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  1. A small favor trigger off of Seduction is an obey if the target has +3 or more poison, so you get 1 poison on rafkin and sebastian to be able to obey them. Which is easy since they both have flask of poison , which pulses out +2 poison, and rafkin has a trigger on his that let's him take the action again. So, having two nurses obey them to do it more is alot of poison 😛
  2. It's kind if odd for me, as I usually have a larger cache of stones, around 4-8, but with Yan Lo, I never feel like I need them. Usually just used them for drawing cards, and the occasional suit. It's definitely gotta be a playstyle difference.
  3. Very true, but since they aren't out yet, I've been using Ashigaru. I would probably go back and forth on them depending on if I felt I needed more defense or aggression, but man, Ashigaru are just silly for 5ss in that crew. That being said, I think Gokudo will be better most of the time because of the synergy with bringing back a key piece and the huge scheming potential. I'm just too in love with Ashigaru to use proxies right now 😛
  4. It's really hard to answer that question since metas/opponents can be so different xD My main faction is neverborn, which often lives and dies based on positioning, so that helps me play more carefully. I will say, my usual weekly games, are against an aggressive opponent, so I suppose it's helped me learn to respect ranges on alot of things, also a reason why I take Ashigaru. Take a hit, armor 1, anti charge, hard to kill, 2 in melee...it's hard to deal with that without a good amount of ap. Perhaps give a sample match you remember struggling with, and perhaps I or someone else can give ya a bit of advice
  5. Yeah my lists never really vary, other than 1 slot is usually for tech picks. Hannah, Arik, Librarian, engineer, all feel like auto includes to me.
  6. My list is usually pretty similar, except I'll take Toshiro+ Ashigaru instead of the gokudo. I find I usually don't need stones. Getting 1 or 2 reliquaries a game is usually all I find I need from Chiaki
  7. I dont know, I think the change to Manos is still super strong. Shutting off demise in a 5 in aura on something size 3 is really good. I suppose that could be due to my meta and regular opponent, though. >.>
  8. He's a very solid master, but since competitive games are only 2- 2 1/2 hours, it's harder for him to shine since you might not make it to late game. That being said, I've been playing him alot as well, and feel he's very well suited for every strat and scheme. He has fast scheme runners, access to solid beaters, support, and tar pits. He really is just solid.
  9. 😧 oh no! I thought he lived from the shot in the back! Poor Coppelius never gets to live in my games and I was trying to vicariously live through you xD that's what I get for trying to read it at work haha
  10. Glad to see my favorite squid face boy lived! Pandora with all those pushes into that terrain makes her really nasty...poor Parker. Seemed like a rough game for your oopponent
  11. I was in a similar situation and thought the same thing. Was very sad xD doesn't mean it'll go the same way for you though.
  12. Completely forgot that haha So used to not having armor in my crews, don't really think about it
  13. Playing against Parker, Coppelius will drop pretty fast. It won't be hard for him to get a couple focus shots in to put him down. I would suggest Hinamatsu or Rider maybe for speed, killing, and scheming
  14. The only time I go crow over ram on him, is if I have Carver as well and my opponent doesn't have a huge cache, looking around 4-5. Since Dora is really good at draining hands, you can just melt certain crews with it. Stat 7 executes are pretty gross, especially when you get potentially 6 a turn, maybe more with Doppelganger as well, but ya run the risk of over committing to the idea at that point. Still fun 😛
  15. I would assume, little gasser/ little doggo pulse of poison, then rafkin and sebastian throwing flasks
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