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  1. I don’t see auguste into jack at all. He’s dead with no effort. Jack’s always tight on SS I don’t see any reason to waste them on that fool. I like this new jack though. Think he’s got some interesting plays to disgusting ping and attacks with no counter. I like the idea of crooked men, but I’ve found that they die way too easily and not sure jacked is keeping them alive any better.
  2. In the company section of the TOS app I can’t flip the cards to the glory side. iOS version. This is when I’m looking at a built company, not tried it in game. When I try slide the card over it gets over and then pushes itself back. In the normal card viewing section it works fine.
  3. Found a couple of bugs in the TOS app 1) If you have zero scrip left you can’t add a second toughness asset (even though costs nil). You need to delete something, add the asset and then rehire what you deleted. 2) if you take Horo into cult but declare no envoy or envoy of the court, horo is still able to add his hordes assets. Which he shouldn’t be able to. I imagine it’s the same for Kassa, but didn’t check.
  4. Mech infantry are really good if you’d not already spotted that.
  5. I’ve faced 2-3 rail gunners a few times. Solid units with card draw and ranged threat. I’ve certainly seen 2 more marauders more than once. Their scoring potential in some games is really high. And they can be hard to pin down. Definitely worth their cost. Doubt you’d go more than that though. Engineers are really good. And if you ever had a spare point one will always be good. I’d say 3 seems about right. Not sure if you’d go 4, but bet people have done it. PS - all of the above is from the perspective of playing against them rather than with them.
  6. Not sure how I feel about that. I think they add enough to the game without needing it.
  7. Yeah exactly, makes it harder to introduce new units either in those syndicates or in other factions. But I don’t want every new champion type unit to come in with tactics tokens just to make them worth it. As then everyone will be swimming in tactics tokens.
  8. I’ve been doing some thinking about the champions that give tactics (Binh and Thrace). They’re both really good and at the moment I struggle build lists that don’t include them. They’re individually useful (perhaps Thrace more obviously) and they grant a powerful resource. Initially I thought I’d love something similar in each allegiance so I didn’t have to hire Binh. But with the syndicate envoys being as easy to hire as they are I’d probably take the in faction hire plus the syndicate champion. What do people think of these ideas? - Add tactic granting champions to all allegiances. Reckon there could be some great fluff ideas for each too - Change the +1/+2 to +0/+1. This means they aren’t automatic hires but still add value. It also prevents the arms race of hiring two champions - Alternatively make it a flat +1 for a champion and +2 for commanders (other than the exceptions) - Another alternative is to make them +0/+1 when taken as an envoy and +1/+2 when taken in home allegiance. That keeps Binh and Thrace good in their home faction, still useful as envoy hires. But not auto takes. In the last two vassal events I’ve run, Binh and Thrace were taken in almost every list regardless of allegiance. Which is fairly telling in itself. The players that didn’t take them were either newer to the game or were running a specific type of list. Any other ideas or thoughts?
  9. Thanks to @Gloomy for the help with some of the artwork editing. Some of it had already been included in the module probably by Ratty back in the day.
  10. Hello all I have updated the TOS Vassal module and it is now available for download. Quite a few things were updated: Court of Two and Guild models are now available. However, only those that we have seen as part of the Waldo's weekly are included. These may be subject to change, as soon as the final versions are released (along with their asset cards) I will update and include. The cost for Manifest destiny has been corrected Striped skulkers are now the correct base size Karkinoi can now add the adjunct Barbed crawlers are now three per base instead of 5 Yurazi and speckled crawlers can now not take adjuncts Barbed crawler reference card now included The decks for all of the original maps are now working again Everything available here. I am also looking into the 4 card flip for to make some of the Cult abilities easier to use, but this has not yet been included. If there are other bugs or requests please let me know and I can try update for when we get the final versions of all the Court and Guild cards.
  11. I think the new starter will do wonders for the community. If they happened to update the FAQ and errata then even better.
  12. I think that picture went up in one of the Waldo posts.
  13. Final results are up. Thank you so much to everyone for participating. I will run another event soon. I think Mark took Bragging Rights with 21 to Axel's 20. But not everyone reported them so I could be wrong.
  14. I really can read this both ways. Definitely think this is an area that requires an official FAQ.
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