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  1. Gunners are good with Lucius anyway. Hidden Sniper Injured, Obey shoot at positive.
  2. In case anyone missed it: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2021/7/14/waldos-weekly-seeing-red-again The gunner is nice, but the Guild Mage is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking goooooooooooooooood.
  3. Give it a try, my suspicion is that it may end up being awkward (I haven't tried it). (Off memory, apologies if inaccurate) If you go off a Cyclops, you need a 9Tomes. If you go off of Euripides, you only need an 8 for 1 pillar. The issue with Euripides is that you are not immune to the Mv duel, so it makes placing them for your own crew a bit fiddly. Also, 5ss is 10% of your crew. Is it worth 10% of your crew to put down a pillar a turn?
  4. Not a noob idea at all! You'll notice the OP swapped into Lady J for his tournament, so def a good idea. The Jury targets WP for damage, which is Umbra's weak stat (they tend to have have Def). Lone Marshal ignores concealment and can autokill a summon, so that's great (also on WP). Instead of Papa Loco I'd specifically look at the Riotbreaker, they both have Blow it to Hell, but that's on a bonus, so you cannot obey it. But the Riot Breaker also brings in Crowd Control with stops Daeva attacks on summon.
  5. I've had great success with Basse, just drop Reichart for the Peacekeeper. Everything else is WP 5.
  6. This is why people need to look harder at No Prisoners!!!! It's great versus pingers, Brockens, Husks! So much unresisted ping damage we can avoid!!!
  7. For Hoffman? The keyword. Hoffman disrespects Ivan, he can shove that bowler hat up his antiluminal bridge. Dua/Umbra have damage tracks of 2/3/4 keyword wide. Hoffman has Armor +2 keyword wide. So in order to do more than 1 damage in any given instance, they either have to hit a severe or get the shadow pins trigger. Then they get to do....2 damage. And you have healing. And sheilded. But wait....the Brocken Specter!!! ...who is also stuck at 2/3/4 damage. Versus Hoffman who has Temper Steel so your Brocken feels like it's hitting the button on a Tickle Me Elmo. Fortunately you also have Wardens who are Ruthless and care not for Terrifying. Sure he can summon though...right? Ivan summoning is based on WP. Augmented has bad stats. Bad stats = bad summons. Hoffman and Joss are literally the only models that he can pull a Brocken off of...except Hoffman has Protected, and any attack Ivan throws at him needs to be pushed off to another construct. Or if you really need Joss (debatable) then you can bring in a Guardian to take some hits. And then Ivan loses the built in crow from concealment, so he has to stone and cheat to summon anything. Which will be a Daeva or a Nocturne. So he brings in the Daeva...who cannot attack because Riotbreaker has Crowd Control. Flexibility Morality doesn't work because you have tokens for built in plusses. Eva struggles to target a marker because you have Blow it to Hell for shadow markers and you proactively vacuum up scrap markers, so much for Lock Away. Negatives from concealment? Have some power token plusses! Not enough? Since you aren't taxed by LLC, you are free to actually bring in the other upgrades, which is turns out are SUPER LEGIT. Ignore Cover/Concealment/Friendly Fire on guns? Sure thing! Ignore Hazardous terrain and shockwaves and pulses, AND get to pop a beater over to Ivan's stuff? Fantastic. I'm not usually a Catch Them fan, but all you guns are Rng 8...and Peacekeeper is Mv 4... So yeah, you still gotta play the schemes and strats right. Ivan isn't just gonna roll over, you'll have to kick him over. But it'll be a game largely dictated on your terms, not his, as you're pulling away all of Ivan's real advantages.
  8. You crazy, Ivan has pretty distinct weaknesses, and I actually think Hoffman can cover him just fine. Or Lady J. Or Basse. Or one of our locals just likes him too much and I've had to play into him nonstop for some months...
