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    THE END IS NIGH!!! In all seriousness, as the Beta has drawn to a close and we are prepping for release, we are going to be adjusting the forums accordingly. With that, the Open Beta Forum will be closing and everything within it hidden from the world. The forums will close when we get back to the office after Memorial Day on Tuesday, May 28. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue your discussions of Malifaux in the appropriate forums and subforums. Again, we want to thank everyone for participating in the Open Beta as it truly has made M3E a much better game and we couldn't have done it without all of your feedback and support.
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    Lots of great stuff here again, for now just a quick update from me. More here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/05/marcus-x3.html My 45ss for this month.
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    So I've been hearing more talk about folks being confused about how Dimensional Instability works, and since it's basically the most complicated rule in the game (there's a reason it has five FAQ entries lol) I figured I'd summarize everything here for anyone who's feeling confused about it. I'll throw in some tips and tricks throughout too to help you all think with portals. To start, let's go over the actual wording of this ability, nicely colour-coded to split it up into its three parts: Dimensional Instability: During Scouting, place three 50mm Portal Markers on the board in any location at least 8" from any other Markers and not in your opponent's deployment zone. When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker, you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker. Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation. The First Sentence This part's simple: when you're setting up the board, you get to put down your Portal Markers in the Scouting step, specifically in step C. Company Abilities (after any fixed position Objective Markers go down and before Objective Markers that you and your opponent choose the locations of go down). The Second Sentence This part's a bit more complicated, as it needs you to really understand how place effects work, so let's start this off by going over the important bits about places and Portal Markers from the rulebook and FAQ: Place: Place effects are a special form of movement in The Other Side. When an object is placed, it is picked up and placed in a specific location, as determined by the text of the effect creating the place. If the place has a range, the object must be entirely inside the place range. If an object does not fit in a location, it cannot be placed and does not move. When an object is placed, it counts as having moved. A Fireteam may not be placed on top of another Fireteam. 27. If a Fireteam uses the Dimensional Instability Ability to leave the engagement range of an enemy Fireteam, does it suffer a Hit for disengaging? a. No. 29. What does “starts in” refer to on the Dimensional Instability Ability? a. “Starts in” refers to a unit starting its Activation in base contact with a Portal 30. Can a Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability from any instance of base contact with a Portal, such as Tears in Reality or a unit of Stalking Portals moving into base contact with them? a. Yes. 31. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability during deployment if it is deployed in base contact with a Portal? a. No. With all of that in mind, let’s review what's going on. Let's say that some single-Fireteam unit such as a Breachling wants to go through a Portal Marker, but they’re not in base contact. The Breachling can move over to the Portal Marker and use Dimensional Instability as soon as it comes into base contact, or the Portal Marker can itself be moved over to the Breachling for the same effect. Really all that matters is that base contact is achieved, how the base contact happens does not (even if the movement was caused by an enemy effect, such as Siren’s Call!), although you can’t use Dimensional Instability during deployment. As soon as the base contact happens, the Breachling can place into base contact with another friendly Portal Marker of its choice. If the unit is already in base contact with the Portal Marker when it activates, then it can just use Dimensional Instability right away without having to do anything else. Okay, let's say instead of a Breachling it's our lovely Titan the Goryshche who wants to use Dimensional Instability. The Cult Titans are a bit of a special case, since they can move through non-Titan Fireteams (though they still can't end their movement overlapping another Fireteam), and because of that they have an extra FAQ just for them: 26. