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  1. I think i would change the LLC to Expert Marksman on both Spelleaters so they could hunt Necropunks.
  2. Untill a Rider gets burning +3 or +5 and he cannot do his Revel in (x) efficiently.
  3. I think you should let Samael in LoS to a friendly model so you can do his for extra move or a free disengage so instead of 2 melee you could shoot three times. Also against Levi i think i would change LLC on for Expert Marksman on both Spelleaters. Sonnia can be so scary if she get the right hands, i saw how you kill 3 models in one activation. 💪
  4. No because in the FAQs (Section 5-12) said that the Exclusive Interview is considered both friendly and enemy. Anyway if the model isn't within 2" if Nellie?
  5. If Nellie make "One More Question!" on an enemy model within 6" of a friendly Guild Lawyer the Chatty abilitie works so the enemy model must gain Slow, discard a card from Chatty and take Interact Action to give Focus +1 and a card draw to Nellie. The question is, can the enemy decided not to discard the card? I say it's not possible because both (Nellie's attack and Lawyer's Chatty is something you must do) but @4thstringer told me there are some people who are not agree with this. So i want some clarification or see the other point of view.
  6. Thats true, Stewards card draw more casual.
  7. No because you MUST take the interact from Nellie (it's not an option) so you MUST discard a card from Lawyer.
  8. I really like the shenanigans between Nellie-Lawyer Nellie make One More Question! on a model withing 6" of Lawyer so the enemy model gain Slow, must take Interact and must discard a card from Lawyers Chatty. Then Nellie draw a card and gain Focus +1. And if he drop an scheme withing 6" of Steward you draw an extra card.
  9. Yes i'm sure, but my advices was on the way how he can use other models he is going to pick (Nellie and Phiona) and how could help him. I think the best use for Nellie is slowing models, stunning when giving distracted and with Twisting their Ideals. So Hinamatsu or a dangerous model would become useless next activation. Then you can focus on killing Candy o Pandora.
  10. O sure, he can play with Perdita + LM + PR, but i am giving him advices with Journalist models.
  11. I think a good option could be use Nellie's "obey" to charge with Hinamatsu (after giving slow) against Candy or a modem who is back, so you make him to move 8" away from you, then you spend one of his pass tokens to make an attack with stat 6 and if she has focus used It too. I would use Phiona agains Candy but be sure you have tiggers for cheating. If you drop a scheme marker around Candy Phiona will ignore Manipulative. You can put enought damage and slow to make your oponent to concentrate on safe her instead of stunned you. And you can use Lawyer to bring a high cars back and ob
  12. I am starting with Nellie too. I think she need some models ook to shenaningans. What he usually play with Pandora?
  13. I don't play with Guardian even with Hoffman, and i like the model, but you have Joss, Howard and Melissa on similar cost. And remember that Pathfinder do the Follow my path each Start Phase so you can give 10" push at the end of the game.
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