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  1. An upgrade on a pistolero seems risky?
  2. From memory, we were playing it as the Skeeter could not be engaged, but the target could. Reading the card though, you are correct, that little "unengaged" word slipped in there somehow... Dashel is amazing, other than the part that I cannot play him very well, lol!
  3. Flank - Public Enemies -Let Them Bleed -Take Prisoner -Leave Your Mark -Runic Binding -Spread Them Out Public Enemies is actually a new one for me, but it seems to be one of the simpler strategies. I opted for Lady Justice for it, also my first time playing her (but I painted all these models, and I’m gonna use them, virtually or not!). My opponent declared Bayou Zoraida, so I had to do a quick scramble and adjust by adding in a second master, Perdita! Obey this!!! Lady Justice -Scales of Justice Perdita Lone Marshal Pale Rider Domador de Cadaveres Let Them Bleed is too hard and Take Prisoner requires leaving things alive (yuck), so I went for Leave Your Mark and Spread Them Out. I took 2 horses for some speed, but both have guns so they can theoretically contribute from the flank while making it more difficult for Zoraida to Obey them. Domador for the heals obviously. Sadly, this crew plays exactly the way I hate: kill first, scheme later. Zoraida Spawn Mother McTavish Gautraeux Bokor Gremlin Crier Old Cranky --12 Cups of Coffee Will o’ the Wisp Turn 1 Crier rolls on up the flank, Pale Rider pulls Perdita forward, walks, and shoots at the Crier, discovers that he has Intimidating Authority (should’ve focused instead). Wisp rolls up, Perdita uses Bravado, focus, shoots, kills it, and puts up Finger on the Trigger. Spawn Mother makes and egg and some Gupps, Lady J walks twice, leaps, and puts two swings into McTavish. First one is a BJ miss, second does 5 damage. Zoraida pulls McTavish back and gives him fast. Old Cranky goes in on Lady J and eats a shot from Perdita. McTavish puts 3 shots into Lady J, 2 miss, 1 is reduced to 0 due to a soulstone (I think his hand was pretty bad by this point given what he let me cheat in). Lone Marshal focuses, charges and kills a Gupps. Turn 2 I cheat in the Red Joker to go first. Lady Justice kills off Old Cranky, leaps, gets the trigger to hit McTavish (damaged reduced to zero via soulstone). Next attack hits him, kills, trigger lets me hit the Bokor for 4 damage, next swing kills it. Pretty solid go for Lady J. That was the most action for the turn, Spawn Mother spawns more Gupps, Lone Marshal puts 5 damage onto her. Perdita drops the Crier to 1 Wd. Pale Rider schemes and focuses. Scales and Domador run to the middle, Zoraida meets them there. The Domador actually did put 2 Wds on Zoraida with a focused Decay. Lady Justice: 1 VP (Public Enemies) Zoraida: 0 VP Game ended on time, alas Vassal, alas. Lessons Learned: I think my gameplan worked out pretty well. I was decently set up for the Pale Rider to bomb the Crier and lay another scheme, Lady J and drop 2 more and I start scoring schemes next turn. I figure it’ll probably take at least 2 turns to focus down Zoraida, just because of the Regrets trigger. Lone Marshal also needs to finish off the Spawn Mother sooner rather than later, kinda 50/50 on if he can pull that off, due to soulstone reduction. My opponent actually had Take Prisoner on the Domador, which is not a bad pick for something to leave alive. It got denied accidentally by the Scales, who it turns out is significant. Overall, a crew that sets out to kill, went out there and killed, pretty straightforward.
