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  1. Morgan Vening

    Is McTavish still good with Nellie?

    I don't have much experience with either Nellie or McTavish, so there MAY be some builds where the change is arguably an issue, but the only change was a single SS increase on an already expensive model. He plays in exactly the same way, so unless a build is so strapped for SS that it can't free up a single stone, I'd say he should be fine. It's not like it's multiple cheaper models, where the cumulative cost increases might be a hindrance. Even if you previously played both McTavish and Jebsen, it's 2SS change out of 50 to spend.
  2. Morgan Vening

    PullMyFinger has moved and survives!

    It's a shame that this wasn't organized properly, because apparently there's three versions out there now. The Canvas one (which I spent the good part of a week on, migrating stuff to, to preserve it if the original one died), this one that's sprung up almost fully formed, and allegedly another one. Hopefully the relevant webmasters can discuss things, because having multiple versions of the same thing is just a bad idea, as it isn't conducive to have two places people need to update. A single source is preferable to multiple ones.
  3. Morgan Vening

    Schemes & Stones July 2018 Errata Episode

    However, the rats DO count for staying in LOS. The lack of LOS required has cost me more of that Condition than I've actually lost to the model dying.
  4. Morgan Vening

    July 2018 Errata

    Also, when will the changes go up on Wargame Vault? I'm going to be in the US for GenCon, so I wanted to get a group order that I can bring home on cheap, sent local (cause international shipping suuuuucks), but the stated turnaround time doesn't give me much of a window for getting it done.
  5. Morgan Vening

    Mine Soulstone and Damage Prevention.

    I would hazard a guess it's no, because the clause refers to it suffering damage, though arguably not in the normal sense. The condition could have been worded "If it is not killed by this damage", if that was the intent, or something similar. Though I can't for the life of me figure out why you would do this, from a tactical perspective. It does make me question that Rasputina's SubZero wouldn't apply if you soulstoned it all. The one thing I do look forward to with a eventual rewrite of the rules is them getting a more concise and easily understood flowchart of how everything works, and using specifically defined terms rather than colloquial English, so that the arguments over stuff like the Lucky Effigy don't go 20+ pages.
  6. Morgan Vening

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Maybe it's the meta I'm in, but for anything that has better than a low stable damage spread (Weak/Weak+1/Weak+2), and where the disparity in Attack vs Df/Wp is no more than 1, Focus will get you most of the way there, most of the time. The to attack more often means they cheat first, and the to damage means anything by a tie is cheatable. It doesn't always work, but I'd put the number of times when I've lost my Master, to it being from at least one significant cheated hit at around 40%. Not overwhelming but significant enough.
  7. Morgan Vening

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    I'm yet to play him (the guy painting him is taking longer than expected), but I think while the removal of I2W and Cache reduction may have been necessary for game balance, it does seem like it screws the play balance of him. By that, I mean when I thought about what I'd do when I played him, I had several different concepts. Now, any that relied on putting him into any centralized combat goes out the window. Obviously, he's not a full on combat master that can go toe to toe with the Viks or Howard, but he looked like he could hold his own. But quasi armor and 12W means he's threatened by a lot of things. And I really liked the idea of going in there full Gada. I can still see him being a successful Master, but in the manner of a support only Master. And I'd probably rather he have remained a generalist, even if he wasn't as good at any specific aspect, by making his summoning or spellcasting a little worse. And either giving him one aspect of I2W (either H2W or can't cheat damage), or the ability to reapply Arcane Shield after he activates. Something to make him not be so fragile if he does get involved. But c'est la vie.
  8. Morgan Vening

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    The new version is up, but as there doesn't appear to be any way to archive the original at the point of closure, it has already been transferred manually, to avoid the risk of it being lost entirely. If you want to add it straight to the new one, you can do it here. https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1293024/modules
  9. Morgan Vening

    POSITIVE AND negative modifiers

    Your second line is wrong. 13 negatives, 11 positives = Yes, I counted. But your overall point is sound.
  10. Morgan Vening

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Murphy was an optimist. The amount of important turns I've lost Initiative in the last month or so, with Seize the Day, is frustrating. Of something like 12 turns of importance, I didn't win a single one. I didn't need the reminder that fate happens, but it has definitely been a reminder tap to the junk, especially when your opponent affects your odds. I also failed three important Alpha attempts, because of Black Jokers (two flipping the bastard on the Alpha attempt, once flipping it on the Shillelagh attack needing to turn Beast). Hell, the last time I won Initiative on an important turn, it was after Marcus had died, and I was straight flipping. Because of course.
  11. The one thing I HAVE seen that confused another player, is that you can't spend two AP to move double your Walk. For simplicity's sake, you can do that if there's nothing around, but with regards engagements, each Walk action is a separate event, and you need to clear the engagement range with a single Action.
  12. Morgan Vening

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    So, I took a Raptor last night in my Marcus crew, and did the obvious "turn Howard into a Beast, so I can Alpha Howard", and despite me being stupid*, the bird really came into it's own on T3, when on T2 I took to the sky, and came down in the middle of the support section of his crew, tying up Wong, Trixie, Old Cranky and a Slop Hauler. * My first attack hit, I forgot the trigger, and Severe'd Howard, and couldn't cheat cause it was a negative Damage Flip, I smartened up on the second hit, but Howard down an additional three Wds definitely affected how early he died. Though he killed McTavish, a Taxidermist, took Stilts off Francois and did 3 to Wong, so I can't complain he didn't do his job. It was awesome for the disruption, if nothing else. If I hadn't forgotten I had Defensive Stance on the Raptor, I maybe could have tied up Wong for Turn 4 too.
  13. Morgan Vening

    Lazarus assimilates Ramos' strike with focus

    Just clarifying that I've got what you're asking right. Lazarus Focuses and casts Assimilate. You spend the Focus to get a flip on the Assimilate. The Focus is then used by the time you cast Strike, as it only applies to one Action, not all flips within that one action. It's the reason Focus on a Charge only applies to a single Attack.
  14. Morgan Vening

    Misery damage

    Yep. Relenting means you tie the duel. A tied duel is a win for the Attacker, therefore a loss for the Defender (all p27 RM). Misery would apply.
  15. Morgan Vening

    Timing of blast damage

    My personal opinion is at this point it's up to you and your opponent to figure if that's how it's done or not. I think there's not enough information to definitively say, and until someone in authority says otherwise, I can see it easily being either. I think the rule should have it be the initial model takes damage first, both because it makes more "logical" sense to me, and feels more consistent with other rules (the target first, then everything else after). But I can definitely see the other side of that argument.