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    Hi everybody, I must congrat with all of you for your paintjob and achivements. Now, my pledge for the month: Hungering Darkness, 2nd Ed. Alt. Model @Caedrus, my model should be worth 7 ss.
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    Surprised there wasn't a thread. Some of what was shown off- ES versatile: With Fate Deck and Measuring Widget: The best:
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    Caedrus, reporting in! First up for this month, I completed the Ashes and Dust trio! I messed about with a new NMM Brass scheme. I like the colours, but I butchered some of the painting. I liked the contrast, and the temperature contrast, though. Secondly, a bigger project, the complex and vast Talos! Everything about this was time consuming. The subassemblies, losing two pieces, the purple-Soulstone base, and lots of glazing. The NMM isn't perfect, but I'm happy with the result. So, that's my July - sorry I haven't given much feedback, but it's been crazy busy! Looking forward to some simpler painting in August! Caedrus.
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    Caedrus, cutting it tight! With a minute to spare! Expect better photos soon, but for the moment, I got there! Caedrus.
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    Last night I finished these 10 Ice Pillar markers. Not sure how much these count for? (Silent One just for scale reference there).
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    I disliked painting these. You'll notice there are only 2 of 3 😁
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    My pledge for this month: Tanuki. I need to get better at taking before photos but I always just get carried away painting before I remember to do it. These guys were so fun to paint, I'm pretty happy with how they came out, I was torn on what colour to go for with the pots but I think terracotta was the right decision - I think the green liquid provides a nice contrast to that. So that's 5ss x 3 = 15ss for this month. In terms of inspirational painters: 1. Angel Giraldez - I'm sure someone has already mentioned him. Although his skill level is way beyond anything I will ever be able to achieve, observing his colour composition and especially the contrast in his painting is incredibly useful. 2. Emil Nystorm - who you might be familiar with from the Squidmar channel, has a good range of videos, which I've found provide some great approaches to a variety of basic to advanced techniques. One of his videos is actually what convinced me to finally give NMM a real go. 3. Kingscorner Painting - not sure what the name of the artist/s is but they have some amazingly clean looking paintjobs up on their social media.
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    Hey Wyrdos! Thank you all for participating in this first ever virtual Gen Con! Waldo may have been chewing on some wires over here, but you stuck with us and helped make this a great time. It was fun talking with you, answering questions, and giving previews about upcoming content. We still haven’t shown everything off, so keep your eyes on Waldo for future teases and news about our games! Did you miss any of our events during last weekend? Fret not! We have compiled a list of links for you to browse and catch up on all the awesome things we did. What better way to start off than with a video previewing a new Explorer’s Society model being sculpted? Take a look at the Bellhop Porter! Ready for the kick-off event? Watch the designers preview content for The Other Side, Through the Breach, and Malifaux: Finish up with a second sculpting video for Fat Cap, an alt Metal Golem: Then, listen to Craig Shipman from Third Floor Wars sit down with the Malifaux design team and ask them some questions. Ever wondered how Malifaux’s eighth Faction, the Explorer’s Society, came to be? Want to see previews of another new Explorer’s Society Master, English Ivan? Sit down with us here: Remember Lord Cooper and his crew of mighty Apex hunters we showed off? Well, they’re back in this 50 Soulstone game played by the gents at Third Floor Wars. Lord Cooper’s Apex keyword goes against Von Schill’s Freikorps in this first ever public game of the Explorer’s Society! Who will be the most dangerous hunter? Place your bets and check it out here: Have you been curious about Through the Breach? If so, catch up with Dead Aussie Gamer and his band of Fated as they set out to a small contract town hosting a no-holds-barred music festival. If only we knew about an infamous band in Malifaux that might want to crash the show… It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Through the Breach or a player with dozens of One Shots under your belt; Dead Aussie puts on a great show! Watch the chaos unfold here: If you didn’t get a chance to snag this year’s Nightmare box, Malifaux 1988, don’t worry! Gumdrop and her crew will be available again during our Black Friday sale in November, along with Fat Cap: a Metal Golem kitted out in cyberpunk style. That’s it for this week, Wyrdos! We want to thank all of the teams and individuals that helped us put on these events; they have lots of content to keep whetting your appetite for everything Wyrd, so go check them out: Third Floor Wars: https://thirdfloorwars.com/ DAG: https://www.twitch.tv/deadaussiegamer World Anvil: https://www.worldanvil.com/ Have fun re-watching your favorite Wyrd moments from Gen Con 2020. We’ll see you all back here next week!