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Titan use the Dimensional Instability Ability while its base is overlapping another non-Titan Fireteam’s base? a. Yes. However, when placed, its base cannot overlap any other Fireteam bases. So if the Goryshche wants to go through a Portal Marker that an enemy non-Titan is standing on top of (partially or fully), Goryshche can just walk on top of the enemy and use Dimensional Instability even if where it came into base contact with the Portal Marker wouldn’t be a legal place to stop moving. It's a bit niche, but this makes Goryshche and Horomatangi a lot harder to stop from getting where they want to be. So that's us covered when there's only one Fireteam to deal with, but how does being a Squad change things? Well, there's a bit more from the rulebook and FAQ on that: Interaction with Squads: When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed unless the effect specifically states otherwise (such as by saying “one Fireteam” or “only the targeted Fireteam”). When multiple Fireteams are placed at once, as many Fireteams as possible must be placed in the indicated position. Any Fireteams that cannot fit are then placed in base contact with one of the Fireteams that was able to fit in the indicated position, in a position determined by the Fireteams’ controller. Placed Fireteams must end the place effect in Formation, as usual. 3. When placing a unit, is every Fireteam considered to be placed at once or are they placed one at a time? a. Every Fireteam is considered to be placed at once and must be done in a way so that as many Fireteams follow the initial placement effect as possible. What does that all mean? Well, there’s a few big things. First, all of the Fireteams must place into base contact with the same Portal Marker, no matter how far away they all were (sorry ECB Black Ops). Second, only one of the Fireteams in the unit needs to be touching the Portal Marker. But, third, you need to place as many of the Fireteams into base contact with the Portal Marker as possible when you’re placing them. Any Fireteams that absolutely can’t touch the Portal Marker are instead placed into base contact with one of their Squad-mates who did manage to get into base contact with the Portal Marker. Because of all of this, if your landing spot is a bit tight you can still conga-line your units in a weird way to make it work. Let's say you have three Fireteams in the unit and only one of them can touch the Portal Marker. If only one of the remaining two can touch that first Fireteam, then the third Fireteam can be placed in base contact with the second one. You just have to place them all as legally as possible, but the downside to this flexibility is that if you can't work it so all three fit in some way or another then NONE of them are placed. In general though, conga-lining your Squads is something you can intentionally work to your advantage: if you have a friendly model place itself by your second Portal Marker in such a way that a Squad that lands there would legally have to conga-line which can give you a bit more distance if you set it up right. The Third Sentence This is another section that gets a lot of questions, specifically about how using movement that wasn't from an Order affects things. To help explain this, let's go over one last FAQ: 28. If a Fireteam moves through a Portal using the Dimensional Instability Ability from an effect other than one generated by an Order, can it still resolve movement generated from an Order during the same Activation? a. No. So there are two things to keep in mind here: first, if the movement you used to trigger Dimensional Instability was from an Order, as per Dimensional Instability's blurb you cannot use any remaining movement from the Order after placing. Second, if you trigger Dimensional Instability either by starting in base contact with the Portal Marker or by using non-Order movement during your activation to get there, you still do not get to use any movement from your Order for the rest of the activation. However, that is only true of movement that's from an Order – if you have other ways of getting movement, such as from Goryshche’s Splitting Tails, you absolutely can still use that movement after placing! Also, if you used Dimensional Instability outside of your unit’s activation, such as something moving you outside your activation into base contact with the Portal Marker, when your unit activates then it can use any movement from its Order (as long as you don’t do Dimensional Instability again). This is one of the big reasons why Adeodatos’ Twisting Paths and the Doomseekers’ Translocation Ritual are super handy for moving folks around in unexpected ways, as they give you a lot of extra movement if you play them right. Alrighty, and that's that! I hope that helped make a little more sense out of the most complex (and confusing) ability in the game. If anyone has any more questions about how things work, or have any tips and tricks you want to point out, please post them below and I'll happily edit this to add them in!
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    @muraki Candyland Taelors World could use more pink minis👍 @Franchute That firespot on subtle osl too. @lusciousmccabe Great to see you followed through and succeeded on that freehand. Graphics are hard! Loving the limited palette. @Viruk Skilful display. You are an inspiration👍 @Diddick Good results for quick painting. They're easy on the eyes Chiaki is done! Name of the game was limited palette and extreme highlights. Oh and cursing at myself for deciding to go with the flame base. Should've left that off. Oh well. If I ever get a second Chiaki I'll know to do the right thing. All told a very fun project though. I really enjoyed indulging in some excesses with this one. @Caedrus this concludes my initial pledge of 37ss (Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Chiaki, Ashigaru, Crime Boss). Will try to finish the crew box (+2 Ashigaru) for Wednesday's introductory 50ss game. Will try to finish one other model to qualify for the "50ss painted in a month" painting achievement. Probably a quick male Domadore for a friend.
