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  1. The painting contest is over, so I can say that I made the Flower Child Willie. The contest also helped me break out of my slump, so that was great!
  2. I've been in a painting slump for a while. I bought a resin 3d printer, and a ton of friends and family did the whole "print and paint me this!"-thing, and I hate it. Now I've pissed off a bunch of people by telling them that I'm not a print shop, and that all freebies have been doled out, but at least I have time and peace to paint something that I want to. I broke out of the slump with my favorite Malifaux model that I'll never use; the Wrastler that's about to powerslam a pig.
  3. Something different this time. A pair of Doomseekers from The Other Side, that I'll be using as wizard and apprentice in Frostgrave. The purple guy is the wizard. They're already varnished, so they have the dusty look that only my camera can pick up.
  4. Paul Crockett and The Scorpius finished the keyword for now. There's only the Razorspine Rattlers left, and I'll be painting them when they show up at my FLGS. The Scorpius will get get a coat of gloss varnish on the syringes after I give it the usual protective coating.
  5. I like the glow, it separates the base from the mini. Did you use dry pigments for it?
  6. Finally! The Void Hunters and the Scion of the Void was released, so I have all of Tara's models finished. She was the first master I looked at when I went to my FLGS to try out the game, but I skipped her because she was missing too much of her keyword. I'll be trying her out on the 10th, and I'm really looking forward to it. I went for a pale look with reddish purple shadows on the hunters, and something similar but less pale on the Scion. I also did my usual "From Nothing"-gimmick on them. And a family photo of the keyword.
  7. More painting. This time it's the Cerberus, Slateridge Maulers, and Molemen for my Marcus crew. I usually paint everything by paintbrush, but something like these guys are mostly done with airbrush, then I add the details with paintbrush. It make this kind of models much more enjoyable to paint, since I don't find them very interesting.
  8. I went back and fixed all the broken images. Also, I painted these two for the painting competition. I accidentally sliced the nose off my Toni when I was cleaning the giant moldline that runs straight down her face, so I figured that I'd turn her into Toni Firesides/Ghost Fighter, so she fits in if I want to run her with Kaeris. I should probably convert Mouse as well. The Adze is for my Marcus crew, so Myranda can turn into something besides Grootslang. I figured that a trap-predator that makes it super obvious that it's a trap wouldn't be very successful, so there is OSL on the head tentacle, but it very subtle.
  9. Nice! Congrats to the other winners, your painting is top notch!
  10. *Hellrider starts playing, except Rob Halford is awkwardly trying to sing "Mechanical" instead of "Hell", while trying to keep the same tune.*
  11. Am I messing up my timezones, or should voting be closed by now? I still see votes trickling in.
  12. Okay! A small fire tutorial! For the markers, I use a MDF base, to make sure that all the finished markers are the same size. I like to make these out of the kind of polymer clay that you just bake to get it to harden. The good thing about the clay is that it holds it's shape perfectly, is easy to roll out, isn't sticky, and doesn't harden on it's own, so I can make a ton of markers at once. I want my markers to be pretty 2 dimensional, so models can stand on them without it getting annoying. Just squish the clay out so it covers the base, it doesn't need to be flat, since the slight height variations will be good when they are getting painted. Cut off anything that hangs over the base edge. I didn't have any clay left for this example, so I used some blu-tack, just to show the technique. Squished out "clay". Now get your sculpting tool! I use a pointy tool, with a flat edge, but you can obviously use almost whatever. I use two techniques: the first one is to "stab and lift". Just stick the tool into the clay, and lift a bit. The second technique is to press the flat edge of you tool into the clay, so each press gets a deep- and a shallow end. You can combine both techniques, or do something else that you think is cool, but I've only used the second technique for my markers. Technique 1 on the left, 2 on the right. The last step of the sculpting is to cut off anything that hang off the base (again). A lot of the look on these comes from the painting, which is also very easy if you have a way to spray a yellow. Then it's just a few layers on drybrushing, and you have a very serviceable pyre marker. The finished marker up close. Now, a bonus tutorial on how I do the more 3 dimensional fire, like on my Firestarter (picture broken right now). Greenstuff is great for this, as it holds it's shape, and can be stretched. Make a rough shape of how you want the fire to look, wider at the bottom, tapered towards the top. Get your sculpting tool, and press the blob into the base, using a series of presses. Now get your tweezers and go nuts. Grab a part of the blob, squish it a bit and pull it a bit. Stab some holes in the blob, twist the tweezers, press some of the pulled parts with the flat edge of your tool. Do whatever, until you have something that looks non-uniform, but has some direction, as if the fire is affected a bit by the wind. Don't worry if you get some very thin, round "ears" on your sculpt, you can just cut them into a better shape when the greenstuff is cured. Now paint your fire!
  13. Yeah, I sculpted them myself. It's actually really easy, so I'll try to make a small tutorial about how I did tomorrow. It'll probably be a few days before it's ready.
  14. Oh man, the skill level is really high on these models. It's nice to see some very different painting styles and color schemes from the painters, even in the same category.
  15. Let's say that I'm running a Crossroads crew with Pride as the leader. I'm bringing at least one other Crossroads model and The Midnight Stalker. Pride doesn't have LOS to Midnight Stalker, so Hidden in Plain Sight kicks in and Midnight Stalker is treated as having the Crossroads keyword. Another Crossroads model takes the Destructive Performance action with The Beat Goes On trigger, and chooses The Midnight Stalker to take the Destructive Performance action as well. Can The Midnight Stalker take that action, even though it isn't on his card?
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