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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of it being nice to have one to two Changelings, rather than investing in 3. If we starting talking that level of points investment, then Zoraida enters into the discussion as well. Her Obey is roughly 6 AP for the price of 3, provided you are able to hit all the triggers for either Fast or take two actions. I will totally grant though that needing 3 7's is a much higher bar than the Changelings getting to take the action for effectively no TN---there totally is a trade off. (And the positive twist should not be overlooked either)
  2. Why not just take the Changelings in with Collodi as the master?
  3. It certainly gets weird comparing TItania to Nekima. On one hand, I like Nekima because she is easy and after a long work week I can plop her down on Friday night and just push her forward into enemies. But she doesn't really bring any defenses against much of anything, and she seems to have a comparable playstyle to Titania. Titania brings a whole lot of concealment, and hard to wound, and armor, and unimpeded to at least compete a bit with losing flight. Damage output wise, I'm not sure there is a huge drop off (although I'd say that there is one). I'd put forward that what you gain in defensive tech more than offsets the drop in mobility and damage between the two (and that while the drop is noticeable, it is slight, and surviving longer is a damage buff too). Also Titania has a deeper hiring pool in keyword and better leverages out of keyword models. What really gets me dojoing Nekima is the indirect damage--how she is able to circumvent distract, or terror via Black Blood. Ironically a lot of this centers around Masochistic Thoughts from Lelu to add an extra damage. I was playing with combining him with a BBS and a Tot. The Shaman uses Fly with Me and drops the Tot, then pustules twice, and heals the Tot at least once with Blood Clot. Comes out to 4 damage with no resist. So things like that call to me for Nekima much more than chop chop.
  4. I got started with Lucius in the beta, because no one was playing him! I thought I would share what I had learned thus far, and hope it is a helpful launching point for other’s brainstorms, games, and ideas. I’ve tried to keep this updated through the closed then open Beta, but apologies if I missed something or something changed. Why play Elite? The card draw is really fantastic, they have an enormous amount of flexibility, and there is nothing else in Neverborn than can come close to their ability to drop, deny, and otherwise manipulate scheme markers. The Elite keyworded models are: Lucius Mattheson The Scribe Agent 46* Alan Reid* Investigator* Guild Lawyer* False Witness* Doppleganger Changeling The models with a * are all Guild models. I think one of the unfortunate limitations of the dual faction masters within the keyword system (Lucius, Marcus) is that it does increase the barrier of entry to them because there isn’t really much overlap with other masters within the faction (in this case Neverborn). Nevertheless, I strongly encourage checking them out and playing the faction as a whole. One of the main defensive abilities of the crew worth highlighting is the ability to put your opponent on negative flips when attacking. Lucius has Serene Countenance, other models have Intimidating Authority or Manipulative, there is also Fade Away and Stealth. As there is no really unified defensive ability, you have to plan activation order around how you want to leverage these. For example, you want Manipulative models to go as late in the turn as possible. Following Orders: One of a couple of card draw abilities available to the keyword. It is pretty strong, but comes with a couple of limitations (once per activation, command must come from a higher costing model). Card draw is a common element within this keyword, as Lucius himself allows you to draw a card anytime anyone spends a pass token, Investigators can draw cards off of markers, Nefarious Pact, and so on. This helps a lot to offset the card discard mechanics, like Intimidating Authority. Intimidating Authority: Sprinkled across a few of the models, this ability ties well with the increased hand size and card draw of the crew, allowing you to put enemy models on negative flips at will. Models with this are: Alan Reid Investigator Lawyer Lucius: This is a guy whole rolls with OPTIONS. All day, every day. If he walks, everyone else moves. He brings his own sniper, and can draw range and LOS off of ANY Elite model. This is perfect for picking on flanking scheme runners, and Injured is a very strong debuff. Interestingly, he can draw the range and LOS of engaged Elite models, but due to the projectile icon cannot use the ability if he is engaged himself. His number one, most popular action is Issue Command. Typically I try to spam this as much as possible, and if you do so on an Elite model, then you draw a card to boot. The push requires a bit of set up as it is directly away, but it is always good to have a threat exender. What this ability also does is dictate crew hiring. A large amount of the high value Neverborn beater models are not Minions, and cannot be commanded. This pushes him a bit off the beaten path of Hooded Rider or Hinamatsu, and more toward Savages or Nephilim. Misinformation is also particularly strong. You get to see your opponent’s hand. You get to throw away two of their face cards. Straightforward. Easy. Profit. One thing of note is that Lucius can often make his way up to the middle-field. Serene Countenance makes him a bit of a pain to take down, and he wants to be able to leverage Entourage and Subterfuge from that position, not to mention Misinformation is only Range 6. This makes him susceptible to Deliver a Message, so be careful if it is in the pool. Also be aware of models with positive flips to attack, or who can apply Adversary. Lucius can be pretty interesting as a second pick for Savages or Chimera. Both crews have a lot of high value minions that he can command and both benefit from +1 hand size. The Scribe: A pretty odd totem. The Scribe is best used aggressively, either as a Hidden Sniper beacon, apply the Betrayal aura, or to physically block off enemy models. The moment they attack him, discard, bury, and then pop up next turn where you can effect the most friendly models with Unseen Butler. All his abilities are pretty nice, pulling friendly models back or ending conditions are always handy. Agent 46: Agent 46 is amazing and always getting the job done. You have to put the model