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    • I would say a big part of the trouble you're having with certain miniatures is that you're playing at 35ss. The game is balanced and tested around 50ss and models are costed accordingly. This is especially evident with support pieces like the Mannequins - they are infinitely more worthwhile with a bunch of showgirls around to push to, and other models to benefit from their aura. Their attacks aren't bad, especially for a 4ss model, I believe they swing at Ml5 vs Wp with a decent damage track and built in Slow? The Coryphee Duet also absolutely has a home in your 50ss crew, the Duet is much harder to kill than two individual Coryphee, it's highly mobile, and it does a ton of damage, but I can see it being too much of an investment at 35ss.
    • No, all of that requires claiming that you're scoring from the act of killing the model, but from having a model in a "killed" game state. The problem with that claim is that there's no such thing.  All of the references to "when a model is killed" or "when X kills a model" refer to an event.  Because the state of a model when it is killed is "dead". Otherwise, you get nonsensical interpretations for abilities like Scent of Blood: "Is killed" is an event.  
    • First off. I don`t see how blood blood dealer will get 2 damage. If they hurt them and they bleed on you they don`t trigger fees. If they die from Fees its condition death.  Lucius can Commanding Presence for 5", then Obey for 3" push + 5" walk, then the Lawyer can walk 5" and cast the Fees action.   I actually think if I would take them, its for the attack and HtW giving. If you have some forms of Obeys or extra movement, a focus + hit from a Ca6 attack has a large chance of paralyzing most masters.   I don`t think that they are great and I don`t think they would be an autotake at 5SS as they don`t really have a clear role. They have some support, some debuffing but are neither overall good (like for example Frank) nor have a specific niche that makes them shine (like stalkers with Dispel Magic)  
    • Came here again for some advices, thanks everyone who answered me previous time! I already participated in two 35ss tournaments with some success (won one of them but a lot of luck was involved) and have some thoughts and questions.

      First of all, I found myself liking to pick only 1 Coryphee in my crew but I am not sure if this is a good idea. Two Coryphees are expensive, sort of fragile and I found myself using duet very rarely. Only 1 Coryphee is a good beater and make some Showgirl synergy. Is it only my thing or picking only 1 Coryphee is a solid option?

      I also realised that I almost never want to pick manequin, it is peon and 4ss with not impressuve stats and attack. The aura is useful but I usully don't have problemes with scheme running anyway. And the worst thing it is peon and most of strategies/schemes requires non-peon models. I found this especially frustrating because other crews has 3-4ss models that are minions and can do strats/schemes.

      I also have a feeling that including performer+angelica or double performer to the team is very weak. It's a support-heavy models and when I had more that one perormer/angelica my crew was wiped out  in a couple of turns. Again, maybe I do sime mistakes here.

      For aggressive format on 35ss (for instance, collect the bounty strat) I picked colette+cass+emissary+double coryphee or coryphee+gunsmith but I felt very uncomfortable with only 5 activations and limited upgrades. Is Emissary even suitable for 35ss format? And is it okay to play with only 5 models (everyone I played against had 6+ models).

      The crew I enjoyed the most is: Colette (P. Prod, Shell Game for prompt trigger and Nothing up my sleeve for extra generation)+Cass+1 Coryphee + Gunsmith + Performer + Ice Dancer. Some killing power with cass-coryphee-gunsmith and nice scheme running at the same time.

      So I would be glad to hear some commentaries about my thoughts because my expirence is very limited and my line of thought mught be wrong somewhere.
    •   I fix, and probably also introduce additional errors by changing one of the posts to cover how the changes affect the upgrades. Based on my prior experiences with Lucius using him with Guild, I'm seeing a massive improvement involving a lot of subtle interactions that weren't there before. I'm just happy that most of his powers are much easier to keep track of, because if you create a crew that consists almost entirely of mimics, minions, and maybe also Guardsmen all of his powers will work on most of them. Now that he gives a positive flip to melee attacks to friendly guardsmen, mimics, and minions out to a 6" bubble he seems a lot more murdery than he was before. I can see how the combo of beckoners and the illuminated is so compelling.
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