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  1. The way I see it, then is not a conditional requirement "If X, then Y" but a timing mechanism "Do X, Finish X, Do Y, Finish Y". Conditional requirements in Malifaux are stated most of the time "If the target recieved X/did Y then do Z"
  2. trikk


    Its 7 AM in Wyrd-time. I'd assume its going to be in around 3-5 hours
  3. trikk


    Think about Australians
  4. trikk

    Dimensional Instability

    The whole rule for Dimensional Instability is a big mess for me but I don`t see a reason why you wouldn`t be allowed to move. The term "this order" is very misleading. I doesn't say what happens if the teleport is outside of the units activation. It doesn'`t say what happens if its done by extra movement etc. The whole "this order" suggests that you can teleport just during your activation but there are no clear restrictions so I have no idea how exactly the whole rule is suppose to work.
  5. trikk


    I was really hoping for Adepticon. But it looks more and more like Gencon unless the beta is 4-6 weeks
  6. trikk

    Looking for Different Abyssinian Colour scheme

    Hahaha, thanks for the tip
  7. trikk

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    I was thinking HHD and Soulstone Necklace. EM takes the place of HHD.
  8. trikk

    TOS in Europe

    I said the same exact words a few days earlier 😜
  9. trikk

    TOS in Europe

    I don't think Wyrd packed those. I recieved multiple packages directly from Wyrd and I think I had one issue in around 20. That being said, my package was lacking 2 morphlings and they were sent a day after I used the contact form on wyrd page.
  10. trikk

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    I would prefer Evasive Manouvers or Hand Held Device (since you'll be using Lion Amongst Gazelles a lot thats 2 extra cards) over Deflector Shield. You can also give him ACTIVE DEFENSES ARMOR to make the opponent really think if they want to shoot him.
  11. trikk

    Looking for Different Abyssinian Colour scheme

    Thanks. I'll look for it. Did you do anything with it or just put it on the base and let it dry?
  12. trikk

    Looking for Different Abyssinian Colour scheme

    How did you do the bases? I'm tempted by the GW texture paints TBH...
  13. trikk

    Looking for Different Abyssinian Colour scheme

    Me likey! I was thinking about something similar except the purple and turning they yellow into a more desert-tone.
  14. trikk


    The cards testers saw and the cards that will be in the open beta don't have to be the same and Wyrd probably wants a fresh start so people are not biased.
  15. trikk

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I think Ironsides and Mei Feng should be required. I mean Mei Feng looks a lot like Lucy Liu.