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  1. Yeah, one of them is going to buy rasputina by the way Seamus looks fun as hell to me, I'll buy for sure his box.. Maybe I'll do Reva -> McMourning -> Seamus -> Nicodem, with The emissary for sure but first I need to create a lil' group of players
  2. Well, ok! So Reva is the winner. Any markers/stuff I need to buy for her? Im already doing some corpse markers. What else?
  3. Thank you! Well, I'm still so confused. Seamus got: + Fun to play , + Rotten Belles , + Nice lore - not competitive Reva got: + Hits hard , + Fun to play , + Overall strong - Her box isn't that played with other masters I like both of them aesthetically, so "choose the one you like most" doesn't work. And I can't even afford to buy them both...
  4. Well, to be honest here there isnt a competitive scene, we havnt any miniature shop and we're just 3/4 friends trying to learn Malifaux. But if Seamus lacks something, it is obvious even in friendly games so it could be not that fun. What scares me is that Reva seems a bit hard to play for a new player, but maybe Im wrong and I just need few games to learn how she works. Also, do I need to buy something specific to play her? I'll just have her box and some corpse markers, of course We Are not still playing at 50SS so im not talking about how to enlarge her Crew. ps: having no ressers models, would be Nicodem a suicide to play with nothing to summon (I should proxy all The summons)?
  5. Heyo guys! So, days ago I asked for help, I couldn't choose between Guild and Ressers. Now, I'm sure I'm going to play Ressers but I'd like to know your opinion about the master. I'm having troubles choosing between Seamus and Reva. I like the first one because atm I play Perdita, and I enjoy doing big dmg shooting. Also, he comes with 3 rotten belles, so I will enjoy them for sure with most of the other masters. I really like his teleporting and blasting faces once per turn while the rest of the crew do their duties. Then, I like Reva because of her beating from distance through her corpse markers, and for the fact I guess she is a beatstick. I don't enjoy the fact that her box doesn't give that much for other masters. I mean, shieldbearers aren't that played in other crews as I saw. I enjoy her look as well. So, tell me everything you think could be usefull! Edit: I'm still new to the game, just tryin' to learn with Perdita.
  6. Yup, I am "studyin" this! The best choice would be Seamus + McMourning because of Belles + Nurses (as you said as well), but I prefer Reva to McMourning so I'll probably go first with Seamus and then Reva! And maybe proxing Shield bearers as Nurses for now
  7. First of all, thank you so much for your answers guys! Then, you kinda encouraged me to do the step and try something that seems harder to learn to me, so I'll probably go with the Ressers. I think I won't sell Perdita, and maybe in the future I'll buy for her some hounds and stuff to get her to the 50SS. Even because we are a small group of friends, so we will try every crew/faction we got. Now, I'm going to search the Resser Buying Guide and look for the two masters I'll stick with. Probably Reva and Seamus, or Reva and McMourning, or even Reva and Reva! LOL
  8. Hello guys! Yeah, it's one of those "I can't choose between .." , I'm sorry for that! By the way, let's go to the point. Guild : I already got Perdita, and I like her shooting power a lot, plus I really like the Western theme. I love Lady Justice and the fact she is a train in melee. I also really enjoy the Death Marshals concept. Sonnia seems attractive, I could like her fire and explosion spam. McMourning seems good as well. McCabe could be fun to play for a good player. Collie and Hoffman are a NO. Expecially Hoffman, I really dislike his constructs esthetically. I like the fact that the Guild is an aggro faction, and it plays few but strong models. BUT I don't find many models I like except for the Crew Box I already said plus few others. Resurrectionists : I simply love how Reva looks, and don't ask me why. I know she hits so damn strong from the distance and got some nasty tricks. Seamus is a mad criminal, he pops out from nowhere and just explode your face with his .50, approved. Nicodem is the classic necromancer, summoning zombies and invading the table. I could like him. McMourning as for the Guild. I like, in this order, Molly, Kirai, Tara and Yan Lo. I'm a beginner and I guess they are not that easy to play, so it scares me a bit. I DO love the Ressers aesthetics. But what slows me down is the fact they seem tricky to play and being a beginner doesn't help, plus I don't like the fact I need to buy a lot of models for the summonings. I usually am an aggro player in the others game, but in Malifaux I could like slowing down and working with my mind controlling the table to see what is the best to do, so Ressers could be a nice compromise. But I don't know. It's time for you to write!
  9. Thank you! To be honest, I think I'm the only one in my whole city/region that play Malifaux (not even a toy library here), so I guess the third option isn't avaible. The first one is so sad, the second one is the last choice, and the last one is sooo hard. I'm so upset.
  10. Should I try to up this? :S
  11. Ehy guys! I'm new to the forum, even if I use to lurk a lot the Wyrd site. I bought my first crew, Perdita, 2 years ago (more or less). I've never played because my friends weren't charmed by Malifaux, but now I'm trying to give it a new shot, trying to convince them (and it seems I'm winning this time!). Now, while I read the 2nd Edition rulebook, I'd love to get the WHOLE lore behind Malifaux, but I'd prefer to spend my money in miniatures instead of the old books, and I can't stand the podcast because I'm italian and I can't get them as much as I would do reading (no probs with it). What/how should I do? :/ PS: Sorry if my english isn't on point! PPS: Reading the whole lore would help me to choose my faction aswell!
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