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  1. So I have found one person willing to make up a team, need one more person from the US. Nico aka Iaminnocent and I have formed a team.
  2. Looking for a US/NA team if anyone is interested.
  3. Good job adding another execute thunders model for Misaki to win harder with.
  4. Just buy Dashel, Lawyers, lone marshal, the pale rider, and the guild steward. Pretty much can do anything.
  5. My idea is less about tech pieces specially vs a master or faction, and more about pieces and upgrades that may work on certain scheme/strat pools. I played them for the first time yesterday, and there is a lot going on with the crew, but I had a lot of fun playing them and so did my opponent,
  6. So, I've been looking at the Crossroads Seven and I'm really interested in putting them on the table. I fear though that for tournament play they become stale. I thought about maybe having crossroads be a special rule as its own faction so you could take any of them as a master and you then just have access to the models in the faction of the one you picked to lead the group. I would find it interesting picking Greed as my master in round 1, then switching to Pride in round 2, only to pick Wraith in round 3. I feel like it adds a lot to the faction and could encourage more people putting them on the table. Thoughts? I hope I explained that clearly enough.
  7. He still dies to a stiff breeze and he’s not that fast. No unimpeded, flight etc.
  8. Starting to look at Molly now and does Philip stand up defensively? He seems bad as he works against himself, he wants to activate late to save manipulative, but he wants his chatty up the field and boring conversation. Def 4 and no hard to wound also concerns me. I have ideas, but I don't know if hes worth 8 stones. He only has a stat 5 melee too.
  9. Then why not at least say something? Isn't hard to make a post or announcement stating the change. I didn't know about it for several days and it came up in a game. Just saying, it wasn't addressed at all that I'm aware of, which makes it feel kinda of shady, also on Sparks.
  10. I think its shady that wyrd changed the trigger and left it out of the errata. Regardless of how good it is or isn't now, I think they tried to stealth nerf it and they should have at least been upfront about the change.
  11. I get to go up against Nexus again. Can’t wait to get stomped for the second time out of the last 3 events going into nexus. It’s the best play experience. Let us know how the rest of you did.
  12. Reva doesn't really work into Nexus either, maybe Kirai but still unlikely. At this point ressers really don't have anything competitive to take into Nexus but maybe Albus and even then its an uphill battle. Wyrd should take notice. Of course any time you discuss the negative play experience into Nexus, or explorers in general people want to just dismiss you as whiney. Its a problem, and will continue to be for all factions.
  13. Explorers win again... Its awesome to play against the same stuff over and over and over and over with nearly zero chance of winning. Really makes you want to play the game.
  14. Just say explorers are broken, move on. But you can't because mods just close the posts.
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