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    @muraki - did you get this crew on ebay? I think I saw it there a while ago. The paintjob is nice and clean but TBH I don't really like the miniatures themselves... @PetitDalek - Terrain looks sweet, almost as nice as the cat. I love your take on Asura. The composition is well arranged, and the paintjob is just superb. @Caedrus - very nice job on the vulture, the feathers look great. And your cat looks cute @Boomstick - interesting color choices and they work really well, especially on Adze. @wobbly_goggy - maybe a quick paintjob but nice and clean nonetheless. And have fun working on the fire golem, great mini! @Diddick - great brushwork there. I like how the bright cold color of blade contrasts with dark scheme. And your assistant looks like a very helpful one. @prof_bycid - I like the swampy feel here. @Purple Mist - my cat has a similar "helmet" black fur pattern @Chou - very nice and clean paintjob, this is actually one of my favorite minis from 2ed @Athiko - reminds me of what my workspace used to look like @OctaBit - nice to see more ToS stuff here, especially when it's nicely painted @Franchute - great job on the skin tone. Super smooth! @Nikodemus - I bet painting the Jorogumo is a tough challenge as you probably need to constantly switch your hold to reach all the areas there. @lusciousmccabe - I like your take on Sonnia, much brighter and without the classic fiery look but it works really well. This month has been quite difficult for me as I had to have one of my cats put down this Monday. Tough loss as he used to be my most loyal painting companion Added to that I'm taking antibiotics for the second time in a month... Nevertheless, I did manage to finish my pledge (Cojo and Jackalope ) x2 which brings me to 16 ss More pics and some thoughts on painting the models as always on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/rumble-in-jungle.html
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    Leaked image of Ironsides and Kaeris dispute:
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    So here's more WIP...but first, a micro-rant. It really bugs me that most sculptors out there are unwilling/unable to sculpt muscles on strong women. I mean, look at this awesome photo of the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg Strikeforce weigh-in from 2009: Different builds, same weight class. Both of them look like they could swing a Relic Hammer at Stat 7 for 3/4/6 damage though, right? Because they have MUSCLES. It takes some serious core to swing a hammer that big. So since the Miss Deed sculpt looks more or less like a cylinder with a belly button hole poked in it, I figured I'd try to fix it with paint. The first try ended up in the Simple Green. The second try looks a lot better: My attempts at freehand in the past have been frustrating but I'm pleased with this. Trompe l'oeil is somehow easier to paint for me than patterns or designs or whatever. Now to paint the other 90% of the model...
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    So I was psyched to paint some Marcus stuff at the beginning of the month, then my boyfriend played with Marcus and didn't like him much, so now I'm just trying to get through the month / the models I have pinned, ha. Here's what I got so far: Marcus: Myranda / The Jackalope Order Initiates: The group so far: So thats 49 stones for the month so far. I'll see if I can get the Rattler / Cojo / some amount of vogel / crocket done.
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    Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
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    @Viruk thanks a lot. Here it goes. Ryle for 10ss:
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    Finished off Sonnia. Pretty minimal change since that last wip. Overall I'm quite happy with her. Could have done more work on some areas but felt this was a good stopping point. And a group shot of her with her whacky witchlings. Edit: hope these pictures aren't crazy big or small. My computer's broken so I'm working solely from my phone.
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    Please excuse poor photo quality. I couldn't borrow my girlfriend's superior phone as she was out, and I can never get lighting done well, plus I don't have much space to take photos ANYWAY I am fairly pleased, he looks a bit better IRL, and def less blurry. The metal brazier type bits were unbelievably tedious and precise to paint. BUT... that's 9SS extra and 17 for the month, hurrah!
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    The rules and stat cards will be translated into seven languages, which will be available for free on our website, just as we did with The Other Side. We already have translation partners that are ready to work with us once the rules are considered final. There is no reason to begin translations earlier than that, as the rules have been changing on a weekly basis, and having our partners keep up to date on every change would make the process more difficult than it needs to be. The translated versions of the rules and stat cards will become available as soon as they are ready.
