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  1. Absolutely. I’d call it the best book of 1e, lore wise.
  2. There’s also a good general Tactica here on the forum, if you haven’t already given it a look.
  3. Finally had the chance to go dig my old 1e books out, and re-reading "The Mountains Straight Reply" was like reuniting with an old friend. Ivan and his merry band of weirdos, which I had forgotten included DeWalt even this early, made for one of my favorite 1e stories. There's obviously a lot more material to talk about Apex with right now, but it's Ivan and the DUA/Umbra keywords I'm more excited in seeing.
  4. No 1988 Metal Gamin to go with Mad Cap, then?
  5. What do you tend to do with Marcus when you’ve gone fairly heavy on OOK, non-Chimera/Beast models like the hypothetical vs Jack list?
  6. I mean, in fairness, a warning shot is typically supposed to miss. 😛
  7. At least they're all in one, convenient box:
  8. Aye, he does. https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/carver?_pos=1&_sid=141c9f1b0&_ss=r
  9. Yeah, Wyrd has called them both Bloodhounds. This is a low quality pic, but here's the only clear image of Ullr I've seen so far: I'm cool with them too. Luna and Penelope are among my favorite Totems for hitting that "intelligent, loyal partners" sweet spot, which Ullr and Artemis look to be doing as Enforcers.
  10. This is Ullr, Cooper's second hunting dog. 6ss
  11. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wyr21404.html Do we know what this is? Did MM leak something?
  12. It will be interesting to see how Cooper's "can't disengage" weakness and the in-Keyword Push effects balance out on the table, for sure.
  13. Just a quick bump for those that don't look in the Explorer's Society forum:
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