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  1. What would you do to become Frontiers more competitive? I would redesign the Frontiers Home on the Range skill. Maybe something like: Once per Activation, after this model end its activation choose a friendly Frontier in LoS and push up to his Mv in any direction. Or: Once per Activation, after this model end its activation choose a friendly model in LoS and take an interact action or draw a card. Any other idea?
  2. If the Pistolero rise his wound to 5, you can use grit only when you already are 2 wounds to die and any model can kill him before he activate. I don't really see Grit as a ability that would help Pistolero.
  3. FAMILY: They really need some additions to the crew. Maybe new Minion who can be Scheme Runners and have enought surviving. Anyway: Pistolero de Látigo: Poor stats for a poor Minion. He has only 4 wounds so if you do Reckles he can die with a minimun damage. A Fistfull of Scrip is an abilitie that never happens, his attack action has a 4 stat and deal 1/2/4 that could become 2/3/5 with critical strike (the 25% of the times). I would rise his wounds to a minimun of 5 and give it to them a way to heal. And i'd change A Fistfull os Scrip for another abilitie to drop schemes without killing. Niño Ortega: i would become Minion (1)
  4. Sorry, the autocorrector of my phone.
  5. It was my first game with Rider un a Dashel list and i did't face Stock before so i lose. But i can see the potential of the list. Anyway, i think next time i should add a Death Marshall Recruiter insteas of Steward.
  6. My last game vs Von Stock Pool: 5 Leader: Dashel Barker Totem(s): The Dispatcher Hires: Taggart Queeg Lead-Lined Coat Executioner Executioner 2 Guild Steward Pale Rider Summing guards for take the hit purpouse.
  7. Well, thats all i want to ask you. 😂 Do you think Niño Ortega should be a Minion (1) in Family crew? I feel like all the crew is full of enforcers with just a cuple of Minions (and Pistolero del Latigo isn't a good choice most of the time). So seems like is imposible to get full advantage from an upgrade with the crew. If Niño becomes a Minion we could use LLC and get Shieled +2 or No Prisoners for "Catch Them".
  8. Sure, and if the Dispacher isn't nearby you aleways can shoot an enemy close to the executioner and use the Drop It! trigger to get the scheme.
  9. Perdita with all the shoots that the family can do each turn (most of then with focus). Hoffman has: Joss + Peacekeeper + Howard + Ryle (ok, he is DMH but if you are aloud to use it...) Dashel, nobody is gonna speak about the guild summoner? You have 2 executioners and if they get killed you can bring It back to the game. (No more questions your honor).
  10. When we see the whole keyword we'll know if is a good option or not. But from now seems a nice combo woth Winston Finnigan.
  11. Basse and McCabe are happy to meet new people in the ES.
  12. So this week wyrd show a new Minion with two keyword Seeker and Syndicate (they share It with the bew henchman). What do you think? The chronicle (geomancy) makes me think this crew are going to get enought healing yo create at least 2/3 each turn.
  13. One thing i learnerd: kill the Rider before turn 4. 😂😂😂 Great game and i want a rematch.
  14. I'm thinking Dashel is gonna be my next crew (i already have Perdita, Basse and Hoffman). I like the idea of a summoning gang but i don't really know how to build It. I played few gamea these days un vassal and i have some cuestions: How do you build a 50ss list? Do you star games with 2 executioners or you prefer to get a 13 and summon It? Which upgrades are good for Minions? And for Dashel or Queeg? Any advice of how draw cards? The Guild would reward any help.
  15. Do you think this guy is Daeva's leader? Or maybe a umbra máster/henchman/enforcer... Make your bet.
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