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  1. trikk

    The Pale Rider

    Thats why mine rides with a LLC
  2. Rule number 1: don't attack Colette Rule number 2: Dashel with Expert Marksman is pretty sweet versus Coryphee
  3. You also get one from Internal Affairs. Thats 10 cards
  4. Executionier or Mounted Guard. Depending if I need kills or mobility.
  5. M3E Austringers don't have Deliver Orders
  6. Loot Corpse is sooo good. Shouting Orders on Executioniers and Riflemen is also very nice. He's also stat 7 half the time with a moderate 4 attack and crit strike.
  7. Dashel also probably has the best non-summoning actions out of the whole bunch.
  8. Santiago, Loco, Abuela, Nino, Steward, LLC on Dita, Judge/Frank (I haven't tested Frank yet but I'm slowly changing my mind about him)
  9. If you take an action you always go through the "Declare" step. Family isn't bad but I think that they get shut down by a lot of crews very fast and for me they have a pretty fixed crew.
  10. Guess I'm getting my 4th Justice sculpt
  11. I assume you have Magical Training somewhere else
  12. For 10SS I can have an almost fully functional Judge Yep. I'll pass
  13. I played with Jury, Rider+LLC, Judge +LLC, Steward, Effigy+upgrade and it worked really well. You can swap Judge +Steward for Dashel+Dispatcher
  14. 1. Nellie 2. Sonnia 3. Hoffman 4. Lucius 5. Dashel 6. Justice 7. Perdita 8. Basse
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