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  1. Glad to help! Mind there are masters that even if they can't work as well as the top dogs in all situations are very good in some particular circunstances and knowing your faction OOK/Versatile picks helps to empower those (and it could also pick other players by surprise as they won't be as used to play against that). I've got not enough experience with those two to know where they will shine so I can only offer a few ideas; but experimenting is always fun, good luck!
  2. Ogid


    Unique stuff in masters is good and gives it niches; I choosed that option because it gives the upgrade to models that can usually attach it so the range for unintended stuff is lowered. The upgrades in this dual faction master are a big deal of how the crew works; so eliminating that would be good to be able to balance both sides without neglecting one or making the other one OP. I also thought about the attuned in a mutation upgrade, but I'm not sure if that'd work that well to give both sides of the crew a simmilar starting point to balance. A master with so much mobility as this one
  3. Ogid


    Feel free to ask! Wrapping your head around the mutations is a bit hard at first, but it'll become second nature soon. I'll try to help you out: In general in this faction these are my favourites: Cojo: Horns + Something defensive (usually wings) Bandersnatch: Armor + Horns (it can work with only 1 of these) Jackalope: Armor and/or Serrated Rattler: Armor (Serrated also decent) Scorpious: Armor or Serrated; but any other one goes also well Cerberus: Wings + Camo. Adze/Wisps: Camo Grootslang: Wings, Armor or Serrated Bear: Wings, Horns
  4. Ogid


    I think Marcus need a few tweaks to stop being underpowered and that's definitelly one of them; his keyword can't adapt to all situation and the Master deny tech picks for how badly they integrates in the crew. My top 3 needed changes for Marcus would be: Chimera (and beasts?) models in his crew can take upgrades from both factions. Without this either ARC is OP or NVB is UP, and it would give him something very unique in both factions. Change his call of the wild for an action that can move non-beast and let the beast charge or attack WITHOUT IT BEING A TRIGGER. The master be
  5. Ogid


    Marcus needs beasts, he is useless without them; but there isn’t that much competition tho, most upgrades are handed out during turn 1 and 2. I’ve found that expending a lot of AP and cards beyond turn 1 handling mutations take the atention away from scoring and it’s also risky because those models will die and expending a lot of AP buffing one model make that extra painful. The only reason for using AP to attach upgrades is a model needing healing. Picking 5 chimera/beasts so you can handle six upgrades in turn 1 and two in turn 2 is a good recipe; and also different beast go well with d
  6. Ogid


    OI for 6SS are playable and that mutation swaping is a very good way to use them so you are in the good path. I've had decent result with them in low SS games like HH, but I don't tend to use them in 50SS games. They are cost efficient combat models because they are one of the few models where ditching mutations is worth it and that (which gives card draw near of Marcus) really help. However even with 1 defensive mutation they are not hard to kill, other beast are better for scoring or are harder to kill and as I don't pick Marcus to brawl nor like to bubble with him, I've not much expe
  7. Then seems both are in the right path (or are terribly wrong about it XD) For pure center brawl combat I rather the later 2; Mature Neph is relatively glassy even versus mele because most masters lack enough card draw to make good use of Combat Finesse and Black Blood make the positioning of your own models akward. For having a mobile piece with Punch and able to give mobility to other models both Hooded an Mature are good options, Mature's kit is better for this role than for the above as it'll harder for isolated models to overpower his regeneration. I wouldn't pay 11 for a Matu
  8. This got me thinking about my crew choices, I'll try to put it in words: The Keyword has issues, but also good stuff on it. The problem is half of the keyword is bellow the curve and the master is a one trick pony, that make the lists and playstile predictable. Hayreddin, Young, BBS and Mature are legit models, even OOK worthy; that's the backbone of a decent Neph list. Lilitu, Hounds and Tots are plain bad. Lelu is niche but lilitu being as bad as she is drags his value down, Hounds lost their niche posible use with the Nekima's aura change in the errata imo. The only mod
  9. That's for sure, but there is some wizardry at play that I don't fully understand that allow me to buy here in Europe the standard boxes, not just at the price of the Wyrd's store, but consistently 10-15% off (and that price should include, shipping, taxes and such); so there is probably ways to make us get those boxes way cheaper without them losing money. I want to give them my money, but I don't want to the the one doing all the effort
  10. Lol, but they are not wrong tho; if the rider want to use the 5 suit trigger each turn from turn 2 that will be at least 15SS considering also the cost of the upgrade, which start to enter into second master's cost range. But again, the Rider is way more versatile than those 3 Necropunks; and for being only 1 model, it can drop from 3 to 4 schemes per turn if it uses the reactivate on itself. The rider can do other things during the game and then burst drop them the last 2 turns when the other player will have a hard time denying all of them. By that time it's easy that 1 or 2 Necros are
  11. Your crew is ok imo; but I'd remove both Ninja upgrades and would move one SP from Gwyneth to Tannen, between master, totem and Gwyneth a 9SS cache isn't excessive. But that crew won't work in all situations tho. However mind I play versus it, not with it; but TT is my second faction, so I might give you a few ideas: My friend's core is Gwyneth, Tannen, 1-2 Beckoners and 1 Tanuki, that works well for him and is simmilar to your crew; there are still 20-25SS to round the crew and add defensive options. Those models can stack brillance fast and have a good mix of damage and utility.
  12. Nightmare boxes' prices aren't a dealbreaker per se; but shipping plus those prices are. The problem is customs fees will apply to the price of the boxes, which are already more expensive than other boxes AND to also the international shipping; which is also very expensive. That pushes the price into a range where I'm not interested anymore (basically the entire order including shipping costs gets increased by 21-26% in my country) Shipping and taxes could be almost entirely avoided if they find a way to sell them within the country, through local stores for example. But I guess this
  13. Shipping costs to Europe are insane considering also customs; plus the prices for the Nightmare boxes are a bit over the top... I really like a few of them, so if I could buy them from here, I'd probably bit the bullet and get the few ones I like the most; but those prices plus shipping plus customs... sorry, but I'm not made of gold!
  14. Even if stone by stone the rider were a bit worse than one of the (or the) best schemers in the game, there is still room to be very good at it. But the Rider can cover a wider range of roles that those 2 Necropunks like giving card draw, reactivate a beater or solo Research Mission to name a few, plus Ride with Me.
  15. And that's why I don't like Stealth on him; in all that process Stealth is not helping him; if he is attacked and the Samurai is out of position, he is dead. But with SP on him, the Samurai can still take hits for him (with his own upgrade) but he can survive better alone or just near of Sun Quiang. Stealth is better in models that like to keep its distance, but Tannen need to put himself in a range where Stealth is doing nothing to make good use of his kit. But again, just my opinion, play whatever works for u!
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