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  1. You are right; it's a pulse so Tara isn't affected and even if she were, the condition would end at the end of her activation. However if between his first and second activation she gain fast, it'd cancel the slow she gains at the start of the second activation.
  2. I have not played versus him yet, but on paper he seems quite solid. It's true the first turn summoning is a bit harder to set up than other summoners, but he gains quite a bit in return. He has 7 summonable minions with a good variety of roles and with a cost from 3 to 9 (Tara for example has 2 summons). And there are a lot of good stuff in his minions. His 4SS minion has take the hit and creep along, the Warden Armor+2 and a slowing attack, 6SS is the only summonable sniper, Mounted guard ride with me, I've got your back and a demise to become a Guard Patrol, Executioner are good beaters... Plus He is the only summoner that may use his summoning ability in turns 4 and 5 to deny enemy scheme markers; other summoners in those turns (specially 5) start to think twice about if summon something or use their AP to score/deny, he can do both. The keyword may also generate SS through sacrificing dogs and guards, has access to Adversary, Focus, Fast, the summoning upgrade has a bonus action... It seems a keyword with a lot of tools... Does it work that badly in the table?
  3. Glad to help! Mind Sandeep has a HUGE model pool that overlap with other masters, planning well your purchases is important. For Sandeep I'd get Kandara box and wind gamin box as first purchases (after the Core box of course). For Colette the coryphee box is a good first purchase. After that you have several choices, getting Golem+Gamins of one element for Sandeep (mind for Fire Gamins you have to get Kaeris) or some versatiles (miner, rider, emissary...) that will work well with both. Colette+Sandeep don't have a strong synergy (Rasputina, Kaeris, Mei-Feng and Hoffman are the ones with more synergy with Sandeep), but some Fire models could fit in a Colette crew as their Henchmans inflict Burning (and one of them is even dual keyword). If you like her, Sandeep + Colette + Kaeris may be a good starting trio of masters with good synergies between them. Just some ideas, if you like more other models/masters go for them
  4. I need to read his cards again... writing from memory with only a peak to the card backfire sometimes XD ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ If the keyword may generate enemy scheme markers, then it's a bit more bearable. But still needing 2 suits (one for the marker and other for the summoning ability) instead of 1 to pull off a summon is definitely a handicap. He'd probably benefice a lot from a Lawyer (OOK), it's a very solid model in general, but Tools for the job may be great to get a mask from the discard pile for the dispatcher if there is no luck. But there seem to be good things in the keyword, the extra ability in the upgrade, good summons (one of them with Ride with me!), Dashel being scarier than the average summoner, coordinated attack triggers... The above is also true, he can potentially cut the oponents options or punish him in scheme heavy pools, that's quite valuable.
  5. Glad to help Mind he also has frenzied charge, his attack a push (to disengage and be able to charge again, important to keep the charge through bonus going) and giving him focused is easy with his bonus action (use a 1 or 2 cheap models to drop a few scheme markers near him the first turn); if Archie wanders too close of Marcus/Myranda while Cojo is near and with Focused+1 or +2, he shouldn't survive to 1 or 2 charges from Hunter's Call plus Accomplice into Cojo's activation (also if you are short of focused; he may ditch upgrades to buy the Puncture trigger). Versus Archie Wings in Cojo to avoid being Flurried to dead and disengage if Archie jumps on him first (to being able to benefice from Charge through) is probably a good idea. Cojo may also let you Toss Myranda (with Horns or Serrated) and shapeshift into the blessed if he manages to run away. If you pull it off, tell us how it goes!
  6. OMG, I missread that ability hard... so stat 4 for friendly and 6 for enemy... ty! Ok, that's a bit underwhelming for summoning... So he basically needs to hit "Drop it" in the Peacebringer to have stat 6. Looking his card a bit more, at least Dashel has decent defensive stats with Armor+1 and Df6 and has decent triggers and a potential stat 7 in his attacks, plus good support; not bad for a summoner... but it's true his summoning seems clunkier than his peers.
  7. Note I'm not arguing if he is better or worse, but from a pure summon perspective he is one of the few masters with a summonable 9SS model (being Asami the other one), Dreamer, Tara and Sommer max summon are 7SS, Kirai is 8SS and Sandeep is 10, but he needs 2 turns or "sacrificing" a 4-5SS hired model to pull off a Golem summoning (if not 6SS is his max gaming) He also has a stat 6, like most of these masters (I think only Kirai and Sandeep has a stat 7) and he may boost his stat to 8 while also dening enemy schemes. And while he require scheme markers to summon, he has the totem to that and summons also get a tactical action... I don't see how he is that bad compared with the other summoners...
