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  1. Yeah, that depends on how "share" is defined. She's a friendly model with the same Keyword, but the use of "share" might mean something different in this context. Like how you can't place in base contact with yourself.
  2. Depends on the model. Battle of the Von's, if Schill is Delios'd, he gets 2 damage (A+1) and ~10", or 2 damage and ~6" and strip a condition. It's rare, but not unprecedented, that a few Masters are in the multi-characteristic club. And given the attack is Stat 6 and duel margin is irrelevant, I'm really wanting to try it. Also, I'm really liking his melee. Yeah, it's only 1/3/4, but 2" and autoStun? Sign me up. And if you've had a Student slap Stunned on, or he does it on his first action, the second and third are 3/5/6. For a master that isn't focused on melee, he's got potential to slap some models silly.
  3. Almost certainly prebuilt. It's an "Other Side" box, with Malifaux card options. And AFAIK, all Other Side boxes are prebuilt, and as this is being billed as an "open and play" starter, it's almost certain to be.
  4. I'm excited to get my hands on my EVS crew (base box already in the hands of my commission painter). Cause I want to put Beebe on the table. Also, I want Sophie. Don't care so much about the rest of Seeker, but I want Sophie. Already have Alpinist. Love me some weird little ruminants. But what I remain hopeful for is that Wyrd will do the Ivan crew, including any non-human supplement boxes (ie, the Umbra half of DUA/Umbra), in transparent smoke plastic. So much so that I'm gonna put off purchasing Ivan until I've exhasted every other option. Given that DUA/Umbra seem to be a self-contained crew (like Tara), and I've got like 40 or so crews I've never played, that might take a while. I'd happily buy a transparent purple plastic Grave Goo too, though that's less likely because it's bundled with Moorwraiths.
  5. Depends on your level of skill already. If you're a novice to painting, I'd recommend Hoffman, as robots are a lot more forgiving as they don't have a lot of accouterments that need to be differentiated. If you paint a base color over some cable or rivets, that isn't an issue as the Malifauxnian who painted it could have made that mistake. Whereas painting over a belt or talisman on another model might look weird. If you've got some experience, Anya and Brewmaster seem to be pretty easy as they've got fairly simple and standard clothing, and you can shade or pick out details, but a good job shouldn't be that hard. Wong and Lucius, you're gonna have a lot of exposed skin, and/or tiny things that need attention (like buckles and buttons and stuff). I can't attest to build difficulty, as I get someone else to do that (and paint them too, I'm completely useless with a brush).
  6. Those pie charts are making my left eye twitch, what with the faction colours not matching the pie key colours.
  7. Almost. Just to clarify, it’s not a fixed three, though that is the most common number, and is Tengu's Plentiful. Also, to the Plentiful limit it counts all friendly models in play, not 'on the table'. Buried models count for Plentiful.
  8. Wow, talk about a party of damned. "It's terrible, every time I think about leaving, he threatens to shoot me!" "Cry me a river, doc. Even when I'm doing my job, that guy *points at First Mate* keeps trying to eat me!"
  9. An easy way to "fix" that is to use a variation of the elevation issue. Rivers only count as Severe for movement when you're not touching either bank. It does mean larger bases have an easier time, but as they get screwed on other terrains, that's fine. Kinda makes sense that water isn't a real issue until it starts getting up above your knees before it's really a problem.
  10. Still, would have been nice if the immunity were optional.
  11. I'm gonna be "that guy". Love this stuff. Sonnia, the Gunners, the Mages. Love it. But there's a lot of excess stuff for those that just play Malifaux, and no easy way to farm it out. Who's going to want 3 Gunners when the box is likely the only way to get Mages and Alt-Sonnia? Same with the Kirai side, I'm assuming Enslaved Spirits aren't going to be Minion (9)? I mean, the price is at a point it's not objectionable, so the gripe is kinda minor. I'm just not that big a fan of waste. Hmm... it doesn't seem to come with Mali bases? TOS and Firebase only? That's potentially disappointing. I'm assuming TOS bases are a standard size? Or do they come in variable sizes too? Given that Gunners are 40mm, does that mean I can only base them for one system?
  12. Lots of fun! Winning, not so much. At least, general feel is Ten Thunders is the stronger faction. But Lady J is definitely tons of fun. As is the Emissary. Brutal's defensive tech is just so frustrating. Def 6 is always good. Armor 1 means nickle and diming him or devoting resources to hammering him, H2K stops a single big hit from finishing him off, and Aura of Vengeance tops him up. His Sword is great, and his Cage can potentially win games (Reposition, plus a move, and being the one that places the buried, means having a model be put 11-13" away from where it needs to be, with a 50mm base in it's way). Just expect most things to be slow-ish, with a few exceptions.
  13. That's my feeling too. You don't need to round up or round down to get an answer (for 7 health, 4 is above half, 3 is below), so you don't need to round off.
  14. Any chance for some larger pics? And it does kinda make sense, given that a lot of the crews are literally built around the whole "bump in the night" mythos that Halloween is founded on.
  15. I think what it needs is the first part of the Constructive Criticism (Molly) requirements. I'll be honest, I didn't even see the lack of the ConCrit italics that I just assumed it was already part of Wrath. Require that the model already be activated before it can get the second activation. That way Jorogumo bombs can't happen unless Asami is within 8", and there's another activation (Asami's) between two Jorogumo chop chops.
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