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  1. Yep. They're basically "free" in the sense you don't have to hire them. There's usually a cost somewhere, often an action needs to be spent, a card played (either a "discard to", but more often you just need to spend one to hit the target number and suit), and/or a resource used (soulstones, corpse/scrap markers, etc). And even if that looks like a great deal, there's usually a down side. A lot of summons come in with a penalty on their Summon Upgrades (Slow is most common, but lower health, or other penalties are common). And that's not even accounting for their lower ability to directly affect Schemes and Strategies (which is the determinative factor in winning). It still has uses though. But it's not necessarily as obviously powerful as it first seems. Lost more than one game because I spent too much time making my crew larger, and not enough actually winning the game.
  2. While I understand the unhappiness, and wish they'd figured a different way to do it, the OP definitely got hosed by bad luck. But the number of Masters that got screwed by shift was comparatively small (I know someone who had McMourning for a Guild crew), and the number deleted even less. Again, I wish it'd been handled differently, but compared to what happens in most actual edition changes, I'm not too annoyed.
  3. As others have mentioned, the program is basically dead. I find they make awesome pass tokens though. Solid, thematec, easy to distinguish, and a nice Waldo for theme.
  4. I dunno, Jack on 2, two attacks inbound before you get a chance to heal Jack back up. Take the two and hope one attack fails, or SS for the first, and if you flip a Moderate or better, the second attack is meaningless. Or, if you've only got great cards in hand, throwing a SS and risking it working, instead of being forced to discard a Severe/RJ might be a valid choice. I know I've had that choice (in a different format). Opponent attacks and hits with a discard a card effect. I've got a 12 and a RJ. Do I discard the 12 to cheat, risking the chance of still losing the RJ (if my opponent cheats above), or do I just discard the 12. I've had this happen at least three times I can recall, and I've chosen wrong three times (twice I've chosen the discard and my opponent turfed all garbage end of turn, the one time I didn't, he cheats in a 13 that he'd drawn the action before). I'm bad at this game.
  5. Need to greenstuff a Great Gazoo helmet on that guy then.
  6. I was pointed to the most recent Waldo's Weekly, and we get this guy. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2022/5/4/waldos-weekly-fish-and-whistle?fbclid=IwAR2uWufS6QpBU1H5cKph19goGEwF5hH6Rg8Y2yZ9mjxq4ZvONIqa8UON7DY Keyword Angler, is something new. Not sure what role this guy has. He's got some great points (autodisengage, shoot and scoot, Stealth), but what's he doing to get you points, or reduce your opponent's ability to do so? What appears to be the Keyword ability seems nifty, especially with his ability to generate them, but he can also be relatively easily ignored. If he's within 3" to hand out the Severe with Beneath the Leaves, he's inside Stealth range, and other than the plus flip to Df, kinda screwed. He can't actively tie things up with no engagement range, and a 1/2/3 damage track is hardly scary, even with the triggers. Under the Surface targetting only friendly stops him as a denial piece. Just trying to figure out what his job would be, that'd see him put on the table.
  7. Really hope next Edition (or even this, if they're willing to Errata a couple cards), they go with *, or something. "Auras don't stack unless they're marked with an asterisk (*)." While I get that the rules do cover how they work, the fact that this thread is approaching a full page, and the question comes up frequently enough that it's clear that it's unclear unless you're incredibly precise at rules interpretation (such as what is and isn't "a change of game state"). Trying to explain to someone who is new to the game, or not wanting to get deep into the weeds, why Scamper (and apparently this) are exceptions to a simplistic reading of the rules, rather than just allowing some defined Auras to stack, and the rest don't, is one of those things that is way more confusing than it needs to be. I get some people like the minutia of how rules work (like getting the most out of M1E yoyo Dreamer), but when a casual player's response to a rule is "Wait, what? How, huh? That's stupid.", maybe it needs to be rethought.
