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    • And here I was expecting mathematical game theory...
    • Ramos' box can fill out any Arcanist crew. Howard and Joss as differently flavoured beaters and Arachnids as cheap and moderately fast little minions. You might also want to consider Malifaux raptors as they go really well with Practiced Production for certain schemes (as you already have Cassandra (or whatever the nightmare version is called)).
    • The "origin" can be found here, the same story is also in both the 1st and 2nd edition rulebooks. The ongoing story line starts in Chronicles #3 with "Til Gran Kythera Dow" and continues through all the rulebooks to date, it's being serialised as an audiobook in the Tales of Malifaux podcast.
    • Well if your looking to stay in theme then Mei got some awesome new models in the crossroads book with the mechanical pork chop (gremlin foundry minion) and sparks (gremlin foundry henchmen). I'm not sure if you already have them since you play gremlins but both are really solid inclusions to Mei, while also staying in theme. The dark carnival has the nightmare coryphee if you can find them. If not than regular Coryphee also stay somewhat in theme with the nightmare Colette crew. If your really feeling creative, the slate ridge mauler just got a "circus bear" upgrade so you can slap a tutu on a 4 armed bear if your so inclined.  Outside of specific themes, you cant really go wrong with mech rider (although you may need some additional models for it to summon). Also the arcane emissary is a great model that is a real swiss army knife in terms of what it brings (and it's Mei Feng specific upgrade is quite good)
    • Oh I love burying an enemy model for the good of two turns with the emissary and let them out again, completely out of position^^ Or bury my own stuff to keep it safe on top of that potentially insane reposition, reposition as in 'Executioner in your face' for example - even though it's sometimes 'just' so that another model can get me my vp more easily Agreed that he's also really cool with McCabe, that secondary upgrade thrower is very useful, and like every model he just get's insanely better with his special upgrades, getting even harder to shift as he's already pretty resilient with his armor and htk, and that is on top of his aura which not only potentially slows the enemy, but also heals your models - so I feel like he's just an overall useful model with a lot of possible tricks, if you decide to take it, but by no means an autotake at 10 points.   Phiona is superb, mostly because of transparency, as it's pretty darn efficient to get your scheme markers down while hitting stuff with the pickaxe^^   The Witchling Thralls are insane (McCabe reactivate anyone ), finally the resilient and hard hitting minions we needed, also a non  rg 8 cast, I have the feeling we were lacking that before.   I'm looking forward to try the Mounted Guards, their 'with me' thing looks pretty cool, we actually got quite cool stuff with a charge of 7+   Alison Dade also looks really tempting, but I need to actually play her, just too much text to get the feel for her just by reading ....     So as I stated at the beginning - I think it has been a good year for the guild, and I'm looking forward to see how it all comes together in 2017, when the changes start to take effect in the bigger part of the community  
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