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  1. Chompy was indeed targeted heavily but IE saves the day again The reason why he survived so well was i RJ a prevention flip, as well as chewing through my opponents hand with execute triggers, terrifying duels, etc. Turns 4-5 felt amazing but it took whole game to get there and like you mentioned, it definitely struggles with certain strats and schemes, as I had thought would be a big weakness too. Chompy finally fell to a fast peacekeeper, and 2 hunters turn 4.
  2. After making a crew, soley devoted to lucid dreaming, I'd have to say it's not op, but needs careful watching when new nightmare units are released. My crew was dreamer, chompy, 3x daydreams, 3x stitched, serena, and 1 alp. By middle of turn 3, there was a notable difference. My opponent was struggling to hit just my daydreams to shut down my lucid dreaming. By the end of the game, which ended in a tie, I had removed 24 cards. I have never in my many games of malifaux, 2e and 3e, had that many severe damage flips. It felt awesome to play, but I struggled with scheming since he just cut off my various groups of models, terrain, etc. All in all, not op, but its very snowbally towards later turns where you just start flipping non stop high cards.
  3. I'm gonna try this out later tonight and see if it leads to an unbeatable match. Gonna go against a levi crew I believe and will post an update later. I've played dreamer but didn't focus spamming lucid dreams, so we'll see how it goes.
  4. Oops, didn't notice it was minions only. Thanks though
  5. Can dreamer resummon chompy?
  6. Mmmm I didn't think about running Seamus for that. Thanks for the idea
  7. Thanks for the input. To help with scheme running, what do you think of emissary to boost everyone's speed? Or do you say archie because of the leap?
  8. So there is a tournament in a week, and I just wanted some advice on what to take and strat and scheme picks. Here's the usual list I run: McM Little Pupper Sebastian Rafkin Dead Rider Nurse Flesh Construct Strat and Schemes for 3 rounds, all are standard deployment: Plant explosive Break through Harness leylines Power ritual Deliver message Search ruins Turf war Out flank Harness leylines Claim jump Take prisoner Detonate charges Reckoning Vendetta Dig Graves Assassinate Detonate charges Hold up force
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