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    Keeping chugging away at lucius' crew with a lawyer + dopple I also did a quick Joss for a friend
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    Hi All, I've updated the spreadsheet, here. Apologies for the delay, and please do let me know if I have made any errors! Thanks!
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    Finished a couple more models. This time it's 2 investigators! I may actually finish Lucius' models this month as all I have left is a proxy for the time wizard Alan Reid and maybe a proxy false witness.
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    The more I play this game, the more I worry about the 'pay-to-win' problem. It seems like the more models you own, the better your chances in a tournament. True, you have to actually be proficient in all the models you play, but many of us in my area play 1-2 times a week. Plenty of time to get proficient with dozens of models (or even a hundred). I'm especially concerned as it feels like it is going to be very difficult to recruit new players. How is a new player going to feel when they own a single crew and face me with access to Dreamer, Zoraida, Nekima, Titania, and a bunch of counter pick models? If I'm able to have such a huge variety of choice, it feels pretty shit for new players, especially if I have counter pick leaders or models for their one crew. Don't get me wrong, I love Malifaux's diversity and options. I love the out of keyword and versatile systems. The pick-counterpick pregame dance is part of what makes Malifaux great. This has to stay part of the game. But at the same time, some players having access to an entire faction and some players having action to a fraction of a single keyword just feels so unbalanced to me. It feels a bit "the one with the largest wallet wins." Anyone else feel like this/think it is an issue? One possible solution (and I'm just spitballing here) is some kind of limit. I wonder if the game could use something like Magic the Gathering's sideboard. For example, what if in a tournament you could register 125 soulstones of models (plus two free masters/totems) and they were the only ones you could use all tournament. This way, you'd still be able to fit loads of counter picking and meta choices, but it'd mean someone starting the game would have a target for competitive play: 125 soulstones. It'd also be nice for those of us who want to play multiple factions, and could get 125 stones for a few different factions. This would also create some interesting choices (can I really fit this model in just because it smashes a master I hate? Yes, if I hate it enough!) Of course, it'd still favour larger collections, as metas shift over time, but the goal would be to mitigate the impact of owning the most models. What are people's thoughts? Mostly I'm interested in whether you think whether Malifaux has a pay-to-win problem. But thoughts on this 'sideboarding' solution are welcome as well!
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    Elsewhere on this forum someone posted a thread asking about collection sizes. I think that’s the first counter example. Unless you want to post the strats/schemes, and the pools of models available to each player at the time, trying to refute your claim is just a “Uh huh” “Nuh uh” game that won’t accomplish anything. Yes, if a player has exactly enough models to make exactly one crew they’re in a bad spot. But finding three leaders that you can say “This one handles these situations, that one handles those, and that one handles the others” is a good spot to be in. During M2E, I always thought the best advice for a new player was “Pick two master boxes to start.” Because they need to be able to make choices. And I think that remains true in this edition.
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    Hey guys just wanted to plug our new Facebook and Youtube Channel: The Bayou Beatdown! This is gonna be a weekly show where we discuss Malifaux, the Bayou and how much Coffee you can give a Rooster before its heart explodes. Tune in Wednesdays nights at 9PM EST to check it out. If you missed it last night our first show had some tech difficulties and we had to struggle a bit but once we got rolling it was a great show. https://www.facebook.com/Bayou-Breakdown-103110694415700/
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    The game is a case of play and counter play. Putting your sniper up on a high tower when there is Vendetta in the pool is a little like screaming "I hate you I'm going to kill you". And as such a smart opponent will try and move in such a way that they don't offer up the points. what you don't know is how much the rifleman there inconvenienced your opponent, so was giving value just by being there. Sometimes you would be better not giving them the higher ground but set them in a place that they can cover an area that they expect the target to get to. Its a lot less obvious that you are gunning for them if you're not standing on a tall building. You could also change the model that you use for vendetta. If you "always " choose a rifleman and you're playing the same people, then they will know that you "always " choose vendetta and the rifleman, they will start doing counter play based on this assumption. Not picking the scheme, or picking a different set of models to complete it will sometimes be easier. I have a plan for each model, and try and deploy them to cover their main function and their secondary function. If a model is slow (most of guild) then I need to make sure that their jobs are going to be realistic based on where the model will get to. You will need to adapt based on enemy crew, if you have an armoured model that you expect to hold a play for out flank, but they have anti armour then you might need to either change the plan, or re-enforce earlier. A lot of the time you can look at a board and guess where the action is likely to be. So in cursed idols, you can expect lots of models near the center line, where as in reckoning, you are more likely to have a large group heading towards you, but in Plant explosives it is much more likely they'll split up and you'll have lots of individual models to face. Make sure you aim to get the right models to the action place at the right time. If its going to be a big ruck in the middle, then you want your forces to arrive their around the same time, and to be supported by riflemen picking off their models.