  8. It says "on the enemy table half" not "completely within" that is the wording used to forbid something peaking outside of the area described; so you can drop in the centerline and both score those. The markers friendly are the one you dropped. EDIT: Ninjed XD He is a tough nut to crack... in the keyword (and from ARC) Cojo is probably your best bet, Wp7 is a poor's man Ruthless, he has severe damage 6 and puncture trigger (in a model with Adaptive Evolution), which will let you cheat the damage with Focused (or just the charge through bonus). A cerberus with min 3 and onslaught can chase him down if he manage to run away, but his Wp4 will stress your hand a lot versus him, in this case the Blessed of December with Horns (Charge Through) and Focused is another good option to give him the last blow after he run away.
  9. Fair points @Jordon. I definitely agree about the Initiate, pricy half-support/ half-beater and mediocre at both. Seriously, one of his main selling points is his Call of the wild, that is a worse version of Guide Spirit, an ability in a summonable 2SS model! The ones in Myranda/Marcus are decent because they can make the model Charge, need a 6 instead of a 7 and both have Accomplice. Good suggestion about putting Adaptive Evolution in the upgrades. Knowing which mutations are good for each model is part of the learning curve of the master, that's not really a bad point... and even while stacking mutations in 4-5SS models is not a good idea, sometimes 1 mutation can make that model much better; Camo make the Moleman a headache to catch and Wings may transform the Hoarcat in a really mobile and stealthed model for example. However I don't agree about making Marcus mutations McCabe-like; each crew has their own mechanics and that give each crew their own theme and flavour. Also McCabe needs scrap (so AP and in some cases suits from other models) and can only attach 1 artifact per actiion; Marcus can put 8 or even the 10 mutations in the table the first turn (10 require Myranda and 2 initiates tho). What I dislike a bit about McCabe is non-keyword minions getting full advantage of artifacts with how good some of the artifact (and extra Actions) are; that is going to break something or is going to limit how good TT/EXP models are going to be. About Poison Gaming... that won't break anything but I don't really think it's necessary. From Marcus pow, ARC Marcus doesn't need any help vs NVB Marcus, ARC Marcus has the upper hand in both upgrades and versatile pool (where there are also models from 3 SS to cover those roles); from Sandeep pow, he is quite good and already synergize with half of the faction, he doesn't really need synergies with another master.
  10. First of all, () Welcome to malifaux! mmm... you have a bit of that in both factions: It's a bit hard to leave some out but you may like these masters: Control masters: Pandora (also Zoraida and maybe Marcus) / Rasputina. Terrain Control: Euripides, Titania / Rasputina, Kaeris (these crews put some markers in the table that limit the options of the other player, reducing or bloking movement, dealing damage...) Schemers (very fast crews or crews with abilities about scheme markers) : Zoraida, Marcus, Lucius, Nekima / Colette, Marcus, Sandeep (Arcanist is more schemy than NVB, any master with mechanical rider + Swarms is very schemy) Big dudes (everyone has their big dudes... but killy masters with the biggest dudes) Titania, Nekima, Dreamer, Pandora, / Sandeep, Hoffman, Toni Also, about that article and my above clasification: Try not to rank crews as only good at one thing, some crews are more versatile than others, for example; in that article Vicktorias and Shenlong are good "beater" crews, but those are also glass cannon crews that are faster than other listed like Toni Ironsides or Perdita. Those fast crews are more "schemers" than other clasificated as "schemers" like Pandora. Also mind there is a mixture of crews under "schemers crews". There are different kind of schemes, an schemy crew is colloquially used for crews either very fast (Zipp, Molly, Zoraida, Colette...) or with abilities that make them very efficient at dropping scheme markers and that make harder for the other crew to do the same (Nellie, Lucius). However there are schemes and strategy that benefice from controlling an area, in those the "bubble" crews (crews very dangerous when several models are together; usually slow crews but not always) are more "schemy", those are crews like Pandora, Toni or Hoffman. And about managing resources... not only Summoners needs to do that; in fact there are non-summoner crews with more resource management than summoners (in general a summoner only need to have ready 1 big card each turn and maybe a SS to summon; that's all). From Arc/Nvb for example Pandora have a strong condition/hand management, Hoffman has his own game with the power tokens, crews relying in terrain need to balance between using that terrain and getting the job done... I'd say pick 1 faction and focus in that one; focusing in one faction gives you more playability for less money (each model you get, it's a model you may use with any master; non counting dual faction masters of course). If you are not sure at all, then starting with Marcus as Adran suggested is a good idea to start playing and learn about the game; but before getting his box be sure you like his playstile, he isn't everyone's cup of tea. Usually to start the best idea is Core box + 1 keyword box, but depending on the crew Core box + Versatile box may be also be a good choice. This depends a lot on the player. There are players dead set on playing one all rounded list (and some have even got first position in events with those lists), others that use a few masters and lists and don't like to go out of keyword (OOK) and others that like to pick different masters and go wild with OOK models. In general having 2 or 3 masters is a good idea to have options, but with a versatile keyword decent at everything and a few well selected OOK and versatiles you may play only 1 master. Also take in count there is a healthy amount of "redundancy" in each faction, you may tackle a particular pool of strategy/schemes with different masters. The more you own and know how to play the better of course, but it's not necessary to own every master and model to be competitive. I'd start browsing the cards (Mobile App or Web browser) and reading topics about the masters you like in the NVB and ARC forums (specially Tacticas if there is one about that master), try to read M3E threads, not M2E. After that you should have an idea about which faction and masters you like more. Hope it helps!
