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  1. Lol, it's actually true asuming a fresh deck. Well, another reason to hoard that card like your life depends on it when it's drawn!
  2. Of course, models who flips more cards will hit the BJ more XD. My point was more that we have some biases towards those events. Getting the BJ with a master or a very expensive model is something we remember more and hence those "he always hit the BJ"; even if the last 10 times a zombie was the one getting it. Seamus in particular is "safer" than others, but getting it in his big "once twice per activation" attack really hurts.
  3. While Misaki isn't the tankiest master out of there, she isn't an easy prey either. I'd recommend OP to test her limits. Extended reach and range 2 work as defensive mechanisms that will make most models only able to attack her once, she should be wary of models with pushes, jumps or ways to attack her several times even after wasting 1 AP reaching her (and of course, don't engage unactivated beaters with reach 2!). She also has high defensive stats, so cheating defensively she should be able to at least tie dangerous duels to put the other player at (even with Focused) when needed (and
  4. It certainly feels like it XD; but it's just the player not remembering each time less impactful models hit the BJ.
  5. Cost around damage are usually the model choosing to take the damage, not that damage actually doing something to the model. If the game wants a damage cost not to be avoidable (for most models at least), it's usually made irreducible damage (like the Coryphee Duet dance apart for example). If it's not irreducible, then reducing the damage with Armor/Shielded is usually "allowed" even if it's a cost. An example about this is the Necrotic Decay trigger, it has an "standard" damage cost but with an effect that bases the extra damage on the damage "suffered" (which is defined in the rules, p
  6. He could then maybe lose that game, but he would gain an awesome history to tell! That's totally worth the risk!
  7. Wow, that's kind of best case scenario. In fact you don't need Focused for that attack unless you are against to hit or want to bait the other player into wasting an SS: Order 13, RJ, 2; attack and enjoy doing 9 damage.
  8. I agree is too soon to try to see what they are good and bad at; without most of the model released we won't have the full picture. Up to now they give me strong Guild vibes... the emissary is a powerful anchor with Take the hit and I've got your back to park the crew around him, kind of like Phiona in Guild; plus guns, horses and hounds with some mele powerhouses sprinkled here and there.
  9. For the bonus action thing as I'm not sure for the wording used and I don't play those models, I'd let my oponent decide. But the other cases seems clear to me; Seamus' case is quite simmilar to Ikiryo's; ignoring the italics let thim ignore the "once per" limitations. However if he does that in the first use of the ability, that part is wasted; when he tries to use the normal ability after that he won't ignore the italics and then he will be trying to use an ability with an "once per" limitation a second time that turn. But as there seems to be different opinions, I agree a FAQ is
  10. Df 6 is good on top of being a Henchman and Old Ways; that may make him tanky if the player wants to expend the resources. Geryons are more straightforward beaters, min 3 and max 6 make them good with and without Focused, but I'm a bit on the fence with them. How hard to kill are they right now? Do you still use IR on them? Maybe it's a playstyle preference thing, but I'm less confortable with 8SS minions beaters (that offer more oportunities to get killed) than with 8SS henchmans beaters; specially when those minions are quite one-dimensional. A Mature can go in scheme/taxy duty if the
  11. I only had time for the first 16 mins today, but that's a pretty intense start. That Rider's Reap into Ana's Hostile Work Enviroment is a disgusting combo I'll watch out for... and then Colette throwing herself forward with Presto Chango going for what I guess it's a rider trade. The game looks great, ty for recording and sharing guys!
  12. Ty for the answers! Mv6 is better than 5, but I don't see it as a big plus taking in count I don't see many ways to put that in good use (atm at least). Charge range threat is 7, but I'd had been more excited with Movement 5 and mele range 2 than with Mv 6 and mele 1 tbh. My thoughts exactly, everyone can remove the pilar as an interact action isn't needed; even the lamest engaged insignificant model can do it. And versus Euripides the other player will include tech versus Ice Pilars; which could make hard to make good use of it. But I suspect this ability is going to be m
  13. Something to mind with every rider is stunned, that condition disables his Df trigger, which may enable other models to kill him faster. And it will also disable his powerful triggers. Mind his defensive trigger works only for Df. His other stats are very high so he should be fine; but he should be careful around high damage Wp attacks; specially versus a crew able to field Distraction auras or generating more card draw than his crew. Also Staggered + Mv attacks is tough for him.
  14. Title. I'll be getting my Gigants sooner rather than later and I'm curious about the Henchman. I see good things in his card, but also others that I don't like that much. Things I like: Frozen Trophy, the main sell point of the model; potentially very good. Df6, not common in the faction and good to have. Shifting Ice, a way to keep frozen vigor up or move a buried model's ice pilar to safety. Intuition, consistency is always good Things I dislike: 2/4/6 track without ways to getto damage or extra actions means he won't be doing a lot of damage without in
  15. Great guide, It'll be handy to know how to play versus him . 2 particular good points I liked are the threat one and the alpha strike one. Having a loaded alpha striker creates a huge pressure in the other player and knowing how to exploit that makes a difference. Also alpha striking (specially the first turn) is effective but also requires knowing exactly what you are doing because it'll put your model in a very big risk; so an alpha strike needs to be well prepared and deal damage or it will put the rusher behind. Plus not going all in and having an out strategy is very good; shove
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