  9. Sounds like their hot take went cold.
  10. There had been a bit of interest in Euripides and the Savage keyword here as of late, so we decided to do a deep dive into how to play them. The Podcast: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-nx933-105855d For those who are more readers than listeners, I've included my show notes below as well. Note: They are a bit raw, formatting wise, they were written as speaking topics more than an actual guide. These are just my opinions from playing Savage a lot, if something works better for you, than do it and share it!!! --------------------- Euripides He is a dark horse This means that he is harder to play than other crews This DOES NOT mean that he is “bad” Not recommended to start the game with, better as a “second” crew purchase (unless you like the models!) Purchase essentials: Core Box, The Damned, Geryon Newer crew/keyword to the game (introduced in 3rd) so has one of the smallest keyword selections; this should improve with time with new releases like The Damned Misconceptions Just because they are giants does not make them tougher than anything else Using Old Ways on every flip - don’t help your opponent kill you Challenges Movement, movement, movement You are slow You suffer terrain (yes there is a SINGLE model that can get Incorporeal) You are fat Lack of defensive tech and good stats Doesn’t really “challenge” your opponent Not “action efficient” Example: Geryon is a beater, but only 1 swing per ap, no “free swings” Example: Gigant is Rng 8 but gun auto pushes models away, tricky for second shot A lot of things can mess up Old Ways timing to maximize your discard Terrifying Flexible Morality Boring Conversation You can also cheat high and reuse versus a lot of these things too! Shuffle your deck extra - high cards group together Basic Advice Ice Pillar Placement Always place greater than 1” away from opposing models No downsides to you, most of your pulses (Euripides) are 2” But “Remove Destructible Terrain” general action is 1”, so now they have to walk and spend an AP, rather than just 1 AP Expect your opponent to bring things that remove the pillars Neutralize them or stay ahead Entomb in Ice STOPS MARKER DROPS Amazing into certain crews, also screws up certain schemes that rely on markers (Death Beds) Opponent can always just count pick ice pillars as their Death Beds marker. The Old Ways Think of it as 1 free offensive use a turn with Frozen Vigor Do NOT use it defensively Why? Bc you are pinging yourself for your opponent You have low stats, they can force the hit through and you have just made them +1 damage If you have shielded for the “free” use Defensively, it can also be Shielded on their damage flip too Reconsider only if they have low/no cards, you have a face card in discard, or it is a super relevant attack to dodge Do not use Old Ways when on 2 health, you are hard to kill There may be some models your crew is ill-equipped to kill Hard to Wound, Armor is rough Instead focus on tarpit and control, i.e. Geryon with Extended Reach, 2” melee, Slow trigger, Heave Interestingly the crew has a fair amount of ping damage (esp with Damned) so Hard to Kill isn’t so hard to kill Sit at a table at home and practice turn 1 Where do models go What order do they activate in How do you plan to move them Who teleports? Who puts down the ice pillars for that teleport? Upgrades Inhuman Reflexes - Good upgrade, but not fantastic on Savage (Scamper on Geryon with 2” melee and Extended Reach is a nice, not need to have) Ancient Pact - TAKE 2!!! Savage is minion heavy, you get all 3 abilities You NEED card draw, will talk about hand management +2 Initiative is solid defensively with Cave Drawings Eldritch Magic - Super niche, especially because you want Ancient Pact so bad and stones are a resource Have taken vs Brewmaster for Dispel Magic on the Primordial Magic Possibly more important that Distraction is a thing? Hand Management All podcasts talk about hand management in general, we’re going to actually TALK about it Arcane Reservoir, very important Primordial Magic is SOFT AS SHIT, HIDING IT FROM RANDOM ASS HANDGUNS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN INCORPOREAL Form Given Winter is 6”, walk, bonus, walk back to safety You need to sort out on Turn 1 (based on sitting at home and practicing unpacking!!!): 6+ Tomes (Cyclops) 5+ Tomes (Geryon - Shoulder Rush/Focused Attention) 5 or 7 Rams (Gigant/Euripides - Shattering Surprise) Any low Tome (Gigant, Shattering Shove) Any low Ram (Geryon - Heave on friendly) Any low Mask (BBS) Important point is Cyclops, Euripides, and Geryon are all competing for Tomes in the same range, this is known as BAD SYNERGY MINIMIZE THIS After Turn 1 hand management gets simpler 6+ Tomes for Cyclops High Ram on Geryon Tomes for Euripides Euripides can stone for Tomes, so keep the suited cards for Geryon and Cyclops primarily TONS of suit requirements - This is why 2 Ancient Pacts Will change based on your list and plan of how to unpack (i.e. Gigant gunline vs Geryon Brick) List Building 3 Different “Styles” Geryon Brick Core resides on 2 Geryons Can bring in 1 Gigant Most common Turf War, Leyline; reasonable into Break the Line and Symbols Gigant “Gunline” Core resides on 2-3 Gigants Teleporting, Shooting, Blast, Scheme Denial Break the Line Way more niche than the Geryon brick, shooting is just so low range, bad staying power with 6 Wd models Frigid Friends Euripides has no “Savage” dependencies Take anything you want Least common, other masters do it better anyway Best for if you have dedicated a tournament to Euripides and need a lot of counter picks for a bad match up Difference between Gigant Gunline