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  1. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    If Df7 is easy to hit for you, then I think we're playing a different game.
  2. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    Even with Focus you have to go through Df7 which is super hard. Why did you take Duet (low min) versus a Armor +1 crew? So if Shouting Orders Focus is free, does that mean Amina Naidu's "get SS" is also free ?
  3. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    I'm all for number 1) because it's a lot cleaner. Has anyone really lost it easily in game? I played it wrong previously (I thought you split the Wounds) and it was still a pain to kill through the Distracted/Armor/Df6/Cover. I had one chance to kill a Coryphee and after that I had no chance so I stopped bothering and just accepted I'll get smacked a few times each turn.
  4. I always think that if someone tells you to position a model ideally on a 30mm marker, you should tell him to surrender because you're going to try until he falls asleep or has to go home. Or the soft version: pack your stuff and never play with him again 😜
  5. Every crew needs SS. The argument presented here was "she needs the stones for obey because that's the only thing she does, so it basically evens out.". As for point b: this is exactly what @LexLock mentioned. The fact you didn't get the stones doesn't mean the opponent didn't had to go through multiple hoops to not give you the stone. Which in general would be fine IF you had to activaly participate in it and not just stand in a point where you see 2 randomly generated corrupted idol markers.
  6. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    I really like how you skipped the auto-distract part with no duel, but ok You also should give 1 distracted per turn with Carlos. And Colette can hit a Dove, bury herself T1 and T2 unbury and spam distracted. If you lose the Duet T1 it's either very bad luck or very bad play. She also has Stat 7 Distracted with 2" range so it's really not that hard to hit on the right target. No minion in the keyword offers a combination of survivability and utility Silent One does. So it's either versatile or out-of keyword. I don't know AR that well, so what other options would you propose?
  7. Generally I agree with you. But 2 Stat 7 min shots aren't worth 9SS. For 2SS more you have the Pale Rider that offers worse shooting but more utility, better defenses, can't be tied in combat, can disengage with Ride With Me, and still have a full turn if needed. Oh, and he has an AOE heal/damage/charge potential.
  8. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    Cassandra walks+ interacts. PRESTO! You still need someone to hold Arcane Reservoir and the Silent one is way better than a Showgirl You can also heal Carlos, Colette and Cassandra if needed or the Emissary, that will come from the effigy.
  9. It is. My issue is not "Amina is too strong, OMG PLZ NERF", but with this current ability being an automatic card-for-stone interaction for the enemy to score VP., The argument against was "she needs it because she needs suits to work". So my counter argument is "let's tone down the ability and make her less suit dependant" but this apparently is also wrong which leads me to believe the suit-dependency isn't really the reason it needs to be table-wide. Counterplay is ok but it has to be real and available to anyone. But if I have to take 20SS of non-theme models to even have a chance against Master X, then it's not really balanced.
  10. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    Which part? The heal? The pillar creation so she can heal through it? The slow she can give through the pillar? It is. During the Colette game I had all of my crucial models had at least Distracted +1 each turn and a lot of them had Distracted +2. Assist is possible but it usually still gives you another activation to give it, you have to be in range (including disengaging a lot of times)
  11. It's an inch difference between 1" and 0". You can apply the same principal to the difference between 2" and 1"
  12. A 30mm model blocks interacts, if it stands directly on a 30mm marker if it has 0" engage
  13. What I meant is: since you don't see the stones it doesn't mean it's not a pain in the ass. Just give her a stat6 Obey and restrict the range to 10-12".
  14. With 1" you also can't block scheme markers/bombs as 30mm >1"
  15. trikk

    Coryphee duet

    I really think saying "it doesn't work" is a huge exaggeration. I do think the whole replace should be simplified but you can't just charge it mindlessly in the enemy crew. It's as survivable as most models it's cost. It hits less but will definitely have a few dual activations during the game. Going through 4 Df6 wounds with Armor +2 while Distracted isn't really that easy too. It could lower it's attacks stat to 6 and get a positive to damage I suppose.
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