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  1. YES! Another one of those, just what we needed!
  2. He will obey Meredith to spam more simple duels, is what he is saying.
  3. I think We Are Legion shuts that down quite well. Between shielded and We Are Legion, they really need to be bunched up to do any significant dmg.
  4. Didn't think about that, sorry. When he cheats the Red Joker, I'll just play my RJ+1 and be fine.
  5. The two biggest problems are going to be that the emissary still exists and can be relented against for min2 and that Archivist has wp6 against a stat5 obey.
  6. Nests don't have a bonus action, so there is no competition for the one granted by treasure map which can be useful for removing pyre markers. Also, deadly pursuit is pretty decent.
  7. Not just the Russian meta 😛 Double Rider is pretty much what I would take into any terrifying. Phiona is more of a tank and probably not needed here. Lone Marshal has an effective range of 21", ignoring concealment, terrifying and manipulative. With stat7 and focus, he can easily do mod/severes of 4/5 plus critical strike.
  8. No, I prefer not to. 😛
  9. You are coming off as very hostile in this thread, even if swapping crews could be a good idea. There are ways to play against Dreamer, no doubt, but he is a strong master that will need some clever counter picking, which is what this thread is all about. I have had very good success against Dreamer by picking good, ruthless, ranged models. I like Dashel, Steward and Lawyer(s) to support Pale Rider and Lone Marshal. You should have easy access to focus (foul mouthed motivation, which helps as moderate dmg will do so much more than weak against a plethora of armoured or incorporeal models
  10. Pale Rider and Lone Marshal are your best friends here. Ruthless shooting, irreducible dmg from PR and anti-summon from LM helps a ton.
  11. The Judge isn't actually DMH, even though the OG one was killed by Nicodem. Use him to your heart's content. If you bought the Guild faction pack, he even has his own card.
  12. Corvis is a very flexible piece. He brings a little bit of anti/scheming card draw, some damage (execute and show aside on demand with stat7 is great, especially considering those he push can take dmg from hazardous schemes), he gives you a bit of intel (and another source of ping) with his bonus and he can use pressure if needed (much easier if you set up a scheme with Austera or Anya). He also drains your opponents hand if they try to attack you. I like him, but he is not your typical beater henchman in any way.
  13. He isn't a must-take by any means, but I like his ping dmg whenever someone heals. He is also a very mobile piece, capable of acting independently.
  14. Shielded+surge is also really solid.
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