and Geryon Brick is pretty “fluid” But seriously….80% Geryon Brick Models in Crew Gigant Excellent shooter, shit ass range Really shines for Cave Drawings locking down Strategy points -- THIS IS THE REAL REASON TO HIRE THEM Geryon Vanilla wafer beater Heave and Chill are dope - remember we are wasting opponent’s AP Heave - AMAZING TRIGGER - put a 1” reach model greater than 1” away OR a 2” reach model greater than 2” away and use Extended Reach to stop the Charge Shoulder Rush is both faster than walking and gives you a focus Reform from Ice plus Chronicle (Betrayal) = Kills hard to kill Cyclops Change of heart; I used to say take 1, mandatory In GG2...I don’t think they are necessary Def 4 sucks, fishing for tomes sucks, and all the action is at the centerline, so staging teleporting is mediocre now I started leaving them out of the list and haven’t had regrets (yet) Serena Bowman Don’t kid yourself, the in keyword healing just keeps up with The Old Ways You need healing - Mostly for Euripides?!?!? She’s also STILL STUPID GOOD The Damned This model is CRITICAL for Savage Super mobile, stretches the field (so many OOK models were hired to cover this weakness, like Tuco or Grootslang, this model is sooooo much better) Amazing damage track with Crit Strike AP Efficiency with Pouncing Strike Built in Ice Pillar generation (does not trigger on friendlies, needs to be an enemy for blasts, common rules mistake) Chronicle is also good for brick lists, every Frozen Vigor is ping damage Thoon Oddly controversial He is “good” not “amazing”, but can PISS OFF YOUR OPPONENT, which is good Flanker, NOT a beater, do NOT send him into opponent’s blob For Frozen Trophy to be effective, a model must be ISOLATED Fastest other than Damned Take him for pools requiring opponent to spread out and have him work the edges for Frozen Trophy But also remember to just put Focus on the guy and use Intuition for 2/4/6 damage Just don’t forget, he’s not a beater, he’s a flanker and counter schemer I like him into Dreamer/English Ivan The summon models into your crew, isolated already from their own crew, 1 AP pillar them, they are gone, you are unjammed Quite good into Elite Alpha strikes like Nekima, x2 Mature Nephilim (low model count, they come to you), Lynch if the player decides to teleport Huggy into the middle of your crew Low model count, easily isolated Cannot cheat melee, so use Intuition to set yourself up to hit instead Black Blood Shaman Use a low mask, pulse out Focus on whole crew Turn 2, same Turn 3 - Mobile Schemer/Beatstick Hinamatsu Everything Savage is lacking Armor Distracted Fast AP Efficient Why is BBS important? And Shoulder/Rush + Focused Attention? Focus is KEY to using The Old Ways efficiently Only need Focus +1 Use it on first attack, get to straight flip Cheat Severe Old Ways in Severe for next attack Coupled with Frozen Vigor and Chronicle from Damned, Geryon can do really reliable 10 damage in 1 activation (Focus, Severe, Old Ways, Weak, Reform, Chronicle) Candy Bomb/Shattering Shove What is it? Euripides, Glacial Shove ice pillar into enemy crew (or Rune-Etched Ice, either, just get a pillar in there Make an Ice Pillar within 2” of Candy Gigant, Shattering Shove Candy into back pillar and teleport to front pillar Stunned, Discard, Profit This is STUPID and TERRIBLE 2 AP to put down pillars Very telegraphed Plenty of time for opponent to respond 1 AP to hit Candy, some damage Candy can Bomb Herself Walk, Walk, Glimpse of Insanity (18” threat before pushes) Shattering Shove is USEFUL, but RESOURCE INTENSIVE and SET UP INTENSIVE Use it for schemes and strats To get to areas of the board that are difficult to get to quickly the hard way (walking) Get models in position for alpha striking Mysterious Emissary (Rng 8 Shooting) Hinamatsu (use a closer, safer pillar, Charge 8” + 1” melee, 6 attacks, Armor +2, Distracted) Strats GG2 is a big buff to Savage You want to play the middle line, ¾ strats play to this strength Turf War Super Brick in the middle!!! Sample starting point: Euripides, 7ss Primordial Magic Geryon Ancient Pact Geryon Ancient Pact Serena Bowman The Damned Tip: Use Primordial to flip your Turf Markers Consider Hinamatsu in lieu of something else Serena helps a ton for staying power Get to opponent’s side of the table ASAP Leyline Super Brick in the middle!!! Same as above, really Need a Leyline Runner Meet the Bultungin!!! Mv 6, Deadly Pursuit = 16” Also consider Lyssa: Bring It on Stat 5 on Opponent’s Leyline Runner Symbols Most people put their Symbols across their deployment zone horizontally Put yours, 2 on each side vertically (Wedge, Standard, Corner) Flank do the normal thing Splits your opponent up, easier for Thoon to isolate a model Damned is your primary Symboler, Euripides is your secondary (reliable teleport) Play that Damned Cagey, keep him alive Other than Thoon and Damned, can take whatever you please really Break the Line Gonna be making sacrifices here Decide which two you will brick on Park Euripides and the Geryon there Thoon goes on a flank for the 3rd one Sacrifice 1 if needed Can go with a Gigant to drop a pillar and Cave Drawings to try to cover all 4
  11. I agree with this for Basse, and would even move the Trapper box up. It has the 4 clockwork traps his crew wants as part of their playstyle.
  12. For me, sizable learning curve for them to not die in a single activation. They "break" the Family mold by leaving the support bubble.
  13. This is literally how I started Guild. Core, Rider, Steward were all I used for a ton of games.
  14. This may help: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-zq8xj-fbee26
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