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We're currently updating the site and a few things may run slow or not as expected at the moment. Give us a day or two to get everything sorted out and changed up if you would.

One of the new things you'll see about are the 'sticky notes' which you will occasionally see from the site Admins if something important shows up or is newsworthy, or if you happen to be in one of our many beta testing groups giving you an additional heads up when something new needs to be looked at or sorted.

You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

Thanks for your patience!

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    • The other thing to consider with Mei Feng is that there's not much in her box that you'll use in other Arcanist crews. Kang is awesome but he isn't dual faction. The Rail Workers can do a decent job but there's a lot of other 4/5 point melee minions that Arcanists have access to. The Ironsides box is in a little better place. It comes with the Oxfordian Mages which can work with a few different masters and The Captain, who can be a little pricey but brings a lot of pushes to to crews that need them. If you are looking for a crew box mostly to add options for your other masters then Ironsides is probably the better choice. If you're looking for another master tocput in the rotation then pick whichever one you think looks like more fun.
    • That's Probably why that guy only plays Guild McMourning?  (he actually plays both guild and resser)   Our meta is like MTG - everyone is trying to counter build others, then, someone come up with counter to that counter build...then counter-counter counter build......you get the point. It's different type of fun I think Now that I think of it, we do not have any Hoffman or Levi player. We do have a Lucius player, and he actually does pretty well. 3 Illuminated hitting 3 times each usually get there.... 
    • Regarding Mei and Ironsides, I feel like Mei is one of the coolest masters we have access to, able to zip around the map and combo punch swarms to death - however, she's very hard to keep alive, so the chances to do that are more slim than i'd like. Ironsides on the other hand has two very different playstyle she can do, both of which are fairly simple (be a buffbot with Hand Picked Men, or fly around the map bullying the enemy support) but IMO she's the better master (and she was my highest winrate last year so that helps lol). They're fairly similar so it's a playstyle thing more than anything else.
    • and help @Aaron and company feel really good about their newest product too. I don't know if the Raised In Backerkit section is updating or not, but it would be slick to hit another milestone. In any case, the link @retnab couldn't provide is: https://the-other-side.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
    • To points 1 and 2 from @spooky_squirrel, I would add the following link from the arcanist forums. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/128568-sandeep-summon-card/ It's got the summoning costs of all the gamin in "card value from hand" as well as the beacon powers with their card/suit requirements and a really short "what they do" blurb.  
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