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  1. It may be a crew building issue Neither of the above are very good choices versus Vicks. Tuco has a few tricks, but has also low damage and a crew as fast as Vicks will pick him off right off the bat. Autums are great tarpits, but picking 3 with Tuco you'll lack damage. Hold up versus Vicks isn't the best option, that crew is highly mobile and full of glass cannons, you want them killed or as far as possible from your models. You need way more punch in that list. In the dreamer's case, try including 1 or 2 Stitcheds; they aren't fast, but can really punish a model that dives carelessly into the crew (and versus an agressive player you won't get much time to LD anyway). Keep Serena next to Dreamer if they try to attack him to be able to redirect to her. Maybe consider including a Lure (Doppleganger/Hinamatsu), they have a ton of long range . Insidious Madness can be used to debuff enemies with a Tactical Action; it's very short range but it may pay off. Not sure how is he using Hans; If he uses a lot of conditions to hinder your models, a wicked doll with Eldritch Magic may pay for himself quickly as long as you can keep it alive. Their models are spammy, so a few Inhuman Reflexes upgrades will keep your key models alive thanks to Butterfly Jump; Serena Bowman is a great model that fits in both crews, it has healing, punch and is sturdy. Iggy is another very good model of the faction, great for denial in scheme heavy pools, but also pack a punch, very squishy tho. Consider bringing a few SS to keep alive Masters/Henchmans when the Vicks rush them. Hinamatsu could work well, but only with IR to avoid being attacked several times by Ronins because she will melt versus them (and even with IR I'd bring also a few SS to block the first hits). These are very general advices, but I hope it helps! Maybe also talk with your Outcast player and play a few coaching games with him.
  2. Hi. A bit more of info would make it easier... Like some example of the crews you and the Outcast player usually runs and what is happening in your games, is he outscheming you? slicing your crew? both? Do you use double master list or single masters?...
  3. That list looks like Nephilims kidnaping woes for some unholy ritual XDD. So, which is the idea of that crew? Double grow mature in turn 1 or you plan to keep the BBS most game as shamans?
  4. Yes, the only thing missing is the after resolving/succeeding triggers of the original attack (Bring it, Obey...) resolving in the same step than BFJ.
  5. Ty for the reports. May I ask why double charm warder? It's a great model, but it's usually more a counterpick than a core member of crews. That Nekima list is... unusual. I can understand the double Lelu to draw cards versus Youko, but how did he used the tots and the effigy? Didn't he used IR in Nekima?
  6. As said above something was off; I wasn't sure at that point of what, notice all the "maybes" and "seems to". But what matter are the rules. I've been checking and there is no other rule for extra action timings and one trigger clearly indicates they resolve before the extra action (Threaten Beatins in the Gremlin Crier). Triggers' names tend to go with the theme and timing. The survivor theme explains where that scrap come from (and maybe that gobling carry a few remplacements of that arm!), this one is off timing-wise which is what missleaded me. Or maybe it isn't off timing and Toni go around with a bag full of tooths to spit them in other people's faces right before they hit her /s
  7. It's not really a redesign, these 3 models have the same role and the crew functionality is the same, but with a more viable (imo) Lelu/Lilitu strategy and a reason to use tots; also this doesn't change anything for a player that wants to play the most common list with Matures/Young/BBS and some versatiles. It's in reality a buff suggestion for 3 models, but taking in count the crew theme and playstile. Nailing a game with so many model and interactions it's impossible; and players neglecting half of a keyword is a good reason to suggest a change like this one imo.
  8. I guess it's more probable the thing off there is the theme of the trigger and not a missing rule. Makes sense. If Hayreddin knows what's best for him, he will BFJ as far as possible XD.
  9. Initially I was going to say Hayreddin may BJW away... but after looking at it more carefuly it looks like the attack is part of the action; specially taking in count the trigger ("Spit out a tooth") seems to be intended to resolve after the attack (no point in spitting tooths before being hit); which implies the enemy attack is part of the resolution of the initial action, not intended to queue after it. Which is weird because It goes against the rules of the pg34: But maybe that rules are for action that the model performing the action is going to resolve (kind of Onslaught/Swift action), not for actions that it force other models to take as part of the resolution of an action (Bring it or Obey). IDK, there is something off here.