on the table to really appreciate how efficient Inhuman Physiology makes this model. Analyze Weakness is a very helpful buff, particularly in Neverborn, which doesn’t have a lot of abilities to ignore armor. He is great in melee, but Mimic really opens up some options. Consider you can Mimic the sniper rifle off of Angel Eyes, then when you shoot an enemy, they cannot cheat fate. On top of that, the rifle shot can be done with Issue Command both from Lucius and the Changelings. Ruthless is noteworthy too, especially against crews that stack a lot of terrifying (i.e. Lynch), as there is not much other access to Ruthless within Neverborn. Hooded Rider and The Carver are the only other ones with this ability. When using him, be a bit aware, as for a 9ss model, he is a bit soft. Stealth is great, and his stats are decent, but other than the normal Henchman soulstone abilities, he has nothing else to help keep him alive, and he can go down surprisingly quickly to dedicated attacks. Alan Reid: In a crew full of complex models, Alan Reid is probably the hardest model in the crew to get work out of, and takes a lot of set up. On the basics, he has a Garrote just like an Investigator, with a fun trigger to force Schemes to be revealed. He also has a side arm for putting out some damage at range. To use him as a beater, use Startle as a free action to apply Staggered, then charge in for min damage 3. But you can get much deeper using him, by leveraging “One More Question”. Obviously ranged Slow on a stick is quite strong. But it is really the engaged clause and Coordinated Attack trigger that make him dirty. It requires comboing together him, a False Witness, and an Insidious Madness. At that point the Witness uses Distraction to give the enemy negative flips on Wp duels, then he does One More Question while the Madness engages. Your opponent is at a negative and cannot cheat, and with the Coordinated Attack trigger you are putting down 1/3/4 followed by a 2/3/4 attack, also defended with a negative flip. If you get the right suits or use soulstones, that is a minimum of 3 damage, but usually with the negative flips you can get much higher. It takes a LOT, but can be VERY effective and can burn a model down surprisingly quickly. Also if they go to attack the Insidious back and are in the Distraction bubble, then they are a negative flip against the Terrifying check. If you are not comfortable with the Madness, you can do the same with a Mature Nephilim or Hooded Rider, where they use Ride/Fly With Me to deposit the False Witness in the optimum position, also their minimum damage is higher (but they attack Wp not Df). Finally, he can be used as a psuedo-tank with Boring Conversation. This puts up a Wp 10 test for all actions within 6”. In and of itself, 10 is not a high target number, but the Injured condition reduces the Wp stat. Once you drop Wp a couple of points, performing any action near him becomes quite challenging (not to mention Distraction aura from the False Witness). Couple this with his Slow attack and an aura of bonus action denial, and he can stop models cold. Additionally, you can stack this with Terrifying, so now attacks require two TN tests before they can be made. And all of this is stacked on the other defensive abilities of the crew, such as Intimidating Authority. Some models that easily apply ranged Injured: Lucius - Hidden Sniper Aeslin - Decay Investigator: These guys are all sorts of useful! They have card draw, then can push models with placed markers (see False Claim). The stop enemies from scoring scheme markers. A hidden trick with them is they actually have a pretty solid damage profile with the Garrote. The Stagger trigger is built in, but needs to damage to apply Stagger. Then, if the target is Staggered they are actually min damage 3 for 7 ss. This makes models that put Stagger out at range more noteworthy (also because Stagger is better when you are not already in melee): Mysterious Emissary - Spread it Around Tuco - Custom Shotgun Vasilisa - Tangled Threads Thoon - Hooked Chain Cyclops - Frozen Runes Sorrow - Startle This list isn’t necessarily to recommend these models with an Elite crew specifically, more to highlight non-melee Stagger options. Guild Lawyer: Obey on a Minion! It requires a 9 Masks to go off, but you can use Tools for the Job to get the needed suit and cycle cards a little. Their other dirty trick is Impassioned Defense to put Shielded +2 on two different models. This couples really well with Incorporeal models or anything with damage reduction, as at that point you can effectively ignore attacks that do 2 damage or less (until Shielded runs out). Hinamatsu with Armor +2 and Shielded +2 is pretty legit (downside: not a Minion). Works great on Insidious Madness too. False Witness: They are your scheme runners. False Claim is incredibly useful for scoring, as well as all the scheme marker interactions they have with the Investigators. Being able to drop markers at a distance and even while engaged is very strong. It can be very helpful to drop a bunch of scheme markers on Turn 1 in your deployment zone, then remove those with False Claim later on in the game. Paired with an Investigator, these early game scheme markers can serve double/triple duty, pushing your models up the table quicker and adding to card draw. Another big draw for False Witnesses is the Distraction aura, which is devastating when leveraging Wp duels, which the crew does a lot of, or Terrifying duels. Doppleganger: Lure is always strong for isolating an individual model, but she brings a Stat 7 Mimic. Get creative! Changeling: These are Lucius’s unofficial totems. They are cheap and can copy Issue Command off of him using Just Like You. In addition to all the other Elite/Minion models to command, you can also Command Lucius himself as he is Elite in order to make him walk (and trigger Escort) or take another shot with Hidden Sniper. They also work well in a pinch as a scheme runner, Stealth, Disguised, and Manipulative is a very strong suite of defensive tech. Non-Elite Models Angel Eyes: Sniper to Mimic with Doppleganger or Agent 46. Straightforward. Mature Nephilim: It is a very fast, very aggressive minion (and can therefore be commanded). Ride with Me is a great ability for placing Lucius up front even faster, or for precisely dropping off a False Witness. The Heavy Claws just have a great damage track too for Issue Command or Mimic. It did lose quite a bit of defensive tech, so be careful that it doesn’t get focused down quickly. Geryon: Minion melee beater. Hard to Wound and Extended Reach are awesome, but