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  1. All, in case you've got some questions about the Global Campaign, here's a helpful FAQ! https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Campaign-FAQ.pdf
  2. We're pleased to inform our community members that Malifaux Print-on-Demand Cards are now available through DriveThruCards! For our community members across the pond, that means cards are easier than ever to get PoD! https://www.drivethrucards.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures
  3. Well wyrdos, y'all didn't disappoint when we said to get those games in! In the first 24 hours of this Global Campaign, we already have a set of standings to show off! Honeypot: 6 Savage: 12 Redcahpel: 20 Tri-Chi: 13 Academic: 5 Bandit: 24 Marshal: 8 Cadmus: 6 Looks like it's a race to see if Nia will be wearing fancy hats with Seamus or stealing them with Parker! But it's still early, and her fate is far from decided... Make your mark in Echoes of the Breach: Fractured Futures today! https://www.wyrd-games.net/echoes-of-the-breach
  4. Thanks for this excellent question! For a tournament type of situation, it would be the TO. Please shoot an email to hobby.assistant@wyrd-games.net with the relevant details of the event, and I'll make sure the folks processing the game reports know to expect a flood of responses from one person. NOTE: Anyone else wishing to run a tournament with the campaign rules, please reach out before the event to discuss your needs!
  5. Welcome to Echoes of the Breach: Fractured Futures, the 2024 global Malifaux campaign! At the bottom of this post, you will find all of the relevant links to play in the campaign, but for now let’s find out what this is all about. The campaign starts today, April 17th, and it will conclude on Friday, May 31st. In this campaign, you and your opponents will help to determine the fate of Nia: a wayward traveler who has had her future fractured as she crossed through the Breach into Malifaux. She does not yet know it, but she will soon be faced with tremendous possibility. Nia’s Fate is intertwined with some of the most powerful figures in Malifaux. The path chosen is up to you. Every Wednesday during the campaign, we will update the campaign landing page so you know which fate Nia is leaning towards: https://www.wyrd-games.net/echoes-of-the-breach This campaign will be decided by the games you play and it will influence every aspect of the game from story to mechanics, so choose your side carefully! Read the first half of Nia’s story here: Fractured Futures Pt. 1 What Is At Stake? There are eight paths Nia may go down, each associated with an existing Keyword. Throughout the campaign, you will be playing games to score points in support of one of those paths. The future that has scored the most points as of the end of the campaign will be declared the winner and it will become reality! The winning Keyword will gain Nia as a playable model and their story will advance as Nia’s Fate intertwines with their own. Since story, theme, and mechanics are all so deeply linked, this will also likely result in updated rules for some models in that Keyword, depending on how that story plays out! The eight Keywords Nia may become a part of are as follows: Honeypot Savage Redchapel Tri-Chi Academic Bandit Marshal Cadmus You can see how Nia appeared when she first came to Breachtown below, but this will not be the final version of her. Nia will receive new art and a new sculpt depending on which Keyword wins and what happens to her! In addition, the final chapter of her story will be released once the campaign is over, and it will reflect the results of the campaign. You may always choose to support any path you like, regardless of the Faction or Keyword you are currently playing! Nia on the Table In case you missed the campaign announcement, here is the art for Nia Campaign games will require a 30mm Nia Marker. You are more than welcome to use any appropriately sized model (or a blank base) to represent this Marker, however, we have taken the additional step of making Nia available for download as an STL for you to print at home! Find the STL on our webstore here: Nia STL You may also print out and cut out a paper 30mm Nia Token here: 30mm Nia Marker If you don’t have a 3D printer, don’t hesitate to look around, many libraries are now equipped with one. Playing a Campaign Game When you play a campaign game, the Nia Marker will start in the center of the board. You and your opponent will each choose a Thread of Fate (abbreviated Thread) which represents the future you want Nia to have. Each Thread has an effect that will make the Nia Marker act in different ways, making every campaign game unique! Strategies and Schemes are still chosen normally. A campaign game adds to a normal game of Malifaux, it does not take anything away! In addition to this, you will choose one of two Objectives associated with your Thread and, if you complete it, you will score 1 VP, as well as 1 point for your chosen Thread in the overall campaign. It does not matter what Crew or Faction you play, you