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    The stolen are done! And with them plus Nix, my May pledge of 11 SS I painted them pretty fast and tried to give them a very pale skin tone. Added some green glow to the bases to match the rats and Nix, and in the eyes to make them creepier (and avoid painting very detailed eyes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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    @Caedrus I finally managed to finish a fire gamin for 4ss, putting me at 10ss for the month: By the way I'm really looking forward to your death marshall 😉
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    Sweet flames. ___ Yan Lo box finished. Did the base decoration as 4th Ashigaru. Minion (3) I know. Might use it for terrain or in story encounters: And here's a bad pic of tomorrow's list. Starter + Izamu + Manos:
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    I was holding off posting in this thread until I had a chance to sit down and try running deck simulations. Disclaimer: This was a "I haven't tried Python before" exercise. With the basic test unit of "Perform Lucid Dreams on a randomly ordered full deck of cards X times, and then calculate the average value of the deck and the discard pile", and then repeat 100,000 times to calculate best, worst, and average results for the batch... These are quick and dirty results, but the averages seem to be pretty stable... For X=8: Best result: 7.956521739130435 Worst result: 6.956521739130435 Average 7.551597391304261 For X=12: Best result: 8.380952380952381 Worst result: 7.238095238095238 Average 7.9054040476186564 For X=16: Best result: 8.894736842105264 Worst result: 7.605263157894737 Average 8.333307894736052 For X=20: Best result: 9.352941176470589 Worst result: 7.852941176470588 Average 8.73068382352992 Bigger disclaimer: 52 factorial is a big number compared to 100,000 trials. And the difference between best result and worst result is probably the best indicator of how jarring the results are going to be at that many iterations.
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    @Caedrus I finished a second fire gamin. I'm at 14 stones so far this month:
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    And the new faction is...
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    @bedjy I really like how you painted the face of this photograph. On my side, I'm suffering procrastination issues with the third fire gamin. To calm myself I decided to have a little snack with this riotbreaker. I still have to add some more still water to the base and maybe highlight a bit more some metallic parts: @Caedrus this adds 6 stones to my total, putting me at 20 ss.
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    Here is the 100th and the last episode of the Malifaux Mondays. It was a long project but any good things will end one day. But you know, if something old was ended when something new would begins. More photos as always in our blog https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/05/malifaux-monday-100-and-last-nightmare.html
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    hey guys ! Things are going pretty well right here, I've already painted 9 ToS models and Adeodatos. I'm also into the industry of base-making right now, so it slowed my production by much... But once it'll be done !... Everything will be faster
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    Continuing the series, Guild gets Broken Promises: Outtakes. One of those old-fashioned scene boards is held up and clapped in between each take. [*]Perdita storms out of the break room. Offscreen voice: CUT! Sonnia: What do you mean, cameras were rolling?!?! [*]Nellie, flipping through a thin sheaf of notes: Are you sure this is everything? There doesn’t seem to be much plot to this... [*]McCabe finishes scrubbing at the floor, gets back up to one knee, camera keeps panning upward to reveal Lucius had been sitting in the nearby chair all along. [*]Nellie gives the coffee machine a good hard sideways kick, which rocks it backwards...and slowly forwards again until it topples over and pins her to the ground. McCabe laughing onscreen, laughter offscreen. [*]McMourning: ...How are you? Love the hair. Lady Justice leans over and opens the fridge. Inside, Sebastian (or at least his head) pulls a big sloppy smile at her. [*]Hoffman and Perdita eyeball each other, but she cracks up laughing an instant before he does. [*]Coffee machine is still tipped over on the floor, but Sonnia pours herself a cup anyway and leaves again, ignoring Nellie’s protests of ‘is anybody going to get this thing off of me? Help! I’m serious here’ [*]Perdita: (struggling not to laugh) Bitch, please. You thought you had a chance with this? Laughter offscreen. [*]Guild guard: Think fast! She throws the severed head at Lucius, who dribbles it twice off of his knees before kicking it back to her. Cheers, applause from one lawyer. [*]Darkened set. Nellie: This is oppression of the press! Sonnia! Justice! Perdita! ...anyone? You guys haven’t all gone home, have you?...
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    Aloha ! Back with some Tos stuff ... The full Horde group : The enormous alpha : frenzies: Armored W Karinoi StormSiren (rushed version ) and Boyz.. started painting of blackstone model too...but it's another story
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    Moon boys finally finished bar the varnishing. Might take some better pics later to show how I tried to match their bases. @Franchute Fiery gamin looks great. Well worth the wait!
