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  1. Thatguy

    Moon Shinobi

    Yeah, that was my thought.
  2. Menacing Croak does seem like it would fit sybelle pretty well.
  3. I kinda like the changes. He looks like a great support piece. I want to try him out work Nico.
  4. I feel like there should be some henchmen level synergies at least. Zorida is the only master with four in theme henchmen I can think of.
  5. It looks neat. Is cool that they didn't give it a straight debuf. 8” aura is pretty big.
  6. Thatguy

    Ophelia and Kin

    Seems like it would be fun to try out at least.
  7. Yeah. It seems like Black Blood Shamans took a utility hit.
  8. Man, the fact this reference had to be explained makes me feel old.
  9. I don't think this is an major problem. It's 9-11 ss worth of models plus a significant number of master level support actions. It's also a pretty clearly telegraphed attack that allows for counter play.
  10. I think it is meant only to change the name, not any other stats or characteristics. It could probably use some clearer wording.
  11. It's ultimately up to the people you play with, but I think guidelines would be neat. Destructible terrain is fun. You want to not destroy it usually, but sometimes it's worth it to have one model clear it to open up a charge lane for another. Different crews are going to play with terrain differently, so it's hard to say what's fair. Seamus loves blocking terrain. Crews with "blown to hell" markers or cheap models to clear them don't suffer the same penalties of destructible terrain. Unimpeded models like severe terrain. Finding the right balance seems like it could be difficult.
  12. I think there aren't many times when Brewmaster wants to remove poison from thier models, or the opponents. What if the ability was "discard a flicker or two poison" and they also got: Revel in filth: During the end phase instead of taking damage from the Poison Condition and lowering condition by one, it may raise the condition by one.
  13. I am mostly just brainstorming. Having the ability cost poison is rough in Brewmaster too, since if you burn one poison and a second tiicks down in the end phase keeping poison on them would be difficult. It could be accompanied with other changes meant to boost the model.
  14. What if the ability required you to discard poison, instead of gaining flicker? Poison is significantly easier to stack in a Brewmaster crew.
  15. I think that shifting the timing would help. Like changing the second point too: If this scheme has been revealed and you have not scored a point from it this turn, X. Being able to get your scheme VP out of the way as early as turn three would help bring back the potential for Pyrrhic victory. Frame for murder was always one of my favorite schemes. It is rare to be so happy when one of your models is brutally slain. I feel like it really fit the theme of a Malifaux crew. "Dave keeps giving me a weird look. Maybe he should have an accident"
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