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  • Posts

    • So guys iv'e been looking at Zoraida's upgrades and the more i look at poisoned fate the more i like it. The attack against models is ok but i'm really interested in the ability 'poisoned fate'. It could combo well with Barbaros challenge aura or even a sneaky obey making the model cheat. Have you guys had any experience with this upgrade??
    • Has anyone had any luck with bringing the Arcane Emissary along with Sandeep?  Banasuva can copy his abilities/actions and the Emissary allows other models to use his actions like Sandeep can.  I'm not a big fan of the Emissary as it is but maybe I'm missing something.
    • I finished painting The Dread Pirate Zipp for 15 soulstones this month. I tried out a lot of new techniques this model. We had a crew box exchange at Christmas and I got Zipp. I decided to push myself to try non-metallic metal and some more two brush blending. He was a lot of fun to paint.
    • As mentioned before Candy needs someone who applies “mood swing” and/or “nobody likes me”. So Pandora and Iggy are good choices to join the little girl. Usually I used her in “guard the stash” or other control position strategies. “Fears given form “ works pretty good on her here as well. To be honest I don’t really know what to do only with one model from my collection - Angel Eyes. Maybe just pray more and wait for July errata?
    • Nix's Sweet Taste of Failure keeps Nix alive for freaking ever, seeing as Drink Spirit keeps making people fail all the time as a zero action.  It's hilarious.  I had Nekima, a Doppleganger, and Mr Graves on him for three rounds before he died.  Well worth the points and no need to maneuver any rats near him; much more worth it than Benny, honestly.
    • So, I'm not... necessarily HAPPY with how the Insids turned out, but they're OK. I painted their orifices white with a yellow tinge to make them look more glow-y, and I got the Bandersnatch done for a total of 15ss so far.   Next, the Alps. Talk about boring minis, that I will almost certainly never use. But their lack of paint tasks me.
    • Could always use them in a Raspy crew (as that crew can sometimes have issues getting out scheme markers even with an Ice Dancer) and if they die, summon an Ice Gamin off its scrap marker. lol. 
    • I like Anna Lovelace also- she gives some card cycle, a decent ranged CA, reduces opponent's movement shenanigans, and can potentially help out with Seamus's summons by getting mindless zombies to provide the corpse markers from her CA.   
    • Alrighty, in this post I'll be rambling about common hires for Spirit Molly. I'm not going to bother describing what their actions do, as hopefully we all have the rulebooks or cards, I'll just run my digital mouth about my experiences and opinions. This will probably end up being very long, but hopefully someone finds it useful. In no particular order, here's my take on the POTENTIAL MOLLY HIRES Izamu:
      I think Izamu is a trap. Though he has fairly good attacks and is mostly durable, he is painfully slow in a very fast crew, and doesn't provide any utility. I started out running him quite a bit, since I figured belles and doxies could lure things into his range or push him forward, but why bother? Izamu's role is to deal damage and be tanky. Your summons deal plenty of damage, and will be prioritized over Izamu, making his tankiness moot. Even his durability is questionable - anything that ignores armor will tear through Def 4/WP 5. It's not that he's awful, but he takes too much effort and costs far too much. No thank you, take anything else. Carrion Emissary:
      Carrion Emissary is just excellent, as always. I highly recommend taking the generic conflux and making a real effort to keep him safe. + flips are great for any card intensive crew, but particularly with Belles and Hanged, since their long range lets you keep the Emissary back a little. Being able to cycle cards is definitely relevant as well. You lose the ability to close off part of the map with MLH->double shards, but Spirit Molly's crew is ranged, so LoS blocking is double edged. I think it's very tempting to get too cute with Shards in general, and you can end up exposing your Emissary to danger trying to place them forward instead of just placing them right next to your crew. A note: Emissary, Sybelle, and Datsue Ba all have abilities that require a 7-8 to hit their TN, and you really don't want to cheat higher cards that could be used for summons. If you take two of them, don't expect to be able to use both abilities every turn. I've run all 3, and while it's incredible when you have the cards, I don't recommend it, as an unlucky hand means half your crew is underperforming. Datsue Ba:
