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  1. Oh shoot! I meant it to be a compliment...Yes there is a minimal amount of art in the App, but between being "pretty" and being easy to use with a great interface (seriously I was confused on how to build crews before the app.....I'll always take the latter!
  2. Hey, I just downloaded the Crew Builder, and still exploring it. But initial first impressions are "Wow!" I of course was comparing it to War Room, and so far, what Crew Builder lacks in presentation, it totally makes up for in utility and ease of use. Much impressed! However as I watched the download of cards unfurl, I did notice the "Discontinued and Dead" models were included (Nicodem, Ramos, Lillith and Collodi) but I don't see them when I access the crew builder. Does anyone know how to "unlock" them?
  3. Thank you very much! This is a huge help! But one last question...Does Malifaux "1.5" have any new stories/fluff that wasn't in the original Malifaux 1st edition book?
  4. Hello all. Really getting into the “fluff” of Malifaux. Even my girlfriend likes me reading the stories over the phone when we can’t get together. However I just discovered the Wyrd Chronicles e-zine. Apparently a lot was going on in Malifaux that I missed by “just” reading the core books (like the death of Nicodem) however I don’t.know where the chronicles stories “fit” as there is no publishing date I can find. Can anyone tell me what books the magazines are set between? For example how long after the 1st edition Malifaux core book came out was issue #1 release, before rising powe
  5. hello all, big fan of Malifaux, and while I have gotten the four 2nd edition books (haven't tried "through the breach yet") Had a couple questions about how you put the crews together, on the surface, it seems a lot like Warmachine....in that your "King" (to use a chess term) is free....a Master or Henchman depending on the points that are being played....but is there a certain point level where you can have more than one Master? or Once you reach 50 points or so, is that where it becomes less fo a skirmish game and more of a wargame? (which I believe Wyrd deliberately shies away from)
  6. Hello. I keep seeing "previews" on "Bell of Lost Souls" for new miniatures, referencing a new book called "Ripples of Fate" i believe. I love the the Malifaux narrative (the Gremlins vignette "Bullet" was awesome) And to be honest I olook forward to reading and list building as much as modeling but I can't find any reference on the web as to when this book is coming out. I've checked GTM, Google, heck even this forum (which I thought would be abuzz if a new book was on the horizon)...but can't find anything in the new release section either I have to preorder my books from
  7. thank you veyr much, not sure, how to upload a photo though is the packer number the sticker I found on on of the little baggies?
  8. hello all, and i do apologize, guess I'm still too new to know if this is the right place to post this. earlier this year I bought a (metal) box of the Viktorias (the two Viktorias, Taelor, bishop and Johan) I didn't take them out or assemble them, simply because I heard 2nd edition Malifaux was incoming and didn't want to "waste" money on a soon to be out of date book well i have now received my 2nd edition book a few weeks ago, read it cover to cover, and was ready to assemble my outcasts....but it seems a mistake was made, instead of a Bishop, I got an "extra" Johan Do I have an
  9. is it true you technicaly don't need an official "Malifeau card deck"...that a standard poker deck will work as well?
  10. dumb question, but how much are the Victorias? couldn't find a listing in the store, was $20 a good deal? are there faction books like Warmachine/40k? where would I find the stats for the figures I bought
  11. Hi all, I didn't mean to get involved in malifeau (Warmachine and 40k takes most of my wargaming budget)....and I do liek the feel of dice, cards just don't feel the same as I learned when i tried a card based Marvel RPG a few years back BUt the local game shop sold me a box of "Viktorias" for 20 bucks, which sounded liek a good deal...but I geuss i now need a rule book...is 1.5 the most up to date? any other advice for someone who hasn't even taken the shrink off his first malifaux purchase?
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