he does basically lose all of the Ice Pillar tricks off of his card. Cyclops: Pretty out there pick, but hear me out. They are relatively cheap (7+1) for a model with 2” reach and min damage 3. Their health is above average for their cost, and they have Frozen Vigor for even more durability. They can also drop out ice pillars, and are Minions, so can be commanded. The ice pillars are useful for holding enemies back if you are running a gunline with Agent 46/Angel Eyes (who also ignore cover from the sniper rifle). Additionally, the Cyclops can pulse out an irresistible Staggered onto enemy models to slow them even further, which synergizes with the Garrote from Alan Reid and Investigators. Insidious Madness: Incorporeal, Terrifying, attacks Wp in a crew with access to False Witnesses. They are also easy to deliver if summoned by the Dreamer due to the From Nightmares ability on the Waking Dream upgrade. Aversion: Another incorporeal model to benefit from shielded. Antipathy stacks nicely with Boring Conversation or Distraction (and triggers before a charge attack is made). It also brings a lot of placement tricks with Scatter, Terrorize, and Frightening Reminder. Great for clearing out the center in Claim Jump. Dreamer: At cost 13 (12+1) he is cheaper to hire than 2 Insidious Madnesses (7+1 = 8, 16ss), so you save 3 ss. Also the summoning upgrade lets you place them near models that fail Wp duels, which are common in this crew in certain builds. Serena Bowman: She is difficult to drop with Eternal (and benefits from the extra hand size and card draw) and brings a lot of healing to a crew that really doesn’t have much healing. She is another model that should make it into a wide variety of Neverborn crews. Also if you are running the Dreamer, she is a Nightmare and can make another minion a Nightmare to even better synergize with the second master. Iggy: He is your anti-schemer and should be in consideration (even with tax) for every crew. He gets 3 AP with Reckless, and Arson in the right scheme pool means that he can nearly single handedly shut down an opponent. Additionally, he is a 6 ss model with a min damage of 4 (2 + burning + Misery). This crew has enough anti-scheming to make him a bit redundant, but he should always be worth considering. Rougarou: The mighty Rougarou is another beater Minion that can benefit a lot from being in a Lucius list. Flay on the claws is particularly useful into Resurrectionists, as they often have lower defense, but hard to wound as defensive tech. Using this trigger to cheat in damage can be fairly card intensive on the hand, so the Rougarou benefit from all the card draw available to the Elite crew. Additionally they bring some undergrowth markers, which can be used at choke points to provide concealment to your crew on the approach. Just be careful with placement, as much of the Elite crew does not have unimpeded or any way to handle terrain gracefully. Deadly Pursuit is also very useful for surprise scoring (or denying) of certain schemes, as the move happens before the VPs are counted. Even at Cost 9, Rougarou are a strong candidate for Butterfly Jump. Like all undead models they are good at keeping opponents to min damage, but if you are getting hit by a min 3 beater, low defense means that you will be eating that damage often, and a quick jump back could be the difference between life and death. Vasilisa/Wicked Dolls: Vasilisa is fairly universally useful due to her Move Along ability, as well as general tankiness (good stats and Armor +2). When paired with Wicked Dolls, they automatically hand out Staggered, easily powering up the Investigators. Furthermore, Wicked Dolls are really cheap at 3 ss, significant, and have a really solid defensive tech in Stealth. Creep Along also helps them to get to the centerline Turn 1 with 1 AP left over for certain schemes and strategies. Upgrades Upgrades aren’t amazingly needed on Elite models, I would say take them as you want them on a model by model basis, but the crew works just fine if you want to just reinvest the stones into more models or a bigger cache. Inhuman Reflexes: Butterfly Jump is VERY strong in general, as you can jump out of combat or into cover against ranged. Lucius also tends to want melee Minion beatsticks in order to Issue Command to them, so you get the maximum benefit from the upgrade. The bigger limiting factor though is that these are often out of keyword, forcing you to pay for both the upgrade and the tax. Ancient Pact: Card draw is always good, and with 2 copies of this you get a +2 to initiative flips. With Alan Reid you get 3 Nefarious Pacts to add even more card draw/cycling to your crew. Eldritch Magic: A difficult upgrade to find specific purpose for, I think it will mostly be a counterpick against specific masters/crews once the meta settles and we get more experience. Gameplay Lucius can be built in a wide variety of ways. You can do a more aggressive focused crew with Agent 46, Doppleganger, and models for them to mimic such as Mature Nephilim or Angel Eyes. You can do a scheme oriented crew with Witnesses and Investigators, or you can do the One More Question trick with Dreamer, Reid, and Witnesses. This is a crew that really rewards model exploration, and being willing to take the risk to go out of theme and start hiring in a model or two at +1 ss tax. I hope this is a good starting point and people are able to enjoy Lucius as much as I have!
  5. Wow, thanks for all the replies! I fully recognize that my terrain is...lacking...to say the least. @Macdaddy353 and I came from a primarily Warmachine background, so that is the terrain we are working with at the moment (and this is a big improvement from a month ago!!!). With the recent Miniature Market sales I am hoping to upgrade things soon though. When we do play with @Kolath he has crazy good terrain (see the Leveticus match for example). Even on his terrain though, the shooting crews have really shone. Example is that Levi game, where Levi and Rusty pretty much owned the center of the table. I might also be a bit more sensitive to it after listening to the Schemes and Stones MOMCon podcast, where they spent a ton of time highlighting ranged crews (not to mention 90% of Neverborn guns are Rng 8, so might be a bit jealous). @Adran, I totally agree about the damage vs scheming, which is why my goal was to be in his face and pin him in the deployment zone at the cost of my crew. Just man, have to give mad respect for the silly amount of damage she put out though (which to draw the parallels feels very similar to playing into Leveticus for example).
