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  1. The pass token gives you +1 to initiative if you don't spend it, but I agree with you that that is marginal.
  2. You need a low ram on someone with crit strike, but I have to admit, the statement was more tongue-in-cheek. You could probably find some use for him, for example by blocking a charge lane. That being said, he is a pretty weak model.
  3. If you really don't like him, you can push with him early, then kill him for a card.
  4. I like to take the Lone Marshal for summons. I find him all over more useful than the Exorcist, especially with the stat 7 on his gun and run and gun, and that added firepower as well as the mobility he brings, makes his a more reliable summon hunter, I find. Jury is good against Tara. I played her once against Dreamer, but Stitched don't care too much about her. She is also good if you need a high stat obey with built-in suit or if you need to take away the opponent's suits. Agent 46 is my pick against armour due to Analyze Weakness that can't be cheated against.
  5. I have to admit I haven't tried anything like this, or even really thought too much about a list like this, but it looks potentially massive! Lucius has so many options here, with Hidden Sniper from the Lawyer, entourage, command into obey and commanding summoned minions. Even with little keyword support, Lucius should still have some decent card draw with arcane reservoir and pass token manipulation. The one thing I am wondering about: why no LLC on the PR? Are you keeping him out of harm's way for most of the game?
  6. Couldn't agree more. I have to admit I have played Lucius mostly in keyword and Dashel not really at all, but my Nellie and Sonnia lists have almost no models in keyword. You take what you need to deal with what is put on the other side of the table, as well as the strategy and schemes of course. Noone should be concerned about paying 1SS extra for a Pathfinder who can push people around, summon traps and ignore terrain regardless of keyword. At least in Guild, the synergies between models OOK might be greater than the ones actually present within a given keyword.
  7. Tbh, at this point they should just remove the clause about counting as a friendly model. It doesn't seems to help us in any way according to some , and is instead actually detrimental to our own crew.
  8. The discussion is purely academical either way, as he isn't a minion and the DMR's ability won't work on him.
  9. Yeah, then you don't do it. As I said, it depends on whether you have the cards in hand or not.
  10. It depends on whether you have the cards in hand or not, and if you are able to use them to draw new ones. A 7 or a 9 honestly isn't that valuable anyway and cycling them out for better (or getting worse cards out of your deck) isn't that bad.
  11. Or you can push him out and then charge, which situationally can be even better, or even push the opponent. The possibilities are endless.
  12. Alan Reid seems like one of the better ones tbh. One More Question with coordinated attack on Lady J, or Surge, as well as Nepharious Pact makes for a lot of stuff she really likes. His garrote triggers are also really good, just a shame about the 0" range.
  13. Pretty much what Matt said. Also, we have Agent 46. I am pretty sure someone is going to break the game with him at some point!
  14. I find both of them unplayable into TT due to the abundance of stealth. Unfortunately, most of our other stuff is pretty bad against them as well. I managed to win with Lucius last time I met TT, and would probably choose him or Nellie next time.
  15. Yeah, Witchling Handler has it. Sonnia can heal Witchlings with her bonus action as well.
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