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    • For the record, while I'm generally the player in my meta known for sticking closest to the rules, I'm also the one who spends games frustrating myself with them when I find odd pot holes like this.
    • Getting yourself 8-10 empty 30mm bases for scheme markers is a great idea as well. Not to mention at least 2 empty 50mm bases for strats like Guard the Stash or any walls models you own might toss out. Buying sets from gadzooks games and the like is good if you have the money. The small book with no fluff is a good pocket guide to keep with. Crew Faux app for your phone is a godsend for keeping up with various aspects of the game like schemes and crew building.  Tape Measures are still used but I've seen a lot of people go to measuring sticks and widgets to keep the tapes off the table.  I'd say talk to your local meta. Borrow or proxy models you want to try and see how they work before buying. There's very few useless models in the game but if you're budget minded you want to get the most bang for your buck and proxying until you know what you want is the best way to accomplish this. 
    • One more thing the OP skipped but is now well known: Lucius can target himself with Commanding Presence.
    • Hey guys, good thread. I haven't read through the whole thing, and I'm going to guess many answers to this question are somewhere within this font of knowledge, but - When do you guys use Darzee's Chaunt on your own beaters? Is it only if you have activation control and it's the end of the turn? Do you ever do it earlier and give the opponent a chance to attack your model on double negative Df flips? Do you always target a big beater, or do you sometimes give it to a cheaper less important model? Thanks!
    • Well. If we look at the data, Top US player plays Gremlins and in UK 2 Gremlin players are in Top 5   As for the stuffed piglets. I hate them more then pre-errata Roosters
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