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    @Caedrus great OSL! She'll be pretty when finished. ___ After a few days of lazy work on Chiaki I pulled myself together and did the white. Still need to put some freehand on. Contemplating a few options. Will push some shadows and highlights here 'n there by the end. But for now it's in a good place waiting for freehand. Going for a somewhat harsher look on the white. Strong shadows. Stark, visible brush strokes up close. I quite fancy that painterly look. Will be fun to see how this turns out. Also testing out an art store heavy body Titanium White for this project. Been seeing those recommended a lot. Decided to give it a shot. So far so good. Haven't used enough to really compare with minibrand whites. Rest of the bits are just placeholder. Thinking black ribbons and tanned skin. Two weeks to go. Should be able to break 50ss this month
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    This is a White Lion from Kingdom Death that I painted pretty recently. I think it is really easy for white to look plain, even when it is done well, so I went with a very colorful white. I did a quite write up on some of the techniques I've been doing recently to make painting white more interesting. Anyway, here's the lion. I haven't posted anything to Coolmini in a while, so I decided to post this one up. Here it is if you care to vote.
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    *puts on his pedant hat* Technically, it's C.2.d.I (Roman numerals are used at the quaternary clause/subclause level, i is used at the quinary clause/subclause level). But that's far from an important issue.
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    Keeping up with the viks theme from last month, here's a couple taelors for this month so far:
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    These two crews are not painted by me, but since I provided the guidelines and financial support to bring these projects alive AND they now reside in my shelf, I thought I might as well share them here. Rocinate's crew I gave to my dear better half, who occasionally plays with me. She is not so fond of goblins as such, but this alternate crew of gnomes and other cuties worked perfectly for her. Marcus' crew is for my own purposes, to combat the threat of foul doctor McMourning, whom my brother brings to invade my territory every now and then. More pictures here: http://topminiatures.com/2019/01/25/malifaux-2/ More pictures here: http://topminiatures.com/2019/05/01/malifaux-marcus-crew/ I am considering to expand Marcus' crew to include Serena, Doppleganger, and possibly a few other Neverborn goodies.. (such as Juju and Rougarou). The alternate Myranda (from Kingdom Death) is one of my favorite miniatures, a lovely sculpt that I had dreamed to see painted for quite some time but my own skills would not have made her justice. I must add that I am overall very happy with the commission service.
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    Caedrus, checking in! @Scatterbrain: So sorry to have you withdraw. I liked your work, very much. There's always next year. I sincerely hope your health improves. So, just a quick update here. This is where I'm up to on my modified Recruiter. I notice now that I sculpted the clavicles too far down the chest, and on a slightly odd angle. The hat is also sitting a bit high on the head. And the gun broke off, and needs a repair. However, I'm actually not too displeased, as I wasn't a fan of the beardy-weirdy original sculpt anyway. It'll do! I hope you're having a great May! Caedrus.
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    Just wanted to thank and congratulate everyone who helped make the Bayou a better place this past year. It was great reading up everything you could come up with and all the changes that were made because of that. So give yourselves a pat on the back for all the time and effort put in. If anyone has any closing thoughts, regrets, memorable moments, or the like you should post it now before it all disappears! So I'll start first: I wish I had made more battle reports. I'm gonna miss summoning 10+ Bayou Gremlins for explosion fodder. Big Brain Brin is probably the new Francois and finds his way into every crew. I think Mah still needs a few touches but I still think it's fun. The flavor of all the Keywords is perfect. I think I made a big impact in the generation of the new Bayou Gremlin triggers with my suggestions and I feel very proud of that. I want all the designers past and present to know how thankful I am to be a part of this journey. And lastly, I still want a Napoleon Lenny.
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    I have it on the best authority, just ask any of my friends, that Latigo will pay for the wall. It's a gunna be huge, beautiful. I make the best walls... - Attributed to the late Governor General
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    Finished another Merc, this time Big Jake.
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    Painted Yan Lo's core box as part of the Painting Challenge here. Here's the whole set: Painted over a course of 2½ weeks with that Batman commission in between. Particularly happy with the white on Chiaki. Those turquoise shadows are quite something Fun set overall. Tested out heavy body Titanium White on her. Neat stuff. Hoping to get a bit more done in May. I need to finish one more model to qualify for Caedrus' painting achivement (50ss painted in a month). I also got another BMG commission (5 figures) which I naturally want to finish and get paid for as soon as possible. Week and a half to go. Gonna be busy if I want to get all that done.
