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  1. Reckless = OP?

    There's always been the complaints, they just quite down and start back up every now and again.
  2. Lilith's fluff direction

    Including her considering her fluff in shifting loyalties.
  3. Lilith's fluff direction

    She has also been hanging around Pandora, and the box has been shown to be messing with her emotions, that can't be good for her mental health.
  4. Broken Promises teaser

    I just assumed it meant he is actually the brains behind the entire gremlin faction, it would explain a lot.
  5. Broken Promises teaser

  6. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    I don't think they would need to be drunk, the thought process would be something like "money for bringing in gremlins? I'm a gremlin!" *enters guild building* "where's my money?" This is assuming that they have figured out scrip = booze, because I doubt they have any other use for it.
  7. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    Any gremlins ever try turning themselves in for the bounty?
  8. Pretty sure if the Grave Spirit was on Earth everything would be dead.
  9. Beginner ? Summoning rules Nic vs Molly

    The models Molly summons take damage equal to their wounds, But prevent 1 damage for each enemy nearby, so unless it was summoned within 3" of 7 enemies at once the punk zombie should have taken damage.
  10. New Malifaux bios on the website

    Arcane Effigy seems to be missing a bio.
  11. Orphan Built-in Suits

    The suits are future proofing, there could be upgrades in the future that add triggers to those actions.
  12. Shooting into engagement and "within"

    Just a note, the only time within means completely within is deployment.
  13. Soulstones aren't a close enough analogue to whale oil for you?
  14. Nightmare Crews Backstories

    I think Dufresne is in the Defense of Innocence penny dreadful.
  15. April 10th - Easter Sale

    Some time around Easter I bet.
  16. Black Joker

    I had a game where i flipped the red joker and my opponent flipped the black for initiative 3 turns in a row.
  17. The Ice Golem

    I had success with him with pre errata Colette and armour of December, a prompt is 2 3" pushes and armour +1 but you can only do that once per turn now. Although with Angelica pushing him as well you can still get quite a bit of range on him.
  18. Help vs McMourning and Resser crew

    That crew your opponent is taking is very squishy, hit it hard and hit it fast, even Mcmourning crumbles to a dedicated assault.
  19. Malifaux Playtesting Callout

    So i can stop mashing f5 for a while?
  20. Sandeep summoning Banasuva

    No, your opponent played it wrong, you need one of the limited upgrades, he needs 12, then he deals 2 damage to a nearby gamin or is sacrificed and then you attach one of the 3 gamin upgrades to him. He also sacrifices all other friendly totems in play after being summoned.
  21. Devil's Deal and stoning for cards

    Only when Lucius uses the stones, if you can burn the stone without Lucius on the table, like reflipping initiative then you can't devils deal.
  22. Hmm, maybe I'm misremembering another discussion because thats how I thought it worked but can't find aything to back it up.
  23. The attacker is within 1" of the terrain being used as cover so it doesn't apply. Now if it were 2 pieces of terrain then you could claim cover.
  24. Unless you are facing someone handing out a bunch of negatives I'd say it's not really worth using it more than once.
  25. Lilith's Tangle Shadows

    Yep, thats how it works.