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  1. Balancing a game like this one is hard but after thinking about this particular issue more than once, the shared faction upgrades are literally the only way I see to balance well both sides of this crew. A NVB model that alone could put this crew on par would have to be very OP and the last thing this crew needs is another must pick. A mutation "fixing" this would force players to go for that one in most situations, thus neutring the point of getting the best upgrade for the scenario and giving him only a few playable lists... I could be wrong here, but I don't see those as good options.
  2. I don't think NVB Marcus could be fixed with only a few NVB exclusive models, and even if it could, that would railroad the list into a few must picks to patch the holes... no thanks... Yes agree totally in that point, Marcus mechanics are all over the place and just doesn't work as intended. And about the summoning, it could be a way but right now he already lacks the resources and I don't think we need more summoners (plus if this new summoner is avaliable for blue, then again NVB is in the loss because no way to get the trigger if he is an enforcer). I'm not a big fan of t
  3. Yes, that model is awesome; but the point is it's so awesome that makes everything else outclassed. Want to scheme? Cerberus. Want to kill something away from Marcus? Cerberus. Put a SC in the cat and it becomes very reliable killing things and getting back the SS used to kill those things. And this makes it also quite akward for NVB Marcus, anything that will help Marcus in purple will make it absolutely nuts in blue... Balancing both sides it's problematic with this one just considering how much the upgrades impact this crew. Cojo has a simmilar problem. Want to fight near of Marcus or
  4. I think I talked about this in the past... but my take would be change Saber Onslaught for another mask trigger that wouldn't allow him to stack 15 damage in 1 model; that plus SC make 90% of the roster redundant. Cojo is hard to change without destroying him so maybe allow his totem to be extra stones for beasts or maybe allow Marcus' call of the wild to make beasts charge ignoring the once per turn (or perform any attack not just charges), that's one of his niches. And Marcus feels like a 12-13SS Master... he could use some power shifted from himself (or some buffs) It's ha
  5. To me Marcus has 4 main problems: Too many must picks; for a master that is all about versatility, he has very fixed lists if you want good results. Cojo and the saber are the worst offenders. Weak mechanics; it seems the devs were so afraid this guy were too good. The fact than an obey can make a beast discard 2 upgrades or that he needs to scale his models but loses agains every other scaling mechanic in the game is problematic; he is also very resource starved. An stunned Marcus is beyond useless... He cannot adapt; he works so bad with non-beast/chimera models that if the
  6. Agree, very interesting concept and it'd also be informative to check the internal balance of the factions and see how hard factions depends on some picks. I also think Guild would be terrible in that format, all their competitive lists use the same models over and over again and those would be gone from turn 2 (but maybe some gifted player could surprise us, who knows). I'm not that concerned about TT or ARC tbh. TT have several strong masters that can be strong picks without much OOK on top of a strong versatile pool and also quite a few ways to get healing and Focused; ARC also have se
  7. My all time group of friends got into this, they picked ARC, RES and BAY and bought me a second hand Misaki crew as a gift. I got talked into this game and spend a bit of time browsing the different factions. I really liked ARC and RES looked quite strong but I didn't want to repeat a faction we have; from the other factions I was on the fence between TT and NVB (I really liked Tara from OUT, but most of that faction wasn't that eye catching to me). I ended picking the purple side because I liked Dreamer and Pandora's aesthetic (I didn't know how good Dreamer was at that time), the variet
  8. Yep, RES is a very solid faction and NVB isn't that well equiped to deal with them; it's still doable with the right crews and tech picks, but definitelly not a good match up. Marcus is a personal favourite mostly for the theme of the crew and its potential versatility; but has a few critical design sins that really shows up when a faction can exploit them and when his beasts aren't enough. Still playable into the right game, but definitelly not the best option for anything. Then again wp; stacking Focused with him the first turns makes a big difference and the Wisp is perfect fo
  9. Good job! Getting a tie in that game considering most your models give up 2-3 Bounty Tokens and a few of those are tricky to deal with means you really used the crew well and picked well your objectives; also that healing denial can really hurt you if it connects. Even without facing specific counterpicks that's not an easy game 👍 Yeah, Cojo is the MVP when damage is needed, and also good job choosing Camo over Wings this game, otherwise Goryos charging several times would had destroyed him (plus Kirai's crew has a few mid/long range abilities). Did you gave him Focused+2 to +4 the first
  10. Wow, Marcus vs RES in Public Enemies, that's bold haha. How did it worked out? Did the Kirai's player picked anything OOK to try to counter you? How did both lists looked like? But good use of Myranda tho, the Grootslang form is great for that, controling dangerous models that otherwise will deal a lot of damage to your crew. And in most cases the place let her disengage so you can charge and engage (and maybe slow) 2 of them. I think camo and wings are best to have here, right? Since a replace is a place and therefor a movement and she probably wont get the shielded +2 via pl
  11. Ogid


    I like them more in ARC where combat builds works better and they also have a fun gimmick: Pick Amina/Toni (Grit always active) and give one of them SS cache and Horns... the saber build is better, but that one can get people off guard as it creates an surprisingly tough bubble for a Marcus crew. Not sure what the general consensus is, in my case in NVB I like more the faction's beasts that are better to just outmaneouver or get objectives; the bear has a place as a Lodestone carrier thanks to Laugh Off versus crews with a lot of displacements. I like it tho, it's kind of a jack of all tr
  12. I'd also say go for the 2 boxes with the Minions (+Serena) first, then expand from there. All other models you can get are good, so keep completing the keyword. For a new player Teddy is probably quite straightforward to play but both Carver and the Spiders opens a lot of good options for him; so I wouldn't wait much to get those. After that you could take a look at the versatile pool, Dreamer plays well with Puppets (because Stitcheds are puppets, Teddy is a construct, Dreamer can stagger, WW can summon Puppets...), so Vasilisa+Dolls and Hinamatsu go well with him. The Rider is also a ve
  13. I'm not 100% sure tbh, as this is still not curated info; I'd be interested in your reasoning or how would you build for facing those masters to start having ideas of how to face that faction. My reasonings: Cooper can bypass H2K, Demises and ignore Cover; he and his entire keyword can also get a double to damage once per activation if needed which is enough to get through H2W versus not-SS users (this also gives the crew the flexibility to go for min damage but with in one attack, which helps with the consistency). The above goes around the 2 things that keeps most models from th
  14. This is an interesting point... If RES would be the ones being released, a lot of players would be surprised by all that faction has (avobe average defenses, good healing, good punch, good schemers, very good tech, several good mastes...) so I guess it'd be about learning how to play against the new faction. On the other hand RES is one of the best, if not the best, faction. However power level aside, RES it's a good example of a (mostly) balanced faction with several masters being good picks instead of the entire faction being carried by a few masters/models and it seems Explorers try to
  15. I honestly haven't put the time to understand that faction yet (in fact, there are like 2 or 3 Master I haven't look at yet)... To be safe go with Dreamer or Zoraida, as I've seen some hardcounters for other crews. Mind they have good defenses between the Emissary, upgrades (a expensive one, but as NVB is usually quality of attacks over quantity, it has to go well) and some other models (the robot they can hide models inside for example); so rushing or removing high priority targets isn't going to be easy. Also as they also have access to Ill Omens+2, they could probably rush well lol. Be
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