may still choose any Thread. And you may choose a different Thread every game if you wish. This is just scratching the surface, for the full rules, see the campaign document: Global Campaign Document For your convenience, we also created campaign reference cards: Campaign Card Digital Set Campaign Thread Card Print Version Reporting Games When you are done playing your campaign game, submit your results with this Google form: Echoes of the Breach: Fractured Futures Reporting Form On this form, you answer whether you completed your Objective, whether your opponent completed theirs, and who won. If you played in person, you will also be asked for a picture of the game and the game store or club you played at (if any) to potentially earn prize support for your local store. Games played in person will be worth double campaign points, so you will be more likely to determine Nia’s fate if you can get your models out on a table! Only one player per game may fill out this form, so if your opponent fills out a report, you may not. You must submit your form within 24 hours of playing your game. Forms submitted after 11:59pm EST on May 31st will not be counted. Support Your Local Game Stores This campaign also gives your favorite game stores a chance to shine and win big! Simply list the store where you played the campaign game in your report, and they'll be entered into a raffle for extra product support. Plus, if your store is randomly selected, you and your fellow gamers will win the Fate Bound Fate Deck, an exclusive item not for sale and only available through Wyrd events. It's a win-win for everyone! Fate Bound Fate Deck Please note: We will be verifying participation with the stores to ensure fairness and transparency throughout the campaign. Let's rally behind our game stores and strengthen our community across the globe. Store Resources We have some resources for you to download in order to advertise the campaign. If you would like to put some fliers up in your store, you can download them here: Play Here Fliers Summary This is your chance to influence every aspect of the game we all love! So get out there and fight for the future you want, you can start playing RIGHT NOW! Nia’s fate hangs in the balance… And if you want to discuss the campaign with other players, be sure to have a look at the campaign section of our Discord channel. It will last for the duration of the campaign and has special emotes to help you support your chosen Thread: https://discord.gg/AtnWhWvc7s Here are all the links you may need: Campaign Rules: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E_Echoes-of-the-Breach_Campaign-Document-tykn.pdf Campaign Reference Cards: Digital:https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E_Echoes-of-the-Breach_Quick-Ref-Cards.pdf Print: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E_Echoes-of-the-Breach_Quick-Ref-Cards_PRINT.pdf Reporting Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfY3mNEpCNWqj2BOFrqxCxs7YJg_2gWMy9w9gKVIBAfcD8aSw/viewform?usp=sf_link Nia STL: https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/echoes-of-the-breach-fractured-futures-nia-model-stl-file Nia Paper Token: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E_Nia_Marker.pdf Nia’s Story: https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/M3E_Echoes-of-the-Breach.pdf Campaign Landing Page: https://www.wyrd-games.net/echoes-of-the-breach Store/Advertising Resources: https://www.wyrd-games.net/fractured-futures
  6. In part one of "Uncharted Waters," Maxine Agassiz and her crew set out aboard the Exploration Vessel Superior to unravel the nautical mysteries created by the arrival of the Burning Man. http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/e/tales-of-malifaux-170/
  7. Hey Wyrdos, This week brings an exciting announcement: the launch of a world-wide campaign for Malifaux Third Edition, titled Echoes of the Breach: Fractured Futures. Set to unfold from April 17th to May 31st, this event offers a unique opportunity for players to report their games and directly influence the Malifaux storyline, gameplay, and even the release of a specific model. More details, including all the rules and how to report your games, will be shared in a comprehensive post next week, along with what's at stake. Let's introduce Nia, a pivotal character making her debut in Malifaux, whose story sets the stage for the campaign. Nia's arrival in Malifaux is a significant event, marking a collision of luck and fate that sends her on an unpredictable journey. Below, you can dive into the first part of her exciting story. The continuation of Nia's tale will be shaped by the outcomes of your campaign actions. Which thread of fate will you choose to go down, and will your efforts lead to success or failure? The fate of this character depends on your participation. Download the first part of Nia’s story through the graphic below: Make sure to tune in next Wednesday for the full campaign details!
  8. @Nudelpullover technically I did one for Heavy Metal last summer, but that was before I decided to make it a regular attempt.
