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  1. I'd like to point out that his attack is pretty incredible. Doing 2 damage + burning + distracted (and a high chance of a trigger) is better than either Kaeris or Colettes IMO. He's obviously better with Kaeris (who honestly needs it more than Colette) but he's still decent with Colette.
  2. Can this work on the Rider itself? Can I basically use it to get a 4AP mech Rider? Also I can't remember the rules off hand but can you declare additional "free" actions if you activate twice? I ask because I wonder if you could actually chain multiple mech rider activation's together (provided you have the suits)
  3. I'm confused, what problem are we trying to fix by removing chimera keywords from models?
  4. He needs a solid 4-5ss minion to be the backbone of his lists. Moleman serve only one purpose and just don't cut it as a good "well rounded" model. Hoarcat should be next up, but they just have so little to offer Marcus. He's got all these 7-9ss models but he's really lacking cheap bodies to fulfill the grunt work
  5. Instead of taking models from Neverborn, we should be giving other Arcanist models the beast characteristic to get that differentiation between the factions. Currently the only thing we have that they do not is Hoarcat and Blessed. As I mentioned before, I don't rate the Hoarcat highly with Marcus. Blessed is a solid model but is nearly identical to the Cerberus in terms of role and abilities. (highly mobile beater) so it doesn't really expand our options a whole lot.
  6. Jordon

    3.22 Final Update

    The problem with stealth, at least with Marcus is that he already had that as an option via his camouflage mutation. Feels like it doesn't really address the overall problem people had with the cat and especially so with running it with Marcus. If I wanted stealth, I would have just used the mutation - which gave an additional buff on top. Now it feels like that mutation would be wasted on the Hoarcat and it still doesn't fix the issue of it just not being what Marcus needs - which is a good general purpose cheap minion. Please just give the poison gamin the beast characteristic and Raspy can keep her kitty for all I care.
  7. Jordon

    3.22 Final Update

    The hot fix update has the proper version. Same with the Gunsmith
  8. I also don't think it'd be a stretch to include the wind gamin. They do have feathers which makes them more "creature" than strictly elemental such as ice, fire and metal. Either wind or poison would be a great inclusion for Marcus but poison probably makes the most sense.
  9. I'll put it out there again but I really feel like the Poison Gamin should get the beast keyword. I find what Marcus is really missing out on in Arcanists is decent cheap models. Neverborn has the corrupted hounds and Will-o-Wisps which can help pad out a Marcus list. In Arcanists, we only have the Moleman and Hoarcat. In both cases these are very niche hires as the Moleman only works in pairs and does only one thing well. The Hoarcat just doesn't work well without Pillars Arcanists have always had the identifiers of gamin and it would be cool to keep that as a means of a Arcanist identity for Marcus as well. Plus the Poison Gamin would be such a good fit for Marcus who really could benefit from a cheap all purpose model in Arcanists.
  10. Now that the beta is over, let's take a step back and look at each keyword and see how you think it holds up. I'd like to rank each keyword out of a possible 5 points based on some key points. This is not meant to perceive how much you enjoy a crew but more of how well you think they will do in the game. Yes = 1 point Maybe = 1/2 point No = 0 Point Is it a fun crew? Does it stand out and can it keep you satisfied for long periods of time? Is it versatile? Can the crew be taken in multiple directions? Are you able to adapt to new challenges in a given game? Is it not easily countered? Can it change its play style to prevent potential counters? Will it win most games? Does it have the models it needs in any given encounter? (within keyword, not counting versatile). Are those models powerful? Does it offer anything unique to the faction? Does it prevent itself as a good counter? *X-factor - Does it do one of these things so well that it makes up for it's lacking in other areas? Academic - 4.5/5 Yes Yes Maybe - Time will tell whether Sandeep is too squishy and might be easily assassinated. Yes Yes *X-Factor - No December - 3/5* Yes No - Raspy will mostly play the same and her crew can't really adapt beyond their initial hired roles. No - Raspy will suffer from models that can ignore terrain, easily destroy terrain, and high activation crews. Yes Yes *X-Factor - Maybe. If you don't have some way to deal with ice pillars, it's going to be very tough to do much of anything against Raspy Foundry - 3.5/5* Yes Maybe - The crew is pretty single purposed. They can be good at scheming so long as they can get those scrap markers out. Maybe - Ignoring armour is a safe bet against Foundry but it's not as bad as other construct crews. Vent steam also helps Yes Maybe - Speed is not unique, nor is armour. However speed and armour combined is. *X-Factor - Maybe. On the rails makes them deceptively fast and hard to pin down unless you're able to stop scrap production somehow. Chimera - 3.5/5 Maybe - They can alter their play styles somewhat but the crew seems penalized and over costed Yes Yes No - I'm not convinced that Chimera has strong enough models that compare well against other models of a similar cost. Yes *X-Factor - No M&SU - 2/5* Maybe - They have quite a few models to choose from but the list requires you always play them the same way - bubbled up. Not overly appealing to me personally No - The crew will pretty much operate the same every game. Bubbling up limits how they can operate effectively. No one can really step outside of their role well Maybe - Bubbling up can be exploited and they crew needs to do it. However Unionized does make them tougher against shockwaves and push effects Yes No - Augmented works in a similar way, as does Foundry. *X-Factor - Yes - The buffs from Unionized and Grit with IWA make them very good for what you're bringing them for. They offset their weaknesses pretty well Augmented - ?/5 No - The reason why I know nothing about Hoff is because he's just not my style of master Dunno No - I hear anti armour hurts bad and bubbling up with such an exploitable weakness makes it worst Dunno No - M&SU works in a similar but more forgiving style *X-Factor - Dunno Machina - 3/5 Maybe - He was brutally boring in M2E and he hasn't changed all that much. He is a bit more explosive focused which I do appreciate. However he's still mostly going to be doing the same thing per game Yes Maybe - Anti armour hurts as he's almost exclusively armoured. However he's also a summoner so things can be replenished and spread out Yes No - I don't think he brings much that Sandeep can't also do. Robots are also in a bunch of other lists *X-Factor - No Performer - 3/5 Yes No - Colette can do a lot of work but schemes are their main strength. If your looking for killing power or durability you should look elsewhere No - The crew is at the mercy of distracted and its effectiveness. Condition removal can break the crew who are frail. Colette herself can also be countered with non opposed damage Yes Yes *X-Factor - Yes. VP is what wins games and this crew excels at it to the point where they can do little else but will still win most of their games Wildfire 3/5 Yes No - Tiny hiring pool and a crew who needs Pyre's to function. They're going to play the same almost every game with Kaeris herself being the only wild card Maybe - Condition removal hurts but the crew uses burning on themselves just as much so it's not as bad as say Colette. Pyre's can't be ignored which helps a ton Maybe - It's a weird gimmick that I've seen fail spectacularly and succeed amazingly. I do feel like the lack of scheme runners holds them back though Yes *X-Factor - No What are others thoughts?
  11. Funny enough, I feel like Coryphee are good recipients. They have a decent damage track, fantastic mobility (brought to silly levels with the upgrade) and performers really benefit from the concealment. I just find it funny to think of these dainty elegant machines belching smoke and sounding like a bus. Also special mention to doves because what sounds cooler than diesel powered doves?
  12. Jordon

