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    Hey Wyrdos, While we were on break, Waldo took the opportunity to get some much needed beauty sleep. As it turns out, he’s a sleepwalker, a sleep-talker, and snores like a jet engine. When we got back in the office, we found him dangling from the scaffolding, sleep-singing Enter Sandman while playing an impressive air guitar solo. We haven’t woken him up just yet. Looks like Waldo’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one. This week, we’re revealing that the Dreamer and his Nightmare crew have all grown up. It seems that Lord Chompy Bits’ Earthside exploration into the minds of the weak-willed and fearful during the Homefront event has proven bountiful. With Lilith out of the picture and Meridion focused elsewhere, Nytemare is finally ready to have some real fun. The Dreamer himself is a few years older and a few years wiser in Malifaux Third Edition. For years, he was safely tucked in his bed in his lofty mansion on Earth, but when the Burning Man came and brought with it a fire that engulfed all of London, his innocence was burned to ash as well. With the loss of his father, his dreams warped and became dark aspirations, and his imaginary friends have changed alongside his new ambitions. All boys grow up, but only one has a hungry Tyrant at his bedside. Check out the gallery to see the new models for the Nightmare crew. Speaking of growth spurts… Jeepers, Coppelius, have you been working out? What’s in those eyeballs? We’ll see you next week with the launch of the M3E Open Beta!
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    We haven't really got standardised terms for the new (plastic) crew boxes that appeared in M2E to replace the metals, so I'm not holding my breath. (or if we have I know nothing about them) I think we will call this Dreamer and chompybits, and those old enough to own the original plastic versions will wow youngsters when they pull them out, just before getting made fun of for being so old. Those with transparent and dayglow versions will be placed on pedestals and revered whilst those with the metal version will be carried in sedan chairs to the upper gaming rooms. The few with the metal nightmare version will have ascended to divinity and be that which all other dream to achieve.
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    Tournament players, casual players, and new players all provide completely different types of feedback, all of which are equally as important when making a game. A new player might not be able to address balance concerns, but they're always the first to tell us when something doesn't make any sense. Tournament players might comb over some of the confusing/unclear language because of familiarity with previous versions so that they can get into the nitty-gritty. Casual or more theme-focused players will let us know when the functionality of a model doesn't coincide with the model's backstory, but they might not find out when model X goes into crew Y, everything breaks. The vast majority of players don't neatly fall into any of these categories, either; perspective is often based on the individual, which is why all feedback is good feedback (yes, even the vitriol, because that often comes from a good place at heart). Some players focus on fun while others focus on competitive play. Finding the middle ground is almost always the goal.
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    Just remember the rules for giving constructive feedback. 1. Bias or subjectivity is something to avoid. 2. Always test your Crew against as many opponents and in as many scenarios (not all at once) as you can. 3. Do know that Albus Von Schtook is the best Resser. 4. Take things out of your comfort zone and build Crews with models you wouldn't normally take for a scenario. 5. Have a notebook and take notes as you play. 6. In the end the Grave Spirit will eat the Burning Man out of the sky and all will be as night, starless and still. 7. No Beta Test is complete until you've played it so much you hate it (not really), like any good editing job. 8. Get a good, filling breakfast with protein. 9. Seek out advice if you don't understand a rule. 10. Have a final report to turn in near the end of the Test that includes all of the relevant data. 11. Avoid arguments. Both the players and the developers have a vision of where we want this to go, but ultimately it's the developer who decides. Try to respect that. 12. Present all belongings for review whenever a Guild Inspector commands. 13. Please be civil and honest in your feedback. We all want M3E to be the best it can be, so we should be having fun, not making things harder for all concerned. 14. Every Beta Test has a few inconsistent players; they sign up and then just kind of sit there (I know, I'm King of the "Sitting" Volunteers). Don't be that kind of player. You wouldn't like me as your King. 15. Now go back and read the first letters of each step in this list: it will spell out a secret code!
