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  1. Does the pipers influence give suits during that action? As in would I be able to declare Infestation despite not flipping the appropriate tome? Or does it not work until after you resolve the action?
  2. To be fair, I think Acolytes need this change, not Raspy2. If not then they're still DOA for Raspy1
  3. Sandeep has a similar effect in that friendly academics and elementals "may ignore the effects of friendly terrain markers" Does that mean that models can shoot through ice pillars without giving the opponent cover? I'm not sure if "blocking" is considered an "effect" of a terrain marker or not.
  4. Just thinking about the new models and what they bring. Are there any that you'd consider auto includes? If so for which version? Again I think Raspy is the clear winner here as well. Kaltgeist really unlock both versions of Raspy and I'm honestly considering hiring all three of them in either version (well mostly Raspy2 because I doubt I'll be running Raspy1 anymore). I also think that Deacon is a very solid include for either version of Kaeris. Offensive condition removal was a bad time for Kaeris (especially the golem). I do think he's probably a little more geared for Kaeris2 as she gives him the suit for his pyre teleport ability. I'm not sure if he's an auto include though (which is actually a good thing). I do think he's very solid though. Dorian is okay. I feel like he's a lot more niche than Deacon but still a decent include. I think he's got some interesting tricks but nothing that really shakes up the keyword in the same way as either of the above options. Colette doesn't really need to stick to keyword so I think he's going to have tougher competition comparatively to most. Wind Golem is still a mystery to me. I like that he brings something more unique than the other golems but I'm a bit worried about its fragility for that cost. I don't think your hiring it for Sandeep1 and honestly I don't think your summoning it either (18ss for 10ss is not the best trade). I think it had more play with Sandeep2 where you can steal it's abilities via academics. I'm liking the look of the Rock Hopper more and more. There is a LOT of marker removal with these new titles and this lets you keep those key markers on the table. It also packs quite the punch for its cost. Salvage Site is pretty niche but could be big in the right matchup (nice triggers too). I think it's a good hire for either version of Mei but obviously will work a bit better in Mei2 because how much better she is at supporting her crew. Empyrean Eagle finally gives Marcus a decent low cost hire and schemer. It's leagues better than molemen (not that it's a high bar to hit). Honestly I think Marcus was sorely missing that role so this is a great include for either version. I do think Marcus1 can probably get a bit more from them but adaptive evolution makes them a solid include for Marcus2 as well. Maybe not an auto include Metallurgist seems great for either version. I assume you still get access to the equipment regardless of the list. So load him up with a rocket and boss around some robots. Enchanted Steel seems like a pretty big deal against a lot of matchups. Drudge is pretty impressive for a 2ss model but really seems tailored for Toni2. I'm not sure how often I'd be hiring one of these given how easy they die. A great model but I don't really see them as anything other than a summon.
  5. I guess the question is whether you stop counting it as an ice pillar or not. My initial feeling is yes but I can't really back that up with any definitive proof.
  6. I largely agree with this power assessment. However I'll be the first to admit I'm not a power gamer so I'm completely open to being wrong. I just played a game with OG Raspy today and got schooled so I can see why she's bottom of the barrel even after this new shiny title. It's obviously people will be choosing title Raspy unless Raspy1 gets some kind of buff. Acolytes are still pretty bad even as a summon, but as hire in Raspy1, they're downright terrible. I'm a bit shaky on where Sandeep might land power wise. I'm still unsure how I feel about the wind golem but I can see the scheming potential it has. Sandeep2 seems like he's going to take a while to really crack. I can see him being a sleeper hit once things have started to settle. As for Hoff and Kaeris. We'll see if they get nerfed in any way. I'm less concerned about Kaeris (even though I really despise the mechanic) but I can see Hoff trapping models with immovable terrain as a serious problem. Even if they do receive changes, I still see both of them in the top half of the power curve for Arcanists. Colette I'm also a bit uncertain. With the recent nerf and an awkward, somewhat lacklustre title. I see her more towards the bottom. I think these new titles have really opened up the options of a bunch of masters. With her new title not really changing much, I feel like she's dropped a few spots. Still quite viable but lacking dimension.
  7. Just love the mental image on some dude pushing Levi, the harbinger of the apocalypse, off his horse into the mud... "Your welcome"
  8. I just realized how bad stunned is for Levi. It's usually very bad on any master but almost all of the power of Levi2 is locked away in triggers. It's great that he himself has some condition removal to protect the riders (who also get completely shut down by stunned). However he has no means to protect himself and his hiring options are quite limited. Malifaux child cannot copy dispel magic since its an attack action so he's out. Johan, I think, is the only way to get condition removal for Levi?
  9. That is how I read it as well. It's just odd that most triggers have benefits for having multiple of the same suit. So the only real way of getting two of the same suit is through Soul Stones or Mech Rider. Edit: I guess that is pretty much the case for most masters though. It also does give Mech Rider a bit more relevance in a horseman list.
  10. Question regarding Levi's Fate's Messenger It says that this model may add a different suit to its duel total. Does that mean that if I flip a tome, I couldn't then use two fate tokens to add an additional tome? Or does it mean that I can't use four fate tokens to add two tomes (every two fate tokens must be used on different suits)? If that is the case then it seems difficult to actually get multiple suits for the same trigger. Mech Rider and Soulstones being the only ways I can think of.