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    While I certainly haven't played McMourning, I have experience with summoning concepts in multiple different games (I always play Undead or Demon factions) and the underlining design concept are, at their core, the same. First, you don't want to invest more resources than you get out of it. Maximal output with minimal input is the name of the game here. You know... capitalism. The most simple signifier for that is stone cost, but especially in a mission focused game like Malifaux that's not all, but for simplicity's sake I will refer to that. Details come later and usually must be decided spontanously at the table. We have Reva + 2 Candles "for free". McMourning costs 16, luckily he also wrecks faces when he isn't summoning. When you manage to spawn 2 Flesh Constructs, he nearly would be for free. That's not gonna happen, just a thought for starting out. Reva can provide 2 corpses first turn and 1 each following turn. With the aim of one construct for the first two turns, we'll need one corpse turn #1 and two corpses turn #2. How can we get this with minimal cost? Grave spirit seems nice, because he's the cheapest option, but he doesn't provide enough corpses turn #2. But for only 2 additional points, we get a Grave Digger, who provides us with 3 corpses turn 1-2. That's enough for what we need and more turn #3+.So there is no reason atm to include even more corpse generation. Invested resources: 16SS McMourning + 6SS Grave Digger +1 action to kill Candles +2 Grave Digger action +1 summoning action + 1 bad condition on McMourning Output: 14SS Flesh Constructs + 2 actions per turn per Construct I've ignored summoning slow condition due to the Construct's bonus action, combined with turn 2 summoning and potential death, I think 2 actions are a handy average for their action output. I also ignore CCs, since them dying can be benefitial for the list but that's hard to quantify. So for 8SS we get 1 Construct turn #1, 2nd Construct and Grave Digger turn #2 and a McMourning turn #3. That's a lot if we can avoid to much confrontation until then, so it's a very SS/action economic list core, but for sure not a fast one. Usually we should start scoring turn two, but propably will have a hard time with that and have to compensate for that turn #3. Since we already have what we need, ANY additional investments into this will need to justify their existence in our list all on their own. Stuff that could synergize with that were already mentioned and I'll share some thoughts. There will be corpse overspill at least starting with turn #3, so schemes which work with the Digger's Field of Corpses are good to take and generally also work with Reva's zone control power. What I'm not sure about... how much does Reva need those additional corpses turn #2+? It's fine if corpses just lay around when we have a fitting pool, but the Digger is a core choice, so we can't count on that. On this depend some choices I'll come to later. Bone Pile: They can remove the quite sticky Distracted condition, best on turn #2. Their gun is decent for 6SS and also has a chance to spawn more corpses. It's also happy to have a little bit of corpse overspill to either heal itself or jump across the board. Would be a good pick imho. Restless Spirit: As already said, not enough corpse generation on its own and unnecessary in combination. Doesn't provide enough other benefits to justify its price tag imho. Toshiro: Nice addition to pump those minions up. I don't think his summoning should be considered more than occasional. Ashigaru are really nice defensively and decent with his Aura, but the real juice lies with Flesh Constructs. Having the option doesn't hurt though, in case to many corpses lie around. I guess he mostly is a question of "Can I afford another expensive model?", and he will be a regular, but not always pick. Asura: More moving corpse markers, which can be handy but imho not essential here. She basically means more points in support roles, who rarely score or kill. While Flesh Constructs are great brawlers, who can double as schemers if the situation calls for it, Zombies are mostly just roadblocks. No significant schemeing (even though more than usual with Asura, still not good at it), no tankiness (3DF/WP, 3LP) and laughable damage. Combining with Toshiro to increase their offensive capability also isn't really viable, since it gets *really* expensive, they still won't be good damage dealers and Toshiro and Asura compete for stoning and crow cards for their summoning. Dead Rider: Works well with Reva, as we already know. He's self-sufficient and therefore can be added anywhere. Doesn't care about corpse overspill, but can utilize it if he gets the chance. Solid pick in my viewpoint, only drawback is his price tag. Shieldbearer: I would include at least one, maybe even two. The list is a bit vulnerable at the beginning of the game and they provide cover for our masters, but most importantly they can push them where they need to go without using a Master's actions. They are a staple for Reva and imho even more so here. Grave Golem: Doesn't utilize corpses much if your opponent doesn't allow it, but has a hard time forcing it. Not enough game impact and to expensive, especially in combination with a 2nd master. Emissary: Kind of similar to Toshiro, only he buffs speed instead of melee prowess, which can be handy for scoring. Looks more like a tec pick to me here, but a possible one. Never though in combination with another expensive bought model. To conclude, here is my core: Reva + 2 Corpse Candles 0 McMourning 16 Grave Digger 6 Shield Bearer 6 = 28SS, which leave 22 free add one of the following options: - Bone Pile 6 (especially if your enemy applies debuffs to you, but generally not a bad idea) + something not very expensive (e.g. Wanyudo or a Draugr), the Whisper for Reva, 7SS - either Toshiro OR Emissary OR Dead Rider (OR Vincent if up against specific summoners) + something cheap, rest goes into stones
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    Hi, I'm Chris from aforementioned podcast. I actually tried a full foundry list last week (mah, lass, brin, sparks, porkchop, 3 X survivors, SS miner) last Wednesday. So much potential in this, I had one survivor focus shoot a skeeter in cover then another one teleport over and punch it to finish it off. The survivors were great at pulling my models in and out of position. Porkchop is a beast in combat and sparks putting bombs in bellys really puts your opponent off attacking certain models. Managed a 4-3 win over zipp by just killing stuff before it activated and scheming later. Definitely a lot of potential in this list/these models, I'm gonna try em again this week and I'll feed back any other shenanigans I come across. Any help from the bayou mind would also be appreciated!
