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  1. Most MVS games can be arranged to play at that time so #excuses! 😜
  2. I'm waiting for you to play an international event and show everyone 😛 Basse crew has low Wp and issues with aggressive crews
  3. I have to say Wyrd has been more vocal on the social media front and I think it's GREAT! Reposting various community posts/videos/works Doing videos like that really feels like stepping up in game promotion
  4. Just send your garrison. If they don't let you via the door, use the windows!
  5. Well, I was mostly drawing cards anyways 😜
  6. a 40 mm TOS base with a 30mm insert slot
  7. Also, PISTOLEROS SUCK. No Gaining Grounds will help them I played all masters in GG1 and I think I'll play most of them in GG2 (except Sonnia most likely)
  8. Thralls and Handlers will defo see play. Stalkers I'm pretty sure won't
  9. This Sonnia can generate a lot of positive flips so card draw isn't that important. It's a good action but it's also a hard choice.
  10. You can hire her in Lucius with Changelings, but that's 20-24 or 28 SS locked into just card manipulation whch can be frustrating but ultimately will give you nothing in terms of VP. As for Confiscated Lore: it costs an action which means you will either forfeit a shot or a Burn Them Out which is huge.
  11. It doesn't as I Didn't Start The Fire is Enemy only Her crews mobility had a big issue of not being in any direction. The new towards/away rules help that and so does Burn Them Out
  12. During each activation (friendly or enemy) 1 witch hunter can make an attack if it is pushed outside of it's own activation and end the push engaging an enemy and starterd the push while within 8" of Sonnia
  13. Bury is not movement. You are removed from the table. Unburying is a movement as it places you on the table. You cannot choose not to be buried because of Laugh Off on Lead Lined Coat.
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