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    • It's true- that's what he did!  
    • I won a translucent Pandora crew at a tournament a while back.   Gonna be playing it for the first time this weekend, and Burt's Crackerjack Timing seems like a great way to force a bunch of horror duels for Misery 
    • My thoughts, partly because I'm still up in the air for all of them. Self-Righteous Man Guild: I rather like this. I actually dislike the ability (I want him to grow his werewolf or law abilities). But I do love the story implications that the Self-Righteous Man learns about how he is being manipulated.
      Rezzer: Eh. Nothing too interesting here.
      Arcanists: Opposite of the Guild. I love the ability. I hate how he's being manipulated.
      Neverborn: I actually think this is pretty cool. He becomes a different kind of werewolf. So, more scheme runnerish than beater? But not going with it because of the Trickster.
      Outcasts: I dislike it for the same reason I dislike the Guild one, except there is no story implication to make me consider it.
      Gremlins: I don't mind him marrying Trixiebelle. I dislike him becoming an alcoholic.
      Ten Thunders: I'm quasi-neutral on this. It's not super exciting, but does seem interesting. Plus, Stubborn (which is hinted at) would be pretty decent. Who Will I Pick? Not sure. Mainly considering Guild, Arcanists, and Ten Thunders. Trickster Guild: I do like this. I'm not sure how it will translate, but seems interesting. A regenerating, skin-stealing, reality twisting, construct user.
      Rezzer: I really think this should have been Ten Thunders. Yan Lo seems barely connected to the Rezzers. Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but should have been Ten Thunders.
      Arcanists: Eh. A Captain/Trickster (The Capster Couple?) does seem a little nice, but not hugely interesting.
      Neverborn: This one is awesome. I don't think we'll see her inheriting Lord Chompy Bits any time soon (ie never), but it is pretty cool and ties her strongly to Lord Chompy Bits which could be interesting even (or especially) if she ends up in a different faction.
      Outcasts: Eh. It's OK. Storywise, Aionus has never really interested me.
      Gremlins: It's cool, but I like the Guild, Rezzer, and Neverborn options more.
      Ten Thunders: I dunno. The fact that Yan Lo's is so much more interesting kinda hurts this one. Though the actual ability that is suggested at does sounds pretty awesome. Who Will I Pick? Neverborn. Inquisitive Child Guild: The harpoon is neat, but yeah, I wish these tied her to the other factions a little more, though I suspect the story next time will tie the win more to faction as it sets up the scenario.
      Rezzer: Does kinda seem funny, but not hugely interesting.
      Arcanists: I do kinda like this one as it improves upon her own abilities more.
      Neverborn: Eh. I dislike this. It makes the tiny teddy seem more like a regular teddy.
      Outcasts: I like this one. The girl searching for revenge makes an interesting story. Of course, I admit, my hope is this leads to her meeting Parker as he's also a gunslinger looking for revenge. Plus, he would probably find it amusing to have a child a in the gang and have no problem putting her into danger.
      Gremlins: This one is cool. Besides drugging a child with hallucinogens (oh, the fun), giving her puppets a specialized poison claws is pretty cool.
      Ten Thunders: I really like this. It makes the tiny teddy really different than other teddies which is cool. Who Will I Pick? No idea. Many really good options.
    • Along these lines, I just recently picked up The Tortoise and The Hare, which provides a mobile beater that thematically fits right in with a spooky sideshow in the form of Luther the Pascha Hare (counts as Blessed of December, comes with own top hat). It kind of inspires me to model a "mannequin" that looks like a large top hat to use the RoF beast/construct upgrade to pull a rabbit out of a hat, or a hat out of a rabbit. Living up to my handle aside, another interesting beater to drop into Colette's crew is the Emissary. Especially with its in-built ability to enable another model to take a (1) action at the end of its activation (Prompt? Understudy? Seduction? Oiran Lure?) and minor teleport to set up a charge. With the various pushes and control aspects of Showgirls, you can easily make up for its low Wk and get it somewhere where its 17" non-linear charge threat will have the desired impact (5" place, 10" Cg, 2).
    • Do oxfordian mages offer something to Colette? Maybe some runes for Cassandra? What about the Captain? He gives even more mobility to the crew and also has a good punch. Trying to decide where to go after the crew box and the other showgirls, trying to keep the style (or something related), so acolytes can be good for knife shows
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