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  1. The Manipulative Talent is gained as one part of the Corrupted Innocence Gift Of Darkness, which also gives the character +1 Charm or Cunning; so it's a minor flavor bonus to an already strong Talent. When a FM character would receive a (+) to any duel that they wouldn't normally flip, they gain +2 to their AV.
  2. All true, but it's still a Talent that only applies to the weakest enemies that you encounter, and still only when they outnumber you (or when you don't mind re-targeting them towards your allies).
  3. I think it is working as intended, you shouldn't forget that FM characters have Fate points. They can use a Fate point to get (+) to a flip, which puts 9 Wp AV in range of the check, and there aren't many FM characters with less than 9. Besides that, I'm pretty certain that the attack can only be redirected if there is another legal target, so Manipulative isn't always going to help.
  4. Grimoires are not locked to magical traditions. I have a theory as to why this is the case. Core Rules pg. 260 "In a way, Grimoires want to be found and used" When the the character creates their own Grimoire with the Craft Grimoire Talent, it specifically states that no other characters can attune to the Grimoire. My expectation is that all Grimoires start out as being uniquely attuned to the person that created it, but if that person stops using it (they lost it, died, etc), then it changes itself to be available to anyone who picks it up. This might occur gradually, so after some time, the Grimoire can be attuned by others, but perhaps only those who follow the same Magical Theory, or perhaps it starts with only being available to a blood relative or something like that; but at a certain point it can just be attuned to by anyone. It's just an idea, but I like it =P
  5. Yes, that is very much an option. You should also check out the "Craft Grimoire" General Talent (From Nightmares pg. 129) which does allow a second Grimoire to be attuned.
  6. A Soulstone can add a Suit to a spell using Augment Magic, Core Rules pg. 259 The Academic Pursuit has the Mental Conditioning Talent which allows the character to add one Suit of their choice to any Skill associated with a Mental Aspect. Some of the many other sources of Suits which could potentially be added to spells, include: - The Oxford Method Magical Theory (Core Rules) - Arcane Musings from the Dabbler Pursuit (Core Rules) - Morbid Thoughts from the Graverobber Pursuit (Core Rules) - Transmutive Comprehension from the Magewright Pursuit (Above The Law) <--- this might be what you want - Specialized Skill General Talent (Core Rules) - Channel Destiny General Talent (Into The Steam) <--- I'd recommend this for early game spellcasters - Set 'Em Up from the Collaborator Pursuit (Into The Steam) - Strike First from the Infiltrator Pursuit (Into The Steam) - Powder Wars Training from the Freikorps Advanced Pursuit (Core Rules) - Death Ascendant from the Grave Servant Advanced Pursuit (Core Rules) - Puppet Master from the Bokor Pursuit (Into The Bayou) - Klaatu, Barada, N... from the Copy Cat Pursuit (Into The Bayou) - Magic Seeker from the Mage Killer Advanced Pursuit (Above The Law) - Supervision form the Overseer Pursuit (Core Rules) ...And the From Nightmares book has a whole lot more that I haven't memorized yet, but shouldn't be hard to find... Additionally (with the Fatemasters' permission) you should be able to add Suits to Skills using Manifested Talents gained from completing Destiny Steps
  7. I wanted to say that I think your assay of the Latigo Compound is a brilliant idea, but I didn't want to pollute the topic with unrelated posts (=

  8. I have a number of questions regarding the Behemoth and Headliner Pursuits (From Nightmares) First, the Walking Fortress Talent. I presume it increases the characters Wounds by +1 anytime another Talent is gained that would increase the characters Wounds Derived Aspect by one or more? For instance, with the Unnatural Vigor Talent (Ghoul Pursuit) the character gains +1 Wound for every three steps of the Ghoul Pursuit that she has completed. I think The Walking Fortress Talent would in this case just give the character +1 wound when the Unnatural Vigor Talent is gained, and no more, correct? Also I would guess that It doesn't apply to Talents that increase the characters Wounds indirectly, such as by increasing the Resilience Aspect? Next, the Tough Enough Talent. It reads that the "temporary Wounds" are not considered permanent Wounds and will not interact with the Walking Fortress Talent, but what about other Talents? For instance, a number of Talents have effects that trigger when the character is at "half health" (Drudge, Painkiller), do the "temporary Wounds" count towards the characters "total health"? Another example would be if the "temporary Wounds" count as an increase to the Wounds Derived Aspect with respect to the I Am Real Talent of the Headliner Pursuit? ...Which brings us to the Headliner. I Am Real is a very complicated Talent, which I love (Puppets!), and I think it's about as well worded as it could have been without requiring it's very own book =P but I do still have some questions, and I thought that I might as well ask them in the same post. ..."Headliners cannot further increase their Aspects or Derived Aspects except through Bauble Upgrades; any such bonuses offered by advancement or Talents are lost"... This seems like it could be relatively strait-forward, but I'd like some clarification to be sure. Does this include temporary, or indirect, increases? For instance, does it prevent "Duck And Weave", which is a Trigger, granted by a Talent (Scrapper Pursuit) from providing +1 Defense until the start of the character's next turn? Technically, as written, it does seem to prevent healing (which increases the character's Wounds Aspect after damage has lowered it), is that the reason for the Star Of The Show Talent specifying that "A Headliner cannot be healed except by the Mend Action through the Stitching Skill or any Magia that would restore health to constructs"? ...And while we're at it, is the Star Of The Show Talent intentionally excluding all of the Manifested Powers and Tactical Actions and anything else that would normally be able to heal constructs? Any answers to these questions or any further information about the way that the Headliner Pursuit works that might not be immediately obvious would be welcome (= (and sorry if I'm a bit rambling)
