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Found 4 results

  1. Have any of you tried 'Vasilisa' with the dreamer? you take her with the upgrade 'Strum the Threads' and make all you summoned Stitched Together Fast The only problem i see is the 2 damage and the heal from dreamer is difficult to manage.
  2. My first (and only atm) Master is Somer, I'm looking at the following for my crew for 35ss: Somer + Family Tree - 2ss Skeeter (totem) - 2ss Bayou Gremlin X4 - 12 SS Lenny w/ Dirty Cheater - 10ss Slop Hauler - 5ss Models I have (ready to play): Hog Whisperer, Wild Boars (3), Sammy LaCroix, Whiskey Golem, 4 more Bayou Gremlins Models I have (still in box): Brewmaster box (intend to use with Whiskey golem prolly), piglets, pigapult, gracie, War Wabbit I'm trying to keep my list simple til I am more comfortable with everyone's abilities and how Gremlins work ingame etc. The Bayou Gremlins are fun but I notice their damage wasn't very good unless I really focus fired - or maybe I should have been taking potshots at the chaff first. Anyway still figuring this out, comments appreciated =D
  3. Hi, A week ago all I knew about Malifaux was the vague knowledge that it was one of the many games inhabiting the walls of my FLGS. I had never played it I didn't know anyone who had played it. In fact those two conditions are still accurate. BUT the important thing was way back then I didn't own any of the books or miniatures for the game, now six days later I own; 1 Burgandy Fate Deck Malifaux Rules Manual Rising Powers Twisted Fates (or whatever the other one is called I don't have it to hand.) C. Hoffman Perdita Ortega Lucius Governor's Secretary Lady Justice Sonia Criid Francisco Ortega Nino Ortega Santiago Ortega Papa Loco (presumably Ortega) Abuela Ortega Lawyer Guildguard Captain Judge Samael Hopkins 3 X Witchling Stalkers 2 X Guild Austringers 5 X Guild Guards 3 X Death Marshalls 1 X Executioner 1 X Peacekeeper 1 X Ryle Guild Pawn 1 X Guardian 1 X Watcher 1 X Hunter 1 X Avatar of Conflagration 1 X Drill Sergeant 1 X Governor's Proxy 1 X Enslaved Nephilim 1 X Scales of Justice 1 X Purifying Flame 1 X Mechanical Attendant and 1 X Miss Pack (Nurse) which rather confuses me. Now if I ever get all or in fact any of the above assembled, where do I go from here. In all that confusing array above is there anything notably missing that I should get? Advise on constructing a crew and tactics would be appreciated. Rannith "I will bend like a reed in the wind..," *CRACK* "Bugger..,"
  4. Hello All, So been playing for a few months now and I'm finding Lilith et al awesome. From here I'm going to count my Win/Draw/Lose and see how it goes. I first have to say I have found even a crew with Lilith, Terror tots, Young & Mature Nephilim's with Cherub have worked for most Strats & Schemes and against the 4/5 crews I fielded them again. That said I will be getting the Twins soon. The first point I wanted to bring up was that of crew potentials and last night I tried something a bit different. My 35stones crew agains Nicodem was: Lilith, Cherub, 2 Tots, 1 Young, 1 Mature and last of all Taylor (yes Taylor) Now I've not spotted anyone else put this forward but Taylor offers a lot and by chance even more in my games yesterday as Nicodem had two hanged. At 9stones she is expensive however she hits hard (fitting in with the crew) with a 3" reach. Not only that but she has a magical (take that hanged) which ignore armor which can shatter constructs form 3" away. On top of this Hard to Kill, Hard to wound and lifer with Df 5 makes her more durable than a Mature Nephilim. I think I have made my point but understands there maybe better combo's but found her useful and really like the model. You can't beat people carry a big hammer (mainly as they beat you first) Last of all a contribution to winning two games last night was the unlikely spell of Earthquake. First battle saw Line in the sand and though I want to stop them getting there so started Cherub Earthquake x2 plus one from Lilith meant everyone was starting 6" further up. Then with the second battle Joint treasure hunt I needed to beat his dogs there so same again whole crew mover up from the corner then though Lilith and Mature forward had the treasure Turn two and a line blocking the terror tot running it back to my deployment. In fact the second game saw me playing defensively with Lilth which was new. Until Next time..... :lilith :viktoria1 2/0/0 0/0/0
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