  11. @Caspergad So with your interpretation, how does the Close-Up Magic trigger work when used via decoy? Can you get around the once per turn restriction?
  12. For me, I'm less about competitive viability. I'm more interested in finding new and exciting ways to play my favourite masters. Ascetics, mechanics and crew altering are all things that I hold in high regard when thinking of these new titles. Best: Rasputina: I think it goes without saying that she's gotten the biggest boost with her new title. Not only does it completely change how she interacts with the game, but it also changes up her hiring priorities. The new Kaltgeist are a huge shot in the arm that really elevates both versions of Raspy. My only real issue with this title is just how much better it is than OG Raspy, which continues to lag behind the curve. Look wise, I'm not as convinced, she looks rather plain compared to her OG version. Worst: Colette: It hurts to say it but I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed with Colette. I don't feel like she really gains much from her title. She still acts fairly independent of her own keyword and doesn't really offer any new hiring opportunities. Her mechanic feel undercooked and complicated and likely to cause many problems. I just don't see the draw over her OG version. I also feel like this new model doesn't ascetically fit with the rest of the crew and I'm not a big fan of the new look. The Rest: Marcus: I really like the new mutation sharing mechanic and feel like it ties in much stronger with adaptive evolution. Being actively encouraged and rewarded for passing around mutations is a great change. Marcus himself is a beast (pun intended) and likely going to greedily covet as many mutations as possible, turning him into a killing machine. Crew wise, not much has changed, which it probably the worst thing I can say about this title. Look wise, I'm totally sold. Sandeep: I'm still trying to process his card but I am intrigued. He himself gaining the elemental keyword is pretty interesting and opens up a lot of new possibilities. I do wish there was a bit more of a focus on the academic side as I feel like this and the original are still primarily elemental focused. Loosing out on summoning does likely change up his hiring priorities but I see myself reaching for the same models. Look wise, it's meh. Not much of a change really. Ironsides: Another big win, likely rivalling Raspy in my opinion. A complete change of mechanics, hiring priorities and scheme options. Going from a fighter/tank to a summoner/schemer is a complete 180. Her theme and mechanics seem very well aligned and I can see Ironsides being a real powerhouse for this faction. I don't really have anything bad to say about new Ironsides. While I like the boxer look better, this new art does seem fitting. Mei: She's gone from a card hungry beater to a crew enabler. I can see her open up her hiring priorities greatly with this new title. Ride the Rails feels like it'll just work better in this crew. I think it's debatable on whether this version is just better, which is not exactly a good thing. I also feel like she's very similar to OG Hoff. She does have her own things going on but largely I feel like she's doing a lot of the same things as him. I find her new look kind of boring, lacking even the personality of the steam fitter sculpts. Hoff: Okay so potentially broken marker shenanigans aside. I'm more intrigued by this version of Hoff. I prefer new Mei to OG Hoff and I feel like this version has a bit more interesting things going on. His gameplay is less constrained and you can take him in a few directions now. I'm not sure how much his hiring priorities changes with this new version but I'm thinking this version will certainly favour some models over others. Love his new look. Kaeris: She seems powerful but I'm still on the fence on how I feel about her. I don't really like how all discussion seems to revolve around her scorching radiance. I like the idea of it, but not the execution. It just opens itself up to bad experiences (on either end) and forces you to play her in one very specific way. I do like the mobility and her blazing a path right through the enemy line. Its a nice contrast from her OG version. I think both have their strengths/weaknesses. Look wise, I like how she's gone completely unhinged.
  13. Everything has been revealed. Hopefully everyone has had the opportunity to look things over and let it set in. So how'd we do? Which of the new titles and models has you the most excited, which let you down? Which of them shakes up the game? How would you rate the new masters?
  14. Thirty-Three seems like it would be the best OOK pick out of the bunch. It doesn't really need Tara to find success (but obviously will excel with her). 9ss OOK is a big ask however and I'd be curious what you'd be dropping in order to fit him. Metallurgist might have a place with Amalgam but I think your still getting more of what Levi needs from a Scavenger. Certainly not a bad include but I'm not sure your reaching for it outside of very specific use cases. Soul Battery is basically the outcast version of the Essence of Power. It's got a lot going on for a 4ss model but 90% is pretty niche. In fact I think this model is going to have a tough time finding a place in keyword so I can't imagine hiring it OOK. Its direct competition is the effigy, who I think is generally more useful, even within the amalgam keyword. That's not to say that I think it's bad, but it's not exactly obvious in its purpose.
  15. I'm at a loss as how to fix gamin. Kaltgeist completely killed these guys and Raspy2 gives out shielded easier. I wouldn't try and lean into damage for these models. I feel like they should offer some kind of utility but I'm having a hard time figuring out something that would benefit both December and Academic. On the Academic front, I find there isn't enough incentive to invest in ice pillars and I find them to be the least necessary elemental in terms of summoning. On the December side, I just don't really see their role. They don't scheme, they don't hurt and they don't really bring anything of interest. Frostbite is an interesting ability but again it's just so much better on the Kaltgeist.
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