  9. Thank you for the prompt response 😃 Now re-evaluating Painkiller/Marksmen character...
  10. The "Flesh Wounds" Talent of the Painkiller Pursuit (From Nightmares, page 102) reads as follows: "When this character suffers Severe damage, she gains Focused +1. If she is below half health (rounding up), this character does not end her Focused Condition at the end of her turn. During her turn, this character may also discard a card to gain Focused +1 (to a maximum of Focused +3)." My question, since I'm not sure, is if the character can only discard a card for the Focused Condition when she is below half health? The wording isn't completely clear about whether the part about being below half health applies to just the Focused Condition not ending at the end of the turn, or if that also applies to being able discard a card for Focused +1? I feel like there should be a paragraph break, or it should read: "...Focused Condition at the end of her turn, and during her turn, this character may also discard..."
  11. 13 works. So, if we have Latigo, Ridley, Fortune Falls, Edge point and the Breach. There should probably be at least two short circular routes, one through Downtown and one through the Industrial Zone. Maybe another wider circle that goes through all the slums and another that passes through the Northern and Southern Construction Zones? If we double up on the Ridley line that's 10, where else? Maybe double up on the Industrial line? Edited It might make sense to double up the Fortune Falls line, except apparently a lot of the lumber is transported down the river?
  12. This is awesome, better than the various random encounter tables that I've bodged together. The only thing I'l say is that you might want to up the number and frequency of some of the trains. In particular, I can say for certain that the train to Latigo travels once a month according to Above The Law page 56. Also on page 58 the section on Malifaux station mentions dozens of lines branching out from there. I can type out the relevant paragraphs if you don't have the book to hand? You could have 52-54 lines (one for each card) and that'd probably be pretty close to accurate, but it'd be a pain and I get the impulse to keep things simple, so maybe just designate 13 lines out of Malifaux station?
  13. Great point! The information that you mentioned is in the Core Rules page 31-32. It can probably be found elsewhere as well, but it talks about the Event and the fall of the Red Cage (1902-1903, not sure?) and how Cherufe drew magma up from the mantle, poisoning the local water table. It says that "much of Malifaux City's drinking water" became non-potable, and needed to be boiled (although it doesn't say here that boiling the water was a problem). Unfortunately it doesn't give the exact source of Malifaux's drinking water, but if it isn't the river, then the only other place I can think of would be the Northern Caverns and the Footprints canyon (I don't know how far away those are exactly). Regardless, even though it doesn't say it here, I don't think that the issues with the local water supply could have lasted more than a year or two? unless people are still selling boiled water in 1907? Other than that it also mentions that during the period of Martial Law (1903-1904) the Guild implemented rationing but again it doesn't talk about where those rations came from, just that smugglers supplemented the meager supply with food from various sources outside the city, notably pork and moonshine from the bayou gremlins. Which makes me wonder how productive the gremlin pork "industry" could be? funny but also interesting question =P Besides all this, and maybe some other isolated events, I really just don't remember anything about long term food shipments coming through the breach? The books give specific details about the compositions of the regular freight, and I can't find anything about significant food cargoes. Whatever the population of Malifaux city is, I think it must be supported by local production, unless there is some contradicting information that I am missing?
  14. So, re-reading Under Quarantine, in the section on Gremlin's Wharf, it says the stagnant water in that zone is poisonous to humans "as a result of the yearly fumigation of the district". I don't know if this is implying that the water would otherwise be drinkable? However, it is the part of the city that is furthest downriver. If anyone has specific information about whether or not Fortune river has potable drinking water upstream (even if it's outside the city, in the western Knotwoods) that would be very useful, since without that I doubt the city could support the kind of population that I'm assuming.
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