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  1. I went back and fixed all the broken images. Also, I painted these two for the painting competition. I accidentally sliced the nose off my Toni when I was cleaning the giant moldline that runs straight down her face, so I figured that I'd turn her into Toni Firesides/Ghost Fighter, so she fits in if I want to run her with Kaeris. I should probably convert Mouse as well. The Adze is for my Marcus crew, so Myranda can turn into something besides Grootslang. I figured that a trap-predator that makes it super obvious that it's a trap wouldn't be very successful, so there is OSL on the he
  2. Nice! Congrats to the other winners, your painting is top notch!
  3. *Hellrider starts playing, except Rob Halford is awkwardly trying to sing "Mechanical" instead of "Hell", while trying to keep the same tune.*
  4. Am I messing up my timezones, or should voting be closed by now? I still see votes trickling in.
  5. Okay! A small fire tutorial! For the markers, I use a MDF base, to make sure that all the finished markers are the same size. I like to make these out of the kind of polymer clay that you just bake to get it to harden. The good thing about the clay is that it holds it's shape perfectly, is easy to roll out, isn't sticky, and doesn't harden on it's own, so I can make a ton of markers at once. I want my markers to be pretty 2 dimensional, so models can stand on them without it getting annoying. Just squish the clay out so it covers the base, it doesn't need to be flat, since the slight heigh
  6. Yeah, I sculpted them myself. It's actually really easy, so I'll try to make a small tutorial about how I did tomorrow. It'll probably be a few days before it's ready.
  7. Oh man, the skill level is really high on these models. It's nice to see some very different painting styles and color schemes from the painters, even in the same category.
  8. Let's say that I'm running a Crossroads crew with Pride as the leader. I'm bringing at least one other Crossroads model and The Midnight Stalker. Pride doesn't have LOS to Midnight Stalker, so Hidden in Plain Sight kicks in and Midnight Stalker is treated as having the Crossroads keyword. Another Crossroads model takes the Destructive Performance action with The Beat Goes On trigger, and chooses The Midnight Stalker to take the Destructive Performance action as well. Can The Midnight Stalker take that action, even though it isn't on his card?
  9. I painted something! I hope Envy will help me kill a ton of Oni in an upcoming game, so I speedpainted him. The base is supposed to be plywood on a stage, and I'll base all the Crossroad Seven like this. Each bandmember gets a helpful message from the show organizer, written by their spot on the stage. I also finally finished my pyre tokens. I hate making tokens so it took me way too long. They aren't super great, but they'll do fine. It looks like all my old photos are broken, I should probably do something about that.
  10. I'll actually be playing the game pretty soon, so I speed painted Cojo to get to about 50 soulstone on my Marcus crew.
  11. And Aionus. A pretty fast paintjob. He would also benefit from being painted as sub-assemblies, but not as much as Talos. Now I just need Wyrd to release the Scion of the Void and the Void Hunters.
  12. Talos joins Tara! This guy would benefit from being painted in sub-assemblies, but I didn't, so I truly hate that guy in the cell. He deserves to be in there.
  13. Thanks! I've made myself a painting tray, so I can grab it from the top of a cupboard and be ready to paint in 2 minutes. My painting sessions are shorter, but more numerous
  14. Finally something else painted. Ferdinand Vogel and The Beast Within are ready to rumble. They're painted pretty quickly, since I've got myself one of those baby humans a few months ago, so it not easy finding time to paint.
  15. Marcus and his crew is at least pro-union sometimes, and Myranda turns into Grootslang, so they all hang out here. Edit: oh by the way... the gimmick on this crew is hair that's turning purple. The snake guy and Grootslang has very little hair, so the snake has his tounge turning purple, and Grootslang has purple shadows.
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