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    Some great work being posted this month! I've been struggling to find the time to paint as I have a lot on, but I managed to get some coats down on the Warped. I also did some bases for my ECB Black ops
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    Damn y'all are dramatic as hell..
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    Hello, here is my montly pledge for a value of 25 SS.
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    Similar to how darkwing duck appears out of a puff of smoke and mystery except instead of a cloud is a giant fiery ball of death. while the enemy model is distracted by said death, the gremlin throws off his hat to reveal he's been a baayou gremlin this entire time! Wong approve of such theatrics
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    That's the plan/hope. We're aiming for Thursday.
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    Rumors spread fast at the Tattler, Nellie already knows what you were planning on telling her anyway.
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    Marcus, Neverborn, 5ss -Jackalope Rougarou Rougarou Bandersnatch Wisp Wisp Serena Bowman Paul Crockett Toni Ironsides, 6ss -Mouse Anima Fitzsimmons Gunsmith Union Miner Soulstone Miner -Magical Training Arcane Effigy -Effigy of Fate Strategy and Schemes Plant Explosives Take Prisoner [Ironsides?] Vendetta Harness Leyline [Marcus, Ironsides?] Search the Ruins [Marcus] Dig Graves Turn 1 Ironsides wins Initiative, passes to Marcus. Marcus attaches Feathered Wings to both Rougarou, attaches Armored Plates to Bandersnatch, gets BJ on next flip, uses Primal Roar, and fails to cast Call of the Wild on Bandersnatch. Ironsides passes Jackalope leaps and walks to cover. Soulstone Miner buries itself. Wisp walks into the underbrush marker. Fitz walks, uses Arson to burn the Jackalop, drops a scheme marker off of the burning. Wisp walks into the underbrush marker. Mouse decides to Fight for Union!!! ...and walk. Paul Crocket focuses, shoots Fitzsimmons for 5 damage. Fitzsimmons uses a soulstone to reduce 3 and takes -1 from his ability, resulting in 1 damage. Miner: push, walk, scheme. Rougarou: walk, focus. Effigy: walk, walk. Bandersnatch: walk, walk, jump into Fitzsimmons. Amina: walk, obey a Rougarou to charge a Rougarou for 2 damage. Rougarou: walk, focus. Gunsmith: Creep Along, focus, shoot jackalope, kill it. No resurrection as I am out of cards. Serena: walk, walk, heal Rougarou with painkillers. Ironsides: walk, walk, Bring It on Rougarou. He comes into her and misses, she does 3 damage back. Turn 2 Marcus stones for cards. Ironsides wins initiative, passes to Marcus. Bandersnatch attacks Fitzsimmons twice, 1 total damage after soul stone and ability reduction, gains Shielded +2. Anima obeys Rougarou to charge Rougarou, uses my focus, gets Flay, cheats a severe and kills the Rougarou. Then she Obey’s Fitzsimmons to drop a shockwave marker and do 2 damage and burning to the other Rougarou. Marcus: Chimeracy Camouflage on Rougarou, fails on BJ with the second cast off the trigger. Primal Roar to push models, Call of the Wild to charge Rougarou into Miner for 4 damage, then he Chimaracy’s wings on himself and Camouflage on Paul. Mouse: For the Union!!! Then he walks. Rougarou: attack Miner, miss both times. Miner: disengage, walk. Paul: walk, forage to remove Ironside’s scheme marker, shoot and kill Miner. Soulstone Miner: place, attack Wisp. Miss first, 2 damage second. Wisp: Bomb, Scheme, push. Effigy: walk, walk up to Wisp, get Distracted. Wisp: push, Bomb, Scheme. Ironsides: Bring It Rougarou, who kindly walks over and misses, pops it for 2. Walk, Bring It Crocket who actually hits, Ironsides takes 0, passes back 2. Serena: walk, walk, heal Rougarou 3, remove Burning. Gunsmith: walk, walk. Fitz: walk, walk. Marcus: 2 (Bomb, Ruins) Ironsides: 0 Unfortunately, the game ended after Turn 2 due to time. I wouldn’t take much from the time of this game, as this was our first game with both crews. On Arson, I honestly have no idea if we were using the right