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  1. Obviously no one should have this at the time of writing. However I'm interested in buying or trading for this model if someone has no use for it. Once they get it of course
  2. Further expanding on Amina. I also tend to include her because she allows for a second "death bubble". This gives that little bit of added flexability and allows you to control more of the board as your able to break your list into two groups. One goes off to do the punching with Ironsides, the other can vary depending on what you've hired. I like escorting Anima with gunsmiths as they do not need to play as aggressive as Toni and are better suited taking pot shots from safety. Anima also lets you play Toni a little more loosely. Obviously can play Toni as an absolute missile (as I tend
  3. So in my experience, Howard always comes as a package deal with a steamfitter, I wouldn't take one without the other. Amina is awfully difficult to leave without as her Injured Workers Act is pretty damn powerful. Fitz is good if your expecting some heavy hitters in the opponents crew. Super armour, H2W plus Unionized is a pretty amazing defence package (expect a target on his head). I personally love the gunsmiths. I usually bring two of them and I rarely regretted it. Easy target, resourceful and some excellent triggers on a 2/4/5 just melts models. The trick is keeping them alive.
  4. That has been my experience as well. They're quite capable to take a punch (certain members) and dishing it out (again on particular members). However, they're not good at getting around the board. You really want them doing things in pairs as their ability to generate focus from each other is pretty critical to their success. So keeping to schemes that allow them to play more central is likely where they'll shine.
  5. Most of the issues I hear with Sandeep is actually Kandara. Card draw is by far the best mantra and often you'll see her make appearances in other gamin crews just for that ability alone. I like the suggestion of changing to instead look at the top card and discarding. Then it'd be good to leave it at that and re-examine the keyword again. Colette is powerful but I find her in-theme crew very challenging. I find that Manipulative works against them in some regards as it encourages focused shots, which often end up killing them in a single go. The Duet is powerful but holy hell if it
  6. I’d be okay with reducing the range of presto chango. I caution any major changes. I remember when she got nerfed back at the tail end of m2e and basically made her irrelevant. Changes should be subtle and then given time to see if its enough. If not then you take it a step further next time around. Raspy gets my vote for one who needs a buff. Ontop of being below the power curve, she’s just not much fun to use due to her frustrating mechanics. Showgirls I find pretty bad. They just get focused and obliterated in a single shot. Mutations need adaptive evolution on
  7. I agree, it's probably unlikely to expect mass change amongst a single keyword. Gut feeling says your more likely to see nerfs than buffs, of which I can't expect any nerfs from December. However I feel like just improving Raspy herself would be a pretty massive change and bring up the whole keyword. So if we could only vote for one, then my vote is for Raspy!
  8. The thing is that Sandeep doesn't really need anything in particular. Having cheap academics is useful for him to arc his spells through but it's not as though he needs another ranged/melee damage unit. The whole elemental transference theme is pretty unique and something I could see them lean into more. Unfortunately in my experience it rarely seems that I have a low tome when I need it and mid - high tomes get better value elsewhere (mainly summoning) I wish elemental transference was it's own ability, but expanded to affect all conditions. Basically remove a condition to gain a c
  9. Sounds like it boils down to "if your not first, your last" haha Well lucky for me I'm not a hyper competitive player and so I get to play with models outside the few "top tier" options that I have available to me 😋 I'm not looking for reasons as to why they aren't the best. I'm just trying to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to make them playable. They don't need to be the best, they just need to work. In my experience, I've had some hit and miss success with Kudra and the Guards. Mainly because they are trickier to play than other models and thus gets punishe
  10. I really enjoy Sandeep. More specifically, I really enjoy running elementals. They offer a large variety of play styles, they look cool and they are pretty strait forward. However it's the Academic side of things that I struggle with. When I say Academic, I'm excluding Kandara and Banasuva as they walk the line of both elemental and academic and both are exceptional models. I'm mostly talking about Kudra, Vidiya Guard and Ox Mages. I'll start with Kudra. I think she's just okay. She wants to be aggressive but she doesn't seem like she can take much of a punch. Due to her havin
  11. That's what I've been noticing as well and the reason why people tend to run Marcus elite heavy. Less AP spent on the master to support the crew and maximizing the effectiveness of each upgrade. It's interesting because Marcus is not the only master with this upgrade mechanic. Von Schill and McCabe both use upgrades in a very similar way to Marcus, but the major difference with those masters is that they give a lot more "abilities" instead of stat and triggered effects. A rocket launcher is a rocket launcher, regardless of who uses it. Now other abilities can still affect the action (easy
  12. For me the Rattlers are the quintessential mediocre model for Marcus so I can understand how some people get it to work and why others don't. They are pretty fast, albeit in a keyword that doesn't really need it. Their attack is quite honestly subpar for 7ss and they don't really have much else going on. Defense wise, all they have is Df6, while good, doesn't tend to keep them alive when I play them. The best use I've gotten out of them is hunting down cheap scheme runners. Their speed enables them to hunt along the flanks and once engaged, it's almost impossible to walk away from th
  13. Any suggestions for making Molemen worth taking for Marcus? My main issues with them They need to be taken in pairs/other models to drop scheme markers in order to make their gimmic work They're probably the worst target for mutations and not worth investing a masters AP into They can only bury via a DF trigger but in all likelihood they'll die before getting to use it since they are paper thin They're just not good at their role as a scheme runner SS miner does the work of two moleman but better
  14. Just played a game with Kaeris last night. I find her interesting when compared to Raspy as both are ranged masters (Kaeris being more mid-range) that require additional resources. While by no means perfect, I do find Kaeris more complex but easier to use if that makes sense. I find Raspy needs her keyword models to support her while Kaeris is the opposite and has to support her own keyword models. Obviously Raspy has much more board threat than Kaeris, but Kaeris mobility and AP efficiency does close that gap somewhat. In terms of effectiveness however, there seems no doubt in my m
  15. Frozen heart was pretty brutal against certain matchups in M2E. I heard it wasn't very fun for Pandora. I'm less interested in theme wide counters and more interested in theme wide buffs. If Frozen heart allowed friendly models to ignore ice pillars during their activation. That would not only help alleviate some of the issues of the crew, but would also be less "feels bad" against crews who mechanic relies on WP defense.
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