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  1. <modhat> I think this thread has run its course. <modhat>
  2. That's some bad luck, I think I have had to get replacement parts twice.
  3. Looks like you might be missing a leg bone, I have 2 on my sprue, both in the same corner.
  4. I still have all my 1.5 cards sitting in boxes. >. >
  5. It's an action on several models, Perdita has it at stat 6.
  6. <modhat> This isn't really a rules question, so I've just moved it to the Arcanist forum. <modhat>
  7. Damage reduction is to a minimum of 1 unless otherwise stated. Page 24 of the rulebook. <modhat> I've also just moved this question to the rules section. <modhat>
  8. Durza


    Oh god we're all doomed. 😧
  9. You could argue that irreducible doesn't ignore the armour itself, just the damage reduction. Temper steel says the targets armour cannot be ignored, but irreducible ignores damage reduction, not the armour ability itself. If irreducible said to ignore abilities with damage reduction I'd say tempered steel would work, but it doesn't, so I lean toward tempered steel not working.
  10. Go full power move and give everyone A4 sized stat cards.
  11. And I'm just going to lock this thread, it's a bit out of date, if anyone wants info on current Colette I'd recommend starting a new thread.
  12. <Modhat> Alright guys, settle down. <Modhat>
  13. Hopefully she's standing on more than the toes of one foot this time.
  14. <Modhat> Alright this thread has gotten out of hand, if you want to continue this discussion start a new thread but keep it on topic and be nice to each other. <Modhat>
  15. Durza


    Personally I'd swap clockwork pistol on all the cards to Peacebringer, and maybe swap Clockwork Seeker to Clockwork Pistol if we need to keep the name. Outside Guild the only models I've seen with clockwork pistols currently in the rules are Karina, The forgotten Marshal, Friekorps Engineers and Friekorpsmenn. "Karina stole one" is all the justification you would need for her to be carrying one around, Forgotten Marshal would still have his from when he was in the Guild, and I assume the Freikorps would have a whole bunch either stolen or "supplied" from the guild, I don't remember if they were ever actually issued to them from the guild but I have no doubts they would have a few.
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