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  1. She's very durable, has pretty easy access to 3 attacks with positives and bring it is a better lure
  2. You might be right. I don't exactly know what changed but McCabe seems super solid as of now.
  3. Auras don't stack so you would only have to take 1 test. I like the Executionier and Pathfinder for Lucius. Executionier gives you a lot of trigger denying and Pathfinder allows shooting to concealment.
  4. I don't think cleraring up issues/questions is the same model changing. While I certainly don't expect model changing, a FAQ is always welcome.
  5. I think the lack of errata (which "fixes models") doesn`t mean a lack of faq to answer some questions
  6. I know theres a few ways to fix it in local games but a unified solution would be welcome
  7. I thought so too, but all schemes have the "At the beginning of the game" wording. Hidden Martyrs, Vendetta etc. And step H says that you pick all additional info with schemes. I believe even the app forces you to pick it with schemes
  8. The wording for Sabotage is the same for Vendetta etc. Theorethically I choose scheme specific data (step G) etc pre-deployment (step I) so how can I pick a terrain piece when the deployment zones are not yet set up? Either the scheme should say "After deployment zones are set up choose a terrain piece...." instead of "a the beginning of the game" (best option) OR choosing schemes should be post-deployment zone (worst option)
  9. At the beginning of the game choose a terrain piece within 3" of the enemy deployment zone. So the issue is that we choose schemes pre-deployment so I don't know which terrains will be within 3" of the enemy deployment zone. The difficulty of this scheme is super dependant on the chosen deployment. What happens if there is no terrain eligable within range after we decide deployment zones? Am I missing something?
  10. Post-apo-barbarian-zombie goes thonk with enormous exhaust pipe. It's super effective Enemy master faints.
  11. They look like Piglets met Mad Max: Fury Road. They also have gramophones on their backs 😛
  12. For Guild it's definitely Dashel as the easiest. You don't have a lot of tracking to do. You play in theme, so you don't have a mix of abilities. The crew has synergies but they re mostly passive
  13. Yes but the Ashigaru can Take The Hit again for a different model.
  14. but if I Obey the Executionier and the opponent uses Take the Hit on a Guard Patrol, I can't target the Executioner with the second obey this activation, but I can target a second model and the same Guard Patrol can take the hit, correct?
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