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  1. Thanks so I was right but a confirmation may help other player in same case.
  2. Ok another player confirmed my point.
  3. does a re summoned model count for scheme? For example Ikiryo was chosen to Claim Jump and killed at turn 1 re summon. Does she count for Claim Jum ? My point, no because it is not the same model. My opponent thinks it the same model.
  4. Sorry morning for France... I'm going to be again. T_T'''
  5. Hi Perdita has gunfighter Perdita has quick reflexes Can here use her attack in melee, kill the target, use quick reflexes and shoot another? I think but I want to be sure. Another question, how gunfighter counts with hidden martyrs? Can Perdita be used to the "end" of this trigger? (for example does a changeling is engaged by her?) Thanks
  6. I don't understand, we can't copy attack action? ôo I don't see it in the text
  7. We are not in quarantine anymore in France but I can help. I hae a lot of time (not know how you call it but I'm in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommuting so... ) and I'm playing a lot in Vassal... so... ^^
  8. TRUE. ^^ In the Parisian Discord, someone said 100% of explorers lists, even out of keyword.
  9. Red and Black... will he be able to do bonus shares? Or an action that list a model by name or attaching upgrade? Summoning? The last point may seem stupid but it can allow to have models to kill for public enemies... or reach the limitation of summoning upgrades.
  10. Hi does a model with abudant growth take damage from "the queen's command"? thanks
  11. Thanks ^o^ good precision for vendetta.
  12. Hi imagine, you have an effigy with the upgrade to transform it to emissary. you chose it for hidden martyr. The other model dies. And at the third turn comes. At the end of the game, the emissary have to engage a model. A friend just said to me "you choose the model at the begining of the game, and the emissay is the same model. So you can engage a model with a cost of 5 or more". It's surprising. For me the emissay has a cost of 10. Who's right? thanks.
  13. Hi how does it work when a mounted guard has the lodestone token and is killed? A the lodestone goes to another model and after the demise ability occures? B the demise ability is done, so the lodestone stays on the guard? thanks
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