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    I agree with Adran, 2 geisha could get enough lures, you might not even need that many as your opponent is probably also moving up the board. There's 4 schemes I can think of where lures are useful specifically for you. Detonate charges- its easier to do when you can get their activated guy in the right spot Dig their graves- lure them over, plant a scheme, and hit them with 1-2 beaters Take prisoner- the perfect lure scheme, just get a guy by himself. Choosing a low cost guy for this can let even a geisha hold him down. Vendetta- get your target near, hit them with other guys to get their health low enough, then hit them with the vendetta model to score. In youko, there's other dirty things you can do with lures. Getting a model into a geisha or kabuki warriors distraction aura will let you get away with a lot of youko's and chiyo's actions. You can lure models just in range of someone with 2" reach, getting them engaged in an awkward spot. Offensively you can lure people off of scheme positioning like outflank or claim jump. For turf war, lure a model into the zone where you want to kill it.
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    The unbury can be a lovely thing. A few games ago, my opponent had snuck one model through to my backfield for breakthrough. There was nothing I could really do to stop them from getting those points. So instead I went with it and started unburying everything of theirs I could, 3 other models I believe, in my deployment, away from any real effect on the rest of the game.
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    1 - correct. 2 - you absolutely can squeal out of melee. The only restriction on leaving melee is on the walk action.
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    I feel like I've been summoned. I've done some theory faux around instead using a lucius crew with one or two riflemen with the upgrade and lots of obeying to throw a bunch in a turn. I've previously tried the Kore grenade spam with little enough success though that I haven't done it.
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    I don't know the reference sorry, but reading back through, I thought it might also be useful to add a small portion about challenges each crew might have. Specifically for Daw, I believe he uses cards very quickly and can suffer from having a small hand quickly if not careful. For Parker, he likes to have several soulstones in hand to get things flowing or his cycling of cards and soulstones from the enemy can grind to a halt. Mad dog is great within 8" of something, but can struggle in melee if he can't get the right trigger or someone has greater reach. Tara crew is strong to attacks, but weak to damage from effects not directly from the attack (ex. Enemy models in pulse 2" take a TN 14 WP duel or suffer 2 damage).
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    M2E Creative Taxidermy box contains a book with a TTB oneshot and a malifaux story encounter.
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    Not a fan of killjoy mostly because if his method of returning. Also would love inhuman reflexes on the rougarou but cant afford it without dropping an ancient pact so depend which I find is most useful. Personally prefer the +1 init and card draw.
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    I love how this tactica has degenerated into ‘here’s how to not bother with it’. P.S. Add austringers?
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    Epsiode #2 is up on FB right now. Suffered some more technology set backs, damn Bayou Engineering! But it turned out to be a good show.
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    Hi all! Are there any blogs or battle reports from players that played in the Doubles Rush @ Gencon? I'm very interested in the format as I like more team focused formats. We gave it a go last weekend but some of the players complained that it isn't balanced at 10ss - whilst I feel that the problem was more the fact that they didn't keep the strats in consideration when making their crew choices. Was hoping to get some other people's experiences with the format to get some additional data - so if you know of any reports please link - OR if you played at Gencon please tell me how it went!
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    Seems like you have found a way to get around the problem locally then. Just don't try to force your particular solution onto metas, players and tournaments that actively seek to play the game as the pick/counterpick and play/counterplay game that M3e is (way more than M2e).
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    Any friendly, but you can ignore the LoS and range on buried.
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    Rules pdf page 23 deals with action resolution. and: Once you start step 1 you're resolving the action. Once you stop, no matter what reason or which step, you've resolved the action and any "after resolving" stuff, like Flurry, happen.
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    This is a good question... Move towards is defined by moving something towards the center of that object... so it's either until the edge of your model is touching the center of the marker (if it's meassured from edge to center) or until the model is on top ot it (if it's meassured from center to center) It's not 100% defined so I'm not sure which is the right answer...