  6. Hayreddin finally arrived in the mail, so once more we fly off with Nekima! This week my opponent took Ophelia, which I am pretty sure is awful for me. As Neverborn I have really struggled playing into gunlines since Closed Beta even, Von Schill, Parker, etc. and I don’t have a ton of faith in the Nephilim keyword’s survivability into a gunline. In that vein, I ended up hiring in Hinamatsu to act as a bullet magnet and tank, with Serena to back him/her? up with healing. The rest of my game plan was to do my best to plant my explosives on turn 1, chase down his scheme runners, and generally force all play to be on his side of the table. Following those thoughts I took Search (playing on my opponent’s side of the table anyway) and Hold Up (trying to take two schemey schemes last game was just too much of a load on my AP). Plant Explosives Breakthrough [Ophelia] Search the Ruins [Nekima, Ophelia] Hold Up [Nekima] Take Prisoner Vendetta Nekima, 4ss -Inhuman -Blood Hunter Hayreddin Hinamatsu Serena Bowman Young Nephilim Young Nephilim Terror Tot Ophelia, 4ss -Young Lacroix x3 Francois Raphael Rami Sammy Meris Gracie -Tactical Trenchcoat Apologies again for the terrain being a bit rough, I hope to be upgrading to something a bit more acceptable and Malifaux-y soon. Turn 1 Summary Nekima wins the initiative A Young Lacroix gives Ophelia the Trash Cannon, the Blood Hunter regurgitates. Merris walks up the flank and schemes, a Tot eats a corpse and walks to hide behind the central house. Another Young Lacroix gives itself a Bottle Flinger, and Gracie rides up with Rami. Nekima passes twice with tokens, so then Sammy walks up. My right flank Young Nephilim walks, does Fly with Me, and drops a Bomb marker. Yet another Young Lacroix calls for an adult on Ophelia, while Hinamatsu walks up to the side of the central house. Raphael takes a focused shot on Hinamatsu for 6 damage (4 after armor). This forces Serena to move up and heal it for 3. Then Francois pops Hinamatsu with two shots, first for 1 damage, but the second for 6 damage (down to 1 after soulstone prevent and armor, but still…). My left flank Young Nephilim does his bombing run. Ophelia walks up, misses Hinamatsu, but the second shot is 5 damage (down to 1 damage after armor and soulstone prevent). Nekima responds by...walking three times. Not super inspiring. Turn 2 Summary Nekima, stone cards (I have a very strong hand this turn). Ophelia cheats in a Red Joker for initiative. Francois pushes up 3”, then charges Nekima. He hits her for 4 damage, then she is able to Butterfly Jump back. He then puts Adversary on her with Gremlin Menace, which puts her in a realllly bad spot. Serena heals Hinamatsu 4 damage, walks and drops a scheme marker. Merris walks and schemes again. Nekima attempts to get away from Francois with her Shove Aside trigger, but she has serious issues hitting him, and only connects on the final attack (at least it is with a Red Joker on damage). A Young Lacroix tries to pull Francois out, but fails. The left flank Young Nephilim is able to Fly with Me, drop a scheme marker, and charge Merris. He connects with moderate damage and the Onslaught trigger, then again with Severe damage; killing her and taking her bomb. Another Young Lacroix succeeds in pulling Francois out, he shoots at Nekima with an injured gun, so she is forced to cheat to make him miss (and continues to Butterfly Jump to try to get to the other side of the forest to block LoS). Blood Hunter coughs up a corpse, Raphael shoots Nekima for 5 damage (2 is soulstoned). Unfortunately to save Nekima I have to make a sacrifice, so Hinamatsu walks and charges Ophelia, successfully distracts Sammy. Gracie charges into Hinamatsu, and Rami actually finishes the puppet off. In the meantime, the right flank Nephilim is able to walk and scheme, the Tot eats the second corpose to grow into a Young and walk and scheme. Ophelia responds by blowing away the fresh Young Nephilim and having Sammy turn a scheme marker into a Flying Piglet. Hayreddin is able to put the scheme back down, but cannot get to the piglet, who makes a beeline for my deployment zone. Nekima: 2 VP (Plant Explosives, Search the Ruins) Ophelia: 1 VP (Breakthrough) Turn 3 Summary Ophelia wins the initiative. Ophelia misses all three shots into Serena, which is fine by me. But then she Accomplices Raphael, who puts 3 damage into the young lady. The Blood Hunter is able to charge the Flying Piglet and burn both of its Focus conditions to kill it in 2 attacks, because who doesn’t love pig on pig action. Gracie charges into Serena and triggers Eternal on her. Hayreddin is able to put 1 damage onto Sammy (after shielding) and then hits her for another with Blood for Blood. Rami pops 6 damage onto my Young Nephilim on the right flank (grumble). The Young heals