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  1. I've actually thought that a weakness of a lot of Schtook builds where you have the single Valedictorian to pop to and not much else. It tends to feel like it leaves her stranded all alone, if you're able to eat the alpha successfully, which Phiona really can do.
  2. That's why I had questions!!! You did call the secret tech after all. It just seemed like they'd be easy VP for even an Undergrad to pop on over and try to pick up. I was also trying to square off the cost/benefit in my mind. Do they only do enough work to justify in multiples? But then you'd taking squish bots in multiples also, so do you really get your VP back? And to top it off, Schtook has really excellent condition removal.
  3. @4thstringer Why did your opponent not put Evidence on them and kill them off rather than chasing to your center grouping?
  4. I enjoyed this. Can you comment more on the Newsies?
  5. I'm a bit surprised people are keeping Teddy versus Schill, he's basically a big fluffy target for them to rip through. Kade doesn't need him, Kade is great on his own, time to grow up! Versatiles: Hooded, Serena, Hinamatsu Other adds: Changling, whatever you need to score Schemes and Strat, don't be afraid to go outside of Woe, they are not that synergistic a keyword. Pandora will always struggle versus gunlines, it's not just you, it's her generic matchup weakness. Try not to engage directly, until you know you have the ability to get there. Hooded will help as a Pandora taxi,
  6. That's how I felt, rules wise, but wanted to cross check versus the advice that he is good against burrowing models. Like you'd want to drop him into Dreamer, to counteract summons that pop out amongst your own models ... Except the summon upgrade allows them to just unbury again with the next duel!
  7. What stops the Soulstone Miner from unburying itself?
  8. I agree with @Alcathous, he is niche, 20% take. You should already be putting focus onto Savage models anyway, it stacks incredibly efficiently with The Old Ways. Adding Intuition on top of that enables you better card manipulation in order to try to consistently hit that severe 6 damage. However, he competes in this role with Geryon who are cheaper and better beaters with min 3, the same Focus/Old Ways tricks, better triggers (Frozen Trophy aside), and extended reach. Mv 6 looks attractive, but realistically you have better scheme runners OOK, and you can always use the Gigant Post
  9. If you kill a target, does Pouncing Strike still trigger? Specifically, because it refers to "another model" and there is no original model to be referenced to.
  10. @Necrosage Welcome to Malifaux and Neverborn and Savages! A couple general things: if you ask us for model advice, we are more than happy to pile on with combos and ideas! This is good, but keep in mind you don't NEED to purchase everything we suggest right off the bat. For better or worse, this game does reward having a deep model collection, as you can better select the right model for the right job, but I'd always say play 6 games or so first, then figure out, "what would make my life easier and fit how I play". The other recommendation I'd make is to build a core list for a maste
  11. It's closer to niche control. Last Pine Box I did was to get Montressor and his aura off the table for example.
  12. If you cannot make the stream, will there be a way to view it later?
  13. I think what works against Lelu is that he has a specific role versus a Young which has a generalist role (and is thus a more attractive hire on the whole). For me, Lelu has been a source of indirect damage, crowd control, and summoning. Consider that Masochistic Thoughts and Blood for Blood have no targeting requirements, allowing you to sidestep undesirable defensive triggers, negatives to hit, Terrifying, etc. Additionally, he is an enabler to counter HtK models by giving your entire crew a bubble of Blood for Blood (via Masochistic Thoughts). That ability has been very useful for
  14. Actually dropped Marcus last night into Brewmaster and had a blast. I really do encourage Order Initiates with him with IR, that combo stacked very strongly, but they also take some of the pressure off him to have a perfect turn 1 with handing out upgrades and you get some card draw to boot. Also have loved the Adze with him, having a Lure to isolate enemy models is great. @Fixxer are you finding Myranda worth the cost?
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