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  1. 😧 oh no! I thought he lived from the shot in the back! Poor Coppelius never gets to live in my games and I was trying to vicariously live through you xD that's what I get for trying to read it at work haha
  2. Glad to see my favorite squid face boy lived! Pandora with all those pushes into that terrain makes her really nasty...poor Parker. Seemed like a rough game for your oopponent
  3. I was in a similar situation and thought the same thing. Was very sad xD doesn't mean it'll go the same way for you though.
  4. Completely forgot that haha So used to not having armor in my crews, don't really think about it
  5. Playing against Parker, Coppelius will drop pretty fast. It won't be hard for him to get a couple focus shots in to put him down. I would suggest Hinamatsu or Rider maybe for speed, killing, and scheming
  6. The only time I go crow over ram on him, is if I have Carver as well and my opponent doesn't have a huge cache, looking around 4-5. Since Dora is really good at draining hands, you can just melt certain crews with it. Stat 7 executes are pretty gross, especially when you get potentially 6 a turn, maybe more with Doppelganger as well, but ya run the risk of over committing to the idea at that point. Still fun 😛
  7. I would assume, little gasser/ little doggo pulse of poison, then rafkin and sebastian throwing flasks
  8. I keep reading it all over. How terrifying they are but boring. It sucks hearing it but I know I might still like em, just disappointing to hear, yet again. Still will wait on Nephilim stuff instead of getting Viks for the time being. Doesn't mean I won't get em down the road haha
  9. That's kinda disappointing to hear :c guess I'll wait for Nephilim stuff for a beater crew
  10. Man, reading all this makes me wanna play viks 😛
  11. Yeah sorry haha Carver is such a cool model imo and he's pretty good in the crew I find. Always seems to vastly out perform my teddy
  12. Awwww that sucks! When the opportunity presents itself, and the stars align, having him and kade get 6 executes a turn is just brutal haha Making someone ditch 6 cards or stones is just mean ...
  13. No Carver? Sadness :c Definitely one of my favorite masters to play though, as you've said, takes alot of skill and her entire crew lives and dies by positoning. Once you get candy, dora, and kade in their crew, your opponent isn't allowed to have fun anymore 😛 I still have yet to try rider, although I understand ride with me is great, I just always struggle to find room to fit things in, in this crew. I just always struggle what to take and what to cut
  14. Need to fit in a Dopple with my favorite squid face next game 😮
  15. Personally love the lucid dream play style, but I have done an elite heavy list and it went pretty well. Just wouldn't want to do it often as I feel lucid dreams makes the crew really shine. Although Chompy, Coppelius, Carver and Teddy did quite a lot of work together... 😛
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