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  1. Hi, WTB the Woe keyword 3E cards, the Puppet keyword 3E cards from the Neverborn faction pack. Any faction cards for Marcus as well. Cheers
  2. That's very helpful, thank you for the tip.
  3. Lots of them and discounted to boot, so yeah it makes sense but the time frame was a lot shorter than I would have imagined for 3E.
  4. Thank you Adran. I had thought about the printing and laminating method and your suggestion has pushed me a bit closer to going that route. I just really liked the quality of the faction pack cards. I do appreciate the stop gap approach but I hadn't realised it was a time based product until it was too late, but that's on me. I hadn't any problems getting faction packs in 2E but maybe that is the reason why Wyrd went with this approach, so its not oversaturated. I just believe there is still demand for them but maybe not as much as Wyrd would need for another printing.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I had seen the response from last year but thank you for confirming. I was hoping that the decision would be reconsidered. Fewer and fewer stores are stocking Malifaux here in Oz so its harder to get people interested. I have a few core boxes ready for intro games but would really like to have a few faction packs to make the system easier to follow when its all laid out on the table. Its a great game, it just needs a bit of a boost.
  6. Chances of another faction pack run? There seems to be a few threads about this so there is a demand albeit probably not massive. Living outside the US makes card printing services not as appealing. Yes, the app is a good substitute but personally speaking the physical cards help with the flow of the game. With everything laid out and the information gleaned at a quick glance, makes for a more enjoyable experience teaching younger players, for me at least.
  7. Any 3rd edition games running in the Western suburbs?
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