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    • Yeah, I would try to keep them on the same number as much as possible, this was just to show off the "worst case" scenario for what it might look like.  
      Could certainly pair the old strategies in the same way.  Could also have a default list of just 13 that is the same for all of the old ones.  I haven't given much thought to how these new schemes synergize with the old strategies as much.  
    • Aw c'mon, you brought them into the Guild discussions in the first place as baselines for what you want out of hiring cost!   (Funny how I used to get all starry-eyed and jealous over Sparks, but now that I can do what he does I'm a lot less interested...)
    • Not against this. Hypothetically if we go down this route suggestions I would make: Try to keep the scheme on the same number as much as possible (so when I make my deck of cards I can keep them ordered for faster lookup) and add a column for Jokers.

      Random thought: GG18 will contain strats from GG16(?) for the section of Round v. Strategy by month. Can we pair the suits of those Strategies to "similar" GG18 Strategy suits so the same scheme table (if and/or whatever it happens to be) can be used? Thinking of those TOs who do not preplan schemes and use the monthly strategies that the GG18 doc suggests.   edit: Random thought #2: If we were do red/black schemes with red/black chosen by Strategy suit... there is a problem with Joker Strats.... Unless I use my brain and think of red/black Jokers
    • But, finally it's leaved to TO... It's written in a so wide and generic way that is more a general undefined intent definition that a rule itself. Sure no one can question about color of tokens, except if the opponent is affected by daltonism or acromatopsy. In that case it's right to give him the chances to understand the situation on the table as better as the other. Obviously, it is expected that this kind of player would bring appropriate marker to be used... Finally, what is written is simoly that you can't choose a tracking system completely ignoring the opponent. And I think this is right. If a player would choose marker of just slightly different shade of the same color, or writing in ancient aramaic, I can oppose this passage of the ruleset. In the previous writing, choosing a tracking system it was only self referential. Now you know you need to mediate with your opponent... TO have the final word in case of dispute, as always.