version of this rule anymore, it was the version where it doesn’t need a scheme marker to place the shockwave. No major impact on this game either way, just headed off the “you did that wrong” if we did indeed do that wrong. ----------- My thoughts (Neverborn perspective): Ironsides: I feel like I’m on some crazy pills when I see things like she’s too weak. Let’s look at her defenses here: Positive Flip to Defense Positive Flip to Willpower Reduce Damage by 1 from Fitzsimmons Reduce Damage to 0 by Adrenaline Reduce Damage via Soulstone Auto trigger to hit back, and generate Adrenaline There was a thread on if her trigger was too good. I would put it this way: the totality of her defensive capabilities is too good and far surpasses any master that I have encountered in playtesting thus far. And while I do understand that all of these abilities require investment in both hiring and placement, I have yet to play against someone who doesn’t try to take advantage of such synergies. Granted, I was playing a melee oriented master/crew, but for all intents and purposes there is just no point to my engaging Ironsides, I will do more damage to myself than her. It ended up such that I spent my time running away from her and she spent her time running around trying to use Bring It to pull me back. It’s like the saddest game of Tag. Anima: Pretty confused why Extended Claims has no range restrictions and is just LOS, as per photos, with good placement you can cover a wide swathe of the table (this ties back into Lethegate 2018). Popping a card for a soulstone is a pretty crazy trade up, and it is made all the more impactful by a keyword with a master and 3 henchmen, and a faction with Soulstone Miner, so you gain the ability to stack extra soulstone reduction on top of all the layered defensive bonuses. Magical Training: Seems auto-include? I know this has flipped back and forth a bunch. Rest of crew: No other issues based on this game. ----------- Marcus: Seems fine. I had a horrible run of card luck when trying to hit his TNs, including popping the Black Joker twice on Chimeracy (out of two turns). Otherwise it was silly things like I need a 4 and flip a 1, so I end up cheating high cards in order to meet low TNs. That happens, and I don’t hold it against him or his power level, it just made it tough to properly judge him this game. Jackalope: I got it killed, my bad. Rougarou: They were solid in Fae, they are solid here. Just a shame that the best model to kill a Rougarou happens to be a Rougarou, who Rougaknew? Bandersnatch: Proudly dirty with Armored Plates, good luck prying this guy off! Maybe it was a mistake to pop him into Fitzsimmons due to all the damage reduction, I think it did like 1 damage from upgrade, 1 from Poison, then 6 damage from attacks before all the reduction kicked in though. Will o’ the Wisp: Good scheme runner, loved how Ambush worked with Abundant Growth. I feel like I underutilized them and they have even more tricks to bring. Serena: Does Serena things, in this case she healed and was a better pick over Myranda. Paul Crockett: This guy was a boss with his gun, solid shooting is rare in Neverborn and so appreciated when it happens. Killed the Miner, put 5 damage into Fitzsimmons before reduction (yes, Fitzsimmons ate 13 damage in 2.5 activations and finished the game on like 4 wounds I think). @Kolath
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    Gravity on earth is strongly affected by the moon. Werewolves are strongly affected by the moon. I propose Werewolves are strongly affected by Gravity. Gravity stops you getting further from the earth. Growing bigger makes (part of) you get further from the earth. I can see reasons why in a strange gravity environment you can't instantly grow bigger. And if you can't see why altering with gravity can't stop things from dancing together or apart, then I have no hope here. (If you have a good rules reason that's good, but I read this as a case of "it feels like gravity shouldn't do these things, so lets get rid of it". I have no idea of the intent, but I'm not convinced by the fluff arguments.)
