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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo thought he’d give us a hand with rearranging the office. Because it was his first time with setting up a room, we gave him some suggestions. Before we were able to explain that what we said were just guidelines and not absolutes, he threw 40% of the desks to the side and burned the rest of the furniture to ash. So while we try to figure out how to get all of our employees to work off a single computer, let’s take a look at the latest news in the world of Malifaux! If you found yourself enjoying the Malifaux Crew Builder mobile app but wished you had a similar resource to tinker and theorycraft with on your home PC, then this week’s announcement is for you. We are happy to announce that the Malifaux Crew Builder app that you have enjoyed is now available in a web version. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have access to all of the fantastic features available in the mobile version. View stat cards, build Crews, and track games with the click of a mouse button. Sign in with the same account that you used on the mobile version to gain access to your previously built Crews, favorited models, and more. The web app is a great alternative for those who don’t have a mobile device or prefer to track gameplay on their laptop. Building that crazy Crew list that you’ve been meaning to test out at your next game has never been easier. You can visit the Malifaux Crew Builder web app by clicking this link. Make sure to bookmark it! If you forget, don’t worry about it; you’ll always be able to find the link in Malifaux’s resource section. We can’t wait to see those wild ideas hit the table! Speaking of hitting the table… we found a strange envelope on the design room’s testing table the other day and couldn’t make much sense of it ourselves. There was no return address or stamp - only the trademarked word: “Soon.” The whole thing smelled like damp moss, old blood, and burnt oil. In it, there was only a compass and a piece of parchment paper. Maybe you could all help us out and figure out what it means. That’s it from us. We’re going to run some tests on the envelope to see if we can figure out where it came from. Actually, there is one last thing! Make sure to vote for your favorite painted model in the Rotten Harvest contest! You can find the poll and gallery here.
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    Bitch, please. It is always throne time. —Avatar Nicodem
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    Hello everyone. I hope you are looking forward to a great weekend's gaming and socialising. So just a few things to ensure the weekend is as good as possible. I shall be at the venue from around 2pm on Friday, so any help with set up would be appreciated as we start with an empty room. You are welcome to play games until 7:30pm. We will then be heading to the local Wetherspoons for socialising. On Saturday the venue will be open for registration from 8:00am. Please arrive promptly and we'll get you registered as quickly as we can. If you can preregister at bag-o-tools beforehand that will help. If you cannot make it or will arrive after 8:45am please let me know asap on 07905 694294 or on Messenger. We need to start promptly at 9:00am. There are no food or drink facilities on site except for a water fountain. However there is a Sainsbury's opposite the venue which has a café if you need breakfast, and obviously can provide your provisions during the day. At the end of the day we need to be off site by 8:00pm. However the site is secure and you can leave your items and car here overnight. On Saturday I look forward to seeing which characters you will come as - judging at lunch time. On Sunday morning please arrive promptly so we can again start on time. At the end of the day your help with packing & clean up is appreciated as we will only present prizes and draw charity raffle when the venue is clear. Let's have a great weekend.
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    Very well deserved, I got to see it personally and was amazing!
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    Ulix is very card-hungry and at least one Bokor is a must-have option. Brin or Zoraida can make your chances even better. I build my Ulix lists to provide heavy card draw and usualy have no problems with growing one piglet into a War Pig and one into a Boar turn 1 (and summon 2-3 extra piglets to grow turn 2). Their concept is closely connected to Ulix's story from the Bayou book: they are not just "steampunked" - they carry Aethervoxes to make their squealing deadly loud!
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    Initially starting in keyword will help a lot, but later getting a few OOK may help to both create crews tailored for the pool/adversary, making a more min/maxed crew or not being so predictable. For example in this torunament, the positions 1 and 10 used the leader and 1 model of the keyword, the rest were OOK/Versatile models (Shenlong and Seamus). The position 3 used mostly Keyword and versatile stuff in most games (Misaki and Shenlong), but he also used a crew with few keyword models (Asami). I guess it depend on the player and the keyword. Position 1: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/146467-shenlong-lists/?do=findComment&comment=1199024 Position 3: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148108-uk-nationals-3rd/ Position 10: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148107-uk-nationals-resser-round-up/
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    this is the list I've heard he used in every game: Shenlong 7 cache 2 Students Low River Monk 4 Ototo 11 Minako 8 Kitty Dumont 10 Yasunori 10 lots of movement Shenanigans with Kitty Dumont and Students and fast models with Shen and Yas lots of beaters with Shenlong, Ototo, Yas lots of scheme running potential with Katashiro and Kitty healing with LRM and Shen (if desperate for some healing) lots of SS for suits, cards and dmg prevention This is a really good and well thought out list!
