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  1. I personally feel like to keep the concept of a massive mountain of a man who protects Lynch he should have "take the hit" and either hard to wound or a few more wounds. 8 wounds does not feel right IMO
  2. I have just started fielding Lynch and I have really been enjoying it - there is one thematic keyword model I just can't seem to justify bringing and that's Mr Graves. For 8 stones I find him oddly too fragile at 8 wounds with Hard to kill and df/wp 5. Black blood can be a bit of a deterrent but his ability to grant other models within 3" cover can cause a crew that already sticks close together to bubble up even more making his Black Blood a risk to your own models (not even mentioning shockwaves or blasts). Offensively a 2" Stat 6 3/4/5 with puncture or injury triggers is solid but hardly awe inspiring compared to any of the other available beaters in Thunders. It is nice to have Ruthless built in if facing a lot of terrifying or manipulative. His "lead the way" is a decent movement ability but I really think it should have been his bonus action as it slows him down to use it and Honeypot doesn't really lack movement tricks. Lastly his bonus action that makes people take WP tests if they want to charge within 6" is situational at best (or maybe I have just not had good luck with it) Now all this being said I have only brought him twice but I have found he requires babysitting and assistance to get the job done which just doesn't seem right for one of Malifaux's most infamous bodyguards. How are other people finding him? I don't see him in many lists on here but if anyone has found a great way to get milage out of him I would love to hear it.
  3. I had my first game with Lynch tonight against Lady J. Turns 1 and 2 were rough (stupid guild with way too many guns) but I have to say by the end of turn 4 I was in a great place - leylines is a blast when you have multiple pull and pushes along with reliable incaporeal models.
  4. An interesting thing with Ama No Zako's trigger on her Dark Bargain works very much like an obey however does not list the many restrictions - namely "non master only, Does not list a model by name" etc. Which means you could use it on Lynch to get another shot at Succumb to darkness - especially as your opponent will do all they can to stop that from popping the Brilliance and getting off the summon. If Lynch has already gone they will likely not be expecting that.
  5. @Poa - i'm not going to lie he needs some babysitting. However I always find that if I run him with a Bokor to keep him on his feet and a Skeeter to help place him where he wants to be (and make up for his awful Mv 4) He has gotten the kind of impact I would expect from a much heavier beater.
  6. @ShinChan - i'd be more than willing to give my inputs on my more unconventional Mecha-Mah list. It has proven highly effective and was impacted far less than most Mah lists with the new changes.
  7. the real trouble with Somer I find is that it's hard to make it to the final turn when using him/facing him. So many rules, options, auras, summons, and general attrition.
  8. Trixie is great depending on your opponent's Willpower, Speed and the the Terrain. She is a great pick if you need to pull models in for schemes.
  9. my typical lists look like this (adjusting 1 or 2 models as needed depending on strats, schemes, and who I'm facing) Kin: Ophelia Young LaCroix x3 Francois Merris Rami Raphael Gautreaux Bokor Gluttony 7 stones remaining Tricksy Mah Little Lass Big Brain Brin Soulstone Miner x2 Rooster Rider x2 both with Inferiority Complex Bushwacker x2 0 stones remaining again - these are just my default starting point .... the lists then get tailored based on the terrain on the board, the strats and schemes, and who my opponent is bringing.
  10. I find that both Tricksy and Kin can put out a lot of damage and what usually plays the biggest factor to pick one over the other is the amount of terrain on the board and how it is set up. Mah has more movement tricks both for her own models and to put enemies in less favourable spots - also her traps work best when there are clear lanes that models will be moving through. If there is a lot of open space Kin will usually out damage Tricksy. You can make up for some of the lack of movement tricks in Kin by taking Gluttony when playing Idols or Turf War as he can push your models to the objectives plus Kin make a lot of corpses to push your opponent into. I honestly think he is one of the most important models to pick up withKin after their box set
  11. I have been experimenting with a more Mech-Ma style of list with lots of armour and using crow Initiative flips to add shielded +2 to both my Mechanized Porkchop and Whiskey Golem - making them next to impossible to bring down. So far it has been extremely tough for my opponents to handle especially as your opponent doesn't expect much armour with Mah. I also bring Cooper along to help heal the constructs, summon Whiskey Gamin and to "turtle up" in her barrel giving another model with armour and shielded
  12. Any opponent that can blog triggers/suits can really dampen your healing and your summoning. Sonia is a tough counter for Ulix based on the few times my opponent has brought her.
  13. it is truly 90% of the actions I take with her. She is a free source of push for models like BBB who have better ways to spend their AP than walking
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