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    Nellie vs Perdita and Question

    How did Nino ruin your day? Him drawing LoS to a model behind your wagon should be exceedingly rare so I'm not sure why you had trouble pushing it. Nellie is pretty strong, you can't really get around that. All masters were not created equal and Nellie is arguably the best guild master. From my quick calculations it also looks like you are over 50ss? Edit: I put it into the app and your list clocks in at 54 ss so your opponent shouldn't feel too bad. You should have had two upgrades less and a 4ss cache or played without the field reporter. Your opponent had a list with only wave 1 models so that might have also have been a slight disadvantage. The Judge's upgrade is pretty costly and probably didn't end up doing much? Maybe two debts or LLCs instead of the Judge's upgrade would have gotten more use. His upgrades aren't super efficient but Nellie and Phiona make Dig their graves jokingly easy even when playing with the same amount of soulstones. Since Nino doesn't stop Nellie from dropping markers maybe he could have been left at home. Then again that Perdita list should have been able to obliterate some of your models from far away. Did Perdita push up to start pressuring you turn one? With Francisco's buff she could probably have tanked quite well and she is also immune to the lawyer's debuff. Papa Loco is a model that can perform spectacularly but does not always make back his points. From your report it sounds like Loco exploded on his own crew? That's not great and will turn a match. If he had exploded in your crew because your opponent out-activated and delivered Loco with a Brutal Emissary of his own the match might have looked a bit different.
  2. I don't think it would double, it's more of a "are you or are you not in contact with such a marker" kind of statement. If anything certain people would argue that if you are touching two markers you don't fulfill the condition since you aren't in contact with "a marker" but two markers. I think this argument isn't correct.
  3. I'm guessing masters that need corpse markers will have some way of generating those in theme. The emissary creating cover and zombies is a super good thing for most ressers in m2e so anyone using corpses or thinking they'll need some mobile cover in m3e would probably still consider the emissary a pretty good model. I guess that is the point of having versatile models, if everyone have everything in theme there isn't much point of having versatile models in the game. Hopefully there will be a tradeoff in versatility vs survivability/damage output/etc. so that the emissary will be a good pick in certain setups but the in theme models will have a role in other setups.
  4. This looks fun! I like the growth mechanic for effigies. Not sure if you'll be able to hire the emissary with the effigy and then grow it so you have two emissaries but that was my first thought. I don't mind picking the emissary because I actually like the emissary rules and not because I need some ability for my master. Master patches and upgrades to open up new playstyles should go on the master themselves or optional totems in my opinion. I'll happily keep using my old avatars as the new generic emissaries, it makes more sense for avatar Sonnia to join Lady Justice than to have Sonnia in two different states of time on the same board. I did greatly appreciate the option to still use my avatar models so I hope they stay legal as proxies.
  5. That discussion was highly relevant to the first question, I also realise I contradicted myself from just a few months ago. I guess that should resolve the second question as well.
  6. Had a quick look atthe rulebook during lunch. Crews are made up of models, scheme markers are friendly to one crew but are not a part of your crew. That means if someone else kills an enemy model near your adze it can choose to count as a scheme marker but if adze made the kill itself you can't both be considered to have killed an enemy model with your crew and count that adze as a marker. Your opponent scoring schemes against adze seems like a major headache. I guess it is immune to all schemes targeting it so you should give your opponent a heads up on that before the game so they don't choose it for schemes. I would assume the rule was meant for when adze's controller is calculating VP but as I read the current wording it does seem to make it immune to pretty much all the schemes in the game that require scoring against enemy models. I guess adze spam could be disruptive in certain scheme settings.
  7. Sorry for jumping the gun on that one, I didn't double check my app but went from memory. Quoting the relevant rule in the question is both allowed and highly appreciated so everyone doesn't need to go to their app/books.
  8. Ludvig

    Mirror Match Advice

    Nellie is a solid pick in Ours! and should handle those schemes well. Sonnia isn't a fan of big beefy models with armour so something like a Peacekeeper can throw a spanner in her works. As a general rule spreading out and having armour and/or many wounds on most models will mess with Sonnia herself. She can still pick a crew for ignoring armour of course. Perdita is a bit tricky, to survvive her it's good to have armour and cover at the same time. My favourite picks are McMourning and (neverborn) Lucius. McMourning brings Sebastian who can put up a cover aura and can use his upgrade to hire waldgeists. Lucius in neverborn can use waldgeists to set up cover and use illuminated as missiles or various lures to bring Francisco into comfortable striking range for you to take him out. Generally Perdita is somehwat less comfortable if you can take out Francisco early so lures are always good. Taking him out usually hurts her both offensively and defensively. I'm not sure what Nellie has to hinder shooting, you might need to out-activate while you are safe turn one and use a beefy mofo that you push up and give fast to try and wreck the hell out of Perdita's list (Francisco first) and put her on the defensive. If she's only doing weak damage she isn't that bad so hard to wound and a big pile of wounds is usually good against her. That being said she is likely deleting a decent model per turn if you give her good shooting angles so keep a close watch on her range and try to prioritise killing family models so she can't push just any way she likes. If she's pushing backwards to escape a 3" engagement turn 2 or is forced to walk closer to strike the model tying her down you have at least controlled who she gets to attack so some of your models can do their stuff in relative peace.
  9. Yep, favourite trick of Rasputina and Avatar Sonnia (in campaigns).
  10. I think the first question was discussed recently (here or in the neverborn subtopic), try searching for that question. In question 2: No, they will still score. Adze is still Adze it can just count as a scheme marker as well, it doesn't stop being the model.
  11. Ludvig

    Daydream and corpse marker??

