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  • Posts

    • Terracotta 2 / 3 almost done... I made some experiments with preshading tecnique, I tryed to give an idea of rust and ancient paint but I'm not totally satisfied concerning the result. I think I'll add cracks and scrapes when the third is done.    
    • Don't forget the combination of Malifaux Raptor (beast) and Forgotten Marshal. The Raptor can "fly high" to land anywhere, the Forgotten Marshal can unbury next to any friendly model at the start of the turn. They can do Surround Them by themselves.
    • Reading cards McTawish+Sparks looking great to deal with def stance/focus taking-sharing.
    • Get the whiskey golem  and start using drinking problem  Papa’s usual list 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 3 Pool  - Drinking "Problem" (2)  - Running Tab (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) Whiskey Golem (9)  - Barrel Up (0) Tanuki (5) Tanuki (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5)   I change the number of shinobi and tanuki depending on how marker heavy the pool is  
    • No, they don't lose their card when trying to cheat damage against a model with ITW.
    • Looking to come to this, just working on pass. Luke
    • Agreed! Swill makes average hitting models excellent - so you can get killing mileage out of schemers that also punch.
      No need to use dedicated killers in this crew. Although I have found that Swinecursed punch damn hard in a Brewmaster list. If you've never used Brewmaster before, remember these things; His Zero aura is normally a trap, for the Brewmaster player. Don't rely on it, try not to plan around it. Incidentally it can be brutal, but you'll want to be using swill.
      Also means you don't have to worry about going first, or getting stuck in. Although it's nice if you can get it. Swill. Swill swill swill. It makes your average models crazy good, and supercharges Moon Shinobi (although you are already aware!) Best use of the Brewmaster's AP, apart from a strategic Obey. I'm  not convinced about Binge; you are spending a very important resource (Master AP) to remove an often less important resource (opponent card of opponent's choosing). Also, every use of Binge is an AP not spent on Swill...
    • So in this case your opponent focused so that they could cheat a damage flip against your master without realising they had Impossible to Wound? The rules of the game are public information, so everyone should know what each model can do but of course there are too many to memorise so it comes down to etiquette. In cases like this I think it's good to remind your opponent before they flip if you think you know what they are doing, so since focus is often used to get a cheateable damage flip, I would remind my opponent if I remembered.
    • So you're basically asking whether to be polite, considerate human being or not? GG18 document page 2 on Sportsmanship: As per that you remind them of the fact beforehand. If both of you forget however, RJ is not wasted because why would it be? You say he's not allowed to cheat that, he picks the RJ back into his hand. If I think there's a "gotcha" rule on my model I mention it to my opponent before the game and during if it seems relevant, assuming they're not familiar with the model in question. That to me conforms to the somewhat vague rule of "being open" about rules of my models. No one wants to win on a gotcha. If something occurs where one of you flips more cards from their deck than legal, usual procedure I've seen most people follow is take the card back and reshuffle their draw deck.
    • Sounds banal, but, for example: in tournament my oppo don't know my master x that have impossible to wound; with his model y he attack my master with focus, as a result of duel my oppo will flip with + on dmg. And he choose to spend his Red Joker from his hand. Does he wasted his Rj? I should tell him that he's makes a mistake for sportsmanship? What Happened? Often in little meta happen to play with same people, and often we all know each. Thanks