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  1. I haven't played Ulix yet, but I'm thinking the two key models are the Hog Whisperer and Old Major. Almost everything else, you can adapt to with Ulix's summoning, so you can be less picky in what you take. Hog Whisperer with Tools for the Job makes summoning Piglets simple as heck, which starts the chain, or can be used to quasi-Reckless your bigger pigs by sticking them with the PigSticker and relenting. With Charges now being one action, that's got massive potential. Old Major is more a counterchoice, but if you're up against an armored crew, being able to potentially give a pair of War Pigs Armor Piercing and on Damage Flips, looks like it'd be just too awesome to not pass up. But even without that, the Damage and Heal 2 that he gives, more than counteracts the cost of Reckless.
  2. And that seems to be the key, more now than previous editions. Taking counterplay models, even if you have to pay OOK, is an intended part of the game, rather than just showing up with a 50SS "all comers" crew. You need to factor in the Schemes, Strats and table (as in every other edition), but also the Faction and expected Master. Or you're putting yourself at a major disadvantage out of the gate.
  3. Guild Steward. Formerly Guild Representative. Formerly Governor's Proxy. Stewie seems to have stuck as the nickname.
  4. There was. They had stickers on them saying "Free additional model", and one of them is labelled on the sprue "Alt Kentauri". Not sure what went wrong, but it does seem like it was initially intended to be two. Though it did come in a crew-sized box, when a normal vertical would have been fine for two. There's also a model clipped off the sprue. Am curious what it was.
  5. As it stands now, it does. Smouldering Flames "Smothering Flame: If this model is this Crew's Leader, enemy models within LoS reduce the range of their non-Actions by an amount equal to the value of their Burning Condition." 5th Para, pg13. "Many times, a player will need to determine if an object is in range of another. This is referring to the distance between the two objects. An object is within range if any portion of that object’s base is at that distance or closer. Any effect that references an object being “within” a distance is talking about range." Assist. "Another friendly model within 2" lowers the value of its Burning, Distracted, or Injured Condition by 1/2/3." Dunno if that's intended, and given it requires LOS and straight line blocking is allowed (first example, page 18), and you can still do it at 0", it shouldn't be that big an issue, but it might not be what's intended.
  6. I haven't played with Sonnia yet, but I have played against her. While Upgrades shouldn't be a gimme, LLC is pretty awesome for Lady J, but even better for Sonnia. No Lures or Pushes, and with Arcane Shield, pretty resilient even with that Df4. Her ability to do significant amounts of passive damage doesn't hurt. Smouldering Soul + Ignite + LLC + AShield means that the first two melee attacks against her do -2 damage, and inflict 3 to 4 damage on the attacker (2 from Haz, +2-4 burning), and a discard for triggers. Couple that with her Flameburst getting both Blaze trigger for 2+ burning AND a template. And Scorch the Soul is a good finisher. But the OP also said it was for "as a declared Leader". Which means the crew also factors in. And Sonnia's crew looks to cover pretty much everything you would want. Some models are a little more niche (Thalarians), but they're a fundamentally solid and synergistic crew, without relying that much on the synergies. Granted, against Kaeris or Reva or mass condition removal, the effectiveness does drop.
  7. I just meant that with Lady J's Leap, and her 2" reach (meaning anyone who goes after her, or who is left over from a previous turn, she can hit back), a good portion of Lady J's attacks over the course of a game, aren't going to be ones following a Charge on that Activation. And Viktorias are definitely the hardest Master to analyze. There's just such a difference between best case (Viks acting first, both in the right position, etc) and worst case. And each Vik is even more fragile. They're also expensive as crap to hire into another Crew. Granted, so is Lady J, but the Viks make that idea look bad.
  8. Still, I can see an opponent getting miffed about a 5th Turn Horseman getting four Activations. My argument would be that it's either done nothing all game, or the opponent should have put some effort into killing it, but it definitely could be seen as a gotcha. Could always put a "Once per turn" restriction on Revelation. Wouldn't be unprecedented. Thoon's Frozen Trophy has that restriction. But I'm not sure it's an issue that needs a fix, other than potential NPE like shenanigans, because like I said in the first para, the only time this can happen is if you're either so protective of the Rider that you're not using him for multiple turns, or your opponent is investing zero effort into removing it.
  9. The problem I have with Hounds, is that the difference between a Hound and a Guard Patrol is just too stark. Yes, Hounds have a higher Mv, but it's only by 1, and GP have access to Creep Along which can mitigate that somewhat. Combining losing 2AP on the summon (A Turn 1 Summon still has Slow on Turn 2), and being inferior in almost every other way, I'd rarely ever consider it unless I literally couldn't get the extra pip to summon a Patrol, or I already had max Patrol's on the table.
