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  1. Yeah I had a game where I buried Betty Noir, she unburied herself then reburied later, and I smashed the piller so she'd be in a worse position for my opponent.
  2. Do I really need a 4th Pandora crew? (The answer is yes.)
  3. There is a setting to toggle on seeing dead man's hand.
  4. Guild did have a nightmare box. It was even a reward for winning a global campaign. Poor Guild, they really got shafted this edition. 😛
  5. Fair enough, I thought you were saying you thought the playtest was finished and reopened.
  6. What makes you think that playtesting was closed? The reveal had "*Subject to change" written on it.
  7. The Juvenile Delinquents and lyssa boxsets are currently under July releases, and releases are generally the end of the month. I'd also suggest looking at the Mysterious Emissary, it can create hazardous terrain that you can use misery to push enemy models into. They take damage from being pushed into it, then either take damage to leave or they stay in and take damage anyway.
  8. Locking this thread, discussion has gone down hill enough.
  9. Page 24 of the rulebook under the section "Damage" The Accuracy Fate Modifiers are determined by the differences in the final duel total based on the break-down below: • Tied: The damage flip will suffer --. • 1 to 5: The damage flip will suffer a -. • 6 to 10: The damage flip won’t have a modifier for accuracy. • 11+: The damage flip will receive a +.
  10. <Modhat> Lets all remember to keep the discussion on summoning and not each other. <Modhat>
  11. I lost 3 of the spider legs off the Steamfitter, just put a glob of glue on the remaining one and stuck it on. Minako Rei and her 3 pieces of what I think is belt was a hassle trying to figure out where they went, the position in the render was different to the artwork and every built model I looked at had them differently, I just did the same as the spider leg and put them wherever.
  12. Or the crouching Samurai/Death Marshal who are as tall as the other 2 standing up.
  13. Size is pretty abstract, and I'm pretty sure it's based more on what the characters are supposed to be, not what the models are.
  14. Once per each models activation, so in that scenario you could get 6 Misery pings.
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