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    Still stand by that, and everything else in life. Don't like it, don't buy it. Don't need it, don't get it. That being said, we've seen some chicken little routines here before, as well as the more 'strongly' opinionated folks who are determined to be heard shitting on something from high above and honestly, it didn't make a difference then and I don't expect it will now. We'll never nail it for everyone, ever.
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    @Phinn requested to see these. This is my first painting post, and fair warning I don't claim to be good at painting, I just don't like playing with gray crews.
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    In light of the recent “we just realized, we have daughters, what’re we going to give them to get them into our hobby?!” soft-edged direction Malifaux seems to have taken this year, I took some time this week to find other minis games—not board games with minis, straight-up ‘played out of a rulebook’ miniatures gaming, with a player base big enough to maybe find a meta—appealing directly to daughters and not just gender-neutral. I didn’t find a lot. I didn’t find anything, tbh. The closest I found was right back here, with Colette. Wyrd might be on to something, here, with this box. An utterly unanswered demand. Maybe I personally loathe dollies, doilies, and pink because it was and is a safe choice for gifting to a girl, but the need to gift safe things to girls still exists. If the price of opening up the hobby is having to listen to a chattering stream of pony references week upon week, I’ll be OK with that.
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    @Fazza92 It sort of reads like the grass is greener on the other side. Something has changed in Guild this year, Francisco is no longer that must have model and has some serous competition for his place in a crew. Guild Guard at 3ss is just great and a pair of them have been responsible for more than a couple of my wins this year. As for most of the Guild masters not being competitive, well most of the time this all comes down to the player TBH but the only master I have not been seeing competitively is McMorning. Personally I have had good results with Sonnia and Dita this year along with Nellie, my next test is to see how well I can do with Lucius in a tournament. In regards to card draw you need to look at the Guild counters, Witchling Stalkers, Witchling Handlers & Guild Austringer.
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    New to Malifaux, looking for some pointers on ways to improve my painting. Cheers
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    Well I have been running Sonnia without Francisco for most of the year and she seldom ends up dead (turn 5 a couple of times after she has activated). I am rather fond of using the nice MI7 with blasts and burning she can now have, and clawing back all those wounds and grab a handful of extra cards in the process. Suppose you can play it safe and go DF6 but that would not lure people into attacking her.
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    A few beasties as test subjects for the good Dr. Dufresne: The Raptors are GW Razorflock Somethings from the Dark Eldar that I got for cheap. And since I wanted to add a few Academics too, and with my Metal Gamin and the Raptors and Hoarcat Pride already had a few Arcanists, I bought Ironsides Box and started painting it:
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    We are very excited to share Third Floor War's first video battle report. Please spend 90 minutes watching as we showcase a battle between Alex Schmid and James Molini. We look forward to making more and want to hear what you liked and what you'd love to see in future episodes of Battleground Broadcast. Like the video and subscribe to the channel to stay updated! Hats off to Ray Flynn for all of the hard work pushing Malifaux battle reports to the next level. Battleground Broadcast - A Malifaux Battle Report
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    Wave 5 gave Guild some very nice toys to play with and opened up a lot of new avenues. I really need to get back into playing McCabe, he was my first Guild master, but when I look at him now I just drool a little with no clue on how to start building the crew. Maybe a good topic to start.
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    There are players that win tournaments with Sonnia. Too bad people don't record tournaments, one of the Bilz brothers has soloed her and won several tournaments. I used to win a lot more with McCabe but since I switched to Marcus I have lost almost all my games. That doesn't make Marcus worse thsn McCabr but proves I am worde with Marcus than McCabe.
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    Naaaaahhhh... Almost, but not quite. I'm sure it can get worse. And (in my opinion only) it's tailored to those who think it's funny and those who think it's just the random sort of weirdness that keeps Wyrd, weird.
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    So now we’re comparing a nightmare set some dont like to scrapping WHFB and releasing Age of Sigmar. This thread has now reached peak internet.
