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  1. I would agree that Lady J plays rather predictably but I don't think there is anything wrong with her defensive trigger - if my opponent is playing her and he has cards in his hand I think real hard before trying to hit her in Melee and as a Resser player I don't have a lot of shooting to try that way. I find her movement self heals and defensive trigger help keep her around longer than many masters.
  2. I guess I constantly face Lady J who has the pulse of conditional removal off her models and yours - good news is she can't clear it off herself though and it is a nice way to get damage on her that she doesn't hit you back from
  3. I will say as far as Asura Roten goes - I have been messing around with a list with her as a leader using many of the zombie keyword models to a surprising effect. I know it seems silly to have a rule that allows it - but her having access to some of the zombie models makes her a more effective henchman leader when it comes to selecting her crew.
  4. McMourning has a few hard counters when attempting to utilize his poison mechanic, and with the loss of crew altering upgrades form Me2 you don't really have much of an option to ignore that mechanic and build without it. Fighting against condition removal can be crippling but especially when it can remove your poison. I don't find that I rely too heavily on damage from poison as if it's risky my opponent finds ways to remove it or heal - however having the poison on your own models is vital - that sudo regeneration is what helps the Doc win in attrition. Surprisingly between Sebastian and the good Doc you can maintain a somewhat reliable summoning mechanic - but you do have to bring models to assist in the corpse marker generation and likely want to invest in The whisper or Killer Instinct to keep it moving.
  5. Totally down to volunteer again - i can even help with tear down this year if needed.
  6. i had some luck - but i took graveyard spirit and kept him attached - armour 3 is much more reliable at keeping it alive long enough for a nurse or similar to heal it.
  7. So I have been experimenting with many different Beasts with McMourning's new upgrade ... it's a lot of fun and the added heal 1 within 8" bubble plays a huge factor. My questions was if the Spawn Mother action "Lay Eggs" is a "0" action and it says it can only be taken Once per turn but the wording of My Little Helper upgrade states that the same "0" action may be taken a second time in the turn it's used ... which rule trumps the other? I'm guessing the more harsh wording of the Lay Eggs action wins out because it seems less "fuzzy" in wording but someone once told me "newer rules almost always beat out older rules"
  8. I have also found if you keep him near Anna Lovelace you can counter all the dirty movement tricks opponents will try to get into combat with him
  9. I've mentioned this tactic before - but if you would like to try your hand using the students more I personally like to bring Sloth with me. He can stay close to Molly to use his aura to keep models from wanting to get in close to her. But the main synergy is his 0 action that gives the model slow but heals it 3 health. With "my little helper" on him he can heal 3 wounds on two summons in a turn (or 6 on one model). Seeing as you are slow when summoned anyways there is little downside. Molly jumps around a lot and like to summon pretty far away from herself - but where it is pointless to heal punk zombies - the additional 3 wounds on a summoned student or drowned makes all the difference in keeping them around long enough to do their thing.
  10. i've had great success using his 0 action "light at the end" to stop an important model from reducing damage. This is great in a Seamus crew. nothing worse then having armour or soulstones limiting the damage of your shots.
  11. I will first admit that this is a crazy long thread which I missed some in the middle - so if someone brought this up already i apologize and please ignore. One thing i Have noticed while playing as Reva that may lead to the "over powered" feel is the ease in which she can generate corpse markers. it only takes 4 wounds for her Shield Bearers to drop markers and it is my common tactic to burn a stone on anything turn one to fire them way up the field (with the granted fast) to do exactly that. Plus Reva's Corpse Candles drop markers to and are summoned at the incredible low price of a card. When I first started playing her I was using the Corpse Candles as shepards of sorts to keep moving around corpse markers ... but after a few games I realized that the amount of markers being dropped made that unnecessary for damage and reach options (still useful of course if you are using Reva or the Carrion Emissary to turn them to scheme markers later. Reva can summon and kill a Corpse Candle every turn - guaranteeing a corpse marker with an added effect usually - all for the cost of one card. (it is limited by having to be at the start of activation and within 8) but I think that is one of the most effective corpse marker generating mechanics in Ressers. All this being said I love Reva - her play style, models, and theme got me into this faction. It saddens me that she may be considered by so many to be a NPE. Anyways just something I have noticed that I didn't see in this thread when skimming through the discussion.
  12. So I was thinking a really valuable asset for new players would be to go through and state each Master's reliance on stones and cards. I know that a certain amount comes down to personal play style, schemes etc but when building a list it can be tricky to decide to add a model such as Phillip and the Nanny or Anna Lovelace for card cycling and adding cards mid turn. Also how many stones you take with the master. Some masters rely very little on stones and some rely less on good cards. Now I would love to be the person to start this off but I am sure a few of the more experienced members would be suited for the task.
  13. I played against a friend's Colette crew tonight and I have to say that the Arcane Emissary can be a real pain in the @$$. I got the battlefield all littered with corpse markers (as any good Resser does) and see some large metal Minotaur foaming at the mouth ... a quick check of it's rules (always own all books lol) it would appear this beast loves to charge 10" and then blast all corpse markers and scheme markers within 3" out of existence. So I send my Carrion Emissary up and keep using "Shards" to block his charge lane and summon a zombie into combat with it guaranteeing he can't charge. Of course his stupid "Mecha-bull cheese factory Emissary also has a trigger on his attack that makes you lose the ability to drop a corpse marker (by no longer counting as living or undead". I have to say my Reva team has never had to work so hard to get corpses in my life. If it wasn't for cheating in Crows on the Shieldbearer's attacks I would have basically been relying on one Corpse Candle every turn. In all seriousness though it isn't over powered or cheesy (to be honest I think the Carrion Emissary with "My Little Helper" might win in a cheese competition) But I do have to say to anyone out there who has little-to-no experience facing the Arcane Emissary he does a great job of robbing you of one of your most valuable resources. MAke sure you keep him engaged and preferably with spirits or other models that wouldn't drop corpse markers in the first place.
  14. lol "For the love of God Jenkins - do not shoot at that little dog!!"
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