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  1. "Immunity" is one of those ill defined words that mean different things to different people. So in the past I've been using it remove the burning immunity from fire gamin and allow healing. However I've since stopped because RAW the ability seems to work otherwise. Models which can gain the condition but are not affected by the damage (such as fire gamin and shenlong) are not affected by "combustible mixture". Since it says they are not technically "immune" to gaining the condition - just the damage. It doesn't really apply to Carlos since he has nothing that prevents him gaining burning condition - he just heals if you have his upgrade and a card.
  2. Jordon

    Is Mei really that bad?

    I've noticed for a long time now that the running opinion on Mei is that she's not overly competitive. I'm just sort of curious why that is? Mei was my second master and I've played her somewhat consistently since M2E and I've had good results. My guess is that she doesn't do any one thing particularly well and thus there is usually a more precise tool for the job when looking at a given scenario. Probably more than that, is her sort of inconsistency. Her damage output is situational as it can be very resource intensive and typically requires a very specific spacing on my opponents models. She can also shut down like a champ but again thats only if your facing a heavy Sh/Ca. Lastly she can move like crazy but only if her rail points are in position. However it's that versatility that makes her a pretty safe drop for me in the past and she can be a hard counter to a good many lists (especially Kang and ressers). With the hard worker upgrade her damage stays pretty consistent even if not super high. My only real concern with her now if that Ironsides has shot up so much that I can see people gravitate over to her as they sort of do a similar thing. Even if thats the case I still love Mei and I will never get tired of walking from one side of the board to the other to deliver a dropkick into a mob of enemy models. What are other peoples thoughts on Mei post wave 5? Is she competitive? does she live in the shadow of Ironsides? Do you still have a blast playing her?
  3. Jordon

    Do you ever hire your Rider?

    I would agree that these types of models continually get more and more difficult to consider as each wave comes out. Seeing an influx of "cannot be reduced" or "cannot declare triggers" or increased passive damage (again ignoring the triggers) makes them a very tough sell. The riders almost need a Hoffman fix in that they should always prevent damage. It's no fun when 1/4 of your list gets evaporated by models half their cost in just a few AP.
  4. Jordon

    4-Rider Levi

    Metal gamin are certainly not terrible. I'll often use them if I need something to hold a point as they are usually guaranteed to take two hits before dying. Also they don't need to discard to go defensive so they can be summoned and still go defensive without any major cost (cards are a very demanding resource in the rider list). Also since they don't explode upon dying, they make pretty safe drops However if your looking to use protection of metal, it's not a very reliable ability. It requires models to remain very static in order to use and static is not what this list is about. It's a incredibly frustrating ability to use. I've only ever gotten it to work decently with Levi himself - who doesn't really need it anyway since he buries every turn.
  5. Jordon

    4-Rider Levi

    My go to summon is typically fire gamin as they hit the hardest and are able to commit to fights from ranged - which is typically where I keep mech rider. However I've summoned them all for various reasons at some point or another. You can't really go wrong with arachnids though. They're good scheme runners and the -1Df ability is really handy in a list full of killers
  6. Jordon

    Rail Crew, Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, then what?

    Mobile toolkit is pretty solid with Mei. If you run it with Sparks you can make Mei a construct and give her positives to damage which really helps getting those high spike damage on her kick or the blasts on her scalding breath. If you want ranged support then it might be worth looking at Lazarus. Again with the toolkit you can put him on positives to damage. Combine that with his superior version of flurry (but shooting) that is able to target multiple models and he can put out some serious hurt. However that is not really Mei specific.
  7. Jordon

    If you were the Errata man...

    If I were to do anything with Metal Gamin I would absolutely change protection of metal. As it stands it only works on certain models while also being frustratingly difficult to actually make use of. I wish it were just a flat out "models within 3" gain positives to Df duels until the start of this models next activation". Or giving any model within range a Df trigger that forces a model to attack the gamin (maybe have some form of push involved) . Making a model Df6 never made much sense to me thematically.
  8. Jordon

    Must Haves and never use.....

    Hmmm, yeah after re-reading it, I think your right. They are not technically "immune" to burning, just the damage. It's certainly a rocky area and one could argue immunity to the effect is still immunity but RAW I think they cannot benefit from the heal. Oh well... Well now it's uses went from slim to barely existent. It's a good thing I hardly every used it that way...
  9. Jordon

    Do you ever hire your Rider?