  9. Thanks to everyone who entered our Spring Painting Competition! Make sure you take a moment to browse the galleries, and comment with your encouragement or constructive feedback. Anyone who votes in both polls and comments on each entry in the When it Rains it Pours gallery will be eligible for a Wyrd Webstore Credit giveaway! Everyone with 10 forum posts has 3 votes for each poll. All 3 votes must be used, or the poll will not accept your votes. The polls are below. Spring Painting Competition 2024 Singles Poll Spring Painting Competition 2024 Diorama Voting Poll Voting closes at 11:59 EST April 16th, 2024
  10. Here are your Diorama choices! Remember, you must use all three of your votes!
  11. Here are your Singles choices! Remember, you must use all three of your votes!
  12. Howdy y'all! I've decided this year to try and paint along with every painting competition hosted in 2024! My goal is to put myself under the same constraints as the participants in an act of solidarity with those brush wielders out there. For When it Rains, it Pours I made my first diorama, titled Against the Odds
  13. We're hosting a giveaway for this great Ten Thunders Last Blossom/Monk Keyword box from Ashes of Malifaux. There are several ways to enter! https://gleam.io/eivJq/wyrd-malifaux-black-blossom-giveaway
  14. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo decided to finally stop playing pranks on us. He adores April Fool’s Day, and spends most of his time trying to convince all of us that no, he’s actually a very good imp who deserves many treats for his excellent behavior. Instead of listing all the times Waldo has been mischievous today, let’s take a look at some details and highlights from AdeptiCon 2024, helpfully recorded by our Wyrd volunteers! Thursday started off with four-player Random Rush, with KC taking the overall victory with his Bayou crews. If you’re curious about the details, you can check out the results here: https://malifaux.longshanks.org/event/14470/. The Cupcake Match also took place on Thursday, where players engaged in skirmishes for sweet, succulent, sugary treats. We’re told some lemon buttercream cupcakes were the stars of the show. Waldo won’t be happy we couldn’t nab the recipe… Friday was filled with learn-to-plays and the Masquerade. It was great seeing so many players new and old learning how to cheat Fate and get the best out of their crews! Remember, if you’re looking to get started with Malifaux (or just need a quick refresher), you can get the rules for free right here! M3E Rules If you’re eager to start building crews yourself (and check out the newly-added Ashes of Malifaux models), download the Malifaux 3E app here. https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/ If you were looking to get stuck in with The Other Side at AdeptiCon, you could do so with Against the Odds. In the first match of this special event the Survivors, led by Kassa Okoye, managed to complete four of their five objectives before Goryshe succumbed to the Endless. However, the next day the Survivors under the command of Prince Unathi just barely eked out a win on the final Turn of the encounter thanks to the timely use of the Capture the Flag Stratagem. Glory to Abyssinia and the King’s Empire! If you’re looking to even the score (or continue forging a path to glory), check out the Allegiances available in our webstore! https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/the-other-side Splash of Color, a massive guided painting event with 24 people, concluded Friday. Each participant received a box of the new Yaksha models to paint. A heartfelt thanks to our expert painters for sharing their knowledge and leading the painting session. Keep an eye out for this event to return at future conventions! Saturday was the Master’s Tournament, and it was a packed house! After many rounds of scheming, Cole Thomas came in first place with Arcanists, Turner Duncan took second with Neverborn, and Krzysztof Trojanowski was third with the Explorer’s Society. A big shoutout to Ole Stene’s Von Schtook crew for winning Best Painted as well! As usual, if you’re curious about the results, you can see the breakdown here: https://malifaux.longshanks.org/event/14501/ Wrapping up AdeptiCon on Sunday was Bonanza Brawl, a multi-player event where a handful of models fight over Treasure Markers. The special Loot Deck proved to be popular once again as well. If you’re looking to try out the Bonanza Brawl format yourself, you can use these links to get the rules and start playing! Bonanza Brawl Rules That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. We appreciate everyone who came out and made this AdeptiCon magnificent, and want to give special thanks to Sean O. for providing his beautiful terrain, and to Brandon L. (whom we are told now has a mustache) for monitoring our many events. Thank you all for another great AdeptiCon, and we hope to see you all there next year!
  15. Heya Wyrdos, The Ashes of Malifaux PDF is now available for purchase on DriveThruRPG. This release marks the epic conclusion to the Burning Man trilogy, offering over 70 new characters and comprehensive bios to enrich your Malifaux experience. As the city confronts the chaos brought by the Burning Man, strategies to predict or eliminate his influence unfold. Amidst this, a question looms: who will emerge victorious from the ashes? Get it at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/471709/Ashes-of-Malifaux-Expansion-Book--M3E For those who've invested in the physical book by May 31st, 2024, we are pleased to offer a free digital PDF version of the book. This promotion aims to ensure you can enjoy Malifaux in whichever format you prefer. To claim your free PDF and for further details on this promotion, please visit https://www.wyrd-games.net/promotions-and-rewards.
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