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  1. As summons, and that's about it.
  2. Does Vengeance still trigger if the model with it was killed? After resolving an Action that targeted and damaged this model, the Attacking model suffers +1 damage. @DonovanW and I aren't sure.
  3. If there's anyone going via/near Oxford and would be willing to give me a lift, I'd love to attend. - Ollie
  4. I don't mind what the fix is, I'd just like it filled.
  5. Expect the 'rare' rules are built into hiring and summoning/replacing. As this does neither, they're not applied.
  6. Out of interest which bit don't you agree with? They go out of there way to state that a leader isn't hired, and then make every other crew selection rule relate to 'hiring'. I agree it's stupid, but why leave an easily fixed loophole?
  7. I'd like to point out that this is still legal RAW.
  8. I understand that there are potential reasons why the strat isn't great, but I wanted to deal with the part that literally doesn't work at the moment, rather than the bits that can be improved.
  9. That doesn't work in several scenarios: 1) The current set-up requires terrain to be placed before strats/schemes are generated 2) In some strat/deployment combos there's a lot of dead area you need to leave (9 potential spots in corner/flank and idols) 3) In most tournament settings you are asked not to rearrange the terrain. It seems like this is something that needs addressing in the rules.
  10. There's still no guidance as to what you're supposed to do if the marker would drop in impassible terrain. Do you place it elsewhere? reflip? not place it?
  11. To add to this list, the Necrotic Machine's 'Strange Behaviour' doesn't really have a place any more. In essence you're giving your opponent a moderate or severe to push 3'.
  12. I think putting a range on it, or making once a turn, would remove basically all utility from this model. I agree that he probably needs a complete overhaul, but for the time being stopping the summoning against mindless models seems like the easiest fix for the exploit.
  13. Just played a game against Hamelin where I drew an obscene amount of cards. Would suggest changing it to when a non-mindless model is summoned.
  14. If your opponent is letting you draw five cards then they're pretty bad. One master AP for two cards isn't the best trade either (it's a nice action, but not one that Molly should be doing as a matter of course).
  15. Out of interest how are you drawing five cards a turn with Molly?
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