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  1. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    I've seen bothdawn,serpents and Jorogumo mentioned but these days guild also have some pretty good minions for reactivating so I'm not sure that really sets the factions apart. Guild have nothing that compares to Yas and Yu/the emissary are more or less like Nellie which is saying something since she's our highest rated master.
  2. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    I don't see why the Loose Trigger trigger on Francois would be any different than Rasputina keeping her target alive to blast from it with her trigger to attack again from a weirdness perspective. I can't find anything in the rulebook about dead models not being able to declare triggers or take actions (Izamu has an action that requires him to take an action after he is dead so that is definitely possible within the confines of the game). On page 32 (big book) it says after damaging triggers are resolved before the damaged model is removed. In the sentence before it does seem to take for granted that the trigger is damaging the target but it's hardly crystal clear. The main problem is going to be convincing your opponent/TO.
  3. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    One could argue that there are other ways to play than alphaing a Yas but in all honesty the super killers do seem to be verypopular in the competitive crowd.
  4. Ludvig

    Competitive McCabe

    Difficult to say, I've heard some people swear he is a lot better in thunders. I think thatis mainly because they have Yasinori, Sensei Yu, the shadow emissary as well as kamaitachi. If you stack a shitton of ap on an already amazing model that model will mess people up. Kamaitachi also interqcts incredibly well with McCabe's mechanics. Guild have very capable discount beaters but not anything at the Yas power level and less/worse ways to give more ap to the same model and the lousiest general totem in the game. We also get Francisco for a downright silly defense on McCabe.
  5. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    The model still died near the marker so the opponent would score anyway. I said yes since I agree with your whole paragraph about resolving both the after resolving and damaging trigger before removing the model. The thing is that the model was still killed where it was when the damage was dealt, not where it was when you removed it so it matters very little if you push or not. A lot can happen between the model counting as killed and it being removed.
  6. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    It messes with where you place the corpse if you get to push which I guess could be good. Are we sure dead models can't process triggers? I haven't reread the rules in ages. They are declared and sort of "loaded into the machine" at the declaration step, right now my deranged mind is thinking it's mostly because you don't have a point to measure from that they rarely resolve.
  7. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    Yes but the gremlin will be dead so it seams reasonable to not resolve it. Technically I think you are allowed to resolve it there is just no model left to push. You declare the trigger at the declare trigger step so anything declared will resolve if possible it's just that most triggers require the model to be left on the table.
  8. Ludvig

    triggers timing (again)

    It matters what timing the defense trigger uses. A lot of them have timings that will let them resolve earlier.
  9. Ludvig

    first game with kirai

    Swirl with a night terror instead of a Seishin perhaps? You can also use terrain so the Seishin isn't visible to the opponent. Bubble crews can go hard on one flank to hold one of your own zones and overwhelm the opponent in one of theirs. That or take Anna instead of Izamu so you can hang around and shoot at least.
  10. Ludvig

    can kirai summon off a one wound model?

    Why do you need to kill something and with whom do you usually kill it? If it's a ca a night terror might do the same job? Or one of the zombies depending on when you need it to happen.
  11. Ludvig

    Gunline suggestions

    Your own crew and actions are probably the most important. Every last ap needs to adhere to your plan for winning and you need to think about how a model is going to help you win from the deployment phase until the last action of the game. Attacking a model just because you can is a waste of ap unless you need to kill it for vp or to stop enemy vp. Slowing a model down by using a model that can't score you vp is often as good as or better than killing becausr it takes less ap. If you have a scheme where you need to kill enemy models look at if you can reliably do that. If you can't ignore armour and they have a lot of armour on models you need to kill to score it is better to take a marker scheme and use a tough model to walk in and engage them instead of shooting and not really accomplishing anything. Stuff like that is how you win. Leveticus usually has a lot of models who can just take punches so your really important models will be those useless little 3-4 ss buggers that are just suppose to walk around and drop markers. It is easy to get stuck cheating high cards to save a model you don't really need to save instead of saving them for that leap that needs to be successful for you to score vp that turn. Managing action points, threat ranges and good cards is usually what separates a really good player from a beginner.
  12. Ludvig

    Gunline suggestions

    I know the feeling. I joined an experienced playgroup in the first edition and lost big in my first 15 games or so. I was pretty extatic when I only lost by one or two points. A few of my opponents took some time after the game to explain some moves they did and why as well as describing which of my moves had them worried and such. I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should have done differently and reading up on how models worked to try and counter them next time. It helps if opponents are nice enough to play the same master against you in several games. At the end of the day there are just some models that don't fit a certain player's play style so a crew switch can make a difference.
  13. Ludvig

    Gunline suggestions

    @Oblivion awar I'm sure you could ask to borrow another crew for a game or two. Around here we have so many crews that between us we can let a new player try almost any crew if they ask. If you have a very limited model selection like only a master box it helps if your opponent limits themselves in a similar way for a few games and/or picks a pool where your box has good game.
  14. Ludvig

    The year of the guild...!or not...

    Hadn't thought of that. Tricky against someone with activation control though. Do you combo it with a guard spam?
  15. Ludvig

    can kirai summon off a one wound model?

    Can she spare a spot for mouahaha? Just for laughs.