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  1. I'm a new player, and after being harrangued, harrased, chided, bribed, and cajoled into attending GenCon I'm seriously considering my first tournament being the Sunday Enforcer Brawl. Seems simple enough, and it would be a chance to interact with the community beyond my local FLGS and our nascent little group. So I come to open the floor to the wisdom of all: what's the nastiest filth we can slap on the table? Mind you, the sole objective is by no means to win, but I have to assume that the table will be MAXIMUM FILTH: FILTH ON FILTH, and I want to be able to take a few swings, at least. I'll open with a few thoughts: Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper= Leaping, crushing, shutting down defensive tech and sniping/rocketpunching weak or unhurt models, farming those sweet sweet VPs. Theodore + On Dreaming Wings/Retribution's Eye= Flying Bear or Armor Ignoring DF/WP trigger shutdown Bear? Bishop + Oathkeeper= Seems fantastically versatile, with the option for one epic NO SURVIVORS double flury turn. Also I'd probably paint him as Lobo. Howard Langston + Imbued Energies = Decapitate against four card hands, so spice! Izamu + Unnerving Aura = Hard-bodied, a self heal, and an aura that has the potential to swipe some easy hurt-em-first VPs Teach me your ways!
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