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  1. Are they still a thing or am I toast? I cleared up in my stuff and after a few years of hosting and playing in events I have a lot of them.
  2. Rider and Ramos stuff covers a lot to be honest. Arachnids are decent schemers depending a little on your board. Watchers may be necessary in some situations, being able to transfer power to push themselves is invaluable sometimes, they're hard to lock down. I haven't played soulstone miners since they were nerfed so not sure on them anymore. I love the guardian and a riot breaker can be good in certain matchups. The new box with five models where you're likely to only use two is a tough sell for me though. I'd honestly look at a proxy or just limit myself to the stuff you already have. If you can split that box with someone, do it!
  3. Do you have the old Hoff box or are you getting the new one? I think most of Ramos' stuff is pretty neat for Hoff so I'd just start with that.
  4. Obviously you take Dashel and summon yourself back to 50ss. I'd say the somewhat squishier models can actually survive since there's more space so you might get use from the cheap squishy stuff. Shooting with your whole crew can also be great when there's more space so you'll find yourself in really bad positions if you're even slightly less mobile and melee-oriented.
  5. I did felled trees, stumps and roots. Put firs* instead of leaves but leaves would probably work as well. I made them using dill. *I think firs are the needly bits off pine trees. I hope this imgur link works: http://imgur.com/adZPVzy http://imgur.com/jrwHSfx
  6. Get Tannen in the list and give him a survivability upgrade is step one I think. Don't forget your models have rig the deck. 😅 Small things I didn't see mentioned: The looming dark can be used on your own models which relent so you can place Huggy with a very low Tome at the cost of damage. Charge and use friendly handshake on a model of your own instead of walking with Lynch first turn so you get more brilliance out.
  7. How do you get matures turn one outside of Nekima? I thought they could only do their free action to eat a marker once?
  8. The benefits of an old collection! My mate is in the same pickle, owning a bunch of half boxes. I'm here with my metals debating whether it's worth it to get the new dispatcher or just use the old m1e totem for it.
  9. Hey! I'm not sure which forum to ask but the faction forums usually get the most traffic so please help me out. Alan Reid and False witnesses are listed as special orders but I thought they were one box? Are they bunched into an even bigger box now? The web story only listed them as "Alan Reid and false witnesses" in the same box when I did a search.
  10. Beefy models, removing models is a great AP equaliser so you can't have an entire crew of glass cannons. I haven't tried it and I doubt it's worth it unless there's a particular master you know can get to him and cause exactly 4 damage. I usually put him where he's not too easy to get to early on. After turn 2 you should hopefully have markers to summon from, either because your opponent is helpful or you forced some marker drops.
  11. When in doubt, go for more horses! I'll try to revive the McCabe mountie list as a matter of principle. Might have to sculpt Sidir on a donkey.
  12. I'd probably bring at least one gamin for easy scrap. McCabe as a second master or someone from the Wastrel keyword can get you a bit of card cycling from the scrap.
  13. Wp 4 Apart from that I really like the look of them.
  14. Love these! Give me gamin and golem to match and I won't be able to resist!
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