  4. Kept the same strategy, but tried to shuffle the schemes a bit. Wedge - Corrupted Leylines -Claim Jump -Runic Binding -Hidden Martyrs -Spread Them Out -Breakthrough Dashel Barker -The Dispatcher Queeg Steward Papa Loco Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Zipp ---12 Cups of Coffee -Earl Burns The First Mate Iron Skeeter Lucky Emissary ---12 Cups of Coffee Flying Piglet Johan Creedy I pulled Breakthrough and Hidden Martyrs on Steward and Loco. If my memory is correct, he had Martyrs on the Piglet and First Mate and Breakthrough as well. Turn 1 Summary Things shuffle forward cautiously, Dashel summons a Mounted Guard, then all hell breaks loose. Zipp uses 12 Cups to focus, rolls on up, puts a blast shot into Dashel, another into the Executioner with RJ cheating damage. After armor, he did 17 damage in 2 shots and killed the Dispatcher with blast. In mediocre revenge, I put an Executioner onto Zipp. Turn 2 Summary Executioners try to work over Zipp, but he escapes with 2 Wds to spare, he lays out a ton of damage on the Executioners again. Papa Loco chucks the soap to Queeg, moves on up. Queeg scoots to the middle, puts the soap on an Executioner so it cannot be pushed away from the center leyline. Earl Chain Gangs the Emissary, who then scoots across the table to another leyline marker. The Flying Piglet zips up and lays a scheme marker, Dashel promptly turns it into another Mounted Guard, heals Executioners. Steward heals Executioners. Dashel: 1 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Zipp: 1 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Turn 3 Summary The Emissary rolls on back to the middle of the table. I am able to get an Executioner onto Zipp to kill him, but BJ the flip. Since I am on 1 Wd, I have the Trail of Gore action….which I cannot take thanks to 12 Cups. Executioner dies. Dashel summons another Executioner. Johan and Skeeter kill it. Johan also heals Zipp. An Executioner uses Scatter to push the Emissary off the Leyline, Burns uses Chain Gang to push it back. Queeg kills Earl Burns. Zipp drops Dashel down to 3 Wds with shooting. Dashel: 3 VP (Corrupted Leylines, Breakthrough) Zipp: 2 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Lessons Learned: Obviously the first game went slightly better than the second, but losing the Dispatcher so very quickly to blast was pretty rough. Especially with the crazy damage that Zipp was putting out. I’m not sure why, but Dashel doesn’t seem to click very well with me, despite the fact that I love him. I have had similar issues with Neverborn Marcus, so it is likely just my own personal issue. One thing to consider is maybe summoning a couple of Guard Patrol on Turn 1 instead to have them use a bunch of “Take the Hit”? I also have a love/hate relationship with Queeg. I like the push and the fast, they are great, but they are hard to leverage after Turn 1 and he doesn’t really bring anything effective to the table other than just walking around.
  5. With the virus striking, my gaming ability has declined, as has the chances to type up games. So here are some games anyway! I wanted to play Corrupted Leylines a bit more, as it feels like that is the strategy I may struggle the most with. I still wanted to play around with neo-Dashel, as I think that his crew is deceptively fast and you can generate more “interact AP” to toss the lodestone via summoning. Corner - Corrupted Leylines Take Prisoner Claim Jump Runic Binding Breakthrough Research Mission Gross scheme pool. Take Prisoner is rough with Zipp’s overall mobility, Research Mission I don’t really have the models to do it. Runic Binding is not a great idea with 12 Cups of Coffee, so I ended up with Breakthrough and Claim Jump. Dashel, 4ss -Dispatcher Queeg Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Warden Warden Guild Steward Zipp, 6ss ---12 Cups of Coffee -Earl Burns Iron Skeeter ---Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Mancha Roja Lucky Emissary The First Mate ---12 Cups of Coffee Turn 1 Summary Models shuffle forward, both Executioners gain fast. Dashel lacks 12’s, sad face, so I summon a Sergeant for the very first time. Zip makes a bunch of pianos in the middle. One of the Executioners is able to clear 2 of them, then attach Mancha. The other Executioner attacks Mancha as well. We both cap our Leylines. Turn 2 Summary I start off with a fairly risky play, run the Dispatcher up behind both Executioners. I figure with Serene Countenance and Protected, I should be able to shunt off any attacks, get some card draw, and all the bonus attacks. Instead Zipp shoots the Executioners with a blast gun and uses the blast damage to kill the Dispatcher. An Iron Skeeter pulls Mancha out of combat. Everything just kinda beats up on the middle. Queeg is able to make it to the center marker. Dashel is able to shoot the First Mate with Drop It, but he Butterfly Jumps on top of the marker so I cannot summon. Dashel: 2 VP (Corrupted Leylines, Claim Jump) Zipp: 1 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Turn 3 Summary Zipp and First Mate go in to kill Dashel, leave him on 2 wounds. Dashel kills off First Mate, summons a Guard Patrol. Skeeter kills Guard Patrol. Executioner kills Earl, other Executioner gets Mancha back down to 4 Wds (been healing a bit). Emissary rolls on up to the center marker. Queeg and the two Wardens play catch with the Lodestone to get it over to the back corner. Dashel: 3 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Zipp: 2 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Game ends on time/planning on shortening game to get second game in.
