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  1. Execute triggers and Undying refer back to a May statement too. I guess I'm not why understanding the reasoning why wounds actually lost is different than referencing the number of cards actually discarded. You may suffer wounds. Then the second part references how many (0,1 or 2) you actually lost. That seem the same as: You may discard cards. Then the second part references how many (1 or 0) you actually discarded. Since there's a differing interpretation, it might be good to get a faq. Yannic's ability seems pretty strong to me, even without a broad interpretation.
  2. Doesn't Necrotic Decay work the other way round? Where the second part references the actual results of the first? Like if you try to suffer 2 damage, but armor/shielded stops 1, you only get the one damage boost, not two?
  3. Thanks for the batrep. Going 8-1 to 8-0 is a big swing.
  4. I think Bully and Tools for the Job are thematically appropriate for Sybelle. I think Bully would be better for Sybelle herself but Tools for the Job letting you pull up the Red Joker seems strong too in a crew with .50 Flintlock. Also critical position denials in Strategies where that matters.
  5. I agree with the sentiment. Zombie hookers Seamus were the models that pulled me into the game.
  6. Interesting. I somehow missed that but if fluff. It's strange that he's even less human than Howard Langston.
  7. I like the idea. With the severe terrain aura anything Zipp throws in will have more difficulties getting out. I'm not sure Stumpy is up to being a tarpit though. Other than df6 he doesn't have any defense tech. He's got 8 wounds but it probably going to be in 6-7 if he used his bonus and stampeded.
  8. Maybe we can get a Ninja rider with The Oyabun's Command.
  9. We saw the Catalan Rifle Corps Henchman yesterday. She seems like she offered a lot of crew synergy with Shouting Orders and Inginuity. Any bets/hopes for the Jockey Henchman?
  10. I think Desperate Mercenaries just got a boost with Yannic, since they're cheap models with Rapid Fire, so they can take two shots a turn while drawing a card.
  11. I like them personally. I think you need normal looking dudes to offset the gonzo giant monsters.
  12. I think it would work for costs. Because they're: 1. Pay the cost. 2. Do the thing. Not 1. You may pay the cost. 2. If the cost was payed, do the thing. Ie, there's no portion of part 2 that checks to see what you did in part 1. I could be wrong, but it certainly seems like Yannic's Aura was intended to work with For the Corps and Juggernaut.
  13. I would read it as you die, since there are two parts: 1. you may do a thing. 2. If you did the thing, do x. Yannic lets you remove a scheme maker and draw a card instead of discarding. But it doesn't say: "That model still counts as discarding for game effects." Maybe that's not RAI, so it might be good to ask for a FAQ clarification.
  14. Would Undying work? It says you may discard a card, so that definitely works with Yannick. However the next line says "If you do so,..." That makes it seem like it wouldn't work for changing the damage because you didn't discard a card, you did something else.
  15. I think different rules are needed at different point levels. Like the Henchman Hardcore ban on extra leader AP or Summoning. I could see something like an MtG ban list ie x models are not allowed in y format. I think we've seen a little of that already with DMH models bring disallowed in done situations. Double Masters being banned. Or even stuff like not taking Masters in games of 30ss or less. One day in going to come up with strategies and schemes that work with Henchmen Hardcore and lower point games. Stuff that doesn't require as many models in as many places. Maybe even stuf
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