      She has absurd utility - her entire card is full of text, even before upgrades! I think she really shines in pools where Denial of Sanzu will be disruptive - Symbols of Authority, Recover Evidence, Covert Breakthrough and the like. Both Denial and Weigh Sins really do mess up scheme runners, but she's no slouch at supporting the scrum as well. Think carefully about what you want from her activation. As Weigh Sins has a high TN and you want to cheat its 1/2/6 damage track, you should almost always focus before using it, so make it count. Killing a model from 6 wds and summoning a 4ss model is pretty incredible, and will swing the game in a big way. However, it's sometimes more important to get Adversary onto an opposing model and save the severe to summon with Molly. Her Guide Spirits (0) is free AP at worst, but often much more considering many of your models have incorporeal or flying. I love using Guide Spirits to move Hanged or Goryo through walls your opponent is hiding behind. Additionally, as I mentioned in the area denial section of my last post, you often forward summon Hanged on 1wd. Usually, you either have to give the Hanged up or activate it early to move it back, removing its threat for that turn. Datsue Ba lets that Hanged walk outside of their activation so they can keep their threat bubble live. For upgrades, Spirit Whispers is interesting, and I'm on the fence about it. Summoning Seishin is great for activation control, and healing Molly's low health summons is no joke. That said, Datsue Ba is already choked on (0) actions, and requiring yet another 8 to hit the TN is really rough. Taking Spirit Whispers also makes MLH tempting, at which point we're looking at a 10ss model. Non-master summoning is really powerful, so right now I'm leaning towards taking Spirit Whispers if you have spare soulstones, but it's one of the first things on the chopping block. It's certainly not stapled to Datsue Ba's card. Madame Sybelle & Kentauroi:
      I suspect this is going to be the most controversial opinion, as I know most players don't rate Sybelle, and Kentauroi are the new hotness. I think you should always take one or the other to propel Molly. Sybelle is extremely medium at basically everything. Kentauroi on the other hand have a massive 13" threat range on min 3 damage (kind of 4 with Infect), and don't need cards to carry models around (which frankly makes me kind of angry). However, there are three things that Sybelle does that the Kentauroi can't that I think are extremely valuable, and as such she is still my preferred choice for my Molly shuttle.  First, and most importantly, she all but guarantees that Molly can summon on turn 1 even against the most defensive opponents. With MLH, she can Call Belle twice on turn one to advance both Molly and a Rotten Belle, allowing the Belle to lure a model for Molly to summon off of. I have yet to play on a board that can hide models from that kind of threat projection. This does require two 8+ cards, in addition to cards to lure and summon, so it's not trivial, but it is really powerful. Plenty of opponents will just blithely walk models in range of lures, making this unnecessary. Better players, though, will do their best to hide their key models, and Sybelle makes it incredibly difficult to hide. Second, Sybelle is better at pulling Molly out of trouble. Consider a situation where your opponent charges, engaging Molly and her taxi. Kentauri can charge out of engagements, but they only carry other models on Walk actions. Sybelle can walk to the edge of a model's engagement and Call Belle, placing Molly on the opposite side, outside of engagement. Lastly, Sybelle pressures your opponent's hand. Between Terrifying, Attend to Personally, and Death Mark, she can force a fair number of medium TN tests or discards. You have to use all these 7-8 value cards proactively, making your opponents use theirs defensively really equalizes the playing field.  As far as upgrades, MLH is a must. While I like the effects of her unique upgrades, I don't think either one of them is worth a soulstone. Both Unnerving Aura and Decaying Aura are interesting on her, but I suspect they make her too much of an investment. She's fairly sturdy, but there's enough Min 3 damage around now that 9 wounds, Def 6 HtW can evaporate if your opponent needs it to. I think you're best off making your opponent unhappy to target her, so run her as lean as her zaftig frame permits. In summary, Kentauroi are more blatantly dangerous models, and don't tax your resources at all. Sybelle provides more versatility, and in my opinion she gets better the better your opponent is, as she can both crack defenses and salvage unexpected nightmare scenarios. It's entirely possible I overvalue her, but I believe her skill ceiling is quite high. Which one you take depends on the map, the rest of your crew, and your opponent. One last note - as Kentauroi are obviously not spirits, and Sybelle is inexplicably not a belle, neither of them gains Black Blood, so be mindful of their placement. Philip and the Nanny:
      It should be clear by now that Spirit Molly is incredibly card hungry. In addition to what I've said about medium cards for utility TNs, the main draw to Forgotten Path is that it lets you summon Hanged and attack with them as soon as turn 1. Hanged need a 13 or Red Joker to summon. Because of this, Philip and the Nanny is first model of this list that I will ALWAYS take. Between P&N, stoning for cards, and Carrion Conflux, we can see up to 14 cards a turn (15 with MLH). This is far from a guarantee that we will draw a 13+, but makes it much more likely. Even if you miss on 13s, a high volume of cards is the lifeblood of any summoner. I've found it to be huge that P&N actually draw cards, not just filter. In the middle turns of the game, players usually race to get their impactful activations done before their models die, or to kill off enemies before they can activate. Often this leaves players with their hands spent really quickly. P&N can help you reset after a bunch of high cards bounce off of each other, and continue to play while your opponent is out of gas. Even drawing low cards is good, since they can feed Molly's Df/Wp trigger. On turns 4-5 I'll usually use Phil to score and deny schemes. Chatty and ranged scheme marker removal are both fantastic denial tools, and Pram lets Doxies and Belles throw him wherever he needs to be. It bears repeating - I would not consider playing Spirit Molly without Philip and the Nanny. She needs the cards to function, and brings a crew that excels at feeding him early and moving him around late. Rotten Belle:
