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UK Nationals 2024 - 16/17 November in Leicester


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This year's event will celebrate 15 years of Malifaux with a new modern spacious venue, and potentially the biggest Malifaux tournament ever.

We have moved to Leicester De Montfort University to provide a larger, better-equipped venue. Although this has increased the operating costs (hence a ticket price hike), on the positive side there will be a cheap bar and the venue is in walking distance of a wide range of accommodations and eating options. Transport links are also good.

In addition, it will host the Avatar of Artistry painting competition, building on last year's expansion to this aspect of our favourite game.

As usual I will be seeking sponsorship from related companies, and including a charity raffle.

Everything you need to know can be found on the UK Nationals website including rulespack, ticket link, and venue information.



  1. Lee Walstow 
  2. James Brown 
  3. Pieter Schutte 
  4. Stephen Renouf 
  5. George Renouf
  6. Daniel Eatch
  7. Gustavo Castro ✈️
  8. Sean Wheeliker
  9. Joshua Price
  10. Alfonso Villar ✈️
  11. Martin Wodehouse 
  12. Andres Suarez ✈️
  13. Russell Shea
  14. Masub Abdulla✈️
  15. Matthew Dunk 
  16. Jonathan Davies 
  17. Jonathan Lowe 
  18. Bradley Taylor 
  19. Scott Webster
  20. Dave Lockwood
  21. James Whitbread 
  22. Grant Dickenson 
  23. Gabriele Sosso 
  24. Steve Kemp
  25. Christian Givskov ✈️
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