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  1. Ah, thanks! Yes, that works. I take it theres no way to automatically print the cards and upgrades from your crew from the app though? I'm just being lazy!
  2. I'm planning to play some learning games with my son. The app is awesome, but i'd like to use physical cards. Can you print them from the app? Or is there another way to get them? I know i can screenshot and print them but that's non ideal. And im cautious about buying them because i know things will be updated etc.
  3. This thread ****ROCKS****. Thanks nerdelemental and anyone else who might have contributed
  4. Hi! I'm in stamford...sounds like I'm going to have to make the hike to manchester at some point - seems like a strong community over that way! Ill pm when I do so, and if for some reason you've time to kill and are over this way, drop me a line!
  5. That sounds awesome Nathan. Don't mean to sound pushy or anything - and yikes, I know you guys are uber-busy! Just figured it was a suggestion worth making
  6. Oh man, thanks to this post I just learnt about the e-zines! Reading those would have really helped while I waited for my initial order to arrive. I've been trying to read as much as I can but I always looked in the forums for reading material, and the e-zines are on the main page. Well, better late than never... More fool me of course, but I reiterate an earlier post - I think it'd be really helpful to have a beginners area in these forums.
  7. There are some places out there - armorcast, FRP, etc that have fantasy terrain that reasonably fits the bill, but are there any that have victorian-esque terrain? Even just things like lamp-posts etc that could convert any streetscape into a more victorian one?
  8. Nice story mate. Love the Cthulhu feel.
  9. Sorry about all the swine flu stuff. To be honest though, this is all teething stuff for Malifaux. My order will show up soon soon but in the meantime I'm just thrilled at the response that the game has had. I follow a lot of games and I haven't seen one this creative in, well, maybe ever really. I'm a gamer who gets so excited about a game coming out that the anticipation is almost painful - and each day now I'm checking my mailbox hoping, so I feel your pain that your rulebook didn't come. All I can say is that in a week or two you'll have forgotten about all the delays and you'll be
  10. Where are you Valkyrie73? I'll be in Sydney for a few weeks in September. Not sure if it's available there or anything, but I'd usually buy minis at the Tin Soldier in Sydney. If you're around (in Sydney) I'd be up for a game! I could easily bring my gremlins in for a few weeks...
  11. I've no doubt that it's a matter of time. Eric and Nathan, just doesn't seem like you're doing enough for all of us - give us a podcast too! Gimme, gimme, gimme! But seriously, someone with more time than you (and me) will do this no doubt. And hadn't thought for a minute actuallly, that it'd be a Wyrd person. I actually enjoyed Jervis Johnson's GW podcast, but it was never a patch on d6g, podhammer, 40k radio etc - podcasts are like journalism and I think are best when from a third party perspective - they really need to represent the viewpoint of the game to be at their best, imo.
  12. Forum Handle: MadDokRox (James) City/Metro Area: Stamford, CT (Fairfield County) Game Shop (if you have one): Clockwork Orange? None local really Preferred days/times: Weekday evenings, occasional weekends Other comments: I have gremlins and cult of december starters, and will probably expand these as time goes on. But would love to play like every second week or something like that. I can travel somewhat - but the crowd in Machester/Hartford is just a bit far away sorry! Clockwork Comics is where I buy most of my stuff, though they don't have any Wyrd stuff. I can happily host t
  13. I'm a gremlinist for sure! Mine are still on their way though, along with the rulebook so I can't say much beyond that. Nice diorama Peterdita!
  14. Just ordered the Decemberists Beans. Out of curiosity - how long did it take you to paint them? And what colours? I'm thinking GW's Ice Blue with some blue washes would probably be good - just curious.
  15. Has to come sooner or later, but is there one around yet? Would just be nice to Malifaux-ize my commute!
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