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  1. Consider also some keywords manipulate upgrades midgame which would in theory change a model's cost and scheme eligibility turn by turn.
  2. Gaston


    Cute, but no, I didn't hire Bandersnatch my last game versus Tara because I agree with your interpretation. Please don't make assumptions about my gameplay. I actually saw this mentioned on the Wyrd Place FB page and thought it worthy to put it here because I can see the argument popping up and I wanted to see if it had been addressed before and could possibly be FAQ worthy.
  3. Simple, if dumb, question: How does stealth interact with a buried model? I.e. Marcus's mutation on the Bandersnatch?
  4. Gaston

    NB lucius

    It is an investment, which is why I caveated with not knowing how well it has fared. At the time the Mature had Terrifying, positive to hit, flew further, and had better Def (IIRC). Nowadays, it may be better to look into a Geryon, especially if you are taking Inhuman Reflexes (helps with terrain). I also think you can build him out in different ways, i.e. one way to leverage Alan Reid, another to support Agent 46 best, another that relies on big minion beaters.
  5. Gaston

    NB lucius

    He has a ton of flexibility. At that start of Closed Beta, Mature was a go to, though I am not sure how well Mature has fared through the beta and this was before Agent had Reflexes. One of the awesome parts of Mature was a Commandable beater who also had Fly With Me to help get you up the board without costing AP. I tried grow early on, I didn't find that he could support the Young Nephilims well enough, it ended up being better to hire in the Mature from the start, but Grow has changed a fair amount.
  6. All the developers put in a ton of work, Closed and Open Beta, and I think it really shows in the final product. Congratulations on the amazing work, I am very excited to see the books come out and what else you all have in store for us!
  7. Gaston

    NB lucius

    I need to update with the info from the Open Beta, but this may serve as a good jumping off point:
  8. Elegant solution.
  9. One thing also unclear is how to interpret "Reflip" for Joker in the current version. Is it reflip initiative or reflip to see where Idol lands? Also the perspective changing and need to consult a chart each time unfortunately overly complicated.
  10. Good question, we assumed, without checking, that you treat Cost as a stat, so what is on models card. Consider for various schemes Marcus's beasts would become eligible/ineligible as they add or remove upgrades.
  11. I checked the batrep forums, but couldn't find any of Lucius from the past month?
  12. I used these: https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/collections/basing-supplies/products/mini-ice-pillars-bag-of-2
  13. I settled for 12...so far!
  14. Also increases value of Stagger.
  15. Wow, I didn't expect this thread to get so busy! WRT Ironsides, @thewrathchilde I don't think that I played into her game, as I did not enter the deathball, did not attack her, brought tanky minions with pushes to get away from her Ring ability, and spread the table with schemes. However, I do honestly think you are a better player than I am, and always welcome the feedback, I self identified Amina's Obey as my issue this game (not in the feedback sense, in the my failure to negate it and adjust for it sense). For Ironsides, we both agree on how to play against her--her defenses are too good, so you ignore her. Where we differ is that since there is a solution, you are okay with it. Whereas I feel that if the primary plan for dealing with a master is to not interact with them, then there is a design issue worth flagging there. I am not even singling out her trigger, I pointed to the entirety of her defensive abilities being too high. WRT to Amina, I am very much in the abilities have ranges group (another area where we do disagree often ). Not all terrain will be created equal, and we won't always have an amazing TO with the resources to properly terrain a board. This is where limiting abilities to auras will really come into play, when the LOS lines are just too broad. As far as her Obey needs soulstones, that is more an argument to ditch the ability and add Tools or another suit mechanism rather than not giving it run of the table, as per @LexLock. Particularly as you are claiming that the ability isn't reliable enough in the first place, this would be buffing her. I do concur with @trikk, soulstones are a crew resource, not an Amina one. Also, not really sure tossing a low card is a super crazy hard price to pay...? There is a lot of focus on her TN number, but you all are also skipping that it is Stat 7, meaning her Obey is tied as strongest in the game (only Zoraida has a 7). So maybe it is just stat'd high enough and hard enough to resist that you should have to jump through the hoop. TL;DR, I stick by a range to Extended Claims and the totality of Ironside's defenses being a design issue.
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