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  1. Yeah, I suppose you can issue command yourself, but that costs you a 7+ for a stat5 attack. Seems a poor use of your resources tbh.
  2. Unfortunately, just like you only copies tactical actions.
  3. Going to try this for my next game Hoffman Mechanical Attendant Ryle Judge Peacekeeper Hunter Watcher Medical Automation Hopefully I will have the time to test it soon. I am not convinced it will be good, but the card draw, focus, and power tokens will at least make for a scary Ryle.
  4. True. I put one or more of those in pretty much every list, and I'll probably end up with one of those with Hoffman as well. 😋 I just feel he is a little more dependent on in keyword models than most of our other masters, being a buff bot, and can hardly afford to pay for a judge in the same way that Sonnia or Perdita can. Maybe I am wrong and that he just needs to get some good cards for Ryle to wreak havoc with.
  5. It seems very hard to get any meaningful card draw in the crew, and your moderate cards will probably disappear to simple duels on your own models, giving fast and focus. Have anyone found a good solution for this?
  6. You do realise that this is completely random and doesn't have anything to do with Lucid Dream as a skill in any way, shape or form, right?
  7. For all the Marshal crew's strength against Ressers, Lady J actually loses one of her biggest benefits against (most of) them, namely the ability to be on straight flips most of the time.
  8. Played a few games with Lucius today. I always had good cards in my hand and managed to pretty much do what I wanted to in all three games. When I play other masters I never feel like I have enough cards, but with Lucius, I always have that 11 or 12 I need to hit the opponent, maybe with a straight dmg flip to booth. I love playing him, but fear that he might actually be just a little too good of a pick right now.
  9. I agree. I think the innate flexibility during games with dopple and 46 being able to switch roles from snipers to hard-hitting melee monsters mid-game also makes Lucius' crew inherently powerful. I have so far played against Dreamer, Molly and Sonnia, and he has blown them all of the board. He is easily the best Guild masters right now IMO.
  10. Agreed on Nino and Papa Loco. Nino actually lost a lot when his gun went from 18" to 14", and Papa Loco has a tendency to use a lot of cards in a card-intensive crew. If every Tactical Planning in this crew could get replaced with Surge, I would be quite happy. I have never found a reason to include any Asylum models, least of all the Orderlies. Would love for some of the Journalists to actually be able to engage opponents, especially the expensive Allison. Tbh, just giving her gunfighter might fix this. Marshals seem to be in a good place. I don't think I have ever used Decay on Lady J, seeing as there are minions in keyword with a better version and better stats. The Judge is still the best Guild model by quite a lot, and could probably use a slight nerf. The Lone Marshal really needs gunfighter or diving charge or something (despite me having argued against it in the past.) Peacekeeper seems to have a few too many weaknesses for a 10SS versatile model. Thalarian Queller seems underwhelming, with nothing he can use in close combat.
  11. Yeah, that is my interpretation. The Pale Rider can now just use all his tokens to give one of your models injured +a lot if obeyed a single time. The core rules should have something on not using an emeny's tokens, as this is equally punishing for other crew's relying on tokens. Oni are worse off, if that wasn't changed.
  12. Thanks. For some reason, I didn't catch that, even though it seems obvious now that you point it out.
  13. As long as they haven't activated, they seem pretty hard to bring down with manipulative and attacks against them having TN12. I think the best way to use them is to push them into the enemy with Nellie's free action and then making some use out of their aura to guarantee hitting press releases. That being said, mine died in turn 1 when I tried to use him
  14. Nice catch, but he killed her in turn 4, so he could score the second point in turn 5 had we played it out. I didn't mention it, but she actually failed to hit her press release turn 3 against a Freikorpsmann as well. Still, that isn't something I can really control, unlike playing better. I often feel like I am more unlucky when I am behind, as it is so much more important to get good flips, so there is some element of confirmation bias there as well.
