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  1. Is the enforcer station just there to prevent models from being summoned and affected by certain buffs/actions? They don't seem to gain anything compared to minions and also lose out on the extra stuff for minions on certain upgrades. Would those extra upgrade effects be completely broken on an enforcer?
  2. Ludvig

    Molly: rogue necro versus Archie?

    Five wounds is still not that much, there are a bunch of models who can get to that in one attack and now that double focus is a lot more common it's not as hard to get around hard to wound.
  3. Ludvig

    Fly with me

    Having an entire crew that can leave engagements too easily sounds potentially toublesome. Having it as a free actions sounds good to me but I haven't tested them yet.
  4. Ludvig

    Mc Mourning poison

    Yeach, catalyst doesn't lower poison so you're not losing anything.
  5. Ludvig


    Had forgotten that part. That means he is one of few models to gain power tokens without needing to discard scrap but also shuts him down once he's stuck in and his multiple abilities to generate scrap don't really help him. He is essentially a weirdly expensive buffer/utility model? Either way there seems to be space on the front to give him the ability to discard power tokens to use like everyone else which would be a pretty handy ability for him to have. That way he might actually work by buffing himself with his scrap generation.
  6. Ludvig

    Terrain layout. How to do it right?

    I could have sworn there was a topic on this just a few days ago. I wrote a long reply for that one so this will be shorter: I like a lot of terrain on my tables, around 50%. The centerline should often be clear for strats/schemes but just a few inches from the centerline I will place big LoS-blockers so one crew can advance in relative safety behind those. A couple of open areas between deployment zones is ok but if you can't start hidden with at least a few models you will have a bad time against sniper spams. I find you need some dense areas and not only impassable terrain, if you want at city and don't want forest bases I would block off some long LoS-lines with steam or fog that doesn't hinder movement but does block LoS and give soft cover. You could also make bases for the forests which look like park areas with cobblestone edges. A fairly large open area is ok but it shouldn't be right at the center of the table. Put it completely in one table quarter. That makes a ranged crew able to control that part but they can't see the entire board at all times. Unless the strat needs something to be right on the center point I love putting large houses and stuff there, stick some bluetac or something at the center point so you can still measure to it. In a forest you can have a few stone blocks or ruins to give impassable/hard cover areas. The most common rookie mistake is players having too little terrain so it looks like a 40k/fantasy/warmahordes board. Tables should NOT be equally good no matter which deployment zone you pick because deployment should matter in my opinion but there should be at least two wide ways out from each deployment zone so you can't completely wall the opponent in. Also don't be afraid to make the occasional table where around 60-70% of it is dense, sever woods. It forces some different crew builds and leads to fun games. A clubmate of mine has a GW graveyard set with a large cathedral and a lot of walls and fences. It looks spectacular and is really good for incorp/flying models since it heavily restricts movement for anyone else. A good table doesn't need to be perfectly balanced, there's a reason you pick crews after seing the terrain and mission.
  7. Looks like she's itching for a good old scrap. Now we just need a resculpt of the metal gamin and golem!
  8. Ludvig

    Lucius Thoughts

    Shhh! Just wave and smile boys!
  9. Ludvig

    Lucius Thoughts

    Right now Lucius is looking fantastic! He finally has a decent defensive ability and his crew has plenty of card draw. It looks like you can cheat really aggresively and count on drawing back a lot of cards. Summoners giving away pass tokens are going to fear his artfully sculpted hand. You can go aggressive with a model early and cheat away and then pass to draw two cards and set up the next model. Forcing your opponent to discard two cards that you pick is also pretty brutal. Agent 46 and a doubleganger is going to be a killer tag team.
  10. Ludvig

    More teddy please!!

    Damn, I have three teddies and I didn't even play a master who used him. There are so many lovely teddy sculpts and I've seen other models with enforcer (2) so I don't see why Teddy can't have that.
  11. Ludvig


    I would hate to see Joss collecting dust for an entire edition and it seems really hard to motivate his cost with the current kit. I will try to give him some table time and see if he holds up to the big boy robots. My prediction is that any guild player who hears they're up against Hoffman will pick one or more of the several models who can put out a condition to ignore both armour +2 and shielded +2. I'm not sure if the other factions have as many models with that ability but with declared masters it just feels really rough to run into models countering both those conditions since they'll be pretty popular against Hoffman. There was a reason Hoffman needed an upgrade to make his armour unignorable last edition and that was when players didn't know for sure that they would be facing him and just took armour-ignore because it was a possibility.
  12. Ludvig


    In a Ramos list I'd probably rather keep the tokens on Langston for positives or auto-triggers and hire something else. Joss lost several things that made him a melee monster: he no longer ignores defensive abilities, or triggers, he won't be reactivating and no longer has hard to kill. He costs the same as before, hits weaker, is easier to kill, has to have a bunched up crew to protect anyone, needs power tokens to put that protection up but if he waits too long for friends to be powered and move it to him there is no longer any point to putting that pulse out since it's until the end of the turn. Any other model in a Hoffman crew could use the power tokens to boost an attack but not Joss so it looks to me like he effectively hits worse than several models around the 6-8ss mark. How much will he even get to use creative salvage when he is the only model in the crew that can't get a pos flip on his attacks? That ability has been changed to only affect enemy models which I think is good for the game but the old Ramos trick of charging your own cheap model for two scrap and some movement before Ramos reactivated him is completely dead these days. Maybe shielded is potent enough to warrant it? I guess you can feed him a crewfull of power tokens turn one and activate him first turn two to have shielded +8 on most of your crew and be immortal during the crucial turn but can't you cap the maximum effect of that instead?
  13. Ludvig


    Is it intentional for Joss to not have power converter? At 10ss he is a pretty costly hire. He only gains tokens by charging and hitting so he's going to be pretty starved and if you need to go all out offensive and attack with positives or aim for a certain trigger he can't do that. Considering he is 10ss and constructs are generally high cost you aren't going to be able to afford a lot of extra hitters. If space is the issue I would happily drop Dynamic generator for Power converter, maybe he had that in the closed beta and it was too much?
  14. Ludvig

    Voodoo Curse functionality

    McTavish? Silurids?
  15. Ludvig

    Mindless zombies

    Hiring four zombies and then summoning two models from them is quite likely to give our opponent six pass tokens which might just be dumb.