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    It's over folks. It's over. We have been defeated. Only hope is to wait for the errata. It's probably for the best. With those tiny arms we couldn't hold up the sign anyway.
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    A bit late but some pictures of what ive finished this month. More on the side of Warmachine, next month maybe some faux as we have a tournament coming up.
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    Started to work on Asura and African skintone. Actually it was my first attempt on dark skintone, so I guess it went out good. What do you guys think?
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    And for those of you that like to see how painting goes ..
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    And Aionus. A pretty fast paintjob. He would also benefit from being painted as sub-assemblies, but not as much as Talos. Now I just need Wyrd to release the Scion of the Void and the Void Hunters.
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    Hi there!!! I finished the Obsidian Oni for this month! This adds up to 7ss x3 = 21 SS Been super busy this month so i went quite fast with those guys, not my best work, but i'm pretty happy with the time/result ratio Bonus: Oni Family shot That's my crew so far, might (or might not) grow in the future ^^
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    Jack Daw has a lot of aura mechanics that can be severely debilitating if you go into him. The plan with the sniper style crew is to force certain elements of the crew to stay where I want them to. Lady Ligea's Betrayal aura vs terrifying models is very strong. Monty's suffocation and hanging ropes aura, Jacks -1 wp aura. All of these things add up when you want to charge in and actually be effective in CC. The Snipers and doppel are there to keep the jack player honest and possibly pick off support pieces or even put a few hits on Jack himself now that his terrifying is only 12 rather than 13. Killing his totem is a big deal for actually getting momentum late game if you wanna go in on Jack and try and take him out. If you snipe Guilty it puts a lot of pressure on Jack to go get them to get the guilty back. The extra card is nice for Daw though. But taking a model off the board is way worth it if you can. Sniping Hanged is always a good place to start, try to pull some stones out, or whatever. The two ruthless models in the crew are well tuned to dealing with Jack's crew also. Carver has onslaught and can really put a number on Jack if he can get in CC. With Jacks bubbling, breath of fire is a threat to fear. Couple Carver with Hoody and thats 2 ruthless models with range/speed to push a bit more board control and threaten Jack himself. Marcus would focus on giving upgrades to the Jackalope every turn to get its WP up and make him a road block. He might give Paul Crockett Natural Camo for a bit of ranged DF, especially from the Hanged. Then he is using wings (most likely) to go into the edges of his bubble to try and pick models off. OR Marcus can focus solely on Scheming if the pool welcomes that. Mv7 flight on a master can definitely get you some schemes scored. I took a similar crew vs Youko last night because her crew is good VS melee style crews. Qi and Gong have a ton of disguised, so I went with this crew and was able to sneak a 5-4 victory. The first in a while with Marcus actually. It was the list above minus Carver and Hoody, replaced them with Adze, Vogel, and Sabertooth. Took Sabotage and Catch and Release in a public enemies match.
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    I mean, in fairness, a warning shot is typically supposed to miss. 😛
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    Now the Judge got the cloak he deserves. Really find the best mixture for me.
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    The link from https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-languages for the English Rulebook should be updated with the Errata now. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Nothing gets added to the app until the book is released officially.
