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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw it was announced that the box containing the Spit Hog and Bayou Gremlins is going to go 1 and 4 (half rarity for both), but that'd be a different situation, as two boxes gets you the limit, rather than having one Mature in a Crew Box, and the other Mature in a different box.
  2. You are doubling the base size wasted to Severe. A 30mm model trying to cross a 25mm wide river, would waste 55mm total. The 30mm of the base needing to clear the back edge of the base is still 30mm of forward movement, and shouldn't be counted twice. One way around making the big rivers more palatable though (cause I agree, those rivers would be problematic for crews without flight/leap/incorp/unimpeded), is only count movement in the river as Severe if you're not touching a bank (or either of the two shallow fords, obviously). That the areas close to the banks (and the fords) are shallow, and don't impede movement. This would actually benefit larger based models, as there'd be less distance needed to cover to get from bank to bank, which, IMO makes sense in most cases (where base size and SZ are comparatively larger), as they should have less trouble fording a stream.
  3. As was pointed out in another thread, you kind of want a Whisperer AND a SwineCursed or two. The ability for the Whisperer to give two Actions (Stick Em and Fast) and a Glowy Token to a Cursed, for one action and 1 damage, is awesome. And Herd Em for a third for a fairly easy TN, if you want it. For me, at least early on, it'll be a Whisperer and 2 Swine Cursed, or no Swine Cursed.
  4. Not directly. Ulix's primary method is to summon Piglets, and then Grow them into larger PIG's (Minion only). There are other Summons (Somer for Big Hat, Sammy and Taxis for Stuffed/Flying, Spawn Mother for Gupps, and Cooper for Whiskey Gamin), but none of those fit the Ulix engine. Side note, with Ulix getting a surname, anyone know what relation he has to Popcorn, if any?
  5. Umm... you should qualify that "never" to specify "in plastic". Because in the 1st Ed metals, very few Totems WEREN'T sold separately. Only one I can think of that was, was LCB (for obvious reasons).
  6. Seems like it. "Equal to". I was going through my Von Schtook box, and read this a couple times, and was REALLY disappointed that it wasn’t "equal to or less than". It's really a marginal ability unless you're going late in a turn, or want to turn a 10 or a 12 into a RJ. Thankfully, the Valedictorian has another bonus action that's more useful early in the turn.
  7. But Gunfighter doesn't make it a melee action. Just that it treats the range as . Which would make the ability useless if it didn't work the way it looks like it would. And that's kinda my point. The text for Gunfighter, and the text excluding using FotT when engaged (Engaged models cannot take Actions), don't feel clean, and I can see new player's (or less legalistic players) being confused or frustrated. Especially given it's usually going to be used in a manner that exposes Perdita to bad play, with the expectation it'll work the way you'ld expect probably expect it to (moving Perdita into the open, and getting to shoot at someone charging her). I get that's the likely ruling. I guess it just feels unintuitive, and the kind of thing I'd just hate arguing is not just the way it works, but the way it's intended to work. I feel adding "unless this model is engaged" into the body of the text of Finger on the Trigger would have been a better way of doing it.
  8. But then how does Gunfighter work then? Gunfghter: This model may treat any of its Actions as having a range of 1". If you can't do a ranged attack when engaged, how can you get to the part that allows it to be used as a melee? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm expecting you to be right. But this does come across as one of those counterintuitive "here's how it technically works, not how you'd expect it to work because of this obscure interaction" rules that they were trying to eliminate in Third Edition. So, I'm hoping it's ruled that you can do it against a model charging Perdita, just because it's how I think most people on first glance would expect it to work.
  9. I doubt the Mature. Seems like the most common package is Master+Totem+Henchman+3x Lower Minions. I'd expect either Mature+2xYoung in a smaller ~$30 box, or 2xMature, 4xYoung in a ~$50 box. Then the BBS and the pair of Lelitu in another box, and Corrupted Hounds in a small box, and that'd be Nephilim complete.
  10. Gotta disagree. While the wrapping on the scabbard on the 1st Ed model might give a Japenese-esque vibe, and the crossguard has always been minimal (though more Norse or Roman), it's never looked like a katana to me until this latest version. The blade has been straight, or mostly, all the way through. I think one of the alts had a slight curve to it. Even looking at it now, I still don't see any of them being katanalike, except the newest one. I mean, I always thought the 1st Ed version was a two handed version of this, with an extended pattern on the scabbard, and a wrapped grip. https://www.strongblade.com/prod/sbc-gladiusdecimus.html
  11. I really don't like the brims of the hats on the two death marshals. They're almost comically big, though they'd be easy enough to trim down. And while I know she's new, and I know she doesn't have the same issue, I don't know if I could put a Judge on the table that didn't have a bandana over their face. That was always the iconic distinction for me. That Lady J isn't complete cheesecake is a plus, as is her not wearing completely ridiculous footwear. But I miss the euro Greatsword. Not a fan of her using a Ten Thunders one. Any reason she switched it up? That seems like a lot of negativity, but if I didn't already have a Lady J crew painted (and surplus DM's), I'd definitely consider getting this. But I do, so I won't. Gotta get Basse, Youko, and Euripides. And then get them painted. And then their Keyword stuff. And then get the next 5 or so Explorer Guild Masters AND their Keyword stuff. It's EXHAUSTING.
  12. Why not? Can't generate the enthusiasm to do so?
  13. That was my concern in the original post. That at least three of the Masters have a larger "synergy" with another Master in that faction, than any two non-DMH Masters appear to. Collodi and Dreamer or Zoraida, Lilith and Nekima, and Ramos and Hoffman. Haven't done a deep dive to find out if Nicodem has any overtly powerful combinations. As per OP, I don't have an issue with them being fielded as singular Masters. It's the dual master synergy I'm concerned about. Similarly, I have no issue with Ryle. I have no issue with Melissa. But I'm not sure it's not slightly OP if both are on the table at the same time.
  14. Not sure what you mean by mechanically changed, and what it'd entail. One example of a model that was fundamentally changed in how it works, based completely on the storyline, is Barbaros. You could probably say the same for Lynch and McCabe, though those might be more a rejiggering of Crew allotments.
  15. From what I can gather, they're kinda OK if you get nothing more from them, but their situational abilities are so diverse and so plentiful, they're usually going to hit on something. Most crews will have some combination Terrifying, Manipulative, Incorporeal, or H2W. Ignoring that is always kinda nice. Also, ignoring Friendly Fire isn't anything to sneeze at against highly mobile crews. And they're a decent counterpick against some crews. Any Undead, obviously. And any active Summoner needs to consider putting resources into a big Summon, because a high Crow brings that all down. And the ability to screw with Mei or Hoff, or any other crew that uses Corpse/Scrap, shouldn't be unconsidered. Finally, a late turn False Accusation with Mental Trauma can be a good value. If they don't have the card, they're eating 3, and if they do, with all the "discard for effect" abilities, they probably kept it for a reason. Don't want to burn a high Crow, but an 8-9 of Crows cheated in, can make your opponent have a hard choice or eat the 3. So, while a straight up comparison to DM's against a neutral target has them probably a little overpriced, if you're hitting on even a quarter of their situational abilities, they come off relatively favorable.
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