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    If it is anything like Henchmen Hardcore, the range of what is 'viable' is much narrower than the main game. It's also much more unforgiving of mistakes (you have so few models, if you mess up with one, you're out of the game).
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    If you're set on playing Hoffman, I think the others have covered that better than I can. However, if you're not, I would look at Sonnia or Lady J. For Sonnia: Samael and Witchling Stalkers have Unimpeded, and the stalkers can be MV 7 with a handler. If anything catches on fire, Sonnia ignores concealment. It would take a bit of setup, but it doesn't seem unreasonable. For Lady J: Titania's core box is entirely undead, as are Rougarou. The judge has an attack that ignores Hard to Wound. Death Marshals get Fast if they start within 6 of an enemy undead, and all the damage mitigation in the game won't help against a bury. Also, min 3 on Lady J. Personally, I would lean towards Sonnia, but more for the fact that I've actually played her, unlike Lady J, for whom I've only theoryfaux'd. Hope that helps.
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    It all depends on what you are trying to do with your Blight and how you’ve built your list for your available Blight Vectors. Here is the list of effects keyed off of Blight (* Indicates actions that reduce Blight when used): Blight 0: The Plague Spreads Blight 1: Tummy Aches, Coughing Fit*, Voracious Rats, Loose Bowels* Blight 2: Festering Wounds*, Black Death Blight 3: Vomiting Disease Blight X: Bleeding Disease Here is the list of Blight vectors (* Indicates actions that give Blight due to the Taint trigger): Diseased The Source of the Contagion Hungry Rats Pestilent Tumors Spray of Filth Drink Spirit Spectral Bite* Claws* Lure* The Black Staff Rusty Trap Yellow Teeth Swarm of Yellow Teeth With how my list was built, my best vectors were the Source of the Contagion, Diseased, and Lure. Assuming that I just Lured for 1, and best case scenario they ended up in range of both TSotC snd Diseased, they would only have 3 Blight if they activated. My Wife’s crew had a few ways to move friendlies out of activation so that wasn’t something I could count on, hence the heavy investment in Lure’s Taint. Stacking this much Blight also allowed me to avoid wasting many actions on attacks which also mitigated the role of her armor and healing. A single Bleeding Disease that could kill in one hit means no counter play, and this allowed me to use my actions to position more thoughtfully to box in models and protect my Rats from blasts longer. Though it did not come into play this game, such a large stack of Blight could have allowed me to mitigate Mei Feng’s ridiculousness with triggers. I do always use stones for triggers with Hamelin, though usually it is not solely for Taint. I lean towards aggressive Rat King lists as they are very good models and Spray of Filth can stack Blight well. In those lists Skittering Vermin is gold as it helps me maneuver better for various shenanigans, or it could simply add another slow duel.
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    Surely it should be covered under the same FAQ, in which we are told how stealth works when you use a different point to draw range and line of sight.
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    I know little about Sommer, but he is a summoner; so he will probably want to play supporting in the back... to make that work she would have to go too deep imo, she isn't that tough. Plus some of the draw from that crew is from insignificant dying, which is harder to take advantage of with her. I don't think it's worth it, but I don't have experience versus him; so I might be wrong here... If you want to take advantage of his hand I'd go for the Emissary, cheat for the trigger of Profecies and refill your own hand, another option would be the Charm Wader with his ignore demise (so no cards when they die), plus the exorcism trigger might be gold. Minako also draws 1 card when you have less with her bonus action Another option is investing in more shockwaves and area damage, they need to stay near to keep the bonuses; again the Emissary is a good pick... even the dawn serpent could be great, it's quite fast, has a dobule blast attack and his bonus will heal a ton versus that crew. A wanyudo would probably work well versus him, either hired or summoned by Minako. Any of the machineguns could be good too (Samurai/Fuhatsu/Sidir). Or even fight the fire with fire, second master Asami, summon an Obsidian Oni and send him with his aura active in the middle of his crew (Asami + Amanjaku + Minako could be dirty :P) Some of these options rely on burning, you could even pick 2 of these plus an obsidian statue XDD. IDK, you have a lot of options OOK versus that playstyle.