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    Join monthly painting challenge for the first time. My goals for august: 1. Asura Roten with her friends 2. Carrion emissary 3. The judge (m2e) 4. Maybe mindless zombies
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    Big thing for July was me finishing Daqan Lords (aka. Knights & Golems) for Battlelore 2nd edition: Greyhaven Battlemages Ironbound (magic robots) Riverwatch Riders (wife helped out with the horse skin) Citadel Lancers (wife said hell no when I asked for help with the horse skin on these as well) Rune Golems Roc Warrior Siege Golem It wasn't all boardgame junk though. Did a proxy ganger for Batman Miniatures Game: Joanne from Hasslefree. This was one of those one evening paintjobs. Lovely simple sculpt from Hasslefree. Joy to paint. And finally my monthly Wyrd challenge mini: Samurai. Neat fact, Samurai box was the thing that got me into Malifaux. I got them for painting and was invited to a demo game while I was paying for it at the LGS counter. Cool model. January: 21 minis February: 28 minis March: 17 minis April: 1 mini May: 2 minis June: 0 minis July: 43 minis Total: 112 minis I was going to take a break from Battlelore, still got about 80 minis for it with the barbarian faction. But after playing a knights vs undead game wife asked I get them done sooner rather than later. I guess that's a project for August Have a good one, folks
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    If I'm allowed to join, I'm gonna paint (at least) each faction's effigy. And then it will come most of the Permformer keyword (doves and Carlos are already painted).
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    @Caedrus My July pledge completed (48ss total) Thanks again to @Stranglelove for taking the pictures
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    Just wanted to say thanks for the effort that was put in to this by the Wyrd crew and their partners, I follow several mini games and your virtual Gencon efforts were the best by far. As someone from Australia it was great to be able to get excited and participate in it at the same time as everyone else. I hope it's something that you consider doing a little more of in the future even when things return to normal.
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    After listening to the latest Harl'e'faux podcast, I've been wondering about the effectiveness of Foundry models in the Tricksy keyword. Anyone have any experience with all the Scrap to Pit/Pit to Scrap Ride The Rails shenanigans and copious amounts of 14" range guns they would like to share?
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    I would point that on right table he might be fun with Waldgeist(s?) - MR grants them slow trigger which imho is great trigger, but it required high crow card reserved for better models.
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    I always bring this up when these conversations start: doing so destroys half of the reason for Qi and Gong. Their edge comes from copious amounts of Pass Tokens in the later turns. If you remove that, now the whole keyword is out of wack.
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    So you use the gov proxy queeg a srg and 2 executioners. Use dashel and proxy to give focus to the executioners this with queeg giving them fast. With the extra movement from the srg they have a 6 inch move. They get an extra 3 inch from queeg on activation So trail of gore walk, then with fast you have 12 more inches to get within 8 inches to charge so realisticly they have a 28 inch threat range And with lead lined coats they are tough to put down. Especially with two of them. Use the summons to get mounted guard as scheme runners.and replace executioners as needed
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    Greetings I thought I might share my experience as a first time outcasts player as I collect, paint and play the faction for the time. I have been playing malifaux for about 4 years now and I started a resser player and specifically Nicodem before he was god tier. It was a steep learning experience I can assure you but I enjoyed it and eventually I bought all the resser masters and played them all including Tara. Molly and Nico were my faves. Being the middle aged obsessed war gamer I was able to live the dream of my younger self and pretty much buy what I wanted when I wanted. So I built up a collection of every faction and own most of the masters and a good 90% of the models in each faction!. 3rd edition came along and I started with beloved ressers but was a little down on the since they dmh-Ed my Nicodem and my other fave Ramos (I had a arcanist period ). Soon I was trying out the ten thunders and enjoyed them for a while but I had always wanted play Levi but a few mates that are my regular opponents are big outcasts players so I steered away. Well those two mates are playing different factions for now so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the outcasts. I have all of the masters in my cupboard of shame but Hamelin is just the first Ed metal box so most of his keyword is missing. The masters I have assembled are Viks. Schill, Daw, Parker and Levi while Zipp, Tara ( sold my original crew off when she was lost to ressers) and Hamelin are in built. My Daw crew is painted as well as most of my Levi but it was the weird old man I started with as he seemed to fit my theme of Nico and Ramos and indeed almost appears to be an Amalgam (see what I do there ?) of the two of them. I’ll post up some photos of the crews later. My thoughts coming into Levi are that I think his is a crew that could comfortable solo in a