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  1. Size: 50 - Pool: 19 Leader: Misaki Katanaka Totem(s): Shang Hires: Minako Rei Ototo Torakage Thunder Archer If i should build a list wirhout knowing schemes/strat and enemie. I would take those 4 models. Then i probably add Fuhatsu and some upgrades. Or Effigy/Emisary.
  2. I won because better schemes selección. I think 6-3 was the final score. Death Marshal and Scales move 2 markers to score 3VP from Break the Line. I score 2VP from Hidden Martyrs (Jury-DM) and 1VP from Vendetta with Lone Marshal. If i would play more defensively the Lone Marshal after first point i could hidde him for second, but the Forgotten Marshal killed with a Red Joker. I played Justica too agresive so i payed and she died before she actívate in T4 but at that point Emissary was already on the middle doing his job. I like the models, 33 its fine but i can see has more potential on Tara's list. Anyway i think i buried like 4/5 enemie models during the game what is pretty cool.
  3. My first game with JL2 vs Molly2 was: Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Lady Justice Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Scales of Justice Hires: The Jury The Lone Marshal Brutal Effigy Effigy of Fate 33 Domador De Cadaveres Death Marshal I would now probable changed Domador for other DM + LLC (for LM)
  4. O sure with Torakages, Ototo and new enforcer you can get more shadows. But i was thinking about this abilitie.
  5. Ok i was thinking i would see a table full of shadows but i need to check which Last Blossom models can generate extra actions for shadows. Misaki 2 with obeys etc. Wokou Rider: Coordinated attack Torakage: Onslaught on his shooting Thunder Archer: Inner peace trigger Crimen Boss: Pressure action and Gang Warfare trigger. And this is all, i think most if this extra actions are very situational. Am i wrong? There are other ways that i don't see?
  6. So if i understand right, once per activation, at the end of any non-charge action (or if the model gain fast) you can drop a shadow marker? Doesnt matter if they concentrate, move, attack ( or ) or any tactical? This look amazing. How many shadows can you drop a turn? If both players go with 8 models would be like 16 shadows plus any other than you drop with your actions.
  7. I need to read full back card. What exactly do Lunacy?
  8. Yeah you can use It with Doople, Agent. And if you miss te attack on your activation you can always obey if you get better hand.
  9. NVB can always hire Mysterious Emissary for an insane amount of Roots From Below attacks.
  10. Lone Marshal is insane with Lucius. Didn't you play with Doppleganger? You can mimic Lone to get 2 extra shoots with stat 7. I would play something like: Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Agent 46 Doppleganger The Lone Marshal Lead-Lined Coat Guild Lawyer Guild Lawyer 2 Changeling
  11. You need a 5to give Fast and make Fuhatsu take the concentrate action.
  12. Ok good one too. Anyway i think you need less tricks to move and get Fast & Focus with Mei. Whilst with Shen you need to actívate a Minion, then Sensei to give Fast, then Shen to move Fast & Focus from the minion to Fuhatsu... And then use his style upgrade to push Fuhatsu.
  13. I don't understand the reference sorry 😅
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