    3.22 Final Update

    I was hoping for a bit more to be honest but overall I'm pretty happy with the state of things. I was really hoping for more on Marcus as I feel like he's in the worst shape currently. Too much of his crew just feels too expensive for what they bring. Oh well, time will now be the real test and we'll see in a few months what may have missed the mark or slipped under the radar.
  13. One problem with Marcus is that he's dual faction. I do know that Neverborn has way more access to non chimera beasts than Arcanists, so that does at least make him more attractive to Neverborn as a second hire. I have no idea how he performs in Neverborn so I can't comment on whether he's worth his points as a hire though
  14. As the "final" update is now imminent, I noticed the master costs are all the same. Judging by all the reports, clearly there are masters getting hired into crews more than others and I thought we should at least address it to make sure costs feel appropriate. Of our masters I think it's obvious that Sandeep is the most popular secondary hire for obvious reasons. His summon blends so well into themed crews which makes him a very attractive pick. He works pretty well on his own, even without his totem. Then we have the opposite side of the spectrum with Marcus who's card almost exclusively works on chimera models. Given there aren't many beasts in other crews, I see him as the hardest secondary hire we have. He's okay on his own as hired muscle but is not worth his cost in that role. The rest of the arcanists are varying degrees of situational. Beaters such as Mei and Ironsides seem like decent inclusions at 16ss. Kaeris, Raspy and Hoff are harder inclusions but can be justified in certain situations. Ramos is like Sandeep in that he's pretty good everywhere but a bit more situational than he is. Colette is a one woman show who doesn't need performers to be effective and I've known her to be a pretty successful secondary hire So in my opinion Sandeep, Ramos and Colette should be +1/+2 ss Marcus should be -1/-2 ss The rest feel okay
  15. These are great and as you pointed out, some of the current abilities actually don't make a lot of sense. Shouting Orders really doesn't feel like it fits Sandeeps theme. Kaeris already has an action with this name.
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