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  1. I can't tell if that's an earnest comment about the Bury mechanic or a joke about Justice1 stabbing everyone to death.
  2. In retrospect it does feel like Collodi was foreshadowing The Burning Man's return, for what it's worth.
  3. When in doubt, assume Wyrd chose madness.
  4. Here's some quick phone pics for you. Apologies for the glare covering Cavatica's handsome visage. https://i.imgur.com/o9rFJZ1.jpg?1
  5. It's not even a Gremlin mechanically. No Bayou Leader has a Keyword or ability that allows them to hire a Versatile Explorers' Society Minion out-of-faction, alas.
  6. Maximum of two cards. The TN of Chasing Ghosts is 10 and is a Mv 13 duel for enemy models, to be thorough.
  7. I just want to let you guys know, this really happens in Malifaux Burns. We predicted the future.
  8. So would you say Benny has any place with Hamelin2, or does the de-emphasis on the Rat engine leave him strictly a Hamelin1 consideration?
  9. Just thought I'd c/p from elsewhere Do as thou wilt.
  10. For the lore, Seamus is finding the Ressers a bit too cringe to associate with right now so he’s laying low in his Sebastian Baker identity. And finding fun new ways to murder people seeking shelter from the Burning Man.
  11. He's gone completely nuts, spouts a lot of cryptic stuff, and has been on a murder spree through Guild frontier towns. Lucius and Dashel ultimately smash him, with Lucius keeping his (still conscious?) head as a trophy in a safe house.
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