up and charges Rami, leaving him on 1 health as well. A Young Lacroix maneuvers Francois around, Serena walks to use Gracie to block LoS from the Gremlins and heals 1. Francois walks and charges Hayreddin, he cheats the Red Joker to hit, manages 4 damage. The flurry attack misses. Right flank Young Nephilim feasts and walks twice towards the back end of Ophelia’s table edge. Nekima walks twice, charges Sammy, misses, and uses Blood for Blood. Sammy uses Jynx to bury Nekima and Serena. A Young Lacroix pulls Sammy and Francois back to it. Nekima: 3 VP (Plant Explosives) Ophelia: 1 VP Turn 4 Summary Nekima cheats to win initiative on +4. Hayreddin flys over, puts up Life From Blood and hits himself with Black Blood Pustule. This converts Francois, Sammy, and a Young Lacroix into 3 Terror Tots. I am pleased. Then Ophelia goes. She puts two shots with blast into Hayredding to kill him, swaps guns and uses the Plink to kill another Tot and then Sidearm shots to kill a second Tot. Then she Accomplices Rami, who pushes away from the Young Nephilim, shoots and kills it, then gets the free shot trigger to shoot and kill the 3rd tot. 2 activations, 5 kills. Blood Hunter decides to charge Gracie to hold her up, actually does 5 damage (down to 3) and puts Slow on her. A Young Lacroix pulls back Ophelia. The lone remaining Young Nephilim drops his bomb and walks back towards the table center. Gracie chews on the Blood Hunter (to death). Nekima pops out of the Young Nephilim, charges Gracie and gets her down to 1 wound, then kills with Blood for Blood. A confused Bayou Gremlin pops out of the Trenchcoat. Francois shoots Nekima for 4 damage, then the Young Nephilim for 4 damage. Serena heals herself and walks and drops a bomb. Nekima: 4 VP (Plant Explosives) Ophelia: 1 VP Turn 5 Summary Ophelia wins the initiative. Ophelia walks, focuses, and shoots Nekima, killing her. She then accomplices Rami, who tries to finish off Serena, but only gets through the Eternal. The Young Nephilim drops the final scheme marker for Search the Ruins, and we call the game there. Nekima: 6 VP (Plant Explosives, Search the Ruins) Ophelia: 1 VP Lessons Learned: Holy shit, Ophelia puts out an obscene amount of damage. Like….doing this write up was insane. My army was basically out of steam(punk), with a Young Nephilm on 2 wounds and Serena on 4 wounds and he still had Ophelia, Raphael, and Rami ready to blast away. I think my overall approach to the game was good, playing on his side of the table, keeping any schemers from getting past me, and planting a lot of bombs and scheme markers early. My kill priority was Merris, Sammy, Gracie, in that order. My original thought was to have Nekima take out Merris, until Francois completely locked her down, and then I just got straight lucky with the Young Nephilim (my opponent had also burned through his hand early in that turn). Hinamatsu did exactly what was needed, but I made a huge positioning error Turn 1 by moving in range for focus/shoot or just shoot/shoot. I should have stayed just out in order to make them spend AP walking, that was just dumb on my part and cost me a lot of resources early on in the game. For Hold Up, every time I thought I would have a chance to score it, he’d just remove one of my models, Ophelia is seriously, very very deadly and gunlines are just no joke. @Macdaddy353
  7. I keep trying Lure because it seems like it should be very solid for the crew. They seem to not be terribly durable, so peeling off and isolating an enemy lets you eat them in relative safety. I love that Lilitu's Lure is Stat 7, but hot potato she dies a TON. It has me looking at other models for the role, such as Doppleganger or Hinamatsu. I am also on the lookout for things that push Nekima around, simply because she seems to walk a lot, and that feels like such a waste of a greatsword. (Another reason I like Lure, sorta the inverse, bring them closer instead of pushing up). The options for that, however, seem less efficent cost-wise. Effigy requires an 8, but you could Lure/Companion Nekima up? Lelu, my best guess, and purely a guess, is to pair with Pandora against more armored crews. Then he goes in, swings once for probably 1 damage (after armor), then poison triggers Oppurtunist for 1, he can Black Blood himself for 1, then poison triggers at the end of the turn for 1. Kinda a semi-inefficent ping damager? Or perhaps he is useful for Hayreddin's ping attacks? He goes in, Hayreddin hurts him, Lilitu activates after and heals him a wee bit? Nekima noob, so grain of salt these ideas.
  8. Lol, good advice on not attacking poor piggy. I haven't tried Hayreddin yet, but I have him on order. He by far seems to be the most interesting and interactive piece in the keyword, and I am really keen to try him. That's 5 min damage, right???
