what's within the keyword before stepping outside. Also grabbing at other crews fancy toys will cause you to overlook the subtle strengths, that is within the Woe keyword itself, and Pandora's got plenty of shenanigans to play – in fact, she can be a bit convoluted, as you start to learn how apply your misery, which again is a good argument to limit your options. - Once you've gotten your crew looking shiny and a few games under your belt, you can start looking into other masters/factions. As @Maniacal_cackle I'll recommend Dreamer, as there is a nice synergy with Pandora, but as you learn the game, you just might find out, that you're more of an arcanist or thunder player, but have fun till then.
  5. I was actually thinking about going decidedly non-elite. Taking something like this : Pandora, Poltergeist, Candy, Iggy, Baby Kade, 3x Sorrow, 2x Aversion, 2 Stones. Most of Lucius crew are fairly squishy and useless in a fight – Lawyers, Changelings, Witnesses, even the Agent has a mediocre Df5, while the main threats (46 and Pale) would ignore the woes main defences of Terrifying and Manipulative anyway, Meanwhile having an ample supply of Glimpse of Insanity would assert some pressure on a trigger happy crew, while having plenty of activations would ensure, that I could profit from Manipulative as much possible.
  6. Great suggestions on not using Pandora, all. However, it is a fixed master league, and Pandora it is. Another wrench to throw in the wheel is that my neverborn collection is limited to Woes, Nightmares, Doppleganger, changelings, Hinamatsu and Hoody
  8. True, but there are other ways to do this, rather than cries for buffs and endlessly theorizing. Merely acknowledging the state of things, then moving on - developers have their eyes on the game, regardless of this. But hey, it’s just me being a grumpy ol’ basterd and bored with the subject. So I’ll just move along
  9. PITFALLS BAD SOUND : The first thing, that makes me go somewhere else is bad sound. Noise and echo just ruins the stuff, I generally watch reports while painting, so primarily go by sound. BAD TERRAIN : It doesn’t need to be a work of art. Just some nice terrain to keep with the theme. Models are usually small and details get lost, so terrain is more important. A White table top May work for playing, but is really jarring to the eye on screen. HANDHELD : Leave this to the pros, unless you know, what you’re doing, it’ll only give you blurry images with no focus. GOOD STUFF Camera Angles : variations in these. Wide shots, close-ups. It doesn’t need the pacing of a Music video, but some variation in angles just make it a little more interesting and helps to keep focus. And Malifaux tends to center on a couple of hotspots. GRAPHICS : Strats and Schemes, Scoring, Cards, Hands. There’s lots of info, that you can help the viewers for reference. RULES and HINDSIGHT : You will inevitably botch up some rules and make mistakes, making a note of this helps others from repeating those. REFLECTION : It’s always great to understand why people do, what they do. I’ve yet to see someone say, what they hope to achieve in a given turn, but all those tactical considerations is great stuff. Be as open as you can, so I as a viewer get, why you’re making all those poor choices and make me shoot at the screen. HUMOUR and ENTHUSIASM : Aim to win, but play for the fun of the game. Don’t take it too serious. It’s a hobby of grown ‘men’ and little dolls after all. I have a much better time seeing two n00bs having fun and messing up, over watching a couple of serious gamers duke it out. This is a nice example :
  10. You’re of course free to discuss whatever... But what’s the point of this? This isn’t a rules development forum, the beta testing is long past and the rules have all been printed and models have been finalized - now we’re just waiting for Stock to actually go on shelves. My point is; rather than ‘whinge’ and demand erratas and FAQs to ‘fix’ your models, why not just play the game and focus on discussing how to utilize the tools, you have available? - The game isn’t broken. Sure a few masters might be a little easier than others, but every one of them is capable of giving you a good game.
  11. She is in so many ways a great model. A really big and durable toolbox - and when you look at her, you expect something at the level of a rotten belle.
  12. Exactly! Accepting, that you can’t change the rules yourself is the first step to happiness
  13. I just had a nice game, where Serena scored me two points for Claim Jump, which made me realize, it’s actually a decent scheme for her. She can make her presence felt with her Tendrils and Twist up to 8” away. And her twist can even teleport opponents into position. If needed, she can even walk, pop Painkillers for up to 6 health and return to her position. And of course she has that nifty Demise:Eternal.
  14. Absolutely, it’s important acknowledge the weaknesses in the game. Yet, people are most often focused on demanding the designers to do this and that to their models, rather than asking the questions, they really need the answer to i.e. How do I defeat Shenlong?
  15. She has plenty of opportunity to get one though, via her Power Tokens. Overall, its been more a process of unifying the effects, and then personalizing via triggers and stats. E.g. Freatswords get bonus flips to damage if you don’t charge and reach 2”, but Lady J and the Hooded Rider has very different ways of using theirs.
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