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  1. and i gues the lancashire/yorkshire boggarts which are what modern day gremlins are based on, where probably gremlins that accidentally fell through a breach lol
  2. hobby wyrd i have messaged you and you either missed my message or ignored me lol, i was wondering if you got my entry and did i submit it correctly? as i was unsure of what to do
  3. Yes I agree it would be better rkf they included a gallery of the paintedodles at least in faction books like gw does. Or more artwork of the models
  4. you definatly need a lot of spare models for ulix dont you
  5. unfortunatly it hasnt got a card with it, but im looking forward to painting it, couuld i use a normal whiskey golem card as im going to buy a further whiskey golem cos i also like the plain one
  6. does this replace the rules for the other som'er?
  7. ok there is for example 3 som'er models and three rules yes? i think there is three, or was it 2, anyway are they an ALTERNATIVE OR do they replace the old rules for the old miniature. and do i think i posted in a another thread, do the set of rules have to be used with that version of the model
  8. any idea when the burning man crews are being released?
  9. also is there different lore in each edition of the rule books?
  10. or is it a fan channel cos it loooks professional, but at the same time, its seems like its run by hobbyist so i cant figure it out.
  11. i just posted a thread asking if there are any fan animations, these have the feel of them but i think it would be nice to have actual fan made stuff like 40k has. i think it adds to the emersion foreveryone when fans make fan movies
  12. it ssaid that malifaux was the home of the fey, different kinds of fey, but the fey stories have been around longer on earth than when the rifts opened, so does that mean that either malifaux was once open to earth before or that the fey could pass through and back again fae or fey or whichever way you wish to spell it?
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