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  1. Yes, it means you have the suit built in for triggers. No, flying models still need to declare the disengage action.
  2. Joss brings a neat package that I don't think you'll find on any other model in theme: Irreducable damage and automatic armour ignore on a ranged blast. He has good WP and Ruthless in a crew where the main weakness is crappy WP. Command construct requires a moderate suited card so you might not always get that through but if you really need someone to interact for a scheme it will be well worth a card + stone. Works great to set up Dig their graves and charge in. He can also feed the rest of the crew scrap. Haven't really tried Langston enough to know but no resistance triggers is theoretically really neat against certain crews. If he's on half wounds he gets a lot of ap. Since Hoff's crew has several ways of healing him you might actually make him survive long enough to wreak havoc. You don't NEED any models, you can probably work with what you have but I see some great uses for both these guys. Look for an old second hand Ramos box, I've seen people practically giving them away. It's also nice to run the crew as arcanists. Diesel engine and Arcane reservoir are great upgrades for a Guardian.
  3. Dashel is going to love that card draw. It offsets the slow on a summoned executioner nicely. Guess I'll be hiring a Crampton of models to shunt attacks to because the dispatcher has a huge target on its head now.
  4. Those are some great tips guys! I hadn't noticed Gwyneth's scheming potential, seems like a decent way to turn depleted into the scheme runners I wish they were. I'm working on TTB-kit conversions for his two henchwomen since I bought my crew a long time ago. I'll try proxies to get a feel for the out of keyword stuff and see what I like. I feel constantly short of ss in the new edition, not getting a free cache takes some adjusting to.
  5. Can we keep the Lynch discussion going? I feel like his theme could use a decent scheme runner. I've just started playing him and the lack of schemers struck me like a fist to the face. I'm one of those players who picks a master and sticks with them for every game for six months or so. My first game yesterday was Turf war with killy schemes which worked well. I ended up having to teleport Hugster in to flip turf markers which seems pretty neat even if I'm not used to thinking about him as a scheme runner. I'm not at all looking forward to the new GG strats though, two beckoners will only get you so far and the rest of the keyword is far too slow and expensive to scheme. If you could bring three or four beckoners I could see them working as okay-ish runners in an interact heavy pool but right now it's looking pretty grim. Any advice on scheme running? Are we stuck with beckoners and tanuki? Huggy can obey an enemy to attack a Tanuki and it will count as an enemy attacking for their scheme trigger, right? Maybe hire Desper from the wastrel keyword? Maybe a tengu or katashiro would be worth the tax?
  6. Lots of zeroes in my answer I'm afraid. I have trouble getting games in.
  7. Recover evidence seems to interact weirdly with Tara, Lady Justice and certain demise abilities?
  8. The dispatcher can get you an enemy marker from itself if you have a 5 of masks so it's not impossible to generate a good summon turn one but there's no way to guarantee it. The crew can eat markers to get soulstones so having the option to stone for that suit would have been nice. Most summoners can generate the resource they need for summons without needing to luck out, this places a lot of stress on Dashel's hand.
  9. Dashel has a stat of 6 summoning from an enemy marker, if he uses a friendly marker the target number goes up so he is effectively stat 4. The totem helps but you're likely to need to supply schemes and convert them with the totem unless your opponent is being silly. Leaving markers out vs guard crews is not a good move.
  10. Swede here. Our generic measuring tapes always include both and pretty much every game system uses inches so I never tried converting to cm.
  11. If you put upgrades on the jackalope it turns into a real melee beast (pun intended).
  12. @Zebo I take everything back. Wasn't so clear after all. 😆
  13. While moving yes. When you aren't taking a move action you fall if any part of your base doesn't have support. It doesn't mention the model as a whole being able to stand or having support so I would assume you check if any small portion isn't supported by something.
  14. RaW you fall if even a millimeter of your base doesn't have individual support and you are not currently in the process of moving. The rules don't mention the base as a whole being supported. This way of playing makes a lot of terrain impractical and large bases with short movement will be gimped hard if they want to climb. We usually disregard these rules and go by roughly 75% needs support. We also don't go by balancing, if you can stand it includes propping the model up with something. That last bit is because metal models and interesting poses are not something we want to punish.
  15. What do you mean? If any part of your base is unsupported when you end a move action you instantly fall. The rules quoted are chrystal clear on this.
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