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    So, I have a question about faction balancing. To me, as I've probably made clear, the results of the UK masters (especially when combined with those from Nova open, Scottish gt and English gt) show that guild is in a very very bad place. There seems to be a real immediate defensive response to such a statement. Like people assume that either 1. Most guild players are worse at the game. Or 2. Truly good players don't play guild for other reasons. I want to be clear about this. Given the diff of -64, even if both Matt Lewin and Lewis Phillips had played and gone first and second and matched the top players bananas diff of +24 (which obviously noone thinks would happen) guild still ends up at a -16 diff. It would have also brought down some of the opposing diffs so maybe, just maybe guild wouldn't have ended up with the worst diff, but it would have been close.
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    I encourage you to do your own research and experimentation on the matter, but I happened to come across another comment elsewhere stating that thinning Contrast™ with Lhamian Medium results in a lot less splotchy result. Worth a test perhaps. Nice work on the wind gamin. Did a good job at defining the shadows with these.
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    It seems to be more he is the first to die. So gets 1 turn of shooting, max 2....i burn the stones to keep him going but not usually as effective as a beater from any other faxtion at same cost.
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    Hi, Here are some I have found: Court of Two Guild
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    Nice work! Very thorough. You may find my post on pre-game analysis useful. A few disparate thoughts! First, you gloss over attacker and defender with the implication that is mainly useful for terrain. But in my experience, deployment order also hugely matters. Vendetta favours the defender, as they can always force the deployment of their Vendetta target and play around that. Same for Take Prisoner. Being defender also opens up some potent zone control options. As defender, you could force your opponent to commit to part of the board, then focus on taking the other side of the board (outflank and power ritual are good for denial strategies as you need to only control one side to deny). Second, I like your scheme flexibility. I always try to build to be able to swap schemes last moment if need be. Third, flying blind. Sometimes you just don't know the enemy crew that well. In these cases, I suggest prioritising a proactive strategy. Taking and holding the claim jump centre focuses on knowing your own crew more than Take Prisoner for example (taking prisoners against Dreamer is a nightmare for example).
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    Only reason I know already is because I was corrected after doing it wrong for a bit... 😅
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    Lol, just found my answer. Wyrd plans to release the model as The Howling. YYEEEAAA!!!!
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    Haha, that kind of hands happens; but the most important thing is that it sounds like a fun game! I do like his crew, if all goes as it should his list is very scary in turn 3 with the 2 matures plus the Emissary. However I think he pushed his luck a bit too far. When relying so heavily in suits some resource back up to be sure that those suits are gotten is good to have... maybe changing Tuco for a Wicked doll would had been a good call. The doll may put adversary in Angel Eyes/Hayreddin so the 2 BBS may stab with a (twice the chances to get masks!), the 4 SS cache may be used to cicle 2 cards looking for better cards/suits or stone the corpse with Hayreddin in a pinch and having some chache is good when playing with 2 Henchman with good triggers like Hayreddin and Angel Eyes. I like Angel Eyes (they move idols, she pick off the wounded ones); but in idols and with this grow strategy another interesting choice would had been Vasilisa (for a 5SS cache or Vasi and an extra doll for 2SS cache). Vasi may make a BBS consume 2 corpses in turn 1, which will give a mature with 8 Wds (taking in count his luck, 6 in his case XD) and the bonus action in turn 2 instead of in turn 3, and 3 Focused Pulses in turn 1; that may let the list put out some agression in turn 2 instead of in turn 3. Vasilisa is also great because she is a summoner, so the player may suicide a doll moving idols and use that scrap to summon another doll or an stitched to keep moving the idols, she would need a 6 for the doll and 9 for the stitched which isn't that high (and she may even move them herself and then use her other bonus action to recover the Wds). She is even better being a henchman leaded crew because puppets will give staggered, and that synergize very well with the Emissary attacking Mv. My personal choice would had been this one: Hayreddin, Effigy(Fate), BBS, BBS, Vasilisa, Doll, Doll, 2 SS.
