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  1. <Modhat> Alright guys, settle down. <Modhat>
  2. Hopefully she's standing on more than the toes of one foot this time.
  3. <Modhat> Alright this thread has gotten out of hand, if you want to continue this discussion start a new thread but keep it on topic and be nice to each other. <Modhat>
  4. Durza


    Personally I'd swap clockwork pistol on all the cards to Peacebringer, and maybe swap Clockwork Seeker to Clockwork Pistol if we need to keep the name. Outside Guild the only models I've seen with clockwork pistols currently in the rules are Karina, The forgotten Marshal, Friekorps Engineers and Friekorpsmenn. "Karina stole one" is all the justification you would need for her to be carrying one around, Forgotten Marshal would still have his from when he was in the Guild, and I assume the Freikorps would have a whole bunch either stolen or "supplied" from the guild, I don't remember if they were ever actually issued to them from the guild but I have no doubts they would have a few.
  5. Durza

    Anna Lovelace

    <Modhat> I've just deleted a post, there's no need to be condescending to people who have different opinions, an edition change is hard enough without attacking each other. <Modhat>
  6. Barbaros is still a Nephilim, so lilith can take him, Nekima can't because he has a rule specifically saying she can't though.
  7. Looks like Coppelius has amassed a nice eyeball collection after all these years.
  8. That's only the males, and the venom won't kill you, it'll just make you wish you were dead.
  9. <Modhat> This thread seems more a general discussion than rules query, so I've just moved it. <Modhat>
  10. I'd rather the text stay on the cards, I don't remember the last time I had to open the rulebook to actually check a rule.
  11. <Modhat> I've just deleted a comment, lets keep things from getting too personal shall we? <Modhat>
  12. This thread is 5 years old, next time just start a new thread.
  13. Rest thread, your time is done.
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