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  1. That's what I've been noticing as well and the reason why people tend to run Marcus elite heavy. Less AP spent on the master to support the crew and maximizing the effectiveness of each upgrade. It's interesting because Marcus is not the only master with this upgrade mechanic. Von Schill and McCabe both use upgrades in a very similar way to Marcus, but the major difference with those masters is that they give a lot more "abilities" instead of stat and triggered effects. A rocket launcher is a rocket launcher, regardless of who uses it. Now other abilities can still affect the action (easy
  2. For me the Rattlers are the quintessential mediocre model for Marcus so I can understand how some people get it to work and why others don't. They are pretty fast, albeit in a keyword that doesn't really need it. Their attack is quite honestly subpar for 7ss and they don't really have much else going on. Defense wise, all they have is Df6, while good, doesn't tend to keep them alive when I play them. The best use I've gotten out of them is hunting down cheap scheme runners. Their speed enables them to hunt along the flanks and once engaged, it's almost impossible to walk away from th
  3. Any suggestions for making Molemen worth taking for Marcus? My main issues with them They need to be taken in pairs/other models to drop scheme markers in order to make their gimmic work They're probably the worst target for mutations and not worth investing a masters AP into They can only bury via a DF trigger but in all likelihood they'll die before getting to use it since they are paper thin They're just not good at their role as a scheme runner SS miner does the work of two moleman but better
  4. Just played a game with Kaeris last night. I find her interesting when compared to Raspy as both are ranged masters (Kaeris being more mid-range) that require additional resources. While by no means perfect, I do find Kaeris more complex but easier to use if that makes sense. I find Raspy needs her keyword models to support her while Kaeris is the opposite and has to support her own keyword models. Obviously Raspy has much more board threat than Kaeris, but Kaeris mobility and AP efficiency does close that gap somewhat. In terms of effectiveness however, there seems no doubt in my m
  5. Frozen heart was pretty brutal against certain matchups in M2E. I heard it wasn't very fun for Pandora. I'm less interested in theme wide counters and more interested in theme wide buffs. If Frozen heart allowed friendly models to ignore ice pillars during their activation. That would not only help alleviate some of the issues of the crew, but would also be less "feels bad" against crews who mechanic relies on WP defense.
  6. The Golem is a good model with bad counters but the Acolyte is just a bad model. I just don't get what they are supposed to bring to the crew. Tools for the job is a great ability but I don't find it all that useful for the Acolyte. It's best use is to score a high card for Raspy to greedily use. I've stopped hiring them entirely. I just don't understand their purpose.
  7. Yeah I've gotten some serious work from the Ice Golem. Bear in mind that I also invest a lot in supporting him but in most my games, it's between the Golem or the Blessed that is typically my MVP. A 4" aura on a 50mm base is way bigger than you think and with the ability to give hazardous 2, it cannot be ignored. I always feel like I get my stones worth with him. Even if it's just in how it causes the opponent to react, it's often a game changer. That being said, I always bring Snow Storm to taxi him and I'll usually have 2 silent ones to keep him healed up. Silent ones work partic
  8. If you use the emissary to put the companion upgrade on the Nothing Beast, you can do a version of Tara's old beast bomb trick by unburying it via Aionus or Karina and immediately activating the Nothing Beast Midnight stalker in a Pride led crossroad crew gives him the crossroad keyword and thus will give focus to other crossroad models when they activate near him (so long as he's not in LOS of Pride)
  9. As I have said previously, my issue is not with power. If Slow and Onslaught are problems with Ice mirror, then get rid them and give her something else. I don't care as long as its unique, thematic and above all interesting. My problem is that I feel punished for using her core mechanic, when I should feel rewarded. I want to use ice mirrors and have it do cool and interesting things outside of a 2/3/4 and potentially a blast. It gets old so fast.... Triggers are what make Raspy's actions interesting and currently I feel discouraged from using them in conjunction with her core mech
  10. Meanwhile the enemy crew just sits there and takes the same abuse turn after turn? If I got blasted and half my crew got slowed you can be sure that I wouldn't make that same mistake again. Those types of "big plays" typically only work once It's far too easy to theory out an amazing play for just about any model. However, getting it actually working on the table is another matter entirely. Yes she can do work, no question about that. It's just the matter in which she does it is the concern.
  11. I get the sense that the issues are less about power and more about frustration. Personally I couldn't care less about where Raspy ranks against other Arcanists masters. As long as she's fair and interesting, then that's all I'm in it for. The point is that if you got no cards, you aren't doing much with Raspy. Even if you do have a healthy hand, then it's likely going to be completely depleted after her activation and it rarely feels all that special. A master activation should be high point of a turn and I rarely get that feeling when playing Raspy.
  12. So upon further reflection I feel like her awkwardness comes from the fact that she's getting pulled in two directions. I think the thought process was to incentivize playing her forward. I know for me personally, I don't like static masters and M2E Raspy basically never had to take a walk action the whole game. For me this wasn't really fun as I spent the game doing the same action over and over again. I can also assume that it's not particularly fun for the opponent who can't interact with my master. So I feel like the thinking for M3E was to still keep her identity of the super range b
  13. Don't forget the gremlins have rooster riders! Also remember that the riders have the horsemen keyword so in theory someone may be able to hire them at some point. That could potentially give another faction access to them (two if duel faction). Levi had that power in M2E and thus gave outcasts access to all 4 riders.
  14. That is indeed true but it doesn't come free. It would have required three actions (likely from silent ones) and thus multiple activation's, and possibly some other actions to move Raspy if she needed to get in range. So it does require a degree of setup and I feel like the same sort of thing can happen with any other models if you sink enough resources into them. The opponent should also have ample time to react by hiding outside of the aura, or just strait up destroying the pillars. I'm not saying that it's not possible to have an amazing turn with Raspy. Her range is her selling point
  15. But realistically, how likely is that going to happen and how much do you need to pay to do so? It's not even like it's not already in the game. Perdita has a similar trigger (except it needs to target another model instead of the same as Raspy's) and she's doing at stat 7 with a better damage track. Also Rusty Alice can take 4 shots with little effort with a way better attack. Admittadly Raspy can potentially out-range both of these but it still stands that these types of scenario's already exist and in Raspy's case I doubt would be cause for concern
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