  6. Keep those Viks away from her!!! Poor Dashel...
  7. @Irritated Walrus Masochism.
  8. Some more test games, this time with Nellie!!! We shook up our normal game style with a different format: play “half games” to 1hr 30 mins or Turn 3-ish, then dojo the rest of the points and reset. The idea is that we can get “twice” the games in, but also learn and adjust crews and planning from Game #1 to Game #2. Flank - Symbols of Authority Spread Them Out Runic Binding Hidden Martyrs Claim Jump Leave Your Mark Nellie -The Printing Press Phiona Gage ---Lead Lined Coat Dr. Grimwell The Lone Marshal Papa Loco Field Reporter Going into Zipp, I planned out a few things: --Papa Loco for removing piano markers (also to double into Hidden Martyrs) --The Lone Marshal to ignore Concealment (terrain, Zipp, Iron Skeeters, Merris sometimes). I also wanted the speed. --Phiona with LLC cannot be moved by all of Zipp’s pushy attacks which is nice --Dr. Grimwell for some speed scheming as well Captain Zipp ---12 Cups of Coffee -Earl Burns Mancha Roja ---Inferiority Complex Gracie ---2 Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Lucky Emissary ---Inferiority Complex Gluttony Holy upgrades Batman! I guess that is one way to test them! Turn 1 Summary A fair amount of shuffling around. Gracie pulls up Mancha, Zipp pulls up Earl, they drop some pianos. Papa Loco picks up some pianos. Lone Marshal walks, charges, puts a shot into Earl but get the BJ on damage. Emissary rolls forward then into the Marshal, 3 damage. Phiona walks and pulls up Nellie. Macha goes in on Nellie who passes the attack off to Phiona for no damage. Nellie focus debuffs the Emissary with her aura up. My Reporter scoots up the side to cover one of the strategy markers and drops a scheme marker for a second turn push. Turn 2 Summary Nellie leads off, lays the smack down on Macha Roja, and does some decent damage to him with moderates on negative. Zipp and Earl come in on Grimwell. The Rider staggers the Emissary, disengages, then charges and shoots Earl. Puts another shot into the Emissary. Gluttony pulls Grimwell into a piano. Phiona lays down a scheme marker, pulls Grimwell out of combat and range of Zipp’s aura. She charges and pokes Mancha. Printing Press lights the Emissary on fire, Loco takes it to 1 Wd. Game called on time here. Dojo: Gracie was going to work to try to get out of the woods, Grimwell was backed up away from Zipp and able to push away from the Emissary, set to either finish off Mancha or nab the middle strat marker. Field Reporter was then free to push off the scheme marker, turn a corner and pick up the strat marker as well and beeline to the backfield. --------------- Nellie -The Printing Press Phiona Gage ---Lead Lined Coat Dr. Grimwell The Lone Marshal Papa Loco Field Reporter Captain Zipp ---12 Cups of Coffee -Earl Burns Mancha Roja ---Inferiority Complex Gracie Lucky Emissary Gluttony Wrastler Less upgrades, this time he brought in a Wrastler for a spare source of condition removal (Toss in the Mud). I was fairly happy with my crew and left them unchanged. I was obnoxious and dropped a Symbol directly in the center of the table, blocking easy movement between the house and the boxes (not destructible this game). Turn 1 Summary Reporter scoots up, drops a scheme marker, Grimwell runs up, hides behind a building and pushes her. Gracie rides up the Wrastler. Some scheme markers get dropped, Zipp eats them for focus, and he and Burns go Reporter hunting, do 3 damage to her. Phiona pulls up Nellie, Papa walks up and tosses a grenade. Emissary rolls on up, as does Mancha and Gluttony. Marshal walks, charges, shoots Wrastler down to 1 Wd. Wraster runs away. Nellie has Mancha charge and kill the Wrastler. Turn 2 Summary Nellie leads off, cycles some cards, screws over Macha and the Emissary. Zipp finishes off the Reporter (I score Hidden Martyrs), then he flies over. Earl chain gangs Mancha up to remove slow from the Emissary with Toss in the Mud, makes some pianos. Gluttony ends up pulling Nellie into a piano for 