  11. This is the rules thread for the interaction @Maniacal_cackle is mentioning: Yes, conditions in enemy activation are hard to inflict; but there are a few ways. Pandora's defensive trigger or Candy's corrupted inocence in the crew. Then there are a few OOK models useful for this; Wicked models like the Rattler or the Grootslang if the other player disengage, Stitcheds with Bloated Stench if they are attacked or Wisps/Adze with the Shimmering Lights aura are a few that come to my mind now.
  12. Same here XD. Crews that use the same gimmick versus each other are kind of Chaotic. I'd say Euripides needs Ice Pilars badly than Rasputina, she only needs 1 or 2 well placed to threat all board; but almost all Euripides models needs them to survive and not bleed out using Old Ways. However this trigger is very dangerous for Rasputina. She is usually quite safe with them near thanks to Ice Shield, but Euripides may send a Geryon, remove all nearby pilars with "Reform from Ice" and put that 3 min damage fist in good use.
  13. Unless they can attack the doves right away, making the Master AP count moving some models ahead is the best opening by far imo; and it's a big head start for those; for example a 30mm model gets a bit more than 11'' for free without moving Colette, that's 1 full activation worth of movement for some models. Also take in count you'll bring back those doves in range of the auras with Presto chango. Those tricks may be useful because not always the hand is going to go your way; remember you can only use 1SS or Dove per flip, you may find yourself with an initial hand that wouldn't let you perform presto chango generating doves because you lack high masks or tomes in hand. Using the Innovation trigger can let you still milk those doves for SS giving up the turn 2 reactivation. Doing some numbers, with a 7 cards hand (taking in count Magical Training) you will get at least 1 card needed to pull a presto chango AND summon a Dove 91% of the time, at least 2 cards 64% of the time and at least the the 3 cards around 30% of the time (so around 9% of the time, approximately 1 out of 10 games, you get 0 cards in hand); a bit higher taking in count the card draw out of the killed doves. This means that trick only let you generate with Colette 2SS (4-6 SS being lucky) before you have to start to killing doves to get SS. Using the rider you'll get 6SS out of Colette most of the time (around 75%, 83% if you are willing to stone cards), 8SS including and using 1 Showgirls APs. Being able to adapt (or do "silly stuff") in a match can make a difference in that particular game if you get a bad initial hand and your models count on Colette generating those 10-12 SS. The showgirl part is optional, but if 1 or 2 are useful in a match; they basically cost 3SS each if you do this with her/their turn 1 activation. I understand you don't like the Showgirl, but I can't see how getting a few extra SS is a bad thing...
  14. But... that's the exact intent of that kind of abilities, letting the model measure ranges from other game elements... And there are also another abilities modifying how interact works with schemes (like Exclusive Interview in Nellie). IDK, to me everything points it should work with it.
  15. The straightforward part is the key; more realistic rules add an extra layer of complexity and balance. In this case, they would need to take it in count to give bigger models better stats to compensate their will benefice from less Cover and also especify how many pieces of terrain of each height that provide Cover is needed, so everything works as intended. There are other systems with more complex cover rules (taking in count % of the model cover and things like that); but that has their own set of dissadvantages too ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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