tournament which what I like when learning a new faction and crew. The plan is to take Levi to a tournament in the first weekend of October here in Sydney called Moab. It’s a one day tournament with three games. With this in mind I played a game against my mates McCabe last night of the first rounds pool. It was I chose break through and spread them out My list The idea was for ashes and the necrosis to move onto the opponents half first turn and drop markers to set up for turn two spread. This is why I gave ashes servant upgrade but I might change that yet. Rusty and Marlene were to hang together in the middle and project threat. The scavenger was really there to try to get fast onto alyce. With armour and Marlenes ability to tale the wounds down to 0 I could get the fast on Alyce with no wounds from the crow trigger on weird device. Of course first turn I couldn’t get a crow high enough to actually get it to work! I put the lodestone on ashes. second turn the plan was to get ashes up to the marker in the left hand quarter of the opponents half and claim strat point. Also he dropped a scheme marker to start getting me ready for the final points of my schemes. Necropunks were to get into backfield for breakthrough. One necro was killed by McCabe but the other one got over there and get me breakthrough. End of second turn and I had 3 points. The rest of the game went to plan and I easily got my markers down for my second points but Ashes could only get another 2 on the strat. It will be hard to get the final point for the start as that’s the furthest you need to move to claim one, passing it off will be the way but I hadn’t set it up well enough. Ended up 7 all draw. I’m hooked, love this crew. The irreducible damage from Levi is truly terrifying, I killed desper Leroux early turn 2 and Levi got Minako and I think the terracotta warrior by the end I lost alyce and Marlene but they did their job distracting McCabe, not for long enough though. Having said that if they hadn’t stopped him for a turn or so he would have got all the points for strat. Long winded I know but hey I’m excited!
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    We have an insanely good Guild player in our meta, who I've only managed to beat once and that was running Kirai into Basse. My thoughts so far: I'll never run Jack into Guild again. Whatever master you face they'll probably bring in Pale Rider and Lone Marshal which will, collectively ruin the tormented's day. I found Reva and Seamus are also not ideal picks as both really need those corpse markers which the Marshals mess with. Exorcists are a problem for Ressers. They've shown up with many different Masters so always make them a target priority. If your opponent declares Sonnia, bring a student of Steel, Guild nearly always have a couple of Lead lined coats, mix that with Shielded and it can get get really obnoxious. The Masters I've had most success with have been Kirai (watch out for exorcists though) and Von Schtook. Molly is also a good option if you want to run around the board doing Symbols, Spread them out or breakthrough. Guild have a hard time keeping up. Also don't bother poison stacking on the Experimental against lady J. She can undo all of it with a single action. Yep I learnt that the hard way 😢
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    I am very interested in the Reva vs Guild/Lady J matchup because we will have a small tournament (10 People) this weekend and 6 of them are playing Guild and I think they will play Lady J a lot! So chances are I will face her! In Reva I was thinking on going almost living: Vincent, Asura, Shieldbearer etc. But any tips are welcome but OOK is not allowed. So I have to stay in Keyword + Versatile.
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    Well, as my regular opponent plays Guild 90% of the time, and more so Lady J, I'll post later afternoon/tonight about how it goes, as Mondays are my Faux days If by some miracle, I dont have to do the Reva vs Lady J matchup again, or dont fight Guild at all, I'll try to write up my last few experiences with em!
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    Well, I'd say everyone has really breathed some life back into the Resser forums! Now that we've had a variety of pools, I thought it would be good to take stock and see what direction we wanted to go next. Some ideas I have: Continue as we've been going (we have 12 more deployment/strategy combinations we've not covered yet). Faction matchups - what masters work and what masters don't against various factions. Counterpicking specific issues. Strategy deep dives - exploring options for each strategy in depth (feel like we've kind of covered this with the community pools). Scheme deep dives - exploring each scheme in depth (kind of like this one, as we often look at schemes in pools of 5 instead of one in detail). Keyword deep dives - really dive into each keyword and its options (I feel like this already happens pretty organically though). OOK highlights - stuff people love to take out of keyword (again, feel like this comes up organically already). Model specific deep dives - Facebook Neverborn do deep dives on every Neverborn model, and some really interesting stuff comes out. And any other ideas that people might have! Keen to hear feedback - what would people like to do with the community threads/pools for the next few weeks? I hope we'll get a pretty cool assortment of ideas and will have lots of material to work with. If you have lots of experience to share, speak up on what you think might be helpful! If you are still learning the game, speak up with what you're curious about! Let's all help each other level up our game.
