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  1. Expert Marksman doesn't do anything on the Domador. He doesn't have a projectile attack, so none of the bonuses really matter.
  2. You are right. It did say it lost a point of min dmg in the release notes though.
  3. I am a bit surprised to see the Press losing a point of damage. It was insanely good for a totem, but there is so little dmg in the keyword that every bit helped.
  4. I am surprised he didn't get Intimidating Authority, as that is the crew ability, I mean, it was obvious he didn't have it with how Inhuman Physiology used to work, but he could get it now.
  5. This just seems needlessly convoluted. I actually like that part of the upgrades are minion only as well. In theory, it makes the design space bigger, as you can have cheaper or more expensive models get the bonus with a clear differentiation and not being forced to have a cut-off between for example 6 and 7 SS.
  6. Yeah, as I said, this is probably the best for the game in the long run.
  7. I think the changes are overall probably for the better for the game, but I have to say, I think this is a kick in the groin for a Family crew that hasn't (to my knowledge) exactly been dominating during the beta. Maybe Bravado could come with a clause that you can take the concentrate action more than once on your turn?
  8. I think you may be correct. The Risk of Reason is simply amazing.
  9. I have used him more as a piece to remove irritating models from a distance, something the Marshal keyword sorely lacks. He isn't fantastic, but I don't think he is as bad as you make him out to be. He can shoot twice at someone from 21" away now and ignores concealment with a stat7 shot.
  10. Yeah, but you have so many other models to get rid of anyone who gets stuck with him. I am not too worried.
  11. Got a significant buff in this update with him ignoring concealment.
  12. Yeah, this is my problem with him as well. He can hit them, but he still needs a mask on the attack AND an 8 on the obey, in addition to actually damaging them. It's not hunting monsters, but they are quite effective at running schemes with all their movement shenanigans, albeit a bit expensive. Ruthless would do so much for them. That's 2/4/5? I actually think Frank is in an ok spot now. His stat 7 sword makes sure he hits a lot and his triggers combined with Flurry makes him deceptively vicious.
  13. Yeah, this is, as I said, the more common option after turn 1.
  14. Here you go: https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/02/perdita-vs-seamus.html
  15. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/02/perdita-vs-seamus.html Perdita vs Seamus I played another game against Morbius, who played Molly in the first game on this blog. I bought another Family list so I could try out their new rule. My Perdita list: Perdita Enslaved Nephilim Frank, Lead Lined Coat - 12 Santiago - 8 Papa Loco - 7 Nino - 7 Monster Hunter - 6 Monster Hunter - 6 Cache - 4 Morbius' Resser list: Seamus Copycat Killer Madame Sybelle Mortimer Bete Noire Mourner Belle Dead Doxy DISCLAIMER: We were playing this game in another location than we usually do, so we only had my 2d-terrain from Warmachine. The table turned out to be to open in the middle and Family profited a lot from this. Strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Search the Ruins (Guild, Ressers), Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Assassinate (Guild, Ressers), Vendetta Deployment sees Nino threaten the Copycat Killer and the Monster Hunters moving to each flank to try and score Search the Ruins. I plan to move up as soon as possible to try and clear the board somewhat and give me some breathing space. I catch a lucky break as the Nephilim top decks an 11 of masks and has Santiago moving forward. The most irritating model in the world, Bete Noire decides to pop by. Papa tries to throw his dynamite at her, but fails to hit the TN twice. She buries after Nino tries to shoot at her. Perdita somehow manages to hit Madame Sybelle twice and kill her with a little help from a bonus shot from Santiago. The Belle lures the MH into combat with her and Seamus kills him. Frank shoots at the Belle after bravadoing forward and Santiago finishes her off. The new rule is paying off. The Family starts wiping stuff. The Doxy and Mourner goes down and I decide to wait one turn before I start scoring Search the Ruins, concentrating on removing models. Seamus shoots his flintlock at Perdita, but I cheat in a 13 and he misses. Seamus hits Perdita for 8dmg, which I stone down to 6, and Morbius scores assassinate. Bete Noire continues to irritate me, but I manage to do 4dmg to her with Nino after he decides to stay in combat with Santiago and Perdita instead of burying. He had so few models left at this point that tying up my combat pieces was important. Perdita pulls the Red Joker on a dmg flip versus Seamus and does 7dmg. My pulls this game were on fire. Perdita finishes Seamus off, Bete kills both Santiago and Perdita, but is killed by Papa's dynamite. I score 8, but he manages to pull off 3pts due to the assassination of Perdita. The new Family rule is actually really cool. I got very lucky with my flips this game, but I still didn't really feel I had a lot of cards to spare. In practice, it does often result in extra shots from Santiago, but I also used it a few times to move my Monster Hunter on the right flank. In the most hectic turns, I seldom had more than one card to spare though. The end score was 8-3 The family feels more like a cohesive unit than it used to, but I am still puzzled by the nerfs they received after Closed Beta. Was Nino and the Enslaved Nephilim really too good? The Nephilim feels like the worst totem in Guild after it lost its mask on Obey. There are so few cards he can actually use that top nets you roughly a 9% shot of getting it off. He is often left pushing someone around and hoping for a tome. Nino's gun is still long ranged, but it isn't anything special anymore. I will admit this isn't a major source of frustration though. The Monster Hunters still wants to fire at units who are not monsters and leaving the monsters to the wp6 guys, but they are good scheme runners, albeit a bit expensive for the role. Frank is in a good place now. The stat7 on his sword really helps him shine. The Family feels more fun than it did before the update, something I am very happy to report!
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