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  1. Hi, it's a great news. But for now I can't change title of a Youko list. Am I the only to have this bug?
  2. Ok Thanks. But it's complicated, it's will be for my sister if she can take something for me in future. I'll see if she accepts or not (but in some monthes, when the books will release)
  3. Hi did you know if there any shop near Margery fry court 22 tufnell park N7 0DR LONDON Or near 24 Goodge St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2QF, Royaume-Uni With Malifaux stuff obviously. Thanks ^^
  4. Hi My question is a basic english question. But I'm French so I'm not sure of the answer. "When an enemy model starts its Activation Within 6, this model may look at the top card of either player's Fate Deck. So it's only the fate deck of ONE player (not matter if it's Yuko's player deck or opponent deck) or it's for the two players? thanks
  5. Hi, some people have this ability. But whats does it mean? 1 they gain shielded +1 and nothing except if some models give other effet to hazardous terrain? 2 They gain shielded +1, lose 1 health, and suffer additional effect if some models give other effet to hazardous terrain? Thanks
  6. Hi this thursday I'll do initiation and discussion about M3e at Uchronies http://www.uchroniesgames.fr/ 61 rue Letellier, 75015 Paris
  7. Hi For the trigger Sweeping Strinke https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AADl3P0pjdyynODQqvnSzGGya/Malifaux Third Edition/Neverborn/Stat Cards/M3E_Nvb_Nightmare_Versatile_SerenaBowman.pdf?dl=0 I'm not sure. Does it mean "add a blast in base contact to the target" (so maybe other models will suffer damages) or "add the amount of a blast damage to the target" so only the target will get more damage... and it'll be 3/6/10 ! I really hope it's the first but I want to be sure. ^^ thanks
  8. Ok it was a long time... too much things to do x_x BUT The saturday 6 october I'll be to the ex CNJ, and now the CLUBB, centre Ludique de Boulogne-Billancourt. 17, allée Robert Doisneau 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt between 3PM until... until I'll be bored.
  9. it's a mistake, in the game Teddy engaged the moonshine. Better pic here
  10. Can you see the picture? edit better pic few posts bellow : Ok. does the neverborn win point for hold their force? Pro : yes because the moonshinobi is not in the engagement range of baby Kade so "no other friendly models engaging them" Con : no becase engagment is reciprocal. What do you think about it? Thanks
  11. hi yesterday I played the tanuki and one was paralysed. we decided he couldn't use "taking a little nap" but I just saw and this forum someone said it's possible. So... can we use this when the tanuki is paralysed? thanks
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