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    np! For supports in TT the best options are the tanuki or the low river hands down. If you need a resilient support versus an agressive crew that may reach the backline easily, SunQuiang is more expensive but it's worth every SS. In this case consider also some of the flying models (like the Emissary) or the Minako+Katashiros for the extra healing when placed around him if they fit in the crew. If you feel you won't need the healing, consider the Kunoichi as a suportish model. She is reasonabily tanky for her price (Disguised + Bullet Proof), has leverage (pass tokens), tools for the job (to get those high cards back from the discard pile) and I've got your back (with a focused trigger). She also has a galvanize trigger in the shuriken (garanteed thanks to tools for the job). The first turns she may even attack some of your models to give a few Focused (then heal it with the fox or use for it a disposable katashiro). Her damage potential with Misaki is low for the absence of Distracted, but if some model isolate himself, no witnesses trigger may be useful. Awesome model.
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    And here I am to bring in the work week with the results of our rematch!!! As a reminder: The Scenario Reckoning- Standard Deployment Take Prisoner Breakthrough Detonate Charges Outflank Hold Up Their Forces My Crew (3) Hamelin- SoDP 3X Stolen (2) Nix (1) The Nothing Beast- SoDP (1) Rat Catcher- S4H 6X Malifaux Rats Cache 8 My Wife's Crew (3) Mei Feng (1) Forgeling (1) Metal Golem (1) Sparks- Trained Ninja (1) Sun Quaing (1) Jorogumo (1) Metal Gamin Cache 7 Results This will just be a brief summary of the game that took place rather than a Turn by Turn summary as the others will be. It wasn't the most exciting to write about. I took Take Prisoner (SQ) and Outflank. She took Breakthrough and Outflank. Her crew divided into 3 groups (1 on each Flank, 1 in the middle). I deployed all of my crew midfield. This game took very long as cautious Walk-Concentrating took up the majority of the Activations from our models. The turning point of the game really came down to 1 Activation on the bottom Turn 2 where Hamelin was trying to Bleeding Disease a 7 Wound, 8 Blight, Jorogumo. Both my Wife and I misplayed Cheating Fate here. I had a hand of 13,13,12,10 and she had a hand of 13,12. I was lower on the initial flip for my first Bleeding Disease and cheated a 12 and she cheated her 13. On the next Bleeding Disease I again had the lower value, so I cheated the 13 and killed the spider. Instead of trying to bait out her high card I should have just bullied my way through both flips with my 13s as the Jorogumo was my biggest threat. Had she not also misplayed her hand, her Jorogumo could have lived and the game could have gone A LOT differently. With the spider gone I was free to start picking apart her crew. Hamelin activated first on Turn 3 and lured Mei Feng over to hit her with his Staff and killed the Metal Gamin. Mei Feng got angry and killed 4 Rats and my last 2 Stolen (the Jorogumo killed 1 before he died). This left Mei Feng at Blight 9 and Injured 5, so I could Bleeding Disease her easily to set up the kill for Turn 4. After her actiavation I formed a Rat King who killed her Forgeling. With only 4 models left, one of which was her Master almost guaranteed to die, my Wife conceded. All I had lost were my 3 Stolen and 7 Rats. Game would have likely ended 8-1. I would normally post my Takeaways now but time constraints prevent me from doing so. I will do so later this week. Hope you enjoyed reading. Shalom.
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    157 pages. Stories are the first 65 pages.
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    Clever and astute play beats a wallet warrior, but clever and astute play backed by a big wallet beats clever and astute on a budget.
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    Just dont build up focus. I can understand the hate against stitched but not insidious madness as they dont do a huge amount for their cost. Also why is it the best summon in the game? Everything you summon will be engaged so wont be off doing schemes and strats. I think asami has the best summon in the game.
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    After making a fair hash of the M3e release I was hoping wyrd wouldn't slip into their old release schedule habits, but sadly ......
