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  1. trikk

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Official Wyrd Statement:
  2. trikk

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    You can still take them with every master if they remain Guild models, right?
  3. trikk

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I believe the easiest way would probably to change the Mounties count-as to something TT. As for the outactivation thing: Assuming S&S are well designed, you will have scenarios where the large crew will be superior (you need to be at various places or you need a lot of AP to complete the objectives) and in other the elite crew will be superior (killy scenarios, where number of actions don`t count but you need to kill models) Also, remember its not that easy to make an elite crew as might need cache and I doubt there will be keywords full of high-cost beaters. Low model crews also are a lot more swingy because getting 1 RJ dmg can swing your whole game around.
  4. trikk

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    I think that team tournaments are about pairing. Playing 5 normal games of faux is boring. You can do that on any event. I'm pretty sure the niche masters wouldn't be that more popular in the top. You'd still get Deeps, Nicos, Nellies and Hamelins If we want to see more master diversity, I'd just go with bans or hope for a big errata
  5. trikk

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    TBH it was brought up last year but I would highly recommend master bans. Like 3 per team, each from another faction. This would mean that a lot of players (me included) would have to at least bring more than 1 master
  6. trikk

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    I agree with Passenty, the bonus points should go away. All they make is encourage you to crush your opponents more (which I don`t think is healthy from a human vs human perspectrive and can discourage players from coming) and give handicaps to teams that get easy pairings. Fe. Krakowball (and I`m not taking anything from the guys, they totally deserved to win) got a 4 man team followed by a team that got a bye. This gave them 2 bonus points which in turn gave them a huge boost in the standings. Now this year nobody got really hurt by it but next year it might be different ;)
  7. trikk

    Mah is good

    AFAIK you just pasted his list that we tested in January
  8. They are predetermined but the opposing team doesn't know about them until they are shown during pairings. The pairing starts anew for each table. So if Team A picks Hamelin, Team B pick Sandeep and Collodi and Hamelin wants to play against Collodi Sandeep goes back to the pool.
  9. Its actually the opposite. Last year you had Team A picks two, Team B picks one, Team A decided which one they want to play. The biggest difference is that in our system you don`t control all matchups and in last years ITCs you controlled all of them (both us and team Trump Card used that extensively). You might use Ramos if the pool favors him. I`d even go further and declare all masters pre-pairings. This way if you have Ramos and they have a counter you can bait him out.
  10. At the Polish Team Championship we had a system where you preselected masters per round. Team A selected 1 master Team B selected 2 masters Team A picked which one of the masters from the pair they wanted to play against. So Team A sends out Hamelin Team B sebds out Collodi and Sandeep Team A decides if Hamelin plays vs Sandeep or Collodi
  11. But you have no options to block any unwanted matchup. Its basically like playing a single tournament with slightly favorable scheme pools
  12. The issue is not the team to team pairing but the player to player pairing. You have 0 info on the opponent, their faction/master/crew so the strategy element is minimized... You can't sacrifice a player to force better pairings, you can't counter the enemy master etc.
  13. Have to say, the total lack of strategical element in the pairings is very dissapointing. Its even worse than last year :/
  14. trikk

    Faction rankings?

    TBH I think figuring your own stuff out is a lot more rewarding (even if your scores are worse)
  15. trikk

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    I also wanted to point out that Gremlin players that think the combo is too good bashing Gremlin players that play it is very Gremlinlike