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  1. I react with thanks as a way of both thanking everyone that helps me and also as a way to track if I have done something so I don't have to remember if I have done it.
  2. matt

    Ferdinand Vogel

    This is actually something we toy-ed with doing for a while, but it caused minor problems and we didn't have a great title for non-Beast Vogle. (Titleless is odd as TBW would replace with Ferndinand Vogle, and could choose himself causing him to just Heal 2 and stand still), I might go back to this in the next few days if I find the time though.
  3. So, I don't mind this idea in concept, but if you would want something like this to change, I recommend trying it out in a battle report and letting me see how it goes, beacuse as it stands: Studied Opponent is in a strange spot for me, its fine & does its job, but takes significant amounts of game time (significant relative to other game mechanics) and honestly isn't providing too much to the crew. So if anyone wants to do a battle report with Transmortis and try and stress test this (preferably several reports) in the next week before we hit the "final" button, we can see how this goes. If it's not broken and speeds up transmortis gameplay, I will consider it. Not making any promises just curious to see how it goes.
  4. FWP had the enemy only restriction removed, butterfly jump did not change.
  5. M3E will use a very similar plastic to the M2E plastic and will require assembly similar to M2E.
  6. Similar to a certain factory in the Pixar Multiverse, our office is actually powered by the screams of frustrated hobbyists working on putting together our Malifaux Kits.
  7. So I want to take a moment and address this specifically and why she won't be adjusted in this way. Hard to Kill is a very useful ability that is the third most common ability in the game showing up on 59 models/Upgrades. In the past, we have used this ability as a game-design crutch of "this model dies too fast" so we put HTK on it and called it good. We don't see this as the best Approach for Reva, as she is a master who has several options to burst heal herself or her crew, (Final Veil, Embrace the Flame, Feed on Greef) and plays a very mid-line gameplay, hiding behind her own crew and using her Pyres to block for her. In this state, we feel that Hard to Kill combined with her burst and Passive Healing (Final Veil) could result in a NPE for her opponent as well as pushing a very tanky gameplay style that we do not intend for Reva.
  8. We are still looking for volunteers to help out with event hall shifts throughout Adepticon so if you've got some free time and want to give us a hand, please let us know!
  9. matt

    Analyse Weakness

    Something along the lines of this: Until the End Phase, all damage the target suffers ignores Armor and Shielded. granted it removes the cap of 2 on these things but there is no base Armor 3 in Malifaux, and nothing gives Shielded +3 by itself.
  10. Hey Everyone, Occasionally, there does come a question about a game interaction that while the answer does exist it could come from other complicated interactions and explaining it on a card would be an unreasonable amount of text, thus we have the official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This thread is for all of you to let us know what questions you think require a FAQ in order to set the record straight. First a couple of rules: Do not post direct questions in this thread, instead, link to a post on the forum discussing the question in detail. Do not open a new thread and link to it here. This should only be for Frequently Asked Questions... i.e. if you're making a thread for it; it's not frequently asked. Do not argue or chat in this thread. That's for other places. This is to compile potential FAQ questions. When posting, please be specific about what needs to be addressed. Do not post links to typos or errors, as we have another thread to consolidate all of that information.
  11. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in here and say that the change to Arson being a "may" center on a Scheme marker was accidental and will be changed to "must" in the final release
  12. matt

    Highway Robbery

    Hi, so this is actually a mistake of the drop it which should be after succeeding instead of after resolving.
  13. Nope, the changelog is just wrong
  14. The replace rules specify that if the new model can't be placed (because the old one is buried) the replace effect fails. Hence, effigy of fate is on turn 3 or later.
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