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  1. A massive thank you to everyone who attended this weekend! I managed to get a good number of photos over the 2 days, and if you'd like to have a look through them they are all together here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w1ngnbaempqoy1l/AABFxXtC-f0GKwZear21NWqia?dl=0 Our glorious winners were: 1st - Jamie Varney 2nd - James Doxey 3rd - Paul Butler Wooden Spoon - Robert Milne Best Painted - Luke Athiko Best Arcanist - James Doxey Best Bayou - AJ Barr Best Explorer - Dave Brown Best Guild - Francois Langton Best Neverborn - Ross Baker Best Outcast - Rich Walters Best Ressurrectionist - Jamie Varney Best Ten Thunder - Paul Butler
  2. Just as a reminder to everyone, this is 8n Shepherds Bush not Waterloo
  3. With the new faction books being released now in electronic copies, I thought it worthwhile to clarify/amend the rules on unreleased models: I am happy for models that are released in the faction books to be used (proxied in most cases) as long as you are able to provide a printed copy of the card for your opponents perusal. Please note, beta testing cards are not suitable.
  4. You may have seen pictures of trophies and prize pools popping up in various social media streams... All the pics are collated on the Facebook event: Malifaux English GT 2019.
  5. Just to note: it's fine to sign up at any point - don't worry if you've missed the start.
  6. Tournament pack updated - more or less final now as even if we do get a gaining grounds document I will be sticking to these timings. Trying out something new for Sporting Play, details in the pack.
  7. That was something I was going to get to this weekend: what would people like to do? There is a Thai restaurant that I remember being good from, like, 12 years ago... the fact that it is still open is a good sign... Or would people prefer just a burger and a beer? First things first - who's coming out for a meal on Saturday night?
  8. Funny you should ask... I can confirm that KR Multicase are supporting the event ... that may have some influence on the prize pool.... Enough of a hint for you?
  9. Ah ha, so it is. Haven't really got a Hordes player locally so haven't come across that yet. Yup, I know. Not saying it's a bad thing, I like it.
  10. Should Fire Nova be (6 v Sp)? If that's not a mistake it's a very interesting mechanic as we've not seen a that generates an opposed duel with every enemy in range before. Interesting way to add deck milling onto the rhino... but could also be a misprint.
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