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  1. @Vaylos Just FYI Frozen Runes is 6", which does limit Cyclops long range scheming a bit. But have you seen that Damned? Yowser.
  2. Thralls do that to heal, no?
  3. Sure they will. Sonnia1 summons them. She is very efficient with Thralls w/ LLC. VERY. They will see play with her, and with a Handler for sure. And I don't really get the hate on Hopkins, he's always been a solid bro to me. So you easy have a base list right there in keyword. Then you can flex as needed. The nice thing about her is that she has the synergies to encourage the keyword, but isn't trapped by it. So if you need to go versatile, do so, she's super flexible like that. Also Burn Them Out with Divine Strike is MONEY. So much money. Also Flamestrike trigger on On the Pyre.
  4. It works quite well, just pool dependent. Mostly poor Grimwell gets dropped bc I have another things to do, or counter tech to hire, not bc he is too bad or janky. Haven't tried him yet with Lucius, but there may be something there with the staggered bonuses.
  5. Do you look at Nellie and Lucius into the same pool? What would make you pick Mask over Paper?
  6. @Angelshard You can still remove them with marker removal abilities.
  7. For this season, my top predictions will be Nellie and Basse. And hey, I declared Dashel correctly last year! Sonnia2 is really good though.
  8. Very well done. A really cool reimaging of an old master, really emphasizes different playstyles.
  9. Respectfully I disagree with this. Euripides doesn't have Frozen Vigor, so every time he uses the Old Ways he ticks closer to scoring for your opponent (similar to Leveticus). It takes external effort to heal and shield him, which you have to balance out across the needs of his entire crew. I've never found Future Sight to be terribly impactful, nor has it ever deterred an opponent from going after him. It is certainly not on the same playing field as Hard to Wound, Armor, or any of the normally considered defensive tech. I'm not saying I -wouldn't- take him in Assassinate, there's not pr
  10. Question #3 on the most recent FAQ covers this.
  11. To tag onto @4thstringer: Your only WP 6 model is Reichart. Leave him at home. No more Broken Ghost summoning. Without the Brocken, all of a sudden Dua struggles versus Armor and Damage reduction which....psst...Guild got. Instead of Rechiart consider two models: Peacekeeper and Guardian. The Peacekeeper is a min 3 with 3-4 attacks, Hard to Wound, Armor +2. It is quite undervalued. If you are worried about Mv 4, use Kick Up, poke it with Quicksand, and teleport it up. That shit alone will nab ya like 5" of movement. You can also Baby Basse Bring It, and if it swings on her......I me
  12. I've played Basse into Cadmus a lot. The traps can be very crucial, as you can keep the Nests engaged until you can deal with them thanks to from the Shadows. REMEMBER TO NOT DEPLOY 4" FROM YOUR DEPLOYMENT ZONE HOWEVER!!! 3.99" MAX. The crew does enough damage. The crew also brings a butt ton of healing. Caught in the Qucksand picks on Mv, not Def, good for going for Emissary. Injured doesn't hurt either, and, terrain depending, the places can be brutal as well. Additionally, there's a fair amount that attacks movement, which is a traditionally lower end stat in ES in g
  13. Something else also worth noting from the errata was that it did impact how I approached Journalist a small bit. I was playing into Nekima (melee focused) so I dumped Phiona for Reichart. With the change to Propaganda Piece, I find that you really want her into gunlines to protect Journalists, but she is far less useful in melee match ups where your opponent can position more easily around it (especially with 2" melee). So I subbed in Reichart. The gameplan I used was to have him unpack the crew for me. With Home on the Range and Hot Off the Presses from the Printing Press, you can push h
  14. I think people are seriously underestimating the Distracted change. Played Journalist last night and it was "robust".
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