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  1. Gaston

    Gaston's Neverborn Dojo and Battle Reports

    Never alone! I will say what a difference a game makes. In my first game I was floundering a bit, in my second I found the niche for her to function in (until she got buried). My knee jerk was to actually leave her at home until I started fiddling with her a bit, she definitely seems to take practice. It feels like she is a piece that wants to go last-ish, toss her trigger on something big that has already activated, then get within 3". My learning moments were of course actually figuring that out (go figure!) and then the painful realization that the trigger is on a projectile attack, so engagement is a thing. I feel like if I am playing Voices Pandora I would want to keep her in, whereas if I am playing Box or Woe Pandora I was looking much harder at Aeslin who does similar things, but has more reliable damage and is more durable? Maybe? It sounds like @Rionnay knows better than I, but I may experiment with it anyways just for fun! @Rionnay Not past tense, we still pig it up. I do have the Hooded Rider done up, I was just trying to be cute with Bishop and target willpower and the the trigger to push models into Pandora's swirl in the middle.
  2. Gaston

    Gaston's Neverborn Dojo and Battle Reports

    Got in another game, trying to get these written and posted up before M3E wipes out everything. One thing I did want to make sure I did was explore a little bit all of a master, so not just Summon Pandora, but Voices and Boxes Pandora as well. Pandora (Neverborn) -Voices -Rile Them Up -Depression Poltergeist Candy Baby Kade Beckoner Beckoner Stitched Together The Tooth The core concept behind her upgrades is pretty simple: discard a card for Crows with Depression, use Rile Them Up for Incite as a (1) Action, then two Paralyzes as needed. Von Schill (Outcasts) -Nythera Aftermath -Oath of the Freikorps Steam Trunk Hannah Lazarus -Scramble Pride Talos Freikorps Engineer Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded Treasure (Von Schill) Set Up (Pandora on Talos) Undercover Entourage (Pandora, Von Schill) Recover Evidence Search the Ruins Pandora wins the flip, Von Schill deploys first. As always I’ll do my best to remember the order things happened, but it is from memory so please bear with me. Turn 1: Mostly indeterminate moving forward. The Engineer gets a scheme marker and puts extra armor and hard to hit on Talos. Hannah is able to copy it and do the same to herself. Von Schill attaches 3 Oathkeepers. Stitched together puts up creeping fog. Pandora activates towards the end, double walks up and Incites the Steam Trunk. Turn 2: Steamtrunk gets Incite’d to go first. Stitched puts up Creeping Fog. Engineer gives a Rams to Lazarus, moves up. Pandora Incites the Steam Trunk, burns a stone for a positive flip, Paralyzes Lazarus with Self Harm, Incites the Engineer as a (1) Action, scoots back behind the house. Pride walks up, tries to serenade Pandora, misses. Beckoner Lures Lazarus out of the woods to make hitting him with Self Harm a bit easier. Talos walks up, drops scheme marker. Candy advances, hits Talos with Wail and gets the Mood Swing trigger. Hannah copies the serenade from Pride, advances and pops the Stitched with it. Poltergeist walks to engage Hannah. Von Schill burns an Oathkeeper, walks twices, charges and kills the Stitched. Beckoner fails to Lure Talos up. Tooth double walks over. Baby Kade hides. I score Ours, he scores Guarded Treasure. 