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  1. Possibly. But I'm thinking that anyone who wants Minako and Katashiro probably also want the Wanyudo too. Because it's a mostly free summon. This isn't like the Burning Bridges box, where you might find a Sandeep player with no interest in Kaeris. And it's not even like the Warden/Executioner box where a Guild player might already own Wardens, and be willing to split a box with a Hoffman player. A 10T player isn't going to want to split, and a Reva player isn't going to want anything but the Wanyudo. It's not too bad an option if a Resser player has Yan Lo, but outside that, it's problematic for non-YL Reva players.
  2. That's why if he was ever considered for a change, I'm hoping that it'd be something like "When this model is hired out of Keyword, it costs an additional soulstone." Make it two SS if necessary. It's like Redchapel, even if Seamus is a beast, as a Keyword (includng having to hire OOK), he's not a problem. Alternatively, give him the same kind of exception to a problematic ability as Seamus does. If he's OOK, he doesn't get the Mask on Leap, or he has to discard two cards for Flurry (cause he's forgetful when Molly isn't there to remind him). Simply put, he doesn't look like he's a problem in Keyword, so I wouldn't want him to change there. At least not without a lot more conclusiveness.
  3. Though Cackle's suggestion wouldn't change that. You'ld just use both Corner Deployments on your side of the board, essentially doing a reverse Wedge. Sure, your distance to the enemy's DZ is 12" apart, but it's really not that much different that Flank, where the closest distance is less than 13" apart. Does make getting to the edges of the centreline a lot easier though (any model with a 6+" move and no intervening terrain should be able to move and throw an Idol on Turn 1).
  4. As far as I can recall, there's only ever been DZ changes at the edition. I'm not sure if they changed the definition of Close between 1E and 2E, but they did from 2E to 3E's Wedge. That's the only change I can remember. Story encounters can change things up a lot, but that's a different thing.
  5. Can't speak to TOS, haven't followed that, not interested in ~28mm games that aren't skirmish. But that is a reasonable explanation for what the rules are intended to say. And yeah, my use of "target" was used in error. My focus was more on the "one enemy model" section. My references to Misaki and Exorcist was that if they intended it to be only different models (the OP's question), then there are ways to do that. Just to be clear, I think the most likely interpretation is (pick a new or same model for each Crow). I just think if that is NOT it, then (pick one model to take all pings) is more likely than (pick a different model to take one ping). Side note, that it doesn't use target could be real interesting for getting around Stealth.
  6. I'd actually say that it's more likely that not only can it be the same model, that it must be the same model. That the variable is how much damage is dealt, but that only one model is a target. I'm not sure that's the interpretation, but I think it's a more likely one. I'd expect if it was supposed to be separate enemies, it'd be worded more like Final Rest (Exorcist). Or the "You're Already Dead" trigger on Misaki's Abandon Honor.
  7. Clearly can't speak for everyone, but mine runs fine.
  8. Oh, cool. I was expecting some kind of announcement after the first couple delays pushed it back. **checks** OK, they're all reasonably priced. I'll be getting those.
  9. I know Kyle is a time traveller, but do we have any idea on when this program is going to start? It's been 7 weeks now. I was planning on getting these, as well as any others released with my Black Friday order, but I'm not holding my breath, and I can't really justify placing the order without them, because shipping is brutal. I know that shipping isn't Wyrd's fault (dead horse > kentauri), but I'm also not going to spend $Texas placing multiple orders, either. Bonus Additional Gripe, still waiting on my Alt Spit Hog and "replacement" Von Shtook cards (2x 5 Upgrades weren't in the box I bought). Both outstanding since August.
  10. Don't know if it's been suggested (or if I'm just missing how to do it), but how about the idea of allowing people to exceed points cost? Essentially, allow me to create, for example, a 60-70pt list, including all my common options (like a condition removal model, or a specific model for certain schemes, or both a Rider and another beater I'll choose between once I see the board), and then delete them, rather than have a core 20-30pt crew, and then have to remember what stuff I'll be wanting to add. Or have the option to deselect, without deleting, making it more useful for resetting between games. Have the SS display in a different color, and have Cache read as "ILLEGAL", so that people know to adjust before playing. I know I could up the Max SS section, to allow a bigger build, but then it screws with Cache after I've removed stuff. For example, if I set it at 60 (the maximum it'll allow), and make a 58SS crew, and I remove 12SS of models, the Cache reads 10 instead of 4). Also, if I forget it's at 60, I might play a game illegally. I've been building crews, and putting that information in the notes of what to add, but I'd rather have them in the crew, in case I forget to read the notes.
  11. It's still a card and a half. One for the discard for APE, and an 8+ is a ~46% chance, meaning ~54% chance of needing to cheat in a second (significantly more likely to need to for non-Fam). That's not taking into account the possibility you'll need to cheat or discard for the Young-Un'd model's Action too. And given Abuela isn't exactly a Rider/Archie/Tanuki in terms of ubiquity, I'm not sure allowing this cornercase situation is an issue.
  12. Nope. Mine will be painted up in a more traditional sense. Though not an ACTUAL traditional sense. The one I plan on playing with more (assuming they're ever not played as a pair), I'll be having painted as Sgt Kabukiman NYPD.
  13. Just looking through the list... Abuela - Conditional Obey (so A Por El'ing into an Obey extends the range, but is a high TN). Enslaved Neph - Crappy push you might as well use APE on Concentrate. Francisco - Not sure if Finesse would stack, as it's neither a Condition nor an Aura. Monster Hunter - Creep Along is a low TN Walk that can disengage. Nino - Quick Retreat, Same issue as Monster Hunter. Papa - Blow it to Hell could be good against terrain generators. Not sure Juggernaut would be worth the two, probably three cards to have it work. Perdi - Can't APE unless they release another Family Master. Pistolero - Reckless is pointless unless you need a Corpse Marker (ie, you're trading being an action now, for being an Action on their next turn, while taking damage to do so). Santiago - Challenge, same as Finesse, also may not matter. Got Your Back is fairly decent for extracting people. So, with the exception of Santi (who can only APE off two models), and possibly Frisco (who can only APE off one), it's really only Papa that could make it problematic, and even then, only as an in Keyword counter (ie, you can't just OOK him in to abuse APE) to terrain generation Masters. So, not sure it's worth errata to APE. If Finesse and/or Challenge are problematic from a rules perspective, I'd rather have them restructured. Challenge was already iffy with the Autumn Knights, but I don't think it needs a change.
  14. But wouldn't that exacerbate the problem even further? Simplest example is Carver, Iggy and Lyssa. Either they're included, or they're not. If they're included, that's a VERY expensive purchase for a Dreamer, Kaeris or Euripedes player. If they're not, then it's almost defeating the purpose of "full keyword". But even if that's fixed, and split Keywords aren't included, it still runs the issue of wanting to run Candy (as an example), OOK. Having a $50 box that you can expand into at a later date is one thing. Having a $100 box means committing a lot more up front.
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