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  1. Hi A push may "not be broken up into smaller horizontal segments". Ok I assume it's fences or walls. It can change elevation from stair or hills. Ok. But from hole or fall from elevation? For example, a model on the top of a building may fall if there is not guard rail? but it's blocked by guard rail?
  2. To be honnest I can't wait to give Wyrd money for explorers English Ivan has a really cool design. :3
  3. Maybe. Just wanted to be sure before buy other stuff.
  4. Normal it isn't the same list than in the news? I'm counting 3 missing products (because I wanted them)
  5. That's right, and that's why I wondered. ^^
  6. Hum in https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2020/7/20/gen-con-2020-sale-details it says, the sales willb egin the 29. in France, we are the 29 in France and nothing on the store. So what time will the Gencon sales start? Thanks
  7. Ok Explorers possibly in november. I hope you'll do fate deck with the 4 factions that aren't in most of the others fate decks. ^^ And do you know? I'll spend a lot of money. Weak me.
  8. Recover Evidence Corner Vendetta Sabotage Let them Bleed Spread them out Catch and release Parker Barrows Doc Mitchels Mad Dog Bracket 2 convict gunslinger Bandido Librarian Hodgepodge Effigy + effigy of fate On Vassal, trading post. Against a Nekima crew. My opponent was to... shy? So It was a great list to kill every opponent. To be honnest, it's a good list. Maybe one gunslinger or the bandido can be changed but for now... a lot of healing, great damage dealing... great range. Ok not the more resilient models but with the healing
  9. Hum, weird. Last fall I did a great picture and didn't post here. Bad, bad. but you should see in full screen. https://i.imgur.com/83oSP3L.jpg
  10. Can we talk about Som'er totems on V2 box? ^^ I put them verticaly (on a wall...). I won't be able to do the same thing with this. XD I like the model but I think we'll have some... practical troubles (difficulties? problems? sorry, I don't know the better term with my poor english), like melee with some models or simply transport it. ^^
  11. Thanks so I was right but a confirmation may help other player in same case.
  12. Ok another player confirmed my point.
  13. does a re summoned model count for scheme? For example Ikiryo was chosen to Claim Jump and killed at turn 1 re summon. Does she count for Claim Jum ? My point, no because it is not the same model. My opponent thinks it the same model.
  14. Sorry morning for France... I'm going to be again. T_T'''
  15. Hi Perdita has gunfighter Perdita has quick reflexes Can here use her attack in melee, kill the target, use quick reflexes and shoot another? I think but I want to be sure. Another question, how gunfighter counts with hidden martyrs? Can Perdita be used to the "end" of this trigger? (for example does a changeling is engaged by her?) Thanks
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