  10. Hi again! I'm not sure if you read my last post, there I adressed those. Rules about LoS are written with directionality in mind (From/to) and in fact there is a niche case in the base rules where a model have LoS, but the other hasn't. And after reading some particular abilities is even clearer the LoS is individual; if you check abilities like "Ice Mirror" or "Eyes in the night" you'll see some models may trace LoS from a different game element.
  11. Technically it can reactivate in turn 2. It needs SS cache, stone the suit AND a 6; which is quite expensive, but a double activation of the right model in turn 2 may be game changing. So with both and Amina/Hoffman (for fast) you can organize your own Rodeo in turn 2
  12. I’ve got this idea at the back of my mind for a while for the Neph crew, but the last few threads about it kind of confirm what I supposed about the good crew builds and models… Meta Nephilim crews are the Mature/Young/BBS heavy, while Lelu and Lilitu are situationally used and not well valued. Tots seem to be also in a weird spot, for a 4SS model they aren’t impressive and are outclassed by dogs for most tasks (and neither are they the MVPs of the keyword). Their only advantage is the ability to grow into something useful; but the crew has barely enough resources to grow 2 models in turn 1 and in that case the BBS into mature give both a 4SS increase and some Focused pulses. Tots cannot compete there with a 2 or 3SS increase and no further benefice for the crew than self-healing. So the idea would be increasing the cost of Lelu and Lilitu to 8SS (buffing both profiles to fit the new cost, keeping them with the same low mobility high splash damage theme but worth hiring for 8SS), and giving a second ability that remove corpses to the Tot that also give some benefice to other models or the crew. Frantic Search (50% getting 1 SS) could work or maybe a new one that gives Focused or Fast to 1 friendly model (not a pulse) for example. The benefices of the above would be creating an alternative “grow path” different from BBS -> Mature worth using and also giving tots and Lelu/Lilitu pair a bit of extra value because for only 2 corpses a tot can give some benefice to the crew, increase the net SS value in 4 and replace one of the killed twins (so they can keep their synergy going); and twins being 8SS models would be harder to kill. Thematically, Lelu and Lilitu are also described as alternative mature forms of Nephs so having them as a bit more expensive minions than Youngs is also kind of fitting with the Lore (in the sense that they really aren't Mature forms, but are also unlikely to evolve into Matures because Young/BBS give more benefices... and the few humans that discovered this were eaten XD) So what do you think? Would it be good for the crew? Would it make it too good? Would you rather models as they are now?
  13. That's problematic but fortunatelly Joss is Sz2 with 30mm base and can disengage in his own activation using Transfer Power, then Charge a model inside of the bubble using that model to break LoS with Schtook (so no aura) or charge directly Schtook who has no H2W and with only Focused a moderate/severe can be reach. But I've not played the match up tho; not sure how viable it'd be. Honestly that crew seems a headache to build against... that combination of defenses require very specific models to deal with efficiently and it also condition the crew building... using models of 7-8SS is probably not a good idea because they are easy enough to kill and give him extra students (and even 5 and 6SS models give him neat models); so what's left is a super tough elite crew to deny summoning (in which case Necropunk and Undergraduates will have free reign to score), maybe mixed with a few 4SS or less models for scheme duty and support.
  14. The crew has some tricks to deal extra BB splash damage (aside from the obvious Blood for Blood) to grow tots; Lelu's Masochistic Thoughts can let each model of the crew deal 1 damage at the end of its activation, Hounds,Tots and BBS have weak 1 damage; so they can attack an ally to get some extra splash damage if they are facing models with high defenses/to duel (in the BBS case also potentially generating a corpse, BBS can use Pustule tho). That may also make models clump a bit, but as long as Hayreddin is near with his healing aura it's not that problematic; funnily enough with enough Nephs clumped, blasts and shockwaves will start healing them XDD. The only "negative" part is BB has range 1 (except when BBP is used) while Lilitu, Matures, Nekima have mele range 2.
  15. Transmortis have H2W, Armor AND extra Wds; min damage 2 won't be enough unless is paired with Analyze Weakness. I'd avoid Willie, he is very glassy and cost 7... that's a free student for Transmortis. And armor+2 models may also backfire, they have analyze weakness and built in Armor Piercing in the Student of Steel. It's an OOK, but maybe Joss with Diesel Engine and something to give him Focused? He can get double positive and severe 6 or even 7 with Irreductible damage; enough to make most Transmortis models think twice before going near of him.
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