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  1. Sadly, doesn't work. Bokors can't Obey Zoraida (Non-Master), and can only do it to BBB once each (OPA). You can still do it a total of eight times easily enough. BBB does it twice. Each Bokor makes him do it once each. Zoraida makes him do it twice, and then Obeys each of the Bokors to make him do it once each. Of course, it's got diminishing returns if you don't make use of it somewhere in the middle.
  2. It could, but Ramos's ability to blow up the Spiders almost at will (4+, 4+ for an Electrical Creation) and draw a card out of it, helping to perpetuate things, is why I picked him. And the summoning for a pair is easier, if you've got the scrap (10+). Asami doesn't get the dual explosions unless she summons Obsidioni, and she can only pull one of those a turn, though admittedly easier to go kaboom (just have ObsOni flicker themselves to dead). Sandeep can do it with Poison Gamin, but it's much more expensive (needing a 13), but can only Detonate one a turn (though you could use one to explode the other). But they come in Slow, meaning you need an Oxfordian to get around that, and eat some damage. Though you do get a bigger overall effect. 3 for 2 damage, 2 for 4 damage + P1. As opposed to the Arachnid's 2 for 2+3 damage. But the cost is too high. You SHOULD be able to get a 10 and stone for the Tome for Ramos almost every turn. ~91%, 96% with stone for draw, 97.5% with Arcane Res and stone for draw. Getting it with Sandeep is ~45%, 54% with a stone for draw, ~61% with Arcane Res and stone for draw.
  3. I know it's probably dumb. Mei Feng (as Aracanist) <-Typo, but I like it, all things considered. Ramos Sparks 1-2 Metal Gamin (for initial Scrap Generation, not needed once the spiders start killing things, due to Creative Salvage) T1 Ramos makes 2 spiders (limited due to second hire). T1 Sparks sticks bombs in their bellies. T1 Spiders advance, and charge if possible and maybe do something. T2 Ramos makes both spiders blow up for 5 undefendable damage each, in a ~5" area, drawing 2 cards, summoning two Electrical Creations (which will also blow up, drawing more cards or SS), then summoning two more spiders. T2 Sparks sticks bombs in their bellies, and you get how this goes. Mei, and the Gamin and the rest of the hires just keep doing their thing, or protecting Sparks and Ramos. Much fun to be had!
  4. Ehh? My version has them as Machina, and Hoffman is Augmented. As you say, he's dual Faction, so he can use them in Arcanists, as any could. But he can't bring them into Guild. And while they're Constructs, for the most part they completely ignore a good portion of Hoffman's main trick, though Emergency Power Transfer and the second half of Power Nexus does make them useful as batteries, kind of.
  5. Yeah, I would have had to swap in a Silurid instead. Given the kind of game I ran, that probably would have been better. Given my opponent shot Midnight Stalker (wot stalks at midnight) on his last activation (and cheating in a Severe), denying me the second point from Claim Jump, and would have been screwed if I'd had Stealth. So the crew would have still worked, to a lesser extent. I say lesser because I cycled 4 low Masks through the game, from Showboat Leaping, though I did only get a single good card from it.
  6. I think the word "instead" does a lot of the heavy lifting here. To me that indicates you have to suffer the effects to gain the push. Coupled with it having to ignore THE effect. If it was to work regardless, I'd think "Shockwave 2, Mv 13, Damage 2. When resolving, friendly December models may ignore any effects of this Action and Push up to 3" in any direction." would make it work, pass or fail.
  7. Pictures? And are they commercially made, or did you do them yourself?
  8. I wouldn't say Mancha is "needed" in a general game, but he and his Wrastlers are important in certain matchups. Any crews that make a lot of use of dropping different Markers (Misaki's Shadow, Titania's Rampant Growth, etc) can get peeved when you run over and hit your opponent with those markers. Scheme marker dependent pools can also be made difficult for your opponent if you have a lot of luchadores. Finally, against any opposing crews that rely on Conditions, either offensively (McMourning, Kaeris, etc), or defensively (stacking large amounts of shielding/focus/etc) can be ruined by Toss in the Mud being prevalent in the crew. I also take exception to him being ugly. I think he's awesomes! 'Secret' tip, if you give an Iron Skeeter a Tactical Trench Coat Upgrade, he can ferry Mancha around. I can't really weigh in on the Emissary. He seems reasonable enough, and does the same thing with killing Markers, but I think he'd be more suited to a Wizz-Bang crew, as Aura of Luck seems like a good thing for hitting Glowy (allowing a cheat from the deck to try and fail Shockwave tests), and the one thing Shockwaves and other batch tests (like Make Way) is that they work best in larger numbers. Your opponent can often easily avoid real consequence of 2-3 unopposed duels a turn. Make it 6+, and it starts to become a problem. 10+, and it's a nightmare. Merris is good. She can hold her own in most situations, and is important if you're facing a range heavy crew.
