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  1. Consumed by Wrath just changes the target of the action, it doesn't alter the action in any other way (nor take control of the action; the enemy model is still controling the flips and any other choice in that action, like if he is using Gunsfighter or not). Also take in count the Gunsfighter choice is made before Wrath may change the target (first the other model declare the action and target, which includes whether the action is a or a ; and then if conditions apply Wrath may redirect the attack). If Gunsfighter is used (so it's a 1'' action), wrath may choose any target in mele range; if the model is not using gunsfighter (so it's a X''), again just pick a model in range.
  2. This is just bad manners. Ask him to give you the oportunity of play your reactions/conditions. If he insinst in this behaviour then just end the game (or call a TO in a torunament setting). This depends entirely on the players; this conversation in a casual game where both players are learning their crews is perfectly fine; in a more cutthroat enviroment that's probably a too open question, he could ask which models have a push or which models may interact engaged but not ask you to reveal your entire game plan. But again, this is up to the players; if you have trouble with this just discuss it at the start of the game with the oponent.
  3. Yep I agree the focus makes it viable and definitely neither version are auto-takes. The good thing of Vasi + BBS is there is a double pulse in turn 1 before the models start to reposition; the second turn focused pulse will hit much less models; I'd only consider it in a pool where Vasi + a small puppet (doll or effigy) running a flank is useful; just for the double pulse in turn 1 is not worth it. As said above, Black Jocker MUST be choosen, RJ CAN be choosen. You don't have to RJ your model to death (unless you want it lol, "I'll get that corpse one way or the other! DIEE!") The 3 damage is around 20%, 4 damage is much less, around 1% if I recall correctly (asuming fresh decks). You may use the totem to put Incorporeal in your target, the weak damage would deal no damage and moderate will only be 2, one of those may get healed by Frozen Vigor; Savages is not a bad crew to pull that off; but maybe instead of Euripides use as target a Gigant with Frozen Vigor. About the second part... I don't have Euripides yet so not sure about the straight combat power of the crew, take in count not every crew can go toe to toe; but Focused is a very powerful buff so that will certainly help in that department.
  4. This isn't a good idea... you will be attacking yourself so you'll be discarding cards from your own control hand. And discard a card to use with Old ways (especially a good card) isn't efficient; it's always better to cheat that card first (in a damage flip or another use of that ability for example) and then use it in the next ability with old ways. In this case just relenting would be better imo. The BBS idea is worth trying tho, with Intuition you may set up 1 mask for your BBS and this crew has a hand of 7 cards so having access to 1 or 2 masks in the first turn isn't as hard as in other crews and Focused in a crew with good Severe damage is nice. However take in count you will have a 6 Wds mature without Fly with me in turn 2; until turn 3 you won't have a "full" mature and even in that case it'd be at 8 Wds. It's like the Effigy + EoF, it's efficient SS wise at hiring but it won't pull its weight until later. You may speed the BBS grow with Vasilisa, which may also be a nice pick with how minion heavy is this crew (it may make a Cyclops perform his Frozen Runes twice per turn for example), but that's a lot of SS in OOK/Versatile models and you still need the 2 masks the first turn.
  5. For Old Ways the Euripides player could do more or less the same than a Dreamer player; just keep the cards in the side of the hand keeping them in order just in case they are needed again; but they will most likely just sit there until the next shuffle (unless there are some heavy Old Ways plays at the start of the turn when the discard pile is very slim). Time Warp does seems a nightmare in vassal tho. Yep, I'm also jumping into this bandwagon ... I still don't have time to play, but I guess I could start practicing against myself a bit, a few activations each day couldn't hurt, right?
  6. Welcome to Malifaux! There are a few posts with general advices for begginers, the above plus these could be a nice starting point: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148128-an-introduction-series-for-new-players/ https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/147751-how-do-the-schemes-and-strategies-affect-your-crew-building/ https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/147222-does-malifaux-have-a-pay-to-win-problem/ https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148177-best-choices-for-each-deployment-type/ I don't know much about Reva, but for Seamus you'll want to get the Emissary ASAP; Exumation gives him both a teleport point on demand and a corpse to remove and get a second shot each turn. Also some additional way to give him Focused would be good; concentrating with the Master is something you'll do, but if you can give him a head start your game will be much easier. Apart from that Seamus doesn't rely on its keyword much, so you have some freedom to pick your crew; the eternal servitude box has strong and popular out of keyword picks for example.
  7. I'd give a little more credit to Yamaziko, she is obviously great in crews around her Great Teacher but even without that set up she does quite well. Something to keep in mind is Great teacher apply to all duels, not only opposed duels, this goes quite well with Tanukis, which have very good buffs and decent healing, but their abilities are a bit hard to go off (need a 7 in every ability), a double card for tanukis is amazing. Another overlooked strenght is her "Unworthy of Her Attention" built-in trigger, just with Misaki littering all the battlefield with shadow markers and Ototo using them for mobility it's very easy to find an average/low defense enemy near of a shadow marker, 2 cards and 2 pass tokens are very noticeable. And she is also a small toolbox, she can defend other models, become hard to kill with Finesse, double scheme, her range 2 is great to defend markers, can use SS to soak big hits coming her way... She doesn't have the damage or staying power of Ototo, but she is quite useful in almost any crew. TLDR: Don't disrespect granny! She isn't in her prime anymore but she can still outplay those fools underestimating her.
