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  1. Who knows what Lucius eats? He's stylish and stealthy and seems to control people of weak will which are all classic vampire tropes.
  2. Ludvig


    The merc models are more glass cannons than tanks. Tanky is more of a freikorps thing (freikorps are also mercenaries storywise). The Viks and Bishop are barely dressed.
  3. Ludvig

    Slow Bayou Forum

    The guild section is pretty saturated with jokes and silly stuff that doesn't add all that much betawise but in my experience gremlins have a lot less players than most other factions. The problem with the silly stuff in m2e was that when it went well it went really well and that gave a lot of negative press. Having the silly stuff which people remember mainly when it overperforms spectacularly and also a smaller player base is a dangerous combination. I hope you guys make it through in decent shape.
  4. After the beta is done they still need to do layout, send an order for printing and wait for shipping. Last edition change there were several months between the beta ending and the new rules being released as far as I recall.
  5. Even if there isn't a specifically named stack you often end up in situations where two or three things are waiting to resolve. I don't find it very clear if a declared trigger or ability which met the conditions for being applied would be lost just because the acting model ended the current activation. Nothing in the base rules say that triggers and abilities only happen during a models activation, if they can resolve during the end step or out of activation then why not between two model activations? Regret ending the activation doesn't mention if abilities and triggers are resolved so the natural thing for me would be to continue on to the next ability that we were about to resolve. Regret ends the activation but doesn't say it ends the ongoing action resolution.
  6. Haven't looked at Somer that hard but he also has a bayou two-card aura and arcane reservoir so his card game seems a lot stronger. His summons are insignificant which gives them a very unique role and he is bayou so I doubt his crew feels much like the other two. I feel like Ramos and Sandeep have very different models in their crews. They have non-shared abilities on their cards so I'm not sure they're that similar in playstyle, Sandeep will keep doing his god-awful ranged game while Ramos will try to get stuck in. If anything Sandeep seems like a much better version of Ramos since he summons with less detrimental upgrades, at a higher stat and without needing markers. His explosions are also bigger. I don't think we risk seing too much of Ramos since he's being phased out via DMH and what I assume are meant to be rules below the general power curve so it seems excessive to put too much focus into differentiating them. I don't care if mechanics are similar as long as crews feel different. As Fetid said there are an awful lot of crews with similar attack mechanics or that revolve around scrap or armour or some general condition. Not everything can or should be unique just for the sake of it, it gets really hard to finish games when abilities are unique just for the sake of it.
  7. It seems pretty clear to me. Targeting restrictions are stated to work the same as "may only be taken once per X" restrictions so as long as it's a different model taking the actio you should be able to target the same model, otherwise the targeting restriction isn't working like normal "can only do this once per X" actions. Examples don't cover all possible events but in this case the example isn't that helpful I think. If you just mentally substitute "this action cannot be taken" for "this action cannot target" abd apply all the rules text you should arrive at the coclusion that different models can target the same model.
  8. I don't agree on this. Friendly ap granting abilities were usually worth about two ap so nrver charging out of activation seems needlessly harsch. It is only when you take ap for an enemy that I can see a problem, not being able to declare charges for opposing models could make sense. Thrn again it is now pretty pointless to move an eny once with obey since they can usually just charge back for an ap so the control aspect of obey got devalued with 1ap charges.
  9. Ludvig


    @Ceej you can't reduce to 0 unless specifically mentioned so you are taking that 1 damage from reckless no matter what.
  10. "Combat Finesse: Actions targeting this model cannot be Cheated." Is that the duel or both duel and damage? I seem to remember that bonuses to attack actions in m2e were only the actual duel because of how damage was worded. Just wanted to check. I'm not sure how you would reword to make it clearer, maybe something in the base rules makes this clear?
  11. Step 4 of replacing says: If the new and original models belong to the same Crew, the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted the original model, such as Schemes and Tokens. The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects. Do tokens on the old model even transfer to the new model? I'm a bit hazy on the "target" part of that rule. The token rules state that models gain tokens and have them. Are we to assume that the tokens target that model?
  12. Why are there several models in the crew (including the mandatory totem) which give you corpses without kills if having access to corpses hasn't been included in the model balancing? On further consideration I think the one corpse marker per action is a pretty healthy restriction and if you really want to grow you'll need your master to help you out. It still seems to me like growing from corpses without any models dying is a very deliberate inclusion in the crew.
  13. Ludvig


