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  1. Swede here. Our generic measuring tapes always include both and pretty much every game system uses inches so I never tried converting to cm.
  2. If you put upgrades on the jackalope it turns into a real melee beast (pun intended).
  3. @Zebo I take everything back. Wasn't so clear after all. 😆
  4. While moving yes. When you aren't taking a move action you fall if any part of your base doesn't have support. It doesn't mention the model as a whole being able to stand or having support so I would assume you check if any small portion isn't supported by something.
  5. RaW you fall if even a millimeter of your base doesn't have individual support and you are not currently in the process of moving. The rules don't mention the base as a whole being supported. This way of playing makes a lot of terrain impractical and large bases with short movement will be gimped hard if they want to climb. We usually disregard these rules and go by roughly 75% needs support. We also don't go by balancing, if you can stand it includes propping the model up with something. That last bit is because metal models and interesting poses are not something we want to punish.
  6. What do you mean? If any part of your base is unsupported when you end a move action you instantly fall. The rules quoted are chrystal clear on this.
  7. Hoff can use a guardian to throw a couple of hunters up. They shoot for a bit and put down markers on the flanks turn 2 without needing a single move due to their push. The remaining crew power balls down the middle and try to snag a couple of enemy markers. Loco isn't scary enough to dissuade an enemy beater with armour from just mangling him and anyone can shoot him out.
  8. For tomes: sweeping strike on Reichart, or family values on any family model (you'll need a buddy within keyword) or armour piercing present on several constructs or any model through an upgrade. Both guard and reporters have some nice tome triggers as well.
  9. Ludvig

    Tara & Hannah

    Actions with a resist are attacks, I'm pretty sure there's a general rule saying any action without a resist is tactical but I can't double-check it now.
  10. Ludvig

    Tara & Hannah

    General actions don't belong to specific models though, they're general. This is based on my understanding of normal english. Not sure if the game defines it in any other way. Models have more actions available than just "their actions"?
  11. @solkan the rifleman example has me convinced. I was trying to make sense of the accuracy modifier affecting variable damage flips from triggers which I believed was the case. I'm less sure about that interaction now but I'll save it for another thread.
  12. @solkan Consider the quote from page 12 that Angelshard provided: "Action Triggers are tied to specific Actions and can only be used with that Action. They are found below an Action’s effect and are subject to all game effects that affect the Action" Sonnia's ability affects the parent action and according to the above quote it should therefore also apply to any triggers from that action despite not calling out triggers specifically. I thought that was the intent of that rule at least? Sonnia's ability mentions "the range" it doesn't specifically say the ranged stat.
  13. @Angelshard If I'm not mistaken, moves are measured in distances, not ranges. I still think Ricochet would be reduced in who it can affect.
  14. @Angelshard Thanks for the rules quote, I keep getting stuff mixed up. If an attack does something to models within 6" or 6 shouldn't matter, both denote the range of an effect. Page 22: "Range comes next, which may have an icon denoting its type (y is Melee, z is Projectile, p is Pulse, a is Aura) and the range in inches, which is the maximum distance the Action can affect. "
  15. @Angelshard I would assume triggers aren't actions unless specified as such? I know modifiers to the damage flip are applied but I don't remember a blanket statement about every effect applying.
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