2 damage. Lone Marshal charges and puts some damage on the Emissary, picks up a strat marker. Grimwell scoots up to drop a scheme marker. Emissary rolls over and puts 6 damage on Nellie. Papa backs up, tosses a grenade to hurt Earl and Mancha. Gracie charges Phiona for 1 damage, Phiona smacks her right back. Nellie: 3 VP (Symbols, Martyrs, Mark) Zipp: 0 VP Turn 3 Summary He wins initiative, Mancha leaves Nellie on 1 Wd. Nellie goes, cycles cards, debuffs the Emissary and Gracie. Zipp kills Nellie, misses the attacks on Grimwell. Grimwell kills Earl, attacks Emissary. Gracie bites on Phiona, up to 5 damage now. Printing Press pulls the Emissary back, lights it on fire, and charges (focus on both attacks). Game gets called on time here. He has Gluttony, the Emissary on fire with 4 Wds, and Gracie with 3 Wds left. I have Lone Marshal, Papa Loco, and Phiona to go. Mancha is down to 3 Wds as well. If Phiona drops Gracie, then he gets nothing for Claim Jump, if Loco drops the Emissary he is in serious trouble, not having enough fast models to score points. Likely he’ll get the center strat marker at some point, but the rest hangs on a bit of a knife’s edge. I figure my Marshal can walk, charge Gluttony last. Try to get initiative next turn, pick up the marker, charge away to the next marker and maybe shoot down another beater? Lessons Learned: First two games with Nellie, and I think I’m in love. I adored Pandora in Neverborn, and Nellie seems right up that alley. One big lesson was that Nellie ended up facing the brunt of my opponent’s forces in game #2, and that is not a great place for her to be. I wanted her in there to cover the strategy marker and bottleneck him up, which worked great, and Nellie was really the only choice. I don’t have Dade, but obviously she could have filled that role for me as well. List wise, I think I failed to make the proper synergies with Grimwell, I didn’t have enough staggered available. I think that the Pale Rider alleviates this, I just opted for the Lone Marshal this game due to concealment. Lone Marshal paid off big time, really liked Run and Gun on him, and the stat 7, he is now fully painted up! This was also my first game with Papa Loco despite buying the Perdita box to start Guild (lotta firsts here) and I respect his abilities. I wonder if he wouldn’t slot well into a Stagger themed Lucius list, the 3 damage on the shockwave is fairly impressive.
  9. After a month away, time for my first game of GG1, and I opted for some new and improved Dashel!!! Wedge - Corrupted Leylines Take Prisoner Assassinate Let Them Bleed Research Mission Spread Them Out Dashel Barker --The Dispatcher Executioner Greed Rifleman Rifleman Steward Mounted Guard Viktoria Chambers --Viktoria Chambers Taelor Bishop Vanessa Ronin Ronin Ronin Librarian Turn 1 Summary Some scooting around, a Rifleman grabs the right Leyline, a Ronin gets another one. The other Rifleman puts a focus severe shot into a Ronin, Librarian heals it. One Vik moves up and shoots the Rifleman. Guard rides up with Greed, kills the Ronin. Greed tries to poke at the Vik, but no sin tokens. Bishop goes in on Greed, who stones a lot. Executioner leaves Bishop on 2 Wds, other Vik comes in and finishes off Greed. Turn 2 Summary I win Initiative, Executioner tries to walk and punch Bishop, misses. One of the Viks bops the Executioner, the Rifleman tries to kill Bishop, hits the BJ. Bishop goes in on Dashel a bit, Challenges the Mounted Guard. Mounted does Ride With Me to get into melee, kills Bishop, moves to block Taelor. Some combo of Taelor and a Vik drop the Rifleman and Mounted Guard and the Guard Patrol. Dashel charges in and does a few damage to the Vik. Ronin run schemes, Vanessa takes a potshot. Viktoria: 1 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Dashel: 1 VP (Corrupted Leylines) Turn 3 Summary A big old mess basically. He gets Dashel below half health. Executioner charges the master Vik, gets her below half, then kills Totem Vik which it turns out heals the other Vik above half health, d’oh. Viktoria: 