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  1. Well, that’s your opinion others have another, no need to get tie your knickers into a knot over that
  2. But you already have tons of limitations, such as the factions, soulstone cost, not being allowed to bring a deck of only severes, not being able to hire totems without masters etc. Etc. Etc.
  3. My ‘faux collection has spun out of control, now numbering 15 keywords across 5 factions, and so I was wondering if I could have more fun with them otherwise - since I prefer only two keywords. Which of course led me to Through the Breach. I’ve been playing rpgs for 30 years now, with my most memorable experiences coming from Warhammer and Shadowrun - my worst from game-y generic systems like D&D - and the world of ‘faux seems to offer a lot of what these games delivered on. The question is more to the system, does it flow well, does it mechanics support the world? And most impo
  4. Great idea. I’m thinking for basing to do a grey/black thick smoke - then smoke will be the unifying theme of my Arcanists. So that could help hide a pin 🤔
  5. Working on Howard ‘Fiddly Bits’ Langston. Jeez! He’s a nightmare. He won’t fit the base - but will only connect via 3 blade points. And the mecha dendrils in his back fit horribly in the holes, not to mention his pony tail wiring - but I still prefer M2 model poses to the M3 ones
  6. The armor looks amazing, but the banners need some sort of design beyond mere black. And the blade looks like technically great NMM, but the shine is just that, with no consideration of what would be reflected. So I’m sure you can do better - but I couldn’t 🥸
  7. As much as I appreciate a good trolling, please do so elsewhere. I started this thread to get some insight in playing Ironsides not trash-talking Steve.
  8. At least he is very clear, if not useful. But I do believe he’s right in Langston being a prime beater. Vent Steam + movement sheananigans easily turns him into a ‘min4’ beater. (Coming from Pandora, I know how powerful hazardous terrain can be if used aggressively) - but he also seems like a big investment; his own 10 stones + 6 for a steamfitter + Amina to Obey him to max out. I’m very much in love with the Gunsmiths - coming from Neverborn I hardly know what ranged attacks do - unlike true gun crews like Parker and ‘Perdita, I like the ‘combined arms’ approach in the M&SU with
  9. Thanks for your effort. That was very enlightening.
  10. You’re the first to be so negative. So can you expand on how you play Toni. Other than ‘this-and-this is crap’?
  11. I’m about to start painting up the M&SU. And since the thought of fighting for worker’s rights appeal to me, there’s an actual chance I’m gonna play them - when I get bored with my creepy neverborn kids. ‘Trouble is, when I play around with choosing crews in theory, I quickly end up running out of stones - as I wanna field all of them :). So I’m asking for some pointers, what stables do you bring, what models do you tech in. What won’t you use. Like for instance, what Henchman do you choose - Captain, Amina, Fitzsimmons or any combination thereof. Are there games you won’t b
  12. Next crew has arrived. I’ve been wanting to do that girl gunsmith since forever
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