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    • Hi all, I want a clarification about this ability... Can a undead within range and los take 2 o more times this ability with only one of the Astra Roten MI? Or an undead in range and Los can only take one attack for each of Asura’s Mi? Or again this ability trigger once per activation so an undead can take a single Mi per activation?
    • The problem with you is that you simply don't understand the whole discussion. You're opposing against arguments no one has ever made in case of Sandeep. You unjustly assume that only Polish meta sees Sandeep as a problem. And where did you get the idea that UK and US players are better than players in other countries? Results of international events show that the competence of the best players is similar, at least in case of UK, US and Poland (at UK Nationals four best Polish players were on 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th place; do you think they complain about Sandeep because of their incompetence or maybe because of their good understanding of the game?).
    • Listen to the podcasts and speak with the players. That should give you a much better idea. Nicodem has been seen as a cheese pick in the UK and has a certain stigma on him. Playing him means you're just another one of "those" guys. I'm not certain for the USA as I follow the European scene. Even before Wave 5, Nicodem was already one of those masters a lot of people dreaded. They've just been giving him cool stuff to play with and summon, while patching up the holes in his kit. After Wave 5 it just became crazy because his engine gets in full gear starting from Turn 1. He can get 4 corpse markers/zombies to summon off on Turn 1, which was not meant to be. He was strong because he needed to go to 5 Turns to score points. After Wave 5 he can also start scoring from Turn 2, just like the other masters.   I have no problems with Ressers having a go-to model. Most factions have this, so Ressers can certainly have this too. the problem with Asura is she's just too good in general and completely bonkers with Nicodem. At least before Asura you could choose to ignore Mindless Zombies and go for the key models in the crew. After Asura this is no longer possible as they now have access to 2 decent attacks and become worthy of 5-6 stone models when it comes to attacking/debuffing power. Imagine Guild having a similar model for Guild Guards, that could lead to some fun and possibly broken lists. Get a free Guard every Turn and it can pack a decent punch.
    • The ability adds the suit to the final duel total in the same way that the suit on the card does.
    • sorry but i still don't see this "dominant" that you talk. On top of that, i went and had a look at Polish meta, probably i missing something, but i dind't see nico or sandeep on top of all tournaments. Same thing in others metas, also Uk and Usa! which are known for bests players. Please tell me if i didn't get a good looking (it's possibile)  I don't know well last synergies that nico have with his last model. I heard about kentauroi (i imagine about his charge+ taxy ability + corpse marker) and asura. But i don't speak about these last models, i think that it is too early to understand every impact of new models. is possible that something is missed during tests. About Asura, certainly will become the best henchman for ressers, i see no harm in this. Guild have Francisco, Grem have Francoise, Arcanists have Myranda etc etc.    
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