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    It would be very thematic, I think, if lampads would unbury in basecontact when a pyremarker is placed, that way the cremation action gets a little more use...
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    Before gen con there was just cards for Gibson, Winston, a surveyor and most of a spell eater. I've now seen Vernon and wells, the effigy and emissary, several Apex models, and Ivan, who is the umbra master. But I've not seen all the gen con things, so am going on what's been added to the forum.
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    well with that all the results are in so here is how things stand Group 1 Team Russia 1 have Qualified for the knockout stages in top spot. If northern Moose Infantry win over all they go through in second although a draw could see them though as long as they have a positive diff vs team scotland and Team russia 1 don't lose to Team Savoies. Team Scotland will go through if they beat Northern moose infantry and Team Russia don't lose to Team Savoies, The will also go though as long as the Beat Northern Moose Infantry and Savoies Beat Team Russia but don't win 1 more game than Team Scotland as Team Scotland had a better Diff in their head to head. Team Savoies Need to Beat Team Russia 3-0, have Team Scotland have 1 win and 2 draws vs Northern Moose Infantry to go though Group 2 Team Russia 2 Just need to avoid defeat in the final round to go though in top spot, A loss will put them if too much infaux don't win their round. The American Tyrants will go through as long as they equal or beat Too Much Infaux result. Too Much Infaux need to beat the The American Tyrents result as they won their head to head vs them. The Mali-hosers have to win all 3 of their games and Russia to win 3-0 to get though. Group 3 Team Poland just need to avoid defeat in the final round to go though in top spot, a loss will put them though if Emma op? don't beat Rod Frod Med Flode. Emma op? just need to equal The Grand Cabal's Result to go though, they will win the group if they win their round and Poland lose. The Grand Cabal Need not lose to Team poland, and beat Emma Op?'s result to go though. Rod Frod Med Flode need to Beat Emma op? and have the Polish Beat The Grand Cabal to go though Group 4 Northern Moose Cavalry will win the group as long as they don't lose all three of there games, they will only fail to qualify if both the Texas Triumvirate and The Flippin wyrds both win 3-0. Texas Triumvirate need to beat the Flippin wyrds results as they lost to the wyrds in there head to head (the table doesn't calculate head to head unfortunately, so the table has the Texans and wyrds reversed, apologies for this, im looking in better programs for next years event)The Flipping wyrd's will go through as long as they don't lose to team insomnia and they beat the Texan's result. Team insomnia need to win vs flipping wyrd and beat the Texans result by 7 points to qualify I think all the maths is right, please do let me know if its not in terms of prizes there is no longer a voucher for least points conceded. i've got a 3rd party organising prize support for me with wyrd and so there has some slight communication issues. apologies for this. in terms of points scored Reice of Too much Infaux, Ollie of Emma Op? Alex of Team Russia 1 Andre of The Texas Triumvirate and Joakim of Northern Moose cavalry have all scored 14 points with a number of players close behind, so lots to play for in race for "Golden Boot"
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    Questions about when we're doing stuff? Look no further. Keep an eye on this space, because we'll be posting the links to the streams shortly.
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    arcanist spy, turned mei fengs boyfriend*, now exploration society after a "event" that happened to him (currently unkown) and resident ungentlemanly gentlemen
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    Tmi (1 - 2) Team Russia Two Reice (yan lo 6-3 zoraida) Domin Rich (Tara 4-6 Zoraida) Scoffer AJ (Zipp 3-5 Shen Long) Alexander Thanks for 3 great games guys.
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    Stolen from the Gencon live stream today.
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    I'm using my old avatar models as emissary, maybe you find an old nikodem avatar, from there you could use one of the corpses as mindless zombie...
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    Sorry for the total lack of interaction. Got some pretty sudden news early this month and been having to find a new apartment. Should be settled down again after August 8th, but things are a little wild. I still managed to do up Colette though! She's not finished, but she's tabletop ready and I don't have any spare time for the rest of the month, so here's my 15ss!
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    After having assembled two crews - and now having actually played a couple of games. I kinda knew, Guild wasn't the faction for me. Yet again, I didn't like the idea of having 'wasted' models. So I looked to branching out, and since Doc had a really intriguing set of models, and allowed me to branch into ressurs, I used him as an excuse to get even more models – Doc actually saw some play in M2E, and he was a blast I never really liked, how the kentauroi ended up colorwise – and I got them 2nd hand, from someone who sadly had little idea on how to assemble models. So I hope to get around to them and give them a little love - some time.
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