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  1. I like this idea. Maybe sort of Don Quixote jockey Master.
  2. This was pretty much my thought. Even with versatile, I don't see them getting much play outside of in their respective non-jockey keywords. I think it's kind of hard to parse which is more influential. Are people with ~100 ss worth of models beating the guys with ~50 ss because they have a bigger pool of models or because they've got another dozen games worth of experience in time while they built up thier crew? Probably both. But it's hard to say which one contributes more. Also new players don't have the experience to build or select a flexible crew. Molly might do great with a few boxes, but a new Lady J player might discover they have more than a hundred dollars of keyword models and still need to spend more on OoK models to be competitive. All of which isn't too say that I think of Malifaux as pay to win, but I do think titles giving more play styles to players with few models will help smooth out the curve of cash investment to competitive viability. I thought it was a friendly pick up game. I was mistaken. 😂
  3. It's pretty great with thier built in Drunken Stumble on Trusty Flask. If your opponent closed to 1" to hit the monk you can either push into base or push outside thier engagement while still keeping them engaged. I love FRM with Brewmaster. In a crew that cares less about Poison they're probably less stellar, but Too Drunk To Care, Chi tokens for DF 7 when you need it and self healing make them one of the tankiest 6ss models in the game. If you can get the Drunken Strength trigger they can hit like a truck too. If you've got no other poison shenanigans it means a 12ss investment so they can poison each other, and that's no small investment.
  4. Yeah. I get where they're coming from. I personally don't consider Malifaux to be an expensive hobby. I think the $200-300 point is definitely where you start to see diminishing returns. Not just because more crews add less variance to your play styles but because with so many moving parts it's hard to master more than a handful of crews without forgetting important interactions and abilities. But to the guy who just bought his first box or two, telling them they need another $250 invested to be competitive can be disheartening. Some people like a challenge though. My first game in Malifaux was Ophelia and gremlins against Hamlin, back in first Ed when he couldn't be targeted by height 1 models. My opponent chose Hamlin knowing I only had the one crew, lol. I'm still playing a decade later.
  5. Maybe campaign based games like Mordhiem, Bloodbowl and Frostgrave. Not that I'd b call those balanced, but there isn't much advantage, mechanically, to buying more models once you have your crew.
  6. Yeah. I'm also hoping it smooths or bad match ups and pools. I've heard people complain that Malifaux is pay to win, since the player with more crews to pick from has better options for each pool than a player who only has one crew. I think titles that offer multiple play styles will help close that gap.
  7. I could have sworn I saw a mini of a gremlin on a lazyboy attached to an alligator. More jockey stuff in the future isn't out of the question.
  8. Really? You think Fluffernutter is worse than Stump?
  9. It takes the place of a walk action so like 14"
  10. I think the heal aura looks pretty nice. It rewards you for hitting enemies and if you're Wiz-bang hitting your own guys.
  11. I'm struggling to think what master would want all 4. Sooey maybe since, excluding stumpy, they're all beasts, if not pigs. Bo Peep definitely adds synergy, letting them heal back with ...And The Crowd Goes Wild! from all their self injury stuff. And helps speed them up with The Race is On! But both the abilities want the Jockeys to bubble up, which I'm not sure is worthwhile. I think Bo Peep, and then a Jockey that fits the key word could see play, like Bo Peep and Ruffles in Tricksy or Bo Peep and Fluffernutter in Wiz-Bang. I see Bo Peep getting the most play, since she is the only one with Reckless and also has The Race is On and ...And the Crowd Goes Wild, which are pretty useful in just about any crew. After a turn one push, she could hunt cheap scheme runners pretty well.
  12. I thought much the same. I guess it depends on if you prioritize faction over keyword.
  13. Cooper is actually pretty stellar for get cost. Unlike the other Armored stuff in faction she has a self heal. Hide in the barrel is pretty great too once she's in position. Armor+Shielded+Squeel Self Healing makes her really tanky. She hits pretty hard too. 2/3/4 doesn't seem like a great damage track but with burning 2 built in she hits the 1/4 sweat spots for burning on her first two attacks so it's a bit like 3/4/5 on a 7ss enforcer. It's better in some situations, like vs hard to kill, or when you want to kill a model with conditions instead of with an attack, and worse in others. Just that makes her a good pick a lot of times. She gets better with scrap access. That being said I think Akaname and post nerf Tanuki are not high picks for in keyword minions.
  14. Vent steam is really good. I agree that if you just want stuff dead, Peacekeeper is probably a better pick.
  15. This is what I meant. They're an option, but not one that had much effort put in to it as far as balance goes.
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