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  1. Why are the groups split by rankings? Doesn't this skew the scores for ranking purposes, and defeats the point of splitting into two?
  2. @Alcathous Please can I switch to Arcanists - Ollie Hedges.
  3. I wouldn't say either have a particularly 'average' body type. Topless with an athletic physique isn't the same as sexualised for men, and should not be treated as equal. Except it isn't just the cleavage. It's the ridiculous body proportions designed to appeal to men. The model looks like it's based off a pin-up girl. If she's meant to have a holster like this then that makes more sense. My takeaway from the art was that the holster connected to her clothing. Either way the bare skin underneath is rather impractical with the leather straps. And this is a good
  4. I think you don't need to look any further than alt Pandora. I chose Gunsmith because it's a good example of what I am talking about. The male model is dressed very normally and fit for purpose. The female model has had her breasts made the focal point of the model (large breasts and hips, small waist/open clothing/tank top) with a rather impractical holster connected to her boob tube. I agree the writing has got a lot better, and similarly the models have moved away for the most part from a similar glaringly obvious problem. However that doesn't mean there isn't work tha
  5. I think there needs to be a serious talk on the representation of women in Malifaux. In general I think Malifaux does much better than other wargames; there is a strong female presence in the characters, and they are written to be more than side-notes or as foils to the men. Wyrd have also done a lot to improve their scuplts of women since starting. This doesn’t mean there aren’t areas that can be improved though. My biggest issue comes from with how may of the characters are dressed and sculpted. Beyond ‘in character’ revealing clothes there are many outfits which are
  6. Northern Moose Infantry v Emma OP? Alexander (Titania) v Emma (Dreamer) 3-6Andreas Ådén (Hoffman) v Ollie (McCabe) 4-4Andreas Söder (Yan Lo) v Radek (Mah) 3-2 Emma OP? Scrape through to the finals!
  7. Rod frod med flode v Emma OP? Axel (Zipp) v Emma (Dreamer) 5:5 Daniel (Von Schtook) v Ollie (McCabe) 4:6 Christian (Dashel) v Radek (Mah) 2:6 Emma OP wins.
  8. I think the current Asylum & HAld-Blood models will count as the Guild and Neverborn starter boxes personally.
  9. Bayou have an upgrade that gives ruthless, so there's choices are actually pretty huge.
  10. Team Emma OP v. The Grand Cabal: Ollie (McCabe) v. Oliver (Zipp) 7-2 Radek (Mah) v. Nick (Dreamer) 6-0 Emma (Dreamer) v. Eric (Colette) 7-2 Some fun games, and some great opponents.
  11. Emma OP? England Ollie Ten Thunders Radek Gremlins Emma Neverborn Everything added as a placeholder, will fill the details in soon.
  12. Paid! Any chance we could see the strats beforehand? I haven't really played GG1 yet and could do with knowing what I should bring model wise beforehand.
  13. What counts as released? Is appearing in the book/app enough? Or does Wyrd have to have released the physical model?
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