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    Life, Death ans Undeath of the typical Malifaux lumberjack This is 97 episode of our Malifaux Mondays and it's means that the end of this project is near 😞 More photos as always in our blog https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/03/malifaux-monday-97-draugr.html
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    A few more marshals, ready for 3rd edition.
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    Poll to look at who folks think is best for each strategy and also what strategies folks think each master is viable into at all. I am also very curious about polling the "viable into" question for schemes, but that would take forever to create that poll. If there is strong desire I might make it later.
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    And I'll consider the little guy done for 4ss: @Caedrus this puts me at 14 ss for March do far.
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    WOOF WOOF! (translation: Luna done for 4ss, total 21ss this month)
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    "Other friendly tormented" as a clause could protect against abuses in future releases and potential ones now. I don't see currently anything that would be really game-breaking within Tormented though.
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    I'd personally love to see a female Sebastian as that would allow me to field an all female/weird creations McMourning crew.
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    I think that the new card size dictates that, you can't do small boxes anymore
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    This "Summoning" wasn't necessary but is appreciated.
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    It's basically Vallejo still water applied in layers (after each one has dried fully) with different shades of green. I used Tamya cear paints for the mixes and a little Nurgle rot. I applied a layer and then dabbed at it with a brush loaded with brighter shade mixed with Vallejo Still Water, trying to create a random pattern. In the end I gave it two thin layers of V Still Water for the extra glossy effect.
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    Ferdinand Vogel, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Ferdinand Vogel, Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
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    Yeah, that's the one... Pretty much Mel all the way with a bad Scottish accent!
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    Elijah Borgman, has an action called: Call to the Burning Man, so I assume Kaeris just started a cult-ish thing.
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    Would love to see a female Seamus, but maybe preferably with a box of male Rotten Belles. A Rotten Belle or Beckoner as a gender-swapped single would be neat by itself though. Would love a miss that helped fill out a theme, like Benny or the Unicorn Ulix set. I'm guessing a gender-swapped Sow-as-a-pony could be pretty disturbing... (Miss-Placed...?). My daughter loves the pony set, and it makes me sad that I can't field it in theme in any reasonably way (the fact that she is four and think it's perfectly natural with a man-eating horse also touches my heart in a special way...).
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    Hey everyone, Last week, we said we were done. Maybe that wasn’t entirely true. Maybe some Keywords and models still needed some attention. Maybe we went a little crazy with a few changes last week. Maybe we’re coming out with another update. Maybe we’ve got another one planned in two weeks. Maybe we didn’t have time to look at all the models we wanted to adjust. Maybe we’re going to be looking at the Family Keyword as soon as we can. Maybe Waldo keeps giving me weird looks as I’m writing this. Maybe we -really- need the Journalist changes tested after this week (so please help us and test Nellie’s Crew!). Maybe the word “maybe” has lost all meaning and I forgot what I was going to say next. All right, so here’s what was updated this time around: Changelog Typos, Grammar, and Wording Rail Golem: Removed Stat with no TN or Triggers on Off the Rails. High River Monk: Fixed missing Trigger text on Aggressive Chi. Necropunk: Fixed the wrong stat bump. Now has +1 Health. Guilty: Removed some unnecessary text on his Upgrade. Hoffman: Fixed a typo on Emergency Power Transfer. Wrath: Fixed an issue with ability text not populating properly. Drop It!: Trigger had the wrong text, so it was fixed to have the correct text. Arson: Previously said “may” but now says “must.” Rapid Fire/Flurry: Removed “after any resulting Triggers” as it was redundant and confusing. Rulebook Page 30: Fixed the Shockwave example from 2” to 1”. Removed all shaded text from rulebook. Page 25: Fixed models with multiple characteristics didn’t drop multiple Marker types. Page 11: Cleaned up duel example (which previously had the wrong math). Page 36: Adjusted a typo, “For bases of particularly…” Page 47: Deliver a Message: Adjusted wording so that the secretly chosen model is not treated as engaging the friendly model for the purposes of the Interact Action. Page 26: Controlling a model now specifies that if the model gains a resource, then the player controlling that model gains the resource. Page 31: Summoning a model always gives the enemy a Pass Token instead of only if a player doesn’t discard a Pass Token. Page 33: The Rule of Intent can be used to move exact distances. Mechanics Arcanists Ice Golem: Blizzard’s wording was made more consistent with other similar Action phrases. Slate Ridge Mauler: Gained Unimpeded. Kaeris: Reworded Third-Degree Burns so that its wording is more consistent with Reva’s Spirits in the Flames. Rasputina: Winter’s Strike no longer “deals” damage (because nothing in the game “deals” damage). Ironsides: Lost Grit (Round 2), Cage Fighter was replaced with Good Shot, My Turn, changed Df to TOME instead of CROW. Myranda: Shifting Forms now never discards upgrades other than the Beast Shape Upgrade that is discarded after she turns back into Myranda. (DMH) Ramos: Electrical Bolt now ignores Sz 1 models for Friendly Fire. Lowered Stat by 1. Coryphee Duet: Replacing now halves the Duet’s Health. Mech Rider: Revelation is now a single extra Activation instead of discarding Pass Tokens. Bayou Som’er: Pig-Eating Grin is now any Big Hat model. Removed Lookin’ Down on ‘Em. Summon from Slow moved to the Upgrade. Smarter Than I Look was adjusted. Summon Upgrade no longer gives Insignificant. Still has only a few teeth. Big Hat: Bayou Bash is now Big Hat instead of Bayou Gremlin specific. Demise (I’m Done With This) now summons the Bayou Gremlin instead of Replaces. Georgy & Olaf: Removed Lookin’ Down on ‘Em, Reduced Who Runs Gremlin Town’s TN by 2, removed Bayou Gremlin bonus. Lenny: Gremlin General is now Big Hat instead of Bayou Gremlin. Gremlin Crier: Threaten Beatings is now a Trigger. Defensive Reflexes moved to Sharp Wit. Bayou Gremiln: Removed Got Better Stuff to Do. Gained Insignificant. Mancha Roja: Gained a CROW to Df. Earl Burns: Field Repairs was replaced with Chain Gang. Showboating replaced with “Is This Really Helping?” Swine-Cursed: Now summons on death instead of Replaces. Guild Scales of Justice: Replaced Misery with Weight of Guilt. Sonnia: Reduced Mv by 1. Dr. Grimwell: Gained In My Care. Alan Reid: Lowered Health and Cost by 1. Nellie: Maybe you should just look at her card. It’s a lot to take in. Allison Dade: Gained Exclusive Interview, replaced Draw Out Secrets with Headline: Secrets Exposed, added +1 and TOME to Blackmail stat. Journalist: Reworked Slander. Chasing a Story is now AURA 8. Phiona: The Hero We Deserve is now based on proximity to friendly Scheme Markers. Field Reporter: Exclusive Interview was reworked. Gained Humiliation. You Can’t Escape the Truth was reworked. Newsie: Reworked Read All About It, removed MASK but added TOME to Thrown Newspaper. Drop It! was replaced with Headline: Secrets Exposed. Printing Press: Removed Chasing a Story. You Can’t Escape the Truth was reworked. Hot Off the Presses is now 4”. Propaganda Machine was reworked. False Witness: Gained Exclusive Interview. Neverborn Mysterious Emissary: Adjusted The Land’s Hunger. Terror Tot: Grow and Consume Corpses were replaced with Quick Feast and Devour Corpses. Black Blood Shaman: Lost the Mature Ability. Young Nephilim, Lelu, and Lilitu: Replaced Mature with Quick Feast. Mature Nephilim: Gained Quick Feast. Devour Corpses was adjusted. Misery: Reduced range to AURA 6. Meat for the Young was reworded. Grootslang: Increased Health by 2. Outcasts Ratcatcher: Cleaned up wording on Rat Snack so that it is less ambiguous. Wokou Raider: Ever-Changing Wind is now “Dropped or Placed.” Viktoria: Whirlwind Attack is now PULSE 1. Hamelin: Unclean Influence is no longer Once per Turn, and is now a Bonus Action. Tara: Removed Time Warp. From