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  1. It's the one at the end of Second ed. Lucius capers and dances through the destroyed Governor's Mansion after the birth of the Burning Man.
  2. They tipped the hand pretty heavy at the end of 2nd when they came out at 100% confirmed that he was a mimic working against Guild interests from within. I kinda missed when he was more mysterious and it wasn't clear what was behind the mask.
  3. I somehow forgot that. They have to ping someone to do it, but a single wound is almost always worth a draw. You have to connect though. Definitely more useful on low WP crews. I find that most of the time Tri-Chi isn't hurting for cards. I run a lot of Fermented river monks, and Too Drunk to Care defensively and Chi tokens, and maybe focus they are very consistent models. A lot of the rest of the crew is sitting on 6s offensively and defensively, which also helps.
  4. I tend to think of Lucid Dream as thier keyword ability. It's on all the minions are least. Sort like how almost all of Tri-Chi has trusty flask. I think reference the field guide could have been the Friekorps one, but that would take a big rebalance.
  5. Dang that was going to be my suggestion. I think generally most crews are a lot more card hungry in 3rd Ed. I think Somer is the only Master were I routinely end a turn with 2-3 cards in hand. Mostly because Bayou Two Card means if you flip a 2 it's probably better to cheat from the top then throw a 5. Other than Hannah's Arcane reservoir there aren't any good ways to go up cards. Engineers fix but don't draw. One of the reasons that I think Engineers are good is that they can add the suit without going down cards. With Freikropsman it's more of a desperation/surprise ability. Lik
  6. I've seen them pick up too many Red Jokers for me to underestimate their card draw. They and Freikropsman have pretty easy access to a 3/4/6 damage spread gun. That's pretty damn good for a 5-6ss minion. It might not stand out in the faction that has Rusty Alice and Mad Dog, but it's something most crews don't have access to. I don't think it's wasted ink. But it is pretty niche. They do have an armor ignoring melee trigger and the potential to give themselves the suit they need for it.
  7. Engineers are insane. They filter your hand, give out shielded and focus, and have a good ranged attach for thier cost. Scouts and Freikropsman are very solid too. All thier minions are also pretty survivable with armor and heal access in keyword. They synergize really well with the upgrades as well. Like the scout using Stat 7, FF and concealment ignoring Rocket launcher attacks or Assault Shield and Engineer shielding on models that already have armor. The biggest downside imo is lack of mobility, but they're still ahead of a lot of crews with Load Up pushes and rocket boots
  8. I don't think they're bad. But Friekorps has since of the best minions in the game imo. I think they could use +1 move maybe. I understand wanting to change big Jake for thematic reasons, but if it counts as the same model then he's going to be way way powerful for some schemes. Like an automatic second Vendetta point, as he can pop out of a model as far away from the fight as possible and has to be put down that turn. He's already good for last turn scheme stuff.
  9. I've been thinking about something similar. I really like how fast Henchmen Hardcore is in comparison to full games. Expanding outside of the set scheme pool is necessary for replayability but also requires some rebalancing.
  10. Yeah pianos would be great in maps like that. I'd even think about bringing Criers to obey Earl to drop more.
  11. I think you're right. As it stands, WtM is a worse version of Flurry. It's a card in exchange for an attack, but it's one that your opponent gets a lot of control over and may not even be applicable to many match ups. Any suggestions for changes? Here's my goofy idea: Replace WtM with: Toast the New Guy: Whenever a model is summoned this model may have it and this model gain Poison +1. And then give Taelor a built in Drunken Strength trigger.
  12. I think a support ability would be good. I'm struggling to think what though. Shouting Orders or Foul-mouthed Motivation would fit the new screaming model, but I don't know that Merc heavy hitters need easier access to focus. Maybe something like Consolidate Power?
  13. It's a bonus action, that she otherwise probably wasn't using. It's not as good a heal as say Juggernaut, but it's less card intensive and even a small heal is pretty good on a hard to kill model. I agree that she probably needs more than just that, like a cool trigger or Too Drunk to Care.
  14. Moon Shinobi hit pretty dam hard. Unless your opponent cheats down their total you're almost always at + to the damage flip. More on ties or if you hit something hard to wound. They pretty consistently hit 3-4 damage. Still probably not worth it for a Master level AP.
  15. Without a way to boost her poison other than trusty flask it would be a 0" push. I was thinking if that too, but wasn't sure Taelor needed a 4/5/7 damage spread. Or 5/6/8 if you can find another poison source
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