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  1. Final results are up. Thank you so much to everyone for participating. I will run another event soon. I think Mark took Bragging Rights with 21 to Axel's 20. But not everyone reported them so I could be wrong.
  2. I really can read this both ways. Definitely think this is an area that requires an official FAQ.
  3. You’ll need a grudge match vs James
  4. Round 2 results and round 3 allocations are out
  5. Horomotangi’s super heated claws state that any assets damaged during the action are discarded. The question is on the timing of this. Can the defending player damage the asset and also scrap it before it gets discarded? I can see both arguments to this. View 1 - the asset is immediately discarded There don’t seem to be clear rules on the timing of a discard effect. FAQ35 on fast regeneration and the Gorysche indicates that effects can interrupt the damage phase. Under this view the super heated claw would interrupt the damage step and remove the asset as soon as it is damaged. View 2 - complete the damage process Under this view you follow all the steps on super heated claws in order. Do the damage (let’s say 3) the defender then gets to resolve the damage prevention process as normal, let’s assume they damage an asset for two, as it’s still the damage resolution process they can scrap it for 1. Only then does the next part of super heated claws kick in and there is no asset left to discard. Following view 1 for that example could result in a dead model if there was only a single asset left. When I first read the card I’d assumed view 1, but can now see both views. Think this really needs an FAQ for a clear answer. Similarly I think a clear definition of discard (with timing rules) would be super helpful.
  6. Can’t believe I missed madmen. I think it’s because I see them stapled to certain units. Definitely want at least two. I always add them to warped and horrors. They feature in other units depending on scrip availability
  7. You’ll want a second commander and some units to get you up to 50 points. Doomseekers are great. Give ranged options, teleport shenanigans and area damage. ECB also give ranged damage and can deal with commanders and Titans. Also a solid choice. Gorysche is good. But takes more getting used to. A big scary looking Titan but his damage output doesn’t match. He’s actually more of a tank and versatile piece. I really like him but you’ll need a few goes to get the most value. In terms of commander it’s up to you. Both Fenton and Horo work and have a place in the faction. Choose the one you like based on looks. Get the other later. Broken are pretty good. They can hold an objective and draw cards. Good value. ive never used a second unit of portals. They’re amazing. But only need one. Breechlings are pretty good too. Even if you only summon them. Another thing to consider would be the rhino. Solid piece that has a role in most lists. Also at 3 scrip it helps plug a whole when you need to get up.
  8. Of course. 1 Axelst Garrison received 2 wookiejunior Garrison received 3 Nisz 4 Theshepherd 5 Danny-d-b Garrison received 6 narwhalsrnasty Garrison received 7 Stadon Garrison received 8 Vanilla_Dice Garrison received 9 trikk Garrison received 10 Delvan 11 Gloomy Garrison received 12 Retnab Garrison received
  9. Those options came out far more interesting than I would have expected for a mercenary unit. Definitely some cool ideas there.
  10. No. No limits on summons or attached assets (prototypes, heads etc).
  11. There is no limit to assets in the garrison. Just treat each toughness taken in garrison as 2 that you can take into play.
  12. Round allocations Round 1 Operation Set traps Deployment Sideways Map The River Steve Starts Mon 17 May Ends Mon 24 May If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker. And Round 1 ends as follows: Round 2 Operation Scavenge Deployment Corner Map The Village Begins Mon 24 May (tournament pack says Tuesday, but everyone has reported) Ends Mon 31 May If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker. And Round 2 ends as follows: Round 3 Operation Supply Cache Deployment Confrontation Map Research Outpost Ends Mon 7 June If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker. Final Results
  13. Sorry for the delay, work, real life and other things got in the way of my progress reports! London has been returned to the forces of earth! The Abyssinia stomped their way to victory. James’ troops making short work of the fishy units of Luke. Andy B’s Kings Empire also defeating fish (in this instance those of Rich). Andy uniquely managed to use every single commander available to him. Dave’s KE managed a close victory over Rob’s cult. It sounds like this was close on time, if the call of sleep hadn’t beckoned Rob might have been able to leverage the fact that Margaret had been dispatched. Peter’s Abyssinia also managed a very tight win over Andy H. Just 3 points between them! Reice managed to survive an early disadvantage from my cult to spin the game on its head. Largely due to the killing power of some teleporting sharks. Watch those bastards. Well done all. Thanks for participating and making the online event a success.
  14. Round 2 of the Return to London event is over. This week was scavenge and sideways. In an interesting round that saw all the cult face Abyssinia. Most of the hordes and the kings empire had mirror matches! Dan kicked the week off with a minor victory for the cult over Peter’s Abyssinia. And Rob immediately returned the favour with his Abyssinia bearing Andy H’s cult. The middle of the week Andy B showed Dave that his kings empire was the real deal. While Rich and Reice ground out a draw with all the fish. The weekend had Tom try an interesting double kings hand list vs Luke’s hordes. Alas the fish proved too much with a decisive victory. Keeping Luke at the top of the table. I’m starting to regret giving James an extra day to recover from his covid jab. His Abyssinia doing horrible things to my cult. Despite taking some early losses and running out of troops I managed to keep it being a complete washout. Fantastic games all round. James and Luke are smashing it out on table one, but due to the tournament scoring some of the others have some outside chances to squeak in. If the stars align.
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