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  1. Lust has her good fits in thunders (mainly Youko) Sloth in Resser shows a ton of play and I use Gluttony constantly against marker heavy crews
  2. I have been messing around with great success taking Yamaziko with Trained Ninja, and giving her a bodyguard Wouko Raider with Silent Protector on it. This way you have to get within 6" of Yamaziko to attack her however you can't gain an attack from the charge action within 2" of her. So assuming your opponent moves or charges in for 1 AP then attacks Yama, all you have to do is discard a card to place your Raider into the fight who will take the hit instead (on positives form Yamazino's aura) best of all you have a bonus action to make a model within 8" need to discard a card to target anyone
  3. Wong just came out so it will be a bit of a wait still. on the plus side he is only 2 pieces to glue together.
  4. Pere Ravage in Bayou with his "No! Down Pig!" trigger on breath of fire does min 5 damage (+1 burning) but then explodes doing another 3 damage. So if you are within 2" he in a way does min 8 damage )9 if they didn't clear the burning by the end of the turn) but dies in the process.
  5. It can be tricky to hit multiple markers but if there are markers super close to each other it’s possible. he really becomes a beast of a model when facing crews who want to drop scheme markers near your stuff. Also let’s mention the most bonkers thing about Gluttony - Mv 6! I have no idea why he is so fast but it sure is nice (and always catches your opponent off guard lol)
  6. If you are tight on stones a slop hauler can do much the same from a scheming potential. He requires you to have low to mid rams but Somer cycles cards like crazy so it’s not hard to find them. His “hitch a ride” ability helps a ton! Walk forward place a scheme then summon a piglet off of the schememarker. Next turn activate the piglet and do 1 damage to it so it can walk 3 times taking the slop hauler along for free Who then can walk place a scheme and summon off it. this combo makes it so you are summoning your second piglet 22-24” away from where the slop hauler started in turn 1
  7. I use the Pigapult in my Brewmaster crews all the time if I need the extra movement. Also being able to toss an Akaname 18" for it to drop two markers is gold!
  8. In scheme heavy games I have had good success using an OOK SlopHauler in my Zipp and Mah Tucket crews. Rooster Riders and The First Mate are beasts which means they can carry the SlopHauler up the flank to have him start summoning Piglets to run around and scheme. The First Mate and the Rooster Riders are hard hitting enough that your opponent will think twice about what to send after the SlopHauler and best of all the SlopHaluer can toss out Adversary Beasts giving positive flips to the Rooster Rider, First Mate and any piglets he summoned.
  9. I know you mentioned that damage reduction like armour, shielded and stones are difficult for Wong but digging through the cards it would seem you have the ability to spam irreducible damage through lightning bugs, swine-cursed, and the Pigapult. With the ability to use Glowy tokens for the suits it would seem like Wong is actually a pick against armour/shielded models and lists.
  10. I originally mentioned the ghille suit upgrade for the sidearm tricks in the bayou chat near the launch of M3e but few people agreed it was worth the additional cost on what is already a big target. I find it still works great against opponents who aren't bringing a lot of shooting. Though I prefer to summon in Spithogs so that they come in with the self heal bonus action should they need it. Just as a reminder )incase I read your post wrong) models that are tossed by the Pigapult can not take interact actions until the next turn so the tricks with the SpitHogs wouldn't work on them.
  11. https://thirdfloorwars.com/time-to-talk-ulix-malifaux-deep-dive/
  12. I have a Booooze Cruise list that involves stacking a lot of poison on Two akaname and two whiskey gamin. It has a pigapult that launches the Akaname up to good scheming spots and the Brew master lures the two gamin who have enough poison on them to get to do an action from the trigger which can be a walk action sending them a huge way up the board (lure plus walk plus push from poison then walk and interact with a Symbols of Authority marker 20+" away. Now the layout of the board and your opponent's crew can play a part but if you can get the turn one poison onto your own models and there is
  13. I often bring her and an OOK Torakage as a flanking force - all you need to do is pop down a scheme marker abd the Torakage can turn it into a Shadow Marker for Misaki to use to summon.
  14. I personally feel like to keep the concept of a massive mountain of a man who protects Lynch he should have "take the hit" and either hard to wound or a few more wounds. 8 wounds does not feel right IMO
  15. I have just started fielding Lynch and I have really been enjoying it - there is one thematic keyword model I just can't seem to justify bringing and that's Mr Graves. For 8 stones I find him oddly too fragile at 8 wounds with Hard to kill and df/wp 5. Black blood can be a bit of a deterrent but his ability to grant other models within 3" cover can cause a crew that already sticks close together to bubble up even more making his Black Blood a risk to your own models (not even mentioning shockwaves or blasts). Offensively a 2" Stat 6 3/4/5 with puncture or injury triggers is so
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