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    Yup, you're right, that's all that goes into developing and running a company - we should probably just go ahead and price those at cost and put them out there. 😐 Not to mention warehouse/office, development, design, packaging, print, labor, shipping, hardware/computers - and the assumption all of which have somehow miraculously not increased over the years, much less the tariffs, trades - etc.
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    They'll be available for POD. May print some out for purchase in our webstore, but no promises.
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    AT LAST! After almost two years the Dark Carnival of Mr. Cooper is finished! More photos as always in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/05/malifaux-monday-99-dark-carnival.html
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    And there you go, confusing Masters again. Tara is not Levi.
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    I'm not sure, but some of those boards may date back to 1st edition, and thus have seniority over most players. 😎
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    Lubbock, TX. That's five hours NW of San Antonio, TX, five hours west of Dallas, and five hours SE of Santa Fe, NM. Just mid-sized city sitting lonely, five hours away from anywhere that matters.
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    @Franchute That’s hard to say exactly as I’ve been trying a couple of different things and feel like there is still so much depth to explore. A couple of initial points while I’m on my phone: 1) I’ve loved Cerberus. I have run 2 for a few games and have enjoyed it. It leans even harder into the fast and killy style. The excellent defensive mutations (Butterfly jump/Nat Camo) keep them alive welland I’ve run my “super” Cerberus (soulstone cache) consistently after I realized the combo. Super-C gets survival mutations (butterfly jump, stealth) and hunts things. He often lays down a scheme marker or scores outflank (my favorite scheme for Markus) in the early turns. I’ve hunted down Reva with him as well as consistently killing scheme runners. He uses a soulstone to choose masks (Onslaught trigger) which gives him a positive flip. Two 3 damage attacks kills a lot of runners and then you get your stone back. 2) Primal Roar lets you get models on the close points without extra AP on a couple of deployments types.
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    I am currently composing two crews for introductory game for a friend. I've decided to use henchmen, two 6ss minions of the same name and faction's effigy for each crew. Maybe that's an oversimplification and adding a single Enforcer to each crew would make things more interesting? I will think about it. As for schemes, I don't think they are necessary in that kind of game. As for strategy, I feel that the best strategy for anyone's first game is the one which requires interacting (to learn this important part of game's mechanics) and is hard to forget about during the course of the game, and thus Strategies which are "visible" (e.g. through strategy markers present on the board) are best imho. For this reason, we will play Turf War.
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    Halfway through May, and I have finished my May Beastman! He turned out better than I originally planned. I've gone for some super-saturated, blacklined effects. It's utterly not the style I'd used on such a miniature as this, but I like him anyway! Just as an aside, I've been working on my copper tones for NMM, using Black > Vallejo Flat Brown > GW Ratskin Flesh > Reaper New Copper > White. Any critiques, or other recpires are very welcome. My gradients are getting slowly better. My main problem is impatience! Have a great one! Caedrus.
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    I gathered a bunch of highly skilled individuals. Found out where matt and Kyle live. We went into their dreams and incepted the idea that Family Values is way too weak. I'm pretty sure it worked and I'm waiting for the final release to see how they decided to fix it Until then, get the Judge and you're more or less fine
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    The same here. I dont play a game everyday. I've only tried a limited number of arcanist masters and, among these, there are several I dont firmly master. I agree with you @Mycellanious the majority of us cannot play them all, and I'd bet that, among those who answered the questionaire, there are some people who have played less than nine masters 😉
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    Looking at the schedule, that's closing the Open Beta forum on May 28, and releasing 3rd edition on June 28. Where are folks looking for the beta files in those in-between four weeks going?