1-1 Turn 3: Pandora wins Initiative. Poltergeist walks to engage both Hannah and Von Schill. I force Talos to go first, he is paralyzed by Sweets. Pandora activates, Incites Von Schill and Hannah for (1) with trigger, gets Crows with Depression, Paralyzes both of them. Incite’d Steam Trunk is next, it moves up. Beckoner successfully Lures up Talos. Incited Hannah goes next, Paralyzed. The Tooth charges Talos, drops 2 scheme markers with her triggers. Incited Von Schill goes next, Paralyzed. Baby Kade pokes Talos twice for a couple damage, Talos is down to 6 HP. Incite’d Engineer goes next, advances, drops a scheme marker, buffs Talos’s armor. Beckoner tries to pick on Hannah, fails. Lazarus charges Poltergeist, only 1 damage gets through. Pride sings 2 damage onto Pandora. Candy tries to escape the Talos, but fails the disengaging strike. I score 2 for Set-Up, he scores 1 for Ours. 3-2 Turn 4: I flip a 1 for initiative, he flips a 2. I soul stone to reflip, get a 3. How’s that for efficiency? Pandora immediately goes first, locks down Von Schill and Hannah. Incite’d Steam Trunk goes next, does Steam Trunky things. Baby Kade drops Talos down to 1 HP. Talos gobbles up Candy, heals all the way back (bastard). Poltergeist swings on Lazarus, gives him slow. Pride sings at someone, but misses I think. Beckoner starts in on Von Schill with Despicable Promises. Lazarus swings on Poltergeist to no avail. Beckoner #2 brings Von Schill down to 2 HP. Engineer charges The Tooth. The Tooth swings back for some damage, drops a scheme marker with the trigger. He scores Ours, 3-3. Turn 5: Big initiative flip...he gets a 12 and goes first! Von Schill makes a break for it to finally get out of dodge, he burns Oathkeeper, charges and kills a Beckoner, and double walks to my deployment zone. Pandora goes, locks down Hannah, kills Lazarus with a Red Joker flip on Self Loathing. Incite’d Steam Trunk spins its treads. Baby Kade jabs Talos. Pride walks around and drops a scheme marker. Poltergeist moves to engage Talos and the Engineer. Distraction creates a fun interaction where he cannot cheat to keep Candy in the tank, so she pops out. Talos then just swings a few times. Candy Self Harms the Engineer. He then activates and dies to Sours. I score Ours, he scores Entourage, 4-5. Lessons Learned: This was a crazy game, I did come out of it feeling like I learned so much. First off, Voices Pandora seems to be quite strong right out of the box, but I can very much see her being a bad NPE. It will be interesting seeing how she functions going forward into M3E, as I would assume that her hard control playstyle will be toned down, but they appear to be focusing more on a soft control style for her? Other learning points/mistakes: -I did a very poor job understanding and reading the strategies, that resulted in me playing them wrong and cheating myself points (especially on Entourage) -I did a poor job setting up to score on Set-Up, with the Beckoner placing the scheme marker. The concept was to pull the Talos into range of it, but I ended up setting it too far back so that Baby Kade could not place another marker in the correct spot. -Conversely, the Tooth was awesome at Set-Up! -I also played Candy poorly in several respects there, not keeping in mind what attacks have a projectile and which do not. I had burned a red joker to get Mood Swings off, I could have dropped a scheme marker then for Set-Up. Also when I Lured the Talos I pulled him into engagement range of Candy which prevented her from Mood Swinging the Talos again. -I think a big thing is that I had a perfect set up for Turn 3, which I was pretty solidly behind the wheel….but did nothing with it. I failed to kill off any models, to really score much in the way of points. I think this may be a combination of crew and poor gameplay, I did find myself struggling to get damage to stick on a lot of his models. It wasn’t until Turn 5 when I actually killed anything. Overall, it makes me really excited to get deeper into the game, faction, master and new edition. I am grateful for my opponent’s patience with all my newness and playing a Paralyze caster too. I have been kind of trying to filter down which Pandora is best when, and was thinking: Voices - Spread strategy, elite crew Box - Central Strategy, mob crew (perhaps summoners) Summon - Central Strategy, non-mob crew
  3. Gaston

