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  1. Fair enough. Well with the Scots turning up it really helps. Trying to see if I can put together a 6th team.
  2. Would it help the other Spanish team that dropped if we dropped team size to 4?
  3. Think you were on my team last year. So not complete strangers.
  4. Well my team dropped but I’m still keen to go. So if there are other teams short I’ll do a mercenary role
  5. Any Yorkfaux, Scottish or others? will the Flippin’ Wyrds dare to show up?
  6. Well hopefully the Polish team bumps us back up.
  7. We had a 10 player tournament in the uk a few weeks back. Now the group tends resser heavy anyway. But had 3 players run Molly in some form. I ran her solo. One ran Transmortis for a game and Molly twice. 3rd player ran redchapel with Molly along for the ride. And one player faced all 3. Definitely think you’ll see loads of her, she’s so flexible
  8. Hardly situational. If you summon one with forgotten marshal it can then be the other side of the board with someone like Archie. Amazingly useful. With crooligans and night terrors plus her other tricks Molly really has some incredible versatility at scheme scoring.
  9. The three generic upgrades are all good and I’ve used all 3. In a tournament I was at on Sunday I used all 3 in different genes for different reasons. Im not too clued up on those crews but McMourning seems to be in a good place. And in reckoning seems to be king. Although there may be a case for jack in some scheme pools.
  10. That’s what I would think.
  11. The main thing there for me is that Monty can now “obey” them.
  12. Similar thoughts here. The clesning up of triggers and staggered is much more elegant. Think the crew will reward clever play with good synergies.
  13. Agree. The tormented crew look really interesting now. Lots of moving parts to bring together. Keen to get them on the table. Drowned, crooked men, jaakuna all seem to go together much better. Love the change to hanged and especially the punished trigger on jack.
  14. Re-read crooligan again. I actually really like these little guys now.
  15. Lost knowledge still allows Molly player to choose opponent to draw cards.
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