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  1. From here and there, I keep seeing those reference to “s-tier masters” who are so incredibly offending the game. Yet I just figure out who they are and why they are so bad for the game. I hear Collette is one of them- and I hate her too lol - but I didn’t feel like she was that npe... Anyway, so who are those s-tier masters? And why?
  2. But that's what Wyrd did in the 2ed....They nerf all "tier-1 masters" so hard to the ground.....Remember Nicodem? When Asura Rotten first came out, NIcodem became God...then like 3 months later, nerfed to the ground and never came back...(literally too XD). And Colette got hit with the nerf-bat like 3 times during the 2ed..... I think the issue with Mech rider is that she single-handily wins VP too easily. I mean dead rider is a powerful model, but his power doesn't necessary wins vps on the spot. Mech rider does. Against me last week, she alone score 3 vps all by
  3. Oh lol didn’t see the 2026 part I’m dumb... lol March 26 2026 does sounds about right
  4. I thought they delayed all productions? (thus I am not getting my ivan next week....sad face)
  5. It says March 26...but it won't happen will it
  6. Back in the 2ed, Lilith had the exact same attack (well she still does, just got locked up XD), Tangle Shadow, but it was even longer (12 inches range). It was her bread-and butter attack, which made Lilith infamous for "kill-box".and it was worse because it was longer AND they got Nekima. Lilith was regarded as one of the stronger master, but she was nowhere near "degenerate" as other masters. What makes Colette worse is her defense techs. As you said, you get maybe 1 shot at the first turn, and you are chsaing butterfly for the rest of the game, and her trigger is baked-in. At le
  7. I am not too familiar with errata schedules, it since the last errata was last year’s March, so I am assuming that we will get a new errata soon in... maybe next month? with COVID-19, which kinda prohibited the actual games going, I am not sure if there’s enough data to make changes, but we had vassal leagues and Russian tournament(?) so we might have just enough... So the most obvious elephant in the room is Colette - she is so hard to take down, but one of the most mobile master in the game. Her crew can score pretty much any schemes easily.... from what I gathered, she wa
  8. Um... so this is the part I don’t get. How can the duet can 2 activation? The replacement rules said that if the original activated, the new model is treated as activated..?? So if you split, both corphees are activated?
  9. I know this is super late, but I am wondering how the duet can get 3 Activations....? My understanding is that replaced models are treated to be activate if the original model activated. So even if the duet splits at the second activation from riders ult, both solutes coryphees are treated as activated right? Where can you do the third activation?
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't realize they just had announced delay...and gamenerdz didn't change the expected date...so I just pre-ordered ivan core box thinking i will get it in a couple of weeks..... great now I have to wait at least another month...and knowing wyrd...now it might be April to get them.....
  11. Thank you!, additional questions - can concealment stack? in another words, if my los go across 2 concealment terrains, do I get 2 negative flips?
  12. Armor +1 says that it reduce all damages suffered by this moderl by +1. So I take if you have armor +2, and someone hit you for 2 dmg, It means no damage right? but I just keep seeing people saying that burning or posision are good answer to armor because armor takes minimal 1 dmg. Where can I find the wording for this?
  13. Hi guys... I have been out of malifaux since the end of 2nd edition and now I am trying to come back. I have been reading the rule book but I am a bit confused so shadow is a new thing, and I’m wondering if I got this right - all blocking terrain generate “shadow” up to 3 inches and anyone who “touches” this shadow gets cover? Did I understand this correctly? So basically shadow extend the cover from 1 inche in 2ed to the actual height or the terrian? for consealment, if a los is drawn thought a sealing terrain, then the attack gets minus flip? To example, if we have a
  14. I heard that Hamelin is doing fantastic at the ITC - I am wondering what are the models they use with? Since the a&d nerf (not only the cost, but the fact that he can't be used for 2 strats) I am struggling to assemble a crew that can win...well agaist nico or deep. Genetally what hat is the list they using? Anyone know?
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