  9. I ran a crew of Zipp+Earl, First Mate, all three ISkeets, Hans and Midnight Stalker (wot stalks at midnight), and it was ridiculously fast. Given the scheme pool and strat (Plant Explosives), that allowed me to get in and get a lot of points early (I think it was 4-1 at Turn 3, and another two all but guaranteed before EoG). Obviously, with Hans, it was an Outcast crew. And Hans was only included so I could accomplish a Scheme I thought I'd be able to do (Vendetta was in the pool, and I was gonna put Hans in a position to snipe to get those points, or at least the one, and then be a pain in the ass. Opponent screwed that by not taking an Executioner, that he ALWAYS takes until this game). But after the game, I figured I could have gone Bayou, and switched out Hans for Rami, and it would have been even easier to do. Rami might not have the suite of abilities Hans does, but in most cases he doesn't need them. Only one of his triggers isn't universally awesome, and that's Armor Piercing. Which is nearly always awesome. And Quick Retreat would have solved a lot of problems. Also, probably switched out an Iron Skeeter for Merris. Not quite as fast, but different in it's own way.
  10. Page 33, This or That Choices, part of the first para. "if the model had no cards in its Control Hand, it could not choose to discard a card; if the model already had the Stunned Condition (or could not gain it for some reason), it could not choose to gain Stunned." So, you would have to pitch a card, if you had Slow, or Numbskull. 3FW would be wrong in this case. Harsh Winter: If this model is this Crew's Leader, enemy models that start their Activation within 1 of it or an Ice Pillar Marker must either discard a card or gain Slow. It is clearly an Aura being generated. pg30, Auras, third para. Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e., if the aura would change its game state in some way), then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice. So, it only applies once, regardless of how many Ice Pillars are in range. While you could argue technically the Ice Pillar's aura doesn't have a name, if you use that argument, auras as a whole fall down completely as an effect. The fact is, the one ability, which has a name, is generating multiple auras.
  11. Oh, I agree that Focus might need to be toned down. I just think that EoT is possibly too harsh, and holding Focus for defense becomes an even worse proposition than it already is. That's why I like the idea of it rolling off at the end of your activation any that you didn't gain during your activation. Makes stockpiling early less useful, but allows models activating late in the turn to still have the same kinds of options as models that activate earlier.
  12. Not sure what you're arguing. Defensive Stance was much better in M2E than using Focus defensively in M3E is. Yes, it cost a card to use, but it lasted until your next activation. Meaning you could reasonably get 4+ uses out of it, just against one enemy model. If Focus gets removed at end of turn, it's severely limiting when the model can use it, and the later in the round a model activates, the less useful it is.
  13. If you hire Crossroads 7 crew (as opposed to just sticking your one in-faction C7 model in your normal crew), that means you're hiring a Henchman as Leader. pg42, Section E, third para. "Any Master or Henchman can be chosen as a Leader, but Masters cannot be hired in Crews led by a Henchman Leader."
  14. I'm not sure I'd want to go quite THAT far. Cause the way I see it, it's further hindering activation order, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. It also screws up even further, defensive Focus. Which doesn't need help. However, even if it's a little bit cumbersome, I'd not be averse to something like "At the end of a model's activation, it loses all Focus not gained during this activation." We've already got precedents of remembering what happened this activation, from Greatswords to Zipp's Showboating to Jack Daw's Torment. So it's not great issue there, IMO. So, a model can Focus during their own activation, and gain Focus between Activations, and spend it, but they can't just keep building it up. Side note, I'd REALLY like to see Distracted and Focus cancel each other out immediately, like Slow and Fast do, even if there's still a minor difference in effect.
  15. Some things that seem like they'd be important with regards C7, are 1) Which C7 benefits most from the extra AP? Henchmen as leader get a third AP). 2) Which faction has the best Effigy, and potentially best Emissary for the game you're about to play? Cause it's free for the former, and for the 2SS upgrade, easy to access for the latter. 3) As already mentioned, which faction's Upgrades, Versatiles and OOK's fit the game you're playing. As @Adran said, the number of options C7 have available, is just nuts. I mean, it literally makes M2E Levi's hiring pool look relatively small. The only things properly prohibited are Masters (and their totems). That's like ~400 possible hires, in blocks of 50-60 or so. Not all are going to be great combinations, but still, it's something that'd normally be overlooked that'll smack someone upside the head in a game.
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