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  1. Charge is a move and an attack, so two instances of hazardous terrain hits. Armour cannot reduce below one. Normally, an incorporeal enemy would take normal burning dmg, but since this is an attack action, they take 1 less dmg, to a minimum of zero.
  2. Great post, but this isn't right. Because it does dmg in a pulse, it is one dmg for every other model within 3". The trigger is pretty decent though, and probably worth stoning for, especially if Greed has been able to collect a few stones on her own.
  3. All strong choices. I have a soft spot for Lucius, but Nellie is also amongst our top masters, and Lady J is decent as well.
  4. I have great fun reading these. Keep up the good work! Who will you play next?
  5. You don't need to summon many models, but the ones you do summon should be of high quality. Lucius will help you fish for good cards and he can command the summoned minions (executioners). The pass tokens generated will be of limited use as Lucius draws cards when someone uses a pass token. Lucius is just a very good leader overall and can work with pretty much everyone. Card draw, arcane reservoir, entourage, issue command and hidden sniper makes for an extremely flexible (tm) master who can perform a plethora of different functions.
  6. As I am not entirely schizophrenic, I obviously am on board with the view on Guild presented in the podcast. 😂 I said then, and will continue to say, that I feel that we are balanced based on killing potential and not on actually scoring points in a high mobility game. Sure, I would like to have some better stats on some beaters, but our biggest problems are the lack of mobility, AP efficiency and general flexibility in running schemes. Hoffmann is better in Arcanist, but that has a lot to do with his increased scheme potential due to miners and the fact that they have much better upgrades than us.
  7. Phiona Gage with LLC is a fantastic tech piece against Seamus due to take the hit, df6, and ability to stone to put him on a negative.
  8. Yeah, but imo those are always the main thing with that upgrade. The charge while engaged just makes everything gel a little bit easier with all the commands and obeys.
  9. I am not an expert on NVB at all, but I think IR is a really good upgrade for an investigator. The ability to charge while engaged helps them a ton, so they won't need the push shenanigans of Lawyers or FWs dropping markers to get into combat with someone who engaged them with a 1" or 2" melee range.
  10. I can only speak for myself here, but I honestly didn't think about Phiona. Sure looks interesting though!
  11. Two different discussions here, regarding upgrades in a Lucius crew and upgrades generally. 😊
  12. To answer the opening post, the best guns in faction to copy with mimic are IMO the ones with decent range and/or moderates, i.e. Lone Marshal, Santiago, Pale Rider (more for the whole package than the gun), Pathfinder and there is an opening for riflemen due to ranged execute, 14" range and ignoring cover. Therefore, I don't consider a plethora of expensive 2/3/4 weapons worth it, as I would rather play another master or a different flavour of Lucius.
  13. Have you ever played with this, or is it something you are simply making up as you go along? There is of course a possibility that I am completely wrong here, but I have played Lucius more times than I can count in M3E and have never felt like I needed Nino at all. We have guns that ignore concealment if that is really what you need. You can also use AW a fair few times in a Lucius crow, if you really need it to go through. What if your 7 health, 5df, no def-tech enforcer dies to one of those beaters? What do you do then? Nino is also really slow and it will take time to reposition him.
  14. Lucius can remove distracted while commanding, so I really don't see the value of bringing in an 8SS model to get a 2/3/4 gun, even with the suit. This smells way too much of all eggs in one basket approach for me. For a single soulstone more (Nino+EM), I could get the PR. Also remember that Agent's AW is irresistible and will almost always work. I am fully aware that Mimic cannot copy master abilities, nor summon abilities for that matter.
  15. Yes, the Jury is the most interesting one. Nino is 8SS OOK for a built in mask and a + on a 2/3/4 gun, which is so wonky and corner case that it will almost never be a good choice with the agent. If I really wanted a 0" attack, I would probably copy a garrote as well. The thralls I agree could be pretty scary. Sonnia as a second to Lucius is actually very good due to this, with her summoning and Lucius' issue command as well as the Agent's Mimic.
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