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    I really love the colour scheme, and the paintjob as a whole. Think what throws the eye off initially is the amount of turquoise on the base. Kind of draws your attention down from the rider rather than up towards him. Took me a while to notice from the photos but that face is phenomenal. Also really like the touches of turquoise on the horse's legs and the bottom of the tail .
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    This looks like a job for the internet wayback machine! https://web.archive.org/web/20180128183406/https://www.wyrd-games.net/homefront/
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    Noone in my local area allows secondary masters it's just not anything we play and one of my local events are allowing them, Personally I dont agree with them because: a/ I dont think they are pointed correctly b/ it.kind of defeats the whole point of declaring a master for your opponent if you can bring anything anyway,
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    This weekend I go to the UK national with Shelong as the only master. I'll tell you how it went. But I have faith in catching a podium, it seems to me that right now he is one of the strongest masters.
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    Keeping a Pathfinder or 2 within 6' of Basse can help a lot. After your dust disappears you can then move Basse 4 inches after initiative. Either moving out of range, breaking line of sight, or getting to a position to trigger Favorable terrain if your not already. Combined with his push he can be incredibly hard to pin down with the right support.
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    Haha, true, I picked a poor example as I forgot about Carver. Throw in that alongside logistical issues, and yeah, I'd say it is an unreasonable pipe dream.
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    Oh, it's definitely a new Explorers' Society Model. The emblem was included in the image. Hopefully a new crew with a new master!
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    Yes, I was. Actually I have to answer with my cell-phone. When I am back home, I can give some more impressions...
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    Ur thinkin with your M2E brain. M3E doesnt have AP, you dont generate AP, you dont spend AP. Its why Fast and Slow work the way they do thos edition, because all you do is declare actions
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    I gotta agree with @Ogid. I'm well known for going on my own long rambles about inferring how the rules work, but that should still be solidly based in what the rules directly say. I'm not sure I understand where you are saying the actual rules support you OP.
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    It's not like the model is impossible to find. Gazdook's seems to have it on sale even.
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    It was earlier. It might have been in chronicles late last year or something.
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    Just checking that you noticed the hyperlink for the gallery above. If you already did, I am right there with ya. There are so many great entries, and I just wanna get right up to the models see (in all honesty, just kinda half-way guess) how they made some of the crazy awesome visual effects to show up as they are!
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    M1E Dead Rider, pumpkin edition
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    Third Floor Wars were kind enough to have me and the other players who made the English GT podium on this week's show to talk about the event; Link: https://thirdfloorwars.com/malifaux-path-to-podium-english-gt/ I came second, just missing out on first by 2VP diff. Thought I'd share the lists I used and played against that weekend in case anyone was interested. Any questions please just ask. Round One: Standard, Plant Explosives Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump My Aracnists: Kearis, Eternal Flame, Carlos, The Firestarter, Iggy, Fire Golem, Blessed of December, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 2. Stef’s Thunders: Mai Feng, Forgeling, Metal Golem, Neil Henry, Mechanized Porkchop, Survivor, Torkage, Tanuki, and cache 8. My Schemes: Dig Graves (2), Take Prisoner - Metal Golem (1) Opponent’s Schemes: Deliver a Message (1), Take Prisoner - Fire Golem (1) Win: 5-3 Thoughts: I happened to practice this the week before vs TT Mai, my takeaway is; I don’t like Mei in explosives. Round Two: Wedge, Corrupted Idols Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, Vendetta My Aracnists; Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Miss Step, Carlos, Fire Gamin, Wind Gamin, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 4. Rich’s Outcasts; Zipp, Earl, First Mate, Rusty Alice, Merris, Iron Skeeter, Prospector x2, Student of Conflict, and cache 1. My Schemes; Vendetta - Miner