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  1. Yeah I don't see this thread going any place good.
  2. Page 60 of the rulebook under damage reduction. "Reduction may not decrease the total damage amount below 1 unless otherwise stated (such as by using Soulstones). Armour does not specify that it reduces damage to 0, so you will take 1 damage at minimum.
  3. I'm really tempted to try get some black 2.0 for my Umbra stuff.
  4. https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources The should be a link to a dropbox with all the cards here.
  5. Hire Euripides as master, hire Pandora OOK, done. Really looking forward to using the Damned, a Savage scheme runner who doesn't die to a stiff breeze is really welcome.
  6. I'm getting different art for all of these.
  7. And I got the exorcism trigger, rip in peace thread. <Modhat> Just locking this thread as its 3 years old. <Modhat>
  8. <Modhat> I've just deleted some posts, play nice. If you aren't joining the discussion don't post. <Modhat>
  9. Under settings there should be an option to toggle Dead Mans Hand cards.
  10. Yeah I had a game where I buried Betty Noir, she unburied herself then reburied later, and I smashed the piller so she'd be in a worse position for my opponent.
  11. Do I really need a 4th Pandora crew? (The answer is yes.)
  12. There is a setting to toggle on seeing dead man's hand.
  13. Guild did have a nightmare box. It was even a reward for winning a global campaign. Poor Guild, they really got shafted this edition. 😛
  14. Fair enough, I thought you were saying you thought the playtest was finished and reopened.
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