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  1. I think Reva is also good against Kaeris as I find the injured to not be as big of a deal in ressers since most of the time we getting hit anyways 😛 Jack Daw realllllllly craps on Toni and her crews mechanic as you often target Mv instead of Df/Wp. Mcmourning/ Seamus is pretty good against Hoffman as you either ignore armor or have a cannon xD
  2. Reva is becoming my favorite go to, when before it was Yan Lo. She just feels so versatile and her crew options are really good I think. Plus with the speed she has, rider, wanyudo, etc you can do about everything with ease, scheme and strat wise.
  3. I'll have to force myself to try em out more, they just seem so meh to me. Do you ever slap GST on em or do you find they are pretty good one their own? As for alpha strikes, I tend to use Toshiro+ Ashigaru to stop them and I find it works really well. Do you find they compare or is it mostly about the take a hit for you?
  4. I'd use Rider more but I dont wanna demoralize em too bad haha I'd also use bone piles but I'm dreading putting them together and work has been brutal. How are you using Shieldbearers? They never seem to do much for me
  5. This week I ended up with this list and it was fun/stupid: Reva+ candles with whisper Bete Grave golem Draugr w/GST Restless spirit Emissary Lots of versatile and they should slap keyword on Bete cuz I'm taking her forever with Reva haha I want to try a zombie horde crew with Asura, just waiting for the right pool to come up and I wanna get Anna for it as well
  6. That suuuuuucks, emissary is pretty much an auto include for me. You can still play without one, but you'll notice the difference
  7. I really do like a doxie or two with GST. It's just such a pain for your opponent to kill. Dandies can be good as a cheap significant model, that can produce corpses/ remove scheme markers, and sometimes a belle can be nice. I always take emissary with him for sure though.
  8. Honestly, love his keyword but I usually run them based on the match. They can be brutal but requires alot of knowledge I think, and some versatile and OoK picks I think.
  9. I flip flop between ressers and Neverborn and this weeks forum is really making me wanna play ressers my next game haha
  10. Honestly ressers is the only faction I constantly look OoK and versatiles, a bunch. We just have so many good models, and especially models that deal with niche circumstances while still being worth it, with the tax. As for models I constantly look at, Emissary and Rider are almost always looked at for me, then if I have a minion heavy list or need to hold a spot, my man Toshiro does the job.
  11. Kentauroi are absolutely disgusting and put out so much damage. 1 is definitely worth it, two is sometimes, maybe. I like to throw GST on one, or if I run two, I'll put it on both. It adds some additional protection for them. They will die fast if focused down, so try to use them to hunt scheme runners and stay at the edge of the fight if ya can. Plus they are super fast in a average/slow crew. Suppose I should mention gassers. Again 2 is a maybe sometimes, but having a 4ss flying, significant model is useful. As for pumping out poison, it's pretty decent at giving your crew poison at st
  12. Hmmmmm, I'd say highly pool dependent for me, and what I own. I dont have Daw, Kirai and Professor, and Molly I'm still struggling with. Although if I ever dont know what to pick and they pick Guild...Yan lo is comfort zone plus he's pretty able to handle most things without too much struggle, is fast, tanky, etc.
  13. Man, I'm just slipping this week haha Uhm well, I guess I'll start with Sonnia, since itll be quick. Run Manos and they'll be sad xD The crew itself is aggressive and Thralls hit stupidly hard, but any sort of movement tricks to move outside of demise ranges or ya know, Manos, it'll go relatively easily I feel. Oh and condition removal! Nurse works great since its burning and she has Assist. My most played against Guild master, Hoffman, is known for his mostly crew wide armor +2 and at the start of his turn, handing out power tokens. Power tokens give a + to a duel or a suit. His cre
  14. Tbh, I've only run a shieldbearer twice, and never got much use out of it, but could see it being useful to push stuff/ take a hit
  15. I really like running 1 with GST every game. It always pumps out damage for me and usually gets a few pyres out there! After playing ressers for so long, having df 5 at a + often too, it feels busted lol
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