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  1. Ludvig

    Shield Bearers or Belles with Reva?

    I would always advice you to try something different as soon as you get the hang of what you are doing. The whole point is to have an enjoyable time and switching up the models keep sit interesting. I would even advice you to try playing without the models that you conaider too good to play without every now and then. Keeping the game fresh and exciting is how you enjoy it. You don't want to end up winning every game but hating th game because you feel you don't have options.
  2. Ludvig

    Seamus, next step?

    Boo is generated by one of your models so Anna doesn't stop it. Her auras stop enemy models from moving each other around but never interferes with you own stuff. Can't really answer if she's worth her stones or not. Is Izamu worth his cost? I would personally be more likely to include Anna than Izamu in many lists.
  3. Ludvig

    Autopsy Onslaught

    The upgrade "Moonlighting".
  4. Ludvig

    Similar masters to Reva?

    I doubt you will find any master close to Reva. You might find one that resembles her in one aspect so if you gave us more info on what Reva's playstyle is for you that could help. Raspy attacks people from far away but she doesn't ignore many defensive abilities and she isn't mobile. Reva gets around almost any defensive ability and even many triggers. The ability to choose which defensive stat your opponent is using is extremely rare. You also won't be seing Raspy charging 20" through a building like Reva can. Reva also summons simply by discarding a card which is pretty rare. I think Leveticus is somewhat similar to her. He also ignores defenses and threatens large parts of the board while hiring pretty diverse crews.
  5. Ludvig

    McMourning vs the Neverborn

    Yeah, I'm fairly sure poison gets around that ability, thanks for quoting it here Sagrit. An important note on Sebastian is that induction just makes the poison cause more damage, the ability isn't considered to cause damage. Either way you can ask @Gnomezilla how much Hoffman likes to face belles.
  6. Ludvig

    Defensive Trigger Help

    I'd like to add to santa's post: Because organ donor doesn't use the specific wording "after damaging" it is resolved earlier. If it had actually said "after damaging" they would have the same timing and default to the normal timing rules.
  7. Ludvig

    Ressers answer to Pandora?

    I'm afraid you are wrong. FAQ question 5: 5) Can Pandora take the Self Harm Action against a model without a z Attack? (Same question for Self Loathing and y Attacks). Yes. The Attack would simply be unable to deal damage. Self Harm selects a z Attack on the target and applies the damage, but does not require the target to have a z Attack. Attacks that require the target have a certain trait in order to target are generally worded, “Target model with a z Attack…” Self Harm is not worded in this way. I do agree that Molly can screw over Pandora though. She does not like to get a blackblooded model into her misery aura and have it cause black blood five times to X amount of models from failing a single WP duel. A necropunk doing Slice and dice can also hurt since Pandora can only elect to use WP instead of DF in opposed duels.
  8. Ludvig

    Ressers answer to Pandora?

    I feel like Seamus hurts her "normal" WP-bubble type game. He does expose himself to the full brunt of it while doing so if you aren't careful. Reva can probably stay safe while chipping away at her crew. I think whichever master you pick you kind of need to know how to counter her play style and Chiaki is great for removing conditions while also being semi-resistant to paralyze herself.
  9. Ludvig

    Simplest master in NB?

    I'd say Lucius doesn't rely on guild models in neverborn but he does like to borrow models from other masters keywords currently so isn't a great start when things are this uncertain.
  10. Ludvig

    Autopsy Onslaught

    Looks like fun but the emissary only gives you one zombie from the shard markers. I would advide you to run moonlightinbon McMourning in ressers. You'll want flesh constructs and hounds when models die. If memory serves you also get hounds if your own models die from poison so a wounded zombie could be recycled into a hound for example.
  11. Ludvig

    McMourning vs the Neverborn

    That's what I meant with the safety bubble. Unless adaptive armour is Hoffman's defense trigger. Belles are the natural counter to Hoffman but in a 30ss game you are once again limited in what you can bring (and for new players what models you own). In my opinion the emissary does a lot for McMourning. It provided terrain to hide behind, extra activations from zombies and the attack to poison a bunch of models is nice with Sebastian. I'm a bit hazy on the wording for Hoffman's armour aura but I brliev it onl applies to enemy models so poison goes through it even when boosted by Sebastian. Against Lilith I would avoid overextending the doc and going for easy summon-kills early game. Flesh constructs are summoned with 5 poison so they allow you to transfuse the poison to the next opposing model. Turf war is pretty easy to score against a non-ranged opponent since you can sit in your extreme edge of the scoring zone. With belles you suck in an already activated enemy putting pressure on them to come to you.
  12. Ludvig

    McMourning vs the Neverborn

    When facing Lilith it is advisable to measure so that you aren't within 12" of a place where she can hide. My group has plenty of buildings and forests which makes this easier, if a map has many walls and other linear blockers this can be more challenging. I'vr never played McMourning in small sizes but I can imagine he isn't the strongest there. Against Hoffman he has the luxury of ignoring armour but Hoffman can whack him pretty hard and can potentially keep his whole crew in his armour safebubble.
  13. Ludvig

    Couple of Reva questions

    Yes to all of your rules questions. Fon't play her but she should handle Dig their graves and undercover entourage quite well. I like heavy beater lists for Ours so whatever beaters you have and just a couple of marker droppers for Dig. Philip and the nanny could be nice for eating opposing markers.
  14. Ludvig

    McMourning vs the Neverborn

    If he starts with a couple of guild autopsies or flesh constructs he can transfuse from them onto enemies. In your game I would expect a McMourning player to get a flesh construct out of those dead terror tots by Expunging them and triggering Abra cadaver. If McMourning can deliver a nurse within attack range of Lilith she is toast. I've seen her paralyzed for entire games by a nurse. You also need schemes to balance crews. Turf war is a strategy where both players usually score full points and the schemes decide who wins.
  15. Ludvig

    First tourney help

    I've tried to run a handler with a stalker duo but a lot of the time I find they don't pull their weight. You might use them better than me. What I meant was a single stalker to remove conditions and then keep the pistolero and add one of the family members instead of the handler.