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  1. Ty guys for the answers, but in this case these are 2 different... @Adran answer implies that even if they are forced to trigger (wording changed from may to must), only the Misery that the other player chooses would trigger, all the others would attemp to trigger but as they can't affect the model wouldn't set off. @solkan one implies in that case all auras would be considered used even if they didn't change anything. Which would be the right one?
  2. I was so focused in if that was an independent source of damage and the timing of that source that I forgot BB is only triggered by actions, my bad. But everyone seems to agree, BB isn't triggered by Blade Rush. As I said before, the charge is the trigger but the damage comes from the ability (Blade Rush), not from the charge itself (but I see it can be confussing) I'm still interested in this one tho:
  3. I'd say the black blood damage is resolved (going through steps 1-6 for Viktoria) before going to the step 6 of the original attack, so Viktoria would be dead by the time the other one triggers. I'd say that one, but not 100% sure about this one tho (specially with the pg25 notes about healing being first when a model is killed). In the case that, somehow, both would resolve at the same time then Vik would survive, so let's wait for more opinions. But I'm leaning towards Vik dying heroically.
  4. Check damage timing in pg 34, the damage triggers happens in step 5, killing triggers in step 6. So Viktoria would die by black blood before being able to heal with Into the Fray. However if both would trigger at the same time (same step) the active model could chose the order, but it's not that case.
  5. Ah ok, black blood isn't affected by ability damage (I somehow forgot that lol). Then I'd also say it doesn't trigger black blood, the "trigger" is the charge, but the source of the damage is the ability.
  6. So this mean that the "Once per activation" isn't used unless the aura affect a model and change the game state, and as this aura state "may", then the user can choose not to activate the aura to avoid wasting it. However if Missery wording were: Then, would the aura go to waste or would it still work like now? Waste: All Misery auras in range would try to activate, only 1 activate but all are considered used as they triggered. Like now: All Misery auras in range would try to activate, only 1 activate and as the other didn't change the game state in any way, they weren't considered used.
  7. I'm almost sure it'd be an independent source of damage for the wording, the models suffer the damage being the charge attack sucessful or not, and isn't there any link to both sources of damage (like, "when resolving, the target suffers +1 damage"). So a model doing this to a Nephillim would get damaged twice by black blood if the attack is successful. However It'd be interesting to know other user's opinions. An extra follow up, when does this Blade Rush extra damage happens? I'd say at the end of the charge action... so models could avoid being damabed by black blood ending the charge more than 1 inches away. But maybe it's instant and the damage cannot be avoided. Thoughts?
  8. As a follow up question, this damage is added to the charge damage or it is an independent source (so it would trigger BB twice, wouldn't be able to be reduced to 0 with armor...)
  9. Both Concealment and Cover impose negative bonuses to the attack if a model is the target of the attack. However some shockwave attacks (which doesn't target at all, just drop a marker at a point of the table) have also the projectile icon. Does any of those 2 rules (Cover and Concealment) affect the flip of a shockwave attack, or the projectile icon is there to avoid those abilities to being used while engaged?
  10. As they said, it's a decent list, the only change I'd really recomend is summoning the Alphs (extra attacks) and include the daydream instead (they are much more useful early for pushing your models and lucid dreaming), you can include 3 daydreams instead of 2 Alphs and gain 1 SS for the cache. You have a lot of option in the Nightmare keyword, so just try different things, a few quick tips: As @Maniacal_cackle said, WW + Bandersnatch is a great combo, both will benefice a lot from the extra webs. Lucid dream heavy team + Stiched is another very good combo. With Teddy, Vasilisa is great for extra support and give staggered to the ones engaged with him. Also check this thread for extra ideas:
  11. A quick sanity check about this ability (Counterspell). The model has to discard the card as an extra cost for the trigger after flipping and cheating, not before the duel to have an oportunity to declare triggers that could get or not, right? Rasputina's Ice Mirror would also work like that, discarding as a pay per trigger, not before flipping. Ty in advance!
  12. Can a Shockwave marker be placed partially or totally under an Impassable terrain/marker? Impassable terrain say that objects cannot be dropped under it, but I'm not sure if objects include shockwave markers or just markers which will stay physically in the table like scrap or corpses. Is there any definition of object? Ty in advance!
  13. A quick sanity check about this ability. The model has to discard the card as an extra cost for the trigger after flipping and cheating, not before the duel right? And Rasputina's Ice Mirror would also work like that, discarding as a pay per trigger, not before flipping.
  14. Well... they explicitly says those effects occur after the action is resolved, in fact in the same pg23 the very first part is this: The step 6 is excluded... so yes, i have dobuts about these being part of the same actions instead of an extra effect that happens as a consecuence of the action. That line could in fact enable the flip to apply to Ricochet, even when it's not part of the same action. I can see your reading, but the wording of Focused is still a bit loose imo; it'd be great if it would be defined a bit better. However resistance triggers don't have such rule; so there isn't a rule that allow the to apply there. Good to know, and is there any place to suggest them? or they watch the forums and decide which ones should be included?
  15. I also thought about another way to get scrap for WW/Vasilisa. Zoraida's doll, you can kill it with his free action, which kills the doll; and then summon it again in the next Zoraida's activation.
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