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  1. And Aionus. A pretty fast paintjob. He would also benefit from being painted as sub-assemblies, but not as much as Talos. Now I just need Wyrd to release the Scion of the Void and the Void Hunters.
  2. Talos joins Tara! This guy would benefit from being painted in sub-assemblies, but I didn't, so I truly hate that guy in the cell. He deserves to be in there.
  3. Thanks! I've made myself a painting tray, so I can grab it from the top of a cupboard and be ready to paint in 2 minutes. My painting sessions are shorter, but more numerous
  4. Finally something else painted. Ferdinand Vogel and The Beast Within are ready to rumble. They're painted pretty quickly, since I've got myself one of those baby humans a few months ago, so it not easy finding time to paint.
  5. Marcus and his crew is at least pro-union sometimes, and Myranda turns into Grootslang, so they all hang out here. Edit: oh by the way... the gimmick on this crew is hair that's turning purple. The snake guy and Grootslang has very little hair, so the snake has his tounge turning purple, and Grootslang has purple shadows.
  6. The Arcane Effigy and Arcane Emissary joins the fray.
  7. I want Tara to join the Union, so her crew goes here. I love a stupid gimmick, so I'm going for a "From Nothing" look, where the figures are showing up out of thin air. It only works on a dark background, from certain angles, and will be better after some matte varnish so the glossy black doesn't ruin the effect as much.
  8. I have an Avatar of Instinct that I'd like to trade for an Avatar of Entropy or an Avatar of Slaughter. I'd prefer to trade with someone in Europe.
  9. I get what you're saying, but I'm not going to do that. They already have highlights on the backs, but my phone's camera is nowhere near good enough to pick it up, so they don't "pop" at all from the back, but they aren't completely flat.
  10. I managed to finish my scrap and corpse markers. The scrap markers are made from watch parts that I got off eBay.
  11. I finished painting every Wildfire a week ago, so I'll start out by posting those. My plan with the was to practice OSL, and make a crew that only has the light that they're bringing with them. As a result, some of the models are very dark from some angles. I added the tufts so my opponent won't miss a model if they see it from the dark side. Kaeris from the dark side. I'm currently working on pyre markers, and corpse and scrap markers.
  12. I dug my old colored pencils out of the basement, and discovered that I'm still crap at using them! So my wife helped my get something not terrible finished.
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