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  1. Apologies, yes: this year's event has been cancelled. Still looking into whether the dates next year are feasible for me. I didn't see the official announcement go out so apologies for not confirming sooner. If you have purchased a ticket, you should have received an email detailing your options. If not, please contact: info@london40kgrandtournament.co.uk. Hope to be able to confirm soon if I can still run the event (April 30th - May 3rd) - please do let me know if there is interest in it going ahead.
  2. Due to Corona Virus, LGT has been postponed until 26-27 September: 2 weeks after English GT. I am still able to do this at the later date, but would like to invite thoughts from the community if this is still feasible?
  3. I think this is the place @MariFaux is referring to: https://maps.app.goo.gl/kzimdM3AivyVyyw3A 5 minutes from venue, seems very reasonable! Up to 6 sign ups now, just waiting for names. Please spread the word and urge people to buy their ticket as soon as possible.
  4. SLOW GROW ROUND 2 - 27 JAN TO 9 FEB RED GAME: "RESERVFAUX DOGS" It was all going so well – your enemy became your friend and combined you were able to pull off the heist of the twentieth century! It was a beautiful ballet of misdirection and cunning genius that even George C Looney would be proud off (George was the individual you met on the train to Malifaux who had been bragging about his infamous crimes). And then that double-crossing son of a Silurid went and… well… double-crossed you. Well now it’s your turn, and you know what they say: “every dog has its dinner…” wait, that’s not right… Deployment: Corner Strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Power Ritual / Take Prisoner / Claim Jump Special Rule: After deployment, each crew starting with the Attacker places a Loot Token on one of their models. If a model with a Loot Token is killed, the active player must transfer the Loot Token to another model within 2”. If no model is within 2” the active player drops a 30mm Loot Marker in base contact with the killed model before it is removed and the Loot Token is discarded. Any model in base contact with a Loot Token may take an Interact action to remove it and gain a Loot Token. At the end of the game, each crew scores a number of additional VP equal to the number of Loot Tokens currently on their models. BLACK GAME: "ARIK POTTEMER AND THE TURF WAR OF FIRE" “Okay, Gang, this is it. This is where we are going to build our Empire. This hallowed ground...” “Err… Boss? This place is *literally* on fire…” “… So, all we have to do is clear these trespassers off our green and fertile soil.” “It’s mostly black and steaming.” “I swear, Jenkins: one more word out of you and you’ll be riding the bullet train to the floor!” Deployment: Standard Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Breakthrough / Hold Up Their Forces / Outflank Special Rule: All Turf War markers are consider to have an 1” of Hazardous (Burning +1).
  5. When is this, please?
  6. SLOW GROW ROUND 1 - 13 JAN TO 26 JAN RED GAME: "HIGH NOON AT BAD THINGS CORRAL" The sun beats hot on your shoulders as you twist through the streets of the Quarantine Zone. Ahead, four dark shapes emerge from an alley - your ambush has failed, now it all comes down to who has the fastest trigger! Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Assassinate / Vendetta Special Rule: VP may be scored on Turn 1 (NB you may still only score 4 VP from the Strat and 2 from each scheme) - yes, this is Henchman Hardcore without the time limit. BLACK GAME: "RAIDERS OF THE CURSED ARK" You found it! Only problem is, you didn't find it first. After weeks of meticulous planning and investigation it all comes down to who can loot those powerful artifacts the quickest... Shut your eyes - don't look at them no matter what happens! Deployment: Flank Strategy: Cursed Idols Schemes: Dig Their Graves / Search The Ruins Special Rule: Idol markers may be used as friendly scheme markers or corpse markers for the purposes of schemes. Each marker may only be used as one or the other and only for one scheme per turn. If a marker would be removed it is not, instead the opponent may place the marker within 3" after VP scoring is complete, if both players would place the same marker at the same time it does not move.
  7. SPECIAL KEYWORDS: Some Keyword crews require multiple Keywords to work as intended, therefore when declaring the following Keywords, the Keyword in parentheses is also considered to be included: ELITE (Mimic) ACADEMIC (Elemental) SOOEY (Pig) ANCESTOR (Retainer) In addition, when hiring, if a Henchman is chosen as leader, as long as it has one of those Keywords it is considered to have both. When a Henchman is leader under the CHIMERA Keyword, they gain the "Beastmaster" rule from Marcus' card.
