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  1. I created a tarot sized summoning card for convenience and use in game. I am not in anyway reproducing this for any gain financial or otherwise.
  2. I had not thought of using Gluttony - and in Big hat I can always get Gremlin Criers in to make the target at a negative flip on the WP resist. Removing the marker(s) dishing out damage, and a push up to 6". And actually for that matter pushing in one of my own Bayou Gremlins is pretty sweet as it would remove a marker and get me a card. As stated the Emissary is a great option as it can clear a ton of markers and your opponent can't resist it really. However, as mentioned, the terrain you are playing on makes a huge difference as to how effective it is.
  3. I have actually been on the fence with Ol' Cranky - he seems like a great pick up in Big Hat Crew especially for the plus flip on Initiative. But he is SUPER fragile with a df/wp of 4 and only 4 wounds. Even with Lenny nearby to bump the stats up to 5 each that is still far too easy to hit and even Hard To Kill only helps you not drop to a single hit - usually still dropping him in two. I see there are 3 things you are wanting from him (aside from the plus to initiative) 1. Shouting Orders - which allows friendly Big Hat models in his aura to discard a card to take the concentrate action as a bonus action. While it has a healthy 6" bubble to it and is front of card (so requires no action to activate it) I find this crew is super card hungry and while Georgy and Olaf's Who Runs Gremlin Town action has a smaller range and costs a 5+ to pull off it doesn't require a bunch of cards to be tossed (it does require careful timing to not take the 2 damage and can only affect minions though) 2. His Obey - while it is nice that it can be thrown at stat 7 it requires a Mask - and high Masks are very valuable to Som'er for summoning models. 3. His frantic search bonus action to try to get soulstones from corpse markers - my big worry about this is it has a tiny range of 2" and requires him to get into the thick of it (or at least be where the action just was) With a slow move of 4 and no movement tricks you will basically be spending one AP and his Bonus action just for the chance of a soulstone - and worst of all you don't get to keep the card. I suppose you could use BBB to try to set it up to guarantee the soulstone gain but thats way too many actions and soulstones to try to make it reliable. He seems slightly over cost for a 4 wound model - and his actions seem to be similar to other model's we can take - or cost a valuable resource the leader needs. Again I said i'm on the fence - which means I haven't sent Ol' Cranky to Shady Pines Retirement Living or anything ... just curious to hear other people's experiences with him.
  4. Wrastlers and Mancha Roja also love to eat markers and wreck face!
  5. True though the card draw is nice if you can pull it off with the Bayou Gremlins. Sorry ignore that Skeeters give the card as-well. I also had not fully comprehended the Criers obey getting the target to ignore insignificant - while their Bully rule meaning they did not need to spend the High Masks that Som'er likes to have for summoning.
  6. Oooops you are correct on that I misread the number. - so I see even less of a situation that would come up where you would choose to summon a Skeeter over a Bayou Gremlin ... but it's an option ...
  7. oh wow i missed that completely. I suppose they are good targets for "Make me proud boys" and can be worth adding to any summoning after you have the max 5x Bayou Gremlins on the table. I'll update the chart
  8. I don't think Som'er would ever consider himself "secondary" lol - but you make a great point. I actually really like Som'er as he has the ability to summon in such a flexible amount of keyword models to do his thing regardless of the rest of your list (he has a bit of a green-skinned Nicodem feel to him -though a bit more restrictive)
  9. So I am not a big fan of Dual Master lists but I did realize that taking Zoraida in a Som'er Big Hat list might be super powerful. Som'er has tons of abilities that require you to ditch cards ... so it would be real nice to bring someone who can refill your hand back to 6 in the middle/ latter part of your turn. Have other people already thought of this? And also are there any other options people are noticing for dual masters in Bayou?
  10. my current list for Som'er is: Som'er 2x Skeeters Lenny Jones Old Cranky Greorgy and Olaf Good Ol' Boy Rooster Rider Banjonista this leaves 8 SS for summoning in what the moment calls for If I know I am going super scheme heavy then I switch out the Rooster rider and Georgy and Olaf to 2x Siliruds. and uping it from 8 to 10 SS fo0r summoning and damage mitigation
  11. I would also point out the often over looked ability of the Spit Hog - "Draw Their Attention" which (after this model does damage to an enemy with an attack action) allows a model in unlimited range and LoS of this model to take an interact action for the cost of a card. This is situational but can be surprisingly effective in a scheme heavy game.
  12. I have been playing Malifaux for 2 years as primarily a Resser player and decided to join the jolly, banjo playing, toothy grinned residents of the game (and the forums) My first start to the faction (as I like to jump into the much face first) is Som'er Teeth Jones. I noticed I was having a hard time finding a simple summoning chart for quick use in game. I am hoping my math is as solid as my enthusiasm. 6 ((Bayou Gremlin)) 7 ((Skeeter)) 8 ((2x Bayou Gremlins)) 9 ((Banjonista)) ((Bayou Gremlin + Skeeter)) 10 ((Spit Hog)) ((Gremlin Crier)) ((3x Bayou Gremlins)) ((2x Skeeter)) 11 ((Good Ol' Boy)) ((Banjonista + Bayou Gremlin)) ((2x Bayou Gremlin + Skeeter)) 12 ((Spit Hog + Bayou Gremlin)) ((Gremlin Crier + Bayou Gremlin)) ((4x Bayou Gremlin)) ((2x Skeeter + Bayou Gremlin)) ((Banjonista + Skeeter)) 13 ((Good Ol' Boy + Bayou Gremlin)) ((Banjonista + 2x Bayou Gremlins)) ((Spit Hog + Skeeter)) ((Gremlin Crier + Skeeter)) R.J. ((Spit Hog + 2x Bayou Gremlins)) ((Gremlin Crier + 2x Bayou Gremlins)) ((2x Banjonista)) ((5x Bayou Gremlin)) ((2x Skeeter + 2x Bayou Gremlin)) ((Banjonista +skeeter + Bayou Gremlin)) ((Good Ol' Boy + Skeeter)) ------------------------------ ------------------------------ I hope I didn't miss anything - if I can get a few proof readers to confirm it's good I will throw together something pretty and legible on a tarrot card. Also - If I simply didn't see one that was done already I have no intention to steal anyone's thunder! let me know and I will edit this post with a link to that one as well.
  13. I would agree that Lady J plays rather predictably but I don't think there is anything wrong with her defensive trigger - if my opponent is playing her and he has cards in his hand I think real hard before trying to hit her in Melee and as a Resser player I don't have a lot of shooting to try that way. I find her movement self heals and defensive trigger help keep her around longer than many masters.
  14. I guess I constantly face Lady J who has the pulse of conditional removal off her models and yours - good news is she can't clear it off herself though and it is a nice way to get damage on her that she doesn't hit you back from
  15. I will say as far as Asura Roten goes - I have been messing around with a list with her as a leader using many of the zombie keyword models to a surprising effect. I know it seems silly to have a rule that allows it - but her having access to some of the zombie models makes her a more effective henchman leader when it comes to selecting her crew.
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