  9. Another round with Nephilim, looking to improve from previous mistakes! Plant Explosives Take Prisoners Harness the Leyline [Nekima, Leveticus] Vendetta Search the Ruins [Nekima, Leveticus] Dig Their Graves Nekima, 6ss -Inhuman Reflexes -Blood Hunter Mature Nephilim Young Nephilim Black Blood Shaman Lilitu Terror Tot Serena Bowman Leveticus, 7ss -Hollow Waif -Hollow Waif Rusty Alyce Ashes and Dust Marlena Webster Necropunk Necropunk Necropunk I won deployment and forced him to split. My biggest concern was that there wasn’t much terrain in the center of the table, turning that into a very scary killing field for Leveticus and Rusty. My goal was to work up the sides, and figured he would do the same with the Necropunks. Turn 1 Summary Nekima stones for cards. She wins initiative and allows Leveticus to go first. Waifs and Marlena walk around. The Blood Hunter regurgitates a corpse, then the Shaman accidentally kills him again, sigh. Tot uses Grim Feast to remove a corpse marker. One of the Necropunks leaps and walks up, Lilitu does some card draw before moving up and Luring Marlena. In return Ashes rolls on up and charges Lilitu for 6 damage (take damage to do damage trigger). The Young Nephilim charges into Ashes for 4 damage total, then Leveticus double walks up and blasts poor Lilitu to outer space. The Mature uses Fly with Me to bring up Serena, then charges Ashes for a super impressive 1 damage in 2 attacks. More Necropunk leaping, then Nekima double walks, charges a ‘Punk for 4 damage, and hits it again via Blood for Blood. Serena is able to shoot Marlena for 2 damage, and finally Rusty just walks into position. Turn 2 Summary If nothing else, Nekima has pass tokens to work with now! Both Nekima and Leveticus stone for cards, Nekima wins initiative and leads off. The Mature starts the round by discombobulating Ashes and Dust, then charging Marlena for 2 damage (I think she may have had 2 health left at this point). A Necropunk is able to leap and place a Bomb marker, so to head any more of that off, Nekima uses Blood for Blood to kill the one she is engaging. Then she drops his Bomb marker for herself, and charges and kills another Necropunk with Red Joker damage. Marlena is able to heal herself, but it takes two disengages to get away from the Mature. Serena is able to put 5 shooting damage on the Ashen Core and use Hole in the World to place it far enough away that Ashes and Dust cannot reform this turn. Leveticus transfers 4 wounds off of the Ashen Core and onto a Waif, he then shoots the disengaged Mature twice, managing 5 damage (miss, Red Joker damage). The Young Nephilim grabs a Corpse marker with Grim Feast (can’t let a good Lilitu go to waste), then charges the Necropunk for only 1 damage. Waifs walk, the Shaman rides up the Tot and places a Scheme marker on the centerline. The Ashen Core drops one of his two bombs. The Tot walks, drops a scheme marker on the centerline, and removes his second Corpse marker to grow into a Young Nephilim. Rusty does the last meaningful action this turn, shooting down the poor, innocent Mature Nephilim who did nothing to nobody. Nekima: 1 VP (Explosives) Levi: 1 VP (Explosives) Turn 3 Summary Leveticus stones for cards. Nekima wins Initiative, but passes it to Leveticus. Leveticus starts things off by walking and ripping the Black Blood Shaman to pieces. The Young Nephilim gets 3 swings on the Necropunk with an Onslaught trigger, kills him, and grimly feasts upon the Corpse to grow up into another Mature. The Ashen Core drops a scheme marker on the centerline, so Serena shoots it (Black Joker damage), then shoots it again to trigger Hole in the World to place it 6” closer to Nekima. Marlena heals herself again, walks in range to apply her no healing aura to Serena and shoots her for 2 damage. Nekima does what Nekima does, which in this case is kills the Ashen Core and drops another Bomb marker (recovered from Necropunk #2). Dust Storm and the other Young Nephilim scheme around. Rusty puts 5 damage onto Serena, dropping her to 1 wound remaining. The Waifs….walk. Nekima: 2 VP (Plant Explosives) Levi: 3 VP (Harness the Leyline, Plant Explosives) Turn 4 Summary Leveticus and Nekima stone for cards. Nekima wins the Initiative. Serena is in a bad spot, so she decides to flip the Red Joker on damage to kill Marlena. This enables her to use Bottle of Painkillers to heal back up, but instead she flips the Black Joker! With that nonsense out of the way, she decides to go out in a blaze of glory, shooting Rusty for 2 damage, only to die to the Unmade trigger. Leveticus walks and drops a scheme marker. He uses Essence Transfer to heal Rusty 2 damage. The Young Nephilim drops a bomb, flies, and schemes. Dust Storm does similarly. Nekima walks twice and drops a scheme marker on the centerline. At this point the game gets called, both because it is late and I should win on schemes. I will score Detonate Explosives, Harness the Leyline, and Search the Ruins this turn, for 5 VP total. My opponent will be able to score Search the Ruins this turn, bringing him up to 4 VP. Going into the next turn, he has no more bombs to drop, whereas I have 1 on the Mature and 1 on Nekima (theoretically the Mature could also pick up one of Leveticus’s Bombs on Turn 4 as well). The Young Nephilim is positioned such that he can Interact, Fly with Me, and Interact again on two different pieces of terrain. At which point Nekima just needs to drop a 3rd scheme marker and bomb to score 2 more VP, or the Mature needs to drop a bomb or scheme to score at least 1 VP. It is super reasonable to expect my opponent to be able to score Search the Ruins again on Turn 5, meaning my opponent maxes out on 5 VP and I will max at 5 to 7 VP depending on what goes horribly wrong. Lessons Learned: It was a crazy tight game and my opponent was really burning through my models quickly! Leveticus is always a really tough match-up I find, especially if you are bringing a melee crew and you cannot pick back on them from afar. Also those Necropunks are seriously no joke, be on the lookout for those guys, wow. As with the last game, I am just the worst at using the Blood Hunter and Lilitu. The Def 4 just feels like it gets her killed every time. Otherwise I worked on using the Grow mechanic correctly, and Nekima remained as deadly and dynamic as ever. I was pleased that Hole in the World finally worked on Ashes and Dust, my main opponents are Outcast players and that model (along with Rusty Alyce) just terrorizes me every time we play. I had hoped to use the Lure to sneak kill Marlena a bit early in the game, but it was not be be with Ashes backing her up and soaking all the attention instead. I do wonder if I chose my schemes poorly, as both required laying out a significant number of scheme markers. The crew itself isn’t large and doesn’t have any ability to efficiently drop scheme markers. Then the terrain discouraged moving into the middle of the table, which makes it even harder to harness Leylines. @Kolath
  10. Ohhhhhh no, I was jacking it up even worse than you think. But thanks to you pointing it out, I was hopefully able to correct everything for this next game!
