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  1. As Guild is defined by having the coolest women with the biggest swords, I was wondering, If you could come with a fun build featuring : Perdita, Sonnia and J in the same list?
  2. Haven’t tried the woes yet, and only a handful of games and middling tournament place with nightmare (took first for painting though). But the nightmare crew is a lot of fun.. tons of utility, killiness and nasty tricks. I like the crew very much, it really caters to my playstyle, with the internal synergy, the theme of the models. I liked that chompy and Dreamer is now both on the table, and chompy is more the beaty extension of the Dreamer. I had one game, where I didn’t stand a chance. I won no duets for the first 3 turns, and even unresisted duels hardly came through, so I didn’t even get my summons unburied till turn 4. Despite this I managed to outmaneuver my opponent and eke in a draw. My best advice is, not to think of summoning as your primary resource. Its great and powerful, but stuff like teleporting chompy into position, pairing him up with Serena etc. really brings the pain. So to make sure things work, remember to bring soul stones. Also, your deck might become a lean, mean duel-winning machine by the end of the game, but even in turn 1 your deck is at least just as good, as your opponents, so there is no reason to hold back. Stitched are amazing of course. Miss Ery always look the part - I can’t think of a nightmare, that does work.
  3. So as I’ve now covered the Woes and Nightmares + the Elites (sans the new boys). And will take a little break doing skelly pirates and Guild fireblasters - but after that it is back to Neverborn. Then a question comes. Where to go? Which Master would you suggest (+ what modrls?).? I’ve got my eyes on Zoraida or the Savage crew. But could go elsewhere.
  4. One argument that hasn’t been put forth against DMH yet is, that quite soon these masters probably won’t be available for purchase, their cards will probably be limited to an app. So they just won’t be available to all/new players. This should pose some balance concerns for tournament organizers - also concerned with bringing new players into the fold.
  5. I’ll just go with keywords. Painted : Marshalls Family Elite Experimental Redchapel Nightmare Woe In the mail : Forgotten (Brine and Bone) Witch Hunter
  6. I’d go for the Master, that makes you want to paint the most - even if others play it. Then don’t bother about winning every fight, but try your darndest to do so. You will inevitably expand your collection anyway at some point, when you’ve actually have enough experience to regularly win games. But until then, you might as well play with the models you like the most. - Another thing that might happen, as you start playing is, that you learn to appreciate other aspects and tactics of the game, and so learn what is the ‘right’ choice for you, when it comes to playstyle. Me I’ve got 4 Guild crews, 3 Ressurs and 2 Neverborn, and despite me loving the looks of all of them, it is the neverborn that see the brunt of the action.
  7. That would mean, that you’d have to measure range from the dying model, and Nekima is the model that defines the range. Also the ability triggers after the first model has been killed, so it isn’t around for you to target - even if the ability didn’t specifically require you to target ‘another’ model.
  8. Sounds awesome. I’m looking forward to getting Pandora crew on the table myself.
  9. Thanks, I do my best 😛 But yeah, pretty much everything. She seems to not have gotten as much attention in m3e? So I’m looking for experiences, synergies, strategien etc.
  10. How do you do it? And for what schemes do you choose her?
  11. Whoopie! Just returned from the tournament. It was a blast, I dragged things out, so I never got to finish a game, only managed two turns in the first and four in the remaining two. Only played Dreamer, as I quickly realized, that trying out a whole new Master wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my opponents. Round 1 vs the family. Great game vs the Family. Really showed me the potential of the Dreamer, as I summoned, Lucid Dreamed and Fiendish Gambled like there was no tomorrow. If turn 3 had come around, I’m sure the family had been in tears. But as it was, I lost 2 - 1 ( and chomped Perdita ). Round 2 vs. Parker Barrows. I got wrecked. I learned that you need to buy soul stones. But my big problem was, that I didn’t win a WP duel till end turn 3, and I barely won any duels at all, I played to claim Turf War and managed a draw at 3 - 3. Round 3 vs Sonnia Now my teeth where whetted, and I just went aggressively headfirst into the witch hunters, ignoring the threat of Burning. I completely outflanked my opponent, killed most of his minions and dumped explosives all over the place. MVPs were Coppelius and the ‘spiders’, as they’re speed and web sheananigans allowed the rest of the crew to concentrate on wrecking face. Both Summoning and Lucid Dreams played a minor role in this game. The game ended with a win 3 - 1. - I’m glad to see, that Dreamer can play very differently, and there is a ton of fun in his playstyle. My biggest problems were, not knowing my cards and abilities by heart, and equally the Schemes and Strategies. Its hard to make a good plan, if you’re not completely aware of your objectives, and it also makes it harder to learn, how your opponent plays. But a few more games and this will be learned by heart. I didn’t win the tournament of course, but I did win for best painted army - which by a stroke of coincidence happened to a Serena Bowman, so soon my Nightmare keyword will be complete
  12. And of course Serena is the only one, I haven’t got in my collection - yet she seems to be the model, that everyone swears by
  13. Ha! I’d pondered the exact same list – if only to get a chance to test all the woes out
  14. Right, forgot about the Stiched Togethers, they're ready as well.
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