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  1. I played against him. All I can say is he knows his leaps 😛
  2. Legistat played him on the New Years Retribution R1 vs Zipp and won 8:5 IIRC I think going the garrotte way isn't the way. He has insane card draw, he has AP manipulation and a decent amount of models with Stealth.
  3. While I disagree with some of Wyrds design decisions, things like Thalarian Quellers we're mentioned multiple times in the beta which means: a) Wyrd things those models are fine as-is b) Wyrd knows more than we do c) Wyrd lacked the manpower to fix 450 models and 21 upgrades simultanously. I personally think it's a bit of all 3 of them.
  4. LJ+LLC, Judge, Jury+LLC, 2 domadores, Lone Marshal
  5. Unfortunately this is correct. It's bad and confusing but it's true
  6. You can cheat the damage unless the target has HtW or a similar way of giving you a negative flip. You can target a model with no conditions.
  7. Why take 3x good ol boys when you can get things like Brin who solves a lot of your problems or First Mate that opens up a lot of schemes? The only good matchup vs a good So'mer I found is Jedza because she shuts down spit hogs. Somer is an S+ tier master and probably has the best keyword in the game (although not the most versatile) He's the easiest master to solo in bayou. Gremlin General and B2C makes him immune to shockwaves and super resilent and Bayou Bash makes everything stat7. Lures, Obeys, Lenny, Georgy
  8. Guild has to be last on southern hemisphere because everything is upside down!
  9. You can obey a lawyer to obey a lawyer
  10. I will try to play Scorpius with 0 OOK Phiona
  11. Yes. Depends on the turn, strats and overall context of the game but I like both!
  12. Double shielded + tools is what I bring them for. The obey is just a bonus. As is chatty
  13. Hoffman can have Phiona (9SS) and Lawyer (6SS)
  14. Definitely going to give it a try. After someone won a tournamen with playing Justice 4 times I have to reevaluate everything in life I was tempted to try them OOK but they are 1 SS to expensive 😕
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