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  1. Skitt_Happens

    Replace and Yan Lo

    I played Yan Lo twice in the closed beta and had a Reliquary upgrade in play for exactly half an activation - my opponent's. What happens is your opponent focusses down the minions (Gokudo are a great example) around your ancestors first. This sounds like the Reliquaries don't work, but in fact they do because your opponent can't deal with Izamu marauding through their crew until he's first dealt with everything else.
  2. Hello! Anyone interested in demos for Malifaux or The Other Side in the London area, please get in touch. I am happy to demo at either Dark Sphere shop (Waterloo or Shepherds Bush) and am available most Sundays: I can often do other days of the week bit as I work shifts it's hard for me to say definitively when is best... Please PM me if you'd like a demo, or join us on the "Dark Sphere Malifaux and The Other Side" Facebook group. Tom
  3. Skitt_Happens

    The Other Side Demos - Dark Sphere, London - 15-16 Dec 2018

    Thanks @Burnin' Coal - that post makes me very happy! I'll be sure to keep in touch with what we're doing going forwards.
  4. Skitt_Happens

    Removing Pinned tokens

    Yes. In an abstract sense, the fireteams are not patiently waiting for each other. In practical terms that is clearly not possible. Let me put it in other terms: if the advance was written on the units card as of it was any other action, then all fireteams are declaring that action at the same time. It can't be interrupted with other actions, the unit advances.
  5. Skitt_Happens

    Sturdy Repairs typo

    "... to the target " is legitimate, if non-standard English, I think. Because the Sturdy Repairs trigger states "an additional asset" that reads the same as "another asset": can't be the same asset twice. You wouldn't draw a card from the action effect, because that is part of the original action not the trigger. However, it does count as two separate instances of [swapping] a card, so Spare Parts would trigger twice. Which is nice. So she can swap two different assets and draw three cards with one action, but can't swap the same card twice.
  6. Skitt_Happens

    Removing Pinned tokens

    While I can see there is an ambiguity to the wording, it is also not worded to say "The next/first fireteam..." The wording of "a fireteam..." implies to me that it is all fireteams. My understanding is that all fireteams move together (all suffering the penalty) and then the unit removes Pinned tokens. I believe that was the intention and the way I have played it. By your reading of the rule, Pinned has a very corner case usefulness outside of removing reinforcement tokens, as it's rare that every fireteam uses it's full movement so would be easy to discard tokens for no detriment.
  7. Hello All! I'm going to be running The Other Side Demos at Dark Sphere all weekend 15-16 December. Saturday 15th I'll be at the new Shepherd's Bush Megastore, Sunday 16th I'll be at Waterloo Store. I'm planning to be there as long as the shops are open on each day, so anyone who is interested is welcome to drop in and play a demo off the cuff, but if you do know you want to come it would be good to know roughly when people are hoping to turn up. If you can't make that weekend but would like a The Other Side (or Malifaux for that matter) demo at a different time, please get in touch - I'm happy to oblige when time permits... I may be spending every spare moment painting for the next couple of weeks... Any questions, feel free to ask! Tom.
  8. Skitt_Happens

    Malifaux Groups / Open Play in London

    Hi @StormLordXIII sorry - only just saw this post. I'm the henchman for Dark Sphere which is in Lambeth North and now in Shepherd's Bush too. We don't have a set night we get together, but if you search on Facebook for "Dark Sphere Malifaux" we arrange games through that group.
  9. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: TBC - 27th October 2018

    Unfortinately I'm going to have to postpone this event. Due to life issues, I just haven't had the time to put the necessary work in for this. Apologies if this inconveniences/disappoints anyone.
  10. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Hey all! Many thanks to those who were able to attend - hope it was a good day? I've uploaded a gallery of the photos Rich and I took during the day: GALLERY The results for those interested: From The Heavens (1st) and #1 Guild - John Burgess Crushing Blow (2nd) and #1 Gremlin - Andy Bradshaw Knock Back (3rd) and #1 Ressurectionist - Reice Chaudhry Welcome to Malifaux! and #1 Neverborn - Leo Rautonen #1 Arcanist - Nick Featherstone I Paint Better - Luke Athiko #1 Outcast - James Henley #1 Ten Thunder - Luke Grundy The Construct (Spoon) - Rob Jones
  11. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2

    14 player, 3 round event played at Dark Sphere, London on 18/08/18
  12. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    @Hound Grey are you on your way?
  13. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Also: prizes have arrived. Trophies should be delivered this afternoon. We are all go!
  14. Skitt_Happens

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Updated attendee list - we are now down to the last 2 tickets! Thanks so much everyone! Having had a quick look at the rankings I have decided to make a slight adjustment to the Welcome To Malifaux award: I am raising the rankings point cap for eligability from 50 to 55. There were a few people who I felt fit the criteria of what I wanted this award to promote that were missing out at 50 and are now included at 55. Also want to keep the award competitive.
  15. Skitt_Happens

    Undying 10T models.

    On the Katashiro as summons: I can see a definite use for them, or at least a legitimate choice. Yokai are pretty sub-par if they can't charge, so in turns 2/3 when things are getting tight, I have often summoned a Yokai with Asami only to have my opponents next activation be to walk up and engage the Yokai with any spare model. In those situations, I could instead summon a Katashiro. It attacks straight away, and then Asami can go do other things because it doesn't need her around to function on that first turn. Opponent can't neuter the model with a walk action either... Minako is interesting... not really sure when I'd take her but I will find a way. Like the idea of her as a tarpit - maybe give her broken promises and use charm wardens charm of vanishing for one turn of "you ain't doing nothing".