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  1. Melissa only just got her first sculpt released about two months ago, so I wouldn't set your hopes too high just in case.
  2. Heh, could always be just the mast of a submarine rising up from below.
  3. With release so close I'm expecting the Weekly to instead be about the Black Friday sale, but I'd be happy to be wrong.
  4. Purely framework at the moment, don't let me distract from the Beebe/Calypso thread. MASTER HENCHMAN ENFORCER Dr. Beebe Calypso [Upgrade: Belly of the Machine] MINION ??? Tidecaller COLLECTING: TBA!
  5. For what it's worth, Lynch was over in the Neverborn book co-starring in a story explaining why he's not dual-faction anymore. I agree not to set expectations too high, but with "only" six Masters for the book to try and cram into stories I think we'll get a good sample of the major personalities. Euripides was only there for a few pages in Neverborn but you still got a good taste of his characterization.
  6. I think the most valuable insight would be into the schemes, strategies, and matchups the list had to play into and how it overcame them. A list in a vacuum really doesn't say that much, so the deeper look into how you piloted the models and their synergies to victory would be greatly beneficial.
  7. As noted, English Ivan and his crew are recurring characters in the wider fiction. For those not familiar with him, here's the Breachside Broadcast ep of their debut, as originally posted in our Gencon thread by Jesy Blue: It's one of my favorite stories from 1e, so I think it is certainly worth a read/listen if you're even vaguely curious.
  8. The infamous Condor Rails finally throws its lot into the fray. MASTER Anya Lycarayen HENCHMAN Winston Finnigan ENFORCER Sovereign MINION Surveyors COLLECTING: TBA!
  9. I kind of enjoy them for being so bizarre/unique, but they're certainly a polarizing sculpt.
  10. Spiders dancing all in tune. Just future-proofing here. MASTER Nexus [Upgrade: Cadmus] HENCHMAN ENFORCERS MINIONS Spelleaters x3 COLLECTING TBA!
  11. I think it's wisest that Ressers simply concede when they're unfortunate enough to draw an Arcanists opponent. We're the best.
  12. Yep. Versus Ressers I will consider the Soulstone Cache upgrade. That spider becomes a hefty 8ss investment but it can really start snowballing if you don't out-maneuver it. It now gets to use Soulstones defensively or to Onslaught at will, and Recharge Soulstone only requires an enemy model (rather than a Living one) die to recoup the expense. It pairs really well with the Mecharachnid's Creative Salvage ability, which causes enemy models it kills to also drop a scrap marker, and its free action Temporary Limb that gives it a + to its duels in exchange for eating a scheme or scrap marker
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