  11. I didn't even bother to look it up, just assumed that since it was a negative flip my options were more restricted. If you ain't learning, you ain't playing!
  12. Taking an off night from the Dreamer, I slotted in my first game with Nekima. Corrupted Idols Detonate Charges [Wong] Harness Leyline [Nekima] Search Ruins [Wong] Dig Graves Outflank [Nekima] Nekima, 7ss -Inhuman Reflexes -Blood Hunter Lelu Lilitu Terror Tot Mature Nephilim Young Nephilim Black Blood Shaman Wong, 2ss -Olivia Swine Cursed -12 Cups of Coffee Swine Cursed Gracie Lightning Bug Lightning Bug Sami Gatoreaux Bokur I mostly just played with the Nephilim models I had, nothing too fancy. I split my forces such that the Shaman, Tot, and Blood Hunter all started together for some sweet sweet growing up action. And yes, my terrain sucks. Sorry. It is slowly improving. <img src=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IVMawGvTqJ27dDlsQJVqaEay1lPGpWWJ9GyRUa1nvve50AJbtd1rR0EkDOFtzaZL2lKqEKBuWn8VQcroswh4RclPh8nxPrzDw4XuwKaPsrAmnx9hCPiz0Xiqk-Q6sig-x_r6Ltd0SBb7R3Nuq7c9Dy84UHRfiygEzDGzjcygzACD3CeQP4mNGXd7Phk0wweQ8WHtAz_O2_0xu-VD3pwQ-IvhK_pV8f9wAgcFYcxuTPTw8WMspRJoHNfgFRWT3oxayOpCoYUNAWP_82fwmPjOqGtKVE-wupYpAejDrCQ-ZdjZEEAo0z8NnZovLbFyLpQeVOu5oic_5A_7dyXFpRmlzB_DA5pThwq-4LbTfu3wBc6K9gto_d7T7gR-PdaSY4rghYAWQBdmlzlxszqtUbFxXcm3nY3x3yFF9B_5U4YjhX8hjWCg92liEDhUAWeI4KW4NRiqO3deJs1ea0w7b2eRfaU1GzWzHWLJqlTVAoCOYqh-YrjP4yuviPX-5CSpjpDDe3ddK27CxtbBPx-lhu6unvfR6N8qHgNYFZ9PbvaKDCUeWgXl0Lptofn-LRiji4_-aZp2j4vFdSeiUwA0G20HfHxn1xXw2nIuJmCvFaVIsvUPmsy9upDBwrC_IwP7K7y0Wk3bN2vwjH-hgHetrF3ve0_yI-otRroMfIpeCqr7EF5C2beEibjSVWaJbuC20MjnMjPaA4gZ6juRDzWR143Ts1HE=w1140-h641-no> Turn 1 Summary Nekima wins initiative. She elects to go first in order to place the Idol on the center. The Black Blood Shaman stabs Blood Hunter, who relents, in order to generate a corpse marker. Instead he flips the Red Joker on damage and kills the pig. Some first activation, but at least I get two corpse markers? Olivia drops a scheme marker and tosses a sparkler at a Swine Cursed. The Terror Tot grabs the corpses, and grows to Young Nephilim. He runs the the flank via Ride With Me, and focuses. Bokor does some stuff. Young Nephilim makes for the other flank, focuses. Gracie and Lelu walk, focus, do random free action. Wong Fzzap’s shit (I am NOT keeping track of that), twice. He tries to use Launch into Space, but a big fail with the Black Joker. Nekima bravely burns a pass token. Lightning Bug heals some models, moves a scheme marker. Mature uses Ride with Me on Lilitu, walks, focuses. Lightning Bug #2 moves another scheme marker. Lilitu uses Sadistic Glee on her brother, and has little choice but to Lure the Swine Cursed, hitting the distract trigger. She Charges, but gets a Black Joker miss. Swine Cursed uses Heroic Push to get into Lilitu, kills her. Nekima walks, charges the Swine Cursed. He burns a lot of Glowy tokens to prevent damage, she gets him down to one wound from Blood for Blood. The other Swine Cursed walks. Sami successfully buries a Mature Nephilim with Jynx. Swine Cursed burns to death, turns into a piglet. <img src=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/9TbRnwB8dxuzm6V2y73ptBvyU2_gLnPgPEv96Zmg9a2Gurziu8jXeeQ-Vlc31o7iSg9fQHcbA1xiJ7N4xR83DT2JMTjF_FmzYC-37WcGxTc6e52fkOOTThIs6l0Th-iZ8Ad-PXHTiX_J6gMQgB-hQmozbGcC4g8raYtlwxuBXC5-7GBVD29ceVoSxkFte0BJNWvHcrU15tmc-n4jExbw4GAyAKl7WFak70wyjzWcmWz0cXl3lsD2QOhGRCP__UJLOlLCalDhts0ece5gX1oRPlmo-c5cLKpvGsfYMpCkeauExwWzTO7a22NGx1ZV0vxgBQ6HddwsHv5Hx8C2HIHd96e_-UfUI5YX0nReRE7SW5s4x6v0Y7JQ80whQpQHDDNSxKw0rb0ODi9H24r7i55vRnzUSkmpkx3JlsmcesrO70O4K6CMFvLpZGKUUSnFAql9fdusN1usTBmLlQRjNByArJHq66hmVJaqFf5MTrMvBOXTYso9tE1XdvkGc1bH842Q8XIDc5Z0TDK24kybkYEwknd4-HFXsBiXQiZ9E3CFrNGaFEO3p9jJe39Zl-_LJZwesx8GxyHnzAI9LJElkT1Yh9Yc6SEs4VOwVHSunL1lScehBMNSkk6_GprW03AULrp9R_xG2-4QsnaR-M3xuXc06j3zIZaYXJ1BuooOkazRBaNhK9vmgKwO4PMEWtv4566Ze9OjgFwl5Jov3s8jX4xSwpHI=w1140-h641-no> Turn 