  8. We're going to go again on this one as life got in the way somewhat before Christmas. As before, the best way to get involved is to join the "Dark Sphere Malifaux and The Other Side" Facebook group. I'll post updates on here if you want to play along at home. You can post your results here too and I'll happily add you into the league tables, but if you win anything I make no guarantees I'll be able to mail prizes to you: depends very much on where you are in the world and how much it will cost me! The amended rules are: This will be a league made up of three rounds, each spanning a period of two weeks. Players may play as many games as they wish during that period, although scoring is capped to stop someone laying a hundred games in a week and running away with the league: 1-2 games a round should be plenty. Each player declares a Keyword upon entering the league. Only models that share the declared Keyword or versatile models of the appropriate faction may be hired. Henchman models that have the applicable Keyword are always considered legal regardless of faction. Note that while a faction must be declared for each game, it is not declared as part of the league. For example, a player declaring ‘Foundry’ for the league may, in round 1 declare Arcanists as their faction and select Kang as their leader even though he is not normally a legal choice for Arcanists, only for Mei Feng. In another game in the same round, that player may decide they want to try out some of the Ten Thunders versatile models and declare Ten Thunders as their faction, as long as they stick to the ‘Foundry’ Keyword. Each round will apply to games played from the Monday for a period of fourteen days. The Sunday before a round starts, either Rich or I will post a round announcement, including two different game set-ups (strat, schemes, deployment and potentially any special rules we think of that will make the game more hilarious…) a Red game and a Black game. All league games will be played using one of these set-ups: you may either decide with your opponent which game to play or flip a card to determine randomly (Mask, Ram or RJ = Red; Crow, Tome or BJ = Black). Game results are to be posted on the round announcement by the start of the next round or they will not be counted. We will not chase you for results. We don’t have the energy. Points will be awarded for the following, with no more than 2 points awarded in each category per round: +1 Point per game played +1 Point for a win +1 Point for fully painted crew +1 Point for a game played at Dark Sphere +1 Point if you’ve never played your opponent before There will be some limited prizes. Round One – 13 Jan to 26 Jan: Encounter Size is 30 Soulstones. Only Henchmen can be chosen as a Crew’s Leader. A Leader's Cost is not treated as 0 when hiring. A Crew’s Soulstone Pool can never exceed 3 (any excess Soulstones are discarded). Players have a maximum hand size of 4. Player Crews must contain exactly 4 models. Leaders have an Action limit of 2 instead of 3. Models cannot be Summoned. If a model would be Summoned, the Summon effect is ignored. The Helping Hand ability listed on Effigy models is ignored. Round Two – 27 Jan to 9 Feb: Encounter size is 40 Soulstones. Master or Henchman led. A Crew’s Soulstone Pool can never exceed 6 (any excess Soulstones are discarded). Players have a maximum hand size of 5. No more than two Summoned models may be on the board at any one time for each crew. If a model would be Summoned, and the owners crew already has two summoned models on the board, the Summon effect is ignored. Round Three – 10 Feb to 23 Feb: Encounter size is 50 Soulstones. Master led. If you have any questions, please feel free. Otherwise, please sign up below with your chosen Keyword.
  9. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED - POTENTIALLY RETURNING 30 APRIL - 3 MAY 2021 Dates: 26-27 September 2020 *postponed to September due to Corona Virus* Venue: Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London, N9 0AR The venue has over 500 free parking spaces on site. These are available for attendee use on a first come first served basis. The nearest train station is Ponders End which is a short taxi ride or reasonable walk away. Hotels in and around Enfield or Edmonton should be the most convenient. Event: This will be a five round event following the latest Gaining Grounds. The Singles game variant will be in use (when Hiring, Masters not sharing a Keyword with the Crew's Leader cannot be hired) and fully painted crews are compulsory - enforced painting is not something I usually do at my events, but given the nature of the wider event felt it was appropriate here. Strats and Schemes will be revealed two months before the event.
  10. Apologies - the stream was organised by the store and after chasing them up on it, it appears the stream was not archived. It was live cast and that was it I'm afraid. It's the first time I've done streaming at an event so I'll make sure in future it is available at later dates. Sorry to dissapoint.
  11. Oh yeah - looked for this, couldn't find it. Let me get back to you...
  12. Hi @Carter apologies, only just saw this. I'm out of town at the moment but I'll DM you... Tom
  13. A massive thank you to everyone who attended this weekend! I managed to get a good number of photos over the 2 days, and if you'd like to have a look through them they are all together here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w1ngnbaempqoy1l/AABFxXtC-f0GKwZear21NWqia?dl=0 Our glorious winners were: 1st - Jamie Varney 2nd - James Doxey 3rd - Paul Butler Wooden Spoon - Robert Milne Best Painted - Luke Athiko Best Arcanist - James Doxey Best Bayou - AJ Barr Best Explorer - Dave Brown Best Guild - Francois Langton Best Neverborn - Ross Baker Best Outcast - Rich Walters Best Ressurrectionist - Jamie Varney Best Ten Thunder - Paul Butler
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