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  1. Nobody puts Frank in the corner!
  2. I believe there is a sort of introductions forum here and you can check if there is a local henchman and message them. I haven't found these forums very useful for meeting local players. Do you have a local shop that sells malifaux? Usually they tend to have certain days of the week when people meet up so ask there and show up on that day. I keep a Facebook profile almost exclusively to keep track of the local mini scene and get more people for my events, it seems to be a good platform for such things.
  3. Ludvig

    Execute trigger

    Discarding isn't using. The rules on soulstones say henches and masters can use them but I don't think it ever says soulstone users can just discard them at any time so either the ability allows everyone to discard a soulstone or no one can do it.
  4. I really liked the Marcus episode. Good tips and good disposition/editing. I aso found the guest very enjoyable to listen to. He had a low pace of talking instead of quick speech with lots of pause sounds. I usually turn podcasts off because I can't stand all the "uhms" and weird tangents (podcasts are not an ideal medium for me).
  5. A single pass token is very different form four pass tokens, that means they can't be certain of going first so they'll need to plan for more eventualities. Grave diggers seem very handy.
  6. @Ender101 Third floor wars lately but I used to like schemes and stones as well. First activations can be really important depending on the board state. If you know you'll be going first you can usually set up to make it very impactful.
  7. @Ender101 haven't played him yet but I might use his actions to charge an enemy schemer that got cocky or for setting up strategy points of my own. Starting 3 zombies and summoning from them likely means giving your opponent a lot of pass tokens which let's your opponent be very aggressive since they can almost guarantee turn 2 initiative from pass tokens. Knowing you will have initiative e turn 2 is an extremely big advantage since the early activations turn 2 can swing a game. All the podcasts and friends I've heard talking about m3e stress how important early tempo is.
  8. Your second list looks similar to the lists I've been ending up with but I always want to bring Sebastian. He can get you more dogs! I don't believe hiring zombies for a cheaper construct is worth it because your are spending master ap. I'd start with the construct and get more when stuff dies. I've also been looking at the emissary and Mortimer for more corpses and nice actions all around.
  9. I'm definitely trying a three master list with them.
  10. @Ender101 I would probably have made the cut at the waist and arms outside of the capes. I think fleshing out the shoulders with GS is easier than doing the cutting at weird places. It kind of locks you into certain poses but cutting metal is probably the worst part of this hobby so I'd happily skip that step.
  11. @Ender101 Love those! I will have to start looking at something like that because I never bothered to get the thralls. Unfortunately I don't have miners either but I bet I can dig something out of my miniature box.
  12. My group already had about 90% themed lists with just the occasional master who picked all over the place like Lucius and beast McMourning. It might even be possible that casual theme-junkies make up the majority of the player base even if they don't dominate online tactics discussions.
  13. @Hot4Perdita It remains to be seen if it will lead to more varied crews or everyone playing the same master with similar crews. Certain versatile models may also sail up as auto includes. It will be fun to face more themed crews once I get my head around all the new stuff.
  14. Thanks for including cards for all my avatars and alts! Looking forward to sinking my teeth into all this.
  15. I thought the black blood would handle armour. I haven't gotten a game in for months. I'll be starting m3e as a complete noob.
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