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    <Modhat> Alright guys, settle down. <Modhat>
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    Whelp, my first proposal would be to try and bump it to 2 commanders. The game has it's issues already in 2 commander games, but at 1 they just skyrocket. Leaving that aside, the King's Empire force barely had any ranged power compared to what one would expect from them. The Motor Scouts are frankly horrible at anything that is not going after objectives, the Grenadiers are very fine on offense, not so hot on defense (though ignoring hazardous is certainly huge) and the Dragoons are a melee unit first and foremost, and only having 2 Fireteams makes them pretty easy to oneshot if you aren't careful with where they are. I'm also sort of wondering if you guys played at a custom size since I'm only counting 20 Script on the King's Empire side and probably 2-3 more with Assets on Margaret. Also, both units are relatively short range for what King's Empire can reach. First suggestion would be to consider adding Royal Rifle Corps instead of the Dragoons in 1 Commander games, their ranged presence is top notch and once they get a kill, they become one of the most damaging melee units in the game. Aside from that, as the Gibbering Hordes player you did what you have to do, went in and went hard since King's Empire has a hard time if engaged early (shooting into combat is costly except for the Field Intelligence Corps, but that unit's stats are dumpster tier and you mostly want them for enemy hand control) and if Rifle Corps don't get into glory early they have a hard time if engaged getting there. Tell your opponent to not forget about using Ta to desingage, it's always worth considering. Also, Margaret is a very selfish commander and mostly is just god tier for getting objectives, so she will do that job fine, but won't really help you get more bang out of your units. Edmonton plays a more "backfield commander" role allowing your units to shoot more and get some inspiration in the mix. Yes, Margaret can get an asset to order a unit to shoot, but it requires a much higher card to go through than Edmonton's Morale action and King's Empire is not very good at hand or Ta generation (Gibbering Hordes neither to be fair) so you can't really count on having high cards to compensate for bad flips. Hope this helps a bit.
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    Hey all, I am a long time miniature painter and gamer but I've recently become interested in Malifaux. Originally the miniatures just weren't my thing but after hearing some local gaming buddies talking about 3E I started to look a little more and decided I liked many of the constructs so I picked up the Hoffman box. I have to say since then the aesthetic and lore are really growing on me. Here are my first two members of my crew, a hunter and watcher. I have to say they were really refreshing and fun to paint! Comments, critiques, suggestions, etc... are always welcome. These were painted to a fast standard over about a night and a half but feedback never hurts 😃
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    So I've posted it elsewhere, but I've been doing a lot of demos of M3e from beta on, as I'm trying to pull friends in. Here's what I do: Crews are henchman lead + 1 enforcer (or unusual minion) + 2 minions of the same name. I start with a strat (usually turf war) and 1-2 schemes (harness the layline or deliver a message + harness). I give everyone 4 soul stones (they won't use em anyway), and do standard deployment. I tend to do a fixed amount of time (maybe 2 hours total between explantion and playing. Yes it only gets to round 2-3, but the first game is really just to learn the basics, and to flip some markers, not to win. This has worked out for me for a few reasons: It's a small model pool, so the game doesn't take forever. The Henchman / Enforcer / 2 minions allows me to make some fun interactions. All the points are from interactions, so if you get a bit unbalanced damage spread among the models it isn't the end of the world. It's a good start for a growth to a master. As I've been doing em a bit more, here's the kind of stuff that I like to add in the crews: Some kind of status effect (preferably with a timing setup, like staggered + alan) Non-walk movement, whether it's lures / shadow marker teleports / etc) Some kind of activation order thoughts (whether its manipulative / needing stuff to get out before things can happen / etc, but more to teach that there sometimes needs to be thought put into when you're starting a model.) Try and start with crew box henchmen / minions if possible for the teachee. If the crew box doesn't seem to work well, maybe bail on that master for the demo. I do not do mirror matches, partially because I don't have mirror crews, but I do try and mirror the abilities. If its a fast melee team with some movement tricks i try and mirror with another. If its someone with a lot of card draw, i put it against someone with a lot of draw or tricks (lynch v lucius was a very satisfying 35 stone teaching game for someone getting back into malifaux with m3e) I try and add a ranged model or healer to the list if it's a highly melee group in the enforcer slot (even if that makes me add in a minion rather than an enforcer). I try and go for henchmen that feel a bit like the master, so candy for a pandora group as the leader instead of carver, or cooper instead of fingers. If that doesn't work an enforcer or minion works (I used a slop hauler as a stand in for Ulix for instance, since they have similar kits) I try and keep the soulstones the same on the 4 models on both teams. This is possible since I have a lot of models, so I build the new player's team first, and then make a team for myself with a similar SS count. I could use upgrades / more soul stones in the pool to make up the difference, but on such a small