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  1. Mmmm I didn't think about running Seamus for that. Thanks for the idea
  2. Thanks for the input. To help with scheme running, what do you think of emissary to boost everyone's speed? Or do you say archie because of the leap?
  3. So there is a tournament in a week, and I just wanted some advice on what to take and strat and scheme picks. Here's the usual list I run: McM Little Pupper Sebastian Rafkin Dead Rider Nurse Flesh Construct Strat and Schemes for 3 rounds, all are standard deployment: Plant explosive Break through Harness leylines Power ritual Deliver message Search ruins Turf war Out flank Harness leylines Claim jump Take prisoner Detonate charges Reckoning Vendetta Dig Graves Assassinate Detonate charges Hold up force
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