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  1. Markers that don't specify drop at 30mm, page 64 of the physical rulebook.
  2. Minako can summon both the Wanyudo and Katashiro, I'd say that's why they all come together.
  3. <modhat> This thread is nearly 3 years old, if you need help I'd suggest starting a new thread. <modhat>
  4. Page 49 of my rulebook is the start of the rules for the table. Actual rules for Bury is on page 69. The PDF in the app has the bury rules on page 33, where are you getting page 49 from?
  5. That's a resistance trigger, you can declare it if you have a mask in your final duel total when defending with your Df. The Moleman has a mask built into his Df stat, so he can nearly always declare it. Also the timing says after resolving, so long as you declare the trigger if an enemy attacks you you bury, whether it hits or not. The rules for bury are on page 69 of the rulebook. the tl;dr is you take the model off the board, they still count as in play and can activate, but can't declare actions unless they have rules saying otherwise, and may only unbury with an unbury effect.
  6. Shockwave 2 means the marker has a 2" pulse from it. The Mv value is the resist. So using fire tornado you would place a shockwave marker within 8" of the fire golem, then every model within 2 of that marker flips a card and adds the value to their Mv stat, if that number is below 13 they suffer 2 damage and burning 2.
  7. Tokens don't do anything on their own, but there are no restrictions on having them, Actions and abilities can use tokens, and if you don't have anything that uses tokens then you generally can't use them, but can still have them. Hoffmans free action Emergency power transfer only has the restriction "Choose a friendly model", so can move power tokens to non-constructs, most models can't do anything with the tokens though. Agent 46 has Mimic, which can copy actions off other models, Joss' Arc Axe has discarding a power token for irreducible damage built into the action, so if you transfer a power token to Agent 46, then copy Arc Axe, you can discard the power token to make it irreducible.
  8. No, Flay only lets you cheat on a negative, the Black Joker doesn't let you cheat because it's the black joker, both are different effects, Flay only lets you ignore one of them.
  9. <modhat> I think this thread has run its course. <modhat>
  10. That's some bad luck, I think I have had to get replacement parts twice.
  11. Looks like you might be missing a leg bone, I have 2 on my sprue, both in the same corner.
  12. I still have all my 1.5 cards sitting in boxes. >. >
  13. It's an action on several models, Perdita has it at stat 6.
  14. <modhat> This isn't really a rules question, so I've just moved it to the Arcanist forum. <modhat>
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