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    So over 2 years ago I had a good handle on how to play our horseback scoundrel but have to admit I do not have a clue on how to go about it now. So how are you guys running him? Just looking for a flood of ideas and interesting options.
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    Added a little bit Japanese style to the katana Lady. The blue tattoo is called "Sakura Fubuki" (cherry blossom blizzard), which is from a famous Japanese character who worked as both judge and police. So I think the tattoo should suit for a marshall as well. And the word "正義" at the back simply means "Justice". ————— Updated at 14th Jul ————— Here is my 3rd Lady Justice miniature. Changed to angle of head for more reasonable pose. And the hair was cut because it would blocking in this angle. But it fit Lady Justice new image in book 5.
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    Ama no Zako Parker this is definitely a thread about our worst models.
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    Use Debt on him in a turn where he has aquired a good position and watch him kill stuff with 4 min3 attacks on 14" range, ignoring LoS, cover and randomization. His strength is that if he`s in range it`s 99% sure that he get`s to shoot, also, what`s the problem with 2 focused shots a turn - a moderate is 4 damage, so 8 on 2 attacks seems ok? Probably wouldn`t take him just for his shooting anymore, so what was the scheme pool? Use all his abilities to your advantage and eat the enemy markers^^ EDIT: and try him with a Queller, enchant his rifle and watch armour, incorp., arcane shield and whatever melt before you^^
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    Cool I will look into that.
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    I have acquired the Nightmare addition so I guess I will be wanting to run some Mounted Guild Guard in the list if possable (rule of cool and all that LoL).
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    Back when I ran him I sometimes used Francisco to make him super defensive for a turn and ran him straight into a concentration of enemy models where he caused trouble until the rest of the crew caught up. With clever soulstone use he can last pretty well even against dedicated beaters. You need to conaider where you want his dismounted model to pop out as well so it can keep several models engaged when they take out the horse. Me and my clubmates haven't caught up with all the wave 5 releases but facing him lately I always run into to a reactivating thrall. A monster hunter is probably also very nice for reactivating. The new disguised + don't mind me cloak makes his crew very flexible and can slow down many melee beaters.
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    wave 5 helped elevate Guild on another level imo and made the gap between top and not-so-top masters considerably closer, plus it gave us 2 models which helped with some of the greatest problems (Investigators and Quellers). Latest erratas helped too, LLC for 1 is a big one there, maybe also Guild Guard for 3. I played Guild exclusively for the last 2 years and imo we where never stronger
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    Reva is walk 5 with a 0 push and if you take the charge trigger upgrade you don't get the ignore everything one so she isn't out of this world mobile. She's not very durablr either, she has a single point of defense over an unbuffed Sonnia. Francisco isn't just a tax for his df buff, he is a very capable model in himself and if something ties up Sonnia they usually get to see just how much damage Francisco can do. If you tie Sonnia up a capable Sonnia player will have two or three options to push her out of that unfavourable engagement or good melee models to attack the offending model. Sonnia isn't supposed to do single target damage, she starts to perform well when she gets to hit several targets in one attack so they have very different roles. If Sonnia compared in single target damage she would be utterly insane. Reva also can't control the board in the same way as Sonnia, she can easily shut down a threatening charge vector with her perfectly timed flame walls that stay around until she is ready to attack again on her next activation.
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    Now, of course one of those ponies ought to be a unicorn with a jetpack... ;-)
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    I guess Sonnia has not got the best single target damage out put that is not her thing, it is those blasts that blanket the opposing crew and if you can add a dash of burning to the mix it is a regular night out at "Sonnia's BBQ & Grill".
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    You've obviously never played against a good Sonnia player if you think her damage output is subpar. Yea she takes some support, but when your opponent has no models on the table come turn 3, that doesn't matter a whole lot
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    Pretty sure it was tailored for me. As I play gremlins, and already have other models that I am doing in the paint schemes of the MLPs. Thanks Wyrd!