    I think they look pretty neat for a 4ss model. The real stars bring the hurt while these guys sit behind a house and then you go reckless to get 6 actions instead of 4 on the last two turns of the game or something similar. They seem like purely scheme runners with a backup use if someone gets near them to give out adversary so your real models can protect them. Put one on each flank and if the opponent can't devote enough resources you bring home the VP. If they counter you the Ortega crew puts out pretty decent range damage and can hopefully reposition to protect them.
  14. From page 36: "A model can only take an Action or Ability that is once per Activation once during an Activation. A model can only take an Action or Ability that is once per Turn once on any given Turn. These limitations are all by Action (or Ability) and model, so a given model could, for example, take multiple once per Activation effects so long as they were on different Actions or Abilities. Some of these effects have additional modifiers, such as being limited to targeting a specific model once per Activation. These work the same way, with the specific limitations mentioned." It looks like its allowed since different models seem to count separately towards the once per activation thing for targeting limitations as well. "These limitations are all by action and model..." and "These [targeting limitations] work the same way..."
  15. The initiative is super important. I think it's important on a level where you might try to hold a 12+ of a specific suit or the RJ in hand for an entire turn just to be able to cheat it on the next initiative. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, it is certainly a unique way of planning ahead compared to other strats even if it is very luck based. A crew which can draw more cards mid turn or pick the top of the discard seems almost mandatory.
  16. Yeah, Vtfro already corrected me so I posted a correction. The rulebook states any flip can be cheated unless something says otherwise so the question is if the reflipped card is considered part of your initiative and thus already cheated or if it is a fresh flip that you could cheat even if you already cheated in the joker to win. The whole point of cheating any flip is that you changewhich value and suit is considered flipped. Otherwise cheating a new card for anything would do nothing.
  17. Doh, I was getting things mixed up. I guess having the joker counts as winning but you flip another card to determine which suit it counts as? If you cheated the joker you have already cheated on that flip but if you topdecked the joker you should be able to swap in any card to get the suit you'd like. Some clarity on this would be helpful.
  18. When you cheat a flip the cheated card counts as the flipped one, otherwise you would never be able to up your damage by cheating so the suit of the card you cheat replaces the old one just like in any other flip. See page 9 on cheating: "Cheating Fate Sometimes, a flip does not end up quite the way that you’d like. Malifaux gives players the opportunity to change their destiny by using Fate Cards from their hand to Cheat Fate. After flipping a card, a player has the opportunity to Cheat Fate by replacing the card they flipped into the Conflict with a card from their hand." The red joker is described on page 7: "The Red Joker has a value of 14 and has one suit of its owner’s choosing." The red joker lets you choose which suit you want to count it as so is really good for this strat. Considering how much worse it is for damage these days I think cheating it for the strat is probably the best use for it.
  19. In m2e I always played it like you determine who has LoS and thus is affected at the declaration point. After that you never add or remove models to which models will be resolved against but you resolve in any order you wish. If a new model would add a demise effect the pulse from that effect will depend on the game state at the moment that ability happens. Mentally you could imagine that in really tricky situations you write a list of each model affected and then work through that list as it looked at the moment of creation. Models with new pulses that happen as a part of working through thr list will get a little dropdown menu from the oiginal list where you do the same tally to see which models should be part of the sublist at the moment of its creation. I would appreciate if the rules made an.attempt to explain this clearly one way or the other.
  20. It never matures in a single turn, you can have a million grow markers on it but since it needs to replace at the end of its activation the new model comes in already activated. You'd need reactivate to mature in the same turn as you grew and that doesn't seem to be available in neverborn. So you have a middling nephilim with a maximum of four wounds that could potentially grow into an activated mature with about six wounds if you were super sneaky and did it near the end of one turn and manage to stack some healing effects. So Hayreddin summons the tot turn three, it snacks on unlimited corpses and grows turn three. The new model can acuvate earliest turn four and replace itself at the end of the activation. If you have obeys you get a few ap from thr mature turn four, otherwisr you only have the turn five activation. The mature nephilim is balanced around being grown into just like summonable models are balanced for being summoned, it's not exactly an exact science where summonable model loses X stat and the game is automatically balanced. Many masters need one marker and one ap along with a decent card to get an extra model. The nephs need two markers but no card to upgrade a model by 3ss.
  21. It shouldn't be that much of a problem, you'll be putting a ton of resources into that model which will still go down pretty fast when the enemy focuses their attention on it. The resources spent to grow a tot into a mature are beyond what most summoners spend to put a big model on the table from thin air. The exception here is that thr opponent needs to cause four wounds to kill the tot before it grows into anyting useful.
  22. @Marcusito I can't remember the last time I tried to be shooty in guild. All the beaters were melee monsters and debt to the guild was insane with flurrying models. I usually even used Perdita to charge in for the free crit strikes and because she was almost immortal with Francisco's buff so she would tie up really scary models. She would push up and shoot turn one because people were usually too far off to use all three ap on close attacks. I never got monster hunters, if I had those I might have tried some shooting. McCabe would put nimble on some big bad beater and then charge in with it and Francisco. Hoff would go full stomp usually. The exception was Sonnia of course but she always took a cheerleader crew and the rest melee models. To some extent Lucius wouls be shooty by commanding the odd shot from a thrall before meee ensued since he couldn't make them charge out of activation. I also ran a single pathfinder with him if I could shit down an approach with a trap to lock down half the board.
  23. Wouldn't know where to start in m3e to be honest. I've sort of drifted around all over the place and lost touch with guild. In m2e I'd start with Frank and the Jury and build the rest to taste. I'll enjoy finding out what makes her tick in m3e.
  24. Considering the range that model is firing at it seems like that's just her melee attack range. I think it's more her way to put stuff to their final rest.
  25. @Marcusito What core changes have impacted our playstyle? I don't have enough m3e games to have an opinion on that. Damagewise we seem to be much more in line with the other factions which isn't a bad thing but having ridiculous weak damage was a pretty central part of what being guild meant for me. Many guild players would call a 6ss model with "only" 2 min damage weak and barely touch a model over 8ss that didn't have min 4.
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