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  1. Not sure if you bought her M2E box or not. If you did then you likely have some Ox Mages which can be an effective condition removal option for Toni since her crew tends to bunch up to be within the aura range of the mage. The effigy is a cheaper (but less effective) condition removal as well. Another tech pick could be Raspy or Joss due to their ruthless. However neither option is cheap. In terms of M&SU. While they do suffer from bunching up, they also have a pretty effective counter themselves in the form of unionized. They are one of the better crews to get around manipulative/terror which is Woe's main form of defence. Use Toni to pull out key threats and gunsmiths to focus them down with puncture shots.
  2. I would much rather see poison gamin get the beast keyword than to have initiates drop to 5ss. I would love to see a poison sub theme within the faction. We have pieces such as the Scorpious, and the Poison Gamin but they don't share keywords unfortunately. Poison gamin would be a decent general purpose model for Marcus. They're reasonably tanky and hit harder than both the hoarcat and molemen. More importantly they have a ranged attack which makes them decent bodyguards for Marcus as they can take hits for him and still contribute from the mid line.
  3. I feel like if Obliteration was such a delicate keyword that simply changing one action on one model now makes "un competitive" then there is a bigger problem at play here. I'm not a fan of how they changed Aionus and it certainly makes things more complicated in a crew that is already pretty complicated. I don't have a ton of experience with Tara but the crew still seems pretty good and very difficult to plan for. My issue is just the lack of model options. The crew is so very specific to their schtick that hiring OOK rarely makes sense. Having something like the Talos that really doesn't play by the same rules as every other obliteration model is frustrating. Aionus shouldn't be the star of the show but if they were going to knock him down a peg they could of at least given something back with the Talos
  4. I've mentioned it before but I still feel like "Adaptive Evolution" should be removed from all models and placed on every mutation instead. The idea that you lock your upgrades when you put them on specific models is just a terrible idea when the design of the crew is designed around swapping these around. I'll echo others sentiments on cheap models. They just don't really work with Marcus. A moleman is still just a moleman and no upgrade is really going to change that so why bother spending my masters AP on it. That's why I like McCabe's upgrade system better as it gives actions AND modifiers (fast) so that everyone can benefit big and small. Molemen seem like they should be really tricky and mobile. The problem is that die laughably easily. A severe from just about any model (and a moderate from a good many) will outright kill them before they even get a chance to bury. Besides they only work when paired with another model to feed them scheme markers which Marcus has no easy keyword access to. Hoarcats are a bit more survivable but they kind of fall flat for a 5ss model when taken outside of ice pillars (which again Marcus doesn't have easy access too). Neither are worth spending mutations on so why even bother? Just take a Saboteur who will fight and scheme better than either of these models. Order initiates just can't find a purpose. They don't hit hard unless you spend a ton of resources into them. They aren't particularly survivable or fast. They have some support but it's not enough to justify their cost. The only thing they have going for them is that they allow Marcus to draw cards and they act as beasts for him to pass attacks on to. You might hire one but any more becomes a trap since they hog mutations
  5. I'm not sure giving minions access to pyre markers is the best idea. While I agree that they have issues with getting enough Pyre markers early game. I also wouldn't want to have such a messy board filled to the brim with markers because there comes a point when it just gets too difficult to play on. I have the same issue with Mei Feng who can litter the board with a stupid amount of scrap which can eventually take away from the experience IMO. I also don't want to need to have 20+ Pyre markers in order to play Kaeris correctly because that also sucks for new players looking to play Kaeris. I do however like the idea of "spreading fire" as that seems thematic to how fire actually works. One of my big problems with the Fire Branded is that they need fire gamin, Kaeris or the EF in oder to move around markers for them. What if they had a way to move markers on their own. Spreading the flame: At the start of this models activation it may target a Pyre marker within 2". Place a Pyre marker in base contact with the target then discard the target. Any markers touching the Pyre marker are discarded. My second issue is the fact that they take damage from burning despite them requiring it to use. I don't think they should be immune to burning like the gamin. I like the idea of "playing with fire" and how it can be dangerous. However there should also be some benefit as well. Burning both ends: If this model suffers damage from the burning condition it may push 4" Other ideas that might be interesting Pyremancer: Enemy models within 3" treat their burning condition as +1 when resolving the burning condition. Fire Ritual: When an model is killed from the burning condition within 6". Drop a scheme marker in base contact with it before removing it.
  6. Yeah the S.A.S is still a decent enough option. Stat 5 is somewhat offset by "Latch On" which effectively boosts it's attacks up to 6 (and anyone else too). It also is nimble and unimpeded which makes it faster than most other beaters of a comparable cost. Lastly it's a minion which makes it flat out better when you factor in upgrades.
  7. I just feel like the Aionus nerf would have went down so much easier if they had buffed the Talos. The lack of synergy with Talos makes the obliteration keyword feel so small and the hit to Aionus feels deeper than it would otherwise. I think Obliteration is still just fine as a keyword but I really do wish Talos could pull his weight better.
  8. I still think he's fine. At least in my games, I try and keep him out of the action. Pop him out somewhere inconvenient for my opponent and just start drilling. Obviously that will take an extra turn to get it going but it's still good at what it's supposed to be doing. Hopefully with both the SAS and SS Miner tuned back, we'll start seeing more Mecharachnids now. They always seemed decent to me but were always out classed by those two aforementioned models.
  9. So what are peoples take aways from the new strategies and schemes. Are there any standout winner or loser keywords? Will this shift the power within the arcanist factor or is it more or less the same?
  10. I just have a hard time understanding the role Initiates play within a Marcus crew. The card draw is nice - as is being a middle of the line beast to act as a pin cushion for Marcus. However my main concern with them is still that they lack any real identity. They don't really do anything particularly well, or need too much support to push them into a given role. Mutations are too limited and feel wasted on them when compared to other models with more defined purposes. Certainly at 6ss they're better, but I know how they play and they're still not good. Maybe you'd invest in 1 just to act as a bodyguard for Marcus but anything more feels like a trap
  11. The Aionus change makes me sad. Especially since Talos received no buffs and remains the outcast within a Tara crew.
  12. Also worth noting that Pride took a slight nerf in this update. However overall the Crossroad 7 is much improved by this update. I do have a small gripe though. How the hell is a guitar bash a 0" attack? It literally makes no sense that unarmed models have a longer reach than someone swinging a guitar?
  13. What are people's feelings about the changes to the SS miner and S.A.S.? Personally I can still see a lot of value in the miner. Certainly not as powerful as it was but definitely still a valuable model in a good many schemes. I think it's a good change The S.A.S. however got slapped pretty hard. I now think I'll be looking for in keyword beaters over these. Which is probably still a good change overall.
  14. So a bit of a mixed change for Marcus. I've always played it as charge attacks generated by Call of the Wild could not declare triggers but I guess now it's a little more clear. However Initiates are now a point cheaper which makes them a bit more attractive for sure. I still don't really like their role within a Marcus crew however and would have preferred actual rule adjustments rather than a point decrease
  15. It's pretty useful for Sandeep's summoning. Obviously you wouldn't gamble on it, but it could very well save a high card in your hand when burning a stone. Also just in general with concealment/manipulative burning a stone to put you on a strait would put you on a positive next to the EOP. Pretty corner case but not all that uncommon. You really are taking him for Amplify anyway.
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