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  1. I find I bring both Kitty and Gwyneth pretty much every game unless i need something specific then out of the two it depends if I need more scheme support or a good roadblock.
  2. Kitty is an all-star for Leylines as well. She can push her self out of engagements and charge/move through models and terrain (often to the opposite side of the strategy marker) I usually put the loadstone on her in the beginning of the game and she holds it the whole game scoring pretty much every turn.
  3. I never knew the War Rooster existed ... and I wish I still didn't that little gem will be haunting my dreams tonight!
  4. a very solid pick against a crew that is marker dependant or if you are playing in a crew that can drop a lot of markers (I have had a lot of success taking one in a Somer crew as the board get's just crop dusted in corpse markers lol
  5. I am toying with the idea of putting both the new ones one one base to fill it out and seem more threatening and then using the "war rabbit" model as my third
  6. I am curious how people have been finding Raiders in a Kin crew? possible 2 cards a turn generated for 5 points seems great but I just never seem to have stones leftover from how I have run Kin in the past...
  7. I know the value of Chi from using thunder archers and charm warders in ten thunders. it's funny I don't think I mentally clued in that the monks had chi on the front of their card.
  8. I am curious why you use monks - I have yet to see a reason to take them over moon shinobi?
  9. As a Ten Thunders and Bayou player I'd have to say the only real thing that Ten Thunders would unlock for Brewy are cheaper access to lures. Many Bayou players (myself included) will bring Trixie to help lure models into the "party" thunders have access to models with lures starting at 4ss Geishas (5 ook) and up - the problem with ook hired for Brewmaster is his crew likes to splash poison so models who do not benefit from it (or at least who are immune to it) need to be careful of being in that bubble.
  10. it's true you generally want someone that can create a scheme marker either through bonus actions or triggers, or to use for an additional effect. Sun Quaing is often good for this in later turns as his bonus action is not always easy to use for scheming
  11. Another option is to take Minako and a Torakage if there is someone who can create a scheme marker for him he can turn it into a shadow marker for Minako to use, plus he is just a solid scheme runner while much cheaper than the Ototo option.
  12. Shadow Emissary can help fish out needed cards so is often a great pick for Asami. also he is a MV 6, agile model on a huge base making him very mobile and I great model to get that last scheme marker right where you need it. Often his ability to grant a concealing aura can be super useful against range crews.
  13. Kunoichi are actually solid if you back them up with Yamaziko (though the same case can be made for pretty much all minions especially card hungry ones) I brought Yama into my Qi and Gong list and stacked some distracted onto a model and sent in a Kunoichi against it inside Yama's 6" aura that gives all minions plus flips to all duels. Discarding a low rams to add them to my attacks (from tools for the job) and the Kunoichi hit twice with a positive flip stat 6 attack with a damage spread of 4,5,6. The model had hard to kill so it survived and got to attack back but it was at negative flips du
  14. Lust has her good fits in thunders (mainly Youko) Sloth in Resser shows a ton of play and I use Gluttony constantly against marker heavy crews
  15. I have been messing around with great success taking Yamaziko with Trained Ninja, and giving her a bodyguard Wouko Raider with Silent Protector on it. This way you have to get within 6" of Yamaziko to attack her however you can't gain an attack from the charge action within 2" of her. So assuming your opponent moves or charges in for 1 AP then attacks Yama, all you have to do is discard a card to place your Raider into the fight who will take the hit instead (on positives form Yamazino's aura) best of all you have a bonus action to make a model within 8" need to discard a card to target anyone
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