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  1. I've not played the match up... it could be a way to try to beat them but It doesn't seem the best one. Mind the Diesel Engine upgrade is very popular in Arcanist and the concealment can counter that/force you to use focused for lures; plus Toni can always lure his own model back into the bubble (and then Lure the activated Lilitu). Including too many Lilitus and Lelus you'll be forcing yourself to play the clashing game into their bubble... if you are confident that you can win that clash then go ahead. I'd say try to use the mobility advantage of the Nephilims for both scoring and engaging. Outside of Gunsmiths they don't have that many (good) shooters; just be careful with Toni Lures and go around the map scoring. If they split too much they should be easy picks off and if they keep themselves in a deathball they should struggle with schemes (unless something like leyline plus claim jump is in the pool, in that case pick your best assault team and go for them).
  2. She is a beast... with Marcus she has to be nuts with Armor plus Horns mutations (buried, Armor+1, Shielded+2 and Onslaught built in... you can't run, you can't fight back ).
  3. Glad it helped! Yes, as they pointed out; with the edition change you have to be careful with your purchases or can end with duplicate models... I'd say wait for the M3e stuff unless you know exactly what is in the new boxes and can play the purchases; the undying box will get redistributed 100% sure so I'd say also wait for that one. For Yan-Lo in the TT side the non-released stuff is the 2 ancestors (Chiaki and Izamu) and the Retainers (Sun Quiang, Gokudo and Komainu). I'd say they will get released in 2 boxes, the Yan-Lo core box with Yan-Lo+Totem+1Ancestor+3Gokudos and a retainer heavy box with (1Ancestor, Sun Quiang and 3 Komainu), but that's just my guess.
  4. I'd say it can't. If the shielded can reduce the damage it'll do it. H2K is applied to the final damage.
  5. Hehe, I see you come with your homework done . For what you describe I'd go for RES hands down; the playstile fits you and if you like the theme then it's a perfect match. Recycling/summon: They are called resurrectionists for a reason . Kirai is the dedicated summoner of the faction; but a lot of other masters have summoning mechanics (but more limited tho): Yan-Lo, Von Schtook, Molly, McMourning, Jack; plus all the zombie summoning theme in the versatiles. In NVB you have the Dreamer as the faction summoner, some minor summon mechanics with Puppets or Swampfiends, Nephillims can grow into better minions consuming corpse markers and killing, and Titania totem can be replaced... but Res is the specialist in this area. The buff/debuff play is also very strong in RES: They have the Grave Spirit Touch upgrade that let any crew benefice from pulsing Focused, a very powerful buff; Jack Daw is a dangerous debuff crew, McMourning have a strong Poison game and Reva have some Burning shenanigans, Molly plays also a bit with conditions and also to restrict the kind of actions the other crew can do (do the same twice, eat damage). NVB has a OOK that can pulse focused too (the Black blood shaman), Pandora with a very strong condition play and Zoraida with the Obey and debuffish play. In NVB there are 2 masters that play creating terrain which is kind of soft control play but different than you are looking for: Titania and Euripides. Synergies/Specialist: Yan-Lo, Jack, McMourning, Molly and Kirai are keywords with strong synergies. Seamus is a wildcard, very powerful master but weak keyword, he is usually played with versatiles/OOK... I don't know Reva and Von Schtook well enough yet to talk about their synergies. But a lot of keywords in other factions have also strong synergies so this point isn't that important. But as always, take this with a pinch of salt and take your time to go through the cards to see if you really like them.
  6. I know, that is why I said it won't burn the shielded
  7. The problem of changing the way it works is it will affect the balance of the whole game. Savages for example suddenly lose their defensive use of the Old Ways after that change, something the whole keyword is balanced around. It should be fixed targeting the costs that are problematics not the general rule imo. In the case of the Necrotic Decay trigger just changing the cost of that trigger to irreducible damage ("This model may suffer up to 2 irreducible damage") would fix it without affecting more models (that way it won't burn the shielded condition because it can't reduce irreducible damage and the incorporeal/armor won't reduce the maximum possible damage).
  8. That case is a bit different because that trigger says "... target suffers +1 damage per damage suffered when declaring this trigger". That is ambiguous and can refer to the amount of damage you choosed to take or to the damage the model suffered; so that one needs a FAQ. Check this old thread about it:
  9. Suffer damage basicaly works like this: The model suffer the ammount of damage listed (which cannot be used if that would reduce the Wds to 0) and then the trigger is free to happens. The damage reduction can be used to mitigate that damage. That "suffer damage" doesn't require the model to reduce its Wds, just to "be hit" by that damage. I can see a potential problem with the wording of the pg 24 of the rulebook (damage) where it says: However that is making reference to effects that need to damage to deal an effect like McMourning "Organ Donnor" or getting the Burning+1 after a "Breat of fire". But it can read as you are saying when refering to costs. I think nobody play it like it; and in fact crews like the Savages are using shielded to block the damage from those kind of costs, but maybe for the sake of clarity a small FAQ could be needed if more players read it like that.
  10. Ogid