  8. Plot twist, that Terror Tot was inside piloting that thing all the time!
  9. There is an "old" thread were some of these were adressed https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/147016-youku-advice/
  10. For a game of Malifaux from lockdown probably the best option is Vassal. An AI is very very hard to make it work in a game as complex as this one, but it's a nice try You may also just play a game taking both sides; I've not done it with Malifaux but I've done it when I playtested other games a few times (but those were games way shorter than this one, 45 min max); you "learn" more about the game seeying both sides, but it's obviously not as fun as against a player XD. About the improvements... probably a full AI for all models will make models do random things unrelated to their kit and waste resources. I'd go asigning AIs per model (or kind of model); maybe 1 AI specific per model is going to be too much right now, so you can start going with the kind of model idea (like Schemer, Brusier, Shooter, Support...); all of this supervised for a master AI that is the one controling the order of activation and that has the power to swift some of the more combat oriented AIs (like Brusier/Shooter) to Schemer AI if scoring is needed and vice-versa. This will make each model work more accordingly to their strenghts. Also asign priorities to those models is probably important, so models with high priorities has access to more resources (cheat, SS to defense, triggers...) than those with low priority. A "master" AI is also going to need imputs, enemy ranges, high priority enemies, kind of crew the player and AI is using, what are the goals for that turn, the posible "combos"; for example a Nekima crew AI should take in count the posibility to grow Matures from BBS or a Master AI should take in count the more threaten models to be supported, activated or repositioned before others; the posibility to deny enemy schemes or strategy points is also important... making it simple enough but still challenging for the player is the key. Also an AI is going to always be way worse than a player (and a player may try to exploit the AI), the AI crew should get extra resources and SS than a real player; this needs testing so maybe start with 30% extra SS and hand (65SS and 8 cards); and you may even introduce "dificulty" levels giving the AI extra resources. As said above it's quite hard to implement but if you like it, it could be a good way to kill time, good luck!
  11. While you are right, RAW right now that reading is 100% legal; it seems not to be the intended meaning. That FAQ seems to be a stealth nerf for Nekima that has backfired hard, you may check these two threads were it's discussed: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/149502-youko-hamasaki-tactics-and-strategies/?do=findComment&comment=1211939 https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/149492-moving-the-lodestone/?do=findComment&comment=1212094 "Another" seems to mean "other than the target" in most cases. TLDR: The Lawful Evil Sandeep players are going to have a blast this GG1
  12. From all NVB masters, she is one of the less affected by that change; she has definitely lost a few options, specially for models like Teddy; but unless your regular oponents are one of those crews able to reliabily stun her or ignore defensive triggers (like TT), she should be just fine. Believe me it could be much worse, for example I'm really strugling with Marcus now.... btw, If there is any NVB Marcus player that has figured out how to make it work now, I'm all ears. But about Pandy, her defensive trigger is great if a Misery aura is near, but even outside of a 6'' it still works; an stunned shooter won't be able to declare triggers in the next attack and his actions will count against their normal actions (which works retroactively, so if he used a before the first attack, he could be out of actions); that's not that good but in general NVB struggle versus gunlines anyway. I don't know if you have it, but the rider is amazing with Pandora; the ability to reposition Pandora (and Candy) and put her low range auras and pulses just where you want them is game changing (on top of being a rider); that's what I'd recomend if you are having trouble getting her into position. Also take in count Misery is once per activation per aura, a model atacking her can get pinged several times if there is several auras near of it. Mood swings is brutal. Of course if the other player is stomping Pandora, it will only delay the inevitable; but in a close game that activation control is nuts (it has the "if this model is this crew's leader..." for a reason). Maybe we could help, who is the master you are struggling against with her? Yeah, the lack of defensive tech sucks; but it what we got for now. The lack of lot of ranged attacks doesn't bother me that much tbh... If you want guns in the faction Lucius may field a decent gunline with Angel Eyes, the Agent, Dopple and 2 BBS.
  13. Ogid

    Fae T-Rex

    As Santa said you can still play with out of faction beasts hiring him as a secondary master. It's also legit with Zoraida, there are good bayou beasts in that keyword and 2 of them are also henchmans. But before trying it mind the GG1 changes tho, he has lost a lot of power; for a casual match sure, go for him. As it's a "Malisaurus" it'd be an M-Rex
  14. Hi! Tara's player unbury it near of an enemy model (from her point of view), so near of another Marcus' player model. Just in case, take in count you need to bury the model for that. You cannot attack a buried Bandersnatch when it's already buried (by its own ability) to unbury it with that trigger (you could unbury it with Aionus tho)
  15. Ogid

    Fae T-Rex

    The art is super appealing and it'll probably have the beast keyword, which could enable Marcus as a decent secondary Master for her. He is kind of legit already with Rougarous and Gorar becoming eventualy a third wolf. I'm also looking forward to see the new options it offers.
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