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  1. Ugh. The translucent/etc sculpts are not to my tastes, and even I would likely shell out for the Umbra models. lol
  2. On the $$$ note, at least Ivan's collection of summons can be obtained with just his Core and one other box. Still an investment but not nearly as steep of one as most other Summoners from the older factions. (I'm back! Not even a necrotic gallbladder could keep me down long; take note, Ressers)
  3. Looks real good to me. I've actually been in the process of assembling mine; they've been briefly tabled while I get new releases for a different game together. Heh.
  4. I do think it's a shame there wasn't a female Hopeful Prospect sculpt. For Wyrd's cheesecake limited sculpts, I think a female Archivist could be fun. Do the sexy librarian thing but it's really creepy due to the face. Miss Spoke?
  5. Everything, period, has been delayed from the looks of it.
  6. There’s already a female a botanist sculpt, though. Seems a bit of a waste.
  7. That was in a Wyrd Chronicles issue as I recall, around the end of 1e/start of 2e. In exchange, Lucius helps smooth over suspicion and cover up McMourning's Resser activities so that he could continue operating for the Guild.
  8. I don't think so. They seemed like they were related to The Nameless, rather than December.
  9. The render definitely makes his pose look more natural; from the art I thought he was on one foot and putting all his weight on his fingernails. It looks like it is tensing up to lunge, rather than squatting awkwardly.
  10. Lucius needed McMourning's help with plastic surgery to alter 'something' off-putting about his face, and more recently Zoraida was frustrated to concede she didn't know what type of Neverborn Lucius was. He has the Mimic keyword, but it's not perfectly cut and dry "what" he is exactly. I'm more curious if there was ever a human Lucius Mattheson to begin with, or if it's always been this Neverborn.
  11. I think the most interesting portent for the future is how the cards for Beebe and the Pilot upgrade refer only to a "friendly Calypso".
  12. Haha, I felt a bit similar. "Oh, now I have the hobby funds to pick up Anya when she releases instead of putting the box off".
  13. Wyrd's newsletter went out about half an hour ago and they've experienced further release delays. Explorer's Society relevant: Feb 26th Malisaurus Rex Wanderlust March Sand Worm Ivan Core Dirty Work April Anya Core Intrepid Fate Dark Reflections Not judging, just informing.
  14. I'm down for it if Whut is. Kind of start moving the original posts toward something like the big ol' Resser thread(s).
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