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  1. Nellie and Hoffman are probably my top crew's for most games. Basse is a good choice but only if i see a table with enought concealing/severe terrain and good blocking fer their cover.
  2. Mostly yes. Unless you are playing Hoffman 😅
  3. Howard and Peacekeeper are both good models i like to play both in my games. But Howard has more movilitie and in Malifaux that's a plus.
  4. The only good model in Scooped box is the Undercover Reporter and it's a tech piece. And if you are trying to make a list of boxes that people play to know what they must buy fiest i'm telling you what are the most common models. You post at the beggining you were looking for competitive recomendations. I love to play Nellie, i have played with her las 2 vassal tournaments. And i know what i'm saying. If you only are going to recomend a list following keyword boxes then this topic is useless. A typical Nellie list: Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Nellie Cochrane Totem(s): The Printing Press Hires: Phiona Gage / Dr. Grimwell Undercover Reporter Field Reporter Guild Steward Pale Rider Guild Lawyer As you can see, only one model from Scooped box. If somebody ask me between buy the Rider + Steward or Scooped box i would recomend fiest those versatile models.
  5. You are not going to see Peacekeeper outside of Hoffman. Maybe with Nellie un GG1 in some pools. Guild Steward is a must i so many crews so he could be Green/Yellow box in all keywords (only Augmented don't really need him)
  6. I think depends of pools but 1 Austringer 1 Pathfinder are always on my list
  7. I would change the order of priorities with Hoffman boxes, Basse and Nellie boxes. 1) Hoffman Core box > Support staff > Rift in the Union > Keepeing the Peace 2) Nellie Core box > Pale Rider > Guild Steward > Scooped = Lucius Core box (or get a Lawyer from a friend) 3) Basse Core box > Sand Worm > Trappers (1 box) > From Above > Pale Rider > Fool's Gold = Trappers (2nd box)
  8. Thanks a lot. You help me to know which i should pick first. I'm a McCable player (it's the fiest crew i bought) so i'm Happy to know i can play some wastrel models with Youko too. I have 1 samurai so i will try to get an m2e box Lone Swordman. And i Will defitely go for Charmander © 🤣
  9. So inrecently purchase a Youko core box and i would like to know which box/models in keyword or ook i should get now. The only two i'm sure about are Hinamatsu and Fuhatsu. With time i will buy full keyword, but first i would like to get her best options.
  10. I have to play against Explorer's McCabe and i have declared Nellie. So i have played all games with her. Not too bad at the moment 2-1 and i could even draw ir win my last game.
  11. I played Nellie, Hoffman and Basse on GG1 and i think i will keep playing with them plus Perdita and Justicia.
  12. Yeah, now McCabe must be played carefully he is not anymore a killing machine and you need him mounted to get +2 on TN. So now we have: You can pass the Relic Upgrades with a 2+!!! Luna get a relic upgrade with a 6+ Jessie get Soulstones with a 4+ and his with a 5+ Desper can leap with a 5+ Sidir can do the Blow It to Hell with a 4+ Riders get the dust with a 3+ and Ride with Me with a 5+ Cryptologist use his with a 7+ Huckster can False Claim with a 4+ and use Secret Passage with a 6+ So most of this thing's are done with low cards only 3 actions need a 6+ or 7+ to be done. 😁
  13. Youko looks amazing, between her and Jacob Lynch i'm seriously thinking of "start collecting" 10 Thunders (i already own McCabe for his past in Guild).
  14. An usually Family crew goes with Steward for his healing and extra Focus + Dispel Magic for more Focus. Since Family can no longer stack more than 2 Focus you loose options and thats always bad. Sure you can draw card instead of concentrate, but always better when you got the choice. That's why the get an indirect nerf, they are no top and nos they loose choices.
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