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  1. Just to be clear, so there's no confusion, that works in one circumstance, but not the other. Unless I'm completely wrong (and that's definitely possible). If a model is nominated for a Scheme, is then given the Reliquary, and then Corpus'd into an Ancestor, then the new Ancestor counts for that Scheme. Toshiro (for example) is nominated, dies, gets Reliquaried to another model, and that model is Corpus'd, then that's not the same Toshiro, and any Schemes referring Toshiro do not count the new Toshiro for those schemes. I figured you were referring to the first example, but the statement might have made it unclear that the latter was possible (given the narrative flavour of resurrecting Ancestors), and I don't believe that's how it works.
  2. When I said automatic, I was including the option to use of a 5-7 from hand, if putting up the aura is considered important. Obviously, that's going to depend on a lot of factors, including availability, card draw, card cycle, and need for discards within the crew (Finnegan doesn't have one, this guy has Geomancy, no clear "lots of Flurry/RapidFire/etc" yet). And while I agree that the number of junk minions is significant (especially given that pass tokens take away one of the more important reason to take them), I'm leery of the new Faction leading the way on that front, rather than those others getting worked on first. Because even the appearance of codex creep is likely to annoy people. I mean, we'll see where that ends up (I have faith in Wyrd), but it is something to be mindful of. People feeling they need to buy into ExSo Squad, rather than because it looks awesome/interesting/quirky, has a way of backfiring.
  3. Not sure I like Price of Progress being what appears to be a Keyword ability. That easy access to triggers doesn't sit right with me, for the moment. Pythagoras Quake is funny, but require a lot of things to go right. I'm assuming that you use the outer bounds of the sightlines, and therefore the target is also always "within"? 6 wounds, Armor and all-but-auto Hazardous aura does seem a bit much, given he's no slouch offensively. At least he's kinda slow independently (Chain Gang is fine until you don't have a partner available and willing).
  4. Unlucky. Every other attempt was against enemy models. And often on the third card. "So, I attack you. Single Negative. *flips two cards. Two Moderates. Oh, H2W? Weak. Crap." The one time I didn't do it, was against my own.
  5. Just remember, that while you can't cheat up (if you want that model dead), you also can't cheat down. In M2E, I had a Raptor try to Enrage Howard Langston (a trigger that'd turn him into a Beast, and make him susceptible to Marcus tricks). Flipped the attack. Cheated in the Tome... And flipped three Severe on the 1/2/4 damage flip. What was supposed to be a plink at best, ended up stripping Langston of more than a quarter of his Wounds. This was my first time at not flipping a meaningful Weak on a double negative in well over two dozen attempts.
  6. I'm thinking a fraction under 2". Cause unless this guy changes significantly (and I expect R&B to get the no-bonus/no-summon that most obeys do), then he's going to be a permanent fixture in nearly every McCabe crew I make that isn't kill dominant. He gives McCabe a balloon ride, McCabe gives him a horsey ride. Two bonus actions, something like 15+" of movement? McCabe getting two mobile henchmen with Don't Mind Me, and a Huckster or two, into a scheme based pool? Yeah, sign me up for that party.
  7. Grave Golem isn't Undead? OK, I get being wrong about how Demise works. But it goes to show that even the most basic things shouldn't be overlooked. Side note, how is it not Undead?
  8. Am I missing something with Reva? That's a lot of AP being spent there. Sure, you can hope to Charge it, but that means cluttering together, and you need to put effort into moving the Golem forward without it activating. When you could just have Anna Lovelace "Remote Detonate" it, for a 4+ (and a card draw). Heck, Asura and a 4+ Tomes or Crow and a SS, and you can place the Grave Golem on any board edge. Makes the first point of Breakthrough ridiculously easy (place the marker first turn, don't spend it until scoring in the second), and if your opponent doesn't devote anything to him, you might even be able to get the second point. Asura with some clear sightlines can help, on time delay (Zombies having Mindless means having to think a turn ahead). Also as well as helping with Spread Them Out. Being able to put one of the three in the middle of the backline makes getting the other two 10" apart a lot less difficult. Granted, we're already at 29-30SS in expenditure (28 +1 to summon the Zombie + 1 for Anna OOK if not playing Transmortis). But still... Heck, that might be a good core for a Seamus crew (as he can use spare Mindless/Corpses for AP).
