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  1. Thanks, we played it well !
  2. Hi yesterday we were not sure how to understand this trgeer. Imagine Tara crew vs marcus crew. One beast is buried. It's the Tara's owner who unburry it? 1'' of a Tara ennemy model? (so at 1'' of a model of marcus crew) Thanks
  3. Hi, with my opponent we don't read Sabotage in the same way (we're French) For the reveal the scheme, to score, the marker have to be more than 3'' to an opponent. The scheme marker have to be hidden to the opponent or not? For me the score is deny went an opponent is in the 3'' OR see the scheme. Am I right? Thanks
  4. Hi any idea for the date release of the cards on wargame vault?
  5. Hi I know a majority of people here won't understand the video... I'll share it.
  6. I hope it will be soon. Some players seems... annoyed by this delay.
  7. As I say by mail, cards PDF will be great. But translation in app will be better. ^^ Be carefull, I hope same "french team" will be able to correct the translation, like the rules.
  8. Hi someone asked me an initiation this wednesday So. 18h30. ^^ http://www.uchroniesgames.fr/ 61 rue Letellier, 75015 Paris
  9. one request. Could you add a way to filter when you search by keyword what you are looking for. For example, search only on rules, only on positions, only on keywords..... For the filter, can you add a way to choose
  10. This Saturday to the association Haÿ Chevalier 73 Avenue Larroumes, 94240 L'Haÿ-les-Roses 14h 30 - end of the session
  11. I'll ask to help. But I hope the french version will respect the corrections. Last time, a lot of was not used in the final version. Result the french version was not... usable (rules with different names for example).
  12. Hi, it's a great news. But for now I can't change title of a Youko list. Am I the only to have this bug?
  13. Ok Thanks. But it's complicated, it's will be for my sister if she can take something for me in future. I'll see if she accepts or not (but in some monthes, when the books will release)
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