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  1. Corvis is a very flexible piece. He brings a little bit of anti/scheming card draw, some damage (execute and show aside on demand with stat7 is great, especially considering those he push can take dmg from hazardous schemes), he gives you a bit of intel (and another source of ping) with his bonus and he can use pressure if needed (much easier if you set up a scheme with Austera or Anya). He also drains your opponents hand if they try to attack you. I like him, but he is not your typical beater henchman in any way.
  2. He isn't a must-take by any means, but I like his ping dmg whenever someone heals. He is also a very mobile piece, capable of acting independently.
  3. Shielded+surge is also really solid.
  4. It depends. You don't necessarily need to cheat if you don't have to succeed the obey and you can use focus to easier get the 9+. There are definitely a lot of things the Lawyers do that I rank higher than being able to obey each other, even if it can be a nice thing.
  5. I have been thinking about this. Between Nexus forcing you to discard for parasites, Corvis forcing you to discard to be on straights and execute, I think he could be a fun pick here. I played the following Anya list in a Symbols game the other day. Anya Sovereign Corvis Winston Emissary Austera and Twigge The Damned 6SS Cache There is so much ping dmg in this crew between all the small healing bursts, shockwaves and Anya's shenanigans. Your opponent can barely cheat against your myriad of stat6 and 7 attacks as Corvis will always come in and ping his exe
  6. @Legislat fantastic post. I agree with literally everything you said. Lawyers are literally the only minions I ever hire (aside from a very infrequent use of Pathfinders, or a Changeling or two in Lucius). In a recent grand tournament, I hired a Mounted Guard once in five games as the only keyword model in Dashel, and then only because the strategy was symbols. There are too many dud choices in the faction, so you basically take the few that are competitive. I am 100% sure that Guild is the faction that would be most hamstrung by any nerfs at this point as the second be
  7. May have been something on my end. They are all there now.
  8. There is only one model for Hopeful Prospect, minion (2) and one model for Botanist, minion (3)
  9. Yes, you can. The plentiful number refers to the current number of models on the board.
  10. Agree to disagree. Relatively cheap models locking down quite a big portion of the opponent's crew in that way is in itself very good.
  11. Crocket can make the Sand Worm take quite a lot of stat6 min3 attacks with his gun. Seems pretty impressive for a 6SS model tbh. With the right cards the Sand Worm could be able to make 5 (or if the stars align, 7) attacks in a round, which is obviouslty devastating.
  12. You can't copy actions that attach upgrades. I think that applies to triggers as well. Even if you can, I don't think it is worth it.
  13. Undercover Reporter is a great model regardless. Even though this surely isn't the intention, you can't actually prevent scoring by this alone, as there are four other tokens that do not start buried.
  14. Haha, sorry. You have very similar nicknames.
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