  9. It's possible that not ALL will be Explorer's but I'm betting it'll only be a handful that aren't, if they aren't. For one simple reason, faction balance. The existing Factions have 70-75 models in each faction. That's a lot of models that every one not innately Explorer's, will increase that disparity. The other issue is that as it stands, the two existing Masters are already quite flush. While Wastrel is literally the least diverse and least plentiful Master in the game (excepting Master/Totem, 4 unique models, 8 total models, 50SS options), with Ophelia being the only one close (7U, 9T, 58SS), if you doubled Wastrel's options in Explorer's, he'd only be behind Misaki, Shen and Asami for options. Basse is already in second place for Guild. Meaning that I doubt either of these are going to have more than some token Explorer's Guild options. Meaning that the other crews will need to provide sufficient options to make the Faction as a whole at least look proper.
  10. Yeah, Wanyudo's probably the most egregious issue, from an objective perspective, and if I didn't own one already (and wasn't a collector), would probably be at the top of my gripe list.
  11. Hey, don't get me wrong, I think the Special Order program conceptually is both necessary (for the A46 reason you mentioned) and awesome. I took full advantage of the Wave 1 stuff. My issue is purely with two items in Wave 2, and the potential for there to be an issue (Alan Reid) with Wave 3. Some of it is pricing, but some of it is also Wyrd making some wrong choices, IMO. They decided to box the Spit Hog with Bayou Gremlins, and G&O with Banjonistas. Some consideration to doing that differently might have helped. Like with the Internal Investigations box. That's going to annoy two groups of people. Guild completists who already have the Investigators (of which I'm one), and Nellie players who aren't interested in Lucius. I understand that Wyrd want to shrink their SKU's a bit, but some of the choices in doing so just seem strange. Wyrd being cagey about how things are being grouped, doesn't help. While I already had the Bayou Gremlins, I purchased both the Banjonistas and the Guild Investigators after M3E was released, as a means of supporting the local stores, and because of the Special Order program I didn't think I'd get particularly hosed by that decision. In hindsight, both purchases were probably mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Wyrd. But as I've said in the past, I'm not a fan of just pissing money away, even if I can afford it, and if that means proxies, so be it. But I'd rather not. Making them affordable, even if there's a small "inconvenience tax" on top (like the Wave 1 stuff), is fine. Pricing them that buying retail and having surplus models is actually financially competitive, isn't.
  12. I dunno. I'm kinda disappointed by the last batch of Special Orders. First batch Order Initiates - 3 figures of a 6 figure box, $27 vs $50. Saves $23. Good Ol Boys - 3 figures of a 7 figure box, $27 vs $55. Saves $28. Eli and Friends - 3 figures of a 4 figure box, $32 vs $50. Saves $18. Given sizes of miniatures and excess cards, reasonable pricings. Second batch Agent 46 - 1 figure of a 6 figure box, $14 vs $50. Saves $36. Then we get to the two I have issue with. Spit Hog - 1 figure of a 5 figure box, $27 vs $35. Saves $8. Georgy and Olaf - 1 figure of a 4 figure box, $27 vs $35. Saves $8. While I get in those two boxes that the Special Order models are significantly larger, it's hard to argue that they're ~77% of the value of the box. When the Fire Golem was only ~36% of his. Given that Special Orders don't seem to be something that my local stores are interested in dealing with, it just seems like a wasted effort and that it's cheaper (as I wouldn't have to deal with international freight direct from Wyrd) and easier to just buy the box sets, and throw away the Bayou Gremlins and Banjonistas. Even more so if those boxes are discounted in any way. Miniature Market has Deliverance (Spit + 4 Bayou) for $29.75. So that'd mean only wasting $2.75 for four Bayous. And that's assuming you didn't spend $99 and qualify for free shipping. For international, the difference is even starker. $29.75 + $6.65 Shipping ($36.40) to Australia from Miniature Market. $27 + $28.36 ($55.36) from Wyrd. Don't expect these to change (as it'd just peeve people who already paid), but I do hope that Wyrd re-evaluate pricing in the future, or it's going to make Special Orders pointless for anything bar an Agent 46 type deal. If Alan and Witnesses are ~85% of the Internal Investigations box (4 of 6 models), what's the point of making a Special Order?
  13. Wait, now I'm confused. Have I just inverted the two (another excludes VS, other than excludes Hannah), or is the "other than" superfluous? English. Come for the lack of clarity. Stay for the counterintuitiveness.
  14. The latter. "another" excludes Hannah. "other than" excludes Von Schill. So it's got to be a third model.
  15. I was thinking something that boosts their bodyguarding. Something that complements Take the Hit. Either a temporary H2K (only applicable when not the original target), or a card draw when Taking the Hit (so it cycles rather than card drains), or both (but have the card draw contingent on the model surviving the hit if it's too good). If it makes them too good as Summons, have it turn off that ability if the model has a Summon Upgrade. Either you can do this individually in the text of the Ability, or use it for several models by making it a parentheses ability like "Authority (Best you Got?)" (like Mantra or Opportunist), and have the Summons Upgrade say it loses any "Authority" abilities.
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