  15. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/02/nellie-vs-von-schill.html Nellie vs Von Schill Time to try a quick game with the Journalists against Barmution's Freikorps. I decided to stay completely in keyword, just to get a better feel of the crew, having only played with them twice before. My Nellie list: Nellie Cochrane The Printing Press Phiona Gage, Lead Lined Coat - 11 Allison Dade - 8 Undercover Reporter, Lead Lined Coat - 9 Field Reporter - 6 Field Reporter - 6 False Witness - 5 Cache - 5 Barmution's Von Schill list: Von Schill Steam Trunk Hannah Lovelace - 10 Lazarus - 10 Arik - 9 (these two's cost were swapped after the game) Freikorps Librarian - 7 Freikorpsmann - 5 Freikorpsmann - 5 Cache - 4 Strategy: Plant Explosives, Deployment: Corner Schemes: Breakthrough, Harness The Ley Line (both), Power Ritual (Guild), Outflank, Assassinate (Outcasts) I am pretty happy with deployment. My plan is to place scheme markers with the False Witness to move the Field Reporters up to the flanks and score Power Ritual early. I completely forgot that I needed a scheme marker in my own corner as well, and had to move Allison back to place one. Noob mistake. I decide that if the Freikorpsmen decide to move against one of the reporters, I will just place my Undercover Reporter on their head and be able to score easily. The False Witness moves up conservatively, but is unfortunately gunned down by a Freikorpsmann outside his activation by a combination of Von Schill's rocket launcher upgrade and a red joker on the damage flip. Arik Schoemer uses a pair of Rocket Boots to jump in and kill the printing press, making sure to block LoS to Allison, so he can get off his no armour trigger. Lazarus moves up onto the gallow in the middle and starts lobbing grenades. I decide to put a press release on him, saving a 13 in case I need to cheat. I immediately pull the Black Joker. We also had a weird rules situation where Nellie couldn't force him to place a scheme marker with One More Question as she didn't have line of sight to anywhere he could theoretically place one. I score Power Ritual, and manage to also sneak in a bomb for 2-0. This is where I realise that the Strategy I thought favoured me due to Nellies Don't Mind Me, isn't really all that favourable, as there is very few ways for me to actually stop Outcasts from scoring the strategy. Nellie and Allison don't have engagement ranges, and I can't tarpit Von Schill anyway, due to Diving Charge. I manage to stay alive by using Focus for defensive duels and score another point from the strategy, getting me to 3-1. I activate a Field Reporter to put a scheme marker on the centre line, planning to score a few points from Harness The Ley Line before the end of the game. Barmution activates a Freikorpsmann, references the Field Guide, Focuses and shoots at Nellie, who is currently sitting at 7 health. He has a 7 of rams, and my hand is horrible, with both a 1 and a 3 of rams, which doesn't help me much, even with Nellie's Scooped, so I cheat with an 11 of crows, he cheats in the Red Joker and flips a severe, doing 7dmg and killing Nellie, netting him two points for assassination. It is too hard to get back into the game due to this, and Barmution manages to move another Freikorpsmann 15" and interact with one of my bombs to deny me an additional point. I score the last point for Power Ritual, while he score one for Harness The Ley Line (which I might have been able to stop with Field Reporters and the Undercover Reporter, but didn't think of at the time), and he also scores another for strategy. So, I basically had the game in the bag, with an easy view for a 7-3 or thereabouts, but due to not activating Nellie first, I managed to lose the game 4-5. Thoughts on the Journalist crew: These guys know how to scheme, but precious little else. I don't really mind that and find them quite fun to play. Nellie is always a treat to bring to the table and I have some of my most eventful and intriguing games with her. I made a major mistake in choosing schemes, as I should obviously have picked Outflank instead of Harness The Ley Line, but I believed that The Field Reporters could move into the centre of the table after a while and do some shenanigans there. The Lead Lined Coat on the Undercover Reporter was quite fun to play with, but I don't think this was the game nor the scheme pool for it. Thoughts on the Freikorps: They know how to shoot and their upgrades are quite good. I am not a massive fan of the simple duel spam that Lazarus brings to the table and weren't really impressed by him. I think swapping the cost of him and Arik was the correct choice to make. I would like to play them again to get a better understanding of their strenghts and weaknesses.
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