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  1. I hadn't spotted that yet, thank you, πŸ˜ƒ I've really been looking forward to this🀭😍πŸ€ͺπŸ˜…
  2. Good point, I needed to re-read that a couple of times before I realized that when you said "how many people a player has under their care" you were referring to a character with the "Under My Care" Talent (for some reason I thought you meant how many players under the care of a Fatemaster =P) but now that I get what you were saying, I agree.
  3. I have a question about the Sawbones Pursuit step 0 Talent "Under My Care" (Under Quarantine pg. 117). It can be used to apply the Under My Care Condition to any Living character, including themselves, which according to the text has the following effect: ...When this character is healed by the character who applied this Condition, she heals +1 damage... My question is what counts as a character healing another character, or even themselves? Here are some odd examples; if a character with this Talent castes a spell using the Mend Flesh Magia (which grants the target Regeneration +1)
  4. I'd say that's a sensible solution.
  5. I am currently playing an interesting story with a character that has become infected by/addicted to the Brilliance condition. I've never really worked with Brilliance before, and that wasn't really part of the plan it just sort of happened, though it's been a fascinating and fun new element to play with. My question, is as to how other players and fatemasters have handled the time component of this (and other similar game mechanics) with regards to game-play. The Centering test to avoid seeking out more Brilliance must be made every in-game day, which is fine when the session has somethi
  6. Understood. Like I said, I don't think it works that way (if it did, than the Mage Pursuit would be very problematic from a game balance perspective), but there's some room for interpretation.
  7. It seems to me that separating the Talents out like this increases character variety, and gives the creators a lot of design space, so personally I'm all for it. As far as giving the player access to more instances of things like "Bulletproof", I think that it would usually be better to add these as General Talents. If you do happen to be looking for ways to make a Gunfighter more "shooty" I would recommend taking a look at the Boomer and Marksman Pursuits (Into the Bayou and Above the Law, respectively). In fact, this might provide a good example of what I mean by character variety.
  8. It isn't clear which Talent you are trying to use to add the Immuto, but both of them ("New Manifestation" and "Triggered Immuto") state that they do not change the TN. I don't think that the "New Manifestation" Talent can be used like that regardless, as it specifies that it can add Immuto to a "Manifested Power spell", which I'm pretty sure should say "Spell-Like Manifested Powers" (Into The Steam is occasionally a little outdated and wonky with it's rules and terminology). You should be able to use the Triggered Immuto Talent, but I expect that you'd want to be able to use one of
  9. Yeah you got it, but I think it's worth mentioning that depending on the Talent in question (you'd have to consult your FM) you could maybe take a missed Pursuit Talent option as a Destiny Step Manifested Talent.
  10. That is excellent news, thank you for sharing (= I agree with all of this. Speaking of Bully and Woes, Bully is the only pursuit we have so far that has strong interactions with WP checks (the Feast Of Terror Talent), so something along the lines Pandora and her Woes would be appropriate (and fun). The only other thing that I can think of is some Magia/a Pursuit that have strong interactions with sever/hazardous terrain, along the lines of Lilith. I know there's the Pioneer Pursuit but it's very, meh? I have some notes on potential buffs/alterations but i'd like to see first if
  11. I can't, but it's a great idea! I've spent a lot of time lately playing Cultist Simulator (another game by Weather Factory) and I've had similar ideas about adapting the systems and mythos of that game to TTB, or vice-versa.
  12. Agreed, or even just "this year" "early/late next year". Obviously people are busy with the release of MK3, but even just confirmation that From Nightmares is still going to be a thing would be appreciated. I can wait, but I don't like not knowing if what I'm waiting for is ever going to happen or not.
  13. At the moment I'm inclined to agree.
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