2 Summary Wong stones for cards AND flips Red Joker on initiative. Jolly green jerk. Idol goes on far right flank. Gracie uses Ride with Me on Sami. She then charges a Young Nephilim, kills it in one shot with Stampede and focus cheating in a Severe. The Mature unburies on the far left flank. He uses Ride with Me as well, then gets a charge in on the piglet. The Mature kills it and removes the scheme marker it leaves behind. Olivia sets some charges, Nekima burns one of her 3 pass tokens. Bokor gives out tons of shielded, heals some models. Nekima goes for broke, she walk/charges the Swine Cursed, gets a Red Joker on damage, then finishes him off with the next stroke of her sword. Wong Fzzaps!!! Nekima 3 times through the piglet, only one gets through (5 damage, soul stone prevent 3). The Shaman is able to get to the Idol and push it, then uses Ride with Me to get within Blood Clot range of Nekima to heal her. Lightning Bug A focuses and puts 3 irreducible damage into Nekima. Lelu grabs two corpses and grows up, then uses Ride with Me to engage Sami and keep her from moving the Idol. Lightning Bug #2 pops Nekima for another 3 irreducible damage. Sami buries the brand new Mature (she focuses too, so no Idol moving). Nekima: 1 VP (Corrupted Idols) Wong: 1 VP (Detonate Charges) <img src=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LMfcx11ASGuUhCGbJ49DMpcGqyFDbuXIxEmm0Wn2_rYerPFkC9AlTz0El8AWME1aQaG2921j4b8fRKgSwndZb5AWEl3dGO_5LRFt6sT_HtDmYaOLTgXcxWQH_JN6C6ZCmuwpVRxaZrNuE-CXNZAycZTNaebmJFk3hoU3Hw4hccsh5xya38FbLjpxlkKGh4JM9qO5TY6la2yk-PpiqZOz5TWXWAwVyThqkogkMplZzOMoyGGQXJ_piTnwDKzr5ZOxPLPAiDEs5TdwDBomU85_S0tVIJiTnGoBQChj40RS5vfHoJsHiKnXk2WblYARlMJJHLuFwEo0eXTlN3I5yC0DVowvLEh8FV1kTHzB2wFdcAhBLb0qfcJ60nLHW-NTv8O7p-DJvsprfevzJuR1tw_xUHsII1yegDzRQxQYydIQPEbtGrMIL5ynyb3grJesPzeD6y_Ofv8vWJnzJvPwZc8z-K9wNhx52DkqPdxejITQE6gby2inOgWxLb4PM19OP6d176fpXhWXHTsDh31UcmL0eyJj6urbNCm-Wg7cQoUOpDcjAbWIRN_4LSEQtcMtU9znFRuu8iiGHF5BgVTy0EQII7eCVRfZu4rie2aqU3Ms2QrXO_k1SFckQWLkw66UiomOvxRNjqeJdKQMK0GsZ2mXhUIjIRRelx_2Nn7grIOHfJ7gqOEYPyWCRU39gFl4XbSaztHN-0uuzRUL6kwD0X0lsYke=w1140-h641-no> Turn 3 Summary With Nekima ready to tear into Wong’s backline, a whole lot rests on one initiative flip. Wong cheats in a Red Joker, Nekima cheats in a 13 + 2 pass tokens to win initiative. Nekima goes first, heals up. The she uses 3 AP to kill off both Lightning Bugs and the Gatoreaux Bokor (all were previously damaged a bit by Fzzap!!! power ups). Staring down an annoyed Nekima, Wong concedes. He could have gotten an Idol point, but I probably could have gotten at least an Idol and Leyline, possibly an Outflank if I could keep anything on the friggin table by Sami. Lessons Learned: A super duper roller coaster first game with Nephilim. My biggest mistake was with Lilitu. I didn’t check that the Swine Cursed had a push. The idea was that while it was Fast, it would lose 1 AP to walking into her and another to Distracted, leaving only 1 AP to attack. Instead it got like 5 swings on her. Otherwise, I am not sure my crew accomplished a whole helluva lot, it all came down to Nekima getting that Red Joker to completely turn the tide. Otherwise, I think I end up in a whole lotta trouble….so it’s better to be lucky than good? I did end up putting 6 soulstones into barely keeping Nekima alive, but she managed to chop down 2 Swine-Cursed, 2 Lightning Bugs, and a Bokor, so probably worth it. Ultimately Wong was mostly pinned down against the back right flank. Crew-wise, probably some more depth to explore, especially with Hayreddin and maybe some extra models to go scheming, but otherwise pretty straight forward. Advance, chop, chop. @Macdaddy353
  13. Seems unintuitive and FAQ worthy?
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