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  1. I've said the same thing in the past. It definitely is a weakness of his, however I still feel it's fair. He's got the best hiring pool and some really powerful abilities on top of the fact that he should be played behind a protective wall of gamin. Most times that should be enough to keep him relatively safe but be warned that there are matchups where assassination is a very real threat. I've seen Perdita almost take him out in a single activation. Likewise any melee beater worth a damn who can fly or otherwise get past your screen can. kill him 1-2 turns with little difficulty. Like other masters who also have obvious weaknesses. Sandeeps is his vulnerability. Be aware of it and play around it. Adaptability is one of Sandeep's best tools
  2. What we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. Having a cheap, durable, versatile model with reliable condition removal is pretty great. Even outside of condition scenarios, the effigy is still a reasonable hire. The Ox Mage are also good and work better/worst in specific situations. However it's a much bigger investment outside of it's own keyword. They have order of activation issues to worry about that the effigy doesn't. However they are not restricted by their own AP like the effigy is. Either one is good but most of the time I'll take the effigy over the mage.
  3. I think we'll see Sandeep a nice bit as a secondary master in other crews. His versatility and ability to summon in-keyword gamin makes him an attractive option
  4. That's kind of tough to answer. Do you mean strongest, Killy-wise? Otherwise, it's pretty scheme and match dependant. Some crews absolutely wreck others while they themselves get wrecked by other crews. If were talking just sheer brute force damage output then I'd probably have to go with the Ice Golem, Cerberus, Howard or the Emissary. Master wise I'd say Ironsides is probably on par with some of the most lethal melee masters in the game.
  5. Diesel Engine upgrades on the Coryphee is pretty legit. Also I'd highly recommend Carlos as a great generalist in a performer crew
  6. Sandeep is probably the hardest Arcanist master to just jump right in currently due to his vast hiring pool. You'll definitely want a even-ish mix of academic and elementals. Academics for hiring and elementals for summoning (which you should be summoning 1-2 every turn). However Sandeep also has one of the most flexible playstyles and you can run him a bunch of different ways which all have validity. You can go for a ranged oriented list using Ox mages and Fire Gamin as a good core. Or you can go melee based with Vidiya Guard and Poison Gamin. Personally I find going heavier into ranged offense easier and more effective to use. I'd really recommend to play a few games on vassel before committing to a particular list. It's also worth pointing out that Sandeep makes a great secondary master in other lists.
  7. I'd like to point out that his attack is pretty incredible. Doing 2 damage + burning + distracted (and a high chance of a trigger) is better than either Kaeris or Colettes IMO. He's obviously better with Kaeris (who honestly needs it more than Colette) but he's still decent with Colette.
  8. Can this work on the Rider itself? Can I basically use it to get a 4AP mech Rider? Also I can't remember the rules off hand but can you declare additional "free" actions if you activate twice? I ask because I wonder if you could actually chain multiple mech rider activation's together (provided you have the suits)
  9. I'm confused, what problem are we trying to fix by removing chimera keywords from models?
  10. He needs a solid 4-5ss minion to be the backbone of his lists. Moleman serve only one purpose and just don't cut it as a good "well rounded" model. Hoarcat should be next up, but they just have so little to offer Marcus. He's got all these 7-9ss models but he's really lacking cheap bodies to fulfill the grunt work
  11. Instead of taking models from Neverborn, we should be giving other Arcanist models the beast characteristic to get that differentiation between the factions. Currently the only thing we have that they do not is Hoarcat and Blessed. As I mentioned before, I don't rate the Hoarcat highly with Marcus. Blessed is a solid model but is nearly identical to the Cerberus in terms of role and abilities. (highly mobile beater) so it doesn't really expand our options a whole lot.
  12. Jordon

    3.22 Final Update

    The problem with stealth, at least with Marcus is that he already had that as an option via his camouflage mutation. Feels like it doesn't really address the overall problem people had with the cat and especially so with running it with Marcus. If I wanted stealth, I would have just used the mutation - which gave an additional buff on top. Now it feels like that mutation would be wasted on the Hoarcat and it still doesn't fix the issue of it just not being what Marcus needs - which is a good general purpose cheap minion. Please just give the poison gamin the beast characteristic and Raspy can keep her kitty for all I care.
  13. Jordon

    3.22 Final Update

    The hot fix update has the proper version. Same with the Gunsmith
  14. I also don't think it'd be a stretch to include the wind gamin. They do have feathers which makes them more "creature" than strictly elemental such as ice, fire and metal. Either wind or poison would be a great inclusion for Marcus but poison probably makes the most sense.
  15. I'll put it out there again but I really feel like the Poison Gamin should get the beast keyword. I find what Marcus is really missing out on in Arcanists is decent cheap models. Neverborn has the corrupted hounds and Will-o-Wisps which can help pad out a Marcus list. In Arcanists, we only have the Moleman and Hoarcat. In both cases these are very niche hires as the Moleman only works in pairs and does only one thing well. The Hoarcat just doesn't work well without Pillars Arcanists have always had the identifiers of gamin and it would be cool to keep that as a means of a Arcanist identity for Marcus as well. Plus the Poison Gamin would be such a good fit for Marcus who really could benefit from a cheap all purpose model in Arcanists.
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