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  1. Hi how do thoses rules work when player have no card? Thanks
  2. Hi in french discord, someone asked, somes abilities (like on Kaeris or Rasputina cards when their leader) give passives abilities. To be honest, for now I only think about master's cards but maybe their is other cards like that. But when those models die? do thoses abilities remain? For example, does "harsh winter" remain when Rasputina is killed? Thanks
  3. Hi For Brillance Saturation, or other thing like that, can we chose to automaticaly fail? Thanks
  4. Hi, an we use Hunger pains and just after Consumed by Gluttonny on opponent?
  5. I think you talk about "Dead man hand" for the masters. https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-dead-mans-hand For old models, to be honest, I don't know if there is official rules. But if one day I'll able to organize tournament again, I'll accept without any question.
  6. Hi Scout ahead (after zone are chosen) a model has to be deploy before all. Symbol of authority, "before deployement", place the 4 markers. so, what is the timing? Because "before deployment". before deployement it's before step I... So before the zones are chosen (little bug?). Thanks.
  7. Hi I have a little doubt. When a model is in a severe terrain with 5 of Move. Will this move be 2.5'' or 3 ?
  8. We were in game and it's what we thought thanks.
  9. Hi PopCorn Turner is at 3.5'' of a stolen. At the Start of his activation, he can push. if he enters in the Aura 3 of Disead of a Stolen, does he gain a blight token? Thanks
  10. During the game I saw this in that case... the scheme can be adversary?
  11. Hi, for english Ivan and Mordrake... If Mordrake has Staggered and Ivan would gain Staggered... can he transfer the condition to Mordrake even if still has the condition?
  12. Does it a friendly (shadow or scheme) marker or a friendly scheme marker and a shadow marker no matter owner of shadow marker? Thanks.
  13. Hi the obey (or other similar actions) has restriction "does not attach upgrads ou list a model by name". How does itwork with triggers? for exampe the plenty of wares of odgepodge emissary. or the deadly claws of DEslation Engine? or spiit barrage of Anna Lovelace?
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