    Savage Thoughts

    mmm... I think the pact in Euripides is a bit overkill, the big guy has Intuition; 2SS for +1 initiative and maybe negating a joker isn't worth it imo... with those 2SS you could almost afford a doll for the second Eldritch upgrade if the other player usually go heavy in condition play. It's a tricky situation... I think Crooligans will win in a straight fight with the Bultungins if the Molly player has less cards; however Bultungins have the mobility advantage. But Archie can also hunt them down easily and be used to teleport Crooligans, so to field them you'd need to scare or kill Archie first. That's why I suggested my "trainwreck" () strategy, if you can't outrun them, then scare them from using their mobility. Haha, no worries about the Rougarous, that was theroryfaux. He seem to fit but I'm not sure how good it would work in a real game, maybe the rider would had been enough. Don't get me wrong, she is great; but I think she doesn't shine in this one. Her ranged attack is only useful versus these 2 models, however a focused hit from a Euripides, Geryon or even a Gigant would also work quite well versus these, the trigger is great but it's hard to do as she is an enforcer and the attack is only stat 5. Models like Thoon and Serena got you in a difficult position imo, you didn't have the firepower to threaten them or kill their models fast. Your opponent was even luckier with this because as he included Sloth and the Effigy, he had a ton of healing and was able to tie you while the crooligans and Archie run around scoring. mmm good point about the Terrifying and Old Ways... Very interesting report anyway, ty again for sharing!
  11. M&SU bubble is scary. Damage reduction, flips to damage, cannot take actions after charging, Grits active, free shielded... If they are all clustered maybe the best call is splitting and go for objetives. In a direct clash: I'd target first Gunsmiths and Steamfitters, steamfitters handle shielded and Focused like candy and Gunsmiths are really dangerous shooters that need to be killed ASAP. Toni is probably better controled with a range 2 + Combat finesse or IR model while going for the other squisier target... with her Adrenaline Mechanic, 14 Wds and counterstrike she is very hard to take down. However Nephs have some advantages; the mobility Fly with Me plus Mv6 really help to close the Gap/go for objetives. Matures/Nekima have a big arse, that can be used to block LoS (and negate important auras affecting the model they are engaging), if they cluster too much then blood for everyone! IR 2 and combat finnese really give the upper hand in close combat. It has to be a very interesting match up.
  12. Ogid

    Savage Thoughts

    Interesting report! Ty! Why ancient pact in eurpides and 2 eldritch magic? You get no extra card with it and 3 sources of condition removal seems a bit overkill... I do like the idea of Eldritch Magic in the totem tho. Is this legal? Molly can only give extra activations to activated models; the crooligan can't teleport to the other side of the map and then activate a second time there. This is a very though match up for Thoon. Versus H2W his min damage 2 is a problem (versus other kind of models you can try to focus and cheat to get severe damage), Ice Trophy is top notch but Molly counters it hard (and it's also true that it works better versus more isolated models) and his ice pilar shenanigans is harder to set up than other Savages and again Molly can remove pilars easily... I wouldn't had picked him versus Molly. Serena is a very good model, but she has the same problem than Thoon in this match up; min damage 2 versus so many H2W...
  13. Haha, yes it's not intuitive at all until you read carefuly that part of the rules. But it gives the Doppleganger interesting tactical options upgrading other actions. For example, improving Lysa obeying attack from a shit stat of 4 to 7; double Aestlin Built in "Into Thorns" trigger for double fun; easy healing with Azde Drink Blood; Hinamatsu/Young Neph 2.0; Healing after killing something after copying Teddy Claws, suddenly copying Carver or Coppelious attack isn't useless... And I'm not sure about this one... but for the wording it seem legal. Built in onslaught trigger copying the Bandersnatch attack when it has a Formidable Horns attached (in a Marcus crew) for a wooping 8 damage plus Poison+4 with just minimum damage.
  14. I'm a simple man... If the there are less than 3 Jorogumos, I summon a Jorogumo
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