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  1. I gotcha. I thought "not the game's strong suit" was like a stab at the combat mechanics. Which seemed interesting given how integral combat is to the game.
  2. Yes. The nightmare versions of models use the same rules as the original ones.
  3. It is imo. The Nightmare Whiskey Golem is probably my favorite model that I own.
  4. miss "Rambo" Som'er. With Dumb/Thinking Luck he had a gun that rivaled Seamus and with squeal he was hard to pin down. That and the ability to dump one/both players hands made him a terror. I was really hoping to see that sort of playstyle, or something similar, come back instead of what we got. I honestly am perplexed on how we got what we did. Like the same round of play testing that saw new Somer give friendly models the ability to spend 2ap and a card to summon a 2ss insignificant model saw new Kirai's models force a test to get 4ss significant models.
  5. I think this was my big problem with the nerf. He had a lot of bad match ups. The Errata pushed him down in every match up though. He went from good to "not terrible" unless he faced a hard match up. I really liked Defensive Bayou Two Card. It gave you a good way of shooting yourself in the foot and making things worse when you cheat to try not to be hit and increase give the opponent a positive damage flip. I think I would have preferred to lose Gremlin General to be honest. This is big for me. I don't mind losing. But I want to at least have fun doing it. Otherwise why play Gremlins?
  6. Yeah. I like her a lot. For 7 stones she's really tanky. Once she gets in position Armor and Shielded and Self healing guess a long way. Squeel if you need it too. Her damage output is impressive too. 2/3/4 and burning 2 is a lot like 3/4/5. Sometimes better. If she's not in a list I'd usually because I couldn't find 11 stones for her and an Akaname.
  7. I disagree. Where would the internet be without loud uninformed opinions?
  8. Let us know how your games go!
  9. Freikorps can be a tough nut to crack. With armor and shielded they're resilient, with healing from Librarians, the Trunk and sometimes VonSchill they can bounce back quickly. With Rocket Boots and Diving Charge they're pretty mobile. Multiple Rocket attacks a turn can punish you if you group up. I don't play Dreamer, so I can't give key word specific advice. Being able to put Leap on beaters means you're often going to want to keep extra resources around to protect key models, even ones that are normally safely behind your front line. Target priority is always important, but I think that goes double for Freikorps given their ability to bounce back. Hannah and Arik or OoK beater are usually my priority. Freikorps has some amazing support units, but if your crew doesn't have the mobility to get to them it's probably not worth over extending.
  10. I think Cooper would be my first pick, if I were to drop something since she's pretty cheap and makes more cheap things. Sparks works well with the Akaname, but at 9ss kinda gets away from the cheap gribbles angle.
  11. I think one of my favorite things about Moonshiner is how well he supports the little guys. With the help of Moonshiner all your models should be able to ping out 3 damage a turn between Bar Room Brawl Tipsy Slide and Another Round. An extra three damage a turn is stellar. I want to try out a Little Guys list with: 3 Fermented Shojo 2 Tanuki 3 Akaname I know Akaname are usually just there to make markers, but I think they will work well with Brew2. They make makers for Open the Gourd. The extra pushes help you use thier 2" melee to outrange other models. Thier slow on thier attack is better since Brew2 doesn't have Intoxication. Thier real weakness is survivability. But I am hoping that with enough poison, they can constantly be at 4DF. They're also the only model in the crew with Perverse metabolism, so the Poison Damage from Another Round could help them stick around too, if they aren't offed in one activation.
  12. My experience is the opposite. All it takes is one Poison Free beater and Brewmaster 1 is in a world of hurt. Without poison he's stat 5. You're Drunk,Go Home is after succeeding not after resolving like Squeel or Butterfly Jump. With a Stat 5 the chances of you getting it off are pretty miniscule. Intoxication is a pretty hard to keep up on models if they have even a small amount of condition removal. If you've managed to stack poison 3+ on most of the enemy crew congrats, the game is basically in the bag. But it's definitely a "Win More" not a comeback mechanic. Also while Lure and Liver Damage make Brewmaster 1 get up close and personal, Brew2 can chill back at the very edge of Tipsy Slide range and still support his crew with Another Round and Open the Gourd. Tipsy Slide and Another Round let you dictate engagement. While a mobile beater may be able to get out of engagement and hit Brew2 chances are with Butterfly Jump they aren't going to be able to swing twice.
  13. Switched back and got a game in with OG Brewmaster. It was rough. I had some bad luck and lost Shojo early. True to form, Brewmaster died before making it to turn 4. I'm hard pressed to find good reasons to play OG Brewmaster over Moonshiner. Ok
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