    He's also 13ss and no upgrade slot at that point. From the shadows does very little as you'll probably want him far back in your deployment zone on the first two turns and his speed will get him where he needs to be beyond that. Making him a nightmare is a nice buff though when factoring in dreamer
  10. Jordon

    Must Haves and never use.....

    Well Fire Gamin are actually one of those models as well. If your running purifying fire then the gamin can't actually heal since they cannot suffer damage from burning. This allows them to suffer damage - thus healing them. It's incredibly corner case but it's more likely than having it affect an enemy model. For me the biggest crime the eternal flame commits is being dreadfully boring. It basically just walks and occasionally heals something. It barely works with her mechanic and as others have said, the child offers much more. I would much rather pay more and have this model actually do something interesting. At 2ss you can't expect much, but a totem should be more interesting than this.
  11. Jordon

    Must Haves and never use.....

    Like I said, this is just my personal taste. I don't think SnowStorm is bad, I just found myself taking him less and less and not really feeling his loss. I actually prefer the emissary to SnowStorm for the added utility and run the blessed as my dedicated beater. I've just had too many games where SnowStorm got charged by some melee beater and just evaporated. He's tough against shooting but pretty squishy against everything else. It's just too many points for such a risk. However I totally get it if others get a lot of milage from him/her. Yeah again, I've actually had some pretty good success running the bear. It's a tough minion that can surprise people with it's durability, speed and hitting power from time to time. Certainly there are other models that can do what it does, but not many that are minions. In something like headhunter is where I find the most value. I don't think it's a particularly outstanding model but I do think it's better than most people give it credit for. It's basically a 2ss activation. Judging by how the Rats and Stuffed Piglets have both gotten errata'd for just being cheap activations I can see how being 2ss is basically it's only claim to flame. Now this is only 1 non-spammable model so it doesn't have the same impact but there is at least some merit to having a very cheap activation. Otherwise I just use it as a slight road bump to block charges and occasionally heal. It doesn't really do much else. However it still does more than Mouse who is 2ss more expensive
  12. Jordon

    Must Haves and never use.....

    I'm glad to see that others agree on the overall uselessness of Mouse. He's simply awful. Obviously this is very crew dependant but here are my most common picks between the faction as a whole. Most widely taken Henchmen Joss Firestarter Cassandra Least taken Henchmen The Captain Kudra SnowStorm Most widely taken Enforcers Langston Mech Rider Oxfordian Mages Least taken Enforcers Ice Golem Cojo Rail Golem Most widely taken Minions Arcane Effigy Performer Wind Gamin Least taken Minions Moleman Rattler Scorpius Most taken Totems Wendigo Banasuva Brass Arachnid Least taken totems MOUSE Essence of Power Eternal Flame
  13. Jordon

    How to Deal with Neverborn/Multiple Lures

    Yep, your correct. That sucks, but the range is still pretty decent at 12"
  14. Jordon

    Do you ever hire your Rider?

    I'll give you that. I love the ascetic of every rider and it's why I made this thread because I want to see more of them. I mostly play arcanists so bringing Mech isin't really much of a handicap for me. Even if she was, I still think I'd bring her because I love the model so much. I just hope sometime in the future we will be given a reason to take these guys more. They have a really unique mechanic and they look cool as hell.
  15. Jordon

    Do you ever hire your Rider?

    Hooded is decent enough late game for sure. The only issue is that it takes so long for him to get good while you have Nekima who on turn 1 is a melee expert min 4 damage. Even on turn 4+, the average damage of the Hooded is not to the level of Nekima with melee expert. I feel like the big problem is that he's too focused on damage when he should be taken for his other abilities. He lacks utility that would make him stand out from other beaters and what he does bring comes at an unnecessary gamble versus other models that do the same job. Sure he's fast, but he starts off so weak that speed hardly even matters as you really only want to get stuck on on turn 3+. Even then, his durability compared to other models is a complete gamble. Blasts, burning pulses and other non opposed damage melts the riders who only have a Df trigger to keep them alive. You can put in the effort into getting him to work but at that point you have to ask why you wouldn't instead put that effort into someone more reliable for greater effect.