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    Last weekend I managed to take my Arcanists first at a local event charity event in aid of the British Heart Foundation, run by TO @balgor. Really fun event, well run and with great opponents. Thought I'd share the games a few thoughts on them. Happy to answer questions, and really interested in feedback on the format; Is this clear / useful? Round 1 – Corner Idols Vendetta, Claim Jump, Take Prisoner, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual. My crew: Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Fire Gamin x 2, Wind Gamin, Carlos Vasquez, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Magical Training), and Soulstone Miner, cache 3. Carl’s crew: Kirai, Ikiryo, Datsue Ba, Jaakuna Ubume, Lost Love, 2x Shikome (+ Grave Spirits Touch), 2x Seishin, cache 6. Game overview: Banasuva tossed Wind Gamin and Swarm out right to the first marker (8” from the right corner) then followed on foot. Everyone else broke left to cover the left ready for the second marker. Swarm and Wind Gamin, backed up by a summoned Wind Gamin were able to tie up Ikiryo without killing her, keeping the marker on the enemy side and grabbing the first Power Ritual point. Summoned fire golem went toe to toe with Kirai’s summoned Goryos while Carlos did both Search the Ruins VP. Another summoned Wind Gamin took the second Idol on the left corner. Shikome managed one search VP against me and one Power Ritual point. Event started late so a compressed round one ended turn three at 5-2 to me. Over five turns the game would probably slightly favour me form this point. Key moment: Swarm and Wind Gamin neutralising Ikiryo without killing it, so denying Kirai's ability to recycle it efficiently. Tactical Observations: Not having MT on the miner is well worth it when you can leverage the other abilities on the upgrade as well. Such as making the swarm less vulnerable. Round 2 – Wedge Reckoning Claim Jump, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Detonate Charges. My crew: Kaeris (+Magical Training), Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Amina Naidu, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Diesel Engine), Soulstone Miner (+Magical Training), cache 4. Mike’s Crew: Nekima, Blood Hunter, Hooded Rider, 2x Mature Nephilim (+ Eldrich Magic), 2x Bloodwetch, cache 5. Game overview: My crew turtled in Iggy and Amina’s auras, while sniping out with Kaeris and forcing opponent to come to me inefficiently. Very lucky on damage flips (hitting severe on at least four single negative flips, and an RJ on turn one with blasts attached). This let me get up one point on reckoning, while scoring both outflank (denying his) and a detonate. Also got to deny a point on Lay Line through my crew's scheme marker removal. Win 5-3. Key Moment: Swarm using it's other mask trigger to move a Mature off the Outflank position while scoring it itself for a 2VP swing. Tactical Observations: Amina continues to pays dividends as a tech choice against crews who need to charge you (see also Ulix) while providing a tool box of other stuff. Strong tech choices are a must in M3e IMHO. Round 3 – Flank Turf War Assassinate, Dig their Graves, Breakthrough, Deliver the Message, Vendetta. My Crew: Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Carlos, The Firestarter, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm, Soulstone Miner (+ Magical Training), cache 3. Radek’s Crew: Hamelin (+Servant of dark powers) 3x Stolen, Nix, Rusty Alice, The Midnight Stalker, Prospector, Prospector, Obedient Wretch, cache 5. Game overview: Board was dense enough that pyres could really interfere with my opponent’s movement. Was able to pressure Hamelin with burning early to keep my opponent off balance. Lack of speed on his side showed as my crew held up well to his attacks. I avoided taking breakthrough due to the prospectors and so was able to strand a high portion of my opponents points unable to effectively contribute. Scored full the Deliver Message and Vendetta (Miner on the Stalker), while denying my opponent’s second breakthrough point and all of their Vendetta (Nix on Golem). This combined with my speed and board control got me a point ahead on Turf War. Win 6-2. Key Moment: In turn two Kaeris was lured into Hamelin and hit with six blighted to set up a kill on her. The Firestarter was able to use Light Under Their Feet to push her 8" to safety. Tactical Observation: I expect I got ahead on scheme selection here, not having to run deep into my opponent’s lines made everything else more efficient. Definitely need to think twice about breakthrough and/or search when your opponent rocks prospectors.
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    Ended up using First Mate, Iron Skeeter, Gracie, Gator Gracie used ride with me to give the first mate a bump of extra speed turn one which realy gave me a lot of options. Won all 3 games and placed 1st overall! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!
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    I am contributing nothing to this thread except to say that the thread title brings me great joy.
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    Hi there! My pledge for September will be a quite ambitious one, as I'm moving from Casse's crew to Lady J for the UK Nationals. Here are the models: * Bernadette Casse: 2 SS (didn't like the idea of having him without his totem) * Lady J: 15 SS * Scales of justice: 2 SS * The judge: 10 * The jury; 8 * The lone marshall: 9 * Death Marshall x 2: 10 SS (5SS each) for a total of 56 SS... I'll leave the death marshalls for the end as they are the cheapest models besides the totem.
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    Any chance of being able to buy PDFs of the faction books too without a physical copy ? Or anyway to still order them and then submit receipt ? I can’t find anyone currently accepting orders for them.
