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  1. Miners and arcane reservoir are strong incentives to go arc. You can get butterfly jump on two models from the mutation upgrades anyway and that seems like the tastiest upgrade in neverborn for me. Some people also swear by soulstone-using cerberus that give each other positives when they stone for onslaught and regain one SS each if anything dies near them.
  2. I keep forgetting m3e stuff like burning not going away and condition kills helping in reckoning. A savvy opponent would be bringing some condition removal so you need good target priority.
  3. My local Justice/Lucius player uses her a lot. Just the aura removing suits after cheating and mirroring any damage done to her has been a right hassle to deal with despite not having summons or buried models. Well worth 8ss and quite possibly nine ook. Pretty good against the dead rider as well in a guild-guild matchup.
  4. My opponents know I don't own the jury. πŸ˜… I might have to make a proxy.
  5. An inch is 25,4 mm so I guess the two inch push + 50mm base is 8mm shy of clearing the 4" zone for another interact. 😭
  6. Not sure how familiar you are with everything. This may be old news to you: One random piece of advice is that claim jump with a guardian is amazing. You might need to make it fast turn one to get up there (I usually toss a couple of models to apply pressure to the opponent). Go to within 2" of the center point and use scatter as your very last ap of the last activation in the turn and all enemies push three inches away without a resist. You need to know if they have abilities that can negate this though so knowledge of the enemy helps. The guardian is also pretty tanky and can get some heals while bashing skulls in so you have a shot at the second point. You know constructs can target themselves with transfer power as well? Always keep a power token on anything that wants to run schemes so they can get out of an engagement (or push close if the enemy locks you in melee without you reaching). Perdita does not like arcanist Hoffman with diesel engine on a couple of models.
  7. You must truly be desperate to come to us for help. πŸ˜‚ I'd recommend focusing on one master except Hoffman, you need a lot of games to become familiar and git gud. I think Hoff is pretty versatile but he struggles vs wp heavy crews so maybe complement him with a crew that has decent willpower. I believe he has killing covered pretty well so maybe Lucius or Nellie for scheme and control nastiness? Edit: I guess if you run Hoff as an arcanist every now and then you could use soulstone miners with him (although I would never recommend such a treasonous path).
  8. Against ranged crews or crews with aura actions that buff friendlies her smothering flame can be handy. Her blasts can punish crews that bunch up a lot. I'm not sure her keyword really excels at any strat compared to others, she's killy but the keyword isn't super tanky so reckoning and Turf war seem risky.
  9. I have Wardens and a peacekeeper as well so I guess I have one model at stat 5 except Hoffman. Riotbreakers are also wp 4 but I don't have them yet. I'm working on the stuff from my Ramos box but I haven't had much hobby time but many dumb projects I'm trying to finish. Joss will be a nice addition but the steam arachnids are also wp 4.
  10. We played it like close range gun attacks still got ignored by her trigger so she was untouchable for everyone except Francisco in my crew. My opponent got ridiculously lucky with drawing and flipping masks as well but I had to put pressure on her so she would stop eating my scheme runners (it did not work). Hoffman has the same issue as McMourning, everything is wp 4.
  11. If he wasn't so mobile with easy access to stealth and butterfly jump he'd be easier to adapt to as well. His weird push without a TN that steals markers also messes immensely with your marker schemes and makes it easy for him to do them himself. The winning crew also has excellent card draw which helps with a lot of things.
  12. Nope, that is a pretty big part of it. His damage track wouldn't be very impressive if he could actually ever have a negative flip for damage. He also effectively gains focused on his blast shoot attack if you are in concealment and cover. Models with built in negatives to enemy attacks or hard to wound aren't all that happy either.
  13. You can still target agent 46, our local Lucius gets an awful lot of ap out of him.
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