  10. There's obviously a lot of room for disagreement here, because of the many factors that influence things. I'm not going to argue that Stat 7 and Stat 6 is different. Though it's not THAT big a factor unless you're busting out resources. Stat 6 vs 6 hits approximately 53.6% of the time. Stat 7 vs 6 hits approximately 60.5% of the time. It's a difference, and cheating definitely factors into it, but it's not a ridiculous difference. And the damage track for Nekima and Viktoria are only better if you don't factor in the Greatsword's to damage when not charging. Yes, sometimes you need to charge. But most attacks aren't going to be charge attacks either. Stat 7 vs Stat 6 against a Df 6 model. Here's the damage averages if you flip an 8, and your opponent flips... Opp Flip Stat 7 'Stat 6 GSw Nekima Viktoria Lady J 10 Miss Miss 0 0 0 9 -- Miss 3.478* 3.258* 0 8 - - 3.786 3.484 3.398 7 - Straight 3.786 3.484 3.815 6 - Straight 3.786 3.484 3.815 5 - Straight 3.786 3.484 3.815 4 - Straight 3.786 3.484 3.815 3 Straight Straight 4.426 4.056 3.815 2 Straight + 4.426 4.056 4.16 * Haven't done the spreadsheet for doublenegs, so I napkin mathed it, not factoring in Jokers. I'd be surprised if that changed it in a meaningful way. That doesn't factor in cheating, which is substantially more useful to Lady J. My point is, Lady J isn't that far behind the curve that people seem to think she is. Obviously, she's down on a loss by one, but on a tie on the flips or better against the same Df, she's either close enough, or better (and can cheat for most of it), until you start winning by 6+. I still think 5 attacks in a turn isn't a ridiculous or expensive ask. Not every turn, but a key turn or two a game, it shouldn't be an issue at all. I'll agree 7 is extreme, and 6 is unlikely, but I do not think 5 is. It requires a 5+ of Masks or Rams and a SS, then one high Mask or a high card and a SS. Not saying it's cheap, but far from unachievable.
  11. Agree to disagree. First off, there's a massive difference between trying to keep two models more than 2" apart (blast template), and keeping two models more than 5" apart (J's base width + reach). Secondly, I disagree that you can't get more than 4 in competitive games. That's Sudden Strike. Even if you discount luck, you're saying that having a high Mask or a high card and a soulstone in hand are out of the question? No, you're not going to hit with every attack. But you're not going to hit with every Nekima or Viktoria or whatever other beater either. Thirdly, Lady J should be able to kill one of those models (unless you're throwing her against two beaters), and stop from being hit by the rest of the crew if you show even the slightest restraint/planning. Even if you ignore Counterattack as a resource suck (I don't), Hard to Wound, easy access to self healing, soulstone usage and 12 Wounds, means unless you're literally just throwing her away, your opponent won't have an easy job of killing her. I've had opponents put 30+ damage into Lady J before she goes down (LLC helped more than a bit), and she's far from fragile. She can't take on an entire army by herself, but nor should she.
  12. And as that's a lot of ping damage (5 damage against A+2), it's very effective anti-Armor tech. Anything that can get multiple ticks in a turn against armor is just awesome.
  13. I wouldn't say that Terrifying 11 is almost impossible to pass on a . WP5 has a 37% chance, WP6 47%, WP7 58%. Not great, admittedly. But far from achievable. And Ruthless obviously don't care at all. Which is a fairly common ability, and two factions (Bayou and Ressers) have as generic Upgrades, and given the prevalence of Terrifying in Redchapel, probably not a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, I don't have as much disdain for Sybelle as others. But relying on Terrifying and Scarlet Temptation to keep her alive, when it can be anywhere from a minor pain to trivial, to ignore it. And as that's her primary source of protection, I can see how people think she's a bit too vulnerable.
  14. Morgan Vening


    Katashiro? Cost is the same as Wandering River, and while slightly slower (5 vs 6) and similarly smaller free place, that free place doesn't require a test, let alone have a suit requirement. So it's more reliable. Doesn't get the End Phase push either, but that can be hard to factor in usefulness of, in that unless you're going to activate early, your opponent can take steps. Torakage, for all the complaints, are just fast as crap, and ignore engagements and long range shooting. Bunraku aren't as fast, but look like they could hold their own better, even taking Risky Maneuvers. And if you space it out, you can still do it twice in a turn. Interact on the west side of the model, move it 3" to the east with Risky Business (sometimes you just gotta say, "What the frick!"*), interact to the east side of the model. * And now, I wanna get my Bunraku modelled with dark sunglasses. Maybe my Bloodwretches? One kinda looks Cruise-ish. Or Gokudo if they end up in the post-Beta actually being worth buying.
  15. Yup. And while they can't be Created overlapping, all you need to do is put them an inch apart (ie, just under 30mm), and those three could block a passageway between two impassable terrain pieces that is just over 10" wide. If you can't block off some good areas of control with that, you're needing more terrain.
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