3 VP (Corrupted Leylines, Assassinate) Dashel: 1 VP Turn 4 Summary Other Rifleman dies, Dashel dies, Executioner misses all his attacks. I concede on time technically. Lessons Learned: Ouch! Well on my way to an 8-1 loss, tough tough way to start GG1. I obviously made a lot of mistakes here. I think the biggest ones were from the onset not having a good plan of attack for the strategy, schemes, or opponent. Once the Rifleman grabbed the first point, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the Lodestone, nor did I ever challenge my opponent’s Lodestone model. I also ditched the Lawyer, hoping to rely on the Dispatcher for card draw, definitely a big mistake. I failed to summon Turn 1 (had a 13 for an Executioner, used it to kill the Ronin--yes, obviously a terrible trade in retrospect). I did learn that the Dispatcher really cranks up the Executioners, and I should be better planning for that in the future. @Kolath
  10. Use Frontier Dust markers for Research mission. Or Blow it to hell markers.
  11. Bold 2020 Prediction: Dashel #1
  12. Great job! It might help to explicitly state your list.
  13. Lol, stupid details, but right on all counts. #frantichandwaving I swear she still has a place! Side note: could she prevent a model from discarding a soulstone to avoid Execute?
  14. Greed is a model that I have given a lot of thought to, as she was one of the first Guild models I actually owned. I think she deserves a mini-tactica/blog entry, because she is interesting, niche, and potentially devastating. I think Greed goes well as a counter hire into two different archetypes: models with valuable upgrades and melee models that use soulstones for protection. In and of itself, Unchecked Avarice is somewhat mopey--you’ll do at least 1 damage, as an enemy model is always near itself, but unless they are bunching some Hamelin rats or Gremlin swarm, it’s not that impressive. Where it comes into play is the Take It All trigger. If your target has an upgrade that is overly valuable to them, then they have a challenging choice--2/3/4 on top of the 1 damage, and this flip is not affected by the duel difference, unless there is Hard to Wound it is easily cheated. So we’re really talking about 5 damage in a single shot. I think of targets such as Arcanists, Ten Thunders, Yan Lo, Von Schtook, Marcus...crews where they will be loathe to lose the upgrade, but if they do pitch it then you are netting a significant bonus. The more generalist situation I see her in is versus melee models that rely on soulstones--Nekima, the Viks, Lord Chompy Bits, Hungering Darkness, Jack Daw/Hanged, Ironsides. These are models that you KNOW are going to come to you, so it is easy to have Greed hanging back to apply her aura. Stack a couple sin tokens up, then when you go to counterstrike, the models are that much easier to drop. How scary is Hungy or Chompy without the damage reduction? Crew-wise, so much of what she does relies on WP duels, so I only look to pair her with Lucius or Nellie, entirely because of the False Witness. It makes Unchecked Avarice a cinch to get off, either for upgrades or to stash Sin tokens. A secondary reason to run her with Lucius is the Changelings. Destructive Performance is a Tactical Action, thus can be used with Just Like You, needs an 8 of Tomes. So you get 3 Sin Tokens on a model, Greed hits it for 3 damage. Then the Changeling hits it for 3 damage, and gets the trigger to make Greed hit it again for 3 damage. Also this is a tactical action, so no Incorporeal, no Terrifying, no resists. So take her….IF you are playing Lucius or Nellie and IF you are taking False Witnesses and IF you are up against models with valuable upgrades OR models that get in your face and require soulstones to survive. $0.02
  15. Does Unchecked Avarice work that way? Wouldn't enemy be your enemy? If you want something like this, have a False Witness drop 4 scheme markers and have Nellie blast a model or two. Or two Witnesses drop 8 markers.
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