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  1. I think someone also had a bug with not being able to select Lost Love for martyrs
  2. Pale Rider's 2/3/4 damage Pulse. Fixed it for ya Dead Rider has a 2/3/4 OTOH
  3. We're making some local polish stats. We'll see WR of masters for players that end up in top half of tournament finishers
  4. Yes. And if he has HtK, it's super hard to kill him within 8" if he's not stunned
  5. Currently 2 factions have anti-demise tech. Anti healing is also not very popular (RR have some and?) Levi ignores HtK and has so much ping damage that I don't really think HtK is the answer. Levi will not win with a high diff but he will mostly likely win because the amount of damage those models give out is insane. As for blocking Healing: You have 3 factions (Jorogumo with Mark of Vengeance in TT, Aboms/Marlena/Ashen Core in Levi and Goryo/Onyro/Emissar in RR) Undegraduates and Studied opponent are probably the biggest issues in the crew. By Your Side is a stupid abilit
  6. So since we kind of restarted M3E and have probably 10-15 games a week we're slowly getting opinions on the state of masters and their power (in our opinion of course) and I'm wondering how does it look in other metas. We didn't play all the masters yet so the list will probably vary. Here is a list of 10 masters that probably should be toned down (and why) (poopstorm imminent) 1. Levi (especially in public enemies) - the fact everything in the crew is super durable (Marlena, Ashes, Deso, Levi, Rusty) and deals out significant amounts of passive and active damage, scori
  7. This is one idea. Hunt the dead also should be made more reliable. I also like the idea of Into Dust working against Incorporeal It would be fun if it would be 1 irreducable damage!
  8. I played a bit with LJ and I think the biggest issues I have with her are: 5 for a leap Pretty squishy without LLC Decay being pretty meh She's still pretty decent but the bigger issue I have is: - Marshals have a lot of triggers that do nothing against non-Undead. Into Dust is a worse version of execute and only works on undead - Pine boxes and recruiters are bad
  9. So maybe it's obvious but I was surprised to realize A Por El allows Bonus actions so a Monster Hunter can A Po El Abuela to do Listen Up on Francisco You can also A Por El Francisco after Dita to give him Finesse without activating him or get Nino out of combat My current goto list is: Dita Neph Phiona + LLC Francisco Nino Lawyer Abuela Steward
  10. Current 8 trap score: 2 wins, 1 draw, 0 loses As for Frontier, I think their biggest weakness is Wp. You have 1 model with Wp6 in the whole keyword. If dust clouds gave them disguised I think they would be in a much better position. I was strongly opposed to dust markers staying permanently during the beta, because you can basically have 6-7 markers easily without really cheating much per turn. I don't think comparing to Germinate is fair.
  11. I agree you use it only if it gets you points. Give it a swift action/galvanize/sudden strike trigger or whatever to make it useful.... I think people underestimate Austringers. They are 7SS minions with +- 8 Hp and a pretty decent attack that can take out support pieces. Pathfinders are good but super squishy. I think that's the general issue with Frontier, is that they die super fast (everything is Df 5 or lower except Basse). They can stand against ranged crews due to Favorable Terrain but melee crews demolish them. The worm is bonkers tho. I don't know if you
  12. Just remember to position correctly. We had someone do it but he got blasted T1 and all the black bloods killed vasilisa
  13. That's not what I mean. I mean most models don't really want to attack her because it's counterproductive. I never do unless I have trigger ignoring stuff.
  14. Distracted, Serene and built in bury trigger are mechanics that contradict each other.
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