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  1. Agree to disagree. Relatively cheap models locking down quite a big portion of the opponent's crew in that way is in itself very good.
  2. Crocket can make the Sand Worm take quite a lot of stat6 min3 attacks with his gun. Seems pretty impressive for a 6SS model tbh. With the right cards the Sand Worm could be able to make 5 (or if the stars align, 7) attacks in a round, which is obviouslty devastating.
  3. You can't copy actions that attach upgrades. I think that applies to triggers as well. Even if you can, I don't think it is worth it.
  4. Undercover Reporter is a great model regardless. Even though this surely isn't the intention, you can't actually prevent scoring by this alone, as there are four other tokens that do not start buried.
  5. Haha, sorry. You have very similar nicknames.
  6. Guy is currently wiping the floor with the opposition in the Vassal World Cup. Give him some credit 😂
  7. She is better. I regret not mentioning her as an OOK pick on the Lucius podcast. Easy access to +es on all opposed duels, df6, easy access to armour+2 and laugh off, hard to kill, take the hit (which she won't even have to move for with Laugh Off), excellent bonus action, decent attack, good grit if she ever gets that low. 10 health. The list goes on and on.
  8. Hounds are mindless, don't give you pass tokens and can't activate the turn they are summoned.
  9. Yeah, there is no disengage at all. You just walk out of combat.
  10. 46 is necessary for your hand drain to actually result in something. Get him LLC, put shielded on him from the Lawyer, and he can survive for a little while as he is a SS user. Due to inhuman psychology, every middling crow is a possible execute. The doppelganger has quite a bit of utility, but this isn't the list for her.
  11. Grimwell, Agent, Investigator, Reid, Lawyer. Make sure to get use of Scribe's betrayal aura. Quite a lot of discard effects between the 5 of them.
  12. Grimwell has great synergy with Lucius. Any kind of hand attack is amazing with the amount of execute you can pull off between Agent and Reid
  13. Sonnia can stone, has one built in and can flip one, so it _can_ happen.
  14. She doesn't need to be fast. She seldom moves, and if you have to, you probably didn't bring the pieces you need to move her around the board. Her dmg track is only 2/3/5, but she should be focused for most of her shots and she should provide a lot of burning for her summoning ability.
  15. Due to Ride With Me, Mounted Guards have longer threat ranges and aren't as dependent on prior positioning of the model that you wan't to tp.
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