on Skeeter (1), Hold up their forces (2) Rich’s Schemes; Search the ruins (1), Hold up their forces (2) Win; 5-4 Thoughts: Key to the game was tech-ing in Howard who could keep Zipp from causing too much trouble. Round Three: Flank, Turf War Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Deliver a Message My Arcanists; Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Carlos, The Firestarter, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Diesel Engine), Iggy, Wind Gamin, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 4. Grant’s Ressers; Seamus (+ Whisper), Copycat Killer, Archie, Carrion Emissary, Bete Noire, Manos The Risen, Gravedigger, and cache 4. My Schemes; Search the Ruins (2), Dig their Graves (1) Grant’s Schemes; Dig Their Graves (2), Deliver a message (1) Win; 5-4. Thoughts: I'd never played against Seamus before, going forward I'd definitely look to tech in something with Take the Hit. DAY TWO Round Four; Flank, Reckoning Detonate Charges, Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Outflank, Vendetta My Arcanists; Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Iggy, Fire Golem, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+ Diesel Engine), December Acolyte (+MT), 2x Soulstone Miner, cache 2. Matt’s Arcanists; Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Howard (+ SS cache), Joss (+ Diesel Engine), Warden, Medical Automation, 2x Soulstone Miner (+MT), cache 3. My Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Outflank (0) Matt’s Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Outflank (1) Win; 4-2 Thoughts: Game turned on an activation order choice. Acolyte was of limited use. Round Five; Standard - Turf War Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Assassinate. My Arcanists: Sendeep (+MT), Banasuva, Carlos, Kandara, 2x Ice Gamin, 2x Soulstone Miner, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+ MT), and cache 1. Jamie’s Rassers; Prof. Von Schtook (+ Whisper), Research Assistant, Anna Lovelace, The Valedictorian, Sloth, 2x Undergraduate, Bone Pile, and cache 1. My Schemes; Hold Up Their Forces (1), Breakthrough (1). Jamie’s Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Breakthrough (1). Draw; 3-3 Thoughts: Ice was the right choice for flavour. Never take a Fire Golem vs Von Schtook. Round Six; Corner – Plant Explosives Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Outflank, Assassinate, Claim Jump My Arcanists; Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Wind Gamin, Fire Gamin, Fire Gamin, Carlos Vasquez, Blessed of December, Soulstone Miner (+ MT), and cache 2. Cleezy’s Ressers; Molly Squidpiddge, Necrotic Machine, Rogue Necromancy, Archie, The Forgotten Marshal (+ Whisper), 2x Crooligan, Dead Rider, and cache 3. My Schemes; Dig Their Graves (2), Outflank (2). Cleezy’s Schemes; Dig Their Graves (0), Outflank (1). Win; 6-2 Thoughts: Mobile beats fighty in corner explosives, hands down.
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    Hello All! So, with two months (and two beastmen) left in my odyssey of painting, here's my October beastman. I have started my next-to-last model already, but for October, I decided to have a bit of fun. This is a painting style I call "Ebony and Ivory". For this miniature, I have chosen one base colour for each section, but I have only used two other colours for highlighting and shading: Vallejo 'Black Grey' ('Ebony'), and Vallejo 'Ivory' ('Ivory', obviously!). The idea here is that the the ebony will darken and desaturate the colours, whereas the Ivory will provide a unifying highlight colour, representing a singular source of light. Does it work? Hmm. Maybe. It looks, to me, like a call-shaded Borderlands character. If you like the look, give it a try. For me, I like a little more variation in hue, so I think I'll classify this one as "Maybe, for a special project". Have a great November, and get ready for another beastman, soon! Caedrus.
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    As a wise man once told me, you only have to win your attack duel when you have focus. Unless your opponent has hard to wound (in which case you can stone in a ram in advance for puncture), this will always put you on a straight flip, allowing you to cheat in that moderate/severe damage against a key target. And then you still have 2-3 attacks left to go depending on how close the target was to Valley. With so many opposed flips, you should get a card out of studied opponent. Its all about target selection. If your opponent over extends a squishy model that is 6/5 stones go and murder it, summon an undergrad or a necropunk. If they throw out something more expensive that you can kill with 2 weaks and a moderate/severe go for it, summon a student. Having been on the receiving end of this I can tell you that it hurts, suddenly having Valley drop into your deployment zone and just remove a model on turn 1 and summon a student of viscera in it's place, then have the undergrads come to party and start playing whack-a-mole with your crew.
