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  1. Got an example? I'd search for it, but...
  2. The bubble can be a hindrance, for sure. But it's also a massive benefit, as unless the opponent can surgically remove the DMR's, or you're already at Minion Cap, Grim Recruitment is gonna frustrate.
  3. Searching for "heals" seems to do the job. Not sure if anyone has a heal that doesn't include the 's'. Is still a fairly significant list, but does narrow it down from about six pages of results, to about two and a half.
  4. Any idea when the Special Orders program is going to kick off? I've checked the store, and can't find anything that allows me to order them. As it is, the expiry on the Special Orders page has already almost lost a month of eligibility off the three items already declared. Clearly not a problem now, but still... If it's already implemented, and I'm just too stupid to figure out how to do it, I'd appreciate instruction. Am hoping to have at least September and October, if not November, items available for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.
  5. The OP did say they're not into tournaments, and just play casual games, so that's not a problem.
  6. Pretty much this. For me it's location dependent too. When I'm playing at home, I've got full access to my entire collection. So I build the table a couple days in advance, take photos to send to my opponent, have them randomize the schemes and strats, and then start from scratch on design, even if I have already got a couple of decent candidates for what I want to play. When I'm playing at the LGS, I've got limited bag space (motorcycles are great fun, but cargo space is limited), so I'm only able to take ~20-30 models, that I need to choose before I even know what the table looks like. So that means either taking two fairly rigid crews, or one base crew but having some decent flexibility in what I'm wanting to do. Also some crews just aren't viable, like Zipp or Asami (there's no way Iron Skeeters or Jorogumo survive the trip intact).
  7. It seems reasonable enough, though I wouldn't start with Mecharachnid. They're summonable easily enough. Replace one with Joss, the other with a Metal Gamin. Give one Diesel Engine to Joss, and just stick the other on Ramos if the ranged threat is a concern. Yeah, he doesn't maximize it, but it's not tying up a model in protecting him, and hindering his activation order (if he's got a bodyguard with DE, you need to be wary of moving either too far from the other and leaving Ramos exposed). And if you don't think you'll need it, switch it for a second Metal Gamin. Metal Gamin aren't all that awesome, granted, but they do act as a defense against models with Scrap removal, and you need Scrap early on. And spreading out more scrap for the Mecharachnids to eat, or the Metal Golem to RailWalk with, is also a plus. They're also helpful a little against anti-Armor by being able to give out Shielded instead. And as a pair, they can be decent schemerunners. And are fine in a pinch for Uncontrollable Detonation. The double whammy UD is just an awesome spectacle. Move Metal Gamin into position earlier in the turn, UD, using a 4+ of Tomes (or stone for it). Boom. 2, 2 Damage. Summon an EC. Immediately UD. Boom. 2, 2 Damage. Oh no, EC died. Boom. 2, 2 Damage. Getting 6 unopposed damage (that also gets around some defensive tech like Incorporeal), spread across three chunks, in a ~5", drawing 2 cards, and dropping two Scrap (EC doesn't, but MGam drops an extra), and then summoning something else in there, is just awesomes. I'd also say you don't need that many starting soulstones. Even if your opponent is aggressive against the Miners, you should still be able to get 6SS out of them, and outside Ramos (and Joss if you take him), you've got no other outlets. 2-3 should be more than enough to get you started, and the Miners will provide the rest.
  8. Dunno if it's related to the Crew Name bug, but the Notes doesn't appear to be saving most of the time either. I like Notes for the ability to remind me what kinds of changes I need to make to the crew if certain circumstances happen. ie, my Youko Puppet Party crew should have "Switch a Bunraku for Tanuki against Condition Crew. Switch Algren for Minako against Constructs." I've entered it enough times that the autofill does most of the work for me, but it just won't seem to save.
  9. Completely different issue. Red Joker adding a suit during a duel (which matters for Blaze) isn't in dispute. The issue at play is whether the Red Joker has a suit outside of a duel.
  10. I can see your rationale, but I really wish when they do stuff like this, they reorder it. Make it "Undead, Beasts or Enemy Living only", and there's zero confusion as to how it should be interpreted. Make sure all qualified clauses are after any generic clauses.
  11. Not a bug, I don't think. It seems perfectly legal to nominate the Jackalope for the Scheme. That he can't actually accomplish it, makes him a bad choice. No more so than choosing a Field Reporter for Vendetta.
  12. Both were. But I was unable to get Rougarou for a good 8 months, and they're still listed as out of stock on the Wyrd shop. Lelu and Lilitu aren't even showing in the shop. And that's part of the uncertainty. "while supplies last". So, you have items that may or may not still be in stock, coupled with having no idea if they'll be batched together in the future. I get that Wyrd have to make some decisions for going forward, but I can also see it causing both a withholding (ie, I didn't buy the Cyclops until I *KNEW* they weren't going to be bundled), and then a rush on items (ie, @Adran knowing that the Rougarou/Bultingin will be batched means Adran has to make a decision on if or how quickly they buy Butlingin, because if Wyrd sells out, Adran is going to have to buy the full box or not have Bultingin). That there's decisions players will have to make, either blind, or on very short notice, and failure to do so will result in fully warranted butthurt, isn't good.
  13. The only problem with this are some items appear to be out of stock pretty much everywhere. I couldn't find Rougarou and had to buy them on the second hand market for a significant amount. I was able to find Lelu and Lilitu, and Wandering River Monks on an overseas website, and it cost almost as much in shipping as it did the boxes themselves. Part of the problem is not knowing which models are going to be in this category and which aren't. I held off buying Cyclops because I wasn't sure if they were going to be repackaged with other models or not. There's undoubtedly going to be a good portion of players who are going to get screwed by this. I understand Wyrd's reasoning, but it doesn't change the fact that people with Bultungin have to choose to either rebuy them, forgo getting Rougarou, or try and find proxies that may or may not be acceptable at official tournaments.
  14. Yeah, I've only got those three books in PDF so far too (despite having ordered all seven), and I've been kind of waiting on the other four before I start reading them proper. That, and while I'm fine skimming through a PDF, I very much have a preference for physical media, especially when it comes to multipage fiction (as opposed to statcards and the bio information and the like). Do we have an ETA on when the seventh book is going to be physically released, so that I can tack on at least two months for when I'll get them in my hands? Shipping to Australia, you just get used to always being last. Well, second last. New Zealand almost always gets dicked the most.
  15. Also, to add to the counters for Terrifying, Blasts (one Terror test isn't that bad, if you can hit 2-4 models with the Action), Pulses, and Shockwaves. Bayou have a decent enough amount of access to Blasts. Ophelia (w Firecracker Upgrade) and Merris, as well as Wong, have you covered for Shockwaves. It's hard to search for Pulses, but Somer and Make Me Proud and Pig Eating Grin seem like a decent combination. Somer blows up a Bayou Gremlin, draws a card, which Somer can use for the Terrifying on the shoot action or mitigation of the discard, or can B2C if it's not good enough. Make Me Proud also gets around Incorporeal as it's not an Attack Action. Another would be Fingers "A Toast!". Also, if you can neutralize Serena, Poison and Burning can have a cumulative effect making an early attack that does get past Terrifying more impactful.
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