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  1. Yeah. Given how unique each sculpt is I could see them being enforcers. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I mean Bayou Gremlins are Big Hat and also versitile. Not that I've ever seen someone take them.
  2. I've been thinking on a similar list with Nico. DMH be damned.
  3. Any hopes for the box? I was disappointed when Rooster Riders weren't Big Hat. They seemed perfect for the I'm Done with This Demise ability. My hope is that these are Big Hat and get it. Generally mobile stuff seems good too. Not that Bayou is slow, but it could always be faster.
  4. I had the same issue with summoned models last night. Backing out to the main menu of the app and logging back in fixed it though.
  5. I will have to try a slip hauler. So far I've really liked the Sow because she can well in combat herself. Reckless means she can fight or move well by herself.
  6. I really like the Sow in big hat. Other then a scheme marker it try early in the game she's pretty independent and can use so the millions of corpses big hat generates. She summons some really great scheme runners, which alleviates the need for the rest of the crew to leave thier bubble. She'll pretty much run a whole side of the board my herself.
  7. I liked the write up a lot. I disagree with some parts though. I think Somer is the strongest control master in the game, with one of the strongest actions in the game. I tend not to think of Bayou Gremlins as models so much so mobile slow tokens. If you summon them into engagement range, they will eat AP either killing them or disengaging. They've only got 2 hitpoints, but if they're in Lenny and Somer's aura they can often dodge an attack or two eating multiple ap. So for 1 master AP a 12 and possibly a stone Somer can effectively slow, or worse, 4 models and draw 4 cards. The other thing I'd say is that Lenny shouldn't be treated like a beater. He got a scary attack, but Bodyguard and Gremlins General he's a powerful support piece and shouldn't be commuting to combat unless necessary. He's better off having back a little with playing Bodyguard to Somer and counter attacking if it looks like the enemy will make it through the wall of meat. I also think Skeeters are too valuable as distractions to blow up. Df 6 and 3 wounds means they can eat up a lot of enemy Actions. When in Gremlin General or Bayou 2 Card range they can be highly annoying to your opponent. Hunting Partner also means disengaging from them will least resources.
  8. Could you talk a bit about how you use Toshiro for this? This is a really good way of evaluating things. It helped me realize a lot when thinking about Somer's summoning.
  9. I have a new found appreciation for Tools for the Job, after playing against a Friekorps crew and having my opponent cheat in a Red Joker, to pick it back up. My major concern with Nurses is that they're a 6ss model with only Manipulative as a defense tech.
  10. Yeah, I think it's likely given the radically new art and rules for Flesh Constructs.
  11. I've looked at him a lot because I really like the model. But, I don't see him being that useful outside of crews that can generate lots of corpses. So Reva and Nico.
  12. I haven't had a chance to try the spawn mother, but I really like The Sow. She generates scheme runners and does pretty well in melee. With help from another model, she can drop 2 piglets turn 1, without much card support. Piglets are pretty good scheme runners, with reckless and the ability to drop a scheme instead of a corpse when they die. I've been meaning to try Taxidermists with Somer. Big Hat leaves corpses all over the place, so there might be a good source for stuffed and flying pigs. Recently tried out Pigapult too. It seems like a champ for repositioning, and the MV15 pulse is hard to resist.
  13. I've been thinking any doing Lucius as the leader of a three master crew. Maybe Dashel and the dispatcher. He could only summon a couple things, but a pair of executioners would make good issue command targets.
  14. I really recommend Wyrd's Malifaux crewbulderApp. Or let's you easily build crews, examine up cards and look up rules. My other advice is to just play some games. You'll mess things up, play and rules wise, but I'm my experience is easiest to learn through play them by memorization. It'll also help you contextualize the advice people here might give you.
  15. I've played Somer since first. I miss his ability to "go commando" and cause a lot of carnage by himself. Other then that, 3rd Ed Somer is probably my favorite edition yet. If you like teleportation, I'd recommend Mei or Colette. Viks are on option too if you want some teleportation and fragile models with lots of punch.
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