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    • I think its an interesting idea, but I don't see it being a problem at all.
      At best its "OK". Between Aionus  SS cost, his ability taking a tome, the marker movement being 6 inch range moving the lair 6 inches, doesn't seem that strong.
    • I think for me, that the trying to get multiple lures in is a trap unless you are playing Lynch. At least in current form.  I think the better idea will almost always be to shoot to give brilliance, then come play. And just guarantee you get that one model in. I do like the "package" as taking an illuminated is never a bad idea anyways, but by and large I do agree that her come play ability is fairly underwhelming outside of lynch. I wonder if instead of imposing negative flips if they are brillianced, do you up the check if they are near a brillianced model?  Something like this: (1) Come Play At My Table (Ca 7/ TN: 14 / Rg:  6): Every enemy model in range must pass a TN 13 Wp duel. If the enemy model is within  3 of a model with Brilliance Characteristic, they must pass a TN 15 (16?) WP duel instead. If an enemy model fails this duel, this model's controller may place it into base contact with this model. Enemy models with the Brilliance Characteristic receive  on this duel.
              I'll Deal: Every model placed in this manner gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Under the Influence: This model has the Brilliance Characteristic." I'm just throwing out a concept here... Being near the mystical drug lowers your resistance, and if you're on the drug, there's like no chance. Probably too strong, but hey. Gotta ask the question somewhere.  I really want to like Gwyneth in other packages. And while I like combos, for 15 pts, I can have yasunori with recalled training (or whatever) and 2 more cache. And while you're an activation down, Yasunori can absolutely wreck a flank all on his own, without relying on tricks or setup, and then easily re-position to a different flank.  I know he's not as "tanky" and such, but my point remains that it's a huge sink that you might want elsewhere. I want to be able to put Gwyneth down, just Gwyneth, and feel like she's able to accomplish something meaningful. And granted, right now I feel she can to an extent. The card shenanigans plus yanking someone in can be potentially devastating. Almost a sister to Lust that drags in instead of pushes out. Maybe she's just fine where she's at, but I definitely wouldn't mind some kind of buff to Come Play.
    • by the way, who/what are these retainers, fluff wise?
    • Pretty much I usually have a core of about 35 points and then a few rotational models depending on the schemes and such. There's been a few models I've found that are situationally good but I like the ones that consistently perform better. Like Acolytes vs Gunsmiths etc  
    • Agreed with above. Perdita crews are elite. They can take a lot of scheme running stuff but it's ok to play elite.  I know GG17 favors activation control, but you have enough models on your side to still place schemes and remove enemy models that will contest them. I think people are too hung up on having 9,10, 15 activations in a game that is really only 5 turns. Perdita can lower those numbers. I like schemes that allow her to score and be useful because she runs a elite crew. Counter their lower point scheme runners with Santiago or even Papa LOco. Tactica Mexican would be like saying Tactica Negro (Marcus, Ironsides) or Tactica Vulva (any Female Master). It may not appear offensive, but labels matter.
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