    Gaston's Neverborn Dojo and Battle Reports

    Unfortunately my ordering did not exactly go as planned, so I ended up with just the Pandora box and the grab bag of random other models that I already had to work with. Poor Poltergeist didn’t even have a base yet! Pandora (Neverborn) -Woe is Me -Rile Them Up -Aether Connection Candy Baby Kade -Depression Beckoner Beckoner Stitched Together Bishop Misaki (Ten Thunders) -Recalled Training -Misdirection -Untouchable Ototo Yamaziko -Smoke and Shadows Torakage Torakage Fermented River Monk Fermented River Monk Thunder Archer Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Outflank (Misaki, Pandora) Assassinate (Misaki, Pandora) Distract Plant Evidence Vendetta As always I’ll do my best to remember the order things happened, but it is from memory so please bear with me. Turn 1: Stitched moves up and uses Creepy Fog. Ototo leads the charge. Beckoner goes to Lure him, learns the hard way that he cannot be lured. Yamaziko drops smoke bombs. A Torakage moves up to help Ototo. Pandora moves up, Incite on Torakage (miss), discard Incite on Torakage (miss), Self Harm Torakage, weak damage. Everything else just moves up on both sides, River Monks gain Poison. Turn 2: Pandora puts Incite on the Torakage, summons a Sorrow on him, Incites again (miss), Self Harms the River Monk. Ototo moves up and swings on Pandora, she cheats up to make him miss and let her scoot away. Archer shoots at Baby Kade, misses. Beckoner walks over, Lures the River Monk forward and kills him with Misery. A Poltergeist is summoned. Torakage charges Beckoner, 2 damage. Baby Kade charges Ototo, takes him down to Hard to Kill. Torakage charges Beckoner, 1 damage. Stitched Kills Ototo. Misaki moves up to assassinate Bishop, after the dust settles she manages to discard my hand and do 3 damage to him. Bishop does 3 damage in return. Yamaziko moves up and swings on Bishop. Candy fails to heal Bishop. Beckoner uses Lure to put more Misery damage on the other River Monk. We both score Turf War. VP: 1-1 Turn 3: Pandora goes, applies Incite to a Torakage, summons a second Sorrow, pumps both Torakage with Inflict (they were in range of the Poltergeist aura), and takes them out. Misaki takes out Bishop (we hardly knew you). Poltergeist moves to engage the Archer and River Monk, hits the monk with Melancholy to triple down on Misery and kill him. Yamaziko goes for the poor Beckoner, still fails to kill her, puts up Brace. Baby Kade moves up to engage Yamaziko for next turn. Archer sneaks away from Poltergeist, shoots at Pandora (misses). A Beckoner Lures the Archer forward, back into range of the Poltergeist aura, Misery and Stitched kill him. VP: 2-1 Turn 4: Baby Kade activates and kills Yamaziko. Misaki kills Kade in revenge, concedes. Lessons Learned: I think a big one right off the bat is a difference in information. I read forums like crazy whereas my opponent was less in tune, so I came to the game with a better idea of my crew synergies despite this being a first game for both of us with our respective crews. That being said, there were so many mistakes and learning moments here. I was constantly forgetting to push Pandora with Incite so that she would be in melee, then I was looking to her projectile spell to get her into dodge so to speak, but that required shooting in combat...it was a mess every time I activated her. So I need to focus on learning my master better (go figure). I was also terrible at managing stones and cards (go figure) so need to work on that better too. Basically just gave away poor Bishop, he really didn’t deserve that.
  4. With a new edition on the horizon, it seems like a good time to jump into a new (old?) faction. I knew I wanted Neverborn as I like the look and feel of the models, as well as the concepts of dangerous flora and fauna. When it came down to what master to start with, I consulted the oracle that is eBay and found a sweet $20 deal on a Pandora box set. So...looks like Pandora is first up! Kinda full circle as my first box in 2010 was S’omer Teeth Jones and my regular opponent only had the Pandora box...so many memories of farting her to death... Moving from there, I knew I wanted to start out with two masters whose boxes complimented each other, so I selected Titania. It feels like both crews have a lot of willpower targeting overlap, but are different when comparing durability and approach. Additionally, I suspect that Pandora can benefit from the increased hardiness of Titania’s crew (armor and hard to wound). I also benefit from having been around for a long time, so I had a random grab bag collection of models that I could already leverage in order to flesh out my master choices: x2 Beckoner x2 Stitched Together Hooded Rider Bishop Freikorps Trapper Johan Aionus Seriously random, but it covers a lot of bases. One thing I did feel that I was missing out on was a 4-5 ss model to act as a scheme runner. I waffled a bit over Gupps, Insidious Madness, and Changelings, but ultimately settled on Changelings. They feel very flexible across a range of situations, and also help pre-plan purchasing the Mysterious Emissary. One thing I do try to pre-plan is a paint scheme. In addition to trying to get models that catch the eye, I try to focus on making it easy to paint, as I am all about the adulting and having a job and family now, meaning less nerdy bachelor time. With that in mind, I zeroed in on the idea that the Neverborn are the local flora and fauna of Malifaux and wanted something reminiscent of seeing a fox at night--the shadow, the outline, and the glowing red eyes. I had an old metal Hooded Rider, so I did a test scheme on him with two different glow techniques, white paint with a red wash and then just paint layers. Needless to say the wash wins the day for being faster and way more effective. With that in mind, I later on did these guys too:
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    Titania Tactica

    Looks like it!
  6. Gaston

    Titania Tactica

    You could use her ram push trigger to move them into combat and get 2 or 3 swings.