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    Claiming a Freikorps Engineer for 6SS Nothin' fancy, just painted it like my other one 😁 Those Scale 75 metallics make it hard to get decent pictures without the full fancy camera setup - they're so shiny!
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    Wow, it's felt like a real long time since I started this project. I suppose that it's only been about a month, but it has felt longer. I am calling it done on this starter crew (I still need a couple more layers of water effects on the bases, but the models themselves are finished). My perfectionist personality keeps itching me to go in again and push certain highlights or shadows further, add more texture, etc. But I think that if I go down that path, I'll never really "finish" them, and I have other projects on my shelf that are crying for attention. Some of the WIP shots that I took along the way, and really should have posted sooner. A few front on shots I took to check the contrast. I do this by running them through an image editor and turning the colour to 0 in order to see if they still read well in greyscale. I should save those images more often. Trixibell doesn't hold up as well in greyscale as I didn't push the skin highlights/shadows as far as I did on Mah, or Lil Lass. Fear not, this isn't the end. I have some Rooster Riders on the way to fill out my tricksy crew, and as you can see in the background of a few of the images above, I also have some Tri Chi models that will be fun to paint as well.
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    I would be very surprised if they went heavy on errata this early into new edition. We will likely see new schemes and strategies, but what kind of scheme or strategy would favor models that are not good at killing, surviving or moving? I have a family strategy for you right here: Don't play family.
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    yeah! I feel Monks in general are more of a support crew for Shenlong! he is the dragon's chosen after all! wandering river are awesome but mostly do schemes and LRM are very good healer! Also Charm Warder are nice counterpick vs certain crew! Apart from those 3, I don't think the rest of the keyword is worth it. The problem with Chi is mainly on Shenlong being able to do what he wants and having stat 7-8 on most duels is really strong. Maybe put a cap on the nnumber of chi a model could have? this won't nerf the rest of the keyword and will turn down Shenlong because he will have to gain more chi spread out during the game instead of hoarding a lot of it turn 1 and be done with chi generation after?
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    Oh aye, can definitely do that but then it's not for free (armor and shield reduce the damage to zero). Very good to have the option to use it on anyone tho. 👍
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    I don't even find this one bad... Swampfield is a Bayou/Neverborn duel faction keyword and The First Mate is Infamous & Bayou first and foremost. General Bayou players are satisfied, Zoraida players who have both Bayou & Neverborn crews are satisfied, Neverborn players who don't play Bayou are not satified.... like Meatloaf said, "Now don't be sad, cause 2 out of 3 ain't bad."
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    Are there plans to post the revised strat and scheme cards on Wargame Vault? Ideally with some subtle "GG0" notation somewhere on the face?
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    I agree on using the Steward, just not sure using it on a doggo is the right choice
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    While it's true the OP is a bit bitter, it's still a legit complain and feedback for Wyrd to avoid this situation in future boxes. Mixing keywords in a box is okish if they share faction because OOK picks are a thing and It's reasonable the SKU number want to be kept low. But a player shouldn't be forced to get models out of his faction to complete a keyword imo.
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    Sorry, how does it fail to affect obey? Obey doesn't change the friendly/enemy status of the model.
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    I'm looking at the Mats by Mars thing on the website. I can't tell, but don't they have a box marked that's 9" from the board edge? Where that box intersects with the centerline is basically the new points. Edit: It looks like they had some nice circles marked for the rulebook version, but the cross lines should still be workable.
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    The only "auto-include" upgrade situations for me are: Ancient Pact: On any model with "take an action again" triggers or abilities and summoners. Statistically, models with extra action triggers have much (~200%) higher odds of flipping that black joker. As for summoners - they bank a lot of value in that once-per-turn summoning card flip and hitting a black joker on it can literally cost them the game. I would use Ancient Pact on Hinamatsu and Dreamer every time. Eldritch Magic: This is the silver bullet card against condition masters. I would include it against Kaeris, Criid, Brewmaster, McMourning, Reva, Tara or any other crew that keys their abilities from conditions. Inhuman Reflexes: While still good in some circumstances, this is the least valuable of the upgrades. I would put it in an alpha-strike style crew and/or on a model that would get a lot of mileage out of charging like Nekima or Geryon.
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