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    • I wasn't sure if it was a new action because it says to take "this" action again.
    • I was trying to think of something like that actually - the problem is if you can put them to two wounds they can eat 2 scheme markers before they need rewounding, but then they're on two wounds... and it takes an ap from someone else. It's a tricky one! If you're using it to harass a terror tot, though, then no problem thanks to black blood! I really like them for strats like extraction and so on though since they're pretty hardy, especially with Parker.
    • You could make your own blocking terrain with the emissarys shards action or you play someone like sebastian who s aura is against shooting. Another idea are night terrors to reduce the range of their attacks... Just thinking out loud here...
    • I would recommend taking McMourning vs Sandeep, for multiple reasons: Poison ignores Armor (Joss, Metal Gamin) Kudra can Poison your models all she wants and they won't really mind Things that work in a bubble (summoned Gamin, Mages) work in McMourning's favor Sebastian can help keep your crew protected from Mages using Under Cover A list such as this: McMourning, Plastic Surgery, Moonlighting Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rafkin Carrion Emissary, Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge Nurse Rotten Belle Anna Lovelace I included Anna because her 8" bubble helps a lot vs Sandeep - his free teleports now can't move him or his models quite as deeply, she creates more zombies, can shoot into combat and push Sandeep and his cronies where they don't want to be. You've got a couple of stones available for potential upgrades, or take a 7SS cache. My Little Helper seems good on either Rafkin or Anna. The Carrion Emissary will make a couple zombies for you and then throw Poison onto a lot of models (feel free to throw that Poison Fog at your own Zombie to maximize blast damage). Obviously, the Shards are great for blocking LoS but they don't slow Sandeep down that much, hence Anna. Hope this helps, ~gwh  
    • Submitting tournament games on Logfaux just got easier! Tournaments now have rounds, which consist of a Deployment, a Strategy and five Scheme settings. A tournament can have an arbitrary number of rounds. Once you get to game submission, you will have the option of picking the round the game was played on. This will set the Deployment and Strategy fields and filter the Scheme fields accordingly. Tournament games get their Played on and Format fields pre-set to the tournament's settings. You can add a game from the My Tournaments page by right-clicking the tournament and selecting Add Game. Many thanks to @Khyodee and @Tris for suggesting these improvements! Looking forward to hearing more!
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