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  1. Nope. It's the third most common mistake people carry over from M2E thinking (stacking auras and repeating actions being 1 and 2, "after succeeding" as the default on triggers at number 4).
  2. I assume by "rapid action" you mean bonus action? The one with the lighting bolt that I can't seem to bring up on my phone? How was he misplaying it? Always good information to know how something gets misplayed, so you can try to word it so noone eles makes the same mistake.
  3. Depends on if the effect is intended or not. As most Urami also have Incorporeal, and is much further reaching than Black Blood (even if it does have limits compared to BB), it's maybe a balancing factor that it only works if the model survives. Cause models that trade 1:1 against pretty much every model with a 2/X/X damage track are already inherently awesome. I mean, a throwaway Gaki should be able to do at least 2 damage, if not 3+, passively, with no effort from it's controller, before it dies. Doesn't really even need an attack action (and it's got a good one for a 4SS model) to be worth it's points. Upping that a point could be seen as an issue.
  4. Because of the timing windows. Black Blood explicitly fits into Step 5 of the Damage Timing sequence (pg37). Which is before checking kill conditions. Vengeance is explicity after the Action resolves. Which is after checking kill conditions and removing the model. Which if the model is gone, can't apply it's ability. Now, I'm not sure if it's INTENDED that killing a Vengeance model means it doesn't get it's counter-ping, but as the rules are written at the moment, I don't think it does. Could be missing something, but that's what it looks like.
  5. "When someone ask you if you are OP, you say YES!" - Winston Zeddemore, retired Exorcist. Now I'm sad I can't field four Exorcists.
  6. One thing that's a concern for me, is that while you've got several models that arguably do similar things for similar costs, you've got a model that does a similar thing worse, for the same cost. And I just can't ever see a time where I'm taking a Slateridge Mauler when I haven't used up my Cerberus allotment (and probably not even then, with Cojo and Myranda looking like better buys. A little tougher, but so much slower, and with much less offense and utility. If Boris were more a tarpit, maybe. But I just don't see a use for him in a Marcus crew (or outside of one), at all.
  7. Actually, as it stands, Take the Hit and Terrifying currently get done by the Defender, and as can be seen below, both have the same timing. Take the Hit: After an enemy model targets a friendly model within 2 with an Attack Action... Terrifying (11): After an enemy model targets this model with an Attack Action... Meaning that the Defender can choose the order (and will need a good reason not to pick Terrifying first), as written, at least as far as I can tell (Simultaneous Timing, pg37). This is actually different than the Protected ability, which as can be seen... Protected (X): When this model is targeted with an Attack Action... Has a different timing window. I do hope that Take the Hit (or Protected) gets changed, as I don't like having two abilities that have essentially the same function, have different timing.
  8. It's step A of Encounter Setup (pg39). I mean, they go out of their way to say a "standard game" doesn't have to be 50SS. It's actually LESS strict a variable than allowing DMH is.
  9. Also, unless my math is wrong, there's still a greater than 20% chance that you'll flip a non-Weak total (1-(21/54))^3 (yes, Black Jokers have an impact, but then so do Reds, even if to a lesser extent). Sure, it's nothing you'ld want to count on, but it's barely different than hitting a specific trigger innately.
  10. Again, that's assuming your opponent still has cards and soulstones to burn. The ability is about timing. I've only managed it twice to get the death effect (well, three times, but in that last instance it was dead from a RJ damage flip, so it was moot). But I've been able to use the ability to force a discard or burn a SS that had a measurable impact at least a half dozen times (ie, not including an opponent still having crap cards left at end of turn). Either not allowing a model to heal or flurry, or burning that last SS so that his Leader wasn't able to have the impact (one was stopping Lady J from hitting the dual trigger leap, the other allowed the Captain to finish off a Master that could have lived). And I find that fine. I don't WANT an ability that just deletes models off the table. Having seen what Misaki with Execute could do in M2E (never had to face @Da Git's first turn "Misaki kills your leader, your turn", thankfully), I definitely don't want to see that revisitied in M3E. Some abilities aren't going to be any more than situational. That the consequence of this ability is so severe, it needs to be relatively easy to avoid. Again, if this is an issue specifically with Riflemen, they should be looked at independently of this trigger. But as a whole, I have zero issue with this ability as it stands.
  11. You're not wrong. But the original post was made 5 hours before the latest update, so a lot of that part is a carryover from the previous version.
  12. Depends on the situation. 12 of the 20 models with the ability are Soulstone Users. 3 more can get Attuned. Sure, it's not great on a model that doesn't have that. And while I haven't played with Dashel, and he doesn't have access to in-Keyword discards, there's some significant work that can be done with Witch Hunters, Journalists, Asylum, or Elite in combination (either pulling them in to Guard, or taking Rifleman over to them), where extra forced discards increase the viability of Execute. EDIT: Just wanted to make it clear, I don't have an issue if the Riflemen change. But as this is a general thread for Execute, the other 19 models that have it need to be considered into any rules adjustment. And @solkan, that was my first impression. But the wording is still vague, and both abilities you quoted are specific in that it's kind of necessary for the other part to make sense, which in turn, makes it kinda interpretable the other way (that only the models that can use Soulstones can give them up). Either way, I'd like it clarified, either in the rules, or on the ability.
  13. Execute is kinda like Shockwaves. An early one isn't enough, but repeated use, or done late turn, can be an issue. And as @Hawkoon just said while I was typing this (DAMN YOU!), any card spent is a card not used (or a higher one spent) for Juggernaut/Flurry/Rapid Fire, etc. The one thing I'm not 100% clear on, and should be more explicit in the rules regardless, is if (without Attune) a Minion or Enforcer can burn a soulstone or not. I'm not sure if the second para of pg30 (by default, only Masters and Henchmen can use Soulstones) takes precedence over the callout on pg3 (explicit contradictions override core rules), and whether the text of Execute is an explicit contradiction or not.
  14. You can Charge through an enemy model's engagement range. It's a push, and as long as you can declare the Charge, it follows all the normal rules for pushing, unless something specifically says otherwise. You can't Walk through one, because it's an explicit condition of the Walk Action.
  15. There's still too much ambiguity, IMO. "Target up to two friendly models. Move one Power Token from each target to another model within range with less Power Tokens, that has not gained a Power Token from this Action. Then, this model may end a Condition on each model that gained a Power Token from this Action." Depends on if you're defining "another" as different to the original two (in which case chain passing isn't allowed), or "another" as meaning other than the original model (in which case replacing "another" with "a" would probably work just as functionally). Also, I guess, "another" could mean "another other than Hoffman can be a recipient", as he is the model generating the effect, and that's the way the word "another" works for most of those abilities. @Kyle, any chance you can use a longer form of an explanation (with examples) of how exactly you want this to work, and we can try to take some passes that make it clear it does exactly what you want?
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