playing field with new players, I'd rather not play that game. I try and keep the models costing 5+ since low cost models tend to go down in 1 swing. The SS (including henchman's cost) tend to be around 27-31. I like to have 1 high cost model who can put out some damage, whether its the henchman or an expensive enforcer / minion (like the whiskey golem). I try to stay away from pure slow / distraction teams for the starting ones, sure i can run / play em, but if I'm doing it well, they won't do much, ha. I tend to make sure most of the models are melee focused (outside of the enforcer slot) so everyone doesn't sit back and blast. So here's some crews I've done/am thinking about doing recently (the ones that seem to be built with random models outside the master box are ones that I played, rather than the new player) : Ototo Katakana Sniper 2 torakage Old Major Slop Hauler 2 Wild Boars Jury Domador 2 Death Marshals Candy Kade 2 Sorrows Taelor Vanessa 2 Ronin Cooper Whiskey Golem 2 moon shinobi After this initial game, I keep the crew the same and add in the master / totem (and maybe add in the 3rd duplicate minion if I feel like we could use the extra body). At that pt, I usually keep the same strats / schemes (if we only did 1 scheme I add the second, if I started with 2, I keep the same 2), so they can get better at working towards what they already did. The next game, I keep the same group of models but give them the full list of schemes, and then go from there, adding more models till they're at 50 SS. I have bandied around questions of 'how easy should the intro game be' and I think it depends on your players. I wasn't going to do Candy / Kade / 2 sorrows, because I figured Pandora would be too hard for a new player, but I really like the interactions with lures / putting out effect / teleporting that the crew has, and I think it's more interesting than some others. Not for every player, but for a person who has played tabletop games before, it'll show what malifaux can do. I also feel like it's a team where it's fine if you only understand 1/2 of the mechanics the first time and work up to it. Some masters i also just don't think fit this format as well. Masters where every themed model does the same thing (walk and punch, or shoot shoot shoot) may not be great, additionally themes with a specific mechanic that needs the master (lynch / raspy / etc) may not be great either as it'll be hard to show what the mechanic is like without the master.
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    I do demos with crews of 1 henchman as the leader, and 2 minions, and the effigy. I try to have both sides have a few stones. I run a custom scenario that ignores schemes. I put a 30mm treasure chest in the center of the board, and models within range of their longest ml attack can spend 1 action to place it within a 1/2/3”. Goal is to get it back to a 50mm marker in their own deployment zone. It plays a little like battle soccer, but it’s a good training scenario for basic rules without overwhelming.
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    I'd maybe let then choose one of 3 schemes to showcase the hidden objective element as well as it's quite important. Probably go for one interactive, one solo and one middling scheme. So Assassinate, Power Ritual and Deliver a Message for example.
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    I've been doing 25 Henchmen lead crews in demos: there are fewer models to deal with which helps not to overwhelm a new person, whether new to Malifaux or new to miniatures in general. Also, the turns move quicker. If you're doing one full demo only once on a given day, I go through the whole drawing process to give the whole flavor of the game. If I'm gonna do a couple a day or even just partial games I have a hard set Standard Deployment list: PLANT EXPLOSIVES Assassinate Breakthrough Claim Jump Vendetta I don't really have any tips... I'm kind of drowning myself. I'm not the one in charge of my FLGS or the game club's events, or even a Henchmen. I'm just a guy talking about a game I like.
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    The encounters look like this: Round 1 Plant explosives Corner deployment Breakthrough Search the ruins Hold up their forces Deliver a message Vendetta Round 2 Turf war Standard deployment Detonate the charges Search the ruins Power ritual Outflank Take prisoner Round 3 Corrupted idols Flank deployment Harness the ley line Dig their graves Hold up their forces Outflank Claim jump Roll on next week
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    For the full monkey's paw result of having each box cost represent what the model cost, instead of spreading the development cost of the edition evenly, remember to have the developers figure out how much time they spent on each model and/or crew (especially ones that went through multiple revisions) and add that to cost. (Per project billable hours, go! 😱) "Sorry, Faction X, your masters were more difficult to balance, so you're all going to be spending extra for your new models." 🤬
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    The Faceless is a neat game with some really interesting miniatures. The player token is a compass, and all of the miniatures have magnets in them to manipulate what direction the compass points. When the players move, they have to follow the compass direction. It is a really neat game, and most of the minis are little double sided dioramas (they have one side that’s a poor child about to be abducted by a monster, and the other side is the creepy little chimera that he turns them into). Anyway, here are the minis I painted:
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    Thanks all! I am experimenting with different backgrounds so the color looks a little different on these two. I still can't decide which is closer to reality...
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