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  1. I heard that Hamelin is doing fantastic at the ITC - I am wondering what are the models they use with? Since the a&d nerf (not only the cost, but the fact that he can't be used for 2 strats) I am struggling to assemble a crew that can win...well agaist nico or deep. Genetally what hat is the list they using? Anyone know?
  2. so If your model engages with 3 of enemy models, but one of them is engaged, like this Friendly Enemy1 Enemey2 Enenmy3 The model so the model for the hold up their forces (The modle) is engaged with 3 enemy models, but one of them is engaged with another friendly model, do you still score since 2 of them, which are not engaged with other models are their? or do you not score because Enemy 3 is engeagd with other model?
  3. AHHH....nice. I missed that. I guess he is a way better than I expected. Thanks
  4. The midnight stalker is an interesting one. On paper he seems go well with Hamline since Hamline can do the rat-engine thing to control(?) when exactly the midnight stalker. But at the same time, He is not exactly a good obey target (since he can't attack who already went) and if he goes late (as most of hamline's crew does as they just burn actiations) he can't attack juicy targets.... so I am curious how he fares with Hamline (or even other masters) is he worth the SS? or should I just go with SUE? Annnd I am curious if A&D still is worth the points. I mean out of 5 GG 2018 Start, he can't participate in 2 strats as he can not get any conditions, and I think he is not so well suited for Ours either. Do you still take A&D for those strats simply because...well he is A&D? is he worth the SS now he is 14 ss?
  5. If you don't mind, what is your usual 9 activation lists? Just a bunch of 5-6ss models? Who is your main beater im that case?
  6. Sanik

    Tournament help

    Seems like a solid team I was thinking Howard and Kandra instead tho Yeah, pretty much the Greg's list. I will dig it. It's GG 2017 before the errata. I think Hamlien is more powerful per se, but Sandeep is more versatile, and Lilith has very unique play style. I guess I will just roll a die XD (or pick a card rather).
  7. Hey, we have a fixed roster(no change at all during the round) tournament coming up soon and I am debating between Sandeep, Lilith or Hamelin. i think some Sandeep is the most versatile one, but in some sense Hamelin would be more powerful? Who would you pick?
  8. Am I missing anything? did the podcast mention anything about Hamelin? what did they say it about?
  9. Hamline's Plague pit upgrade gives blight condition to an model which either start activation or ends an action around the pit marker. What (when )is the timing of giving out the condition? If a model walks in base contact with the marker and does an interaction to remove the marker, would that model receive the blight condition for ending an interaction around the marker? or would the model not reieive because by the time the model ends its condition, the marker is no longer there? Thanks!
  10. Gwyneth Maddox's has the ability called the Party Never ends. It reads: While within (3) inches of this model, enemy models may not remove the "Under the Influence" Conditoin Does this mean If an enemy model is within (3), the Brilliance does not end naturally? I mean, usually the brilliance says until end of turn? Or does this ability only stops the enemy action to remove (i.e. Johan) the condition?
  11. Greg's list is like....General good stuff.list I guess? but the list is very flexible in terms of what it can do. It has a great killer (Nekima), a great tanker (Graves), jack of all trade who can do interactions (Dopp.) and a fast runner who can break into enemy half fast (Terror tot)....and Lilith's Tangle shadow is just great at contorlling the board. There are a lot of killbox set-up models (like lure example), but no one does it better than lilith, so if an enemy model is problematic, you can just tangle shadow it to bring it into lilith's house and just kill it. And sometimes, rooting an enemy big model is just as effective as killing it, so lilith can control the board that way. I certainly don't think the list is invincible. Some people did figure out how to play around it and beat it. But nonetheless it is a very optimized, strong list and frankly, I don't think Neverborn has been recived any good models that can substitute that 7 models. Despite some talk about how it is the worst 13 ss model in the game, Nekima is still the best (and efficient) beater we got and Graves is the best tank/pusher we have. I think Serena Could be a better Johan, but the time will tell
  12. Thanks for sharing this. I guess Obey twice to move nekima then charge, then hit someone else for 3 times more does sound crazy. Maybe I will give Zorida a go soon Yeah, it is both amazing and sad that people are still playting the same list over and over again! I mean, 3 years now, people should have figure out how to exploit the weakness of such list but no...the list is just that powerful. I tried Serena Bowman(proxy) for Johan and gave Wraped Reality to Doppleganger and give The Song of Blood to Lilith for a couple of time. Doppleganger with advanced deployment and being able to be healed is cool, but I did miss Johan's attacking power and 2 more stones XD So I will defeintly try this out more often.
