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  1. This is 200% a @Rathnard crew.
  2. <Modhat> I've locked this thread and deleted some comments, the arguments were getting too personal, remember to be civil and avoid personal attacks in future. <Modhat>
  3. Durza

    A Wyrd Place

    <Modhat> This thread is 4 years old, if you want to continue any discussion, please start a new thread. <Modhat>
  4. Durza

    Alpha strikes too poweful?

    <Modhat> This seems less of a rules discussion so I've moved it to general discussion. <Modhat>
  5. Durza

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Rip in peace Aaron. But in all seriousness thanks for everything you've done for the game and community, your absence will be felt.
  6. Durza

    Defend Me damage source.

    Ah, that post wasn't up when I replied.
  7. Durza

    Defend Me damage source.

    Would you not work out damage before passing off the attack? Defend me is after the enemy succeeds the beast suffers the effects of the attack, not the beast becomes the new target. Also after succeeding is after step 5, where you work out the results.
  8. Durza

    Essential undead for Guild?

    Flesh constructs so Hoffman can O.S.A Devour.
  9. Durza

    Of clocks and activations

    <Modhat> I've just moved this to general discussion as it doesn't seem a faction specific discussion. <Modhat> Personally with the amount of decisions by both players for every action I don't feel chess clocks are a good idea. If someone wanted to try I'd probably say yes just to try it, but don't feel the need to go out of my way for it.
  10. Durza

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    <Modhat> I've just edited a post, please do not talk about closed testing publicly. <Modhat>
  11. Durza


    On Pandora vs Friekorps misery is an aura so the suits can't ignore it, the weirdest interaction i can think of is if you use inflict they won't take the 1 damage from failing the duel as it's a pulse, but will still take any misery damage. Personally I've found in games where you need to be close stacking as many passive duels as possible a lot of fun, take fears given form, Barbaros for his challenge aura, the Autumn knights for their "activate and take a wp duel" ability and Tannen for his cooler aura and your opponent will very quickly find themselves without a hand. Throw in the Mysterious emissary and start copying those abilities for extra hilarity.
  12. Durza

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    <Modhat> Hey guys, I've just deleted a post in this thread, please try to avoid real world politics. <Modhat>
  13. Durza

    How Many Sorrows for Woe Pandora?

    But the look on your opponents face when you say "7 points of misery damage" is worth it.
  14. Durza

    How Many Sorrows for Woe Pandora?

    It's either horribly inefficient or I get lucky. Depression does also help a lot.
  15. Durza

    How Many Sorrows for Woe Pandora?

    I tend to spam summon Sorrows, so I'd go for 6 if you feel you will be doing that, I think I've needed more than that maybe once. But if you are going to only be summoning occasionally or just to replace losses 3 is fine.