  8. Could always include a significant cost. Discard a SS. Discard a card of value X. Discard a card of suit X. Problem is, it's just ignoring the fact that they don't do enough, especially in the current pools.
  9. Still has mostly the same issue, re Mature Nephilim and for example, Iggy. We don't know why Wyrd decided to do it the way they have. But there's not a consistent corollary between the power levels of Minions and Enforcers. I'd have preferred they just used Minion 1 for Enforcers, or used Enforcer 2 if they wanted Matures the way they are, but that's not the case.
  10. I think part of it is that they're finally decent compared to their contemporaries, the problem is, the current game structure means their contemporaries are also lacking. There's a clear issue with cheap vs expensive, in terms of efficiency, but also with regards the current scheme pools. If those issues are fixed, then the Bultingin and similar models will have a role. If not, then the sub-8 models (at least as a purchase, not a summon) will continue to remain only for those with a specific dedicated purpose (Guilty tarpit, Lawyer/Nurse support, etc), rather than general viability.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of second Masters mainly because the pools favor elite crews in the first place (make smaller models more useful for winning, and the biggest issue fixes itself), but I'm definitely more in the "If it's broken, prove it" camp. Banning something because it's a conceptual issue, not a balance one, just doesn't feel right. I mean, I frikkin loathed Nekima in 2nd Ed. But I wouldn't have banned her in a tournament.
  12. Part of the problem is the available Scheme Pool. While several Schemes do require Scheme Markers, most are "one and done", like Detonate, Outflank or Death Beds, where you're putting them down on the same turn you pick them up. As I see it, only Breakthrough and Spread Them Out are likely to have Scheme Markers down for more than a turn, and that requires investing an extra 2SS to help prevent the Scheme, rather than just hunting down the model doing the Scheme. In previous incarnations/editions, there was reason to put down Scheme Markers everywhere. But the action limitations and limited schemes (and no strats) where it's beneficial, are gone. So it just makes it incredibly niche to have abilities keying off of it.
  13. Yeah, I'll add a clause to section 4, but that's the intent. Any you don't spend, they can. So, what's your Lucy crew look like? Depending on pool, a kill base, I could see a Nellie crew being ineffectual. 3 Reporters, 3 Newsies and 2 False Witness. 5 models with no capacity to deal damage themselves. Maybe Colette if you can force 39SS (no Coryphee). Colette, 3 Showgirl, 3 Mannequin, 2 Ice Dancer, everything Min1.
  14. Back when I played some other TTGs (and sometimes for a draft game of MTG), one of the things we found fun, was to make the worst possible list (deck), and then have the opponent play it. So you'ld still be trying to win, but with the garbage of a specific army. There's been a lot of discussion about what crews are below the curve, so I figured I'd see what the worst is, based on keyword. Here are the listbuild rules. 1) You pick the Faction, Master and Title, and then can spend up to 40SS on Keyword models. 2) No more than 10SS on Insignificant or Versatile models total. No OOK models. 3) No purchased Upgrades. 4) Your opponent will be allowed to spend the remaining 10SS (and any unspent) on any eligible Faction model or Upgrades. They may then trash any of their own models for SoulStones (cap 6), along with any unspent. So, what's some truly horrible crews? I was thinking Levi Pariah (so no synergy with Horsemen), 1 Deso Engine, 7 Abominations (Or 2 and 5). Opponent can hire in Rusty, and only delete one Abom for SS. Maybe a Sandeep Font heavy Academic? Screw with the idea of just not giving him Elementals to play with?
  15. Though I don't use many proxies, there are a couple of models I fundamentally do not like (Agent 46), one that fit the theme of the crew better (Melissa KORE), found a model I preferred (Desper), or wanted to use existing models (three Miss Anne Thropes for Hustlers). But when I do, I make sure they're properly marked as such, so that there's zero confusion for my opponent. This was the WIP (now finished) Agent 46.
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