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  1. A thought regards Focus, as a means of not making it an issue when spammed, but not weakening it's seemingly primary purpose, of allowing a model to forgo two normal attacks in favor of one big one. Focused +X: Before performing an opposed duel, this model may lower the value of this Condition by one to receive a to the duel. If the Condition was lowered to zero, it receives a to any resulting damage flip this model makes. That way, stacking still has it's benefits, but isn't as bad as those who see it a problem, currently do. And there's a quasi-precedent with Swagger (no Focus isn
  2. How about a weaker version of Tools, as a Bonus Action? Shallow Graves: Until the end of this model's activation, it may add the suit of the top card of the discard pile to it's duel totals. It's relatively minor, but increases the chance of triggers occurring, and can be gamed a little if needed (like choosing a crappier card on a plus duel/damage flip, because it'll make the second action have the suit needed built in)
  3. To add on, it doesn't matter who the Charging model is going to attack. I think the OP might have been thinking that it only applies if you Charge the model with Extended Reach. Nope. If you end your Charge within 2" of a model with Extended Reach, regardless of who you want to hit, no Attack Action for you. If it was intended to be just the target, it'd be simpler to just give it Disguised instead (even if there are minor changes).
  4. Whereas I think Flight being the exception was wrong. I'm glad they got rid of the difference between "towards" and "directly towards" from the earliest editions, and wish they'd done the same here. Just subtract 2" from the movement of 50mm bases, 1" from the movement of 30mm bases, and case by case of 1" or 2" on 40mm bases, depending on if they needed it or not. Would it make them more susceptible to movement attacks? Sure. Don't care. Boost them some other way, or not, Flight is awesome. With the exception of deployment (which could have been worded differently to avoid
  5. Should be pointed out, that if that is the intent (via Rule of Intent) from the blocking model moving forward 0.01", that only applies as long as the other model doesn't move. If the blocked model moves any amount of distance laterally (ie, as long as it's neither directly toward or away) from the blocking model, then LOS between the blocked model and the marker is regained.
  6. Well... based on your thread title, Ten Thunders. If you've got an addiction, might as well embrace it with Lynch. On a more serious note, I'd probably suggest going with whichever of the two Dual Faction masters you enjoy most. Get to flesh them out, and have something to fall back on that you're comfortable with. Or go Explorers, and try for something that noone else is familiar with, either.
  7. While your numbers are still close enough to what's needed, if that's the data you entered, it's flawed. Primordial Magic has Arcane Reservoir, so the Sample Size would be 7.
  8. Yeah, I need to reevaluate. For some reason I had Quick Reflexes as Swift Action. Both mask triggers, and the latter was closer to what he had in M2E. Making him much more situational, both in list builds and on the table. Probably wouldn't consider him unless I'd already taken the Emmi and Dawn Serpent. Which puts the list at 30SS without Keyword synergy.
  9. I disagree with "mostly none". If your opponent routinely has two cards or less when Yas is activating, then we're playing much different opponents. It happens, but definitely less often than not. Unless they're specifically doing it to screw with Yas, in which case it's having a passive effect that shouldn't be overlooked. Take some discard effects, and make them choose between keeping a couple cards extra in hand, or having zero. I'm thinking I want to try him with Youko. Oh, you want to piss away cards to make Yas weaker? Cool. Emissary definitely feels more versatile as an option
  10. I think this is part of the issue. In both previous versions, you wouldn't need the Rider, as Lure was an 18" range, so you could drag models from well past the threat range of their compatriots. With Range 12, you've got to move up, and in doing so, it's not that hard for at least some models to have a 12" threat range with a Walk and a Charge, and some other factor (2" melee, some minor movement trick, etc). Also, Stat 7-8 made it a more likely success rate that they no longer have unless they're already in range of a Belle (Scarlet Temptation). Not saying that they need to go back
  11. I'd go a step further, and recommend killing them with Conditions if possible. When I face Jack, I try to make sure to reduce them to 1, with either Burning or Poison, even if it means cheating in a lower damage on the attack to stop from killing them outright. If they die to Conditions, no Demise. Having said that, I've tried a couple times, and invariably screw it up, but that's not because the tactic is bad, just my ability. Also, obviously, anti-Demise. Really only an option for Ressers and Ten Thunders, but not bad options. Also, Cooper for Explorer's when he's released. I do
  12. I know it's a relatively minor change, but how about... Into Dust: Target must discard a card or Soulstone or suffer 1 damage. If the target is Undead, instead of taking damage, it is killed instead. Easy enough to mitigate, not that big a deal most of the time (faux Crit Strike), adds a little oomph, and has a precedent with Judge's Crumble Away.
  13. If they're going to be made "permanent", I think there should be two caveats added. First, they still disappear if there's not a friendly Frontier model touching it (so it can't just litter the board with them). Second, Kicking Up Dust removes all friendly Dust Clouds before dropping the next one. This prevents someone from obstructing a significant area with it (Undergrowth has to be 2" apart).
  14. Agreed. It doesn't make it a good offensive model. IT MAKES IT A FREAKING AWESOME OFFENSIVE MODEL. If I had a Tanuki do that, I'd get a little gold medal sculpted and painted onto the miniature.
  15. The problem comes when you extend out Hoffman and Mei Feng. I started with wanting to collect Guild, and one Master in each other faction (Seamus, Ramos, Zoraida and Levi). But Seamus wanted some Nico stuff, and Terror Tots were just awesome and... Then we got the cross faction masters, and 10T, and I saw an entire Bayou crew on Ebay (sans Wong and Zipp), and I was in too deep. My name is Morgan, and I'm a Malifauxholic.
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