      Your main minion. You'll need to hire at least one, I'll usually hire two, and I wouldn't fault anyone for a third. Probably too good with any master, Belles synergize so well with Molly. They give her the models she needs to summon off of, she gives them Black Blood and can summon more to set up little clusters for pounces. Similar to Sybelle, they put a lot of pressure on your opponents hand. Even if you don't hit the discard trigger, Lures and Slow are both threatening enough that your opponent will often want to cheat to resist them, lowering their ability to attack you. In general Belles are also underrated as summons. If you're only able to summon a model at 1wd, summoning a Belle is usually better than a Shikome, Goryo, or Drowned. The Belle can give out slow, or lure an enemy so that it has to waste AP walking back into position. If they spend further AP killing it, it's already done quite well, if they don't, you can try and maneuver it to join a Belle bomb. Doxy:
      I'll sometimes hire one, but you need to make sure you have enough Rotten Belles first. Also, 6ss is edging close to the 8ss mark of massive utility models. Their 10" range is soooo much less than the Belle's 18" (though if you are running Sybelle, she can Call Belle to the other side of her base, and then the doxy can walk 6" before taking the lead, making the effective threat range much wider). Since they can only Take The Lead once per turn, and it needs yet another 7 for its TN, focus first, even if you're advancing your own models. While Belles want to draw things in, Doxies are best when pushing targets away. Belles, Onryo, and Molly herself can apply Slow, and pushing a slowed melee model away is brutal. Keep an eye out for hazardous terrain and opportunities to cause falling damage, but don't get too cute. While I'm not sure Doxies would be better hires than Belles even if they were the same SS cost, they are definitely better summons. Everything I said about summoning Belles applies to Doxies, only more so. Their lower range doesn't matter when you summon, pushing is more flexible than luring, and handing out fast on death is *chef's kiss*. Ml 6 and min 2 damage is also getting close to an actual attack, unlike the Belle who should only attack off of pounces. Unfortunately, whatever fraction of a soulstone that improved attack is costing goes to waste if we bring Asura Roten, so let's talk about her now. Asura Roten:
      Another powerful Wave 5 model, Asura Roten brings two main things to the crew: activation control with no card investment, and a min 2 dmg attack for Belles to pounce with. She also has the dubious quality of carrying a giant target on her head that can distract opponents from actual threats. Unfortunately this is where her value ends, and I'm not sure yet whether it's worth 8 stones. I've been using her to feed Philip and the Nanny early on since her actual activations are not so good, then advancing her to the side of the action to bait enemies into Hanged whispers and Belle lures. I like that she brings something to the table without needing resources, but 8 stones is a lot. I also think she is overperforming because my opponents have jumped through hoops to kill her, which is kind of like luring for free. If left alone, she's a terrible scheme runner that wastes a tiny bit of AP by tying models up with Mindless Zombies. Considering how strong she can be with other masters, I wouldn't be surprised to see her cost go up by a stone in the future, at which point I'd probably not consider her for Molly. I'd love to hear other people's experiences with her though! Nurse:
      Pre-errata, I ran a Nurse in every crew, as she could feed Philip and the Nanny, and usually had one spectacular turn with Take Your Meds shutting down an expensive model or master. I figure a significant activation alone is worth about 3ss, and access to the toolbox was worth paying 2ss more. At 6 stones, I think she really needs to get off at least two useful Take Your Meds turns to be worth her cost, and TYM is too situational and card intensive to guarantee that. GG17 also tended to draw people toward the middle of the map, so you could put her slightly away from the action and know her very slow Wk would be enough to get her in range of several targets. Access to condition removal and good ranged attacks has also crept up over time. If I figure out a super-lean crew, playing a Nurse isn't out of the question, but for now I think she gets a well-deserved break. So that's my thoughts on hires for Molly. You'll notice that only one of the models is a beater, and it's one I don't recommend. It's my experience with Molly that as long as you can enable her summoning and control the pace of the game, damage just kind of happens. I'll go into her summons in my next post, as well as models I want to try. Thanks to anyone who made it through this! If you have any questions, or if you think I'm a big idiot with bad opinions, I'd love to hear about it. I'm new to posting on the forums, but as is probably clear, I love thinking about and playing Malifaux.
    • If a construct (ht 3 df 3 Armour +2) gets armour training do they increase their defense?