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    Well, if you send a pile of poop to Angel Giraldez, after he's done you`ll want it in your display cabinet, so thats hardly an argument 😜
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    I mean its not really an alt (it is but it isn't). Unless you consider the 2e model an alt for his 1e model. I propose Teenage Dream(er) and Lord Chunky Bits
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    Did you see those arms bro? Chompy is hitting the gym, he's just skipping leg day and cardio.
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    So I am fired up to get some painting done and back in the hobby. Here is my lot for the month.
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    Hello, my name is Emil and I'm a hobby butterfly. I haven't finished my Nephilim yet. But I've finished Killjoy as seen in the monthly painting challenge thread and now these guys. Alt Reva made me do it...
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    Tzeentch has always been one of my favorite parts of the Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar settings. I love both the concepts behind the Changer of Ways and the brilliant deformed mutants and demons that form his legions. Here are some Tzeentch minis that I’ve gotten to paint up recently. They’re actually from a few separate clients who were all excited about Tzeentch in this similar color schemes.
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    well heres an attempt to link my imgur image. Santiago finished and just requiring basing
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    I hope M3e is going to be released a bit sooner;P
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    It's very hard to get a six pack when your entire torso is a mouth. Also while I miss the adorable malevolence of the old school dream critters I do dig that they are getting scarier as the dreamer gets older and more traumatized.
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    Alps and Coppelius are awesome. Chompy just looks like he didn`t exercise after eating everybody... Can we make it Waldo`s Daily, so we have more crews up ?
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    I can't wait to have everyone involved in the Beta. The fact that playing different crews feels almost like playing a different game is just amazing. Seriously, playing Jack Daw, Von Schill, and Parker will make you forget they belong to the same faction. I also think that ANYONE can now get a competitive crew with the crew box and 2-3 outside purchases because of how keyword hiring works. A miniature game that can see you win tournaments with less than 100$ spent throughout your entire Malifaux Career? That's just mind-blowing. You like Lynch's gambling theme but not so interested in Oriental swordsmen? No problem, M3e has got you covered! I expect people to dabble in multiple factions instead of feeling like they "have to" own everything in a single one to stay competitive. And not having to paint models you don't like? Oh yeah. That's a thing now. Given how accessible the game will be for everyone (in financial terms), I think the hardest thing to do from now on will be balancing the game in a way that is streamlined and fast enough to make new players fall in love with it right away while, at the same time, keeping the game cerebral enough for the players that got into Malifaux for its complexity. Without going into talks of specific crew balancing, I would love for the new players help identify ways to make the game faster. Please remember that playtesting takes longer than just playing, and there is going to be a slow-down in the flow of the game just from having to read new stat cards all the time, but overall the game is still a bit slow and I am dying to hear new suggestions about speeding things up! I also need more people to complain to about last names.... oops, spoilers.
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    Given the relative age of the new Dreamer, I must see the new daydreams painted in black with exxxtreme fluorescent retina-searing highlights. Based with flames and about ten million skulls. What do we call this for short? Alt-Dreamer and alt-LCB and so on?
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    Could someone explain to me, what are the correct propotions of a dream and shape shifting demonlike tyrant? There seems to be some norm i am not familiar with.
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    I can't really tell from the picture if that's Zuul or Vinz Clortho.
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    It's very easy to estimate or simulate Nino's combat usefulness on different tables. If the terrain is open enough, Nino will be attacking something every turn until killed, and if it isn't, he will be doing nothing. Humans have a built in ability to simulate events they haven't experienced. It's called imagination. You don't have to make and taste liver ice cream to figure out, it's probably not a good idea. Not all simulation needs to be done with computers, and the imagination of an experienced gamer gives probably more accurate estimates about model's usefulness than a playtest by a complete beginner.
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    Can both cheat it and spend one tactics token on the flip. You're supposed to be scared of the tide pools if the Gibbering Hordes player has the Siren in glory, a stack of tactics tokens, and a fist full of cards.
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    Any playtest materials that have been provided to you still fall under Wyrd's copyright and should not be distributed. That being said, you will get new materials to work with next week and some changes to come with those materials, so anything you currently have could be out of date once the Open Beta starts. You are welcome to discuss anything you would like, but posting our playtest documents is a no-no.
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    already done this for january, I'm HOT (or are they ?) !