  13. I played against Zoraida only once, but I wasn't really that impressed. Maybe because he didn't quite get how to utlize her new upgrade? IDK... What does she use? how does Zoraida's list look like now?
  14. Borrowing the idea from the Arcanist and Outcasts forum, now that we had sometime to toy with the new models and upgrades I would like to start a thread about the current ranking of our masters at this point. My current ranking is 1. Lilith: I know that was a great discussion about if Collodi would be hit with the oh-so-dreadful-nerf-bat, I still think Lilith is the better choice than Colloidi. I am still playing "The Greg's list" most of time, with sometimes Serena Bowman subbing for Johan, and still feel like I can respond to any strat or Schemes Most people suspect that GG2018 will bring that Elite crews back, and Lilith would do even better as she can tangle shadow to displace opponents models and kill them one by one. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't get much boost in Wave 5, but I guess it simply shows how powerful she already is. 2. Collodi: He has so many "not-so-Neverborn-like" tricks: such as trapper + 3 changelings with effigy buffs, or Lazarus + Hannah interactions. Based on which limited upgrade to take, he can either be the AP spreading support master or the control master who can screw opponents'' game plan hard. He can even now summon to expend his crew during a game, although the cost might a bit too rich for my blood. Overall, very powerful and flexible master 3. Dreamer: Even after the Nerf, I still think that the summoning dreamer is top tier master. He can solve any problems simply by overwhelming the board with so many models. Wyrd pushed chompi dreamer by giving 2 chompi related upgrades, and there's extra shenanigans with Serena Bowman for placement tricks, but I am not sure if those are enough not to play summoning Dreamer. 4. Titania: The winner of the Wave 5. the New upgrade finally made her "the tank master" she meant to be. I personally don't play her, but played against her few times, and boy can she take hits. She excels at any holding ground type of strats (i.e. extraction, guard the stashes). Before Titania, our solution to holding ground games were to lure the opponents out of the holding position or simply try to out number them (*cough*dreamer*cough*) but, now we have an option to get inside and play some good ol' smashmouth football! 5. Pandora: The most frustrating master to play against, she is really good at controlling the pace of the game. But the problem I see is that IMHO, the Collodi controls the game better. Pandora is very unique, and her "controlling the order of activation" is indeed interesting and powerful, I would rather simply kill or kick that model out of threat range so that I don't have to worry about it at all. And the fact that 'Dora is extremely difficult master to play well makes her even more less appealing that Collodi. 6. Jakob Lynch: I think he is just simply better as Ten-Thurnder. His biggest problem is that he is a ranged dealer, whose range is short. I mean 8 inches? most models can charge 8 inches or more! Thus he needs extra help (i.e. pushes from other models) to get into the range and that another tar-pit to protect him or be engaged with opponent's models. I was hoping that he would get a new upgrade which will manipulate the decks even more, because I don't think he is manipulating the deck as well as his lore or name suggests (and that's the only selling point. Right now, his manipulating power is not as powerful as Lilith's placement shenanigans or Coolodi's control so unfortunately Lynch sits at bottom. I hope he will get more tricks in his hat in near future. 7. Lucius: I think Lucius is also better at his other faction: Guild. I heard that with Witching Thrall and Cap. Deshall's new upgrade, he is getting some love at the Guild, but we (1) do not have a minion who automatically pass horror check (2) no summoning back up from the Cap, (3) most importantly, Collodi does WAY BETTER at abusing minions than Lucius. I just don't see choosing him over other masters sadly. 8. Zoraida: Her main selling point is the obey, and even have a cool name new upgrade (POWERFUL CONTROL), but I just don't see how powerful she is. Maybe it's because I never played her well, or no one in my meta plays her seriously. But I just don't see any appealing reasons to chose her over other masters either - but I can be wrong! What do you guys think?
  15. So we have a few models who have insta-kill trigger: i,e. Howard, Misaki, Sue...etc Usually those models allow the damaged to either discard 2 cards or 2 soul stones to survive the insta-kill. But I was just told today that since only the henchmen and masters are allowed to soulstones, Enforcers and minions would not be able to chose to discard 2 soul stones to survive. another words, if the hit model is an enforcer and you don't have two cards, he is DEAD! Which brings to my next question -> If Sun Quian makes another henchmen a peon, and SUE hits that model, would that hit model just die because peon can't use soulstone? Is soulstone restriction also applied for those kind of trigger?
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