the Void can now summon multiple models. Karina: Gained Time Warp (which was also reworked). Increased Stat on Channeled Healing by 1. Aionus: Removed Age to Destruction, gained Buffering and Fleeting Moments Trigger. Increased Mv by 1. Resurrectionists Yin: Increased Terrifying by 1. Bone Pile: Gained 1 Health and Throw ‘Em a Bone (wink emoji) Ten Thunders Lotus Eater: Inner Peace Trigger was adjusted so that the model takes the Concentrate Action. Monks: Steal Chi was replaced with Inner Peace. Thunder Archer: Gained Inner Peace. Shenlong: Reworked Training Grounds, Spiritual Alignment, and Four Winds Punch. Falling Rave Kick no longer gives Poisoned, only moves 1” after the Push, and reduced the Severe damage by 1. Sensei Yu: Adjusted Brutal Sensei. Torakage: Ninja Vanish is now a Bonus Action. Kitty Dumont: You’re Comin’ With Me was replaced with On Your Heels. Across Multiple Models and Factions Drunken Kung Fu: Now works on any flip instead of just a duel. Constriction: Now gives – to disengage Actions instead of discard a card to disengage. “One More Question!”: is adjusted wording slightly. “If the target is engaging any models” instead of “is engaged.” Secret Passage: Reverted back to be within 1” of Blocking Terrain. Aetheric Healing: Reworked so that it is simpler. Analyze Weakness: Now states “Until the End Phase, all damage the target suffers ignores Armor and Shielded.” New Files OB_Arcanists_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Arcanists_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Bayou_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_DMH_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_DMH_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_Guild_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Guild_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Neverborn_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Outcasts_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_Ressers_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Stat_Cards_3.7.19.pdf OB_TenThunders_Upgrades_3.7.19.pdf OB_M3E_Rulebook_3.7.19.pdf OB_Cards_3.7.19.zip
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    This is mainly directed at @matt and @Kyle, and I hope you guys consider this. I think the following is a parsimonious change to the Tormented crew that could address almost all issues in one go. Here it goes: - Give the Guilty an ability around the lines of : "When declaring or resolving friendly actions or abilities, this model may count as an enemy model. If an upgrade would be attached to this model, it may choose not to do so." - Have their Demise ability say "This model may attach" instead of "the enemy model must attach". That's it. Here's what it adds to the crew: Dead Outlaws can use low tomes to declare Drop it and proc Too Greedy to Die Drowned can create Riptide markers through blasts and use a low card to declare Undertow, potentially being able to benefit from Shafted Jack Daw can use them as a jump point with On your heels with Suppressed Memories Even better, Hanged can declare On Your Heels on them with their bonus action, Horrifying Whispers Ligeia can blast through Projected Voice on them Crooked Men can use the markers dropped by them through Drop it for conversion through Shifting Sands Jack, Montresor, and Jaakuna can finish them off to proc their Demise to have them resummoned You can't draw cards by attacking them unless you attach harmful upgrades to them (or I guess you pay +2 to give an upgrade to your punching bag, which is a waste In my opinion and you'd lose it after resummoning). You also cannot attach an upgrade to them and damage them with a single action, so it would take 2 attacks on them from your most expensive models for you to draw a single card. You're still doing damage to your own guys, cheating in specific suits, and trying to time the last attack on them to come from your non-minions (which usually means only 2 models in your crew). Keep in mind that Hard to wound actually works against you in this case. It won't count for scoring You can't really abuse of blasts because Hard to Wound makes you cheat multiple cards per duel, and you still might not be able to cheat in the damage. Although the re-summoning becomes reliable (finally), the Guilty are acting as nothing but punching bags for your own crew anyway, and you're throwing actions and suits at them. If necessary, take out offensive or defensive capabilities (They already lost their oppressive discard