    I love stitched, you always know something is dying. They're also one of my most hated models, it seems to correlate with which crew they are part of.
  12. Ludvig

    Daydream and corpse marker??

    You'd have to hire something like hounds at which point the teddy would be cheaper. Zoraida can create a somewhat workable Teddy-engine with her voodoo doll if that's your cup of tea. If you search for it you should find it. The morestandarf way is having a bunchof stuff die on either side early in the game.
  13. Ludvig

    Daydream and corpse marker??

    They don't for exactly the reason you mentioned.
  14. Ludvig

    ToS Henchman program?

    Sorry I haven't gotten onboard with ToS yet because of non-gaming stuff going on. With Malifaux we just got a couple of guys together and played games and had open demos but the timing was right because people were jumping from other games at the time. I though this was the hench forum, I blame sleep deprivation as my defense.
  15. Ludvig

    ToS Henchman program?

    GW and Privateer had similar programs in the past at least and I believe you just hosted whichever games you wanted to. This is a strictly voluntary deal.
  16. Ludvig

    ToS Henchman program?

    Maybe I'm missing something, what difference does it make if it's split or not? The only thing coming from it being split would be like a separate currency so you can't buy ToS minis with Malifaux hench credits? You could just have two local henches focusing one of ToS and one on Mali if it's the same program. Time and energy of the people hosting events seems to be the crucial factor, if I have to do it for both games myself it doesn't add much to have me apply for a "Tenchman" program as well so I can host both Mali and ToS. If I'm a henchman and don't bother picking up ToS there's just some stuff in the store that doesn't interest me but I'll just keep doing Mali stuff. If it's the same program I can preorder goodies for ToS by using some of my leftover soulstones from Mali events.
  17. You could just add something about it always attaching an upgrade of a certain type when it is summoned. Not sure it will keep the master specific upgrades or how similar the rules will be since I'm not in the beta, it could work very differently in m3e.
  18. Ludvig

    Serena Bowman Rules Query

    The reason if you need to justify it is that abilities are always active and Serena's ability doesn't say she comes back in the next end phase. In a very unlikely event of multiple models that deal damage when they die she could potentially come back several times in the same end phase.
  19. Ludvig

    Serena Bowman Rules Query

    A new Serena would be summoned immediately. Note that it is a new model with the same name but if they had a scheme to kill her they will have succeeded and if you had her for entourage or something the newly summoned one can't score. Summoned models also don't carry any upgrades.
  20. That is exactly what happens in the stories and a pretty smart way of bringing back the old avatar rules without needing 40 new profiles in the game so that sounds like a promising change to me. I've been loathe to run the emissary and effigy in the same list since they are the same entity, it would be like running a warcaster and their epic version in the same warmahordes list.
  21. Ludvig

    Which Box is best for starting

    Wouldn't both your heroes be worse off if Hoffman had modded the carcass of his own brother and continued the charade after finding out the truth? He would have been a very different person in my eyes.
  22. I would second Lilith for the neverborn side but I think McMourning is a poor choice for guild. He looks good next to the starter models but can't use his whole box in guild currently so is bad for reaching a 50ss game and he doesn't have much synergy rules wise. I can't remember if the starter models would stay hireable in any faction or just be versatile in their respective factions but McMourning is going back to being a pure resser so he might not even be able to use the starter models in the next edition. Sonnia has some synergy because the models have the witch hunter tag so she has a few upgrades that interact well with them and she greatly appreciates pushes from Grimwell. Sonnia can be a bit love or hate, especially for new players since she can feel rather hopeless to defend against. Lilith might actually be a decent counter to her though, especially if you experiment with adding a lot of terrain to limit Sonnia's rather overpowering blasting ability. Lady Justice is always a pretty solid starter pick as well, she is very straightforward and not overly concerned with crew synergy. Hoffman doesn't do that much with the starter models if played "naked" but has a decent starting box and if you have the latest upgrade deck he can make anyone a robot so they fit his playstyle. A note on Lilith: dead man's hand masters will still be fully playable and get new rules just not 100% tournament legal (but likely allowed in most competitve events)
  23. Ludvig

    How tall is Lord Chompy?

    I sincerely hope chompy doesn't really exist.
  24. Ludvig

    So long! Have fun ...

    Thanks for doing a great job Kai! Best of luck!
  25. Ludvig

    How would you base Lucius?

    I have city/forest bases for the respective factions but gave Lucius a marble base. On the rest of my cross faction models like the doppleganger I did a forest road being reclaimed by nature so I combined elements of my citybases and forest bases.