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Runaway/Pup Help!


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We need a bit of clarification on this character….could someone describe exactly for they work? There are no examples in the rulebook including them and the rules can be interpreted in different ways. For example, do they share movement or do they each get the total number? This is just one point of confusion. Really just would like a rundown as to how they are played. All of the other vagrants are easy and straightforward, but these were frustrating.

Thank you in advance!

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Hey there,

The Runaway and Pup are definitely the most complex to play.

To answer your first question: they do not share Movement, but do share Coins (so Actions are essentially split between the two). To Move the Pup, you have to put a Coin on the Pup's Move Action on its own Pup card. To Move the Runaway, you'd place a Coin on her own Move value. 

We are updating the rulebook so it includes some additional clarity, as well as a detailed FAQ, which will include some additional information on how the Runaway and Pup work. While the updated rulebook isn't out yet, it will soon be available as a free download on our website, or you can purchase it on our website once it is available. 

In the meantime, I'll post some of the questions and answers in the updated rulebook. Hopefully they help clear things up!


What effects affect both the Runaway and the Pup?
The Runaway shares everything with the Pup, including General Action values and Haint Effects. Anything that affects her will also affect
the Pup*. Remember, the Runaway and Pup can only be affected once by a single effect, even if it would harm or affect both the Pup and
the Runaway. This includes losing Humanity, being forced to Move, and being targeted by area effects.

*The Pup cannot be Haunted, so any Haint Effects, Humanity loss, or other effects a Haunted Effect would have are negated if the Pup
would be Haunted.

Does the Runaway suffer from Haint Effects based off the Pup’s positioning? Would the Runaway lose 2 Humanity if she has Spooked (•)
and the Pup ends a turn within Range 2 of the Turned Faces?

Yes, the Runaway always considers the Pup’s position when resolving “you” effects. Since “you” (referring to the Runaway or the Pup)
ended within Range 2 of the Turned Faces, the Humanity loss from Spooked (•) would trigger.

Can the Pup discard Rummage Tokens?
No, the Pup cannot discard Rummage Tokens; the Runaway must be the one to discard them. Any Rummage Tokens the Pup has must
still be traded or given to another Vagrant before they can be used.

Does the Pup count as a Vagrant for effects that rely on Vagrant numbers (like seeing how many Vagrants are in the same train car or
having all Vagrants reach a certain location to win)?

No. In circumstances that specifically denote Vagrants, only the Runaway is considered the “Vagrant”; the Pup is not.

Does the Pup benefit from any Junk the Runaway has that offers passive benefits, like the Twirling Compass or Fishing Line?
Yes, the Pup receives these benefits as well.


Hope those help!

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