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  1. You also need a 5to get the enemy scheme marker from Dispatcher.
  2. trikk

    dashel advice?

    Judge is like bacon. She fits with everything.
  3. There is no LOS requirement in the action. Ot doesn't target anyone so LoS is not required.
  4. There is no LOS requirement in the action. Ot doesn't target anyone so LoS is not required.
  5. I mean I like it but I don't have enough experience with the Pale Rider to know how important it is. But hey, we all figure it out on our own, so it must be at least decent
  6. For Lucius, I'd give it on Agent 46. For Sonnia I'd give it to Sonnia. It's a must for Lady J and I like in on Perdita. I also like giving it to the Pale Rider but I'm not entirely convinced it's that effective.
  7. Just so you know, if you make the duet, you lose Ancient Pact.
  8. In my experience nobody really wants to go for Lucius because he's way more worthless without his crew than his crew is without him.
  9. LLC: very good, I take it on a lot of models Expert Marksman: situational when you know you'll face armor (I used it on Dashel, Nino likes it because he has a built in ) No Prisoners: garbage
  10. The last beta files have Dashel at 30mm and his M2E model is also on a 30mm. I might not understand something but I don't know where the 40mm thing comes from
  11. Sanctioned Spellcasters are just pretty good in general. They easily have 3 shots at Stat 4 with a blast and Burning. They aren't that easy to take down due to arcane shield and counterspell and they have negation aura.
  12. The SS? I don't understand. I do agree with Adran though
  13. I played the effigy multiple times and the way I see it: Brutal is probably the best one for Effigy of Fate because the emissary can heal himself and you don't need him that often early. Killing the effigy requires considerable resources because of Armor+HtK and if they commit for the effigy, you can punish them and even if they kill it, you lost 6 SS ehich isn't that huge
  14. Yep. That's why I prefer the Pathfinder to the Guardian
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