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  1. The three generic upgrades are all good and I’ve used all 3. In a tournament I was at on Sunday I used all 3 in different genes for different reasons. Im not too clued up on those crews but McMourning seems to be in a good place. And in reckoning seems to be king. Although there may be a case for jack in some scheme pools.
  2. That’s what I would think.
  3. The main thing there for me is that Monty can now “obey” them.
  4. Similar thoughts here. The clesning up of triggers and staggered is much more elegant. Think the crew will reward clever play with good synergies.
  5. Agree. The tormented crew look really interesting now. Lots of moving parts to bring together. Keen to get them on the table. Drowned, crooked men, jaakuna all seem to go together much better. Love the change to hanged and especially the punished trigger on jack.
  6. Re-read crooligan again. I actually really like these little guys now.
  7. Lost knowledge still allows Molly player to choose opponent to draw cards.
  8. I like it. Doesn’t give away cards. The limit also means there won’t be too much whining. And if the opponent wants to keep cards in hand Molly is happy with that too.
  9. I think she is very close too. Disturbing story doesn’t feel quite right. Same view on crooligans - cannot find a reason to hire them unless I’ve got Seamus. Archie feels a little squishy. There are a few where it is tricky to get fading to fire though. Like crooligans. Still not 100% on the actions for the totem, but accomplice does help.
  10. Metalhed

    Tormented 2.14

    I’d be more than happy with a change to punishment and that change to Ligeia
  11. Metalhed

    Tormented 2.14

    I played Jack on Friday. I’ve mostly focussed on Molly thus far, but as you said the forgotten when from a little dull to being incredibly thematic and fun. So not too worried about her at the moment. Hanged was really good in my game. He pretty much protected my left flank from search the ruins. But Seamus mostly scored it anywhere for my opponent in the end. These guys are great but at 11ss plus two in game that was expected. He managed to get me 2 back though from killer instinct so was very satisfied. Jack, Monty and the Lady decimated the centre of the board. But it’s pretty much because the machine fired. I had Jaakuna bringing my opponent into the centre to feed the crew. It was reckoning so my opponent did need to engage. If if I needed to do anything else the crew would’ve been stranded. I would not bother using the Punishment trigger as written. With a change I would. The bonus action on Monty does nothing. I’d much rather some form of support action than more damage. Sadly my crooked man took a Seamus bullet to the face so he couldn’t actually add anything to game. The game ended in a 4-4 draw. But most of the schemes were quite scheme heavy. So I got full points for search ruins and had a difficult choice in the second. Which got me nothing. The crew feels like it’s almost there. But I’d love to be able to be able to compete in a few more scheme pools with it.
  12. I don’t think he owns any. He avoided Kirai like the plague and probably associated them with her. I agree on not needing the scheme runners. The night terrors are incredible. I think he’s back doored a Seamus crew he liked. Because he realised he didn’t like core Redchapel. And he liked Asura with Seamus. But it highlights a problem that Seamus and elements of his crew are better in other crews than in their own. And Asura seems bloody good in any crew.
  13. And to be fair the once per turn summoning (apart from Ramos) largely wasn’t a huge problem in M2E either. With pass tokens and activation control reined in I think there is less resistance to ad hoc summoning.
  14. Got a game with Molly last night. Wow, she’s so much fun. In each of her activations there are so many choices, activation order is important. And she can really throw out support and obstruction at the same time. And when the synergies click her AP efficiency is crazy. Rogue necro seems much better. But I’d like to try the dead rider too. But I think he’s in the right place now. Archie seems back where he should be. Mobile and scary enough. I’m still not sure what the role of the necrotic machine is. He’s ok. Not bad. I just used his him as a scheme runner and I found he triggered ceaseless advance a few times. Didn’t hire or summon crooligans. Another model that feels ok but perhaps in the right scheme pool their ability to move to a master / henchmen will be very good.
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