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  1. I usually play the option B and is very good to get almost every scheme.
  2. Option A: You get mobility and strong mele fighters. Soul Stone Cache: 4 [Masters] - Charles Hoffman, Leader [Henchmen] - Joss + Lead-Lined Coat - Ryle Hoffman [Enforcers] - Mechanical Attendant - Peacekeeper - Howard Langston [Minions] - Watcher Option B: More shooting and less mobility, but more healing and one more activation. Soul Stone Cache: 2 [Masters] - Charles Hoffman, Leader [Henchmen] - Joss + Lead-Lined Coat - Ryle Hoffman [Enforcers] - Mechanical Attendant - Peacekeeper - Mobile Toolkit [Minions] - Guardian - Watcher
  3. He potentially can shoot 4 times with a . And two of those shoot would already ignore cover and concealment. So if you need a minion to ignore armour i would look for other one.
  4. That would break the balance of the factions (again) so i really doubt that la gonna happen again.
  5. belorey

    scheme runners

    Watcher can move 16" each turn so os very fast for far away schemes. If you give It to him fast in first/second turn plus you Toss with Guardian he can move 33" in that turn to score breackthout or corrupted idols.
  6. I played with Hoffman in Arcanist with Diesel Engine and Arcane upgrade. But i wanna try with guild (with the rest if my crews)
  7. Nope, he is the first time he lost a game with McM. It was my first time wirh Perdita. Maybe he has to improve more the crew, but he already know very well how It works. Anyway its hard to do your things when your enemy is shooting you since turn 1. 😅
  8. Well my egypcian crew i would like to see: Master: a British egyptology Henchman: Steampunk Soldier Enforcer: Anubis with carabine (Pic above) Enforcer: Apofis Tótem: Khepri And some mummys, and workers as minions. 😁
  9. You're right. Haha thanks
  10. Yes, water and forest (where you ser trees) were severe. And forest give concealment and blocking LoS.
  11. I deployed hin behind the crew to give support. He has movility and his ⚡ can heal y a 6" area. In the second turn with 3 fate tokens + the ram i get shooting to Rogue Necromancy i give It to him injuries +4 (so he had 0 def all the turn) and hi died with the shoots of Pale + Niño.
  12. No, Niño survived, but i killed Kentauroi too fast with Perdita in the second turn. First i shoot him twice and he has 2 live before dead so he try to charge Perdita whist moving McM. So i shoot again with perdita couse of his finger on the trigger and i couldnt get the vendetta. 😅
  13. We take few picks. Next time i'll take more.
  14. I played today my first game with Perdita against McM and i won 5-1 (It could be 7-1 but i killed kentauroi too fast and Niño Ortega couldn't get the vendetta scheme) Pale Rider is a must in the crew. Here the list i played: Guild, 50 SS Beta version 3.22.19 Soul Stone Cache: 6 [Masters] - Perdita Ortega, Leader [Henchmen] - Francisco Ortega + Lead-Lined Coat [Enforcers] - Enslaved Nephilim - Santiago Ortega + Lead-Lined Coat - Nino Ortega - Abuela Ortega - Pale Rider
  15. I seek advice for the synergies of the Family. how many times it is advisable to use the skill ¡A por él!? Is Niño Ortega a good option for free action? Any advice not to empty your hand quickly?
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