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  1. Big thanks to everyone who made it! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I took a few photos throughout the day - if you'd like to see them they are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bpwt6b1ct48ziwq/AADRcPb6eNrpjoZUR-_oXQTca?dl=0 If you have lost anything, please let me know. I picked up a few bits of list property at the end of the day.
  2. Yeah I'll sort you out. (I think you've posted in the wrong thread though)
  3. Haha - that's fine! Less of an issue now, more when I was organising 2 tournaments that had similar price entry. Thank you!
  4. Now accepting up to 24 players! Any additional terrain and/or mats you are able to easily bring will be much appreciated - I'm pretty sure we will have enough, but would rather have too much rather than not enough. Thank you to this wonderful community for pitching in and letting this happen.
  5. Yeah - only if you can carry stuff without too much difficulty. We should be able to manage, I'm just trying to cover myself...
  6. Wow - I'm delighted with the popularity for this event and am looking to see if I can add some more space. To those attending, if you are able to bring some terrain without putting yourself out too much it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If anyone wants to play Nekima or Dashel, as they do not currently have their Totem I will allow them to take Mysterious/Brutal Effigy via Helping Hand rule.
  8. Whoops! I appear to have "accidentally" revealed Strategy and Schemes! Oh well... New player pack now linked: Dead Trinity is gone, as are hiring additional masters; few other small changes/clarifications; added some suggested hotels near by.
  9. Thanks to Lewis and "Scottish Meta" for a great weekend!
  10. If anyone was planning to play Explorers Society: I haven't ordered a Best Explorer prize - You'll be competing against Guild players for best in faction. If that's upsetting to you, I'm sorry, but I'm already way over budget and had to way up the likelihood of it being a waste of money...
  11. I will have another pass at the tournament pack... Probably tomorrow... seems general opinion has shifted with regard to DMH so unless there are major objections I will remove the Dead Trinity and hireable masters. All still pending a GG document.
  12. I think we are all missing the most important factor in the LRM/Tanuki debate: LRM is a monk running around using healing salves and such. Tanuki is an angry drunk raccoon spilling sake on everyone and shouting at people. No contest!
  13. I haven't tried it yet, but in keyword you have Survivors with a trigger to drop a scrap from 14" away. Seems far better at 5ss then an Obi Oni at 8.
  14. Don't walk with Asami: charge. Violation Of Reality is an aura and Asami is an Oni, so she benefits from it for some extra mobility. I've only played two games with her in 3rd, and the first game I played her similar to OP. 2nd game I didn't summon at all, instead either using her to pull my opponents out if position or throwing her into the mix, eating my opponents scheme markers, doing some damage and using pulled here and there trigger to reposition to safety. It was a lot more fun!
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