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    That's one argument. The other is that all irreducible damage actually does ( By the word of the rules) is allow it to ignore damage reduction. And in the war between ignore and can't ignore, can't ignore wins. The two sides seem firmly trenched, but I'm on my phone so I can't link to the older threads with the argument. Best suggestion is to agree with opponent beforehand how you will play it if Hoffman is on the table.
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    I don't take pictures of them when they're unpainted very often. I did get some pictures of a Flower Witch that I made for someone else to paint, so I'll get those pictures up in a bit. The Sunstalker campaign features the People of the Sun- an alternate group you could start out with that have some nods to Japanese clothing styles and weaponry. They’re quite distinct from the usual Kingdom Death survivors. These people live in the shadow of an ancient Sunstalker and raise its young in a pool of colorful liquid. I really love the campaign, and I thought that they would make an interesting subject for some crossover minis. Most of these miniatures started life as a Tanchyo Warband for Super Dungeon Explore. The number of alterations I made to them varies quite a lot- some of them seemed like they would be perfect without any changes, while others needed quite a lot of sculpting and conversion. [ The minis above all work perfectly as Kingdom death survivors, but in order to play this group in either Ninja All Stars or Super Dungeon, they need an Oni. I considered a few different (easier) ways to go about this, but in the end, I couldn't resist sculpting my own infant sunstalker for them!
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    That's what I took away from her story too, that she can influence people, make them give up on life, and then gains strength from their deaths. She doesn't seem like such a benevolent character after all when you read bits like that.
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    ... but with Arcane Reservoir and so much healing available, it kind of balances out.
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    If I was like "You know guys it'd be really good if Dreamer had 6 cost summonable minions that have Inhuman Physiology, Ruthless, and stat 6 greatswords", that would obviously be way too strong for their cost, and yet would still be way more interactive than what they have right now. The fact that the mumbo jumbo of Lucid Dreams is what fuels this doesn't make tactical action 3/4/5 damage any less BS. The Stitched will take 2-3 damage, tops, if it fails, which is crazy unlikely, because even with my decently conservative 5 Lucid Dreamers Scenario, the Stitched basically has a to hit, vs a single top-decked-only card, assuming I'm only using Turn 1's Lucid Dreaming. No Protected, no Butterfly Jump, no A LOT of things. Trying to stuff everything that Stitched get around into an attack action would itself take up most of the back of the Stitched's card. And even with your Stat 6 model with focus and a 13 in hand, you had to draw that 13. Most players have at a maximum, 8 cards to draw to make that happen. Stitched get waaaaay more than that, and it doesn't even diminish your actual cheating power when you're done. The only opportunity cost they lost out on, was fueling more gambles, and not taking a lower card on the particular 3 cards that you took the 13 from.
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    Can't gain a non-stackable condition if you have the condition already.
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    It's more of if someone so passionately hates a model that they don't want to play it in a casual game, they shouldn't. But that's not necessarily a reason every other Malifaux player to live with a change to it.
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    I don’t think it’s possible to make a friendly Aionus Tormented...all the abilities that attach Curses state Enemy Only
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    I used the M2E starter set and I liked it but I think the main issue was the design of the set. It was a set allowing old players to introduce the game to new players, not a real starter set as a new player may expect it to be. As such it satisfied no one as the profiles of the miniatures in it were too bad for old players to be interested in picking them up. When I started GW games in the 90s, I picked up a starter box (WHB 4th ed) and dived directly into the GW universe with a friend of mine that also did not know anything about it. New Malifaux players have absolutely no such tool available to them. This is a broader issue I find with Wyrd: it is too reliant on its existing community to introduce the game and do the marketing and promotion of the game. But I digress :D My comments on the M2E starter set are the following: + Included easy to assemble miniatures, 4 of each of 2 widely played factions (Guild & NB) that were also mercenaries (so playable by everybody, in theory) Included a progressive ruleset that finally brought you to a mini game with the use of scheme markers and a smaller board Included fate decks and tape measures - Did not include any fluff for the rest of the game nor any intro for trully new players (no introduction of the factions nor the fluff to induce people to dive into the Malifaux universe) Did not include any marker (I still don't get why Wyrd is not making its own marker & token sets, it is really disturbing for new players) Did not include any board nor terrain Only included one fully fledged scenario and thus expected you to dive right into the game Most of the miniatures of the set had relatively bad profiles and could not really be used by old players in a competitive setting One of the miniatures (Maurice) was imho quite ugly
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    Gamble Your Life basically has a resist, by making both models flip a card to see who takes the damage
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