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  1. Dora’s ability is limited to friendly woes, and still demands a discard... So I’m not sure, how you’d go about generically handing out suits. And I’m not sure, how to have enough cards with the proper suits for discarding?
  2. Malifaux is quite complex with tons of options and synergies, that might not be apparent your first few games. So what have been your heureka moments? My latest was figuring out Baby Kade. Using Pandora’s Despairs Influence to give the murder baby a built-in crow trigger, just makes him that more lethal / resource draining. While realising you can use Misery to move opponents into/in his engagement range to trigger Pounce.
  3. Playing either Dreamer or Pandora, I can surely say, that every loss I take is purely because I’m a crappy player.
  4. He upgraded the Effigy to turn into the emissary His crew was Collodi, Vasilisa, Hinamatsu, Stitched, Brutal and Hodgepodge Effigy, Bunraku, changeling and 4 Marionettes.
  5. I’d mostly look at her for Reckoning and Turf War. Scheming isn’t her strong side, but she’s got Iggy to blow up opponent markers. I wouldn’t say, she lacks mobility, there are plenty of pushes and incorporeal troops. And models like Sorrows can be deceptively resilient via Life Leech and incorporeal, they can really stak up some wounds - as long as they are kept away from high end beaters. Pandora is really great at disrupting the opponent. Once they get in contact with her, they are hit with a combination of Slow/Stunned, that renders them useless, while they waste away from Dam1 pings. The bigger opponents fall, as their attacks are turned against themselves. Most deadly is her resource drain, as she forces tons of WP duels to drain a hand, and once an opponent is drained, Pandora has a field day. Activation order is imperative with her, as Defense on your best models comes from manipulative, so you want to get those in position via pushes and effects from other models.
  6. So the fight went down. I ran Pandy, Polter, Candy, Carver, Kade, Iggy, Teddy and a Sorrow - I probably should dumped one of the beaters for a Sorrow/aversion, pushing people into a ditch seems like a great way to deal with enemies. The board spanned a raging river of severe terrain, a couple of natural bridges creating two bottlenecks. Kade & Teddy grabbed a couple of bombs and hit the northern bridge, where they faced off vs Hinamatsu and a Hodgepodge Effissary for 5 rounds, while the puppets managed to drop a bomb and score a point of Ley Lines - through broken and cheating abilities. At the southern choke point, Candy, Pandy, Carver, Iggy and a Sorrow fought the good fight. Candy throwing some great temper tantrums and pushing puppets into the river left and right. Sadly due to 4:5 hands being horrible, I was never really able to push through, and I learned the hard way, that not having an engagement zone can be detrimental. End Result was a 4 - 5 loss, 3 points from Explosives and 1 from Deliver Message. Great Lessons Learned I had some fun with Despairs Influence on Kade, Carver and Candy. My timing was off, but I see its worth now. I finally got the regeneration synergy between Kade and Teddy up and running - while Teddy’s terrifying finally work as a Defense. I generally had horrible hands, at max getting one severe in 4 out of the 5 turns. Luckily the crew can drain an opponents hand fairly easily, while making use of moderates and wreak cards. So my opponent only managed to kill Kade, while all his schemers just wasted away in despair - just a little too slow for me to capitalize on it. But most important of all, I learned never to dump a bomb, when my model isn’t able defend it.
  7. So my opponent has now declared Collodi.
  8. Exactly, I count it as a , that through the nature of another ability, can be treated as a . Treating means, that it retains the attributes of the original state, while abiding by the rules of another. So yes it exists in a state, where it is both. You might be right, that it cannot be used in the situation from the nature of being a at its core, but this only means, that it can never be used at all, as you cannot activate it, and thus cannot treat it differently.
  9. Exactly. But again, try to read the ability, because you quote it wrong, which means, you're probably not reading it right
  10. And you completely miss the point on Gunfighter. Read that ability again, then again and again, until you understand it.
  11. Which makes no sense, as your argumentation completely invalidates Gunfighter. Gunfighter allows 'dita to treat her as a . It does not substitute the with a , nor does it give her a new separate ability. Following your argument means, that 'dita would never be able to attack while engaged, as her is still a . - Again the only point where 'dita wouldn't be able to use Finger on the Trigger would be, when she is/becomes engaged by a model with 2" engagement, as she cannot use her from the nature of being engaged, and she cannot treat it as a , because it is limited to a 1" range.
  12. Thanks for all the great advice so far. I just noticed, I’d written Wedge, when its supposed to be Flank.
  13. I’ve just arranged a game, my opponent hasn’t declared master/faction yet, I myself will go with Pandora, as I need some practice with her. The Strategy is : Plant Explosives, Flank deployment. The Schemes are : Search the Ruins, Harness the Ley Lines, Deliver Message, Hold their Forces, Dig their Graves. So my question is; how would you approach this as a Pandora player?
  14. I’d say, she can shoot, because Finger on the Trigger allows her the shoot action, and Gunfighter allows her to treat it as a claw action. It doesn’t convert the Shoot action into a Claw action, it just allows her to treat it as such, meaning it remains eligible for Trigger and bypasses the limitations for Shooting. The exception would be, if Perdita was engage from outside her 1” engagement meaning, she could neither shoot, nor reach with her claw attack.
  15. My own favorites are Dreamer and ‘dora as well. Thematically, as well as how they perform on the tabletop. Dreamer in the way, that he is building up to become a true oppressive nightmare through Lucid Dreams. And ‘dora in how she is just depressing, as opponents get dragged into Misery and Sorrow and slowly wastes away. And of course because Teddy is a defining model for both.
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