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  1. Are we there yet? I don't mind if it gets pushed back, due to Covid restrictions, combined with work being a PITA, and not really liking Vassal (as I prefer the much more social interaction of in-person), I haven't played as much as I've wanted, and there's still some broken models I was hoping to abuse before the likely errata-bat comes a swinging.
  2. I'd go... up to 6 (there's 14 models with things like Breath of fire/frost for example), 7-11, 12+, as that's essentially "charge range", "walk + charge", and "hope you are better than average if you wanna do this in one turn", for the average Mv5, 1" melee that may not be the mean average, but is almost certainly the median.
  3. I was just basing it off what I've seen and heard from players with much more experience than me. A 2-3 War Pig (2 with Inferiority Complex for Bully) + Old Major and a few support pieces for obey/heal, seemed to be the most common "best take". Not as fun, IMO, but if I played for wins instead of playing for fun, I'd be disappointed a whole lot more. My fun rate is almost perfect. My loss rate similarly so.
  4. Squealers are a good buy if you plan on trying the Ulix "grow" list. Effectiveness of said list is up for debate at a competitive level (signs point to no), but it's definitely a fun time, and Squealers are the smallest model you can jump straight to a War Pig from.
  5. This is a wonderful resource, that I intend to look into a lot more deeply. I do have one niggle, and that's the averaging of ranged abilities in Keyword. Not including non- distance attacks (like Ancient Words), is iffy at best, as it doesn't help explain the ability of the crew to act at a distance if it has those attacks as it's primary ranged attacks. But the main one, is averaging only those with a ranged attack, giving an even worse result. Paul Crockett is the only model in Chimera with a ranged attack. Which means his Rng14, Stat 5, is the only value factored into t
  6. Now I wanna see an Akaname in a tuxedo, holding a teacup with the pinky finger up.
  7. I don't think it'll be every faction. Bayou don't have it in the starter, and I can't see them being into Bayou, Resser and NB. But definitely see them making inroads into several other factions. Guild and Arcanists, probably. 10T might be a fluff conflict?
  8. While Mimic does have only the single Henchman, as Lucius is the Master with that Keyword, he does have access to two Henches. Though I do like the idea of @extremor 's. Having more Neverborn side Lucius would be good, though I'd be more concerned about him dragging them over to Guild. Definitely think Savage probably needs a bit of a boost. I like the idea of a support soothsayer type, playing to the foresight aspects, maybe with a bit of Yamaziko or Toshiro flavor, that boosts the Minions, rather than yet another bruiser.
  9. To follow on this, the option to have these files saved locally linked through the apps. For those of us with either limited data plans, or limited wifi access, having the app save (or at least source) the rules/GG/FAQ on the device would be great.
  10. If you're anything like me, it'll depend on if you purchase them or not. If you do, GG2 will be out before they've arrived. If you don't, GG2 won't happen until next year, unless you decide to change your mind, in which case it'll be released as soon as you've confirmed and paid for your order.
  11. Fair point, mostly because I don’t like him? I mean, I could give justifications like it upping the female representation to 5(+1) to 4, rather than 6 (+1) to 3. Also, another person of color being added wouldn’t be a bad thing. Or that she seems much more independently minded, whereas Morty seems more of a follower. Or having better control of Summons (assuming she can see them). But mostly because I don’t like him.
  12. Nico's absence makes Asura a good Resser option (assuming Boknomancer and Zomgator aren't chosen). Reviving (pun intended) the Zombie keyword as a proper master. Give her an Alt (or an Upgrade for) Grave Golem as totem. For Arcanists, I can think of a few, but the one most intriguing to me, would be a fully independent Essence of Power. Might be too similar to Sandeep, but remove Summoning in favor of maneuverability shennanigans. Have it be in charge, with a totem elementalist who way overstepped his bounds, but was strong enough not to be shattered by it. Bayou, got nothing to add
  13. This seems to be the big Alan issue. It's so obvious that Alan is an awesome model if everything goes right. But fitting all the elements into everything going right, means you're looking at removing enough parts to actually win the game.
  14. What about combining it with a faux Companion/Accomplice. Pack Tactics: After this model ends its Activation, a friendly model with the same name within 6" that has not Activated this Turn may do so, and the opponent must discard a Pass Token. Doesn't screw with activation control in the same manner (and doesn't do crap if your opponent has more models), but does allow them to move and act in a manner that doesn't screw you with activation control either. Heck, I'd consider removing the "no more than two activations in a row" restriction, as if someone wants to put four of these
  15. Kinda surprised to not see Alan or an Investigator, but then, it's probably better to go Alan and bring in Grimwell, so the OOK isn't wrecking you. Though Alan and Nurses...
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