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  1. Looks like the new Lazarus sculpt from the Cutting-Edge Technology box.
  2. Fingers crossed his shared minion is a healer named Eumenides.
  3. <Modhat> I've just moved this to the discussion forum. <Modhat> Maniacal_cackle has pretty much covered it, if you want to look more at the crews https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux has a summary of the factions and masters in each faction if you click on the faction icons. The best advice for starting is find a crew you like the look of and just start there, once you know more about the game you can look at what each crew does and find something you like the sound of.
  4. In my opinion Euripides has the advantage, his crew does more with ice pillars, and can clear ones that are in inconvenient places really easily.
  5. My lgs still has a bunch of 2e faction packs, so I can understand why they were limited like they were this time.
  6. How dare you insult my beautiful boys, apologise to them, the Geryon in particular. 😛 I haven't listened yet, but would disagree on your notes on the Candy bomb, if she bombs herself up it requires her to activate and win a duel, meaning she has lost manipulative and corrupted Innocence. Shattering shove has her unactivated in the middle of the enemy crew, the best place for her to be. Won't disagree on it being resource intensive, and it's not something you'll try every game.
  7. It's both, it can't be taken while engaged and can only target unengaged friendlies of lower size.
  8. Deafening silence has the discard as a cost, if you can't discard you cannot target Cadmus models with non-, non- actions. With Corrupted Innocence the discard is built in but isn't required for the ability to happen, if you have no cards to discard you simply gain Stunned.
  9. Yeah I don't see this thread going any place good.
  10. Page 60 of the rulebook under damage reduction. "Reduction may not decrease the total damage amount below 1 unless otherwise stated (such as by using Soulstones). Armour does not specify that it reduces damage to 0, so you will take 1 damage at minimum.
  11. I'm really tempted to try get some black 2.0 for my Umbra stuff.
  12. https://www.wyrd-games.net/resources The should be a link to a dropbox with all the cards here.
  13. Hire Euripides as master, hire Pandora OOK, done. Really looking forward to using the Damned, a Savage scheme runner who doesn't die to a stiff breeze is really welcome.
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