attack anyway). Thematically, you're punishing the guilty over and over again, and not even Death can end their torment. Jack already benefits from charging friendly models (Doing min 2 damage in the process to your own guys) with low crows to proc Punishment and, currently, the only way Tormented are doing any scheming is by beating your own models to death with the Hanged while using tomes for Draw Out Secrets. Both of these attacks can also can result in you forcing yourself to discard cards! Speaking of which, being able to rely on a combination of Drop it, Shifting Sands, and Draw out Secrets would promote actual use of Shafted through the Malifaux Mining Law. So, while it would be a helpful change for the crew as a whole, it's not really a freebie. There are lots of cards, actions, and health being traded here. It would feel less masochistic to play the crew, or at least it would be a bit more efficient to do so. In other words, Tormented are already a crew that spends actions hitting their own models (inefficiently) to be able to use a great chunk of their tools. Since that's the case, then just give us a dedicated re-summonable punching bag. Their demise has been irrelevant since closed Beta, let's get some value out of it. If they could also get a little push when they're attacked, that would be swell. Anyway, it won't fix every issue with the crew, but it certainly would iron out the vast majority of them with a single change.
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    version 0.17 * Now able to handle upgrades with more than one action * Now able to handle Ariks bonus-action (non-suit trigger-like rules) * Faction Upgrades button should now work properly (Thanks @AndreyF)
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    Gravity Well RAI I figured was for anti movement, especially since the similar ability from M2E in Anna Lovelace specifically made such exceptions. If we don't care, then we don't care. Just tryna get people to think about stuff out here.
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    Well, looks like I’m back too. Maybe I should infiltrate the Wyrds to gain more practice than the three games I had at bonescon..?
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    Mr Graves. It must be his Neverborn nature, but I had no end of trouble getting the camera to focus on his face. Now I need finish (for a given value of finish) his associate, Mr Tannen.
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    Couple reasons, I wanted to see if Ironsides being the only source of IWA was fine (it was) and I wanted to see if Caught in the Ring was too much with a more aggressive list (it didn't seem to be here, at least). I didn't really miss her, she would have let me spread out a bit more in deploying and maybe benefit from that hill on the right, but the Shielded didn't end up being necessary. The Obeys and friendly pushes probably would have helped with scheming but so would taking real scheme runners so *shrug*
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    A have tons of good brushes, paints and water...... guess I miss patience!
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    I am amazed at how boring these scupts can be. Some of them are OK but overall there is a lack of spark and ambition in this work. Mayhaps Wyrd is boldly trying a new plastic material including a secret component.
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    Pride has definitely been the 'must-take' Outcast in several of the games I've played. His song is incredibly effective at either damage or disrupting the opponent (especially with Jack Daw, who can really punish an opponent with an empty hand.) Solo is great for sitting back and buffing/protecting ranged threats, while his normal auras let him get in the mix and gain a huge advantage in duels. I don't think he needs a ton of nerfs, but definitely could get toned back in one or two places. Maybe just make him unable to use his song on the same model more than once per activation?
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    So Hollywood William Wallace then
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    Beer-themed Brewmaster. Octoberfest or even Saint Patrick 🍻
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    It's Scales/DM/Judge/Justice Worshippers of Flame looks like 3 Firebranded + Elijah Edit: Looks like ToS is getting an Angry Guinea Pig!
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